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Thursday, August 13 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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11:00 PM BBT Meg and Becky are contemplating the coming week and looking depressed in the HNR.  Becky says she is a walking bullseye.  Meg says she wants to eat so bad. 


11:03 PM BBT Becky and Meg in the HNR. Becky is hoping that they get James out first, but she’s convinced that she is target number 1, and James is number 2.  She doesn’t think Johnny Mac is a target. 


11:05 PM BBT Team meeting in the Cabana Room Lounge.  Vanessa sitting next to Steve on chairs facing the couch, with Austin and the twins on the couch.  They are discussing who to target.  They discuss putting up John and Becky.  John because he is the only one who can beat her in competitions.  Vanessa wants to target Becky so that only one of Becky and Jackie could come back into the game. 


11:10 PM BBT Steve leaves the room, and Vanessa lists off the arguments she would use.  Austin asks what John would have done if he had won HOH.  They speculate whether John would have put up Austin.  Austin thinks that John would have put Vanessa up.  Vanessa said she had a deal with John.  Austin suggests that James would be the replacement nom if Becky or John win PoV.


11:14 PM BBT Vanessa suggests to Liz that she can make a deal with them in exchange for not putting them up.  Liz is having trouble figuring out how to go about saying it.  Vanessa suggests that she just call it a final six deal.


11:19 PM BBT Liz asks Austin if he will be there when she talks to Meg and James, and Austin says “of course.”  Austin is worried that Johnny Mac will be upset or feel like the sixth man on the totem pole.  Vanessa reminds them that even if they end up on the block they have the votes.  They talk about being Austin’s Angels and set up a sign for their alliance where they make a gun with their clasped hands with index fingers extended and blow. 


11:22 PM BBT Steve, Becky and John are chatting in the CBR.  Steve tells a muffin joke, but he is the only one that laughs.  John asks where everyone is.  James is in DR.  Meg is in the dentist room.  The others are in the Hammock room.  Becky says she needs to lay low.  Steve asks Becky how she knows they are in there.  John is sure he will be a target because he just won PoV.  They discuss who Liz might put up.  Becky says they need to put Meg up with Becky so that she loses Meg’s vote.  John is sure that either he or Becky will be going home.  Steve reminds them that with only 9 people in the house, there is a fifty percent chance even if you are not nominated or HOH. 


11:24 PM BBT Vanessa and Meg are chatting in the KT.  Meg says she has a positive outlook, and asks Vanessa how she is doing.  Vanessa tells her that she has been through a whole range of emotions. 

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11:28 PM BBT In the CRL, Austin and Julia and Liz are discussing what Liz will say to Becky.  Liz wants to know if Becky is the one who ratted out about the eight-person deal.  Austin tells Liz that she doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone.  She’s the HOH.  Austin tells her she doesn’t have to be alone up there either.  Liz is still worrying about what to say to Becky.  Austin suggests that it’s not a bad idea to let Vanessa speak for her because then others will target Vanessa instead of them.  Austin continues coaching Liz on how to handle questions without giving information out or feeling she has to answer right away.


11:35 PM BBT Steve has joined Vanessa and Steve in the KT.  Vanessa is saying she can’t believe it.  She thought her a** was grass. 


11:40 PM BBT Becky, Liz and Julia are in the WA.  Becky thinks that they might have to wait a bit longer for the HOH room because they have to “go to the store” for all the stuff for both Steve and Liz.


11:42 PM BBT Most HGs in the KT.  Meg is looking forward to food. 


11:44 PM BBT John is laying down alone in the CBR.  Austin and Julia are at the sinks in the WA.  Julia is putting on makeup while Austin putters.   Julia leaves and Austin fixes his hair.


11:47 PM BBT In the KT, they are talking about the pending HOH business as they wait for Steve to come out of the DR.  Liz points out that Steve’s HOH is shorter even than Becky’s first one.  Becky recalls that it was on the July long weekend.  Everything was compressed and it went by so quickly.  She only had two hours sleep. 


11:50 PM BBT The HGs in the KT wonder what is taking Steve so long.  Austin, Liz and Julia decide to wait in the LR. 


11:52 PM BBT Meg walks by the LR and says she is getting excited for bed, and food and shower!  Vanessa is in the LR with Austin, Liz, and Julia.  Meg, James and Becky are in the KT.  Julia wonders if there will be three Have-Nots this week.  Vanessa thinks it will be two and that she and Johnny Mac are up.  If there are three, then Steve has volunteered.


11:55 PM BBT John has joined Becky Meg and James in the KT.  Becky is talking to the group in the HR and talking about how they are mixing up the comps so that they use different skills.


11:57 PM BBT James is making steaks.  Liz complains about how long it’s taking.  John wonders if Steve will get music for at least an hour.  Becky doubts that he will because it has to stay in the HOH room.

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