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Saturday October 22, 2016 Big Brother OTT Live Feed Updates


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Thank you!

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1:02 PM BBT Hey everyone! It’s time to find out who America selected as have nots! Let’s get some cabooses on these couches and figure this out!


1:03 PM BBT Houseguests, America chooses the have nots on Big Brother Over the Top, and this week’s results are in. The three people who have been chosen to be have nots are: Scott, Neeley, and Jason. Good luck and enjoy your slop!

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7:01 PM BBT Ok everyone! It's time for the first safety ceremony. Everyone grab your block passes. If your light turns green you are safe. They would not let me press the button with a pickle, so I will just hold it in my other hand.

7:05 PM BBT Please make your first selection. Kryssie is holding a pickle and selects Neeley. Neeley gets down and twerks.

7:06 PM BBT Please make your next selection. Kryssie selects Justin and Neeley gets down to twerk again.

7:07 PM BBT Please make your next selection and Danielle's block pass lights up. Again, Neeley gets down to twerk.

7:08 PM BBT That’s it and Kryssie comes out and shows them her pickle. They all get up to put their block passes away.

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Live Diary Room Sessions

Question #1-How do you feel about Shane being evicted on Wednesday? Good or bad for your game?


Justin: Well, Shane being evicted was a very bittersweet moment for me because I considered him a friend of mine. This game makes it really hard to trust anybody in this house. For the most part, he was on my side so it wasn’t very good for my game, but it is a game so it is what it is.


Neeley: It was horrible for my game. Shane was on my larger alliance, someone who was a tough competitor, someone who could play on both sides and just overall I liked and trusted him. It is really, really bad for my game that he is gone. Our alliance is tied with the other side of the house, so we’re completely even on both sides so I feel like the power will bounce back and forth. It’s never good when it’s even, you want to have more numbers, so it was definitely bad for my game.


Scott: (He gives a thumbs up) That was very good for my game. Shady was (he laughs) Shady, that was not intentional. Shane was the most dangerous player in this game. Ten minutes before Monte’s eviction, he tried to cut me a deal as “an insurance policy” he wanted me to vote out Monte, and he even tried to cut me a one week deal with the other side of the house saying oh don’t worry, you’ll be safe for a week if you vote out Monte because we’re going after Alex anyway. (He gives a thumbs down and a raspberry) No good Shane, that’s a terrible deal. You’re basically telling me to throw all my allies under the bus so you can take out my closest ally next week. Yeah, Shane was just no good for my game. He turned on Cornbread, he turned on me and Monte the week Monte went home, he was ready to turn on me and Alex so Shane had to go. Two thumbs up on Shane being evicted.


Morgan: Shane, I hope you’re watching this and I hope you hear how happy I am to see you go home, because you were a snake. You made way too many alliance, you thought you were on top of the world, like I’m so glad you’re gone. I hope you go back and watch your eviction speech and realize how dumb you sounded. Like, ok you’re “BB family”, aka your alliance, this is a game of “alliances”, so I’m not really offended about that comment. I don’t want to go to Vegas with you, I was not butthurt you didn’t want to give me a hug, that’s ok. Honestly, thank you for leaving! I’m very happy about it, that was honestly really good for my game because, honestly I think Shane was a snake. He was kind of behind that side of the house. He was working with everyone, you just couldn’t trust him. He was quiet, he was smart, he was a huge competitive threat, like he had a great chance of winning more HOH’s, so honestly, bye Shane, you won’t be missed. And Shanielle, Dane, whatever you want to call them, good riddance. Bye-bye. Also, shout out Monte, I hope you’re glad we got Shane out. Also, told you so, you could have never trusted that guy. The bromance never existed. He blatantly said to me that he did not trust you from day 1, so I hope you’re happy we got him out. That one was for you, Monte!


Jason: Well, clearly, sorry I just ran in here, I’m out of breath. Any option this last Wednesday would have been a bad option, we were definitely going to lose someone from the late night jamboree. I would have preferred we lost Danielle, just because I see her as a better game player that I might have to deal with down the line. And I thought Shane would have been a little easier to work with, but I’m all good with that. It’s sad to see any of us go, but that’s just how this game goes. So it’s kind of in the middle of good and bad for me, but it’s bad that all the guys are getting really quickly eliminated, because that’s not a good look for just me, Justin, and Scott to be the only dudes left in here.


Whitney: I do not feel bad at all for Shane being evicted. He had an alliance with every single person in this house and he was able to look at Cornbread week 1 and straight up lie to him and tell him that he was not going home. Shane was in Cornbread’s alliance, and him and Danielle masterminded it, and turned it completely around so that Cornbread was the one to go home. So I do not feel bad at all for Shane going home. I love Shane as a person, but not as a game player. It was absolutely amazing for my game for him to go home, because him and Danielle together were a power house and one of them had to go.


Danielle: Wow, that’s a tough question. Obviously, I’m not happy about Shane being evicted on Wednesday. He was the person I was closest to in the house and I really do adore him on a personal and a game level, so having to say good-bye to him was really, really difficult. I miss him a lot and it’s only been a few days and you really feel like you’re missing a part of yourself because you’re with that person every single day. So it’s really difficult. Good or bad for your game? Ultimately, I’m still here, so I guess in that sense it’s good, but ultimately it’s bad for my game because he’s the person I trusted the most in the house. I knew that he never had ill intentions and I knew that I could trust him with my game and I knew that he would make moves to benefit the both of us, and so to not have him in this game, to not have him to bounce ideas off of, to not have him to keep me positive on my weakest days. The thought of not having him down the line really sucks. I wanted to play this game with him until the end and I really miss him. I really miss him a lot.


Shelby: He’s on the other side of the house, so of course it’s good for my game. Anybody from the other side leaving is good for the ballsmashers. Also, how do I feel about him being evicted? He looked like a jackass when he left. I thought that was how I wanted to leave, going out like screw everybody, I’m not talking to any of you, but he looked so dumb. I don’t know if you agree America, but he said I’m not hugging any of you. Uh, I didn’t want to hug you, you’re all sweaty and hairy and gross, I didn’t want to hug you. He said none of us are invited to Vegas. Guess what? Bringing boys along to Vegas is just a burden, I didn’t want to go to Vegas with you, you didn’t even talk he said I was fake to him. I’ve never even spoken to him barely, I’m the only person in the house he didn’t have an alliance with, so I feel pretty good about him leaving. It was pretty funny, I had to try really hard not to laugh during the ceremony, but bye-bye Shane! I’m not going to miss you!


Alex: Well, let’s see. Shane literally tried to blow up my game on Wednesday, so needless to say I could not be more ecstatic that he got sent home. He got what was coming to him, he was lying to every single person in this house thinking he was running the show and his ego was kind of like way up here. So you know what Shane, I’m really glad you got sent home buddy and I think it was good for my game. The entire house still wants me out, but at this point Shane was never someone I could trust in this game, he was out to get all of my allies so I’m glad he’s gone.


Kryssie: If you watched, you saw that I was a complete emotional mess when Shane left on Wednesday. I think it’s garbage. I think he went out because of Scott’s emotional vendetta, it had nothing to do with his game, and quite frankly I think it was disappointing from a game player’s standpoint. Scott was really dumb for keeping Danielle. Good or bad for my game? Kind of indifferent. On one hand, I kind of miss Shane because I enjoyed his emotional support and we laughed a lot together in three weeks, but the advantage of keeping Danielle is that she’s a brilliant strategist and she’s somebody who trusts me, and I trust her and I think she’s gonna be someone I can work with quite a bit down the line if she can just stop making America angry.

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Question #2-Shane went home on an HOH tie breaker after a 4-4 tie in the votes indicating a divided house. Do you anticipate the house staying divided? If so, why?


Justin: Well, the house is divided right now and it does come to a numbers game, but I wouldn’t consider myself being in the divide because I’m cool with everybody in the house. My social game is on point, I love everybody. I’m a people person. I’m a social butterfly. So regardless how the game ends, I’m just going to stay focused and play my own game and not get caught up in the division.


Neeley: Yes, the house will remain divided until one side of the house has too few numbers that they’re going to have to start working with other people. It’s very obvious that everyone is disconnected. Our side of the house tends to hang out with ourselves, and the same with the other side. So yeah, it’s very divided and people will vote with their side of the house. So until one side gets down to low, low numbers, it’s probably going to stay that way.


Scott: Yes. Some people say the division in the house is bullshit, it’s horrible, I can’t believe the house is being so petty, when really what they’re trying to say is I wish everyone would just vote Scott and Alex out for us so that way we wouldn’t have to deal with them anymore. Well, guess what houseguests, me and Alex are here to stay and we are going to keep winning competitions and we’re going to keep sending you home. I know you wish the house wasn’t divided and everyone would just gang up on Alex and myself, but it’s not going to happen. We’re going to keep winning competitions and we’re going to stay in the house for a couple more weeks, knock on wood.


Morgan: Honestly, if you would have asked me that about an hour ago I would have said probably yes! But I just found out right before I came in here that now the target is me and Whitney this week. So we’re going to have make some deals and I think the house might not be divided this week, depending on how our deals go. What we can convince Kryssie if she will even listen to us because she is such an emotional player and I don’t think thinks with her head a lot. So we’ll see how that goes, but it might not be divided. Honestly, there are two clear sides of the house, so we’ll just have to see where the votes go this week, what kind of deals we can make, cause I’m about to go out balls to wall if I get on this block. Like you’re about to see a whole new side of me because I’m not about to back down. Obviously, the house is not going to stay divided forever. I think people are going to start realizing who’s working with who and eventually numbers are going to fade and we’re going to have to work together and hopefully that’s when my social game is going to pay off.


Jason: Well this house is definitely divided, and it will probably stay divided. But there are definitely people who are willing to play the middle. I mean, me and Justin have been playing the middle a little bit with Scott and Alex, definitely Neeley is someone who plays the middle with Morgan, Justin plays the middle with Whitney. There are us that realize we have to create other relationships, but whether those relationships turn into clear cut game alliances kind of remains to be seen. At this point, it is really divided. We are very separated by personality, even age. There is just a lot that separates us. But it doesn’t mean it will be like that forever, because this game is a very long game and technically it’s still early days.


Whitney: I definitely anticipate the house staying divided, only because I feel the side of the house that I’m aligned with, we try to play a strategic game always. We don’t vote out people based on anything personal. We always try to think what is best for our game and what will get us further. Shane was a huge competitor, and even though Danielle is so smart, we felt at the time that Shane deserved to go more so than Danielle because he had an alliance with everyone in the house and he is such a great competitor. The house being divided is unfortunate, but I don’t see it changing. It’s been the same since week 1, so I don’t know why it would change now.


Danielle: I see the house staying divided. However, I feel like this week we might be like a uniform decision on who’s going. I don’t know where Kryssie’s head is at and who she’s going to put up, but I have a feeling of what she is going to do and I feel like this week is the week the house is going to be the most uniform in what we decide to do, I guess.


Shelby: I think the house is going to stay divided for a while, possibly a long time, because the game some of these people are playing is just weird. Kryssie wants to bring her two people who she thinks are her best friends to the finale with her, but she’s not going to be HOH every single week. So I do think it’s going to be divided for at least a few more weeks, and then everybody is going to have their side chick alliances, but yeah at least a few more weeks of the house divide, and I don’t know what’s going to happen when that stops because everybody on the other side of the house hates me, but that’ll make any alliance we form unexpected.


Alex: You know what? I feel like it’s going to stay divided for a little bit longer until one side shatters and I kind of feel like the other side of the house is shattering right now, while me and my four girls are pretty much staying tight because we know we don’t have a choice. And honestly, they’re really good people in this game, and the people on the other side of the house are just a little bit crazy so I think the house is going to stay divided for a little bit longer. I know Neeley and Kryssie were having blow-ups at each other today, so who knows if that’s starting the whole shattering process, but game on.


Kryssie: I absolutely anticipate it staying divided. Everyone is blowing smoke up each other bums by saying oh we wish we were closer to each other. It’s garbage. Actions speak louder than words, the people that I have been defaulted to in my “alliance” are exponentially more genuine and easier to get along with and to trust than the people who decide to exclude themselves right away in this house. Eventually, the divide can no longer exist when the numbers get lower, but there’s still ten of us here. So I do think the house is going to stay divided and it’s going to be interesting to see later who’s left and what they’re made of.

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Question #3-How does the outcome of the HOH competition affect your game play this week?


Justin: Kryssie won the HOH, and that for me is very spectacular because she’s a very close friend of mine since day 1. She’s kept it real so I have no worries with this next week. I’m kind of curious to see who America is going to put up, but for the most part everything is gravy baby. Everything is grand as I lay in the sand.


Neeley: It was a wonderful outcome for my game play. The fact that Kryssie won is really good for my game. Kryssie is one of my best friends in the house. I really respect her, and I really like her. It’s wonderful for me, so for the first time I’m able to relax and just be cool and chill and not feel too stressed because I know that my side of the house is “in charge” and is making decisions that won’t negatively affect me. It’s wonderful for my game play because for the first time I don’t have to play on defense, it’s more of an offensive game play this week. That’s awesome for me because I’ve never felt this before.


Scott: Yikes! Kryssie wins HOH. That is not good for my game play at all. I was not anticipating her winning any competitions this season. Physical competitions, mental competitions, even the crap shoot competitions, I did not think Kryssie stood a very good chance at winning any competition this season. That’s why when I decided to engage in my public enemy strategy, I decided to make Kryssie my number one public enemy, because I knew she had a worst shot at winning these competitions than the other houseguests. So if the rest of the house thinks me and Kryssie are going after each other, then they’ll just leave us alone because they’ll say why should I go after Scott? Kryssie will go after Scott, or vice versa, and they’ll just let us make our way into the final five or six until they actually had to take care of us. Unfortunately, Kryssie did win the HOH competition. It was just about the worst case scenario, but I just want to thank you so much for saving Alex this week. Honestly it would have been worse if Alex had gone home this Wednesday instead of myself. At least I know if I go home this Wednesday, I know I took out Shane, I know Alex will get to play another week and Alex deserves to be here. She’s a strong competitor, she’s a smart player, and I have 100% faith in Alex and her ability to win this game. So yeah, it’s all good. We’ll see, we’ll see. Alex is safe, now I just have to try to keep myself safe, and if I can I’ll try to keep Shelby safe as well.  


Morgan: (Pause) Crickets, crickets. That was the worst thing that could have ever happened, Kryssie getting HOH. Anyone else would have been fantastic, but it was Kryssie. You know, Kryssie is a very emotional player, she takes everything super personally. So it’s almost hard to like talk to her and reason with her and talk game with her because everything is well she was picked on and there was two sides of the house and it’s clicky and it’s high school all over again. I’m just like this is a game of alliances, like people you can work with, and not who you hang out and talk 80s movies with in the hot tub. The fact that she’s HOH, at first I was worried about Alex and I was ready to campaign to have her stay and Alex got the care package which is awesome. I’m so happy Alex is staying, she honestly deserves it, she’s kicking ass. But now at the same time I find out I’m a target, so you know honestly, I wish somebody else besides Kryssie would have gotten HOH. But what can you do?


Jason: Well, finally! We have someone from the LNJ in power. I knew we were due and if we didn’t win this week, then we didn’t deserve to win anyway and we didn’t deserve to stay. So I’m greatly, greatly, grateful and glad that Kryssie won. I think she is one of the better strategist on our side of the house. She definitely is someone who takes in a lot of information and tries to decode it as well as she can. She can be a little bit, not stubborn, but she definitely wants to do what she wants to do and it’s her HOH so I totally support whatever she wants to do. I’ve definitely been throwing out scenarios and options, but really it comes down to her. As long as she doesn’t flip on me this week, I’m really not worried. And it makes it easier the deal I made with me, Justin, Scott, and Alex really wasn’t that much of a real deal in my head, and it makes it that much easier to say it’s not a real deal, I’m still going to roll with my people that I love and I’m loyal to.


Whitney: Anyone winning the HOH competition besides my alliance or myself was worst case scenario, no doubt. Kryssie winning HOH was unexpected, but honestly, I’ve had a really great connection with Kryssie since day 1, because we can relate in a way that no one else really can when it comes to our boyfriends and how much love we really have for them and just how hard it is being away from our family. So Kryssie winning the HOH is not good for my game, but it’s not the worst case scenario I don’t think because I have always been honest with her and I hope that my karma stays true, and because I’ve been honest with her throughout this whole entire game hopefully she keeps that in the back of her mind and goes after someone who’s put her on the block or has tried to get her sent home, which I have never done. So I’m really banking on some good karma coming my way.


Danielle: Kryssie winning the HOH is one of the best case scenarios. She’s a part of my alliance, second to Shane she’s the person that I trusted the most. I know she has my back and she knows I have hers. She’s the only other person in the house to know how it feels to be on the block three weeks in a row. I really can connect with her on a personal and game level and I adore her. So game wise, this is really, really good for myself. To finally have a week of peace, especially after Shane leaving to kind of get to take a step back, be more of an observer, and just support her. I think that’s my main role this week, just to support Kryssie, to step back into the shadows for a little bit, to readjust my game strategy, and just get ready for the next HOH competition.


Shelby: Kryssie won and Kryssie is not on my side of the house. So it affects my game play in that I don’t get to sit back and throw out the names of people I want on the block. I know she’s not going to put up her own members, our best hope is one of her members is the America’s nom this week. That’s the only chance of none of us going home, but if somebody really has to go, we’re really hoping it’s Scott because he’s been lying about a lot of things. I’ve caught him in many lies, like his alliance with Justin and Jason, and he tried to get us to lie about voting out Danielle, when he was honest about voting out Shane to the other side of the house so that we would look bad and they would be mad at us. So ballsmashers has been basically since day 1, well we didn’t name until like the third week, but he’s just along for the ride and he’s only with us because the other side of the house blew up at him. So it has to be Scott that goes, so we have to find a way to convince Kryssie that the best move for her game is Scott going home out of us. But hopefully, we can just get the America nom who’s hopefully on the other side of the house to go home. That was a long run on sentence, I’m sorry, I’m sorry to my grammar teachers and everybody in my past.


Alex: Well, when Kryssie won HOH, I was like well see you later. I’m going to fight obviously until the day I walk out of this house, but I knew that Kryssie is a really, really tough person to talk game with because she plays everything so freaking personal that no matter what point you are laying across to her it just does not get into her head. Like nothing, you can’t get through to her, you just end up getting an hour long lecture, it’s very frustrating. So I knew when she won the HOH competition, I knew I was going to have try and win the veto competition so I didn’t get back doored and do what I can. But now that I have this amazing costume, you know what I’m not lying low anymore, I’m definitely going to go out there and try and win next week’s HOH and shake up the house some more, so really now that I have this I am on fire to win all the comps to throw that side of the house into even more disarray.


Kryssie: I won, dude! I won! After that craptacular veto last week, I was really starting think I was destined to be that jerk that comes here, never wins a comp, and goes home. All the skee-ball I played on my birthday last year with my boyfriend totally paid off and boom, I won. I’m floored. I’m so excited. So on one hand I’m like whoo! I’m safe at least until next week, but on the other hand that means everyone is spilling their tea to me and everyone wants to get inside my head and plant things in there. So while on one hand there’s no stress because I know I’m safe, on the other hand there’s a metric buttload of stress because now I’m in charge of who gets put up on the block. I’m happy though.

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Question #4-How has your strategy changed since your last DR session?


Justin: Well my strategy basically remains the same. I just keep it real, keep everything out in the open and I’m playing my own game up in here. I’m still cooking, I’m still trying to make sure everybody’s cool with things. For the most part, I’m just playing my own game and it’s pretty persistent and I’m just trying to keep it consistent.


Neeley: My strategy has changed a little because I’m trying to form relationships with the other side of the house. Since this is the first time our side of the house has been in power, I don’t want it to be like how it has been where people are ostracizing the other side of the house while they are not in power. I hope I’m still being super friendly and hanging out and still chatting with people on the other side of the house just so they don’t feel so alone. That way when the numbers get lower and lower and we eventually have to all start working together, then they will remember that and know that I’ve been a friend to them. I think that’s what I’ve really been doing is while my side of the house is “in power”, I’m really trying to be cool and very neutral. I’m Switzerland this week. I don’t want anyone on the other side to feel like I’m overjoyed that one of them is possibly going home this week.


Scott: Not a whole lot, I guess. Our last DR session was on Tuesday, so hopefully Justin and Jason pull through for me in case I do end up on the block come eviction night. I’m really glad I put in some groundwork during my HOH reign to make sure I had Jason and Justin on my side. It seems that Justin has already told Kryssie that me, Justin, and Jason are working together, but it seems like Alex’s name hasn’t come out. So as long as Alex’s name hasn’t been brought out and isn’t on the table, then that’s good for me and I don’t really care if people throw me under the bus. As long as they don’t throw out my closest ally, then it’s all good. Yeah, it’s all right, hopefully the two J’s pull through for me this week if I do end up on the block on eviction night. But again, we’ll just have to wait and see I guess.


Morgan: Honestly, my strategy has not changed that much. I’m still trying to play up the social strategy. I’m trying to make relationships with everyone in the house. I’m trying to be seen as not a competitive threat, which hopefully I can preach to Kryssie that I’m not a threat, I’ve never lied to her, she’s never been my target, I’ve never been HOH. I obviously was not good in the last HOH competition, which I did try, but clearly I suck at anything hand eye coordinated related. That’s probably why I’m a cheerleader and not an athlete, but whatever. So obviously, I’m still trying to play up that card, but the problem is Kryssie brought that up when I talked to her that she is noticing that I’m trying to fly under the radar and I do have a good social strategy, so eventually I’m going to have to kick it up a notch. Maybe it’s this week if I get on the block. People are going to see a whole new side.


Jason: Well, my last DR session, I was talking about me, Justin, Alex, and Scott. I would rather work with Alex if Scott wasn’t here. There’s just something about Scott that I can never really connect to. He kind of has HOHitis still, even though he’s no longer HOH. He’s really just got this thing about him that he just thinks he’s the most entertaining, best game player and this is pretty much just all about him. That’s something that never is going to rub me the right way, and I’m definitely down with Alex more than I’m down with him. But my strategy is the same as it always is. I’m loyal to my side, but I’m not blinded by the options and other possibilities. I know that eventually sides will collide or combine and we’re going to have to go from there.


Whitney: My strategy has change this week because I have absolutely no power, and with Alex, Scott, and Monte being the HOH’s over the last three weeks, I’ve had a little say in what’s happened so far, so my strategy this week is to save my BB life in this game and do whatever it takes to stay in this house for another week and really just keep pushing to Kryssie that I’ve always been honest with her and that she has no reason not to trust me going further in the game.


Danielle: Well, quite frankly, it’s changed because I lost my biggest ally. So I’ve just tried to reassure my alliance that I’m here, I’m in this with them, especially Kryssie and Neeley, and really just made me look at everything more precisely.


Shelby: Um, I don’t even remember when that was because I haven’t eaten since Saturday, I’m really hungry right now. I don’t know, I might be asking you guys to make me a have not. We did find out that three people are going to be in the finale, so that means we’re going to want a lot of people who America potentially doesn’t like brought along with us to the finale. I don’t really want to be a nom, I don’t think you’ll listen to me if I say don’t make me a nom, you might make me a nom, but if I’m a have not, people might think you guys hate me, which you might, I don’t know because you made me a have not this week, but if you made me a have not every week, then they’re going to think you definitely hate me, they can definitely beat me in the finale, and I can’t complete that thought because I’ve eaten protein shakes and slop for the last week.


Alex: I kind of already answered that. Last DR, I was just trying to kind of lie low because I didn’t know who was going to win the HOH competition and I didn’t want the power. Now that I know the entire side of the house thinks I’m a huge threat and wants me out, and they will take me out the first second they can, I’m going to try to win as much as I can because at this point I have to. I literally have to win to survive in this house. I don’t think I can trust Jason or Justin who I was just trying to make an alliance with, I would love to still but at this point I’m not getting good vibes from Jason so I’m a little bit nervous. I have to fight for my life, and I have to do that by winning comps now.


Kryssie: I mean I’m HOH so that’s kind of a huge deal. My strategy is still really the same. I’m trying to keep my social game where it needs to be, I’m trying to stay loyal to the people that I made promises to. Once again, I promised one ride or die to one human being and I am keeping it up, but it’s actually heartwarming to know that other people are looking at me as their number one, and knowing that people do trust me cause I’m trying my best to keep my integrity and not be some conniving jerk face in here and I think that’s ok. So my strategy is to keep busting it in comps and hoping, I know I can’t play for HOH next week, but I’m going to keep doing the comp thing. I’m also going to try and nominate people who will understand they are being pawned this week if that’s the case, and I’m going to try to get somebody out that doesn’t deserve to be here anymore.

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Question #5-Julie informed you all that America would be choosing the winner of Big Brother: Over the Top from three houseguests. Does this change your end game strategy?


Justin: No, it doesn’t. I’m sure that everyone in the house looks at me as a threat because I’m very sociable, and comedic. Basically, I am who I am. I do and say what I want and that make me outlandish, and it can also make me a target because I’m hard not to love. It definitely could make things a little tough for me, but I’m going to keep optimistic and keep playing my own game. I’m just not going to let any of that get to my head, I’m just going to keep it positive and stay focused.


Neeley: I don’t know if it really changes my end game strategy. My strategy is to always be super cool with as many people as I can. I’m not going to be fake and phony, and I’m never going to be doing anything that I feel isn’t right. But at the same time I’m still trying to be just super cool, friendly, make friends, mingle, get along with everyone, and just play a really good social game. Of course, when the numbers get lower and lower you have to start thinking about how do I shape up verses this person. The way I see it, America is our houseguest, and you guys deserve the opportunity to pick who you feel has played the best game. I wouldn’t want to necessarily take out the person that is more “popular” than me, or I don’t know, I just really feel with America having such a big impact in the game that you deserve the opportunity to pick the player you feel has played the best game this year and I don’t want to take that away from you. I’m just going to keep having as many relationships as I can that I feel comfortable with without being fake or phony, and playing hard in competitions as I possibly can, and hopefully with all of those things combined it will take me to the end and I will be the winner.


Scott: A little bit. I’m hoping I can use this twist to change other people’s strategies more than have it actually affect my own strategy. I feel like in terms of overall popularity within the top ten, I feel like Kryssie and myself are about 6 and 7, I’m not sure who’s 6 and who’s 7. But regardless, that means both me and Kryssie still have a chance to win this game, but we have the smallest margin of error to win this game. We both gotta make sure that we keep people in the game who we can actually beat. We can’t just bring one HG to the end that we can beat, we have to bring 2 HG to the end that we can beat and if Kryssie thinks she can beat Jason or Justin, she is wrong. There is no way Kryssie or myself could be Jason or Justin. I’m definitely counting on Jason and Justin to move me forward through the season, but there’s no way either of us would stand a chance against them in the final three. I guess we’ll just have to see. Hopefully this will rattle Kryssie’s strategy a bit. Hopefully, Kryssie took what I said to heart and realizes that she does need to keep me around in this game a little while longer, because I could actually be one of the HG in here she could potentially beat in a F3 situation. We’ll see, hopefully that will keep me safe for at least one more week. Regardless, my top allies have not changed, it’s still Alex, Shelby, Jason, then Justin. Those are my top 4 allies, those are the people I want to move forward with in this game. So yeah, my strategy hasn’t really changed a whole lot.


Morgan: Obviously yes, you have to really think who you want to take to the end. At first, we were thinking it’s only two people, now you have to consider three. There are a lot of big personalities in this house who are easily very lovable and hopefully that’s what I can preach to Kryssie. Yes you’re aligned with them, and yes you want to take honorable people to the end or whatever she keeps preaching, but at the same time you have to bring people to the end you know you can beat. You’re not going to beat a Justin or a Jason, so that’s definitely in the back of my mind. I want to take people with me that I have a fair chance against. And hopefully America votes me over, now two other people.


Jason: Well, this worries my end game strategy because people in here may believe this illusion that I came in here with these pre-existing fans and that may be an advantage. Now, I don’t think the understand how BB works and how things can change so quickly. Half of my fans probably don’t even like me anymore and are now probably fans of other people. So I don’t think it really, really matters, but it makes it so I have to win the final four HOH or veto because no one, even my best friends, will probably take me into the F3 vote because I would be more of a “threat”. I don’t necessarily know if that’s true, because we don’t know what the outside is thinking and doing, but it’s definitely going to make me have turn up during the end side of this game. I’m just hoping I can down there where that is even a factor that I have to factor into my strategy. But yeah, F2 deals mean nothing, it’s all about F3 deals now I guess.


Whitney: I figured it was going to be three of us at the end because there’s been three of us every single week, so I kind of expected that to happen. It doesn’t change my end game strategy because obviously I’m not going to take two people to the end who I think have a better chance of winning over me. So my end game would be to take someone who maybe is a non-threat or who hasn’t been good at competitions, just someone who America would choose me rather than them to be the winner of Big Brother: Over the Top.


Danielle: I haven’t really thought too far in advance when it comes to that. I know other HG have, but I haven’t thought about that scenario. I don’t think it really changes for me. I want to sit next to two people that I respect, that I feel like played a good game, and I felt like were loyal to me, because at the end of the day if America doesn’t choose me to win and they choose someone I played the entire game with, then I’m going to be happy for them. If I don’t deserve to win, then I want someone next to me that does deserve to win, so I’m not going to bring someone to F3 that I think America likes less than me. I’m going to bring somebody to F3 that I think deserves the money just as much as I do.


Shelby: Well, I kind of just went into that, I almost want to be on slop because of that because I want everyone to think America would…Slop sucks. It’s just more important that we keep around unlikeable people, for example Danielle, she was the America nom last week, America voted for her, and she might have gotten the America vote the first week. She’s someone that people are going to want to keep around, except for Kryssie apparently. Yeah, it’s gonna suck keeping the annoying people in the house this whole time, but that’s what we have to do to try to win.


Alex: Going into this I was going to have to take someone to the end who played a good game. Like, I want to respect their game, but someone I think I can beat. So this really doesn’t change my strategy because I was kind of anticipating having to do this now, I’m just going to have to be more careful about who I choose to keep in the house, and that two more people will be with me.


Kryssie: It doesn’t change my end game strategy. Ever since I walked through the door here, I promised myself that if I made it to the end, that I would want to make it there with somebody that I trusted, and respected as a game player. So whether they’re picking between 2 or 3 of us, I’m not going to go into the final afraid of my friends. I’m not going to go in there thinking oh you’re more likeable than me, America might pick you based on who you are as a person. I’m not doing that garbage. I’m playing the best game I can and I would much rather end up in the F3 with people that I respect though if I didn’t win, I could be salty that I didn’t win tons of money, but shake their hand genuinely and be proud of them as a person. I don’t want to end up in the F3 who have done awful things to get there. I don’t think that’s fair.

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Question #6-On a personal level, which of your fellow houseguests is the toughest to live with on a daily basis?


Justin: (He laughs) Well, I’d have to say Danielle. For the most part, she is like rather hard dealing with as well as Shelby. They’re both very good girls. I guess anybody can get annoying if you’re with them every day, all day. But I just start to remove myself when I start to feel like oh my God! Will you please shut up? I just go into another room or something just to clear my head because it can become a bit overwhelming. For the most part, everything is cool. I’m not really worried about them. I’m not tripping on them for being who they are. That’s what’s most important, is for them to be who they are.


Neeley: I hate to say this, but it’s starting to be Danielle. Danielle is someone that I really, really like and really admire and she is a strong woman, she has definitely overcome a lot of struggles. But she can be very, very chatty and I just find myself getting more and more annoyed with it and I really hate that because I want to work with her as long as I possibly can. She’s part of my alliance, but she’s definitely someone that on a living with level, I feel like we would be awesome friends outside of here, but living with day to day when all you have is to talk to each other about your lives, it’s starting to work a diva in all the wrong kinds of ways. She is definitely a chatty Cathy, and is usually a chatty Cathy about herself, and that’s starting to be real tough on a diva. In my normal life, I’d go off on a drive or have a cocktail, but when you’re stuck here and you have to listen to these same stories over and over, you just want to karate chop somebody. It’s starting to be tough, but a diva is trying to hang in there like swimwear and make it pop. Just keep me in your prayers.


Scott: I guess I would have to say Danielle. Danielle is annoying, but she gets on everybody’s nerves. Clearly, she got on your nerves if you made her America’s nominee last week. So clearly, you guys have to deal with her more than I do, I can just sort of walk away from a conversation when I’m getting annoyed with her, while you guys basically have two cameras to choose from, so yeah I’m sorry that you have to put up with her. Unfortunately, with this F3 situation, you need to make sure you take people with you to the end that you can actually beat. However, I don’t think I can put up with Danielle until the F3. I’m already annoyed with her after 24 days with her in the BB house, there’s no way I’m going to be able to put up with her for 45 more days. So Danielle’s time is coming, don’t worry about it, I’m not going to drag Danielle to the end. There are plenty of other people in this house I can drag to the end with me and beat. Danielle does not need to be that person because I am tired of listening to her stories. So yeah, it’s definitely Danielle, for sure.


Morgan: Not to name names, but there are quite a few people who have gotten under my skin and mom and dad I hope you’re so proud, I’ve been able to keep my mouth shut, keep the attitude under control, like I’m trying really hard to play a good social game, you know and not seem irritated because this is a marathon, not a sprint. You say one word in this house and people twist it into something it’s completely not, it’s ridiculous. But obviously, Kryssie, Kryssie anything you say to her, it’s like high school all over again, it gets taken to a personal level, like this is a game. Like you’re not going to have personal space, you’re living with 13 other people, you’re living with different people, like some people are going to click and some aren’t. Like I can’t. I can’t with the personal stuff, stop playing with your heart, play with your head, this is BB, not big baby. Obviously, Danielle who can only talk about friends or herself is very hard to live with, but you know you have to smile and just nod, while behind my sunglass I’m trying to control the eye roll and I’m just nodding along like ok please stop talking about yourself, you’re not going to be on big brother all-stars. I mean obviously, Justin’s Justin. I mean he does talk a lot when I’m trying to sleep. He keeps snoring or talking at 3 am and grabbing my arm like, are you awake. Justin, yes, I am awake now, but you know you got to keep smiling, you got to keep the charm up and hopefully my social game will pay off and these people won’t realize how irritating they are.


Jason: Well, you know, I think a lot of them are tough to live with on a daily basis. A lot of these young girls I don’t see them wash a dish ever. Shelby picks up a sponge once a month and we’ve only been here for one month. So, I mean, I kind of feel like it’s Shelby, although after we had our argument post-veto ceremony or post-veto player picks, she definitely toned down the rolling of the eyes and the passive-aggressive comments. All the little things that were picking at me, she has toned down and I’m actually seeing a comedic, enjoyable side to her now. Does that mean I want to work with her on a game level? Absolutely not, but I definitely see her as less annoying as I did back then. Although, on a personal level, I’m at a place in the game where I’m not letting these people annoy me so much because I know I’m going to need to play up the personal relationships and try to work with some of these people possibly. So I’m trying to not let people annoy me. I mean, Danielle can be kind of annoying with her endless friends references and making stories all about her, but I need her on my side and she does make me laugh. We had a great time last night in the soap opera from the memory wall, so with every bad story, there is a good story.


Whitney: For sure, Danielle. Only because I’ve probably said it 10 times, and I feel awful about it, but Danielle does nothing but talk about herself. I think she’s asked me one question about my life this whole entire game. I don’t like to associate myself with people who are self-centered and who are disrespectful and Danielle is definitely the hardest person to live with in this house. And it doesn’t help that she likes to eat so much.


Danielle: You know, there are little things that annoy me about different HG, mainly people from the other side of the house, like Scott. That’s really it, he doesn’t really do anything, I really don’t think anyone really annoys me honestly. I adore all of them on a certain level, and I know there are some I don’t play game with, but I’m not around them all the time. I’m around the people that I like all the time, and it kind of gets gross they don’t wash their dishes and I haven’t really had many dishes this week so I’ve kind of stayed away from the kitchen since I really couldn’t eat anything in there. I don’t really think any of them are tough to live with, you kind of like expect it.


Shelby: Usually, I say Danielle because she never shuts up, she very self-centered. Her favorite topic is herself. Even when Jeff came in the house, she made it all about her. She hogs blankets, food, everything, but Justin is toughest to deal with when I’m on slop. I’m not sure if all you live feeders saw me ask him to be quiet last night, but he never stops talking, he never stops singing, and his jokes are getting a little tired because it’s just like my nutsack. It’s like ok, I’m not 12. I think once I start eating again, my tolerance will be a little bit higher.


Alex: Ok, so Danielle has yet to ask me one question about myself. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t realize she’s living in a house with other HG. So she’s always a tough one to live with, but Kryssie is also starting to drive me insane. Like, having to be her servant for the week might send me over the edge. I’m already like oh my God, I can’t even get you to smile. She’s tough. I’m sure she’s a great person outside of this house, but she’s a tough person to live with.


Kryssie: Honestly, I don’t have any real personal problems with anyone. Alex has been a bit of a pill just because she refuses to make eye contact with me, so that’s kind of a weird thing. Up until today with the care package, which I’m sure we’re going to get into. But really I don’t have an issue with anybody personally, I just wish that all these fools would wash their dishes. That’s the biggest pet peeve of mine, this place is filthy, and Neeley, and me, and Jason, and Whitney sweeps and swiffers, but we can’t do everything. So the house as entity is annoying to live with because a lot of people are used to living at home with their parents and don’t clean up after themselves and I feel like I’m sort of becoming everybody’s mommy every time I go do a bunch of dishes that aren’t mine. If that’s the worst thing I have to deal with it’s not a big deal. There’s no one person that I’m personally like oh I hate you.

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Question #7-What do you think of this week’s America’s Care Package? Are you happy with who won it?


Justin: I had a feeling that Alex was going to get the care package this week. She’s a very strong player and she knows the game very well. She’s also a very strong competitor, she’s strong just all around, so I was actually pretty happy that she got the care package. Hopefully, she doesn’t come for me, but you never know what can happen in this game. You never know what could go down.


Neeley: You all are in it to play. You are letting the Late Night Jamboree know that you are in it and wanting to shake things up and keep it spicy. I’m not mad. I don’t feel like Alex is an enemy of mine. She’s definitely talked to me and we’ve had conversations and earlier in the game she let me know she wants to work with me, so I don’t feel like she’s my enemy. So I don’t hate it. Was it best for my game? No. I don’t hate it, but I feel like worse people could have received that prize, so I’m not super mad about it. Eventually, I will have to take her out, I mean she’s a very formidable opponent. However, I just don’t have any true animosity towards her except for the fact that she was gunning for people in my alliance. That’s the only thing, I don’t have any emotional or personal issues with her as far as my personal play. So I don’t hate it, it just narrows down who my side of the house can target this week for eviction.


Scott: I literally wanted to cry when I found out you guys wanted to save Alex this week. I think I actually would have been more upset if Alex had gone home this week than myself. I know that might sound like someone who didn’t come here to win, I did come here to win. I just have all the respect in the world for Alex, she’s a great player, she’s a great person, and she deserves to be here for Halloween. I’m just happy she’s still going to be here for that. If I do go home this week, I’m just happy I finished off the four horsemen, I’m happy I got to take out Shane before he took out either Alex or myself, and I’m happy that Alex has made it another week. So regardless, I’ll be leaving here with a smile on my face, and I could not be happier with who won the care package this week. Thank you so much America.


Morgan: YES! I’m so happy. If it couldn’t go to myself and help my game, then I’m so happy it went to Alex. Like, hello! That sister for the win, she needed this. She knew she was probably going home this week, and I knew in the bottom of my heart that I was ready to campaign and throw whoever under the bus to have her stay. She’s the only one I truly trust in this game, you just can’t trust everyone but I know she’s going to shoot it straight with me. So happy she got it! I think it’s hysterical that Kryssie has to have a servant who is Alex and you know Kryssie hates it. So I’m so happy you gave it to Alex. She’s so deserving, hopefully now since tables have turned and she’s not going home this week and I possibly am, she’s going to campaign as hard as I was for her. Finger crossed, Alex I need you this week. Help a sister out.


Jason: Well, I definitely think Kryssie was going to target Alex this week and as I said I would have preferred Alex not to go this week and maybe for Scott to go instead, or one of those other girls to go so we can shuffle their hierarchy. So I am happy that Alex is safe because I preferred that she didn’t go this week because I think I may need her later, and she made need me later. So at least I have some sort of working relationship with her, where people like Morgan, Whitney, and Shelby will barely talk much game with me, so at least I know I have a little bit something with Alex. So if someone from that side has to stay, I do prefer it’s Alex and now she can’t win another care package so if it comes down to where I have to battle her out in another week, at least there’s a twist that she won’t get to benefit her in that week.


Whitney: I think that if anyone deserves to be here, it is Alex. So she, out of anyone in this house, deserved that care package the most because Kryssie and her whole entire alliance were gunning for Alex, whether she was going to be a backdoor situation or go up first round, Alex was going to go home, she was the target if she did not have something to save her with this care package or if she did not win the veto. So I’m happy Alex won it, no one deserved it more than she did.


Danielle: I hate America’s care package. I hate that she won it, she was LNJ’s target this week. She put Shane and I on the block, I feel like she had a hand in sending Shane home, it’s strategically game for me, while it does check game and emotional, it does check both boxes, but at the end of the day Alex is a very strong player. She’s proven that she’s good in competitions, she’s proven that she’s a good strategist. While her social game is kind of lacking, I think that she’s a really big threat to the LNJ. She doesn’t keep her word, she’s gone back on deals, and so like I don’t trust her, I don’t want her in the house. I really didn’t see that one coming, a care package so game changing, and I really wish it would have gone to someone else other than Alex because she was definitely our number one target this week.


Shelby: I’m thrilled Alex is going to stay in the game. She is the baddest B in the house, she annihilates comps, she’s smart, she’s a superfan, and we’re tight so I want her to stick around. Unfortunately, that means there are only four people left who can be targeted and Kryssie doesn’t seem to want to target Scott, so that leaves me. I’ve heard there are fights going on on the other side of the house today that Kryssie and Neeley are disagreeing on who the target should be this week and Neeley hates me, she said so in her eviction speech. She didn’t say it literally, she said I haven’t made connections with everyone in the house, but I walked in on her telling Alex that that speech was directed towards me yesterday. I’m pretty sure Neeley wants me up, but Kryssie and Neeley are in a disagreement, so I have to make sure Kryssie makes the best move for her game, and not Neeley’s game. Because now that Alex has the care package there’s a good chance of me going up or being back doored.


Alex: I would love to know what the other side of the house answered to this question, because when I won it their faces were like, they were pissed. So yeah, I’m ecstatic I won it, I could not be happier, I’m on cloud 9. This feels even better than winning HOH knowing that I’m safe this week, so thank you soooo much. Like seriously, thank you, I love you all.


Kryssie: You guys have such a sense of humor. I knew you were going to give it to Alex, I called it yesterday. I got the package when she was HOH, it makes perfect sense to give it to her when I’m HOH. I think it’s hilarious. I think I’m a career waitress if you read my bio you know that I quit college to be a rockstar and now I’m just waiting tables to make ends meet. It’s the funniest thing in the world to me that somebody else is waiting on me. I personally don’t get any joy out of it. I’m a really low maintenance person, I really don’t need all of these things. But the fact that it’s Alex, and the fact that you know that she hasn’t been looking me in the eye, and you know she’s been really weird and awkward with me, and that you’re forcing her to be face to face with me as much as possible, I think it’s hysterical. Yes, I’m bummed that she’s safe this week, but I don’t think for a second that she’s going to be difficult to get out later on. Let her have her cute costume, let her be awkward with me, you guys know what you’re doing, I’m not concerned. I genuinely think it’s silly, and the part of me that’s still human and not just here to play a game, I love laughing at it. I think it’s great. And I’m totally stealing her fishnets when she’s done with that costume because they took mine.

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Question #8 (HOH only)-Are you happy that you get a personal servant for the week?

Kryssie: I kind of touched on that already. It’s very, very weird for me. But again, I think it’s funny that you guys picked Alex and I think the only person it would have been funnier to have waiting on me would have been Scott, but you guys already sent him a package because you knew what you were doing and took him out of the running. It’s interesting. I kind of feel bad for her, and whatever there is in the game between us, she’s still a person and I feel icky every time she has to run up the stairs so I’m going to try and spend a lot of this week on the ground floor just to totally not ruin her quads.

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Question #9 (Everyone not the HOH)-What’s your strategy this week for staying off the nomination block?

Justin: He skipped this question.


Neeley: I feel like I’m in a pretty good spot. One of my best friends in the house, and one of the people in my alliance and my core alliance, won HOH, so I’m good. I just have to make sure everything stays cool and in a really pleasant place. Try not to let any of our personal issues affect us in any way negative way. Just play it real cool, play it chill. Give her advice if she needs it, but just kind of be a listening ear and a backbone for her and I should be good. I feel like maybe I had a slightly emotional day and I need to put that in check, but she is still one of my best friends in the house and I will be there for her and hopefully help her in whatever decision she makes.


Scott: Basically, I went up to Kryssie and I told her three things. A. You’re working with people who you cannot beat if you get to the end of this game. If you don’t want to betray any of your allies and you want to make it to the end with all of your allies, then you’ve already lost the game and you’re playing into a losing hand. So hopefully, she took that to heart and she realizes she does need to actually bring people to the end that she can beat, if she actually wants to beat them. 2. I told her I was one of the first have nots so she should just keep me off the block that way I might potentially be America’s nominee. Also, she feels like back dooring is a dirty strategy because she’s never seen the show before, so I don’t really care what she thinks anyway. But if she does feel like I did Shane dirty by back dooring him, then she should keep me off the block so she can back door me. So those were my three points to Kryssie to keep me off the nomination block. We’ll see if works, it probably won’t, but I don’t really care. Kryssie’s my number one enemy, I’m Kryssie’s number one enemy, but hopefully she realizes we’re pretty close in popularity ratings and we basically need each other if either of us wants to win this game. Thank you America.


Morgan: Obviously, stay tuned after this because me and Whitney are about to go up to Kryssie, plead our case and offer her a deal, that if she is smart, she is going to take. But you know, as we’ve seen so far, Kryssie is someone who thinks with her heart, doesn’t think about the end game, and you’ll know we’ll see if we can get through to her. But you know, we’re going to offer her a deal, and Kryssie if you’re smart, then you’re going to take this deal.


Jason: My strategy this week is just be myself. I just have to keep rolling with Kryssie, because Kryssie’s my girl and I think everything will be fine. I’m going to support all of Kryssie’s decisions and keep the drama to a minimum and definitely keep my ears out for what other people are talking about and I’m definitely going to be telling Kryssie what she needs to hear. Whether it’s what these people have told me or what I think is best for Kryssie because I know what’s going to be good for Kryssie this week in the game is also going to be good for me now. It may not be the most perfect move for me long term game, but that’s why Kryssie won HOH and not me. It really is her week to decide what she wants to do, so I’m not going to be pushing my agenda, I’m simply going to be supporting her. I think that by supporting her Kryssie will realize that obviously, I’m on her side and that I roll with her hardcore so there’s no reason she would put me on the nomination block. I’m hoping America is not like we hate Jason by now and throw Jason up, I’m hoping America will nominate someone from the pretty girl side so it kind of be pay back for last week. We had three of us last week with no chance of anyone to stay, I would like three of them up this week with no chance for them to stay. I mean it is the back and forth ping pong in this house, and it definitely keeps things interesting, so that’s where I’m hoping it goes, but nominations from Kryssie I’m thinking I’m good.


Whitney: My strategy is to embed in Kryssie’s mind that I am not going after her. For her personal game, it is not strategically right for someone who has never attacked her, never lied to her, it would not be in her best interest to put me up. So that’s what I’m going with, that’s what I’m rolling with, and hopefully she listens and hopefully she keeps me off the block. I’m willing to vote whoever she wants out this week because I know it’s going to come down to someone in my alliance, and that is very unfortunate, but it’s whatever I have to do to stay in the game.


Danielle: I have been very blessed to be very close to the HOH, I’m a part of her alliance, and she knows that I am here to support her. She knows that I’m here to bounce ideas off of, and ultimately do what she needs me to do, and so I’m pretty confident I’m not going to be on the block this week, which is a huge blessing because I’ve been there three weeks in a row and my strategy is just to continue to support Kryssie and continue to be an ear for her and that’s really basically it.


Shelby: Honestly, it might be better this week to be on it because potentially three of us could be going up. I told her I would rather be on the block than back doored, but she also told me she might want to use me in a pawn situation. I told her I don’t want to be a pawn, but I told her I’d rather be a pawn than a target. She also offered that I could offer up my friends as pawns, and I said uh no, I’m not that terrible of a person. I swear America, I’m a good person, but I’m not a nice person. Hopefully, those two things aren’t, what is it? Mutually exclusive? I don’t know, I haven’t eaten in six days. So honestly, I might want to be on the block. It’s going to depend on who the have nots are. That’ll give us a better look as to who might be the America nom, and then I’m going to talk it through with my group, but yeah, I might want to be on the block, so I have a chance to fight in veto for my life.


Alex: Well, since I have my costume, and I’m safe thanks to ya’ll, there isn’t a whole bunch of strategy for staying off the block. Right now, I’m so focused on trying to keep Morgan and Whitney safe right now because I feel like they are loyal to me 100%, and I need them to further me in this game this week. And obviously, I want my sister to be here because I think that’s a fun twist, no one is smart enough to have caught on yet, and I just think there’s a lot of fun to be had with it. I think I could completely announce it later on in this game when I wanted to and freak people out and I just don’t want her to go home this week because there are people in this house who are less deserving of staying. I don’t want that to sound harsh, but I think she should stay because she has a lot of game left to be played too.

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Summary-Anything not covered in the above questions that you want to tell America about your strategy, personal relationships, or yourself?

Justin: Well, America, as you know I’m just a Creole cat from New Orleans. I’m just trying to keep it real, do my thing, bring a little flavor in the house. For the most part, I’m just going to keep on being who I am and just expressing myself the best way I could. I’m just keeping it real and raw, basically, I’m just going to keep on being me. I’m not really tripping on nobody up in here, and I’m not worried about any of them, and they shouldn’t be worrying about me. For the most part America, believe in yourself, believe in who you are, and be what you can be and don’t let nobody tell you nothing different. Just be who you are, and if you don’t know who you are just try and find yourself. And when you find yourself, never change. Do not let anyone out there tell you cannot do what you want to do because anything is possible. Shout outs to family, New Orleans, and the Saints.


Neeley: I feel awful that Shane left this past week. Shane is an exceptional person, he seems like he has a very, very kind heart and just a good person overall. It really pained me to see him go and when I got emotional Wednesday night after the eviction, you get so torn in this game because you make these relationships so quickly. And then when you’re all on the block and your friend leaves, but you’re saved, it’s such a mix of emotions because I was super happy. Because you don’t know, people can switch on a dime and I could have been the one going home. So I’m super happy that I’m here to stay and play this game, but at the same time someone I really liked and admired left. It’s hard, it’s really hard when you built these friendships, these relationships. I hope America knows Shane is awesome and they keep rooting for the late night jamboree, even when we acting crazy and do crazy stuff that you all still want to play with us and hope we can win and give you the best show possible. Thank you for everything, thank you for letting me be a part of this experience and journey, and I hope we are giving you a great show.


Scott: He did not get to this question.


Morgan:  Not really anything. I’m just praying I can get through to Kryssie to keep me off the block, if she’s smart she gonna listen. I’m about to, like I said, balls to the wall if I’m on the block this week. I’m not going home without a fight. You’re about to see a whole new Morgan if I’m up on that block. Oh! America, please, please, please nominate someone from the other side of the house if you want to see this game shaken up. Justin, Jason, eh probably not Jason, anybody from the other side of the house, let’s not make this an easy week for everyone. Let’s keep the game interesting.


Jason: America, I am just here doing the best I can. Julie asked me the other day why I’m not having as much fun as last time, and you know I really didn’t have that good of an answer. But I think the answer is, I’m really playing harder this time. I got blinded by friendships and having fun last time and enjoying being in this house, and this time if I enjoy being in this house, then I’m going to be missing things, I’m going to be playing a less intelligent or less paying attention to things type of game. So I’m definitely on it all the time, I definitely hope you guys don’t think I’m no longer fun at all, but I’m definitely just more serious about this. I kind of feel like, not that I squandered my opportunity last time, but I could have done more and the last thing I want to do is leave this time feeling like I could have done more. So I’m doing everything I can to progress myself in this game, because honey, I need this money. But with that America, I will bless you a good night, thank you very much, holla at your boy. Don’t make me a have not! Much appreciated, don’t nominate me either. Peace.


Whitney: I just want to tell America that when you consider putting up a nominee, let’s make this game interesting, it would be so easy for three people in my alliance to go up on the block, one of us is for sure going home, but to really throw a mix in the game, and you know Kryssie being HOH, throw someone up there that no one expects and just give me a shot America as to keeping myself alive for another week and maybe even a member of my alliance because we’re not ready to go home. We’re here to play the game, some people are not, so I’m going to leave you with that. Family shout outs.


Danielle: The last three weeks have been really, really tough for me, last week was really emotional. You don’t ever want to think America doesn’t like you and it really sucks, especially since America has such a big hand this game. Losing Shane was really, really difficult. I hope that over this next week, America you can see the gamer in me, you can see that I adore the LNJ, even whenever I’m feeling kind of iffy on them you know that that’s where my heart is. That’s where my loyalty lies at the end of the day, it’s the five of us. I miss my son like absolutely crazy, and we get FOTH. I hope you really get to know me America, no hard feelings and if any of you happen to see Shane, tell him I miss him.


Shelby: One of my favorite plays this week is trying to blow up Neeley’s game. Neeley claims she’s been working at Nordstrom for 5 years as a sales associate, when I have a friend who worked there part time for about, I don’t know I’m not sure, I don’t remember much, but that doesn’t make sense to me, it doesn’t line up, I would think she would be promoted by now. So I’m like fairly sure that she’s lying. Alex told me she would blow up Neeley’s game and say she was lying about her job on her way out since she was a target but then she got the safety costume. I just think it’s funny and ironic that I’m trying to blow up Neeley’s game saying she’s lying about her past, when I’m the one lying about my education and my job. I don’t have a job. I told everyone I work as a waitress. I did work at the restaurant I’ve been lying about before that’s why I can lie about it so well, but yeah that’s just my favorite thing this week is trying to blow up Neeley’s game and convince everyone she’s lying about her job. Go ballsmashers!


Alex: This week is really hard for me because I really do love working with Scott and I obviously love working with Shelby, she’s my girl in this house. But at the same time, I don’t necessarily think they are best for my game, in a sense. Especially Scott, because I think he’s trying to flip from me to working with a Justin and Jason type thing and so if I have to send one of my friends home, it has to be Scott. I feel terrible even saying that because I do not want him to go home because I really do enjoy working with him. So I’m really hoping, praying, that somehow something with the America’s nom can happen and I can like, save my sister, make some magic happen, and go to town next week and win HOH and continue shaking up this game. I’m having the time of my life being here though, I cannot be more grateful for this opportunity, so thank you all. Oh! Shoutouts. Bye America!


Kryssie: At this point, not really. I’ve got a lot of interesting plans for nominations. I still don’t know what I’m going to do. I know everybody wants to know that ahead of time, but I’m interested to see who is put in the have not room tomorrow, and if we have any repeat offenders, because that may have an impact on who I end up nominating. I’ve got a lot to think about, I’m excited to be HOH. Mike, I miss you and your letter made me cry and I love and hate you for it at the same time. I’ve become that person who’s crying on BB, who I’d never thought I’d be. If anyone wants to know what album I asked for I got Bad Religion, Stranger than Fiction. If you don’t know who they are, you need to go check them out. Thank you everyone that’s been voting and thank you for keeping this interesting and throwing Alex the silly care package this week. I know there’s strategy in it too, and it’s fun to keep things lighthearted in here and if you’re watching the feeds you know things get real crazy in here real quick. Little things like that mean a lot to me, I can’t speak for everybody else, but it means a lot to me as a player because it’s really easy to get trapped inside your head and just lose it. Thank you for all of your input, thank you for doing what you’re doing in terms of checking HG when you need to nominate them and putting them in the have not room. I appreciate your game and I think you’re playing even harder than we are. I miss everyone back at home, Mike, I love you to little pieces, and we’ll do this again soon.

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