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Monday August 21, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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Bedroom (BR)
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Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Paul and Kevin are playing pool. Christmas, Jason, and Alex are sitting out at the hot tub with Jason in the hot tub. Kevin is giving Paul tips on how to shoot. Kevin is talking about Paul visiting him in Boston. Jason switches from the hot tub to the pool. Christmas is talking about her medications. Jason is talking about getting out and taking a shower. Jason yells over who’s winning and Paul says it might be game because he messed up his shot.


12:05 AM BBT Kevin asks Paul where he’s going to sleep tonight and he says the red bedroom. Kevin asks if it’s comfortable in there and Paul says it’s cold and dark. He doesn’t like the light. At home he sleeps with blackout curtains so it can be 1 pm and it’s pitch black in his room. Kevin asks where Mark is and Paul says the DR. Paul and Kevin have finished their game and Paul is going to lift a few more weights.


12:10 AM BBT Mark is out of DR. Paul goes inside and asks if Mark is going out and he says yeah to get some fresh air. Mark makes his way over to the couches. Jason, Alex, Kevin, and Christmas all head inside. FotH. Alex goes to the WC and Jason gets in the shower. Kevin is in the WA and Jason farts in the shower and Kevin asks how he farts in the shower. Christmas is in the KT snacking and she says she’s about to go upstairs. Paul talks her into going back outside. Paul is going to clean out his nose. Jason says he’s going to shower and then go to the DR. Kevin has the saran wrap.


12:15 AM BBT Paul asks what Mark is thinking about and Mark says he’s just reminiscing about the summer. Paul says the summer is almost over, isn’t that crazy. Paul says it’s day 61 and Mark says it’s crazy. Kevin asks Alex where Paul went, back out in the yard and Alex says she doesn’t know. Christmas says it’s weird you can find a quiet corner anywhere in the house. Paul says pretty soon everyone will have their own bed. Alex goes and tells Jason Kevin is being really weird and Jason says he thinks he’s just scared. Alex says he’s wigging out and Jason says he doesn’t know what she wants him to do. Alex says choke him while he’s sleeping. Alex tells Jason to help her get some of the apples down and he says he’ll meet her out there. Christmas says it was wild seeing Derrick come into the house and Paul says he’s never met him. Alex is jumping to try and grab a couple of apples and they tell her to stop that! She runs to Jason and says she got caught. Alex says she was 10 ft from touching one, she doesn’t understand what the freak out was.


12:20 AM BBT Mark asks Paul if he cleans his nose every night and he says no, but he should. Alex tries to go into the DR. Christmas says it’s so hot in Raleigh still and Paul says it’s beautiful leading up to winter. Alex is talking about people doing DR’s together and she says Elena and Paul went and Kevin says he guesses he doesn’t like anyone enough to do a DR with. Alex says you just tell them you want to do a DR together. Kevin says he didn’t think you could because he doesn’t ask questions. Raven was in the DR and Alex says that’s why we couldn’t go in. Alex asks Raven if the DR was short and she says yeah. Alex says Jason isn’t ready and she goes to the DR. Outside, Christmas, Paul, and Mark are talking about snow and school being cancelled. Paul says they cancel schools for fire. Christmas says she has a couple of friends who train at the Olympic training center in Colorado. Mark says it’s awesome.


12:25 AM BBT Christmas, Paul, and Mark are still outside on the couches. Josh is in the HOH room listening to music. Jason is getting dressed from his shower. Matt and Raven are in bed. Alex is in the DR. Kevin is in bed but not asleep yet. Paul thanks them for hanging out. He says he might come back out because it’s so nice. Jason comes into the green bedroom with Kevin and he fills Jason in on where everyone is. Christmas says she keeps trying to go to bed but she hasn’t made it upstairs yet. Mark says big day tomorrow. Jason and Paul are whispering in the KT about Kevin. Jason is quoting Forrest Gump. Christmas says she wishes her and Mark had a conversation before D/E because things might have been different.  

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12:30 AM BBT Mark and Christmas alone outside and Christmas says she did consider Mark’s argument, she didn’t just dismiss it. Christmas says it would have been a different situation had he talked to her earlier. Paul is whispering to Jason they have a good thing going, why F it up. Christmas asks when Mark and Elena were in the red bedroom after her fight with Josh and Christmas walked in and she knew Elena lies and Mark says that was directed at you. Mark says Elena was telling Alex said she would vote Mark out if she was asked to and it was nothing to do with Christmas. Mark says it would be a crazy move though. Christmas thinks Mark would still be the target, but she would probably be the next to go because they would have two options, possibly three to stack the block. Mark says Matt and Raven are kind of just floating by this game. Mark says maybe Matt and Raven are talking game with Christmas and maybe she feels good about it. Christmas does wish Mark would have been HOH once because it’s different. She says it doesn’t feel good to take this from someone, even Cody and Jess. Mark says he doesn’t take it personally because he understands it’s a game. Christmas says it’s made her look at things differently. Christmas says it would have been much easier to do earlier. Mark says with Cody and Jess in the house they were just such big targets. Christmas says she didn’t understand Elena said she wasn’t talking game to anyone, but then she went and campaigned with Jess. Mark says as far as votes go with Alex, you have it because it would be a 3-3 tie and going forward you don’t have that unless Paul goes against them. Mark says if you take out Alex, it’s something to think about. Alex is out of the DR and she says it’s Jason’s turn.


12:35 AM BBT Mark says that’s why Paul was so gung-ho about it because he sees the damage Alex can do in the game. Christmas says when was he gung-ho about it and Mark refers to the deal with Jess and he said Paul was going to go after Alex that week. Mark doesn’t even think Matt and Raven wants to win an HOH. Maybe Raven for a letter home. Alex peeks out at them and Christmas asks who it was and Mark answers. Christmas says Jason and Kevin and Matt and Raven, it would be 4 against 2. Christmas says Matt and Raven don’t talk to Christmas much and even before her HOH they didn’t talk to her. Christmas thought Raven always talked to Elena. Mark says he thought the six of them were close and he thought they were all talking game. (Josh, Christmas, Paul, Alex, Kevin, and Josh) Christmas says very few people have talked game since she broke her foot. Christmas says that’s when she realized she was on the outside. She says people were talking game the first week, then Cody stopped and Jess stopped and now she sees why, because she was on the outside. Mark thinks Christmas should talk to others because they would see the benefits of taking out Alex. Mark says there was a reason they were all up there trying to get Alex out of the house. Christmas says she doesn’t know where Paul stands with her because he gives his opinion, but it’s always calculated. Mark thinks Matt is concerned about the longevity of Raven’s game. Mark says if I go home, then you have Alex, Kevin, and Jason competing in that HOH. Mark says if Paul won he doesn’t think he’d put up Alex and Jason.


12:40 AM BBT Mark says Paul gave away how he feels about Josh when he said they kept Big Meech around last season because she fought with people and stirred the pot and that’s what Jason does. Mark says Alex and Jason aren’t scared of Matt and Raven and Christmas says they aren’t scared of me and Josh either. Mark says then who would they go after? Christmas says she assumed they’d go after the last showmance. Mark says ok if that’s how you feel, but them staying together the chance of her going to F2 or F3 with her and Josh in the house are slim to none. Christmas says she knows that from the time she broke her foot, it’s a miracle she made 8. Mark says why wouldn’t you want the numbers evened up? Mark says unless someone breaks up Jason, Alex, and Kevin…because Alex and Jason are winning every other comp. Christmas says Jason is coming out of nowhere too. She asks Mark if he threw comps and he says he hasn’t thrown anything. Mark says he hadn’t played any vetos and then the first comp he broke his finger, and the wall was his finger was hard. He said the stop one was a joke and the inked and tatted comp he was disoriented because of Josh and Elena being mad at him. Mark says he’d like to fight with her and Josh, but he understands the backfire. He says Jason and Alex are comp beasts right now and Mark says even the things he won, Jason was right behind him. Mark says Jason was right behind him on the puzzle and he was only one question behind him on the house one. FotH because Paul and Alex are talking about production. Feeds are back and Mark says he was never going to put up Christmas and Josh. Mark says he wanted Cody to win an HOH before he left because he knew him and Elena would be targets after Cody was gone.


12:45 AM BBT Mark says it was inevitable he had to win. Mark says the Jason and Alex combo are scary and Christmas says they are lethal. Mark starts pointing out their performance in competitions. Mark says he hates being in a position asking someone in power to do it, but he’s not in that position. Mark says he’s nothing in the house right now, he’s not a threat to anyone because he has zero numbers, zero allies. Mark says he leaves the house and Alex and Jason get an upper hand because a strong competitor leaves the house and it’s zero benefit to Christmas. Mark says he wishes Paul could ask him so she would believe Mark about him saying he wouldn’t put up Josh and Christmas. Mark says he doesn’t take the fights personally, he sees what the house is right now. He talks about Alex in the endurance comps. Christmas says she is taking out the biggest competitor in the game with a big target still in the house. Mark says if he stays who are they going to want to get rid of her, with limitations, or him who has shown he’s a competitor. Christmas says he makes a good argument. Mark says just don’t do it because the house wants you to or just to stay a couple of more weeks. Mark says if they were on the block together next week he would tell them to vote him out because that’s how much confidence he has in how the house is headed. Mark says who is going to protect you in the final five, besides Josh.


12:50 AM BBT Mark is telling Christmas he thinks Paul is with Jason, Alex, and Kevin and Matt and Raven go where the power is. Mark says it would be 4 vs 4 and that’s assuming Matt and Raven would want to protect you over them. Josh comes outside and joins Mark and Christmas. Josh asks them if they are just talking and Mark says strategizing. Josh says plotting and scheming. Josh asks where everyone is and Christmas fills him in. He starts to head inside and Christmas calls him back and he starts singing and we get FotH. Alex heads to the green bedroom and asks if she can turn the light out and Kevin says yeah. Paul comes outside too. Christmas and Paul berate Josh for singing. Paul has something in his mouth and Christmas checks it out and says he needs to eat cleaner and drink water. Josh says Paul has been eating junk and drinking soda and Paul says no he hasn’t.


12:55 AM BBT Paul asks if he needs to go to the doctor for it and Christmas thinks he’ll be ok. Paul says it’s cancer, he’s dying. He says he’s a hypochondriac. Josh asks what that is and Christmas explains. Josh tells Paul to stop being a vagine and Christmas says why is a vagina bad? Josh says no, he’s a vagine. Paul wants to know if it’s gingivitis and Christmas tells him to brush his teeth before he goes to bed. Paul picked up a girl by pulling her hair and one girl he picked up threw a drink on him. We get FotH and then all cameras on the green bedroom.

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1:00 AM BBT Christmas has Paul in a choke hold and Josh is trying to hit him and Paul tells Josh to stop or he’ll get up and mess him up. They get a no horsing around warning. Josh says what a nice night out. Paul tells Christmas that Jason and Alex are DRing and Kevin is asking where everyone is and Matt and Raven are sleeping. Josh says Kevin is counting his 16 kids, but there’s only 8 left. Paul tells Josh to feed the fish and Josh asks if they fed the fish today. Josh says they’re his pets he knows how they act when they’re hungry. Alex is in the dining room studying the memory wall and brushing her hair over the table. Josh says he’ll date older women and Paul says no older women will date you. Josh says yes they will and production says I don’t think so and Mark says that’s funny. They start screaming and laughing and saying that was awesome.


1:05 AM BBT Alex hears them and goes outside. They explain what they were laughing about and Josh shows what he does and he curls the end of her hair around his fingers and Paul says that’s so creepy. Paul says he doesn’t like strangers touching his beard so why would Josh touch someone else’s hair. They don’t know where Josh’s have been. Production says something to Josh (can’t quite hear it this time) and they start cracking up against and Christmas say they’re telling you to keep your hands to yourself. Alex says they want you to stop touching people. Mark says it’s so funny. Josh says they are making him sound horrible and now he’s never going to get a girlfriend. Alex rubs the side of Josh’s head and Josh says stop that’s creeping me out. Paul says he switched his toothpaste, could the thing in his mouth could be because of that. He has a red line in his mouth. They have named the swan floating Delilah. Christmas says Paul upgraded from a duck last season, Pablo, to a swan.


1:10 AM BBT Paul asks if it’s really late right now and Alex says it’s like 1. Paul says if he hears Everyday I’m Shuffling and Josh says he hates that song and we get FotH. They start talking about other songs they play and they say they played Saved by the Bell and Whoomp There It Is. Paul says if they Slipknot, he’ll run out of bed. Josh has a scar on his arm and Paul says he should tattoo over it. Mark says he’s going to be out in the real world people will come up and put pans in his face. Paul says hopefully in the real world you aren’t hanging around with people who would do that. Josh says he wouldn’t do that in the real world.


1:15 AM BBT Paul and Mark both have the same birthday, June 13. Josh has said he knows Paul after 61 days and Paul starts asking random questions. Josh knows some, but not all.


1:20 AM BBT Paul wants to pull a knife on Josh when they get out of there to see how he reacts and Josh says why? Josh says Cody is going to bum rush him and Dent said he wants to punch him in the face. Josh says he’s not going to let Paul pull a knife on him and Paul says how are you not going to let me. Josh says he’s going to pull out a bat and Paul says you’re going to pull out a bat when I have a knife? Josh says if I die, Paul killed me. Christmas says it wasn’t smart for Paul to say his plan. Paul says if Josh dies they are automatically going to come to me? Christmas says they’ll actually go to Cody first. Josh starts mimicking Cody and Paul says you should have just kissed him. Josh says he was going to pop him and Paul says that fool has been trained for hand-to-hand combat, what would you have done? Josh says sit on him. Josh says you think I’m going to box Cody? He’s going to poke him in the eyes and then punch him in the throat and run. Josh says he won’t fight Cody, he doesn’t have that type of hate in his heart. Josh says if homie touches him then it’s going down. Alex goes to get olives.


1:25 AM BBT Josh and Paul are talking about Halloween Horror nights and the different themes. Paul says they will definitely do It this year because the new one is coming out. Josh is saying when he visits Paul he wants to go to some good places near him. Josh wants Armenian food and Paul knows a place. Josh asks if Paul’s mom knows how to cook all kinds of food. Christmas wants a pool put into her yard but she’s glad she hasn’t done it yet. Christmas is going to save and get a heated pool. Jason is out of the DR. Josh is called to the DR. Jason goes to the WC.

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1:30 AM BBT Mark notices that Paul bites his nails. Jason is out and doesn’t wash his hands he joins the outside crew. He then goes and pulls some olives out of the jar with his fingers. Alex tells him to use a spoon. He starts to talk about his DR and we get FotH. Feeds are back and Alex is using the spoon to get another olive. Jason says it was worth it! Jason says you think they’re 200 miles away with the cameras but they’re not. Paul says we’re lab rats. Jason says we need massages and Christmas says they have massages in jury. Jason is laughing and says Mark here’s the veto he quits. Production says Jason, no! Jason says what and Paul says you asked for massages. Christmas says they are just letting us know they are paying attention. Alex goes for another olive.


1:35 AM BBT Alex says Kevin was super salty so he went to sleep. Mark needs pickles. Pickles and water. Alex puts the lid on the olives and Mark goes to the WC. Mark is washing his hands and outside Christmas is talking about a story Kevin told her about his daughter and all feeds switch to Mark inside. Alex says Kevin is a liar, he’s either a cop or an actor or both. Josh is back out of DR. Mark comes back outside. Everyone awake is outside on the couches and Kevin, Matt, and Raven are all in bed.


1:40 AM BBT Christmas says the pickles are not good. Jason says they’re different but not bad. Mark is eating them. Alex is asking about them and Jason says they’re not bad, but they’re weird. Alex says they don’t taste right. Paul says he wants to try them now. Paul says it’s not so pickly. Alex asks Jason how he feels that he didn’t get his own zing from Zingbot. Jason says he piggybacked him on two chicks. Josh and Mark are talking about their food while have-nots and how much they have eaten.


1:45 AM BBT Paul and Josh are bickering. Josh wants some Ahi Tuna. Paul wonders what his parents have been up to. Christmas doesn’t think her mom is watching. Kevin is up and going to the WC.


1:50 AM BBT The outside crew is talking about telenovelas and Jason doesn’t know what they are. Alex starts talking about a show called Jane the Virgin. Kevin is out he rinses his hands and puts something on his lips. Jason says they need some new tv. Jason is doing examples of how he does an auction. Paul starts trying to mimic him.


1:55 AM BBT Matt starts asking Paul if he is having hearing issues. Paul is talking about his mouth again and he says he hates Mark. He says he’s a hypochondriac. Paul says if he dies it’s Josh’s fault. Jason is picking his nose to mess with Alex and the cameras move on Jason. Josh says they’re going to make him look so stupid and Paul says they aren’t going to have to try. Paul wants someone to photoshop a golden earring on Josh because he says he looks like Sinbad.

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I'm off. They're up for another hour and if someone has time to go back there's a convo between Christmas and Paul around 2:16 AM BBT where Christmas pitches keeping Mark and getting rid of Alex. Paul stays until 3:25 before going to bed.  There's also a second conversation between Josh and Mark on strategy outside that starts around 2:06 with Christmas but continues until 2:34.

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2:16AM BBT: Christmas telling Paul about her conversation with Mark. Says Mark is pitching that Alex go home instead of him since he has no one and Alex is good at physical and mental comps. Says that Mark does not see the association with Christmas, Josh and Paul. He feels like Paul isn't with anyone. Paul still wants to get Mark out. Saying that Mark said he would be loyal to Christmas and Josh if she kept him and that he is a good physical competitor for them. Paul disagrees that he is a good physical competitor. Paul keeps pushing that they keep the plan the same. Mark told Christmas he feels Mark/Raven a team and Alex/Jason/Kevin. Josh and Mark feel like they should get Alex out before Jason because Jason would lose it without her. (Convo is a little confusing bc Christmas is obviously on her meds). Paul is saying Jason and Kevin will ban together if Alex leaves. Christmas saying that Kevin is not a good competitor. Paul trying to convince her in one moment that Kevin could be better than they know. In the next breath he says they can get Kevin out easily bc he is  not a good competitor. Saying they can get rid of Alex later and Christmas saying that could be harder than we think. Paul is saying if they got Cody out, they can get rid of Alex too. Christmas doesn't want to upset the house. Paul saying he only cares about protecting Christmas/Josh/himself since they are the only ones who have genuinely had his back. Christmas saying Jason/Mark/Alex are all equal targets to her. Paul saying he will back Christmas on getting rid of Alex, but he doesn't think it is smart of her. Now he is saying Mark has to go this week, but then Alex can go before Jason. He tells her absolutely not on getting anyone besides Mark out this week. (his HOH, right?) Saying that they think they could get Jason out first and still have Alex on their side and Kevin would still hate Alex. 

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1:06 PM BBT When feeds came back Mark was in Rose BR in bed, apparently Jason pulled himself off the block and Christmas put Mark up.

Raven and Matt in Kitchen Matt eating. Jason and Kevin walking and chit chatting. Christmas, Josh, Alex and Paul on outdoor sofa chit chatting. 


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2:09 PM BBT Alex and Jason studying days in HN room. Kevin and Paul in Backyard eating and talking general chit chat. Raven brings out Christmas' food and is joined shortly by Christmas and Paul and Raven leave to go inside and Kevin leaves Christmas on the outdoor sofa and goes over by the pool to lie in the sun and out comes Jason who jumps in the pool. 


Josh and Raven in the Kitchen


All is calm in the BB house...no fights, no tantrums, no crying.

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2:40 PM BBT Feeds are back Paul, Josh, Mark and Christmas in Kitchen, shades are closed on sliding doors so no one can see or go outside.  Raven and Matt in the wave room.  General chit chat.


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3:41 PM BBT Christmas and Josh in HOHR talking about how Christmas has been doing well in the comps that she is able to play in. Christmas talking about how good Matt and Raven are feeling (safe), and different scenarios on telling them they need to be a pawn to get Kevin out. Talking about how good at competitions Alex and Jason are and they need to go. 


Paul, Mark, Jason Kevin and Alex in Den BR. Alex sleeping. Discussing how bad the traffic is in LA and Boston. Kevin explaining the HOV lanes and how narrow they are and he got pulled over by the police, got a $270 ticket, didn't pay it, went up to $480 and he fought it and didn't win. Said he went to talk and was told to shut up, but argued with Judge anyway. 


Jason talking about the beach towel he is using being so big, how it's bigger than the afghan's at his house, Kevin says: "you have Africans at your house?" No one knew what an afghan was so he had to explain what they are.  His grandmother makes them but has bad eyesight. 


Apparently it was a skywriter that caused the lock down, Jason just complained about it having to be done by now...guess he didn't hear the announcement the lock down was over a half hour ago. 

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