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Thursday, May 5, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates.  Comments and BBCAN discussions are in the Big Brother Canada 4 - Discussion section.

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

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As many of you know, we didn't get enough help this season to continue our social media program that included having live feed updaters that were scheduled, and would also post here in the forum.  Since there's no longer a schedule, you are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, someone else take over!" or whatever so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


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Thank you!

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8:53am BBT Good Morning Canada! Today is eviction day and the lights just came on in the BB house!

8:56am BBT BB just announced Good Morning to the house guests and told them it is time to wake up and we see Joel is the only one making his way out of bed.

8:58am BBT BB announced again that it is time to wake up and calls out each of their names.




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9:01am BBT Cassandra is telling Tim that it is better to be a voter this week instead of the next HoH. Casandra just realized that she has the self tan stuff on her hands and it is so dark. Tim asks if she washed her hands after she put the tanning cream on and she said yes and then they start talking about dreams.

9:05am BBT Tim told Cass that her hands look so bad and if she does go tonight...and then she interrupts him asking if he is voting her out. Tim is not sure what he is going to do and if she will go against him next week. Cassandra thinks that the brothers will vote for Joel to stay just to  make it a tie and make Kelsey be the deciding vote so they do not have to do it.

9:08am BBT Nick and Phil are up and taking a shower while Tim and Cassandra are still laying in their beds wondering what they are going to wear today.

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9:11am BBT Tim and Cassandra both crawl out of bed and look for what they are going to wear today. Cassandra makes a comment about girl power and then she followed that with "yea Kelsey if you believe in that" and left the room to go and brush her teeth. Tim also went into the wash area where both brothers are still showering. On the other feed we see Joel sitting in the living room on the table in between the blue couch and "Live Eviction Today" is on the screen. Joel got up and went into the kitchen where the coffee pot is finishing up perking and then poured himself a cup.

9:18am BBT Phil is called to the DR and asks Joel if there is some coffee as he passes by the kitchen. Joel told them that there is . Joel made his way up the stairs as Cassandra was on her way down. Cass went into the kitchen and Joel came back down the stairs to sit at the dining table.

9:21am BBT Feed one is back on May 2 and feed three is blacked out. Tim is on feed two in the shower and Joel is still at the dining table while Nick is in the kitchen. Cassandra was just called to the DR.(not many words are being spoken so far).

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9:23am BBT Cass is out of the DR and Nick is asking if they know if the eggs on the counter were sitting out all night. Cassandra thinks they were and she was going into the storage room only to find it locked.

9:26am BBT the pantry is now unlocked and Nick is mad because it was the last of their eggs. Cassandra walked over and gave him a hug. Cassandra has the baking soda and is going to take it up the stairs to try and wash the stuff off of her hands. Nick asked Tim if the eggs are bad now that they stayed out all night and Tim said that they are fine and that some people keep their eggs at room temperature so Nick is happy about that but is unsure of Tim's answer because he called out to BB and asked if the eggs are still good left out overnight. Nick comments he would look it up but you know and then said that he does not want to be sick for tonight and then asks BB that if they can get back to him in 15 or 20 minutes that would be cool because that is when the eggs will be ready.

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9:31am BBT Joel still sitting at the dining table quietly while Nick is still in the kitchen. Cassandra is in the wash area trying to clean her hands while Phil is brushing his teeth. Tim walks down stairs to find there are still two eggs left in the carton and asked Nick if he could put them in the water with Nick's eggs. Nick said that it would be fine. Tim asks BB for some more toilet paper and wonders if Kelsey cleared out of the HoH room yet. Tim cannot wait to hear about her movie and made his way up to the HoH room and then came back down with a hand full of dirty dishes. He set the dishes down and grabbed more toilet paper out of the storage room and went back up stairs.

9:36am BBT Tim, Cassandra, Phil and Kelsey are in the wash area talking about Cassandra's hands and the baking soda did not help to take much of the stain. off of her hands. Kelsey wonders if she can finish her movie today (into the wild) and she thinks there is about an hour left to watch. The boys left the wash area and Kelsey tells Cass that she is feeling guilty about Raul and Jared. Cassandra explains to Kelsey that she is afraid that Tim is going to vote for Joel to stay. Kelsey said that she will talk to them later. Phil walks in and talk turns to what they are wearing today. Cass is taking toilet paper to the HoH and then Kelsey tells Phil about a dream that she had last night.

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9:42am BBT Joel leaves the dining table and heads into the kitchen while Tim sits down at the table asking Nick if he slept alright. Kelsey walks downstairs and she is trying to decide if she can finish her movie. Tim explains that straight after rehearsal she has to be out of the HoH room Nick said that they still need to talk. Tim is explaining that she has to pack up and it is sad because she has to pack up the photos. Kelsey said that it is not so sad because they are almost done with the game. Kelsey starts talking about the movie that she was watching after she told Cassandra that she can shower in the HoH. 

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9:47am BBT Tim is talking about seeing people after they get out of the house. Kelsey is in the kitchen cooking while Nick, Tim and Phil are sitting at the dining table. Phil goes into the kitchen and Nick asks Tim if he thinks that Cassandra will throw the HoH and Tim said yes there is no reason for her to try and unless it is a comp that she can actually think she could win then she wont even try. Tim said they might not be able to see each other compete and Kelsey said that she will be able to see. Kelsey don't think that she will even try. Kelsey, Tim, Nick and Phil are all sitting at the dining table discussing Cassandra and Nick said to let her have a little false hope until next week. Tim is worried that she might say something for the others to get him out and they all three tell Tim that will not happen and that Cassandra is going after Joel. Cassandra walks out of the DR and Kelsey told her that she likes her better when she is on the block then when she is HoH. Cassandra walks upstairs and Kelsey heads into the kitchen to tell Tim and Nick their eggs are going to be so over boiled.

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9:54am BBT Kelsey sitting back at the dining table is talking about finishing her movie again and explains the screen kept saying check your router and Tim said maybe they did not pay their subscription....and then we get locked out.

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9:58am BBT The feeds come back with Kelsey, Tim, Nick and Phil sitting at the table. Tim said that they will be fine as long as she (Cassandra) don't win any comps. Tim thinks that they have Cassandra on a leash. Phil said don't tell her that though. Kelsey is explaining that she said to Cass the conditions if they keep her. Phil wonders if Joel feels bad enough to win the comp tonight. Tim and Kelsey both think that Joel would try and win the HoH if he stayed. They discuss how Joel planned on getting him and Nikki to the end. They wonder what Nikki will do when Joel walks in. Kelsey said there goes her winning vote from Nikki. Nick thinks it will be heated in jury if Joel tells a lie. They joke about Cassandra having dual personalities. Nick worries as soon as the comp rolls around and she gets excited who knows what will happen. Tim said that he is proud of Cassandra this week and this is his favorite week of game play. Kelsey thinks that they will be fine but the worst thing that could happen is if Cassandra wins HoH. Kelsey thinks that she is getting sick and Phil tells her to drink a lot of water. Tim and Nick get up to get their eggs. BB just announced that the HoH must pack and vacate the HoH room. Tim said because of the treaty he is not worried about if he wins or the brothers win HoH because they are not coming after each other next week.

10:06am BBT Joel is in the shower while the brothers and Tim are in the kitchen talking about music.

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10:09am BBT Kelsey is packing her stuff in the HoH room while Phil watches. Cassandra walks in and promises Phil that she is throwing the HoH because if they keep her safe she owes her life in this game. Phil is alright with that. Tim is in the kitchen cleaning while Nick is still eating his eggs. BB just told Kelsey that the pantry is now open so Phil runs out the door and Cassandra asks Kelsey if she thinks she is still good. Kelsey said that she thinks that she is fine and then BB called Cassandra to the DR.

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10:20am BBT Tim is cleaning the kitchen while Kelsey and Phil listen to the ipod in the HoH room. Phil thinks it is going to be a good.week.Kelsey wonders if anything crazy will happen today. Phil said even when they are just chilling their heads are still in the game. Kelsey is really happy that she won this HoH and it is the one that she needed to win the most. Phil said if they get the HoH room this week it will be such a party room because they will be celebrating the final three. Kelsey thinks that only ones that will have to actually compete in the end is her and Phil. Kelsey thinks the brothers will have Nikki and Maddy for sure and she will have Jared and Raul for sure. Phil tells Kelsey that he is taking her to the final two for sure and he would come in second to her. Kelsey thanks him for saying that she deserves to win and she is taking the brothers to the final two for sure and then they discuss Kelsey's letter that she is still reading.

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10:28am BBT Phil and Kelsey still in the HoH listening to the ipod and reading her letter. Phil comments that it will be a fun week if all goes to plan. Kelsey thinks it will go as planned and it will be good. Tim walks in and talk about maybe having a party tonight. Cassandra walks in the HoH room and said whats up. Tim said that if he don't vote for her he is voting for a safer risk. Cassandra said that she is throwing the HoH. Tim said that they (Kelsey and the brothers) might try and help her to win the Veto and get him out. Cassandra keeps saying she is throwing the HoH. Tim said that he is not worried about tonight he is worried about the veto.  Kelsey thinks that it will be such a fun week. Tim wants to forget that they are even playing a game and just enjoy the week. Kelsey thinks it will be awesome and then follows that with but who knows what can happen. Cassandra leaves the room telling Tim that she needs him to stop asking her the same questions over and over. Kelsey thinks that if they keep picking on her she could change and advises them to go to Cassandra and tell her that they trust her. Kelsey feels so bad for Joel.

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10:35am BBT Tim and Cassandra meet up in the wash area and Cassandra whispers that she don't know if she wants to throw the HoH. She is worried about Tim screwing her over. Tim said that he is not and they laugh about screwing the others over. Cassandra thinks that she should throw the HoH to the brothers and win the veto and then discussion turns to what they are going to wear today.

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10:44am BBT Cassandra walks in the HoH room and said bad news she cant say her speech because bb said it is too long and they told her not to use the different voices. Kelsey said the boys trust her. Cassandra said this is her time to show that she is loyal and the boys need to win the HoH. They are hopeful that there will be a party tonight. Kelsey wonders how Joel is doing and feels so bad for him he is like a puppy at the pound. Cassandra asks if she can read Kelsey's letter and Kelsey said sure. Cassandra reads Kelsey's letter and then proceeds to decide what she is going to say in her speech tonight. Cassandra is going to eat, Kelsey is going to do her hair and Phil stays to listen to the ipod.

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10:52am BBT Cassandra stops in the blue room watching Tim trying to decide what he is going to wear. Kelsey walks in the blue room and again says she feels so bad for Joel who is sitting by himself down by the DR on the white chair.

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Joel did something with Kelsey's cigarettes last night. First video shows Joel sneaking down to get her cigs from kitchen and brings them into the toilet. The second video shows him putting them back on the counter, timing seems to check out since you can see the eggs are still on the counter. (They should tell Kelsey as this is completely unsanitary) links: 



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When feeds returned after the eviction episode, everyone was in the HoH room.

The brothers have photos, and are telling stories about them.

(It sounds like the brothers, who won HoH, got some rum in their HoH basket, and be the time Cass came out of the DR, which apparently took a very long time, the rum was all gone.  She was unthrilled.)


A little later, Tim tells a story about a time (New Year's 2014/2015), when he got so drunk (apparently, he though he was drinking plain vodka, but someone had mixed something else into it to make it more potent) and ended up "shitting himself".  When he woke up with a hangover and went to the bathroom, he discovered this, kicked his boxers into a corner and took a shower, then went back to bed (the bed was clean, as his "accident" was contained in his boxers).  When next he awoke, the dog had found the boxers and had torn them to shreds, mostly on the living room carpet.  One of his roommates was still asleep (sleeping off a similar hangover), and Tim began cleaning up the mess, but his other roommate came back (with a girl) before he had finished cleaning.  The girls were a little traumatized (and amused) by this tale.


One by one, they get called to the DR (to comment on tonight's events - Joel's eviction and the Paqs brothers' HoH win).

While Cass is in the DR, Kelsey and Phil share Phil's iPod, while Tim and Nick share Nick's.


Later still, (just as Cas comes out of the DR, after being in there for perhaps a half hour), Big Brother announced that "the pantry is open", and everyone goes down to see what is new to find in there (as they had previously been talking about always getting a little treats/feast after every eviction. And... they find alcohol!

Cass complains that she has a migraine, and needs wine to get rid of it.

The girls still start drinking wine, while the boys have some beers.

The go back upstairs into the HoH room.


Around 10:00pm BBT, Cass goes down to the kitchen, grabs some snacks (crackers and spinach dip?), and her once-again-refilled glass of red wine, and goes into the High Roller suite.

There, she proceeds to do a little studying alone, and a lot of talking to herself.  (What she earlier refers to as "the Cassandra show".)

Here are some of the highlights of what she said (which lend insight to her true beliefs and motives, as well as her hopes for the future, and strategic planning.)

Since she is ALONE and TALKING TO HERSELF, for ONCE you can be sure that the words coming out of her mouth are NOT LIES. LOL


(It's sometimes difficult to listen at times, as she is eating practically the whole time, and not too quietly at that.  Crunch, crunch crunch, munch, munch, munch.  She also breathes heavily into the microphone very often.)

"This is where you lost the HoH competition, how do you feel about that?  Loser!"

"sorry if that makes you uncomfortable, but you're always uncomfortable because you almost go home every week"

"they call you the black widow for a reason"

"you can't win a competition, but you are VERY... persuasive"

"most peace in the game ever... snacks, wine, alone time... away from the brothers, away from Kelsey, who is on another planet"

"Tim is a weirdo... doesn't stop talking"

"Shit, you really should have won the HoH, Cassandra!"

"just study your dates!  Ok.  Week 1..."

"I could probably get someone to throw the veto to me"

"Kelsey probably would"

(She continues to study, going the weeks and days, but appears to be getting drunker, based on her exaggerated facial expressions.)

"Big Brother, can you help me win a challenge here?  I can't win a challenge on my own!  I suck!"

"I've played a better game than these people, individually"

"Your lips are chapped right now, Cassandra" (after having taken a big sip of wine)

"You HAVE played a good game."

"Can this next one be mental?  Because physical, you will not win."

"I have tried to get the brothers out, can't say that I haven't"

"If they had lost that veto, Jared would have stayed, Jared would have carried me to the end. But he had to go, too, because he was a weirdo."

"... and my father won the HoH.  Thank you! I can't win one on my own."

"I should have won tonight!  F#$%! I'm an idiot!"

"Should have won tonight's.  We had to.  You might go home because of it.  F@&%!"

"You might go home now, because you lost that HoH competition tonight... unless, Tim wins veto, because I trust him."

"I'm proud of myself, though, for staying through this week, I am."

"You came here to win, you didn't come here to get fourth place."

"You gotta win.  You gotta get to final 2."

"HOW are you going to get there?"

"Whatever the competition is, I'm going to try 120% to win it."

"I pray to everything that I love, that I win this veto."

"I want to control who stays and who goes... and I'll keep Tim, and break that promise."

"Kelsey and the brother!  Because they think they are 'King Shit' right now!"

"They think the own this house.  They think they are already in Final 2!"

The thing is... you're not, you're in final 4, so they have to get rid of two people before they even get there, and they think it's so easy to do that... which PISSES ME OFF."

"... and they don't think there's any chance of me winning veto"

"I stuck to my word (air quotes), threw the HoH, and you know what?  I need to win this veto! 'cause they don't expect that, and I'm gonna get Kelsey out, keep Tim, and me and Tim will hopefully win that final HoH, get the brothers out and hopefully be in the finals together.  And if I win it... (the rest is unintelligible)"

"It makes me so angry, that they already think they've won this game"

"Because they can win competitions, and I can't"

"Give them the worst case scenario of me winning the veto, I will win the veto somehow, and I will control the vote.  And guess what, I will break the word that I made to them of 'I will get rid of Tim', no, I'm not doing that, I'll get rid of Kelsey, because she's the only one that I can, keep Tim... that'll be a shocker!"

"I wish I won that today!  F#$%!"

"What was the final veto for season 1?  Season 2 was a boardgame, wasn't it?  In season 3... it was that train thing, with the dates"


Tim finally emerges from the DR.

Cass crawls over the the door of the High Roller suite and calls to him.

He climbs up the stairs on his way to the HoH room.  Cass tells him not to tell the others where she is.

Tim goes into the HoH room.

Cass: "I wanted to tell him to come here, but I don't want Kelsey or the brothers to know I'm here."

"F@%$!  Why did I lose that HoH!  I'm an idiot!"

"Its the one competition... this would have secured you in the final 3... and now you might not if Tim doesn't win veto... and you don't"

"Idiot!  You had... one. competition. to. win!"

"The one veto you DID win, you weren't supposed to win!  What the heck!"

"Ha.  You idiot, you can't think on your feet!"


She gets up to go pee, stops on the way outside the HoH room to eavesdrop for 10 seconds or so, but doesn't hear anything interesting, so moves on.

When she comes back out, she rnd into Tim, who has been tasked by Big Brother to do a battery change.

She goes back to the High Roller room afterward, and resumes drinking her wine and talking out loud.

Cass whispers "I want to kill myself. (chuckles) I want to kill myself.  (deep sigh)"

(more deep breathing, sipping wine and loudly munching chips and chewing ensues)

"Big Brother... help me out.  Can we have a veto competition where we just stand there looking good?"


"Should I go play 'Social Game' and be friends with these people?"

"Or do you want to just celebrate your victory of staying after this last week, by yourself, and enjoy your time?"

"Enjoy your time!"

"These people drive me nuts!  It's just, the brothers... so young and stupid, Kelsey is just irritating."

"You don't want to hang out with them."


(She finally gets up and leaves).

Cass joins Phil, Nick and Tim in the kitchen area.

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At 11:!2 pm BBT, Feed 1 shows a quick flash of Marsha the Moose in the Have-Not room.


Around 11:20 - 11:30 pm BBT, the brothers and Tim prepared and consumed some chicken, which they then are unsure of whether it had been properly prepared.

Nick is wondering if he should go try to throw up in the bathroom, while Phil is brushing the whole thing off and telling Nick that it's fine.

Nick makes mention of salmonella.

Tim jokes "good luck in the veto competition tomorrow".


Cass returns to the high roller room to finish her wine.


Eventually, she goes upstairs to the washroom and brushed her hair, then creeps over to the HoH door and eavesdrops some more.

She soon tires of the boring conversation she overhears and heads back downstairs, fetches her wine, and goes to rejoin everyone in the HoH.


They talk about how Kelsey's return into the game changed everything, as without that they may have been sent out the door one by one, but that with Kelsey making Mitch a target, that led to Maddy being the target the following week, and so on.


The brothers get called to the DR.

They stop on the way to talk about that if Kelsey or Tim win veto and the final HoH, they probably will NOT take the brothers to the final 2.


Meanwhile, in the HoH room, Kelsey is trying to get Tim and Cass to admit that they love each other.


Cass mentions that she knows the 3 others (Counting the brothers as one) are all against her, and that if she doesn't win the veto she is gone.


Kelsey makes the claim that the only reason Cass is still here (and not Joel) is because Kelsey decided a few days earlier to keep her, and then made it happen.


Cass tells Tim that if she wins the veto, he is leaving.

Tim responds that if he wins it, she will be the one leaving.

Then he says that if Kelsey win, Cass will also leave.

Then Tim winks at Cass when he is sure that Kelsey can't see him doing it.  He does this again a moment later, to be sure Cass sees him.


They go over when the brothers were HoH, and Kelsey had to prod Jared into going up to talk to them in the HoH room to not get nominated.


Cass and Tim are "pumping Kelsey's tires", telling her that they both think that she will win this show.

That there is avery good chance she will make it to the final 2, and if she does then she will win.

(Kelsey is talking a mile a minute, probably because she is hyperactive after drinking alcohol.)



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