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Wednesday, April 20, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates.  Comments and BBCAN discussions are in the Big Brother Canada 4 - Discussion section.

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

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Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
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As many of you know, we didn't get enough help this season to continue our social media program that included having live feed updaters that were scheduled, and would also post here in the forum.  Since there's no longer a schedule, you are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, someone else take over!" or whatever so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


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Thank you!

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Sorry Morty and everyone..I have been under the weather the last few days.


Went back to 1 pm Cam 1 where Maddy and Cass are in the pink room talking.

Maddy is telling Cass how she has nothing left in her to even campaign. 

She is talking about her speech she will give. Saying how she is going to have to throw Tim under the bus in order to even have a chance to stay in the house. She really wants everything she says to be true. Cass comments that this is a very emotional cast and takes everything so personally and that no one sees it as a game.

Cass tells Maddy that if she can get 2 votes to stay she will be the third for her.

They then start talking back to Love's game play when she was in the house.

Maddy comments that all of them need to stop the "what ifs" and just do.

Maddy is thinking she will pull everyone into the living room or even the high roller room and talk to everyone but really not sure what to do. She wants this to be an open campaign not a secret one. Everything out in the open.

Cass is not sure if this is a good idea or a bad one. 

Right now Cass tells Maddy she has nothing to loose she is going home tomorrow as it stands right now.


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4 pm ish HG's making food and eating different things. Maddy and Phil in the high roller room talking. Maddy is telling him that in the next hour or so she is going to pull everyone together and do a full house campaign. She wanted Phil to know where they stand because she may say some things and people will come to him.

Phil is very happy that Maddy is going to actually campaign and that she is at least giving herself a chance and if she does still leave that she will have no regrets. 


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Maddy's Big Meeting...

Tells everyone she is doing this as an open book...talking to the house at once. Had a rough week this week. Tells the HG that they do not have to be there if they do not want or if they know their vote will not change. Jared says his vote will not change but that he has nothing better to do so he will stay.

Nikki is not there ...she is in the bath shaving her legs.

She goes through who would put her up on the block which would be just about everyone. Thus if they keep her she will always be the bigger target. She has no one in the house. No one likes her in the house on either a personal level or game level.

She starts on Tim and the fact that he is painting an illusion that he does not want to win. Tim is loved by everyone. If they keep him he will win.

Kelsey talks about who they want people they want to be around. Maddy knows that everyone thinks she is annoying.

Maddy starts to through Tim under the bus and Tim keeps interrupting her.

Kelsey, Jared  and Cass are defending Tim and the brothers and Joel are staying very quiet.

Maddy starts to get a little emotional because no one is showing any sympathy for her and the fact that she has no one. 

No matter what... Tim has NIkki and Cass as votes for him moving on.


Kelsey says that Maddy has been mean and nasty to everyone in the house.

Cass says that at this point in the game it is all just game moves. 

Maddy tells them they can leave if they want. 

Maddy says that if the reason they want her to leave because she has been mean and nasty and starts to cry.

Nikki did finally join the group but is being very quiet.

Tim and Jared say they have really liked the new Maddy that they have been around this week who will talk to others. She is so alone. She is very hurt by how personal some of these people have made this game.She comments that this house is very influential.

Maddy says everyone is afraid to take a risk in this house. Maddy figures she would have had a better chance to stay if Ramsey was still there. Tim added that if she was up against someone else as well she may have had a better chance. 

It seems like at this point the only people in the room still who even have a vote are NIkki and Joel. 

Maddy apologizes for taking up everyone's time.






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( Sorry im coming in so late I've had a busy day off)

10:26 Nikki is in the blue room reading a First Aid Pocket Guide

Maddie, Cass  Joel, and Phil? are in the Pink room chatting,

I heard "that was so funny" from Maddie

Then they continue chatting about certain comps, and Joel thinking it may be a double tomorrow

There was some singing going on (Maddie) and the feeds go black

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10:03PM BBT: Feeds return showing the chapel and the pink room. Nikki is talking with Jared Tim and Kelsey in the chapel about cats at home and then she talks about snoring.

Maddy Joel and Nick are lying on the beds in the pink room silent.

The chapel crew starts to play a word game. Tim remarks that today was not too hard a day for the have nots. The word game continues. Cass comes in drops something off and leaves after telling Tim she has not showered yet in reply to his query.

BB calls Nick and Phil to the DR.

Back to the word game in the chapel and silence in the pink bedroom.

Nikki hopes that they get some alcohol tomorrow as it has been so long now and then asks Tim to rub some lavender on her.

Cass comes and lies down next to Maddy in the pink room. Maddy comments about Joel and he says he is lying there with his eyes wide open. Maddy is looking for a grey shirt and Joel sees one but she curtly tells him that it is not the one.

Maddy now saying that she thinks Jared should get Tim out. She then speculates that he is over there giving them ultimate security. Now she disses Kelse calling her naive for thinking that Tim loves her while he really hates her as much as anyone in the house.

General chatter in the chapel ends when Nikki announces she is going to bed and departs.

Maddy telling Cass that she thinks anyone left in the game is capable of doing what she did. Cass feels capable but just cannot win a competition. (Slight flaw in reasoning there??? - DRG) Cass saying she should have just treated this like summer camp and made friends. Now they diss Jared for playing a poor game and not really doing anything. Maddy thinks she and Joel are the only ones to make real moves as HOHs. They start talking about targeting order with Maddy telling her to get Tim before the brothers since the brothers won't go after her for a while.  Maddy feels Jared will wipe Tim's ass til final two thinking he will beat him, but he won't. They both think the game sucks.

Jared asking Tim how he liked the fight between Phil and Nikki and he says he loved it. She can dish it out but cannot take it according to Kelsey who also thinks she looks like a little granny. 

Cass and Maddy continue to discuss future scenarios and wonder if it will be a double or triple tomorrow.  Cass wonders if she can win HOH. She says she is not good with many things except to use her brain. Maddy warns her to be careful as there are four people int he house that want her out including Jared. Cass wants to know when he said that last and why he feels that way. Maddy tells her it was less than a week ago and Jared just does not trust her. 

Other feed shows Nikki in the blue room reading in bed. Can't make out what the heck she has to read.

Maddy asking what to say in a goodbye speech and Cass responds just don't make it the same as last time. Then she wonders what she will say in her goodbye message to Maddy. Maddy now mocking Tim and Phil enters the room.Joel asks the time and Phil does not know it so Joel gets up to go check.

Nikki still reading alone in the blue room.

Cass says she hates the Have Not room. She and Cass call Phil an idiot for hiding in Joel's bed and warn Joel when the door opens.  Joel informs the room that it is 11:09 so that in 51 minutes they have to put the onion rings in the oven so they will be ready for a midnight snack. Happy babies going back and forth amongst them.  Joel starts to speculate that it will be a double tomorrow after asking Phil if he really wants to put his hands down his pants right now.  Talk turns to past competitions and how they performed in them. 

Nikki still reading away as the feed switches to the pink room then all feeds fade out.


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10:35 Feeds come back Cass Jared and Kels are in the washroom chatting,

in the Pink room Nick, Maddie and Joel are chatting about maybe since Canada voted the brothers in that Canada will vote to evict.

 in the washroom, Cass, Jared and Kels are general chatting

Kels : I am so tired Cas

Cass: Me too

Kels I am so ready for bed

Jared giggles

Cass is changing in the shower  and having a shower

Cass says  tomorrow's gonna be double eviction

Kels sort of laughs 

Kels I wish I could

Jared asks how how many meters in dental floss cass guesses 30 and the answer is 40

Cass asks if Tim is in the DR and Jared says I think so



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in the Pink room again

Maddie says I wish I could say whole good bye speech in French

Joel tells her she's learned a lot already

She wants to know what House guests is in French

Maddie continues asking Phil & Joel how to say things in French

She says Too fast, slow down because Phil talks too fast

She wants to know how to say this is been the worst week of my life

(I'm sorry I can't listen to her stupid talk --- I really do hope she leaves to Jury tomorrow.)



Back int he washroom

Jared, Kels doing ADLS

Jared says he looks like a caveman

Kels says she looks and Jared says pretty

Jared starts talking like a caveman


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Jared asks what time it is and Kels says bed time

they agree to stud a little bit before bed.

in the pink room

Joel says " I like the women big brother the best"

Maddie: She's so nice" and the screen goes black again _(((talk about production is a No No))))

Kels & Jared are on the green couches, studying the dates and comps


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Kels says I hope everything goes well tomorrow

Jared: oh it's the eviction tomorrow , something about things being hectic tomorrow

Kels says that it's weird how empty the house is

Jared ssays I wish u were a have right now

Kels goes why..

Jared says I want u to come cuddle in bed

Kels goes i wants a snack

Kels says you go crawl into bed and Kels is gonna crawl on the floor

Jared what an experience is this is

Kels starts singing and Jared says can't sing but wow does that song hit home for us

BB - Please stop singing

Kels says okay let's go to bed .. Bye

Kels asks if she should finish the story tomorrow

Jared says could she start now.. says she's so infatuated when she tells the story

Back in the pink room

Maddie is laughing,

sounds like general chit chat about school and what Maddie took.

and Joels talks about his school

and they mention how being on the honor role does nothing





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Kels & Jared still sitting on couch, and he's telling a story.

Pink room  ( Maddie Joe, and Nick).. still chat about school



It shows Tim in the washroom but feeds are blacked out

Nick, Maddie and Joel are chatting about Universities etc.

Feed are back in on the washroom Cass still in the shower, appears Tim has left, and Cass is getting dressed

Phil joins Phil, Jared and Kels on the green couch

Maddie walks by Tim who's sitting on the White chair outside of the HOH

Maddie says she's going to sleep.

Kels says okay Tim wake me up if I'm not have not anymore.

Jared talked about going to the washroom (going for a poo -- were his words) and BB came over telling Joel to make a battery change

Kels is going to bed and says Good night to the boys

Joel Phil and Nick run down stairs chasing Kels they say something about slop

Camera pans back into the washroom with Cass & Tim

Tim thinks that Joel may vote to evict Tim

Cass says lets go to the high roller room and he wants to go to their room Cass goes no because Kels and Jared are there he says NO the are running around screaming

Sounds like the Have are making onion rings

and Tim says you're actually making onion rings now

They joke that the Havenot are Have's now



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11:07 Tim asks if Nikki is awake and says why don't someone wake her up

Cass says "idiot fucking idiot"

In the KT talk turns to how to deep fry the onion rings

Joel apologizes to Cass for making her mad

Joel, Maddie, Brothers, Jared Cass are in the KT

Maddie hopes they are putting alcohol in there, or batteries

Tim is sitting on the blue chair

Joel is trying to talk in a Scottish accent



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11:11 Maddie says Onion rings could make the day less shitty

Joel walks upstairs

Cass walks into the high roller room and Tim joins her

Cass says she's upset because she felt hurt that she thinks Tim isn't with her and says Sunday she felt he wasn't with her

TIm says by her being mad at him is exposing her game

She thinks that no one thinks they are working together Tim says I think they do --- ((Right now Cass appears to be an extremely stupid person ))))

Cass feels it's going to be a double eviction tomorrow

((I think Tim should pull herself away  from Cass)))

in the KT General Chit chat and cookie going on

in the high roller room

Cass says you better take me to the final 2 and Tim says maybe it's you taking me if you win you can take me

Cass thinks that Tim has a good chance of winning

Cass tells Tim no more telling about lies or strategies,  she also said that if Tim makes her ass grass she will hunt him down under

Cass says Tim is honest and truthful

Cass says something Big is going down in the backyard, and tells Tim not to be nervous he's not coming home tomorrow

and Tim says Game is on tomorrow

Tim asks if it's going to be unanimous

Cass goes you don't even care I'm mad at me, he thinks it would be nice for it to unanimous  because that would prove that no one believes what she said

Cass says she cannot believe Maddie is so dumb and not as smart as she is

Cass says that Maddie the brother said Tim is the target, and when Ramsey left Maddie said that they should be together

Jared said that he doesn't trust Tim and Cass

Tim says they have to strike the brothers and Jared

Tm says because they are annoying Cass said and never give a straight answer

and would piss Kelsey off and make the brothers come after Cass and Tim

Joel would want Jared out before brothers because he's got some sort of deal with Brothers and feels they need to get the brothers out first

( I hope Cass goes out before brothers or Jared

Brothers, Nikki, Jared

That's their count down




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Cass says they may even get Nikki out tomorrow if there's a double.. ( I Hope to god not!!!! -- Tim run away from Cass please))

She feels if Jared or Kels win HOH they would put up Nikki and Brothers and thinks if someone wins POV they may put one of them up

Tim says we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Tim says unless Jared , Kels and Joel keep Maddie,

Cass tells him Kels would never keep Maddie because she hates  Maddie, Cass tells him not to be nervous

Tim tells her he's not nervous but he just wants to know where the votes are and that the Brothers will start campaigning

(okay my ears are burning hearing Cass's voice I am moving to the KT)



in the KT

House guests are eating their "midnight snack"

They talk about the BBUS about Brandon and Brittney,

general chit chat while they are eating



(( I am off to bed got to work in the AM :( ))

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