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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 4 Recap

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Previously on Big Brother Canada, after Andrew’s aggressive assault failed to flip the house, Big Brother sent out one HG then brought in two more! No one bought the Gate Crashers story, least of all Olivia. At the HoH competition, the HG hit the bar, and the bar hit back.  In the end, Ryan was toasted the new HoH.  Thinking his bearded buddy had his back, Andrew wasn’t ready for the news.  Feeling cornered, the Grizzly Bear got steamed, which made him an easy target.  Then, Lone Wolf Hamza joined the hunt when he volunteered for the block. And for Ryan, the hunt was over. At the nom ceremony, Ryan followed the script and put up Andrew and Hamza for eviction.


Tonight, is Big Red’s power play all that it’s quacked up to be? Who will raid Big Brother’s tomb for the most valuable jewel of all? Is Big Brother’s Back Door open for business? It’s all happening now on Big Brother Canada!


We pick up with Ryan’s nominations of Andrew and Hamza. Ryan tells us he nominated the two people he’s closest to because the house is against them., but that’s what the house wanted. Ryan says he has to think long term and the only way to get the HG behind him is to go with what they want. He says don’t worry, Canada, he has a plan so neither of these guys home.


Hamza says he nominated himself because he wanted to make sure he could play in the veto. That way he can play in the veto, win, and keep himself in the house. Andrew says he knew he was going to be nominated but at the end of the day he doesn’t want to go home.


Andrew says he is humbled, but annoyed and he thinks this is a weak move by Ryan. He thought they were loyal to each other but obviously, he was wrong. Andrew is talking to Alejandra and she tells us if he’s looking for sympathy, he won’t get it from her. He put her in that position last week.


Andrew says he has to talk to Ryan because he’s his boy. Andrew tells Ryan that Canada is going say Ryan put his buddy up. Ryan says there’s still veto and Andrew says what if he doesn’t win. Ryan says let’s see what happens, but he’s trying to put something in place, but he can’t do it without Andrew or Hamza pulling themselves off.


Andrew tells Hamza that Ryan says he has a plan and he has to trust the beard. Hamza says putting them both up is risky. He’s confident he’ll win Veto. Andrew says he’s comfortable, having a good time. He compares himself to Shaq and gets no reaction (or recognition from Hamza). He tells Canada he learned his lesson and is going to be calm and play it cool.


Time to pick the POV players! Johnny (Ryan), Erica (Hamza), and Jesse (Andrew) have been chosen and they will join Hamza, Andrew, and Ryan. Ali will be hosting the POV competition. Ryan grossly reveals he hasn’t showered because he’s been too busy chatting.  Ryan says since the three chosen to play in veto stand in the way of his plan so he has to ask them to throw the comp. Ryan has to go to each one of them and convince them to throw the competition. He thinks he’s convinced Johnny to throw the comp, now he has to do the same with Erica. He thinks she believed his claim that she would get a target on her back if perceived as a comp threat.


When Ryan talks to Jesse, Jesse doesn’t seem like he’s on board and he’s immediately suspicious of why Ryan wants him to throw it. The three Veto players start to think there’s a backdoor plan in play. Ryan comes in and says, “Hey Kid…”  He talks to everyone in the red rose bedroom and tells them it’s better to throw the comp and let one of them pull themselves off because the other will go home. Ryan says “Dad says” he’s seen every season on of Big Brother and the backdoor does not work. They laugh at him after he leaves.


Ryan then goes to Andrew and tells him that whatever he hears, he needs to know Ryan has his back. Ryan says if something goes wrong, then just know whoever sits next to Andrew will be the one going home.


It’s the veto competition! It’s a Tomb Raider themed comp. It’s time for the HG to channel their inner Lara Croft. They will start with their hands tied and they’ll have to free themselves. They will then use a bow and arrow to get their first puzzle piece. Then they’ll have to search through the jungle for the rest of their puzzle pieces. They will then assemble their puzzle and memorize the code on the puzzle to unlock the Tomb of the Mother of Death. The winner will also get an advanced screening of the movie before it hits theaters and $5000!.


Hamza says it’s time to put up or shut up. Andrew says it’s up to him to save himself. Ryan says they had a plan to throw it, but $5,000 is a lot of money so the plan is out the window. They all start freeing themselves and they  get moving. Johnny is the first to get free and Andrew is the last to free himself. Erica is motivated to win and is the first to knock off her first puzzle piece and now she’s off to find the rest. Jesse is the second to knock off his puzzle piece and quickly finds his first puzzle piece from the jungle.


Hamza, Andrew, and Ryan all knock their pieces off. Johnny is still struggling with his bow and arrow. Johnny finally gets his piece off and everyone is searching the jungle for their puzzle pieces. The rules say you can only bring one piece back at a time. Erica is trying to find as many pieces as she can so she doesn’t have to expend a lot of energy going back and forth plus searching.


Andrew and Ryan are breathing heavy and Ryan says he does not work out like this. Andrew is exhausted. Ryan says he can barely stand and he can barely breathe. He has no chance of winning. In order for him to backdoor Olivia, he needs Hamza or Andrew to win and pull themselves off the block. Hamza is struggling too, he says this comp is no joke.


Andrew is barely moving and says he can’t do this he rolls over the hill on the other side of the wall and he’s breathing heavy. He doesn’t know how he’s going to make it through. He’s going back over and falls hard and is struggling. Ryan asks if he’s ok and Andrew is just moaning. Pulling himself up from the ditch leaves him too tired to search for puzzle pieces.


People are still cheering Andrew on and tell him to keep fighting. He says he’s trying his best, but this is not the competition for him. Ryan says since Andrew is out, he needs Hamza to pull out the win. Hamza is starting to work on his puzzle. Erica now has all her pieces and is working on her puzzle. Hamza says he sees that Erica is in the lead and there is no way she’s taking it from him. It’s time to kick it into a higher gear so he can win and take himself off the block.


Jesse and Johnny are also working on their puzzles. Erica has her puzzle together and she’s memorizing symbols so she can input them into the lock. She leaps over the wall but doesn’t get it on the first try. Hamza sees Erica’s mistake but he’s still working on his puzzle. Erica takes a second look and runs back and this time she is successful. Erica wins POV!  And $5000!  Tomb Raider is about a female powerhouse and that’s her in the game right now.  Hamza says she beasted and feasted but this sucks.


The HG go inside in the living room and they see a message from two of the actors from Tomb Raider and everyone congratulates Erica. Ryan says he needed Andrew or Hamza to win the veto, but they didn’t do it. He blames BB for offering the $5k.  Hamza says he was two pieces away. Ryan says Erica winning ruined everything he set in motion and it’s going to take awhile to get over it.


[Not as long as it will take for Andrew. – Morty]


Veronica is rapping and Merron is providing the beat for Will, Hamza, and Andrew. Ryan comes in and joins in as well. Veronica says she loves to rap. Will joins in for a couple verses and everyone is laughing.


The HG come downstairs and there are snacks and balloons and a huge twister mat on the floor. Jesse says twister is one of those games that brings HG together…literally. Kaela says she is enjoying watching Derek, all she could do was stare. Will says twister is like Big Brother, you always have to be aware and you can’t let your guard down. One by one the HG fall until Paras is the winner of twister and she says it was fun to step away from the game for a moment and get closer to Jesse.


Paras and Jesse are in the red rose room and they are having a pillow fight. Paras says Jesse is not the type of guy she typically goes for. Jesse says she’s cute and they jive well, but he doesn’t think a public showmance is good for his game. Paras says she doesn’t know what to think yet. She knows what she came here for. Neither wants a showmance and yet they cannot help flirting with each other.


Ryan tells Hamza if it wasn’t for that $5,000, everyone would have thrown it. Or at least that’s what everyone was telling him. Ryan tells Hamza some people lied to his face. He’s still going to try and make it happen and have Erica pull him down.. Hamza says those chances are slim.


Erica and Hamza are talking and Erica is reassuring Hamza they have the numbers. Hamza tells her he thinks they need Andrew in the game and she disagrees. She knows she can bounce ideas off him and that he’s super cool and not bothered by anything. She thinks they will be fine without Andrew and if she thinks Hamza is the target she will let him know. Hamza says he’s happy Erica won, but he would be happier if he won himself.


Ryan talks to Erica and asks if she’d pull someone down if she knew the replacement nominee would go home. Erica says it depends on who. Ryan throws out Maddy and says he thinks people would vote her out. Erica doesn’t believe people would vote out Maddy over Andrew. Ryan says he thinks because of the conversations he’s having, they would. She could remove an actual power player.  Ryan asks if she would make that move and she says she’d think about it.


Erica talks to Andrew and she says she’s proud of him. Andrew says it’s all love and Erica says she’s just been trying to keep emotions out of the game and just stay in her head. Andrew says he understands but he wouldn’t be him if he didn’t say he’d be thrilled if she pulled him off the block. Erica can see he’s a genuine and honest person, but she has to do what’s best for her personal game. Andrew says whatever happens, he’d just love to stay another week.


It’s time for the veto ceremony. Erica is in the throne room and she’s reviewing her options. Erica knows the house wants Hamza and Andrew nominated and she’s not sure she wants to ruffle feathers yet. Ryan wants Erica to use the veto and if she doesn’t he’s screwed.


Erica is now in front of the HG and she gives them an opportunity to tell her why she should use veto. Andrew has a little poem and says he’s given her meals filled with love and held her in his arms with big bear hugs and he’d love for her to put the Veto in his hands. Hamza congratulates her for winning the Veto and asks her to save him because there’s still more episodes of Hamz in the Cams to come.


Erica has decided not to use the power of veto. Erica says their game play has landed them in the position they are in. She says she has decided to respect Ryan’s nominations and the overall consensus of the house. Andrew feels betrayed and like a sucker and it’s looking pretty rough. Hamza feels pretty safe on the block against Andrew and it’s going to be a unanimous vote and Hamza is going to stay in the house. Ryan says he’s screwed. He tried his best but has a lot of work to do to recover but. he’s like a duck in water, calm on top, and furious underneath.  

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