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Happy Friday! Are you ready for another week? Not as much "stragety" in this weeks, just some interesting things that I thought I would share. Starting Week 5 I will be doing things different.




7/20 Thursday: 

As far as we know, they could have already played the rest of the game and crowned a winner. We lost feeds in the early afternoon and they won't be back until around 9pm Big Brother Time (PST that is) FRIDAY :( 
7/21 Friday:

Battle Back show. Feeds up at 9pmPST.

Morty put up the following poll on Friday:




As you can see, many wanted Cody back but a lot wanted Cameron back too! Less than 200 votes separated them.

Feeds came back at about 9pm BBT and it wasn't long before we learned that Jessica won HoH and nominated Josh & Ramses. Seriously. Okay, then she must be planning to back door Paul right? Nope. Josh is the target. Seriously. Josh is in full on cry mode (In my best Danielle Donato impression) Shocker! Christmas and Paul are talking about flipping the house and getting Ramses out. They won't be telling Marlena the plan as they feel Mark is right back up there with Jody. Someone mentions PoV comp in the morning.

7/22 Saturday:
Jason/Cody only ones up that morning. Interesting and lengthy chat in the KT:

  • Cody can play HoH for week 5 (Thursday).
  • Tells Jason that it's Jody & Jalex (Jason/Alex), maybe Kevin. Cody says no to Mark, that he is only loyal to Elena and may play both sides.
  • Cody tells Jason that the other side needs to step up and not let Paul run their game for them.
  • Talk of all Cody missed after he was evicted.
  • Cody wants HoH to "make a show of it". 
  • Jason calls Josh a "mental midget" when Cody brings him up.
  • Speculation of a Double Eviction this week, Cody thinks it will be a normal week. Jason says it's day 31 and they are numbers heavy.

Conversation ends not long after Jason admits that he voted Cody out. Paul brings up voting out Ramses instead of Josh to Jason a little bit later. Anxiety and paranoia rear their ugly heads regarding the curse this week. PoV Players picked: Jessica, Josh, Ramses, Jess pulls HG choice, picks Cody. Josh pulls Jason. Ramses pulls Christmas. Christmas tells Ramses that he is safe and staying this week. Matt and Christmas talk and both think that Marlena threw the HoH because they have a relationship with Jody. (Raven finally got her stitches out!). She then tells Maven that Elena pinches Mark when he talks too much (very interesting!). Matt thinks Jessica thought he was Cody and she told him that they need to check with Alex before using the veto. Matt tosses out throwing the next HoH to Jalex and having them put up Marlena. Christmas suggested Cody & Mark up or Jessica & Elena to split at least one couple up (Interesting!) Later, Mark/Cody in the kitchen and Mark makes comments like "It's a beautiful thing, this alliance" to Cody. The two seem chummy. POV COMP: Jessica won. Cody tells Jessica that mark is no friend of his and stabbed him straight in the back. (Voted him out). Almost seems like Matt is having second thoughts. Trying to explain that if they vote out Ramses and either Cody or Marlena get HoH, they go up.


7/23 Sunday: 
Although in his interview with Jeff after being evicted Cody said he wanted to work with Paul, he still wants to back door him even if it means putting Raven up as a pawn. HoH Lock down for HN Set up. First three down in HoH become Have Nots. This means that Mark is starting week 2 in a row of slop, right next to Josh, who is a Have not because he got the extension token last week in the HN Temptation. (Mark meets the same fate this week, now sentenced to 3 weeks straight of slop) Kevin and Paul round out the Have nots. At some point, Matt tells Raven to be careful since she knows Victor (El Fit Vic #BB18) and he and Paul are tight (not as tight as in the house from what I gather).


7/24 Monday:

PoV Ceremony - Jessica didn't use the PoV

7/25 Tuesday: 

Doesn't have much to do with the decisions in the game, but Jessica announces to Cody, in the HoH room that she has a prescription for birth control. Says she had one before coming in, but didn't bring it because she wasn't expecting to need it. He asked her how long it takes to start working and Jessica says two weeks. (THIS IS WRONG! You don't start until the first day of your next cycle. Then you take for 28 days. At the end of the 28 days, after your period starts while ON the pill, your birth control is active. Please do NOT let BB House guests teach you the do's and don'ts of birth control!) She also tells him that BB said there are condoms in the Storage Room so that he can do his part. In a strange coincidence, just before 1:00am, MAVEN are having a little fun, with Christmas in the room. I believe they were talking to her during part of it!

7/26 Wednesday: 

House guests are put on an Indoor Lock down that will remain in place until after the PoV (will explain when I get to Thursday). Paul and Jess discuss the curse and wonder why it's taken a week to implement. Jess hasn't revealed to Paul (Only Cody & Kevin) that she has the Halting Hex. Cody and Jess talking and Cody tells her that Mark was throwing Maven under the bus. Talking about votes, Cody says they have: Christmas, Kevin, Ramses and he can have a long talk with Jalex to get them as well (to vote out Paul if Cody wins HoH). HGs are shown pictures on the memory wall of Cameron, Jillian and Dominique covered in tattoos. This is for the HoH comp.

7/27 Thursday:
By a vote of 7-3, Ramses has been evicted. Cody, Marlena are the only ones that voted Josh out. Josh continued to play shocked (that boy is tryin for that Oscar!). Marlena are stunned. They don't know what to think.


We learned tonight that the CURSE that goes along with Jessica's Halting Hex (We are referring to it as the Hex curse) is called the Temptation Competition. Each of the next three weeks, before nominations, the house guests will be tempted to play a game. If they do, a curse is unleashed (just like previous temptations). If they win, they are safe for the week



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