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Monday, July 27 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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9:58 PM BBT In the BY, Steve says, he needs to request alcohol just because it's him. (He is a HN this week). James says, if you ain't getting drunk get out of the club, buttery nipples. (That is a shot.) Jackie laughs. Steve is walking around with a hula hoop. John is by the weights. Jackie says, Vanessa offered her a glass of wine & she's going to take it. She gets up & stretches in front of Jason by the couches.


10:00 PM BBT James says, you can see the pool table is leaning, as he walks over there. Jackie goes by the pool area, & says, you can tell it's chloriney. Jason is still sitting on the couch after finishing his cigarette.


10:02 PM BBT James says, he wants nothing but country music played in the morning. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production. Jason says, f*** that, play nothing but Nicki Manaj until he leaves. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production. BB says, please, stop singing. James says, man, they are getting on everyone. Jackie plops down on her stomach on the couch next to Jason. She bends her legs up her back. Jason says, woo, woo, you are doing all type of calisthenics.


10:05 PM BBT Jackie tells Jason she is tired of fighting. She says, it's still just the beginning. Jason says, he's just disappointed, he wanted to get farther. He says, there are good people that went before him. He says, it is what it is. Jason says, he doesn't understand that people think he's the plague. BB says, please, stop singing. Meg calls Becky out. Jackie says, Austin won't even look at them. Jason says, if these people think he's not going to win they're naive. Jason says, he already told somebody he's going to win. Jackie says, Austin is going to go after her. Jason tells her she has to win next week, otherwise they are going to go after her & James.


10:08 PM BBT Jackie says, what about Meg? Jason says, they are going to leave her alone, because they want her to be their puppy dog. Jackie says, was she told that? Jason says, it was implied in general, & she was told she would be a third wheel. Jason says, they don't think she can win anything, & they want her to be a Victoria. Jason says, she is going to try to win next week. Jackie says, she is going to check the SR. Jason says, if there is to let him know, & not to tell any of these other b*tches.


10:10 PM BBT Shelli is talking so loud about someone she knows that knows Sam Hunt. Jackie goes to the HOHR. She tells Vanessa she's going to take her up on the glass of wine. Jackie says, it won't be a big glass or anything. Vanessa says, she'll have a little glass after she has a big one. Vanessa says, she had a unicorn in her dream. She asks about rubbing a unicorns horn from a conversation yesterday. Jackie goes to get 2 wine glasses.


10:12 PM BBT The camera view goes to the pool area in the BY. Becky says, if you talk to Magic Mike early in the mornings, you get what you want. Liz says, prove it, what have you asked for & have gotten? Becky says, all the music this morning, except Prince. The camera view changes to the couch area. Jason tells Meg & James that he can't even talk to anyone. Meg says, it's still day 1.


10:14 PM BBT Jackie is back in the HOHR. Vanessa tells her that she felt like she was getting police interrogated when she was asking her questions. Jackie says, she comes from a good place. She says, she gives tough love, which is better than no love. Jackie uses hair spray, & tells Vanessa she feels good with her, but is questioning her place in the house. Jackie asks if she's sure that Shelli & Clay aren't coming after her. Vanessa says, no.


10:16 PM BBT Jackie says, Clay was asking James how he felt about her (Jackie) & Becky. Vanessa says, maybe Clay is trying to find out if there are loyalties there. Vanessa says, she's not trying to figure things out, & she's over it. Vanessa cheers to Jackie for them having HOH this week, thinking they were going to have an easy week, & having the biggest cluster f*** off all. Jackie says, cheers to that. Jackie tells Vanessa she finally got to sit down with Becky.


10:17 PM BBT Jackie says, Becky told her that she's regretting volunteering to go on the block, because she shouldn't have been sitting there with Jason. Jackie says, she's trying to figure out who's working with who, & who to go with. Jackie says, Jason, Meg & James are close. Vanessa, Shelli & Clay are close. Vanessa says, Jackie & Becky are a duo, so they can go to anyone. Vanessa tell Jackie she has Johnny Mac. Jackie says, no she doesn't. Vanessa says, the twins are with Austin (Julia won't be). Vanessa says, Steve is by himself, & everyone thinks Johnny Mac is with Becky.


10:20 PM BBT Vanessa asks Jackie about her losing her safety net, & now Jason is going home. Jackie says, she will be o.k. She says, she already saw Jeff leave, & she'll be o.k. Jackie says, everyone is at a week state right now, & it's really scary. Jackie says, everyone can be the target tomorrow. She thinks it could be her or Vanessa. (Clay told Shelli earlier they need to get Jackie out).


10:21 PM BBT Vanessa & Jackie are laughing while drinking their wine. She says, they just had a hard week. Vanessa says, her own decisions have gotten her in a rough spot with Jackie, & she takes ownership of that. Vanessa says, she gets the feeling from Jackie that they are good, & if so, they are. Vanessa says, they are still building trust, & they still have to work on that.


10:24 PM BBT Jackie tells Vanessa that she doesn't want to be a target because she is someone else's target. Jackie says, she doesn't want Austin or Shelli & Clay to think she's targeting them. Jackie says, every little thing that Shelli & Clay hear that someone is going to break them up, they will go after them, & they have gotten them out every week. Vanessa says, that's true. Vanessa runs down the list of evicted people so far, & their closest allies. She says, the close allies go out, & the other one hasn't left yet.


10:25 PM BBT Jackie says, that's how she felt with Jeff. She says, she put her game on hold to be with Jeff that week. She says, now she feels she's back to square one, even though she has shown her trust. Vanessa says, she has earned that trust, & no one is throwing that out there. She says, no one that she talks to has told her she is their target. (Just wait Vanessa for Shelli & Clay to talk to you).


10:27 PM BBT Vanessa tells Jackie she has a tight-lipped image. Jackie says, the loud mouths have gone out so far. John gets called to the DR. Vanessa tells Jackie to be adaptable, because the power changes. (Really?) Vanessa says, she is going to tell Jackie some people that she can go for that others may not be able to. Vanessa tells Jackie she is going to have to see what Shelli & Clay say. Vanessa says, for her to keep reassuring Shelli & Clay, because they will be in her corner, & they will be extremely loyal. Vanessa says, at the end of the day, she feels they didn't fully trust Jason.


10:29 PM BBT Vanessa spews good comments about Shelli. She tells Jackie that she feels her & Clay had more of an issue earlier, than her & Shelli did. Vanessa tells Jackie that Jackie is higher up on her scale than Liz. Vanessa tells her it's not to get out that she said that. Vanessa says, it's the phase of the game that they started to build the friendship. She tells Jackie she has the ability to salvage things with Shelli & Clay. (Really? They lied to Jackie).


10:31 PM BBT Jackie says, she could not not question them. Jackie says, she knew something was up because Shelli got all defensive. (Roll reversal this week, how does it feel Shelli?). Vanessa says, Shelli does the same thing, she questions people when she thinks they are lying to her.


10:33 PM BBT In the OBR, Jason says, Johnny Mac won't even talk to him. He says, Steve just told him outside that if he can do anything to make the next couple days better for him he will. Jason tells Meg & James that's why he's not going to do anything. He says, he wasn't going to help Da'Vonne, because he knew he couldn't. Meg says, it would have to be Clay & Shelli. Jason says, it has to be, but they are the masterminds of it for sure. James says, it would be a miracle if they flip. Jason says, it would, that's why he's not wasting his time.


10:35 PM BBT Jason says, now he has to go out there & pretend he likes these mother f***ers to Julie. He tells them that Vanessa said if she's asked, she will say she wants to keep him. Jason says, he was going to bring up the LGBT thing to Vanessa, but he didn't. He says, it's o.k. to keep the trans girl, but not the gay guy. James gets told not to obstruct his microphone. Meg says, he's not even talking. James says, "Mic check, 1, 2, my balls are sweaty, over." (LOL). Jason says, they are the underdogs. Meg says, she feels like she's Nicole. Her & Jason are chomping on Cheez-It's.


10:38 PM BBT Meg says, she loves Nicole. She gives Nicole a shout-out. Jason says, shout-out Nicole Franzel. Meg says, we love you. James says, she has a nice butt. BB tells James to please stop playing with his microphone. Meg asks what he was doing, & he does it again. He says, he was going bouncing the mic, & does it again. They talk about where Nicole & Hayden are from, & how they are dating. They think Hayden is going to move where she is from in Texas.


10:41 PM BBT Jason tells James to be careful who he talks to when he leaves the BB house, because for a long time they are only allowed to talk to CBS. James says, really? BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production. Jason says, he was only telling him how their contract works. Jason says, he needs to find his HOH slippers because they are going with him. James says, they will be HN's. Jason says, without him. He says, he will be at home, eating pizza & watching them. Jason says, he's going to take a shower & kill himself, jokingly.


10:43 PM BBT Meg asks James if he's sad? James says, it's just going to be the two of them left. He says, they are taking all of their people. James has the chains in his hands. BB tells James to please put on his microphone. Meg tells him to just put it on normally. Meg says, they have to get through another eviction. James says, he's scared of the one more, because it could be him. Meg says, no, why are they doing this? James says, because they want her to be miserable. Meg says, she'll be talking to herself, & in the DR all the time. James says, awww.


10:45 PM BBT In the HOHR, Jackie tells Vanessa all the ducks were in a row, it was supposed to be bam, bam, bam. Jackie says, it should have been so simple, & they would all make it to the final 8. Vanessa says, it was very scary, & she was forced to make a tough decision. She says, it may not have been the right one, & it may come back to bite her, but she will take that if it does.


10:47 PM BBT John is in the BY by the couches talking to Clay. John tells Clay that he really didn't know what was going on. Clay says, he wants to get the next couple of days over with, & then play as HOH. John says, he's completely clear, that Becky doesn't know about the four of them? John says, him, Shelli, Clay & possibly her. Clay says, that's why Jackie needs to go out, so Becky can't find out they are working with them. Clay says, Jackie has information on them that people don't need to know. He says, he's hoping she doesn't squeak that out there. John says, she may be smarter than that. Clay says, he hopes she doesn't squeal. They make up excuses to say it was over when Jeff left & that it came together this week.


10:49 PM BBT John & Clay both say it's time to play. John says, the big mouths are out, so it's time to play. (What about Austin & Liz?). Clay says, he can't wait until the double eviction is over, & the BOTB is done. John says, it went pretty far into the game last year, that if you weren't the HOH, you were nominated. Clay says, it's getting chilly outside, & he has to take a cold shower. John tells him he's almost at his long term goal of getting the first 8 out. Clay says, that side of the house is to flip floppy. Clay says, he wants to send Jackie home this week. He says, he knows they should have, but Vanessa didn't want to go back on her word. John says, she's really in with them. Clay says, she's closer than they think, & it's been for a long time.


10:52 PM BBT Clay says, he told Becky that she is on the outside of the foursome with Jackie, & that they will go after her. Clay says, he doesn't want to go sleep in that chair, because it's to early. He says, he's going to take a shower, & go back out there, if he's there. He says, he'll put some sweats on. Jackie tells Vanessa they are on week 6 here, & people are still acting like they are on week 1. She says, come on, they are moving forward.


10:54 PM BBT Liz tells Austin that Jason apologized to her about telling people about the twin thing. Austin says, what about the names? Liz says, about the 3 headed monster. She says, he told Jason that her sister was crying about it, & she loves her with his life. Liz says, he says, he hopes they can stay friends after the show. Liz says, o.k. Liz says, she told him the way things were handled weren't cool. Liz says, she told him her sister is her life, & no one does that to her. (What about what Austin is doing, Liz? Wake up!).


10:56 PM BBT Liz says, Jackie ran her mouth. She says, she told Jason what she told her upstairs. Liz says, now she has a reason to make Jackie a target. Austin says, they need to come up with goodbye messages for Jason. Austin says, they told her stuff, & she's still running to Jason giving him information. Austin says, he doesn't understand why. Austin says, he's waiting for Jason to talk to him, but he doesn't think that he will. He wants to take bets. Liz says, if he's in a room with him, he may say something. Austin says, he's trying to avoid that. Austin says, they are trying to hand out with Vanessa. They think Jackie is going to give them information from the other side of the house.


10:59 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that they are going to try to get Becky to throw the HOH to them, so she doesn't have to put Jackie up. (Really? She will be fighting to win if she stays). Liz is being condescending in regards to Jackie asking if they knew what was going to happen. Liz says, they have the numbers. Austin says, they have the numbers no matter what. Liz says, it's awkward. Austin says, it's so awkward. Austin says, when he went out for the the Outback party no one talked to him. (At least he got invited).


11:01 PM BBT Austin says, if Audrey would have kept her mouth shut, they could have taken one of them out last week, & another one this week. Austin says, he's trying to stay around Liz, & he didn't think he would get her in the shower. Austin thinks they are trying to get Clay & Shelli on board. Austin says, they are ready to cut Becky loose. Austin says, it's not happening. He says, there's a 0% chance. He says, he told the DR not to even speculate against them, because they saved them. Austin says, now he's an assassin. Austin says, HOH is going to be so fun. He asks Liz if she's going to cry? Liz says, if Becky leaves she will cry. Austin says, not to think about that. they go to get ice cream. Liz says, let her go first. Austin says, we're hanging out, & follows her like a puppy dog. He says, they're always walking together anyway.


11:04 PM BBT Liz tells Austin that someone is upstairs. She says, Jackie is upstairs with Vanessa. Austin says, that's good, that leaves the BY open, & they can go out there. They talk about the word scamper. (Which they do a lot). Liz asks who made it up? Austin says, Shelli did. Liz asks if that will be added to the dictionary? Austin says, it has to be by now. Austin should know that it's already a real word in the dictionary.


11:07 PM BBT Austin wants to know where everyone is in the house. Liz says, she doesn't like being a b*tch, & she feels bad. Austin tells her not to feel bad. She says, he tried to break them up, & she would have had to stay in the house with the rest of them. Clay gets told to please put on his microphone. Liz says, Jason is not even going to try to campaign. Austin says, he is already trying extra hard to campaign, look what he already said to Becky. (You must be oblivious Austin, because Jason has not tried to campaign. Please pay attention). Austin & Liz talk about their favorite ice cream flavors. They both were chomping on soft ice cream. Austin gets waster out of the refrigerator.


11:11 PM BBT In the HOHR, Jackie & Vanessa are still talking. Vanessa says, Austin for some reason confided in Jason that he was falling in love with the twins. She tells Jackie that he was brutally honest that it was ruining his game. Vanessa says, Jason went & told people about it. Jackie says, that's weird he went to Jason. (Unless that was his plan all along). Jackie says, Jason never told her, until now. Vanessa says, she knew that night. Jackie says, Vanessa knew before she did then. Vanessa runs down the line of everyone Jason told in the house. Vanessa says, if someone confided in her, she wouldn't tell anyone. Jackie says, it's not right for either of them.


11:15 PM BBT Vanessa says, that Austin said that Jason twisted his words about wanting to split up the twins. (Which he did not). Jackie says, Austin was dropping hints to everyone about that. Clay gets told for a third time to please, put on his microphone. They talk about Liz pretending the whole time with Austin. Vanessa says, if she is pretending she can't keep going on like this. Vanessa says, maybe she will change when her sister comes in. Jackie says, they'll give her until then, otherwise she says, it's like f*** you. Vanessa says, it doesn't make sense that she would do this if she really doesn't like him. Vanessa says, Liz says, he's really forward & puts the moves on her. Vanessa says, Liz told her she doesn't know what to do about it.


11:17 PM BBT Vanessa says, in those moments, it's easier to be the way she is, because no one touches the gay girl. Vanessa asks Jackie if she even likes Austin in that way? Jackie says, no, otherwise she would have tried to make something of it. Jackie says, it's all fake all around now, because he knows she was trying to get rid of him. Vanessa says, she did also. Jackie says, she heard that he wasn't going to win HOH, & be used as a pawn. Vanessa says, he said he can't win the game. Jackie says, she hearing that he wants to win HOH now. Vanessa says, he's not gunning for the win. Jackie says, they are all gunning for the win, isn't Vanessa? Vanessa says, yes, but he's not.


11:20 PM BBT Vanessa says, Austin's back was against the wall, & she knows he can't win, & no one will let him win now, since he said that. Jackie says, o.k., as long as he goes before she does. Vanessa says, she shouldn't have anything to worry about. Vanessa sees him on the TV, & says, speaking of the devil.


11:21 PM BBT BB tells Clay to please clip his microphone to his shirt. He & Shelli are in the WA. Shelli is folding towels, & Clay is putting stuff on his face. Clay has Shelli's pink hoodie on.


11:22 PM BBT Clay makes noises with his mouth, washes his hands, & dries them. Clay asks Shelli how her DR sesh was? Shelli says, short. Clay repeats, short. He starts picking the one side of his noise. Clay tells Shelli that he's going to spray her sweatshirt with his cologne, & she ain't gonna do nothing about it. Liz comes in the blow dry her hair. She says, good blow dryer, as she gets it out from under the sink. She flips her hair a few times. Shelli is watching her blow dry her hair, while she's sitting on the couch.


11:25 PM BBT Of course, Austin follows Liz in the WA, & sits on the couch. Steve comes out of the CRL. Steve says, he shuts the door, so he's not eve's dropping on conversations. Austin says, good, that's how you avoid it. (Really?) Steve asks Liz if she's ever eaten the bark of a pineapple? Liz says, no. She says, that's a really weird question. Austin says, it makes you high. Steve says, "Hey, Liz, are those space pants?" Liz says, "I know this one." Steve says, "Hey, Clay, are those space pants?" Austin says, "Because I can see Uranus." Shelli says, she never heard that one. Austin says, you have to be quick.


11:28 PM BBT Steve tells Austin that he's played chess with everyone in the house except him. He asks Austin if he knows how to play? Austin says, no. Steve says, they should play. Austin says, maybe later tonight. Steve says, he didn't ever play until being in the BB house. Shelli says, "Are you hungry, Steven?" Steve says, "No." Shelli asks Liz if she's using Moroccan oil? Liz says, yes. Shelli says, she uses Not Your Mother or John Frieda. Steve says, that's why Shelli gets the seasonal boxes. Shelli says, they are Birch Boxes. Liz says, there are Glossy Boxes also. Shelli says, she's never heard of them. Liz says, they have a Bark Box for dogs. Liz says, they are being copied now. Shelli wants to do that for her dog.


11:31 PM BBT Austin says, he has two dogs, Clyde & Toby. He says, Clyde is the smaller one, & he talks about hide n' go treats. Steve says, that's adorable. Steve says, he spent time with his dogs before going to the show. Shelli says, she doesn't get the EOS. Liz says, she likes one flavor, which is the mint, & that's it. Shelli says, they are big & bulky. Steve says, he doesn't get Shelli's career. Shelli says, she doesn't get Steve's either.


11:33 PM BBT Liz sits down by Steve. Austin tells him to be good. Steve asks if Austin is getting jealous. Austin says, no, it's o.k. Steve asks Liz if she wants to sleep in his dentist chair with him? Liz says, yes. Steve says, in the chair next to him. Liz says, she wants to be in his chair. They laugh. Austin tells him he may want to take of his sweat jacket, because it's getting intense in there. Steve takes the jacket off. Austin says, much like camping.


11:34 PM BBT Steve explains the in tents reference, that's why they say it's much like camping. Steve says, do you know why you can't run at campgrounds? Austin says, no, why? Steve says, because you can only ran, because it's passed tense (past tents). We see FOTH. Steve can't believe all the towels are cleaned, so he doesn't have to wash them. John is looking for a towel now. Liz says, they are reusing their towels now. John says, he went with dark green last time, but it's gone now. They talk about the colors of towels. Shelly says, look at John rocking his hairstyle. Austin goes to get water in the KT & comes back to the WA.


11:38 PM BBT Liz says, their boy band is going to be breaking up, so they will be holding auditions. They discuss people that can try out for it. Steve keeps using the much like camping joke. Shelli says, she has the Wackstreet Boys song stuck in her head. Steve says, it's probably on iTunes. Becky walks in & asks if that's the bathroom party? Steve says, yes, the Gronk party. He makes the Gronk noises. Liz says, she has to make sure her teeth are on fleek. She sings a little. Becky comes out of the WC & washes her hands. John is in the HOT side of the shower.


11:42 PM BBT Steve tells Shelli the pattern of mirrors in the WA are strange. He says, he can see all the mirrors in the big mirror, & he can see Becky at the KT sink in the KT using all the mirrors. He says, the mirrors are reflecting off each other. We see FOTH.


11:43 PM BBT Shelli & Steve are the only two still sitting on the couch in the WA. Shelli asks Steve if he's o.k., because she hasn't seen him eating? Steve says, yes, & he has been eating. He explains to her what he's been eating. In the BY, Liz & Austin are on the hammock. Austin says, no one told him something because he's to close to the twins. He says he hates that they are being so mean to them. Liz says, she went to the WA, & Clay said they want Jackie gone. Liz says, Clay told him that she would go after Liz & Austin or him & Shelli. Austin says, he's going to act like Evil Dick, & he is going to call Jackie names during the next HOH competition. He says, he's going to be rude as hell to her to make her fall. He says, he's going to ask the DR if he can do it, because there aren't any rules about yelling at someone, only that you can't touch them. He says, he wants to distract her on something if he's allowed. Liz says, she's going next. Austin says, that's good.


11:47 PM BBT Austin says, James & Meg wil be so upset by Thursday that they won't win HOH. He says, Jackie is an ice princess & was acting so evil. He says, she is out to win. Austin says, he can't believe that last week Jackie said she wouldn't put him up. (She didn't put him up, backdooring is NOT putting you up). Austin says, no one comes between him & his twins, Jackie. (He needs to stop using Rachel's phrases). (Julia is NOT his twin).


11:49 PM BBT Austin is making fun of Jackie. He says, she told him she is a game player, & she is there to win. Austin tells Liz, what kind of game player? Is she on her iPad, XBox, Computer, etc. Austin says, he was friends with James, but he will be leaving right after Jackie. Austin says, Becky is feeding them information. Liz & Austin both say that Becky need to start talking to them. (Who says you have to talk to people in the game?) Austin says, he may be able to convince Becky that she will have to start putting up her own people to save herself. Austin says, he had to dig down deep with the conversations to be able to stay.


11:52 PM BBT Austin says, now he can plug his real Twitter name, & he says it. He says, he can't use his other one, because it is copyrighted by the WWE.


11:53 PM BBT In the HOHR, Vanessa is telling Jackie about how many times she was changing her mind before the Veto Ceremony. Vanessa says, she even told the DR that if they would leave her alone, she could have some conversations to try & figure it out. Jackie asks if Austin told her anything about Jackie being loyal to her. Vanessa says, Austin did not impact her decision. Jackie says, o.k., all good. Vanessa says, their house is going to be so boring, because they keep taking out the most interesting people. Jackie says, yes, the loud mouths. Jackie says, it's going to be all quiet & secretive. Vanessa says, they will be playing the snake music, & everyone will be scampering. Vanessa says, she loves that word, scampering. Vanessa says, she wonders how Jeff is doing? Jackie says, awww. Vanessa says, everyone on this cast will be successful when they leave. She says, he's an interesting guy, & a very good talker, just to much in this house.


11:57 PM BBT Vanessa says, Jeff said he was in sales, & she can see that. She says, he will be good at hosting, based on the Podcasts. Vanessa says, it was the Jeff show, & Austin only got a couple words in here & there. Jackie says, it will be 11 now, & then she says, no 12, because of the twins, after Vanessa mentions how many chairs are gone already. Vanessa says, they don't know the twins personalities yet. Jackie says, she already saw one get pi**ed.

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