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Hello! I hope you all have had a great week. This week we are going to try something different. I am going to have the main post here, with the "quick & dirty" facts, like on the Daily Update page, where Morty has the "spoilers at a glance" and below,  I will discuss important things regarding each. If you like this format better please let me know. (I will probably keep the topic hidden until it's time to post it, but that's okay too!)


HoH: Alex

Noms: Jessica & Dominique

PoV Players: Alex, Jessica, Dominique, Jason, Kevin, Christmas

PoV Winner: Jason

Post PoV Noms: Jessica & Dominique 

Evicted: Dominique

Votes: 10-0


Thursday: Alex HoH (Wall comp, her, Elena & Jason last 3 up. Jason dropped, deal with El & Al.)

I'm guessing it had been about 1 hour and 40 minutes or so, because they usually start about 10 minutes before the show ends, and the comp is over.. We learn later that Elena thinks she is going to keep her whole side safe. Her, Mark, MAVEN, Paul, Dom... Alex doesn't agree. Speculation quickly begins on not just the two votes for Ramses that were not Jess, but also on who the HNs will be. Paul thinks it will be the first 4 that dropped, Mark thinks Xmas because she couldn't compete, and Jason is already one from his extension last week.. At some point Elena, in the kitchen says that Christmas said she was going to vote out Ramses to stir the pot. About an hour after the comp ended, Alex told Jason that she needs to put Jess OTB. Jason suggests Xmas & Dom or Dom & Jess and back door Xmas. More questioning of people privately about the votes.


Friday: Nominations

Alex got her room at about 1am and an hour later, Paul is pusing for Ramses to go OTB saying that he was asking people to vote him out to cause chaos. By 4am, Dom is coming out as the target. By 4:30 it is determined that Jess & Dom are going up and that Paul is going to ralley the votes to get Dom out. It's nearly 5am when the HGs finally settled down and went to bed. Just after 10, Matt & Alex are sort of discussing noms. She gives no names but makes the comment that there could be a backdoor because someone can't defend themselves. No doubt, she is referring to Xmas. We learn that Alex' final four would be her, Jason, Paul and Kevin. Paul called dibs on hosting PoV if he wasn't picked to play. When feeds come back up from the Nom ceremony, we learn that Alex did indeed nominate Jessica and Dominique. I'm still running this one through my mental hamster wheels. Why did Paul turn on her? What have I missed in reading the recaps? (Feeds have been an issue again!)


Saturday: PoV Comp

As we saw from the show, Christmas, though picked for the comp, was unable to play. So we had Jason, Alex, Kevin, Jessica and Dominique. I won't lie Dom saved her butt on that comp, only to fall later. It was one hell of a save! Jason and Alex were neck and neck through the last 10 or so laps, but Jason pulled it out a hair before Alex. Alex worried that Jason would save Jessica. For some reason, his allegiance to Jess seemed to almost be over taking his allegiance to Alex. I personally thought for sure he would use it to save Jessica.


This one is short so I will put it here: Have-Nots.. Jason (continued from last week as he got the extension), Ramses, Mark and Josh. (Josh went for the temptation and got the extension. He will be a have not next week too!)


Sunday: Blackface Controversy

And now on to the big thing from Sunday. The "is Paul racist" controversy. I have watched the clip over and over of what happened. When listening to it, I felt that he was referring to a product for the face, a face mask. Not the controversial "black face" that has been used by the likes of Johnny Carson or even Julianne Hough. Dominique had spent the night before calling Paul a snake. Okay, maybe she didn't outright say "YOU SNAKE" or anything but she did a LOT of insinuating with the other HGs about there being a snake and temptor in the house, and then built the story up and quickly would change the subject to Paul. Ok back to the whole controversy. Paul was trying to come up with a costume to wear to the PoV ceremony since she kept calling him a snake. He decided to wear Christmas' "snake skin" dress and they were discussing the face mask. At one point someone said it cracked as it dried (could have been a feedster that said it, not sure honestly) and that would make sense that Paul would want to use that for the costume because it would replicate the look of snake skin. Either way, he didn't do it. Many speculate that Big Brother caught on and convinced him not to do it. Instead he put what appeared to be dark green stripes/shapes on his forehead and cheeks while wearing Xmas' dress and someones leggings.


Monday: PoV Meeting

Contrary to popular believe, Jason did NOT use the veto and left the noms. WOW! So much speculation about this. It took hours to confirm this one, and the true answer came right after the feeds came up lol! It was such a confusing time, that poor Morty had to write a correction the Daily Updates page. Us feedsters were confused for a while too! A few hours later, all hell broke lose when Mark & Josh got into it. While playing pool, with the bet being loser has to drink half a cup of hot sauce "no nose" and a cup of pickle juice, Josh double tapped the cue ball when trying to sink the 8 ball. He swears he won, the rest of the HGs that were out there, called him out. Josh brought the cup out to Mark to drink and Mark asked Josh if he won. Josh said he did, Mark threw the hot sauce in Josh's face. Personally, I think he should have gotten a penalty. Only because hot sauce in the eyes can cause damage! Now if he tossed it into his mid-section or something I could let it slide, but not this. Not when we have had enough injuries and we know what a big baby Josh is. Josh comes back with ranch & ketchup and pours them on Mark. I honestly thought they would come to blows. Jason & Kevin go up to intercede, but the boys separated.


Tuesday: Nothing happened, game wise.

I kid you not, n-o-t-h-i-n-g!

Wednesday: Den of Temptation ~ Halting Hex

Of course, the final temptation. The "big one" as deemed by many and we have ZERO confirmation as to who has it. Lots of speculation that one of the nominees has it, Jess or Dom. It isn't until the live show that we learn who actually has it! Other than that, not much happened. 


Thursday: Live Eviction We didn't have much of the feeds today and they won't be back until around 9pm Pac time on Friday. We do know that by a vote of 10-0, Dominique was evicted. We also know that the Battle Back starts at some point while the feeds are down and will air on Friday at 9pm Pacific time. We also learned that Jessica got the temptation, The Halting Hex, yet didn't use it!


That is my quick & dirty weekly recap. Please tell me in the comments if you like this format (one week per post) or if you would prefer important events daily (like above, but each in it's own post).



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