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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 7 Recap

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We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Hamza tells us he put up Olivia because the whole house wanted her up. Then he shocked the house by putting Jesse on the block. It’s time to break up the popular kids who had it too easy for too long. He’s tired of them controlling the votes. Jesse is pissed that he’s nominated. He didn’t know until a minute before the ceremony. We see Derek talking to Jesse and Jesse saying it doesn’t make sense to nominate him. Jesse says he had no time to talk to Hamza and this doesn’t make sense.


Jesse thought they made an alliance and he doesn’t know what Hamza is doing. On the inside he is freaking out a little. He wants to talk to Hamza and see if he’s the target or if there’s another plan. Hamza tells Jesse if it’s close in a POV he’ll bow out and let him have it. Hamza tells us he’s just telling Jesse what he wants to hear. He doesn’t know who his target is and he wants to see how Jesse handles the pressure. Jesse leaves and Hamza whispers shots fired.


Olivia goes and talks to Hamza and says she totally gets his decision and it makes complete sense. She tells him if she wins, then she’s going to take herself off. She asks if Hamza wins veto if he’s going to keep it the same and he says he has a bigger plan. He wants to see how the veto plays out, but he’s not here to do what the house wants. He wishes her luck and if she takes herself off, then it makes his plan easier.


Paras is talking to Jesse and she says she’s afraid Hamza would take Olivia off and put Derek next to him. Jesse says Hamza is an idiot. Paras tells us she has been playing both sides, but now that Jesse is on the block she’s kind of freaked out. She says wake up Jesse, you’re a target! Jesse tells Paras about the alliance he made with Hamza along with Derek and Will. Jesse tells Paras he’s good, he’s not worried, everything works out. Paras says Jesse! You should be worried!


Derek goes to talk to Hamza and Hamza tells him that move was not meant to be a shot at him. Derek wants to know if Hamza is wins veto if he’s going to take Jesse down and Hamza says yes. Derek says I don’t want to ask you to swear on Caroline and Hamza says I will. Hamza tells us if Derek wants to bring his fiance’s name into the game, then he’ll tell him what he wants to hear.


Will peeks in and leaves and they call him in. Hamza tells us he’s telling Derek Jesse is safe, but no one is safe. He’s trying to cause as much chaos and confusion as possible. Will comes in and Hamza says if they’re going to be in an alliance together they have to keep it low key and take jabs at each other. Will says ok and Derek says he feels a lot better. Derek leaves. Will asks Hamza if he was just feeding Derek bull. Hamza says the best case scenario is to leave nominations the same and make up their mind later in the week who they want to get out. It’s time to sit back and eat hummus and watch what happens.


Jesse, Derek, and Kaela are talking and Kaela says she thinks Hamza wants to backdoor someone, her or Derek next to Jesse. Derek doesn’t think so. Derek recaps his conversation with Hamza to Jesse and Kaela and Jesse says that doesn’t make sense. Derek says Hamza has never waivered that Olivia was the target and Kaela says it’s a game and you say anything. Alejandra comes in and Jesse says he just doesn’t understand the noms at all and she says she doesn’t either. Jesse says well Big Brother is starting, start your engines.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Hamza draws Derek’s name. Olivia draws Ryan. Jesse draws Erica. Hamza chooses Maddy to be the host.


Jesse, Hamza, and Derek all go into the catacombs and Jesse says it doesn’t make sense to go after each other. Hamza says if we all suck and don’t win veto, Olivia still goes home.


It’s time for the veto competition! We have a garden in the backyard and there are balls frozen in ice. Maddy comes out dressed as a tomato. The HG have to run across a balance beam and some vegetables to “the other guys” freezer and use a tool to chip through the block of ice to free their ball. Once they have their ball they have to run back and throw it to knock down targets in their garden. After they knock down 4 targets, they can search their garden for a key to unlock a larger tool. The first HG to knock down all of their targets wins the power of veto. AND, Wendy’s will also give the winning HG $5,000.


They are all over at the freezer chipping away. Olivia says she’s stronger than the average woman and she isn’t make much progress. Erica says the guys are ice cold psychos. Hamza is the first to get a ball free. Hamza throws his ball three times before knocking down his first target. Jesse makes it across and he gets his first target. Hamza and Jesse go back to get another ball and Derek knocks down his first target.


Derek tells us Hamza swore Jesse was safe, but he wants to win this to take his boy off the block. Hamza has his second ball. Hamza and Jesse both have their second ball and Olivia is frustrated because she’s still on her first ball. Ryan says Hamza is a mad man as he gets his first ball. Hamza has his third ball. Ryan gets his first target and says someone pass him a bacon cheeseburger already and he will call it a day.


Hamza knocks down his third target. Jesse gets his third. Hamza comes back and gets his fourth target and Jesse is right behind. Jesse starts searching for the key in the garden because he thinks the bigger tool will help him take home the win. Hamza has another ball and has knocked down his fifth target and he has two more. Jesse says Hamza is running away with the veto and he needs to find that key.


Jesse is still looking for his key and he tells us he needs to take this risk to make up some time. Hamza gets another ball and he knocks it down and he has one target left. Jesse can’t believe it and says searching for that key was a huge waste of time. Jesse says his only choice is to burn through the course and try and catch up. Jesse has a ball and Hamza has his final ball. Olivia is hoping Hamza wins and takes her down and puts a bigger target up next to Jesse. Both Jesse and Hamza miss their targets. They both miss a second time. Hamza hits his last target and he has won the Power of Veto and $5,000.


Hamza says he has all the power in the house and King Hamza is going to make this a week to remember. Jesse is super pissed. This is his fifth competition and he hasn’t been able to pull out the win. He doesn’t think anyone has had a worse day. Erica wants to know if he’s more upset about the money or the competition? Jesse says both. He says he’s been crying because he can’t play in comps and he gets to play in two and he doesn’t win either. He says this is brutal! He says Hamza promised to pull him down if he won, but he doesn’t trust him and it sucks that his life in this game is in his hands.


Jesse and Derek are talking and Jesse is sure he will stay this week. Jesse says the thing with Hamza is because he’s not kissing his ass Hamza doesn’t like that. Derek is telling Jesse he needs to stay calm. Jesse says he doesn’t want to ask people not to vote him out and Derek says he needs to swallow his pride and talk to people.


Hamza says he’s been causing chaos, but he decided to be nice for once and he’s invited the have-nots and a few other friends to Hasbro game night and pizza. Will, Veronica, Merron, Paras, Hamza, Erica, Derek, and Kaela enjoy the pizza and play Hearing Things. Veronica says Will does not make a great partner and Kaela says Derek is good with lips at other things, but not this.


Jesse tells us he heard that Hamza has told people that he disrespected him in some kind of way so he wants to talk to Hamza and see if he is still going to use the veto on him. Jesse says he’s just super pissed that he’s sucked in comps and he thinks they have a good crew of strong guys and he hopes they feel the same. Jesse says if you don’t feel that way, just let me know. Hamza says he’s a straight up person and would tell him to his face. Hamza says Jesse is on the block and he’s wondering if he should stay on the block. Hamza says he’s been a big baby and buckled under the stress and he’s failed the test miserably.


Hamza talks to Derek and says they don’t want to make waves and piss the house off. Hamza says maybe they should leave things the same. Derek isn’t receptive and says he doesn’t think taking Jesse down would bother the house. Hamza thinks it would and people are lying to Derek. Derek says if Hamza doesn’t take Jesse down it will leave a sour taste in his mouth. Derek tells Hamza if he’s loyal then he needs to stick to his word. Hamza tells us Derek is acting annoying and no one is going to tell him what moves to make.


Hamza is talking to Merron and they are discussing Hamza’s talk with Derek. Merron says he is down for getting Jesse out now. He says if Hamza doesn’t take Jesse down or even if he does, Jesse is going to be hunting him regardless. Hamza says it would be a big game move to take him out. Hamza wants to see people’s faces if they make it happen. Hamza and Merron discuss putting Derek up, since Derek is so concerned about Jesse staying. Hamza says he can take Olivia down and put up Derek and see if he still wants Jesse to stay.


It’s time for the veto ceremony. Hamza heads to the throne room. He knows he promised Jesse he’d take him off the block, but he’s been pissing him off. He says Olivia hasn’t seemed to be a big threat and maybe he should take her down and put up Derek. Jesse says Hamza promised to take him down and he just hopes he goes through with it.


Hamza takes his place at the front and gives Olivia the chance to plead her case first. Olivia says she wouldn’t hate it if he used the veto on her. But he won it fair and square. Jesse congratulates him and he beat them fairly. Jesse says he doesn’t think there’s any debate because Hamza promised to use it on him and he knows Hamza is a man of his word.


Hamza has chosen to not use the power of veto. He thinks they are both great competitors, but right now he has to do what’s right for Team Hummus. He starts to complete the meeting but Jesse stops him. Jesse wants to point out a few things that are untrue from Hamza. Jesse says if he won veto he’d use it to pull him off the block because there’s a bigger plan and they promised on personal things and it went to a deeper level and Jesse wouldn’t put his trust in someone who does that. Hamza says this POV ceremony is complete.


Jesse says Hamza is all talk and he just started a war. He’s going to do everything in his power this week to stay and take Hamza down. Hamza says Jesse keep running your mouth, but now you made it personal. Hamza says Jesse pack your bags and say goodbye to your buddy Derek.

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