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Tuesday August 9, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program, and "Day" is confusing, so use Dae.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!

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9:38 AM BBT: Michelle is up doing ADL's and James saying she has slept a lot in the past couple of days. He said he feels like he's slept so much his brain hurts. Michelle saying she has nothing to do when she gets home so she can sleep all day. Saying she talked to Paul about his vote. She was worried bc she saw Paulie talking to Bridgette outside last night and worried he was trying to get to her. Michelle asking why they don't just tell the person they are being evicted and James said that they are usually afraid the person will blow up their game. Michelle asking James to let her know if she is going home bc she has some information to share if she does. James is talking about how BB doesn't like for you to dress differently if you are going home bc it tells the audience what is going to happen. Michelle says she has a dress she wants to wear in case she is evicted. Michelle saying she is going to fight so hard for the HOH if she stays bc she can imagine how scared people will be if she wins. Michelle saying she still needs to talk to Bridgette. Saying Corey told her yesterday that Z is the target he thinks. James saying he thinks Paulie will try to stay out of it this week to get less blood on his hands with Z. Michelle asking how Victor knew to vote Day out and whether it was true if she talked crap about everyone. James said he heard that from Frank on the way out so he believes it. James saying Day said to his face that she was going after couples, but acted like that didn't include him. Michelle called to the DR.


9:48 AM BBT: James in the kitchen getting some water. He goes outside and starts jogging in the yard. 

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9:00AM BBT The HGs are all sleeping in today.  The lights are still off in the house.
9:10AM BBT Feeds are down for morning wake up.
9:24AM BBT Feeds are back.  James is in BY doing laundry.  Zak & Paulie are laying down in the TBR & she is patting him on the butt.  He says he doesn't get it.  Nic & Corey were laying down in TBR.  Corey gets up & goes to HNR.  BB reminds Nat & Nic to change batteries.
9:27AM BBT James is out in the BY.  Nic came out to do the towels.  James said he already did them.  BB tells them to lower the awnings.
9:28AM BBT BB tells Zak & Paulie to put on their mics.  They both say that they are still in bed.  Paulie points out that the mic is next to his mouth anyway.
9:30AM BBT Paulie tells Zak that Michelle talked in her sleep last night.  He said she kept saying his name & James name.  Zak says she really likes his name.  In BY, James and Nic talk about cuddling and how it is good for the soul.
9:34M BBT Michelle is in WA doing ADLs.  James heads to WC.  Someone starts singing & feeds are brought down.
9:36AM BBT Feeds are back.  Michelle says she is glad that James GI system is back to normal this week.  James said he is glad, but now he can't stop going now.
9:37AM BBT In KT, Nic asks James which camera does he thinks is for live feeds now.  James asks why.  She says it is her brother's birthday.  The camera focuses on Nic & she wishes her brother Jessie a happy birthday.
9:38AM BBT James walks back into WA.  He says to Michelle that he knows she shouldn't be tired because she slept about 20 hours yesterday.  She says that she feels like she could go back to sleep.  He says that isn't helping.  
9:40AM BBT Michelle asks James if he heard anything about using his veto thing this week.  He said that no one has talked to him about it yet.  Michelle said that she talked to Paul & he told her to go talk to Vic.
9:42AM BBT Michelle said she heard that Paulie wants to vote out Zak but to keep it quiet.  James said that they want it kept quiet because Zak would blow up his game if it was found out.  BB calls Michelle to DR.
9:45AM BBT James goes to KT to get cup of water then heads outside.
9:50AM BBT James working out in the BY.  Everyone else is asleep. Then James gets bored of working out & starts shooting pool.
9:56AM BBT James says hello to all the live feeders up early in the morning.
9:58AM BBT James heads to HNR.  He stares at Corey sleeping for a few.  Then walks to dresser.  Picks something up.  Takes his right shoe off.  Puts whatever it was back on dresser.  Stands there with one shoe on.  Puts the right shoe back on.  Then heads to WA for a shower.  He passes by Michelle.  She asks where everyone is.  He tells  her they are sleeping.  Vic is called to DR.
10:06AM BBT Michelle heads to BY in bikini to get some sun.  James is done with shower & is doing other ADLs.
10:09AM BBT James walks out into BY.  Michelle tells him she went to bed about 10:30PM BBT.  She asked him what time everyone else went to bed.  He said about 4AM BBT.  She said didn't Nat go to bed early.  He said yes and she didn't even tell him good night.  James asked Michelle how she is doing.  She said she is doing good, but hasn't started campaigning yet.  Michelle said that she wants either James or Nat to win.  
#BB18 10:31AM BBT James said that he wants to see someone who needs the money & not blow it all partying to win.  Michelle said she found out that Paul is loaded.  She said he owns his own company, has no credit card bills, no college bills, he literally has no debt whatsoever.  He lives in a big house at home with his parents.  No expenses there.  She then says that she feels that Corey has a lot of money.  James says that Corey is well off. James says that Nat definitely needs this.  Michelle says she was listening to a story about Nat's mom growing up and that she knows what it is like to be hungry.  
10:14AM BBT Michelle says she thinks Paulie has money too.  James says that Paulie said his dad is corporate.  He isn't sure what he does, but that he knows they have money. James said really it doesn't matter who has money.  It really matters who plays the game.  He said they were going to vote for Vanessa last year and she already had millions of dollars.
10:26AM BBT Michelle asks if James thinks if anyone sees Paulie as a threat.  James said that everyone likes him.  Michelle says that makes him a bigger threat.
10:28AM BBT Michelle is talking about how Paulie keeps going up as a pawn and that he has won tons of comps.  Michelle says she doesn't trust Nic anymore.  
10:30AM BBT Michelle says she wishes that they kept Frank, Tiff & Da in the house.  She wants to really do a big move if she can win HoH coming up.  James said to not tell anyone about it yet.
10:32AM BBT James says he doesn't say that to anyone else who he is working with.  Michelle says that just last week, Paulie had said that there was an alliance with Michelle, Zak, Paulie, Nic & Corey.  Michelle says she feels that Nic & Paulie are calling all the shots in the house.
10:36AM BBT James tells Michelle that he is heading inside to get something to eat.
10:37AM BBT BB tells Michelle to change her mic with one from storage.  
10:38AM BBT James is called to DR. Corey goes into TBR to try to wake up Nic.
10:42AM BBT Michelle in BY eating.  Nic refused to get out of bed.  So Corey heads to KT to make coffee.
10:46AM BBT Corey says Hi Mom, Hi Dad to cameras.  
10:51AM BBT Corey just sitting in KT staring off into space.  He just randomly starts grinning like he is amused by something.  Then goes back to a blank stare.  Michelle is in BY laying out in sun.

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11:00 am BBT Michelle is in the BY tanning. James, Corey, and Nicole are in the KA getting something to eat for breakfast. The rest of the HG appear to be in bed.


11:05 am BBT Victor walks out of the HOH bedroom and says hey. Right before we get FOTH we can hear Victor say that he got kicked out of the HOH room. Then the conversation goes to Nicole talking about an HOH scavenger hunt dream that she had.


11:10 am BBT Victor is walking around the KA sniffing everyone like a dog. He made James jump by sniffing his neck. James said “That’s my spot Victor, you don’t want none of that. It has been too long too.” They are all laughing about it. They are now talking about how long it has been since they have had sex. Nicole says that it has only been 56 days. James tells her that’s a long time for some.


11:13 am BBT Victor gets called to the DR while in the middle of cooking up some hash browns. Victor says that he thinks it is time for him to blog for the week. James is now eating Victor’s hash browns. Nicole thinks it would be funny if James and Cory eat the hash browns and then eat all of the rest before Victor comes back out. Victor stole hashbrowns from the have nots anyways. James realizes that he may not have enough for the week now. They are upset that he stole food from the have nots.


11:17 am BBT Bridgette gets called to the DR. James says that Natalie told him she wears string bikinis. Nicole chuckles and James says she won’t be wearing them around him. Nicole thanks Cory for the poop medicine. Nicole says that she did not poop yesterday. James said that he has been pooping every 20 minutes. Nicole says that when she is trying to poop she is afraid someone will walk in on her.


11:20 am BBT Michelle is still in the BY tanning. James, Cory, and Nicole are still in the KA arguing about how many towels they had to fold.  Bridgette gets called to the DR again. James makes a joke at Cory’s height and Nicole laughs because he gets so worked up over it.  James tells Cory and Nicole his speech for eviction.

“I’m a tell America that, Cory I am sorry I told you that joke. I should have never said that you cant go down slides because your feet hang off and cant go down.”

11:25 am BBT Cory got called into the DR for his medication. Once he tells Nicole that’s what he did we get FOTH. The feeds come back on and Cory tells Nicole to quit getting him in trouble. The guests are talking about meds in the DR and we get FOTH again.

11:30 am BBT Paulie wakes up and joins the HG in the KA. James tells him there are a couple of new jokes that he needs to tell him. (The tall jokes about Cory). Cory says that he has always been taller than everyone. Nat wakes up and walks through the KA. She seems to be wiping eye boogers away.

11:35 am BBT All of the HG are up eating breakfast and doing ADLs. Michelle is still in the BY tanning. James says he sees the elderly at McDonalds having hash browns and Coffee. Am I elderly because I get that from McDonalds?

11:40 am BB The HG are still in the KA and we get FOTH. It is Picture day in the BB house so I am sure they will be getting ready here shortly.

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2:01PM BBT All 4 cams on Zak doing her makeup. You can hear Corey in the KT talking.


2:09PM BBT Nat is telling Bridgette that she and James joke around and such but never spoon or even touch when they are sleeping. She says her little cousins are watching and she and James do not touch.


2:12PM BBT Bridgette asks Nat who she wants to vote out. Natalie says she wants Michelle to stay because Zak get so jealous over everything and makes comments. Bridgette says that Paulie is running the house. She starts to count who he has and Michelle comes out. Michelle says she wanted to talk to them. Michelle says she needs 3 votes to stay. Bridgette tells her that she doesn't want her to go.


2:14PM BBT Bridgette asks Michelle what the plan is. Michelle says that she wants to go after the people that screwed her over last week. She says she trusts Nat and James and Nicole (doesn't mention Bridgette once). Bridgette tells hers she is brainstorming for her.


2:15PM BBT Michelle now says that's he is starting to believe Frank that she should not trust Nicole. She says that's he thinks Paulie is going to win this thing. She says he has won 2 out of the 4 HOH that he has played.


2:20PM BBT Bridgette tells Natalie and Michelle that she feels James won't use the votes strategically unless certain people are on board. Natali says she is playing her own game and not James' game. Michelle says if she wins she wants Nicole and Paulie up. She wants Paulie to go.

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2:27PM BBT Natalie talks about the Kardashian's and reality TV. She says she watches it on occasion. She doesn't feel BB is reality. She says they can make you however they want. Now she starts to talk about her body and wanting to get it back into shape because she has a belly now.


 2:29PM BBT Michelle says that the house is gross. Natalie says that she scrubbed the toilet once and two days later it was gross. She says that she is never cleaning again. BB calls an IDLD.


2:36PM BBT Zak and Bridgette have a make up talk in the WA and in the KT the guys are informing Michelle about "blue balls" which she calls "dry balls". Vic says he never heard that term  James says that guys do not get them as adults but Corey says he had them about a week ago.

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2:41PM BBT Natalie putting on a mask in the WA. She says she left her flip flops outside and now can't shower until she can get the,. She says that she couldn't shower for 2 days once because they were locked outside. She said James offered his crocs but she didn't want to.


2:45PM BBT Zak is still putting on makeup. Corey cleaning the mirror above the KT sink as BB asked. they are asking for someone to clean the bathroom sink. Bridgette cleans it. Natalie is asking someone to eat a banana so she can have the peel for her face treatment.


2:54PM BBT Natalie and Bridgette are in the WC and Natalie is giving her a run down on after eating healthy for the last two days she is losing weight and her face is clearing up. They tell each other how cute their bodies are. Nat says that she loves her new breasts that she bought them for herself last year. Paul walks in and convo ends.



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Posting for AaronGru85



5:00PM BBT: Victor and Michelle are in the kitchen area area talking about an alfredo meal that they had earlier on and how it really wasn't alfredo.

Michelle and Victor wander up to the HoH room. Michelle asks Victor in the HoH who he would want to go home. Victor says he would want Zakiyah out. Michelle tells him that she thinks they could get out Zakiyah because she only needs three votes to stay if James uses his power. Michelle tells Victor that James might be afraid to use it on certain people. Michelle says that people are saying they want her out. Victor says that he heard that too.

Michelle tries to reassure Victor that she is not coming for him or Bridgette. Victor asks if she told Bridgette that and Michelle told him yes and that they were cool. Victor asks Michelle if Bridgette believed her and Michelle thinks she did.

Victor tries to turn on the house feeds in the HoH room when Michelle says that she is not going after Paul. Victor says that he thinks Paul knows that. Michelle says that she believes it's all about numbers now and how many people you have on your side. [Isn't that what it's always about since day one? ~AaronGru85]

Victor tells Michelle that it is in his best interest if Michelle sticks around, Michelle agrees with him. Michelle says that the same people that ruined the house are trying to get people to vote their way again. She wonders if anybody sees that. Victor tells her that it's all about who James decides to use his power on, if he even uses it.

Michelle then asks Victor a question. "DO you trust Paulie?? Victor says that he does. Michelle replies, "even after he back doored you?". Victor goes on to tell her how it all went down and why he trusts Paulie. He tells her about the 8 person alliance. She then busts Paulie out by telling Victor that he was going around telling people that he wanted Victor out because he was a huge threat.

5:05PM BBT: Victor tells Michelle that all of what happened is water under the bridge now. Michelle tells Victor that she thought she was good with everyone and then she was just on the outs. She says it goes to show you how well you can trust people in this house and it sucks.

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7:00 PM BBT Nicole says that she's going to run at 7:30 PM BBT, get a shower & go to bed early. Michelle says she would like to go in the pool at night. They are in the KT, & Michelle is looking through the refrigerator. In the BY, Paul is playing Victor at a game of pool. All the cams go to the BY.

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7:04 PM BBT James & Natalie are goofing around by the sliding door. Michelle asks James to please prance around the house in whitey tighties. (It should be tighty whitties). Victor & Paul go in the house. James says they are trying to put chocolate in his underwear. He & Natalie go to they BY. James tells Natalie that he wants to play pool. James tells Corey he figured out that Michelle pranked him. Natalie says she hasn't done anymore pranks. BB tells Corey to please put on his microphone. He is working out on a towel in the BY. Corey asks Nicole what's so funny over there? Nicole says, "It's all good in the hood." Natalie says she has no energy to workout, she might just go to bed early. She goes in the house.

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7:10 PM BBT James tells Corey that the girls tried to put sh*t stains in his underwear with chocolate & leave them on the floor. He says that wouldn't have been good for the live feeders to see that & not know what happened. He & Corey start a game of pool. James tells Corey that he has been sh*tting his brains out lately though. He says it does feel good.

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7:12 PM BBT Natalie lays down on the double lounger in the BY. She tells James she is not pranking anymore in the house. She says she surrenders pranking, if anymore is done it's not with her name on it. James tells her she's scared. James & Corey continue their pool game. Natalie asks who the best pool player in the house is? James says that's debatable. She asks top three? James says, Corey, Victor & him. He says it's between him & Corey for the top spot. 

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7:16 PM BBT Victor is laughing in the KT. He tells America they are cleaning. Bridgette & Paul are in the KT. Paul is sitting at the table eating peanut butter. He says he eats to much peanut butter in the house. Bridgette says that people were upset with her while she was baking. Paul says he doesn't care, he'll eat peanut butter cookies all day. She says she will make some more after she's a Have Not. She doesn't want to eat the batter by accident & get in trouble. Victor goes to the KT & Paul asks him if he's Dexter's Laboratory? He laughs. Paul goes to the BY.

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7:20 PM BBT In the BY, Natalie asks what a mouse trap is? She asks if they have them in the house? She asks what a fly trap is? Nicole tells her she can't be serious. Paul tells her he legitimately hates her. Paul & Bridgette keep singing the Wizard Of Oz song. Natalie asks who wrote penis in the WC? No one answers. Nicole says she's going in to change her clothes. Natalie asks if they are really going night swimming tonight? Paul says yes.

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7:26 PM BBT Back in the KT, Bridgette is cleaning off the KT table & Victor is doing dishes while wearing yellow rubber gloves. Bridgette has to stand on one of the black bar stool chairs to reach the middle of the table to clean that part. Bridgette says it's looking good. She moves all the bar stool chairs away from the table to sweep the floor.

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7:30 PM BBT Nicole asks Victor to take a shower in the HOHR. She will take one when she is finished running. Corey makes himself a protein shake to drink. Victor & Bridgette are still cleaning. Paul is still working out in the BY. You can hear an airplane fly overhead. Paul is moving things in the BY for Nicole to be able to do her run. Paul tries to get her to run with weights. She says she doesn't want to run with the weights. She tells him she wants to run for her mind to let some stress out. Paul runs with her. She says she might fall in the pool. Natalie tells her to watch her ankle because there is a hole near the pool. Paul breaks off after the first round in the BY. Nicole says that she felt the hole in the ground. Natalie tells her she should put the orange bucket over it so she doesn't hurt herself. She does that on her next round. She says it's so much better than starting & stopping.

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7:37 PM BBT Nicole tells Natalie she has a fear that her tampon string will be hanging out. Paul tells her he will pull it out if it is. Natalie says she has more energy to work out in the morning & early afternoon. She says she can only work out at home at night, because that's her only free time. Natalie tells Paul that her mom called her today & told her that she loves & misses him, & she says no humping. Paul says his mom tells him how it is. Natalie says that's funny that his mom said that. Paul asks Nicole if he got a bond bump from the awning. She says she doesn't think so. BB tells Paul to please put on his microphone. He keeps working out. We see FOTH briefly. Natalie tells Nicole that they have to make sure to work out when they get locked inside tomorrow. Natalie says working out makes her happy. Nicole says it does now, but not so much before.

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7:46 PM BBT Corey & James start are playing a game of pool in the BY, while Nicole & Paul continue to work out. Cleaning continues in the KT.

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7:53 PM BBT James says that whoever gets the most wins is the best pool player in the house. Corey has 8 wins & James has 6 wins. They are playing to the first person to get to 11.

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7:57 PM BBT Bridgette is cooking in the KT. Victor is using the Swiffer Wet Jet on the floor in the KT. Victor wants to go visit her after the show. Bridgette says she may have to take time off when they are done. Victor says he might do an all-inclusive to Mexico or go to Europe to get away. He says this game has drained all his energy. Bridgette looks into the camera by the stove & smiles.

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8:01 PM BBT Corey is intently concentrating on his next pool shot. James is using a dryer sheet between his hand & the pool cue to take his shot. He doesn't seem to concentrate as hard on his shot. James really drills his next shot. After his next shot, he says it was beautiful & it had backspin on the ball. Paul goes to the BY & asks which one of them wants to lose in a game of pool?

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8:05 PM BBT Paul is being so loud & annoying during James & Corey's pool game. Bridgette is eating the food she made while sitting at the KT table with Mr. Jenkins. Paul runs in the house & asks her how her food is? She says she gives it like a 3. Paul says he will give girls compliments & girls come back & talk to him because they think he's funny. Paul says that he saw the prettiest girl in his life. He says that he stopped what he was doing & went up to her & told her that she needs to high fiver her mom for making such a pretty daughter. James & Victor are now playing pool in the BY.

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8:16 PM BBT Paul tells Bridgette that he doesn't hit on girls. He tells Bridgette that he is just like everyone else. Corey goes in the KT & looks in the refrigerator. Michelle goes by the back sliding door & looks outside. Paul talks about his business be all about the branding. Michelle asks how he finds the models? He says they are his friends. Paul says he hand writes letters with each order. He says he throws in free stuff with each order, & he remembers certain customers. Michelle tells Paul she wants a Big Meech hat from his company. He says he has some really cool hats. He says he introduced rings just before going to the BB house. Michelle says they are expensive at $165.00. He says it is 40 grams of silver & they run $400 or more in other stores. She says she would pay the $30 for a hat, but she wouldn't pay that much for the rings. Michelle is chomping on the food that she is eating while sitting at the KT table. Paul tells her & Bridgette that people get upset when they buy stuff that has crappy quality. He says he focuses on quality. Michelle says she thinks his business will be better after the show. He says he hopes so, but he made it for people because he likes it. Michelle makes herself a bowl of cereal now after finishing her first plate of food. She shoves some in her mouth as she walks to the table, not even waiting to sit down. Paul asks Michelle if she can bring him some BBQ sauce from the SR when she goes in? She says yes.

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