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There have been a number of comments since BBOTT started streaming last night. I'd like to address some of the trending topics.


First, this new season is different and you have to think different. We're not going to get polished, edited shows like on broadcast television. For TV BB, the HG enter the house a week before the premier broadcast, giving the HG time to get acclimated to the house and production the time to edit together a cohesive story.


With BBOTT, you didn't get that. You watched the start of the game live. We've never seen that before. Different isn't necessarily bad - it's just different. If you decide not to watch further just because it's different, then you could be losing out on a great experience. Personally, $5.99/month is so cheap, I don't get the bellyaching over paying for feeds. Get them today and decide for yourself: http://m1h.us/bbott


At the same time, CBS is trying something new as well, and while the game has been planned out in advance, they are experimenting with what works in an exclusively streaming environment, compared to packaging shows for broadcast. Some things may work, and some things may not.


The season is expected to last 10 weeks, but I'm willing to give them a week to get their digital feet underneath them. Part of the fun will be watching Production and seeing how they behave differently knowing the cameras aren't off anymore.


Lastly, here's a secret you won't even admit to yourself. Life is boring. Sure, it has it's moments - the first date with the person who becomes your spouse, the birth of a child, the Braves beating the Phillies 12-2 last night, but for the most part, you eat, sleep and work (on something) 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Boring.


The difference is that you have stuff to distract you from your boringness. You can read a book or magazine, watch TV or a movie, go out to eat, talk on the phone, surf the internet on your computer or search for Pokemon on your phone. The HG don't have those options. They sleep, they eat, and they talk to each other. When they run out of things to say, they spend more time on the eating and sleeping.


This has been the case for 18 seasons before this and there's no reason to expect this OTT season will be any different. The only difference, for those who only or mostly watched the broadcast episodes, is that now we don't have production editing out the boring parts. Give the HG time to feel more comfortable in their isolating confinement and you'll see personalities settle down and the social game begin.


CBS has revealed some twists for the OTT season but has some more surprises they've only hinted at. They wanted to keep some elements exclusive to the summer edition, and some they felt were so foundation to the game they were continued for the OTT version. And some features are being introduced that will be unique to OTT. If you haven't already read it, check out this interview on The Hollywood Reporter web site:




As one poster said, OTT is an opportunity to see how the sausage is made. It may excite you or it may make you nauseous. But if you're curious, I encourage you to give it a try. If you do choose to subscribe, please do so though this link so Morty's TV can get credit for the commission: http://m1h.us/bbott.


Finally, a word on how Morty's TV will be covering the season. After 13 weeks of BB18, many of us looked at another 10 weeks of 24x7 live feeds with a fair amount of foreboding. What we decided to do is not provide real-time live feed updates on Facebook and Twitter, but to encourage fans to watch the feeds and post their own updates to the Morty's TV Fan Forums at http://tvfanforums.net.


Similarly, on the BB OTT Coverage Page at http://mortystv.com/bbott, we will not be publishing real-time live feed updates. Instead, we'll be publishing summary recaps of critical and/or interesting game events when or soon after they occur.


We will also be posting nightly show recaps, the weekly recap and live eviction, a daily recap, JC interviews, Live DR sessions, Safety Ceremonies, etc., to the TV Fan Forums and to our Facebook Page (http://facebook.com/mortystv) and Twitter stream (http://twitter.com/mortystv). There may be additional posts as occasions warrant.


On the subject of the Live Feed Meme Contest, We are working to conclude the BB18 Live Feed Meme contest and will be launching a new OTT version this weekend, so be sure to grab your screen captures and get your HG first impression memes ready.


We are playing this season by ear with a leaner volunteer staff than we have during the summer months, so we thank you for your patience. If you want to read real-time live feed updates, the Morty's TV Fan Forums are the place to hang your hat. If you only want summaries and recaps, check out or coverage page, our Facebook page and our Twitter stream (which will also be covering Survivor and The Voice this fall).


But if you want to get the most out of BB OTT, you need to subscribe to CBS All Access (http://m1h.us/bbott), because this new version was designed specifically for you.



Morty's TV Director of Social Media

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