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What a week! We lost a house guest, gained a house guest, lost another house guest and then another! THREE people left in the "first" week and one came in.


So I am not sure exactly how this blog is going to work. My plan is to blog from HoH comp to eviction each week. However, staying quiet this week has been insane! I may just do updates after each episode. Let me know in the comments what you think!


10pm Big Brother time Thursday night, after the show aired on the west coast, the feeds begin for the season. Right off the bat, it's noticed that Megan's pic is black and white. Big Brother won't explain this until Sunday but from the chatter in the house, there was a big blow up that involved Megan, Jessica and Alex, and that it had to do with a possible racial slur. We overhear Raven and Christmas discussing, in the bathroom area, that Megan went into the DR around 10am and at around 1pm they were told she wouldn't be returning to the game. They all assume that she has walked and this causes more drama.


We also learn that Alex is on the block with Jillian (Jessica may be behind this nomination), there are 3 showmances (Jody: Jessica & Cody, Maven: Matt & Raven, Marlene: Mark & Elena) and that they are grouped up with Dominique, Paul and Christmas, while the rest of the group is considered "the outsiders". Those in the big group are not calling it an alliance, it is a "team".  We also learn that the temptation was accepted and there is a curse to go along with it. That is all we know at this point. Not much happens on the feeds the rest of the night except the HGs are all getting annoyed with Josh. He keeps coming up to them "I really am a good guy, man" and they are getting sick of it.


Friday morning we have the pick for players for the PoV comp. We know that Cody, Jillian and Alex will play. The other three are Jason, Matt and Raven. Cody and his side seem happy about the picks, minus Jason, as they don't want one of Alex' friends to win. At about 10:30am, Paul is in the lounge telling us about his stragety (yes I spell it wrong. I say it wrong too and no I'm not going to let spell check fix it :P ). He mentions how he has to totally change up his methods, and that this year he is sewing seeds of doubt and mistrust in the house but is making the HGs think it's their idea and not his. He also tells us that he mentioned something to Jessica that she is coming across as racist (we see this on Sunday's show) and feels that he had a huge hand in that blow up that caused Megan to leave. Paul also tells us that he received the temptation and is safe the next three evictions and that he hasn't told anyone else. He is keeping this one close to the vest.


Alex won the PoV and when the HGs come back in, she makes a comment to Whistle-Nut (Jason, who is in the shower) that she thinks Cody threw the competition. (After seeing Wednesday's episode, I agree!). Cody and his team are all up in the HoH and Paul brings up the idea of considering Jason or Ramses as the replacement. He had valid points for each. Of course, Cody isn't telling anyone what his plan is. (after seeing this play out on the episode, I do feel that he wanted Alex to win to take herself off so that he wouldn't look as bad to his "team".) We learn that Ramses is cursed, though we don't know what it is. We find this out from Jillian who he asked to stay back just in case it affected another HG. I'm thinking he didn't want anyone else to know, however she proceeds to tell Jason and Alex that they need to steer clear of Ramses so that they are not affected by the curse.


Saturday there wasn't a lot really going on, game wise. However there was a great conversation with Paul and Ramses in the HoH where Ramses asks Paul why he took Nic instead of James to F2 last season. I actually sat and listened to the whole thing (about 30 mins or so) and could appreciate the reasons. He also said that after the show ended, he spoke to a few that were on jury and he wouldn't have won either way. One group that voted for Nic felt that it was time for a female to win, so they voted Nic, others just wanted a vet to win. He is not upset with how the vote went, he doesn't feel robbed, and is actually quite happy that he won the $50k.


Cody came into the DBR at some point and told Alex that before the meeting they will make a huge deal. He then tells Jillian that he is loyal to Alex and that he will make her (Jillian) a deal to get them to finals. He leaves and Jillian asks Alex if she trusts him, but Alex isn't sure if she should. More general (not game related) chit chat for the biggest part of the day. We learn that Kevin has a cracked tooth and he thinks it needs to be extracted.


Late that night (technically early Sunday morning) Jessica and Cody can be seen fooling around under the covers. So much for telling Daddy she would be a good girl...


Sunday we have an episode as well as the PoV meeting. Personally, I wish they would have shown the PoV meeting Sunday after all that went down afterwords. You have Christmas, who was completely blindsided by her own side of the house, after Paul was. Both had the rug pulled out from under them on Sunday. Most interesting feeds so far this season! We all know that Cody didn't tell ANYONE his plan, but at first Paul and Christmas don't believe that. It's not until all but Jessica express their frustration at Cody for nominating both Paul, and then Christmas, as they are both on their side, when there were others he could have nominated (Ramses, Jason, or Kevin, as Josh couldn't be nom'd this week). Cody blew up the game of anyone truly loyal to him. Unfortunately for him, that isn't very many of the original 9 (Cody, Jessica, Raven, Elena, Matt, Mark, Dominique, Paul and Christmas).I believe that the only loyalty he truly has right now is Jessica. I will explain that when I get to the eviction. TO get an idea of the HGs mindset after the PoV meeting, check in on Morty's coverage page for 7/2. Feeds came up at 12:44pmBBT and that is when the action starts.


I am not going to break down Sunday's episode as it was mostly about Megan leaving. We did see Paul get the temptation and pick a random bottle to curse a fellow HG. (The blanks on this one get filled in on Wednesday's episode).


Jumping right into Monday, Jason broke Christmas! Apparently each morning, when BB plays the music to wake up the HGs, Jason and Christmas goof around and dance. Well it was the morning after her nomination and she was hell bent on having fun so the two of them went outside and she was riding him piggy back to "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" and he slipped on the wet grass, landing on her foot. She knew almost instantly that it was broken, not just twisted or sprained. The guys (Cody & Matt) carry her to the DR and she is taken to urgent care or the ER. She came back later and informed everyone that she has torn ligaments and has to go back Wednesday for an MRI. She said she wasn't going to make Cody nominate someone else (She is his 5th nom this week: Megan, Jillian, Alex, Paul, Christmas). Jason spent most of the day (before she returned) worried about Christmas. 


From there we move onto the 4th of July: Tuesday. Not a whole lot of interesting, more general chit chat. Raven made one hell of a lunch for them. By early evening, they knew that had 8 solid votes to keep Christmas. Wednesday, Christmas went for her MRI and we learned that she has definitely broken a bone.


(We found out Thursday night, after the HOH finished, that she actually will have surgery Monday. Her break used to be common among cowboys that had been bucked. Foot caught in the stirrup and bent the wrong way. That is what happened. Two broken bones in her foot and on the side they are dislocated bones. She will have to have pins in her foot. Those will come out after 4 months with another surgery and then recovery. Docs told her that it is the most severe and painful type of break in the foot. She isn't telling anyone about the surgery outside of Paul and Dom.)


She is back in the game for now but the doctors will decide on a comp by comp basis if she can compete. I watched some of the feeds from Wednesday and also read Morty's update page for some info on Wednesday but I didn't really see anything that stood out as having an impact on Paul's game this week.


Rumors abound of there being a banner plane that said something about an alliance between Mark and Dominique, however the general consensus is that it didn't happen. That it was just made up to sew discord in the house.


Not much happened on Wednesday night or Thursday that affected the eviction. However "JODY" thought the vote would be 6/6 with Cody having the "honor" of voting Christmas out. The look on Jillian's face, Cody and Jessica's faces were priceless when it came out that the vote was 8-4 for Jillian to leave. The only ones that voted to keep Jillian were Jessica, Jason, Alex and Ramses. 


A lot happened after the show, when the feeds returned, but that will all have to wait for another post :) 


I hope you all enjoyed my blog. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to comment here :)

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PS: Sorry if the blog is a bit all over the place. Our area has a few wildfires going and my internet has been crap for almost a week now. I haven't seen the feeds in days. All of my info is gathered from Morty's Big Brother Daily Coverage and the Morty's TV Group on Facebook :) 

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