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BB18 Live Show - 2016-09-08 - Live Eviction


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A showmance, a bromance and romance on the line. Welcome to Big Brother!


Previously on Big Brother, with a scramble for power, Victor egged out the competition. Wanting to stay loyal to his Final Four alliance, Victor put James and Natalie on the block. Natalie tried to make amends with Paul and Victor by pointing the blame elsewhere. In an explosive veto competition, Corey assured Jatalie would stay on the block and the Final Four considered making Natalie they're target. Worried she may be leaving, Natalie had some harsh words for James. Hoping to reel James back to their side, Paul and Victor told him about Natalie's betrayal. At the veto meeting, the couples fate was sealed. Tonight, either James or Natalie will leave the game - but will they be torn apart before a single vote is cast? Plus, Big Meech arrives at the jury house. And BB favourites Jeff and Jordan are back. All this live on Big Brother!


"Good evening, I'm Julie Chen and welcome to Big Brother. For the first time in BB history, 3 duo's make up the final 6. And while 2 of those couples are safe tonight, one is not so lucky. By the end of the hour, either Natalie or James will become the 6th member of the jury. But the big question for those voting is not who to evict but rather who to keep to further their chances to get to finale night. So who will be evicted? We'll find out! #ButFirst, after 86 days, is the honeymoon over for Jatalie?"


We pick up after the veto ceremony. James tells us being on the block together has strained their relationship and definitely tested it. When you're in a showmance with someone and there's half a million dollars on the line, it's a drag.


Nicole tells us she and Corey controls who goes home but she wants everyone in the Final Four comfortable with who they choose because she doesn't want Paul or Victor to come after her the next week.

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In the UKBR, Natalie tells James she made a dumb move trusting him and trusting Nicorey. James says it is what it is and Natalie retorts they should've stuck with the people who helped vote Paulie out. Natalie tells us she never really trusted Nicorey but James did and it's bitten her in the butt. She's tells James she's going to dress cute everyday since it's her last week. James tells us there's tension between him and Natalie and mostly because he voted Victor out. There's nothing more he can do about it and he hopes they can move past this.


In the BY, Paul and Nicorey discuss their votes. Paul is leaning towards Natalie. Corey tells us he doesn't see a situation where he votes James out and his alliance members may feel the same way. Paul reveals what he told James about Natalie betraying him. Paul tells us he doesn't want Nicole that he and Victor were working James by being honest to keep him close to him and Victor for a shot at survival next week. Nicole tells us she wonders if Paul is just covering his tracks and potentially working with James going forward? That worries her.


Victor and James are playing pool later and Natalie stalks by them without a word. Victor asks if they're in an argument and he sighs they always are. Victor tells us if he can be sympathetic to James, maybe he'll get the sympathy back. It never hurts to be close to everyone in the house. When their game is done, James goes to Natalie and asks if she is ok. People can tell there is tension between them. She says not on her end. They're on the block together, it's not fun. Natalie says stop talking about it. James says in a relationship people have to talk about things and Natalie sighs in annoyance. She says she knows she's leaving and it doesn't feel good. James asks how she knows, she says she just does.


In the KT, Victor says he thinks James is more worried about his crumbling relationship with Natalie then going home.


In the BY, James says he's been holding them together for 80 days and he doesn't know what to think. She'll probably get home and never want to talk to him again. Natalie asks why he would say that and then adds she feels like she's in a nightmare right now. James wonders quietly to himself why he got in a showmance.

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That night, Corey approaches James to open him up to venting about Natalie. He recounts the comments that Natalie has been saying. Corey tells us this is a real opportunity for him and Nicole to get back with James and move forward with him. Corey heads inside and recounts his conversation with James to Nicole. Corey is tired of bratty Natalie putting it on James. She has no one to blame but himself, why doesn't he realize that? Nicole says his head is not in the game, he feels guilty. Corey wants to reel James in, he wants to make sure James doesn't put Nicorey up if he stays. Nicole tells us she thinks Paul and Victor are great and their alliance is awesome but you have to take shots in this game, and maybe they're working James. 3 vs 2 are not good numbers.


In the UKBR, James comments this is one of their last nights, he is sleeping in the same bed as her. Natalie wants to sleep alone, and whines that he needs to stop fighting with her and let her live. She's going home. Natalie says she can't wait till Thursday, meet Julie and go to jury. James says she's acting like a brat and Natalie laughs, scoffing. James says one of them is about to leave and someone's true colours are coming out. That's nice, Nat replies. James says he heard she threw him under the bus, Nat says she never did. That's the way it was perceived, James said. He didn't believe it, but he's a man of actions speak louder than words. Nat says she is sad, and she just... James is sad too, he cuts her off. Nat swears on everyone she loves she never threw him under the bus. James doesn't know what her endgame is. He sheltered her, kept her under her wing and now she wants to be away from him with only a day and a half left.


Nat wonders - does James think she used him? Nice. He says she got in a showmance with Victor, didn't work out. Flirted with Corey, didn't work out. Started a fling with Paulie, kept it a secret. Nat denies having a fling with Paulie and asks who he is right now. He asks who she is? Nat says she's had his back too. James asks if that is why some days he can sleep in her bed and some days not? There's a day and a half left, is this how she wants to go out? Paul and Nicorey are trying to eavesdrop in the Tokyo room. Nat doesn't understand why he's upset about Victor and Corey. She can't believe everything he just said. James says he's not killing himself over this.

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In the DR, Natalie cannot believe he said she had a fling with Paulie. What? She's crying. Her chest is hurting, her heart is hurting. James is the only person she trusted, and he thinks she's using him? She doesn't know who James is right now. He's not the person she thought he was. James heads out to the Tokyo BR and Paul encourages him to vent and he says he can't. James tells us he's done. He let her have it. He was willing to give up his game for her. This is not how you treat someone you care about. James tells the HG's it is what it is, but he's done.


After a commercial break, we're back with Jeff and Jordan in the studio with Julie. (Jordan is extremely cute being pregnant!) Jordan gives the cliff notes of their lives. Their wedding date was supposed to be September 24, however they went to Mexico in January and she got pregnant. They had their honeymoon there - open bar, Jeff chimes in. They went to the courthouse in March after finding out about the baby. She's 6 weeks away from delivery. They are having a boy but have not yet decided on the name. It's very difficult to agree on a name, Jeff says. Jordan had a girl planned out, they were calling her Sailor. Jeff jokingly agrees he was okay with the girl's name. Jordan's mom thinks the baby will come home from the hospital with no name. Julie says people have even changed the name of their baby after a few weeks, so it's fine as long as their baby is happy and healthy.


Talk turns to the game. Jordan is very surprised 3 duo's made it to final 6. Jeff thinks Nicorey should've had a target for a long time because they were an early couple. Same with Victor and Paul. Jatalie has been long enough to have a target. Especially once the big target Paulie left. Julie wonders if Jatalie will be the Jeff and Jordan of the season. Jordan says trouble in paradise. James had stars in his eyes and lost himself from the game. If Natalie goes tonight, he could redeem himself and pull out some wins. It's Big Brother! Jordan predicts Victor wins, Jeff predicts Paul.


After the next commercial break, we're up for a visit to the jury house. The jurors are playing pool when we first get there. Zakiyah tells us the temperature between her and Paulie has cooled, and they're on speaking terms. Da'Vonne tells us Zakiyah went right back to Paulie, yes, right back to hit butt. She and Bridgette no longer exist! Ok, check! Bye! Bridgette hopes Victor is next in. She tells us he's a huge target, people want him out for sure. He wins everything! Da'Vonne wonders about Meech being the outcast admist 3 pairs. Seeing her would be bittersweet. That's her girl! When Meech enters, everyone groans in upset. More estrogen for you, Paulie, she jokes and quickly admits Nicole is the reason she's there. Meech tells us she should've campaigned more but at the end of the day, she feels it was personal. They watch the tape and Meech says 3 more minutes, he would've been back in the house.


Everyone's mouth drops open when they see James threw the wall comp to Nicole. Da'Vonne tells us she's livid. Paulie wouldn't have taken any deal to drop. Bridgette tells us when Paul picks Corey to play in veto, it was obvious Paul was the pawn. It was right in front of her and Michelle didn't get that she was the target!


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Paulie tells us the fact that Nicole is in the final six says something. Her name has been in the mud since week one. Meech says she was hoping they'd take out the bigger target this week but they're dumb nuts. The jurors are surprised by the tie vote but loves Meech's exit. Da'Vonne is shocked by Nicole running the house; she was hiding behind people for so long. She's kind of impressed! Meech hopes Nicole joins them next week.


Time for the final pleas. Natalie is first, after she fixes her hair. Shout outs. "I came into the house knowing nothing about the game and made it to Final 6. I've had the honour of meeting all these people and getting to know them. And James, my best friend, my soulmate, I will forever care for you and you're stuck with me forever. Thanks for everything and I've had a lot of fun!"


James' turn. Shout outs. "Natalie, it's been an honour to play this game with you. Day 1 you were so scared to play this game but so full of energy. I'm honoured to sit on the block with you and get to know you. HG's, my game and fate is in your hands and I won't campaign so whatever you feel is best, I'm happy to go with."


Time for the voting. Paul votes to evict Natalie, Nicole votes to evict Natalie, Corey votes to evict Natalie. By a vote of 3-0, Natalie is evicted from the Big Brother house and the 6th member of the jury.

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Natalie hugs everyone and wishes them luck. Natalie takes a plant with her, while James opens the door. She tells James she loves him, he says he loves her to. In the studio, Natalie skips to Julie and hugs her while the HG's watch her picture fade to B&W.


Julie brings up the tough week. Natalie insists she did not throw him under the bus and Julie explains why it was perceived that way. Natalie still doesn't seem to understand why this was perceived as against James. She says she trusted Nicorey due to James. He really trusted them, but she trusted Victor over Nicorey. She went with James' gut, she wasn't trying to throw him under the bus. That was not her intention. She's honoured to leave next to him and campaigned to keep him, she thought that would show how much she cares for him. Julie asks how real the showmance is. Natalie giggles, it's real! She cares so much - he's her in a guy's body. There is a chance outside the house, she is not going to say yes or no. It depends on how they make it work. She hopes he does well, she's rooting him on. He has her vote to get to F2, she hopes he's not next out! If he works with Nicorey, that's ok as long as it gets him to the end. She supports it. This game is so emotional, you miss your family, you don't have a cell phone, you say things you don't mean. She apologizes right after so that fixes it.


Goodbye messages.


Victor evicts her because she got him evicted. See you on the outside.

Paul knew she was a smart cookie, not dumb like she appears. She lost his respect throwing James under the bus. Otherwise, she's sweet and fun. Nothing but friendship on his end.

Nicole is sorry and it means she's the only girl left in the house. Being on the block next to your best friend has to be hard, she handled it well. See you on the outside.

James says this is the toughest goodbye message ever. He knows this game has been a stressful, emotional, roller coaster but through everything,he's had a great time getting to know her. She's taught him a lot about himself. He didn't expect to get in a showmance but took one look at her and it was all over from there. She'll always be his #1 and his best friend. (the audience awwws)


Natalie says she didn't realize she threw him under the bus. Sometimes you say things unintentionally. Her heart was to always protect him. Natalie is excited to go to the jury house.


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Time for the next HOH competition. This competition is called "Slide N Theatre". Before you can see the movie, you'll need to get some butter for your popcorn - 8 gallons in fact. On Julie's go, you'll begin to transfer butter from your gallon across your slippery lane to the large container on top of your popcorn box. The HG to first remove their floating popcorn kernel once their container is filled up will be the new HOH. There is a 2nd smaller container that can be filled too. It will release a larger scooper which will transport the butter faster. Julie gives her GO once the HG's say they understand and off they go!


Nicole and James immediately go for the smaller containers while Paul and Corey go for the bigger container. James tells Nicole to fill her scooper as much as possible. Nicole says it doesn't matter if you fall! Victor chortles with laughter watching Nicole.


Who will rise to power in this HOH competition? Tune in on Sunday to find out, along with who is nominated.


To make way for the NFL on CBS, we are changing the schedule for the rest of the season. On Tuesday, you don't want to miss an evening that will take the HG's completely by surprise as the POV is played, another HG is sent packing and a new HOH plays out. Then on Wednesday, another eviction sends another HG to the jury, leaving the final 3 to begin the final push to the half million dollar grand prize - and it all plays out live!


Julie checks in with the HG's and comments on Nicole sprinting, causing Victor to burst out laughing. He says it's fun to watch more than anything. Julie bids the HG's good night and good luck.


From outside the Big Brother house, have a good night!


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