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This forum is for posting updates on the happenings, events and conversations that you've seen on the Celebrity Big Brother USA live feeds.

Please keep all live feed discussions in the "CBBUSA Live Feed" threads and screen caps and other neat pictures in the "Celebrity Big Brother USA Pictures" thread.  If you forget which forum you're in and post here by mistake, don't worry your post will be deleted without prejudice. We all goof-up at times.

You can't start new threads in this forum. There is one thread for each day in the Celebrity Big Brother USA house.

After you post here, we may reprint your message (or parts of it) on the Celebrity Big Brother USA Coverage Page (mortystv.com/bb), and not credit you for submitting the information.  Morty will try to list contributors at the end of each day’s report. Your input is vital to our success, and we really do appreciate your help.


How You Can Help

Watch the Celebrity Big Brother USA live feeds and post everything you see and hear!  That's all there is too it.  Well, try to be objective and not post your opinions.  And only post what you see and hear, not what you think or read about elsewhere.  Morty's TV doesn't deal in rumors.


What's A Live Feed Update?

An update is a post to the Morty's TV Fan Forums CBBUSA Live Feed thread for the day (each day has its own thread) with a description of what you see and hear.  It could be a conversation  like this:

JD: Who are you going to vote out?
DS: I’m going to vote with the majority.
JD: So you want me out too?  I thought we were friends!

Or a narrative like this:


JD is campaigning for votes. He asks DS who she is going to vote for and DS says she's voting with the majority. JD accuses her of voting him out despite their friendship.

Someone else is posting, should I?
YES! The more verification we have the better and everyone sees something someone else never noticed.  They may be watching a different feed than you are. Morty collects all the updates and merges them together on the Celebrity Big Brother USA Coverage Page (mortystv.com/bb).  Never assume someone else is covering what you're watching!

When should I Post?
Live Feed Updaters post whenever they want to and whenever they can.  Think of yourself as a Live Feed Reporter - whenever there's something to report on the live feeds, post about it.  We need as many updates as we can get.  Never assume someone else is covering what you're watching!

We Need Everyone All The Time!
The Morty's TV Celebrity Big Brother USA Coverage Page is updated randomly during the day (no less than three times a day), but the Live Feed Forum and Pictures Forum is always linked from the Coverage Page.  Fans looking for the latest minute-by-minute reports will link from the Coverage Page to the TV Fan Forums to see what you have written.  Every single post counts, even when you say "there is nothing going on."

We are informal around here, so feel free to post WHATEVER you see and hear on the Live Feeds!  Be unbiased but be honest.


Are you feeling the love yet?


Can I Coordinate With Other LFUs?

Yes, you can communicate with other LFUs in real time while you update.  Let other LFUs know when you are going to start updating, for how long, and when you leave by clicking on the Chat Box in the CBBUSA Live Feed Forum.  Type your message in the space marked "Your message here..." and then click the Return button to the right of the Smiley Face.




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