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I am really sorry everyone. Things have been hectic on the home front and I simply lost track of the days. I can't believe that it's Monday already! Let's dive in, shall we?


Ok, Paul is the HoH, no shock there. He had the better chance since others were giving him tickets in the Candy Crush HoH. Did anyone else catch Production telling the HGs before letting them inside, that they could say what ever they wanted but to not go nose-to-nose, while we had fish? Once the HGs are let back into the house, JODY (Jessica & Cody) immediately isolated themselves in the Have-Not room. I don't know if it was a feeling of defeat or what, but it almost seemed like they decided to not even try to fight. Cody appears angry, while Jessica is crying a lot.


It isn't long after the end of the HoH that we learn Paul wants to back door Cody. He wants two pawns and has his eyes on MAVEN (Matt & Raven) as those pawns. His hope is that they will agree to go up, so that it's 3 of their side playing in the PoV comp and there is less of a chance of Cody's name being drawn to play. Needless to say, those that were formally loyal to JODY were not happy with having to be pawns, as there is usually a high risk of pawns going home. 


Now it is Friday and the Ring of Replacement is the temptation that Christmas got. She can choose to replace a player in the PoV comp, however not the HoH or noms. The downside of her accepting was putting JODY and Whistle-Nut in V-toad costumes for the week. Of course, we see that JODY aren't following the rules from the start. Skipping, wearing half the costume... Jason is the only one hopping and wearing the full costume. They are to be on a lily pad (strategically placed throughout the house) unless they are sleeping.


Saturday rolls around and it's time for nominations. Oh not so fast Paul, Ramses is going to take care of his curse from the first Temptation when Paul got Safety. He has to put himself on the block before nominations are announce. So now we have Ramses on the block. We also learn that if he wins the PoV and uses it to take himself off, there will be no replacement (like with America's Nominee during Over The Top). Paul then proceeds to nominate Alex, who he knows is a comp beast, and Josh. Remember both are pawns as he wants to back door Cody.


Next: Picking players for the veto competition. We already know that Paul, Alex, Josh and Ramses are playing, and Paul is to pick the final two players. He draws Elena and Matt. This couldn't have worked more perfectly for Paul's plan to back door Cody. It is an interesting PoV comp, I actually liked it, a LOT! and even though Paul tried to get Ramses to throw the comp, he nearly won it! Luckily for Paul though, he was better at it and managed to pull out the win. Later, Paul has to pick the HN for the week and he picks Jessica, Jason, and Cody  to keep the Vtoads together and asks for a volunteer and Matt offers.


Sunday we have the episode where we learn about the nominations and Den of Temptation. While in the house things are catching my ear.. Sunday, late morning (like 10-11am BBT) Cody walks into the room that Alex and Jason are in and says that they needed to target the guys hearts by taking out the girls so that he can win the Battle Back that he is sure is going to happen. (This info comes in handy later!) Later in the day, Christmas and Matt are in the WCA and are discussing Ramses. Christmas doesn't trust him, thinks he is loyal to Cody, Jess and Jason and wants to back door him next week. Matt appears to be agreeing. They also mention that they feel the other side is banking on Cody coming back in due to a Battle Back and that is why they would target girls (how did they know about the targets of Jessica/Jason/Cody?). 


Monday was the PoV ceremony. As we know, Paul took Josh off of the block and told Cody to "hop on up there". When the feeds come back, Jessica and Josh are yelling back and forth. In the WCA Paul shakes Cody's hand and thanks him for keeping his cool. A little later, in the HoHR, Paul asks Kevin to vote to evict Ramses on Thursday night so that it will cause a stir. Kevin doesn't understand why. Paul again asks, saying to trust him. He also tells Kevin that Christmas will intimidate Jess before the comp to frazzle her. Did you know that many still think Ramses took the $25k on the first night? We know it was Kevin though.


Around 2pm BBT, we get Friendship chat with Paul in the HoH. He tells us that he threw that very first HoH comp so that Cody would get blood on his hands and Paul wouldn't have to. Cody did just that when he put Megan and Jillian up and was mean about it. Paul says that kind of crappy behavior blows up in the BB house and it did. He says that after Megan left, Cody nominated Alex because people in his group pressured him into it. After the PoV, Paul said that he called Cody and everyone out on the side deal that he made with Alex so that she would win and save herself. Paul tells us that the reason Cody nominated Christmas when Paul pulled out his Pendant of Protection is because he is intimidated by her. He also says that he went against his team to nom her, but we knew this already. Then he just rehashes things that happened on the live feeds that CBS showed on the episodes.


Just after 6pm BBT we have a brief "We'll Be Right Back" screen and when the feeds come up, everyone is hugging Christmas and wishing her a speedy recovery. We later learned that she told the HGs she would needed surgery on her foot. Afterwords, Jessica and Christmas head into the Have Not room and have a long talk. It almost sounds like Jessica has rehearsed what she was going to say, none of it sounds genuine. I think it supposed to be her mea culpa, but it's not coming across well, in my mind.


We move into Tuesday but literally nothing happened. HGs were on an IDLD and ended up in different rooms. At one point, may HGs were in the lounge with Paul discussing BB18 and the houseguests. Paul talked about Meech, Nic, Bridgette, Natalie and James, but seemed as if they were all friends outside. He explained to this cast that they need to be prepared for what they may face on the outside. More followers and such. He talks about when he left the house and telling his mom "Give it to me straight, Doc" because he was sure that America hated him. He ended up with over 200k more followers on his social media, had tons of fan mail and was just overwhelmed.


Wednesday is when basically all hell broke lose after Dominique's Talk Show that she was doing twice a week. This week she decided to interview the nominees, Alex, Ramses and Cody. Wednesday is also when Christmas left for her surgery. She left around 11am, after a talk in the WCA with Cody, where he threw Mark & Dominique under the bus, saying that they are the reason she was put up as the replacement when he couldn't nominate Paul.



(In Thursday's episode we learned that Cody's plan was to take the heat off of Jess and aim it elsewhere. Were Mark and Danielle part of why Christmas was put up? We may never know, as these talks could have happened before we got feeds on day 9.)


So out the DR door goes Christmas to have surgery, with this being put into her head, you know she thought about it the whole time and stressed over what was going on in the house while she was away.


Shortly after 3pm, Raven is heard falling down the spiral staircase. The camera that is pointing at the staircase has the landing in the way so we don't actually see her fall, but we hear it and Cody, who was standing on the lily pad in the kitchen, is the first to get to her. She ended up needing 5 stitches between her smaller toes because the banister went right in between them and split it. HGs are told they can't go down the stairs in socks anymore. Brief HoH lockdown while the clean the blood off of the stairs. From the sounds of it, Raven was bleeding pretty good. Hours later Dominique, Raven, Elena & Ramses are in the HoH room and Dom realizes that Raven injured the same foot as Christmas, right about the time she was to go into surgery for her foot. Raven seems bummed she didn't get to keep her socks, but since they had blood on them, BB didn't want them in the washer.


Now, Dominique's Talk Show... First guest is Alex and we learn that BB took someo fher bathing suits that she crocheted because they were deemed "too risque". Next up is Ramses and when asked about his coming out story, he said was nerve-wracking but that his mother was very supportive. And finally, Cody! I am not going to repost the whole thing, but at 10:34pmBBT, it starts. You can read the whole interview here. The "show" is wrapped up by 11 and that is when the HGs start discussing among themselves.. During the interview, Cody insinuated that there were "one or two others" who knew about his plan to back door Paul. He wouldn't give up names but said it a few times. Many feel that Dom was in the wrong for questioning peoples stragety and "grilling Ramses on his sexuality". Many HGs are talking about how Cody and Dom blew up peoples games tonight and what is going to happen next.


THURSDAY is HERE! Have you ever wondered why there is an HoH lock down so early in the day on BB? Well, check out this page where Morty explains the goings-on for live eviction days!


It was a given, Cody went home. However instead of just one hinkey vote for Ramses, there were two. Kevin (per Paul's request), Jessica and Christmas (via telephone as she was not back from the hospital yet) all voted to evict Ramses, while the rest of the house voted to evict Cody. As he was walking out the door, he whispered to Jess asking if she would be his girlfriend.


WHEW Crazy week! I think for the next few weeks I am going to do a couple of posts throughout the week to keep from having such a long post!


Until next time ♥

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