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Saturday, May 7, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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Thank you!

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Tim, the brothers and Kelsey were in the pantry when feeds came back.

Kelsey said that she knew the answer to every question.

Nick mentioned that the PoV comp was the last competition he would be participating in (because next week it will be Phil's turn to compete), so he HAD to win it.

Kelsey hugs him and says "I'm so proud of you!"

Phil: "why are we still in the pantry?"

(Apparently, it was some kind of "timed" competition, and Phil was probably secluded alone in the pantry.)

Tim and Phil exit, leaving Nick alone with Kelsey.

Nick mentions to Kelsey that now Kelsey will have the only vote, and that Cass will be campaigning to her so hard, and being emotional.

Kelsey: "I don't care!" (about Cass's campaign efforts)

Kelsey: "There's like absolutely no way I could be swayed."

Kelsey looking to the fridge wondering out loud what she should eat, but then saying that all she really wants is a cigarette (but they are locked out from the backyard, perhaps until after a winner is crowned, at this point.)

They leave the pantry as well.

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Tim is doing dishes in the kitchen.

Nick mentions to him that that was the last competition we will be playing in, and that "the future is in Paqo senior's hands now... I'm not sure how I feel about it".


Kelsey mentions that it has been 8 hours since she was last able to see what time it is, and since they've eaten.  "I'm exhausted", she says.


Meanwhile, Cass is in her bed in the blue bedroom.


Phil says "that was a really cool set".  Tim agrees, saying "so RAD!".  Nick chimes in with "I wanted to have a sleepover in there".


Tim wonders "What happens now?  Surely there's some drinks coming, or something?"

Phil: "you want to have a couple of beers from the fridge?"  (Then goes to get them.)


Tim says "we were really well-behaved today!"


Phil enters the HoH room (where he is alone) and says "What?  Once again!  Woo!  Woo-hoo!  Once again Nick pulls through for the Bros!"

"Fire it up!  We're unstoppable!  Unstoppable!"

He grabs 2 beer bottles (which look like they are from a Quebec micro-brewery), and heads back out to rendezvous with the others downstairs.


Kelsey (about the veto): " I literally was done in like 10 minutes.  And then I spent 10 minutes looking for this....  I'm like 'oh, it's locked, there must be a key', and then running downstairs to place something, ran back, reached in the pocket, grabbed the keys and then I'm like 'I'm the smartest person alive!' and then I continued to not find the one that was literally staring you in the face."


Nick says "I think I went above and beyond, I was ripping shit off the bed.  I went through all the pillows, everything, I just couldn't find the last one."

Nick "well, I can officially say that cold showers work.

Tim "what?"

Nick "ever since I started doing my routing of cold showers before comps..."




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Around 2:50am BBT


Tim "I can't believe there's (only) a week left!"


Phil: "are we going to be able to go outside?  Did they say?  I freaking hope so!"


Tim continues to prep food.


Kelsey is now worried about being the only person to have to go into the room and say... (regarding voting out Cass)

Now they all worry that she is going to hate them all.


Kelsey decided to go take "a quick bath".


Nick "I just knew I was going to win, going into that, but then I just had a freak out.  It's really exhausting to prepare for comps the way I've been doing it.  I've been going into animal mode."


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Sidebar:  It's easy to forget that the brothers have been playing as one player, when counting up competitions won.  Yet, If you compare them to other individual players over all the seasons of Big Brother CANADA, they now have a very impressive record. The brothers have won the most comps of all BBC seasons. They have now won 7 comps in total - 3 HOHs and 4 POVs. If they win the final HoH, that will make 4 and 4.

By comparison, in season 1 - Emmett won 5 comps total, in season 2 - Jon won 6 comps total, in season 3 - Ashley won 4 comps total.
The brothers are the Canadian veto kings, having now won the most veto comps out of any player over all the BB Canada seasons.


In the kitchen, cooking turns to eating, and no game talk takes place.

Tim goes to eat at the dining room table.


Feeds switch to the HoH room.

Phil is telling Nick not to talk about "I", not to start sentences with "I" (since they are a duo?)

Phil then goes to join Kelsey in the HoH bathroom.  She is running a bath for himself, while in the tub, wearing her black swimming outfit.

"Yeah, you're like a sister to me", Phil tells her.


"I have no place else to go" he says, when she appear uncomfortable that he is just looking at her while she is in the tub.

He lies down on the floor next to the tub, so that he won't be looking at her.

He mentions that he has just spent over 5 hours alone while the others were participating in the PoV, so he needs some human interaction.


Kelsey asks what he thinks the coming schedule will be, and Phil is pretty convinced that they will be having a Sunday eviction.


Tim comes into the HoH room.

Phil mentions that he "will be sleeping in the pink tonight".

Tim starts to leave, and Nick tells him that he is happy with the way it turned out, and that one of the "threety" member won and can "take care of it".

Tim mentions that it's cool that the HoH and PoV were won by the same person.

Tim (about Cass): "she had a good run, fair and square.  I would congratulate her."

Phil mentions that Tim knew this is how it would be.

Tim says that it's just going to be a sad week, and he's not sure how to be around her.

Nick says something like that he hopes she'll just accept her fate, but Tim is convinced that she won't, and will start offering deals.

Kelsey chimes in from the HoH bathroom that Cass has already started to talk to her about the upcoming vote.

Tim makes a joke to Phil about making sure to watch out for "Team Vagina", which is what all of them, even the girls, have been calling the Cass+Kelsey alliance.

Phil says something about that Kelsey will be sheltered right there in that bed (gesturing toward the HoH bed) between the 2 brothers all week.

Kelsey yells "have a little faith in me!" from the bathtub.

Tim strolls in saying that Cass will probably be in his ear trying to convince him to self-evict.

After a few more assurances, Tim exits.


Phil goes back into the HoH bathroom to keep Kelsey company.

She offers to tell him a story.  Finding Nemo.  He declines.  She is surprised by this.  She says it's a story that she knows really well.


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Around 3:20am BBT


Kelsey teases Phil about his competition record compared to Nick's.

"How many comps has HE won, and how many have YOU won!"

Phil tries to defend himself.  "He's literally played in like 8 comps.  I've played in 2, and I won one of those.  And I played in 2 Have-Not competitions and won both of those."

He brings up the "poker chip challenge", where they had to find hidden poker ships that Kelsey and Loveita hid in the house. Kelsey is aware, however, that most of the ones he "found" were given to him be someone else.


Kelsey points out that both herself and Phil have each won one comp each.

But Phil brings out that he's only played in half of th HoH comps, while she's played in like 10 or 11.

She says that she was gone for a week, so she missed some.

(This is all in fun, they are not actually arguing.)

She's says they've each won one, so that makes them equals, but he brings up that you have to go with winning percentage!


They share some orange juice from a glass.

Kelsey again wonders if they'll get to go outside again. Phil says "not tonight!"

They talk about that production has to go unbuild a whole house out there.  First they had to build a whole house, now they have to unbuild one.

Big Brother asks them to stop talking about production.

Kelsey mentions that there was a spiral staircase in this PoV comp to climb up to the second level.


Phil again mentions that he will be in the pink room tonight.

Kelsey asks why the brothers don't like sleeping together, saying that the girls have had no problem doing it.

Phil says "yeah, but you're girls... and he snores... and I'm a boy.. a man... a real live man."


Phil asks out loud "Big Brother, is my iPod ready?", adds to Kelsey "looking to have some tunes".

Kelsey says "I need to go to bed soon.  I'm tired."

Big Brother says "Phil, please go to the diary room."

Kelsey, all excited, says "Phil, can I have it?"  (LOL)

Phil says "we'll see", then runs to the diary room.

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Phil comes back with the iPod.

Kelsey begs to listen to just one song.

He tries to decline, even offering to only listen with one ear, so they can still chat.

But she says please a few more time.

They keep bargaining for it.  (in a flirtatious way)


They come to a deal that after he finishes the song he is presently listening to, she will get 2 songs, then have to give it back.


Meanwhile, he continues to drink her orange juice.

Phil claims that he is "in a position of leverage".

He ends up giving her the juice, but tells her that before he gives her the iPod he needs to go into the HoH bedroom and dance to the music for just like a minute.

He does so and soon returns.

He gives her the iPod and she relaxes in the tub alone for a while.


Around 3:45am BBT

Eventually, Kelsey gets out of the tub and goes to the bathroom to change.

The brothers take the opportunity to talk.

They are excited that they might actually win Big Brother!

They talk about all their achievements, including all their competition wins, and only being on the block for 24 hours out of the whole game.

(It's a real mutual admiration society, except that they are technically playing as one player.)

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Phil decides that he really wants to have a beer tonight, so goes down to get one.

As he steps out the HoH room door, Nick yells after him that he will split it with him.


Phil gets 2 beers out of the pantry fridge and opens them, takes both bottles upstairs and gives one to his brother.

Nick puts on a shirt (for TV, he says), and makes a toast to "coming this far, me actually winning comps... standing together as huge targets in this house and standing here today..."

They drink.

Phil tells Nick that he will need to pound some studying in to him.  He tests hi with a few rapid-fire questions (like: "how many people have never won HoH"), and Nick answers each of them immediately and correctly.

Phil: "OH!  You DO know youe shit!  Nice!  I was not expecting that!  Alright."


Around 4:00 am BBT


Kelsey and comes up and join the brothers in the HoH room.

They discuss sleeping arrangement.

Apparently, the production unbuilding of the PoV comp set is very noisy from the pink bedroom, but not the HoH room, but Phil says he just can't sleep when forced to share a bed with his brother.  He tries to get Nick to go sleep in the other bedroom, but Nick isn't budging.

Nick even offered Kelsey the other side of the HoH bed.


They bring up Cass, and Kelsey says not to worry about her, and not to feel bad.

They say that Tim will NOT self-evict for her.

Phil asks them all to stop talking game.

Phil tells Nick that he thinks Nick has a crush on Kelsey.

Nick is happy to discuss it.  Kelsey brings up that she thinks he has more of a crush on her sister.


Tim comes in.

Says that "it's horrible" referring to the feeling of knowing that Cass, his best friends throughout the game, will be leaving.

And he says that Kelsey must know how he must feel, because she felt it with Raul.  (LOL, no mention of Jared)


Kelsey brings up that "this is the treaty" (the brothers, Tim and Kelsey, who are now all sitting there in the HoH room).


Tim tells them that all he wanted to do was to get to the finale, because that's what he has done in his other two shows.

Cass comes in right after this.

Nick offers Cass a beer.

Cass leaves.


Kelsey tells them that she told Cass that there is no way she will be swayed.

Tim says that pretty much everyone who has left has said that making the finale had been their dream.

Tim says that "I couldn't ask what she's asking"

They start agreeing that Cass wouldn't be able to win anyway, so that any of them giving up their spot to her at this point would be senseless.

(Except that by that logic, isn't she the perfect player to bring along with you to final 2 if winning the game is your priority? - Jedi)


Cass returns.

Tim says it's a bit of a sombre mood because that was the final challenge.  They were trying to repeat their success of last week, and it didn't happen.

It's just separating the player and the person.  He feels sorry for the person, his friend Cass.  But as a player, he need to make his own decision based on what is best for his game.

(Tim is topless this whole time, and now debates going to go put a T-shirt on.  He doesn't go, too tired and lazy right now.)

Cass just sits there, silently and looking a little distracted and dejected.

Meanwhile, Kelsey is joking around, talking in funny voices and laughing.  The brothers also can't suppress a joyous mood.

Finally, Cass gets up and says she is going to be in the blue room, and says something about having (or not having) a fun night without her, then asks that they wake her if any alcohol turns up (not beer, she doesn't like to drink beer).

"Have fun, Final 3", she says as she goes out the door.


Kelsey: "She doesn't want us to stop talking, but then when we start talking about something other than the game, she's annoyed with us."

Phil: "Man, people leave this game, that's just the nature of it.  Not eeryone can win."

Nick: "I have a hard time feeling bad... she feels like ok, we're ripping her dream away from her, but at the same time..." - "she's tried to rip OUR dream away 6 times", finishes Phil, "... and then lied about it", adds Nick.

Nick "that's why I wanted to see a final 3 of integrious (sic) players".


Kelsey states that when Tim won the veto last week, and they ended up making the treaty, she just KNEW that it would end up like this, that the three of them would end up being the final 3.

Tim asks them if it's ever happened before, that a final four has decided beforehand on a final 3.

Nick starts saying "yeah..."

Kelsey says "no, probably not".

Tim asks "we're not going to look like assholes???"

The others says "no", and "not at all".  Tim agrees, saying "I don't think we are, either".

Tim thinks that the others are fine, but that he, as her friend, is going to have a lot of questions to answer about it in the diary room.

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Around 4:10 am BBT


Tim brings up, in a roundabout way, that they would have a better chance of winning jury votes against Cass than against him.


But they all tell him that they all prefer having him in the final 3 with them than her.  They prefer to take their chances with him and the way he has played than have her stand next to them.


Nick says he wants to be able to show that people who don't know all about the show can do well, and that you don't have to play a dishonest and disloyal game in order to win.


Phil brings up that none of them (the final 3) will be going to jury.  They will all just be walking out onto the stage on finale night.

Tim laughs in wonderment.


Kelsey thinks this is fate.

They all say they never believed in fate before, but do now.


Talk turns to dreams they have had, Nick about the game, Tim about Kelsey's sister crying.

Kelsey changes the subject to the craziness of how her and Loveita ended up sharing a secret room together for a week.


Nick: "I'm so proud of us.  All of us."


Kelsey, to Tim: "that's so weird that you had a vision of my sister..."

Nick:  I had visions of your sister too!"  (They all laugh at his amusing comment.)


Tim: "Today was the biggest day of this whole season."

Kelsey: "I thought I was going to win that veto."

Tim: "I remember thinking - I didn't fly halfway around the world to do homework, and that's really going to bite me in the ass today".  (They all laugh.)

Kelsey: "Mine was the one on the picture frame, I just couldn't see it"  (Talking about the keys they had to find during the PoV comp today.)

Kelsey "I hate when I do bad at comps"

Nick:  "I'm a mechanic, I don't care about that stuff.  I didn't even notice the pockets."

Tim "What pockets?"

Nick "on her shirt, Oxy-Clean".  (Previous PoV comp, not the one from today)

Tim "Oh!  yeah, yeah."

Nick "I fumbled that one so hard"

Nick "Big Brother came on and say 'alright... the flaw is on Kelsey', and I stood there for another 5 minutes"

Tim "it was really hard, that one"

Kelsey gets up.  At the HoH door she says "I'm going to bed.  Goodnight boys!".  Exit Kelsey.


Phil holds up a framed photo of his parents, and says he can't wait to see them.

Mentions that "especially since we left on a bad note"

Tim says that he can't wait to see them either, so he can apologize,,,, says that it's a strange journey and that they will see when watching the show that he said he had really hoped to take them, that he had picked them to work with, and wanted to work with them to get through the game... and that that's why he went a little strange after the veto that he won, because he realized that the stupid alliance of 3 (the 3reeakshow) had kept them apart.

Tim "I think that we were meant to e Big Brother family".

Phil: "My mom is going to be all over you, like 'I love your accent' and everything."

Nick "my family is going to love you, man!"


Tim "you've become one of the greats.  Like, the way you think of Jon Pardy, that's how people will be thinking of you."


Phil: "the driver who drove me in... he drove Jon Pardy... and went 'you're going to win too'."

Tim "they might have little bets on it"


Cass comes back in.

Phil joking yells "No!"

Cass "what are you guys talking about in here?"

"Jon Pardy", they say.

Cass looks at herself in a mirror, and leaves.


Phil brings up the driver again.

Nick doesn't want him to talk about it because he'll jinx them.

Tim says it's alright, and that he also had little premonitions throughout the season he won BB Australia.


(In the background, we can hear the banging of the production crew demolishing the PoV comp set.)


The boys discuss Kelsey, and how their first impressions of her were wrong, because they thought she had been cast as "the ditzy one", and how later Maddy was putting into people's heads that Kelsey was a certain way when she actually wasn't.


They discuss what just happened where Cass came in but quickly left.  They think that she may have thought that really they were talking about her.


They realize that Cass (the next evictee) will be going out after being evicted, into an empty studio, with no audience.

Tim refers to it as being "an instant eviction".


Nick compliments Tim, saying that he gained a lot of respect for him from the way he came in an was just so open and easy to talk to, without having to feel guarded around him that there was some game stuff behind everything.  Phil joins in to agree.


Phil says that he realized of late that up until around day 35, like after Dallas left, that the game settled down, having been very intense beforehand.

Tim agrees, calling the first few weeks "volatile".

Nick says that the advice he would give any future player would be to not play hard the first couple of weeks, but just to build relationships with everyone.

The brothers bring up that they had no choice but to play right off the bat because they got thrown into it (the pre-existing relationship pair, being thrown into isolation the first night)


Tim gets up saying "alright, I think I'll go to bed.  It must be 5 a.m. or something."


Tim "you set a first for the season - first HoH to win veto!"

Exit Tim.


Phil, after a couple of minutes "we're going to be legends of the game."

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Tim goes to the washroom, finds Cass in there doing/folding laundry.


Cass walks over to the pink bedroom with some laundry, tells Kelsey that she just crossed paths with Tim in the washroom and told him not to bullshit her.

And that he asked her what she was talking about, and she replied that she didn't want his fake sympathy, that she thinks it's bullshit.

Kelsey says that she doesn't think it is fake.


Cass leaves and goes to the blue room

Tim soon comes from the washroom and also heads into the blue room.

(Once again, sounds of the production team disassembling the construction in the backyard can be heard.)


Cass asks Tim if he's going to sleep in the HoH with the brothers, as she heads out to the washroom again.

Tim says "no".

Cass comes back in (they are alone in there, just the two of them), and says "honestly, just don't kick me when I'm down.  I already know I'm going.  I don't want yo uto pretend to even think about doing the friendship thing when you know that you won't, like I just can't even have my hopes up for nothing."

"You guys are all across the hall, pissing your pants laughing hysterically, while I'm in here upset."

"Like, I know you're not going to do that for me, so why have you said... why are you talking to them acting like you might actually do that?"

"Like, what is your motive? Like, what is in your head?  I just don't get it."

Tim: "I want to be alright with my decision.  It's not always about what YOU want."

Cass:  "It's not what I want.  It's never been what I've wanted."

Tim: "Well then, I wanted to consider all options, like I always do"

Cass: "You always consider all options, but you always do what you know you're going to do from the start."

Tim: "But you've got to make sure you know, like you gotta make your decision and then play devil's advocate."

(Tim: "I just want to know what time it is!  I feel like..."  Big Brother: "Cass, please put on your microphone".)

Cass: "Like I know you're not going to do that for me.  So why would you even, if you were my friend, try to give me that hope that you would, when you know you're not going to."

Tim: "Cass, you know that I..."

Cass: "You came into this house telling me 'I want to help', like 'I'm not here to win', I just want to guide the best players to the end'.

Tim: "And I think that all the three last players that I'm with have played good games and are all good players in their own right."

Cass: "There's always something, it's like... I feel like anything you've ever said to me is just... kind of... just like... you thought I was an idiot."

Tim: "nooooo... not at all.  None of this is a surprise to you, Cass.  We said going into the week ,that the three of us had made a decision already, it's not my... this isn't a shock, this isn't a betrayal, on your part from me, so don't, don't ruin like a really great game that we've played together, by painting it as something that it's not."

Cass: "You've never said that you've come here to win."

Tim: "And I'm not playing on to win. I'm not..."

Cass: "Then what ARE you doing?"

Tim: "Playing on, because I've earned my place here.  And I'm not giving up that place to someone who I don't know if they WILL win, or who didn't play in the same..."

Cass: "That's not my point right now.  I don't want you to do that.  I've always said I don't want you to do that.  I'm saying why are you saying... I really think I might, actually, do it."

Tim: "I didn't say I might do it.  I'd just like to ask myself what does it mean, if I WAS to walk away.  What does it mean, if I was to support you to keep going?"

Cass: "And you know that you wouldn't do that."

Tim: "Don't... I don't... know it.  That's why I asked myself that.  I don't know what you're wanting me to say right now."

Cass: "Just that you're not going to do it."

Tim: "I've already............ I've already said that."

Cass: "You were just saying that you were considering doing it!"

Tim: "About an hour or two ago!!  Before we left..."

Cass: "And when did you come to that realization that you're not?"

Tim: "When we were here!" (motioning to another area within the blue room)

Cass (sounding dejected): "Ok, Tim."


Tim: "I said 'let me sleep on it'."

Cass: "But if you were really... if you were friends with me, you'd be sitting here with me, just hanging out, not across the hall, hysterically laughing, where I could hear you guys laughing from over here in this room where I'm sitting here alone, upset, because I know I'm going home.  And that's my own fault, it's not your fault."

Tim: "BUT, I did come and hang out with you, and then it turned into something... negative?  And you were accusing me?"

Cass: "It wasn't negative!  I wasn't accusing you of anything!  You're the one who was still thinking about it, then you went over there and were talking to them about it, then when I came in it was all sombre and... whatever."

Tim: "when we were laughing, it was TOTALLY unrelated! Like, which is what we all agreed on.  We just wanted to have like a light-hearted week.  Sometimes, that can go a long way.  It's not a game decision that I'm making, it's a personal decision, so you don't convince someone..."

Cass: "I'm not trying to convince you of anything right now.  If I was, I wouldn't be talking to you in this way.  I'm just being honest with you, of how I'M feeling about it."

Tim: "I, like, don't know what you want me to say, like..."

Cass:  " I'm just saying you say we're friends, bla bla bla, I'm saying yeah, we're friends.  So... just be a friend.  Stop trying to get my hopes up, when..."

<Tim: "It's not about that.">

Cass: "... like, I'm going home, I know that.  So just hang out and be my friend, don't... avoid me like the plague."

Tim: "I'm not trying to get your hopes up.  Cass, this is like, in al honesty, I wouldn't like, I don't bullshit... it just really quickly turned from me, really, my heart breaking, for the situation that you're in..."

Cass: "but you're over there, laughing about it!"

Tim: "to feeling... and like every other decision along the road in this game, where you haven't agreed with me, slammed the door on me, kind of."

Cass: "I've never... I did that when you and Nikki were, whatever, nothing game-related, when I just needed my alone time, bla bla bla.

Tim: "That's what I'm saying, this isn't game-related.This is just..."

Cass: "That what I'm saying.  It's not game-related with you, YOU'RE MY FRIEND!  So act like my friend right now!"

Tim: "I AM!  I'm in here with you!  I'm not..."

Cass: "You don't have to be in here if you don't want to be.  I just hope you would want to be."

Tim: "I want to be.  I want to be, that's why I came in here, and sat on your bed, and... the same reason why Kelsey sat on that bed over there, she's your friend, like..."


Cass: "I just don't want you to vote, like, you said 'OK, I made my decision when Nick and Kelsey were sitting here on the beds'.  Ok, then don't go over there, to the HoH room after, and continue to talk about me, you know... walking out of the game, for m, your friend, as a friend, and still saying maybe I'll sleep on it, when you're not going to do it, just be honest, Ok, then... that's it."

Cass: "My point was, I don't like my friends leading me on, or, giving me hope when I'm already devastated that I'm leaving."

Tim: "Leading you on... I'm not."

Cass: "Well, that's what you kind of have been doing... in the last hour."

Tim guffaws quietly.

Tim: "I haven't, Cass."

Cass: "And you're laughing, and you were laughing in the HoH room about it."

Tim: "I was not laughing at it in the HoH room, that was..."

<Cass: "yes, you were laughing in the HoH room about it.">

Tim: "... about Jon Pardy."

Cass: "Alright, well, not when I was there, at least.  He wasn't laughing about it at all."


Cass: "Final 3 club, bla bla bla."

Tim: "I don't think we said that once."

Tim sighs.

Cass: "I worked my ass off in that veto to win it for myself, I was off by one minute, because I would never want you to do that.  And for you to think that oh, whenever something doesn't go my way... no, I'm mad at myself, that's it, you're the one that says, oh, maybe I would do that for you"

Tim: "I'm not offering false hope."

Cass: "Ha ha ha ha ha, you HAVE been!  Because you're not going to do it!  You're like, oh, maybe you still have a chance, no, you're just bullshitting me."

Tim: "I told you! 

Cass: "You didn't tell me anything!  You told me that you're going to think about it, and that you're going to sleep on it."

Tim: "I'm saying, I'm not going to walk away from the game, I'm here as a player, let me sleep on it."

Cass: " What are you sleeping on?"

Tim: "That decision!  If I'm not doing it.  Jesus!  What part of this do you not understand?"

Cass: "So what are you... so you might wake up tomorrow and realized, oh, maybe I WOULD do that for my friend Cass?"

Cass whispers "Oh my God" in an exasperated tone.


Cass: "I think what ticked me off, is when I walked in there..."

Tim: "I said to the brothers, you guys are at the final, you're going to be remembered as Jon Pardy is remembered, and laughed at that.  At the beginning of the game, <couldn't make out that part> how much Phil, that's what we were laughing at.  It's nothing to do with you."

Cass: "No, that's not what I'm talking about.  I'll tell you when it's just you and me in here."  (I don't get it, they are alone right now.)


Tim props himself up on one albow facing in Cass's direction, with a big smile on his face and says "do ou want me to go put a pizza on?"

Cass: "No, I want you to just... want to be just by myself."

Tim: "Ok."

Phil comes in.

Cass says "it's too loud in there, I can't sleep in there, it's too noisy.

Phil says "goodnight, guys" and leaves.


Tim is looking at Cass, from beneath his covers, you can only see the top half of his face.

Cass asks him "what?!"

"Do you want to sleep in the same bed?", he asks, his face coming out from under the covers, with a big smile.

Cass: "No, I'm leaving tomorrow."

Tim: "We don't know.  We don't know when the eviction is."

Cass: "It's all today because it's going to be tomorrow, so they can put it on the Sunday episode."  (Not true, Sunday will show the HoH competition, fallout from it, and the <almost useless> nominations.  Possibly the BBCAN AWARDS as well, although that may only get shown on Wednesday, before the PoV competition.)

Big Brother: "Cassandra... please FIX your microphone."  (Thanks, Big Brother, it had been a little hard to hear her, of late!)


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9:30am BBT Good Morning Canada! The lights just came on in the BB house and Tim is the only one crawling out of bed and getting dressed.

9:35am BBT BB asks Phil to hand out new batteries to the house guests.

9:37am BBT BB announced good morning to the house guests and told them it is time to wake up.

9:43 am BBT the house guests make their way out of bed as Tim makes the coffee and Phil passes out batteries.

9:53am BBT the feeds go down

10:00am BBT Tim, Kelsey and Phil are in the wash area and Tim tells the others that he is prepared to tell Cassandra what he will tell the others if Cassandra starts trying to tell lies. Tim explains that it has been in the last week so Kelsey tries to guess who it is about and Tim responds that he is not saying anything unless Cassandra starts trying to tell lies. Phil leaves the wash area to go and get dressed and Tim leaves the wash area to go down to the kitchen and clean. 

10:14am BBT Tim is done cleaning up and heads back upstairs with his coffee. He went into the pink bedroom where Kelsey is going through her clothes as the brothers are sitting on the bed talking about jet lag. Tim said that he changed the clock to 10am because he feels like that is what time it is. Phil asks what if it is only 4am .

10:29am BBT general chatting in the pink bedroom between the brothers, Kelsey and Tim and then Phil heads up to the HoH to listen to music.

10:43am BBT BB asked Phil to turn down the music on the music player so Phil takes off the headphones and heads downstairs and sat at the dining table with Nick, Kelsey and Tim. Phil asks Nick if he is in a good mood today and Nick said yes. Kelsey thought Phil asked Nick if he is going to be weird today and why that would be different from any other day. Tim said his head hurts and then follows that with really not his head and Kelsey says that she got into it with Cassandra in the wash area today. Tim explains it is just like when you make excuses in your head and you don't want to be right about it. He makes excuses that she (Cassandra) was loyal and was nice to him but he don't believe at the very end she would do that and he don;t know if anything was real. Nick said that he has moments in the house too not knowing what was real. Kelsey explains that her, Jared and Raul was real. Kelsey explained that she asked Cassandra if she was going to enjoy her little bit in the house and Cassandra said that she is so sick of all of them because they are laughing and being happy. Kelsey said she was like fine and she was sorry was she supposed to be upset and mope around all day. Kelsey continues to explain that Cassandra said that she was talking about in the HoH and she was excluded. Kelsey told her no because she came in there and then she got up and left angry. She said that Cassandra wants to leave now and Kelsey told her okay whatever have a good F***in day then. 




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At around 5:00pm BBT

(Just before the 15 minute mark on Feed 4)

(alternate view at the 55:43 mark on Feed 3)

The houseguests are mostly all in the kitchen, where Tim and Kelsey are making either chicken or fish, or both, along with some other things.

Nick asks everyone, generally: "Guys' what's the first article of clothing you want to buy when you get out of this place?"

Kelsey says that she wishes she had all her little black outfits here with her.

Nick asks what she would want to buy, though.


Suddenly Arisa Cox appears (wearing a white dress) on the living room screen and says "Houseguests, please come to the living room!".

(Phil and Kelsey spot her in the split-second before she started to speak and both say "What the Hell?!?!"


You can hear some of them say "Oh my God" (Tim?), and "it's an eviction" (Cass?).

Phil says "are we in trouble?"

Cass: "No, I'm getting evicted."

Kelsey tells Cass to shut up.


Cass: "Arisa, oh I don't look good today for you!"

Kelsey: "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God" (very rapidly).

(At this point, they have all made their way into the living room and have sat down on the couches, Tim and Cass seated in the positions where the nominees sit.)


Arisa: "I have some news; there is something you need to know.  <long pause>  In LESS than AN HOUR, <long pause, during which Tim and Cass look at each other, and Tim throws his arm around her> one more of you will be leaving the BB Can Grand.  Welcome to a surprise eviction!"

(The long pauses give them ample time to film everyone's facial expressions, most of which were fearful.)


A split-second after Arisa finishes saying the word "eviction", all the feeds go down simultaneously, showing the familiar screen we've seen all season, which says "Locked Out! We've temporarily locked down the Big Brother Canada house. But don't worry, the feeds will be back on soon."


Almost 4 minutes later, this is replaced by a similar-looking screen which says "Stay Tuned! Don't miss the final week of Big Brother Canada.  Tune in on May 12th to find out who wins."


And the feeds have not come back, and probably no longer will, until next year.

In all likelihood, live feeds are now officially "done for the season"!


Porky Pig: "That's All, Folks!"


(But there were a few hours earlier today which we did not log/cover, and for the moment the rewind feature still works, so if you're going through live feed withdrawal, you can always head over there and rewind to some point before 5:00pm BBT today.)



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May 7, 2016:

10:46am BBT The brothers, Kelsey and Tim sitting at the dining table talking about making it to the end at all costs and how some other house guests played the game. Tim asks the others if they want a watermelon slushie and they all say yes and then Kelsey gets up to make the brothers a sandwich and they talk about clothes that they have exchanged with each other and how much they like them...and then we get locked out.

10:57am BBT the feeds come back with Kelsey in the kitchen drinking her slushie and cooking. Tim is talking about a video they seen yesterday with Nikki holding the puppy and the kangaroo in the back ground. Kelsey said that was the best week ever because they got their family right before that and then they had the wedding and she follows that with the other fellow house guests that watched will be so jealous. Tim reminds them that is the week Jared went home and Kelsey can't believe that she voted him out of the house. Nick thinks that will be a big brother moment. Kelsey said the crowd was like "ohhh my god" Tim don't think he can look at the crowd anymore and nothing will top that. Then talk turns to the crowd, they think it is all younger people in the crowd and if they would go and watch a taping of BB. Then they talk about going to watch a talk show like Ellen or Oprah. Tim asks if the others have ever been to watch a live taping of a show and he tells them it is so boring because of all the stop starting that they do is in the audience and the sound is not heard clearly.

11:01am BBT Tim is called to the DR as one of the brothers are talking about their gym teacher trying out for Canada Idol. Tim comes back out of the DR and said that he has to go and put on and outfit...and then we get locked out.

11:12am BBT the feeds come back with Kelsey still cooking in the kitchen and Phil talking about chilling designated driver style and he was out with a few buddies and how he seen some girl and got her number and took her out to the canal. Kelsey said that his stories makes him seem like a baby. Phil said that he just don't take girls out, how he is scared of feelings and how girls send such long text messages. Kelsey said that girls need to learn to be more cool and she has a friend that shares her long text messages. Phil comments that less is more ladies and probably for guys too. Kelsey said that she don't really care and there is always the dumb ones that just don't stop and then she talks about a night out and the next day a guy contacted her on fb because he took a picture of her on the dance floor and how she stopped talking to him on fb but he kept sending her messages. Phil said that he does not contact a girl again if they do not answer him the first time and once the chase is over it's done. Phil thinks that he is broken because most of his friends are in relationships. Kelsey is done making the brothers food and Phil thanks her telling her she really is a diamond in the raw. The brothers and Kelsey sit at the dining table and start talking about a guy that Kelsey went out with and all he did was want to fight....and then we get locked out.

11:39am BBT the feeds come back up with Tim coming out of the DR and Phi explains to him that they are talking about fights and why guys fight at the bars. Tim said it is just like competitions like animals with females involved and then the discussion turns to talking about dogs.

11:59am BBT Kelsey is called to the DR while Tim, Nick and Phil continue to talk about dogs and then discussion changes to flying.

12:15pm BBT Tim explains what living in Australia is like, places to go and he talks about a friend he has from BB Australia.

12:26pm BBT Nick is cleaning in the kitchen while Kelsey is sitting at the dining table. Tim walks in the room and they talk about fake tanning and waxing and then they talk to using the veto and they wonder what Cassandra will go into the jury and talk about. 

12:50pm BBT Kelsey, Tim and the brothers are in the HoH room and Kelsey is explaining how she was on birth control for five years and then went off of it and how she believes that it makes you mood change when you are on it. Kelsey explains a couple of stories about how her sister acted and how her friend acted when they were on it. BB asks Tim to arrange a house wide battery change. Kelsey is trying to think of a story to tell that she knows well enough. Tim walks into the HoH room with the battery box talking about if he has to give a plea he is going to say something about Australian fighters.Kelsey is worried about her perception on tv and how she is viewed. Tim walks back in the HoH room and explains to Kelsey is that her being the last girl and every one wanted her out but they had her wrong. Kelsey said that she was totally fine working with girls and just like keeping Cass this week but still there was times and she just worries about it a little bit. Nick tells her not to worry about it at all. Tim said that girls are always harsher on other girls and in this series there has not been many nice girls that have made it that far. Nick said that there hasn't been many nice girls in the house. Tim thinks the girls underestimated Kelsey on a game level and got her wrong on a personal level and they talk about the other girls in the house and things they have said about Kelsey. They discuss how the girls were looking for a reason to hate Kelsey but Kelsey would not give them a reason.

1:08pm BBT Discussion in the HoH room is about how they are glad they came into the BB house at the age they are and about how Nick has always been a caretaker no matter what age he was.

1:10pm BBT Nick just got called to the DR as Cassandra came out of it. Cassandra asked where the others are at and Nick explains they are in the HoH room talking about high school and told her to go in there if she wants to. Cassandra grabbed the popcorn and went into the pink bedroom to lay on the bed. After a few seconds she got back up and went to the HoH room to pop her head in and told Tim that she needs to talk to him and asked him to come and talk.  


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