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Monday, May 2, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates.  Comments and BBCAN discussions are in the Big Brother Canada 4 - Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

As many of you know, we didn't get enough help this season to continue our social media program that included having live feed updaters that were scheduled, and would also post here in the forum.  Since there's no longer a schedule, you are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, someone else take over!" or whatever so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Thank you!

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11:34AM Nick is in the Pink room folding cothes, the feeds first showed Tim in the Blue Room
Cassandra is in the washroom doing makeup, Joel is “chilling” in the wa and told Cass he’s going to go work out now.
No real chatters going on.

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11:39 Cass asks Joel “Would you really do that for me .. or where you just upset
Joel says part of him does, he doesn’t know, part of it it’s because he’s upset but he thinks it may make things right with everyone (I am guessing it’s about him “Self evicicting)
Joe says he doesn’t know what the right thing to do is
Cass says what do you want to do . do you want to leave and get your alliance further, or do you want to keep fighting   ( The Nerv of Cass even having this convo – I dislike Cass even more now what a Bleep)
Joel says especially now that  everyone is against him

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11:45 Big Brother says "Tim the pantry is now open"

Tim walks upstairs with an arm full of TP and walks into the WA where Nick is now too with Cass and Joel

Nick is doing laundry


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12:19 Feeds come back and Tim says he had to make a statement for himself. Philip says he thinks it’s crazy to think about that he could be gone in four days and he’s cleaning (What does that mean?)
Tim talks about what happens in BBAU.

That after the crowning of the Winner, they go back to the house and there’s a moment of audio of something that happened in the house, and the lights go out. Tim’s point is Big Brother is the last one standing, or there’s no Big Brother the empty there’s Big Brother when there’s no House Guests, when there’s no one in the house, there’s no one for the People behind the wall watching Big Brother there’s nothing for BB to do.

Nick asks when he’s at home in his room alone will he feel alone.

Tim says he has never felt more alone than when he was first night out of the house

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12:24 Tim says another scary thought, the last night before Finale, that the lights go out knowing last night they'd all sleep in the Big Brother
Philip says its like at camp, when you're with friends and then camp is over it can be emotional
that's like in the House you spend so much time, together.

Tim says it's a happy feeling and crazy feeling to know it's ending
The Brothers say having been on BB was good time, there relationship was in shambles

Tim asks how it works, when the Winner is announced  Tim tells them how it worked in the UK

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12:29 Tim tells the Brothers that he was telling Cass this morning that he hasn't felt like winning "This" BB game.
In the veto he wasn't expecting to win it but it felt good.

Tim says "we're very very lucky getting this far and people who got evicted sooner, has unfinished business"

Phil says that his Mom told him to be proud of how far we've gotten

They Mention Sara and Peter Brown asking what they've said


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2:55 Feeds were out and have come back
Joel is alone in the Pink room
Cass and Tim are in the Blue Room.
They are randomly chatting about skin being soft, and lights and wondering how long it’s been
Phil walks into the Pink room and starts chatting with Joel
He asks Joel how he’s doing and Joel says he needs to refocus and wants to get through the next few days says he or Nick should win the HOH and the other win the Veto, and says it’s all on the veto and the week after it’s all on the HOH because it’s a three part HOH.

Joel asks what’s happening in the backyard, and suggests freshening up and Joel asks if he should fart.
Joel said he should lose is “drift” and release his drift, he’s held it all this comp. Nick says he drifts a lot
( I don’t know why I’m posting this convo)

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10:20 PM BBT: All HGs in the HOh talking about week one and why Kelsey was the target up against Paige. Kelsey saying that Maddy was the reason Loveita put up Kelsey and suggested Paige would be the perfect pawn. Maddy Loveita and Sharry were three of the four who voted for Kelsey to leave and it took a while for them to get it out of Dallas that he was the fourth vote which came out during the confrontation when Jared was HOH. Game talk stops long enough for them to comment about how much they are all pigging out. BB tells them to stop talking about production. The brothers complain about how much they were blamed for during the game starting with the fourth vote for Kelsey. Kelsey again rehashing the confrontation when she tricked Dallas into admitting he was the fourth vote and how he went on to spill his guts about everything. She says she was so drunk she did not remember much and the others comment that all they heard was yelling in the HOH. Tim does not remember and Kelsey tells him he was probably drunk. Tim says Nikki was probably running down the hallways. BB tells them again to stop talking about production. Kelsey remarks that it has been a crazy season and Cass thinks it has been a good season. They rehash past decisions and how much they have gone back and forth like when they kept Loveita and she turned around and won HOH that night. Kelsey says she was so stupid and did not learn from her mistake week one and put up two girls again and picked a target and the pawn left again. Kelsey says she called out Loveita for making pussy noms when she was in the secret room and Love defended them saying they were not pussy noms and they made sense to her at the time.Tim thinks the season will be very fun to watch and someone says they will start watching at the wrap party. Phil says he is not turning on his phone after the show until he has seen all five of his friends in Ottawa and if he does he owes Kelsey a hundred dollars. Nick thinks it will be peaceful on the plane home if they keep the phones off. Tim says he will buy a journal. Kelsey is asked if she sees frequent clients on the planes she works and her answer is that she does not fly a regular ruite but goes all over.  kelsey wines that she wants the outside to open so bad. Kelsey says they have 14 days still in the house and not the 11 they had been thinking. Cass thinks the season will be a full 80 days and the final will be on a Sunday. Joel says they usually are on Sundays. BB tells Cass to stop talking about production. Kelsey recalls the days when they were locked in the HOH with everyone. One of the brothers thinks he will recall this group most when thinking back but Tim says he recalls three phases of the game. Nick says that they can spend time together now since no one is talking game they can all hand out together. Kelsey is called to the DR and gets up and leaves.

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10:33PM BBT: Phil says there is time to get to know everyone in the house. Tim speaks about Mitch not showing any interest in Tim even at a personal level since he had no use for him in the game and then when he needed him they talked some. Tim is munching away on pop corn. Phil asks the group what the one piece of advice they would give to future players is. Cass calls out not to call some one a dumb bitch. Joel says to know what your best skills are when you go in there and Tim adds work your strengths to which Joel continues to know your strengths and weaknesses and what you need to do to go further in the game. Tim says if you are going to build a web of lies be careful you don't find yourself in a sticky situation. Kelsey prepping in the bathroom yells out GO WITH YOUR GUT. Try and get to know the people and not just the players. Joel; talk to people on a personal level. They discuss the levels of Loveita and how many never got to know her since she was HOH first and was in full game mode most of the time. She hardly ever showed the full fun side of herself. 

They all reminisce about various incidents during the season.

Tim moves over to the bed and Cass snuggles up against him. He says he hates perfume. A brother says they are cute and she says he is her brother in a baby voice. Tim tells her he wants her to stop this and then says he wants to get a good bed when he gets home. Tim asks how long one could stay in Canada as a visitor and is told six months. He wonders about staying longer and maybe learning building skills in Canada. Phil announces to the room that the back yard is open and they all scramble out.

Phil and Tim head to the hot tub and say it is cold and it is a duvet night. They examine the cusion on the round seat and find parts of it are quite wet. Then the check the hot tub to see if if was cleaned and find it to be quite scummy. Tim wants to go ask BB for some alcohol and the feed cuts out as they leave the hot tub area.

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10:48PM BBT: The feeds are back with the boys upstairs talking about the former HGs coming back to help the final four glam up for the BB awards dinner episode and they wonder who it will be. They are all wandering about trying to decide what to do tonight. Tim complains about the cleanliness of the hot tub and says he is not doing it tonight. He and Cass are in the blue bedroom and he is asking her for a massage tonight. She asks about his vote and he puts her off saying he still has to think about it. She tells him about how she teared up when talking to one of the brothers and Tim asks if they were real or fake tears. She swears they were real. He says if she turns on them next week they will never trust another woman and accuses her of using fake tears on everyone. She says she has listened to him and not talked game to which he replies she should have listened to him sooner. (These two hang out so much together because they are equally narcissistic and therefore can tolerate one another and balance each other out. No one else could spend so much time with either one of them. - DRG) 

Nick and Joel have gone out to the hot tub and are chatting about driving race cars and what it takes to be a successful driver in a mocking and sarcastic manner. Joel now going on about the Gregorian calendar and how Alice was April.

Tim and Cass take turns in the toilet as Phil leaves the washroom and the feed stays on the closed toilet door. (Once again folks, for the record I only type this crap because Morty pays me by the syllable. - DRG) Cass leaves the toilet and washes her hands and as she goes to leave the washroom Tim jumps out of the shower stall screaming and scares her good. They chase each other around like a pair of cats then head to the bedroom and assume their regular positions on the beds.

Outside Nick and Joel start a mock talk show program. 

Tim and Cass talk strategy and decide to do one more day they way they did today. She thinks she did well with Nick earlier and he saw a human side to her. He says if she does get to the end with him would he pick her?? she says she thinks he deserves to win but she would not say that to the jury. They met in the house and had a lot in common but different skills. Tim thinks if the two of them made it to the final they would be hated. She says a duo has never made the finale before. Tim says she has to watch out for Joel as he thinks he wants to stay. She says Kelsey says he is bringing up things about himself that he has never talked about the whole game such as how he had no friends in the house other than Loveita.

Phil is outside now talking about a story from the brothers younger days.

Cass talking about her crying episode with Nick earlier and how she used her emotion about maybe leaving to work Nick. Tim says he is almost out of his cream since he has given it out to so many people. He wonders who went home with the peppermint oil. She tells him Kelsey wants to talk to him tonight and he says he is dreading it. She tells him not to dread it and then asks him if he wants a massage. She is called to the DR and promises his massage upon her return.

The stories continue outside about an episode when the brothers were drunk on Pixie sticks and ran into a woman who had blood all over her clothes and they asked her into the house where she stripped off her clothes in front of them. Kelsey has joined them now and is seated on the bar smoking like a chimney. They say she told them she was traveling with friends who got eaten by a bear. Nick tells the others that the story makes him want to puke and he can say for a fact that it never happened. Kelsey asks if they are doing a show and they tell her they are. Phil admits he was throwing in the most random stuff he could think of. Joel rates the show a solid 3 and a half on a scale of one to shut up. Nick says he thought maybe it was real and he had gotten so loopy on pixie sticks at the time that he did not remember it. Kelsey is asked to talk about "computer grey". They tease her about leaning into the microphone. She says that grey is not a color but a tone. They razz her about her comment and say out of 50 shades of grey that was a one. Joel starts telling a story about a Golden Retriever who retrieved gold and killed an owl once. Her name was Misty. He brings her into the house and heads off to school where he played intramural hockey. Then he comes home and it gets interesting. He tells his mom he wants to go to Clown College. She tells him no way. A couple years later after being in hibernation like sleep he drinks some truth serum and realizes he had been hibernating for two years and he wanted to go to Clown College and why was he wasting his life. He realized his mom had tossed him in a large bottomless pit and thrown Chloroform in there. he had held onto a root for the whole time. (here is where I shift into yada yada yada mode as even Kelsey gets up and walks out on this nonsense. - DRG)







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11:26PM BBT: Kelsey swings thru the kitchen then checks in the HOH followed by the washroom but is not finding anyone. Phil enters the shower. Kelsey walks thru the HOH bathroom then heads back downstairs. 

Nick and Joel still exchanging stories outside. Kelsey returns with a blanket for Nick and he says thanks Mom and asks if she ever will be a mom to which she says maybe. Nick is going to restart his story and Kelsey says please let this one be better than the last few she had heard. (the internet community seconds that motion - DRG)

Phil is on the other feed in the pink bedroom changing his clothes. Cass has come out of the DR and checked in with Tim briefly in the blue room where he is resting on his bed. BB calls out for Tim to pleas wake up and he says he was not sleeping that time and he knows he should not be in there but the hot tub has scum around the rim and a bird pooed in it yesterday as he continues to lie on his bed.

Cass bursts back intot he room and asks what he is doing. He says he is trying not to sleep and heads off again to find the lotion for his massage. She is singing only with the syllable da as she looks. Cass found the lotion and is back to start her massage. In her baby voice she tells him he just has to do a little thing for her and he responds that he does not have the veto anymore. She tells him he just needs to use his brain and help her . He has no shirt on and she is atop his butt working her way up his spine with her full weight. He tells her he used to have a tshirt that said, "Sinners make the best saints." She complains about it being too hot and puts her hair up on top of her head. He wonders why she is wearing what she is (long pants and a hoodie over a tank top.) she removes the hoodie and tells him she has been doing what he told her to do today. She says she knows that Joel is outside with the others right now and wonders if they should head out there. They wonder why he is using the sympathy card now since they never heard it before. Cass speculates that it is due to him being caught and not knowing what else to do. She goes on to says he was playing everyone in the house including them. Tim now talking about how he and Jared had shook hands on a fnal two and she wonders when it was and why he did not tell her. She wonders if he would tell Kelsey and he declines saying he does not do that kind of stuff. Tim says it was during his HOH and maybe even after Dallas went as Jared was worried Tim was building a team against him. Cass thinks Jared was very intuitive. Cass again says that if they won HOH this week it would have been a good move cutting Jared and now she is not sure. Tim says it is still a good move and how different does the house feel now. Cass speculates about next week and her winning the HOH if she stays this week, Tim says the massage is good and asks if the tan is rubbing off. They both get paranoid about Joel and decide to head out and see what is going on. they say he is very manipulative and Tim says he wanted him not to use the veto as they prepare to go outside by layering up. 

Raucus stories still going on outside with Kelsey now telling one,

Cass and Tim hit the kitchen with coats on and a duvet in hand. they stop in the kitchen and pantry for more snacks. Tim jokes that there is one advantage to Joel being on slop and points to the goodies he is eating. 


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