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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 1 Recap

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Enter the new realm of Big Brother, where he controls everything, both in the light and darkness. Witness the resurgence and step into a season of mythic proportions! When you’re on top, it’s magical. But in a flash, your wildest dreams can descend into nightmares forcing the question: Are you an angel or a devil? Destined to triumph or fail? Big Brother will make you confront the darkness inside of you, because if you want to be the last one standing the only way to survive is to fight. This season on Big Brother Canada, the battle between Heaven and Hell rages on, but once the dust settles the only one with ultimate power is you!


We welcome our host, Arissa Cox. We are back and there’s just one thing Arisa wants to say, thank you to all the fans for making it happen. The fans saved us and for the next ten week, we plan on thanking you in a big, bad way! Unlike ever before, this is your season. Starting tonight, Big Brother is prepared to give the fans unprecedented new powers. Let’s take a look inside the house. Welcome to Heaven and Hell, Big Brother style!


Even before the houseguests move in, the house has been divided like no other seasons. Upstairs it’s heavenly, but downstairs it’s pure hell. One house. Two completely opposite realities. The two worlds are built to be the angel and devil inside of each HG. Lucky HG will roam the angelic accomodations, and those few fortunate enough to gain power will have access to an HOH oasis. But down in the fires below, the unlucky have nots will endure the torment of Big Brother’s catacombs, and little do they know a ghost lurks within its crypt. In the house’s darkest corner lies the blinding power of the throne, a power so great that it will unleash the good and evil within each HG. But in this mythic clash, what the HG won’t know is that’s it’s Canada that holds the ultimate control in Big Brother Canada’s most epic season ever!


It’s time to meet the HG. First we meet Erica who is 21 from Toronto, ON and she’s currently a server at a restaurant. Her motto in life is why not and she’s down with anything fun. Next we see Will who is 25 and from Trepassy, NL and he works on an oilfield tanker. He had a son when he was 19 and it’s forced him to grow up and he wants to stay focused for his son.


The next HG we meet is Kaela who is 25 from St. Johns, NB and she’s a wine ambassador. She’s very competitive, she plays ice hockey, touch football, and rugby. We then meet Hamza who is 27 from Thunder Bay, ON and he’s a soccer coach. He’s loud, obnoxious, and he talks with his hands and he’s going to crush the competition. Finally, we meet Alejandra Martinez who is 30 and now lives in Vancouver, BC and she is a personal trainer. She’s a spicy Latina.


We bring out the first five HG who will enter the house for season 6. Arisa greets them and tells them not to talk to each other until they are in the house. Arisa tells them they can now enter the house. Alejandra says it’s so pretty as she enters and the introductions begin. They say this is the coolest house yet. They head downstairs to look and then head back up to find the bedrooms.


While the first five get settled into their divide new home, let’s meet the next five HG. We meet Rozina who is 49 is from Toronto, ON, and is a religious educator. She’s a story teller and if you have to lie, you have to lie. You want a Big Brother? Well you got yourself a Big brother, it’s Andrew who is 36 from Scarbrough, ON and he’s a not-for-profit founder. What you see is what you get with him, he just wants to be his authentic self.


Next we meet Johnny who is 28 from Victoria, BC and he’s a house husband. He considers himself to be a stay-at-home dad, he just doesn’t have kids yet and he’s going to leave all his good qualities at the door, and take a key and unlock all the demons inside of him. Then we have Jesse who is 24 from Saskatoon, SK and he’s a sales executive. He deals with big egos with a lot of money and power and dealing with people in the house will be easy. Finally, we have Olivia who is 21 from Guelph, ON and she’s a beauty consultant who is high maintenance. Skin care is a must, her hair down and nails done and everything and she comes off controlling.


Arisa brings out the five HG we just met and she sends them into the house. More introductions begin as the new 5 meet the first 5 in. Rozina seems to be extremely excited and is screaming. Arisa lets them get settled as we prepare to meet the final HG who will be entering tonight and get ready for the first HOH competition of the season. BB HG are competing for a $100,000 cash prize, a European dream vacation for two, and a $30,000 home furnishing makeover.


The first 10 HG are already inside and it’s time to meet the rest. First, we meet Maddy who is 25 from Ottawa, ON and she’s a bartender. When people first meet her they think she is sweet, but she has a petty and manipulative side to her. Next is Derek who is 27 from Beaumont, AB and he has his own lifestyle brand. He is a small town boy, and he loves country music. He’s small town meets big city.


Next is Ryan who is 39 from Calgary, AB and he is a fire safety technician. He intends to be BB super villain and he has an IQ of 153. Finally, we meet Paras who is 23 from Port Coquillam, BC and she’s a law student. She loves video games and she’s not going in there with the thought to meet a guy, her goal is to win.


Arisa welcomes the last four to the stage and sends them on into the house. They enter and more introductions ensue. Coming up is the first bombshell of the season. One HG is about to send 7 other straight to Hell!


Arisa is back and the one of the fourteen HG is about to be given an enormous amount of power. Before the HG went in, Big Brother placed several goblets on the table. One of them is different from the others. The person who chooses it randomly will be given a huge decision to make. Arisa tells them they need to toast and to go grab a goblet from the dining table. Andrew’s goblet is a little different and he needs to head to the diary room right now. Maddy is the one who handed him his goblet.


Andrew is going into the diary room and he says this is crazy. Arisa tells him he’s about to make an enormous decision. She tells him he will be splitting the house in half. He’ll send seven HG to heaven where they’ll be safe for the week. The other seven will live in hell. That means they’ll be living on slop and without their personal belongings for the whole week. They’ll also be the only HG competing in the HOH comp and two of them will be nominated for eviction. In other words, the next HOH and the person who will be evicted will be in this group.


Andrew puts himself in heaven first. He puts Rozina in hell because she talked too much. Andrew has placed a few people but seems to be reconsidering the placement. He thinks he needs to switch things around. The other HG’s are speculating that it’s nominations. Andrew finally has his decision ready and goes out to join the others.


Arisa explains to the HG what Andrew has just done. Everything becomes serious and none of them look too happy. Andrew apologizes to them. It’s time to find out what Andrew decided. If the HG hears their name, then it is not good news. They’ll be in hell for the week. Johnny, Will, Alejandra, Paras, Kaela, Rozina, and Maddy are the seven selected to live in hell. They need to get ready for the first HOH competition of the season.


It's time for the first HOH. The seven HG competing are standing on a ledge and it’s called Feel the Burn. The goal is to hold on as long as they can. The competition begins and the ledge tilts forward. They have rocks to hold onto and there is a fire behind them. Paras says she has a condition where she gets sweaty palms and now she has to hold on with fire behind her. Rozina is struggling and even though she’s older than everyone else she wants to prove she can do it and win. Alejandra is struggling and she is the first to fall.


The wall tilts forward even more and Maddy struggles and she is the next to fall. The wall tilts forward more and Rozina and Kaela fall. Will tells Paras they are good and they are discussing who wants it. Johnny doesn’t want to make a deal because he doesn’t trust them. Will and Paras are both struggling and Paras tells us she just wants to Johnny to take the deal so they have to stay there forever. Will finally loses his grip and it’s down to Johnny and Paras. Paras wants to drop but every time she hears Rozina screaming at her. Paras finally drops and Johnny is the first HOH of the season.


Next, we’ll meet the four gate crashers that need fan votes to enter the house. First we meet Kirsten and she says she’s an acquired taste and she loves BB and watches live feeds. She says she could be compared to Cassandra. On the other side we have Veronica, who may have tattoos and crazy colored hair, but she’s kind and genuine and that’s how she’ll be in the house.


We meet Mikey and his strategy is to find flaws in people and exploit them and lying and manipulation. He says it’s already in the bank and he’s counting his money. On the other side we have Merron and he will be legendary, iconic, humble, and confidence. He’s aiming to make his family proud and he’s not looking for a showmance. So which gate crashers will be going in? It’s up to Canada! The 14 HG already inside have no idea about this new bombshell.

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