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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, in a grueling POV challenge, Erica burned the fuel and earned the jewel! Then HOH Ryan pressured Erica to use her veto so he could backdoor Olivia. But when Erica shut the door, Andrew and Hamza were still on the block. With Hamza laying low, Ryan tried one last time to flip the house against him, but his pitch sank like a stone.


With the vote looming, the battle of the bedrooms began. With Kaela and Derek in full swing, Olivia got a Paras agreement on a touchy subject…L’Amour. On eviction night, there was one thing the entire house could still agree on, but Andrew didn’t stick around to hear it. Tonight, with the HG “boxed in” who will win the cratest HOH competition of all time? Who will be “singled out” as the next have nots? Will a showmance end up on the block? It’s all happening now on Big Brother Canada!


We pick up on day 13 after Andrew’s eviction and Will says what a poor sport. Ryan tells us he’s feeling incredibly guilty about Andrew going home because that wasn’t his plan. His plan to backdoor Olivia backfired and he doesn’t know where he fits in the game.


Jesse tells us Andrew just got evicted and he feels fantastic! He’s working with Derek, Kaela, and Paras and he has good relationships with everyone in the house. He’s feeling pretty good. Hamza is feeling good about the vote being unanimous, he made some solid social moves this week, but now it’s time for him to get some power. He wants to win this HOH because he wants people to scramble in this game. He just came off the block and it’s time to turn up the house.


We see the start of the HOH competition and Erica is safe for the week. Welcome to the BB Can petting zoo, where you are the precious cargo. Working together and from inside your crate, each team will work together to transfer 8 pieces of each fruit from one end of the yard to the other. One HG will take the fruit halfway and then pass it to their partner through the hole in their crate who will then deposit it at the other end of the yard. The first team to transfer all of their fruit will win and they will decide amongst themselves who will be the new HOH.


The pairs competing in this competition are: Hamza and Veronica, Jesse and Alejandra, Olivia and Maddy, Will and Johnny, Paras, and Merron, and Derek and Kaela. Veronica wastes no time getting started. Erica says it’s like bumper cars on steroids. Alejandra really wants to win HOH because she’s been on the block before and it sucks. Paras doesn’t want to win HOH because she’s been working both sides of the house and she doesn’t want to be forced to take a shot at either side.


Will barely fits in his box. Kaela says this competition is right up her alley. Kaela says working with Derek is perfect because they are both physically fit and competitive. Ryan announces that in the lead right now are Hamza and Veronica and Kaela and Derek.


Hamza wants to win this HOH because he’s tired of people being nice. He wants to pit people against each other. He likes that he’s paired with Veronica because she seems pretty athletic and seems pretty determined to win. Veronica says she’s hell on wheels out there, she’s not losing this one. She’s new to the house but she wants to show people what she’s capable of.


Olivia wants to win HOH because the newbies are huge threats and the only way to make sure Veronica or Merron are out the door is if she is in charge. Ryan announces Olivia and Maddy are in last place. Olivia says this comp is ridiculously hard. She can’t see where she’s going and it’s like bumper cars. She doesn’t understand why they have to transfer so many pieces of fruit.


Olivia realizes halfway through the competition they aren’t going to win, so they need a new strategy. They decide to block people. Olivia says if they can’t win, then they need to block the newbies to make sure they don’t win. Olivia goes to block Veronica. Veronica tells us she’s putting her blood, sweat, and tears into this competition and nothing and no one is going to stand in her way.


Erica and Ryan are discussing how close the competition is. They see Derek and Kaela don’t have many left to transfer. Derek tells Kaela one more red apple and Kaela says all they have to do is get it across the yard and the HOH is theirs. Hamza and Veronica need one more banana. It’s a race back and Hamza and Veronica have won the competition.


Ryan congratulates Hamza and Veronica on the win and now they have to decide who gets the HOH. Veronica says she knows Hamza wants to see Carolyn, so she’s giving this one to him. Veronica says this competition was a huge win for her, but it was a selfless thing to do to give the HOH to Hamza and it least it will benefit her game by keeping her safe this week and maybe she can influence his decisions moving forward. Hamza says there are people in this house that feel safe, but this is Big Brother and no one should feel safe.


Hamza tells us he just won HOH and he wants to divide the house. He doesn’t like the showmances, and he doesn’t like the floaters. He wants to make everyone feel uncomfortable. He’s sick of tired of everyone going with the house and he’s not afraid to piss anyone off. He’ll hear everyone out, but he’s going to do what’s best for his game.


Veronica says even though Hamza is HOH, she propelled him to that win. She showed the other HG what she’s capable of and she’s a force to be reckoned with. She talks to herself and says this is her house and they are all scared of her.


Alejandra is mumbling to herself that Hamza might be best case scenario for her, but not with Veronica in his ear. Alejandra is extremely relieved it’s Hamza and not Veronica as HOH. She says it’s going to be a tough week and it’s time to go play nice.


Paras says she’s working both sides of the house. She has the “real deal’, and then she has the white room. And in the white room she feels closest with Will and Maddy. Will and Maddy and Paras are talking and Will says Hamza is ready to flip the house upside down. Paras realizes the white room is targeting Olivia. Paras is planting seeds of doubt about Olivia and Will says the white room is about to bounce back and rule the game.


Erica and Olivia talking and Erica is saying Hamza is so unpredictable. Olivia tells us Hamza winning is not ideal because she doesn’t know where his head at. He’s a wildcard. Erica says it seems Hamza has gotten closer with Jesse and Derek since they all went to the catacombs. Erica says she doesn’t think Hamza would go for Merron because they are buddies, but that’s who she would like to see gone and Olivia agrees. Olivia tells Erica she doesn’t think she’s on Hamza’s radar and Erica agrees. Olivia tells us she knows nothing about Hamza’s game and that means she could be a potential target. Erica says she’ll talk crap about Olivia saying she’s a horrible competitor and isn’t great socially and if Hamza targets her it’s a waste of a week. Erica will encourage ‘big moves’.


Who wants to see Hamza’s HOH room? He has pictures of his parents and his fiancé. He says seeing the picture of Carolyn just made his day so much better. They got the game Hearing Things. Veronica says it’s fun and Ryan agrees. Hamza settles in to watch his video.


It’s from Carolyn and she says: Hamz in the cam! She points out her shirt which says Team Hummus. She misses him like crazy, these days feel like years and it has definitely made it even more clear to her how much she loves him and how important he is to her and how excited she is to spend the rest of her life with him. She can’t wait until the day she sees him so she can run and give him the biggest hug and tell him don’t let go. Have fun and she can’t wait to see him.


Everyone claps and say how much they love her. Hamza is emotional and tells us this is the hardest thing he’s ever been through. Being so far away from her for this long, she’s his life and he’s a lucky guy.


Merron says his first real week of Big Brother has begun and he wants to talk to Hamza. He’s asking if Olivia is the target or if they are getting a showmance out. Merron wants to know Olivia is the back-up plan or the showmance? Hamza says the showmance is the back-up plan. Merron wants to know why Olivia is a threat. Hamza says Olivia is a marathon runner she’s just lingering and getting good with everyone. Plus, she’s napping all the time saying she wants alone time, but she’s really analyzing everything. Hamza says she’s a law student so she’s not dumb and she’s the type of player who can fly under the radar and slide into the end. Merron says but those type of players don’t get any love in the end, so anyone up against her, she’s going to lose. Merron doesn’t feel like Olivia is a threat and people are making her seem more mischevious than she is. Hamza says at the end of the week she’ll be up against Derek or Kaela and we can decide who we want to get out. Merron says that’s a nice feeling and Hamza is the one person he 100% trusts and they agree to have each other’s backs.


Welcome, from the BB Can house, it’s Will You Showmance? Please welcome your host, Hamza. We have a newlywed style game set up. This is Will You Showmance, the game that shows you how well you know your partner, whether you’re in a showmance, bromance, or nomance. As HOH, Big Brother asked Hamza to choose four couples to compete and the four couples he chose are: Erica and Merron, Paras and Jesse, Kaela and Derek, and finally Veronica and Will. He’ll ask one member of each team a question and their partner will try and guess the answer. If they get it right they will earn a point. The two teams with the most points will be haves for the week. The two teams with the fewest points will be have-nots for the week. Get ready to play Will You Showmance?


First question-If you were taking your partner on a first date outside the Big Brother Canada house, do you think they’d rather go for a romantic dinner or BB Can and Chill? Merron guesses romantic dinner and he is correct. Jesse guesses romantic dinner and he’s correct. Derek guesses BB Can and Chill and he’s wrong. Will guesses BB Can and Chill and he is correct. Erica and Merron, Jesse and Paras, and Will and Veronica all have 1 point. Derek and Kaela have 0.


Second question-What did your partner think you would say is their best physical feature? Merron says Erica has very beautiful eyes and he is correct. Jesse guesses Paras’ eyes and he is correct. Derek says they’ve all seen the Kaela twerk so he has to go with “dat booty” and he is correct. Will says her beautiful ass and he is wrong, she said breasts. Merron and Erica and Jesse and Paras each have 2 points. Derek and Kaela and Veronica and Will have 1 point. Will is getting frustrated because he was a have-not the first week and he doesn’t want to do it again.


Third question-Does your partner think you’ll be remembered as a comp beast, a strategic mastermind, or a floater? Veronica guesses comp beast and she is correct. Kaela guesses comp beast and she is incorrect, he said mastermind. Paras guesses floater and she is correct. Erica guesses comp beast and she is correct. Merron and Erica and Jesse and Paras have 3 points. Veronica and Will have 2 points, and Derek and Kaela have 1 point.


Fourth question-What emoji did your partner say best describes you? Veronica makes a face and sticks her tongue out and she is correct. Kaela guesses the heart eyed emoji and she is incorrect, he said laughing face. Paras guesses a smiley face and she is incorrect, he said weird/funny face. Erica guesses two girls holding hands and she is incorrect, he said cool smiley face with sunglasses. Merron and Erica, Jesse and Paras, and Veronica and Will each have 3 points, and Derek and Kaela have 1 point.


Fifth question-Your partner was asked if they’d be willing to be handcuffed to you for an extra point. And if both of you answer yes, then you have to do it for the rest of the night. What do you think they answered? Erica guesses heck yes and she is correct. Paras guesses yes and she is correct. Veronica says yes absolutely and she is correct. Kaela and Derek are too far behind to catch up. They will be have-nots for the week.


All the remaining teams are in a three-way tie for first. Final question-Did your partner think you’d be more embarrassed by coming in last in an endurance competition or have your parents see you fool around with someone on the live feeds? Veronica guesses if she came last in an endurance competition and she is correct. Paras guesses her parents seeing her fool around on live feeds and she is correct. Erica guesses her parents seeing her fool around and she is incorrect. Merron and Erica are have-nots for the week. Erica is not happy about being a have-not two weeks in a row.


Hamza hands out the handcuffs to the teams. Veronica and Will seem to be good natured about it, Erica and Merron are less than thrilled because they lost, and Paras is excited and Jesse looks less than thrilled.


Veronica wants to chat with Hamza. She tells us she’s a big part of the reason Hamza is HOH this week because she was a driving force in that competition so she feels she should have 50% of the say this week. Veronica tells Hamza everyone is down to send Olivia home if that’s where his head is still at, but she also wanted to know what Hamza thinks about putting Alejandra on the block with her. Hamza wants to know why Veronica doesn’t like Ali so much and she says because all she does is play both sides and she’s sketchy about her. Veronica just wants Ali on the block. Hamza says he’s here to cause some chaos so he has to decide if those the best options.


Hamza says him and Derek kind of bonded last week so he selects Derek for the Wendy’s meal. Derek says he was on slop last week and he’s going to be on it again this week, so he’s ecstatic to be eating Wendy’s because he knows it’s going to be his last delicious meal for awhile. Derek tells Hamza it sucks being on slop, but it will be better this week because he’ll have Kaela to cuddle with in the catacombs. Hamza says he’s liking his time with Derek right now and he’s thinking Derek could be someone he could work with in the future. Derek tosses out him and Jesse with Hamza and Will as an alliance. Derek is floating Olivia and Ali’s names to Hamza because they were working together, but they’ve been sketchy since.


Veronica and Will are taking a bath together and they are squirting bubbles on each other. Veronica says she’s in her happy place when she’s in a bubble bath. They are laughing and having a good time and Hamza comes in and tells them to be quiet and not make a noise because Olivia is coming in next. Olivia says she’ll keep it short and sweet but she feels like they are both straight shooters. Olivia says she hasn’t really talked game with anyone except for basic strategy. Olivia says she has talked and she was thinking the consensus was to get the newbies out. Hamza says he doesn’t want another unanimous vote. Olivia wants to know if she’s going up she’d like to know so she can mentally prepare for it. Hamza says he doesn’t have just one target, he has a bunch of targets in mind, but he’s going to make his own decision. Veronica and Will heard the entire conversation and they high five each other.


Jesse and Paras are talking to Hamza and Jesse asks if everyone is talking his ear off. Jesse says why is it I never talk to the HOH? Hamza says Paras wanted to talk to him and she says but he’s here, indicating Jesse. Hamza suggests Jesse could go to the restroom and Jesse says he’s pretty sure they are on the same page. Paras asks Hamza if his mind is already made up. Paras tells Jesse to go to the restroom because she can’t talk with him there. He heads off and she says she only needs two minutes. She whispers to Hamza that she’s down with taking a shot at the other room if that’s what he wants. She just didn’t know how the votes would go and she didn’t want to say anything in front of Jesse. Hamza says they are taking a shot. They high five and hug. Hamza says I promise we’re taking a shot at the other room. Paras also tosses out Olivia and Ali’s names and Hamza asks if she has anyone else in mind. Paras says she thinks Jesse and Derek and Kaela would work with them, but if he has to take a shot she understands.


Jesse and Paras switch places and Jesse says he doesn’t talk game a lot, just let him know what he’s thinking and he’ll vote that way. Hamza wants to know what Jesse is thinking though and he responds Ali, Liv, and Ryan are the names getting tossed around the house. Jesse says targeting anyone other than those three would be a mistake because Hamza is in a good place. Jesse thinks they are all in a good place moving forward for another four or five weeks. Paras returns.


Alejandra tells us Olivia is her right hand in the house and the person she trusts the most. She needs to talk to Hamza and make sure Olivia isn’t on his radar. Alejandra tells Hamza he can trust her in the game, not just this week but moving forward. Hamza tells Ali that her name has been mentioned a lot. Alejandra says she is tight with Olivia and if he needs an extra number she could be it because her and Olivia think alike. Hamza says he’ll consider it. Alejandra asks if he knows who he’s putting up and he says he has an idea and she’ll see. She asks if it’s people from the red room and he says yeah. People from the red room until now have been feeling pretty safe and it’s time to shake things up.


Olivia is in the red room talking while Jesse is listening and laying on a bed. She’s recapping her conversation with Hamza and she says Hamza said he knew who his target was, but he didn’t know who he was putting up. She thinks Hamza is coming for them and she says they have the numbers but she couldn’t tell Hamza that without giving away that there were a bunch of them working together. Jesse says Hamza is the kind of guy who just goes against the house. Jesse wants to know if Hamza would put one of them up and she doesn’t think so. Jesse says he talked to Hamza for maybe five minutes.


Hamza tells us he was on the block last week and people were ready to get rid of him, so everyone in the house should feel unsafe. Hamza says the last two weeks have been unanimous votes. This week he’s going to get out who he wants to get out.


Hamza is considering nominating Ryan because he put him on the block last week, made him a have-not, and sent Andrew home.


He’s considering nominating Olivia because she’s a smart player, she knows what she’s doing, and she’ll float by until the end. She has to go.


He’s considering nominating Alejandra because she’s a flippy floppy player. One day she’s against you and the next she’s with you. She has no loyalty and that’s what is most important to him.


He’s considering nominating Jesse because he’s a physical threat and he’s got a good social game. He’s smarter than people perceive. Aside from that, putting him on the block will split the house in half.


A line is going to get drawn in the sand. He’s going to out the person that he wants out.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Hamza has nominated Olivia and Jesse. As Jesse takes his seat he says “Jokes!”. Hamza says he chose to nominate Olivia because she’s smart and strategic and it’s week 3 and he doesn’t know where her allegiances lie. Hamza says he nominated Jesse because he’s a physical and social player and at this point in the game, he doesn’t know where his head is at. Sometimes in this game, you just have to trust the process. Jesse gets up and says it doesn’t make any sense man but he goes to give Hamza a hug.


Jesse tells us Hamza just nominated him for eviction and he is shocked! He thought they were on good terms. What the hell?!? Now he has to go out and try his hardest to win the veto so he can take himself off the block this week.


Olivia tells us she didn’t think she’d be on the block this early, but she did see this coming. She feels like her back is sort of against the wall at this point and she really feels like she has to go out and win this POV.


Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Jesse or Olivia fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday!

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