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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 7 Recap

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We pick up after the POV ceremony. Jesse tells us he had no choice, Hamza swore on his fiances life that he’d save him and he went back on his word. He had to let people know. Hamza says Jesse brought his wife into the game and he thinks he’s so slick. He says keep the game, game and don’t make it personal. Olivia says now that Jesse has made a scene, she can just sit back and let him dig his grave a little deeper.


Will and Hamza are talking and Hamza says he’s disrespectful and he was fine with the speech until he made it personal. He says it made it so much easier to vote him out. All Hamza has to do is sit in his HOH room and chill.


Maddy asks if Jesse planned that and Jesse asks how she felt about the speech. Maddy doesn’t know if that was smart or if it put a bigger target on his back. Jesse says it might not have been smarter but if they feel more comfortable siding with him over Hamza, then they should do. Jesse says it’s a win win to keep him around. Maddy says she doesn’t know.


Merron says as HOH, you get your own bed, an MP3 player, and when someone else wins HOH he wants to see what they have on their MP3 players because that’s how he’s going to judge them. Merron says Hamza has the fire on the music player.


Paras tells Derek she doesn’t know about this. Derek says they have the votes, they have him, Kaela, and Paras so that’s three. Derek says Hamza is the one who brought his wife into the game. Paras says she’ll see how it works out. Derek says we know we’ll be here next week, but we want to go as far as we can. We’re playing the game now.


Kaela is in the red rose room changing and Derek comes in and says Olivia never talks to him, but she told him today nice sweater. Kaela says Derek is getting emotional over Jesse. Kaela tells him not to ruin his game over Jesse. Kaela is not going to ruin her game if the house chooses to throw Jesse out. Kaela says if Olivia gets HOH next week, they will be up. Kaela says she isn’t here to protect anyone else except for her and Derek.


Arisa says Hamza was HOH this week and by the end of the night, the house will send either Jesse or Olivia packing. A few days ago it was Veronica’s birthday and the HG wanted to make a cake and do something special, but it got out of hand.


They have yellow balloons and they bring Veronica in blindfolded. She wants to know if Will is going to strip for her and he says Magic Will. Alejandra says hang on everyone, this party is about to get weird. The HG are in the hot tub and they are playing truth or dare. It’s a lot of daring the girls to kiss each other.


Upstairs in the WA, Jesse is talking to Olivia and he’s saying he likes a girly girl, the make-up and hair. They start talking about why Jesse is target. Olivia says she’s been trying to keep from getting distracted by Jesse and she is trying to keep herself from toughing him. It’s not personal, it’s just her trying to play the game. Jesse looks frustrated and Olivia says they had chemistry at the start, but she backed off because he can be persuaded so easily. Then Paras wonders in and back out. Jesse and Olivia stare at each other and then Jesse says ok, let’s hit the hot tub.


Kaela, Paras, Veronica, and Erica are talking about their make-out session. Kaela says Veronica was her first make out with a girl and Veronica says she’s a great kisser. Kaela says tell that to Derek. Erica says girls are much better kissers than guys.


Will, Paras, Kaela, and Maddy are talking and Will tells them Hamza wants Jesse out. Paras says Hamza already put up who wanted to target. Kaela says Hamza doesn’t get a vote. Paras says they aren’t there to play Hamza’s game, Paras doesn’t get why Hamza wants to switch anyway.


Arisa says before we get to the vote, let’s see how they handle the task of cleaning a very dirty house. Merron calls everyone to the living room. He reads that it’s time to put their cleaning skills and their dancing skills to the test. When the music plays they must clean and dance. If they complete the task, they will get a tasty reward. Paras says this is pretty cool, but she’s kind of tired of it already. They are complaining about they are exhausted and their heads hurt. The music ends and they said it wasn’t easy but they rocked out. Their reward is to order from Skip the Dishes. The delivery guy rings the doorbell, enters, and reveals their food. The HG thank Big Brother and dig in.


Alejandra and Olivia are talking and Ali says she thinks Olivia is ok. Olivia doesn’t want to campaign because she thinks it’s tacky and it seems like begging. She wants to keep her pride. Olivia goes to talk to Maddy and Maddy says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do yet, but it’s cool Olivia did come and talk to her.


Hamza and Jesse go to the HOH room and Jesse tells us he’s at a point where he’ll say or do anything to stay in the game. Hamza tells him he has a few who will vote however he wants them to. Jesse says if he stays and wins HOH, he’s willing to put up whoever Hamza wants. Jesse says he knows Hamza wants a big move, but that only last temporarily. Hamza tells Jesse he respects Jesse coming to him. Veronica comes in and Jesse continues his pitch by saying he doesn’t want to be affiliated with big targets in the house. He’d work with them and he thinks they should trust him 100%. Hamza says if we keep you, then you have to put up the showmances. Jesse says done and Hamza says you’re ok with that? Jesse says they are good people, but whatever. They have to go at some point. Veronica says that was the smartest thing he’s ever said. Jesse says he was playing for the wrong team.


Jesse is in the red rose room talking to Paras, Maddy, Kaela, and Derek and he’s telling them they are screwed if they vote him out. He tells them there’s a tight four on the other side with Hamza and they are gunning for Derek next.


It’s time to check in and get the live vote. Olivia thanks everyone for her being there and she tells the HG she wants to stay and play. Jesse talks to the group he previously talked to and tells them to put the plan in an action and keep him.


It’s time to vote!


Merron votes to evict Jesse.

Derek votes to evict Olivia.

Alejandra votes to evict Jesse.

Maddy votes to evict Jesse.

Paras votes to evict Jesse.

Veronica votes to evict Olivia.

Kaela votes to evict Jesse.

Will votes to evict Jesse.

Ryan votes to evict Jesse.

Erica votes to evict Jesse.

Johnny votes to evict Jesse.

With a vote of 9-2 Jesse has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.


Arisa says tough break! She says you went from completely safe to evicted. What happened? Jesse says he spoke all the logic he could to those people, but they didn’t want to hear it.


Arisa says Veronica and Derek voted to keep him, but the others didn’t. Why do you think that was? Jesse says he knew Veronica was because she told him she would and he was banking on it. But Kaela and Paras wouldn’t commit.


The HG go into the backyard and there are three “displays” set up with three former HG, Ika, Sabrina, and Kevin. The HG are screaming and excited. Derek doesn’t understand why everyone is so excited. There are plaques in front of the “displays” and they are trying to memorize what they are wearing and the “rooms” around them. They only had 5 minutes to look at the displays.


It’s time for the HOH comp!


What was the name on the envelope that Ika was holding in her hand? The answer was Jon. Everyone was correct.


In Sabrina’s display, which hand did she have pointed up in the air? The answer was right. Merron and Will were wrong and they are eliminated.


Kevin had the veto around his neck, true or false? Answer is false, everyone is correct.


That’s all for tonight! Join us Monday to find out who is the new HOH! And next week is a Double Elimination!

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