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Monday, July 27 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


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12:04 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH.  Feeds back and Liz and Shelli are brushing their hair while Austin brushes his teeth.  Shelly heads off to the LR while Liz heads into the WC.  Austin puts on deodorant.  Up in the HOH idle chit chat about Meg's school.  Liz goes up to the HOH and the girls ask if he bothered her about the twin thing.  Liz says she thought he knew.  Meg says he knew but hearing it from her is what shocked him.


12:19 AM BBT Becky, James and Jackie have joined Vanessa and Meg in the HOH.  Liz wanders back downstairs and Steve asked who is up there.  Liz tells him.  Liz and Steve walks into the CR and talk about how the group called Liz out and discussed the twin thing in the LR.  Austin says James made a comment in the KT asking Austin if the twins were into incest.  Austin asked Steve if heard the comment.  He did.  Austin tells Liz to go ask Clay and Shelli to go join the HOH group.  Liz heads into a darkened HNR and starts whispering to Shelli and Clay.


12:21 AM BBT Liz says she wants Jason.  "F that little s*****".  Idle chit chat continues in the HOH.  Jason has joined them.  HOH feeds switch to Austin and Steve whispering.  Austin tells Steve to tell "her" about that incest comment.  Steve leaves the CR.  Austin gets up.  Steve heads into the WA before going up to the HOH.  Austin heads into the HNR.


12:24 AM BBT Austin, Liz, Clay and Shelli continue to chat in the HNR.  Liz is pissed and they have the numbers.  Liz says she'll wake Clay and Shelli up in a couple of hours.  Austin out of the HNR and then back into the HNR.  Austin tells them what James said about the incest comment.  Meanwhile elsewhere in the house Steve stands on the KT chair and blows a kiss to the camera to the HOH camera before heading into the HNR looking for a hoody.  Austin says "everyone's upstairs doing their thing".  Shelli believes he left it outside.  Steve says he's leaving things everywhere. 


12:28 AM BBT Shelli asks Austin who went upstairs first.  Austin isn't sure and rattles off a couple of combinations of who went first.  Shelli says the house is dividing.  BB says "The lights must remain on" (only in the HNR).  HOH heard the announcement voice but couldn't hear the specific announcement.


12:31 AM BBT Clay asks Shelli if Vanessa told James to go talk to Liz in an effort to stir the pot.  Shelli doesn't think so.  Shelli says James is fearless as it is.  Shelli hears a sound that sounds like water.  Clay doesn't.  Shelli says they'll talk to her later.  Shelli says they need to talk to Vanessa before tomorrow.  BB says "The lights must remain on".  Clay gets up and says the chair is comfortable.  Clay heads into the KT where Austin and Steve are talking about BB Season 6 and 7.  Austin says 6, 7 and 8 he did feeds.  He didn't like 9.  10 he feeded. and he liked Rachel's season (11).


12:36 AM BBT Liz has joined the HOH crew and comments that Austin is eating again.  Jason says Austin eats all the time and he's eating them out of house and home and he needs to go (jokingly?)


12:40 AM BBT Steve announces that the BY is opened.  Jason asks if he's messing with him.  Steve says he's not.  Steve and James sit down to play chess.  We can hear the BY feeds but we have fishes on those cams.  Vanessa stands and watches James and Steve briefly before going down.  James wants to outside.


12:42 AM BBT Steve heads into HOH to talk to Vanessa.  Steve asks if anything has changed.  Vanessa says she hasn't had a chance to talk to anyone yet.  Vanessa wants to talk to Jason and call him out on the Da'vonne thing.  Steve tells Vanessa what James said about the incest comment.  Steve says multiple people heard it.  


12:45 AM BBT Vanessa and Steve run scenarios up in the HOH meanwhile Meg, Jason, James, Jackie, Becky and Liz are chatting in the BY about clothes they couldn't bring because of slogans.  Clay comes up to HOH and says Shelli will be coming soon.  Vanessa says she's going to talk to Jason soon but she wants to let him smoke.  Vanessa says he looks pissed off or upset.  Clay doesn't think so.  Clay says they all look relaxed.  Vanessa says she got nothing from Becky.  Clay says Becky is in with them by association.  Vanessa agrees.  Steve agrees.


12:48 AM BBT Jackie comes up to HOH and talk stops.  Vanessa asks Steve why he did the "creeper move in the corner?"  Steve says he was looking handsome.  Jackie is getting her shoes on.  She wonders what happened to the screen.  Vanessa isn't sure she pushed a button and something happened.


12:55 AM BBT All four feeds on Clay, Vanessa and Steve in HOH.  Shelli joins them.  Vanessa says if they can get Johnny Mac and Becky on board to vote out Jason they will do it.  Otherwise she has to put up Austin.  Clay asks if she's against putting up Jackie.  Vanessa, Shelli and Steve agree that putting up Jackie is a "dangerous" move this week.  Meg, Jason and Austin are the three options this week.


12:58 AM BBT Shelli points out that if they put up Austin and they decide to keep him they still have the chance to vote out Becky.  All four feeds remain on the HOH.  Intermittent FoTH even though all four feeds are game related.  Vanessa continues to push for Austin.  Vanessa has no problem putting up Jason but they have to get Johnny and Becky on board first because she doesn't want a target.


01:03 AM BBT Clay says they have better players than the other side.  Vanessa thinks Jason is the head of the operation.  Steve and Clay agrees.  Steve has the dates of things under control.  Clay says that stuff won't be until later on down the road.


01:07 AM BBT Liz comes up to the HOH and says she wants Jason gone so bad.  Vanessa wonders why.  Liz says because Jason had said he wanted her gone so bad while they were all talking earlier.  Talk turns to James' comment to Austin asking if Liz had ever had incest.


01:12 AM BBT Clay, Shelli, Liz, Vanessa, and Steve are still discussing options in the HOH.  Austin comes up and says everyone is downstairs.  They know.  Vanessa thinks they need to break up the HOH party.  Liz agrees and heads down.  Steve is going as well.  Two of the HOH feeds switch to Becky, and Jackie working out in the BY.  Austin walks across the yard as well.  James and Meg can be heard but not seen.


01:15 AM BBT Vanessa says now that Steve and Liz are gone she's going to tell Becky that if she comes over to this group she'll be top four vs bottom of the totem pole in the other group.  Shelli wonders if they should include Johnny in this deal to make Becky feel better.  Vanessa says Johnny will be easy to bring over.  Vanessa again stresses that they have to be delicate with her but if it starts to head south they will have to abort the conversation.


01:18 AM BBT Clay, Shelli and Vanessa continue to chat in the HOH discussing how they're going to pull Becky over to their side.  Vanessa says to tell her that "Vanessa says she has credible evidence that the other group has been working a long time together"  Shelli says they can point out that Austin says the twin may come in before the vote.  Shelli still has concern that she will want to bring Johnny Mac along.  Vanessa agrees and says they can but they don't have to include a final four deal with him it's just with her but they don't have to stay true with the deal.


01:22 AM BBT Out in the BY Austin rocks Liz in the hammock while Jackie can be seen swinging weights around.  Talk between Austin and Liz about age.  Back in the HOH Shelli says James and Meg will be going straight to Becky to gasp with shock that Jason went up and went home.  Vanessa stresses that she will have a target on her back because of this whereas if they send him home nobody will target her/them.


01:24 AM BBT BY feeds switch to Meg and James talking in the OBR chatting playfully.  Meg is laying down with James standing nearby.  Meanwhile up in the HOH Clay says lines will be drawn in the sand either way and he knows Vanessa is worried about targets.  Clay says Austin will be indebted to her if they keep him and will be a large target in the house as well as the twins as well.  Jackie walks into the OBR.


01:28 AM BBT Vanessa points out that the other side only has 50-50 odds to win both HOH slots next week but they (their own side), have better players.  Down in the OBR we have nervous/playful talk about who might go up next week.  Jackie into WA/KT (water can be heard but the feeds don't follow).  Meg says when they get to the final 8 they have to take care of the couples. 


01:31 AM BBT Shelli and Vanessa get a bit heated with each other.  Vanessa says getting Jeff out before Audrey was a huge deal.  Shelli doesn't disagree.  Vanessa says by drawing a line in the sand right now means people will understand that people on the outside of the alliance will realize it.  


01:36 AM BBT James and Meg continue to chat idly in the OBR about the game.  Up in the HOH Vanessa questions if she can ask Jackie about the four person alliance.  Shelli says if she does then Jackie will know that they told her.  Down in the OBR James says Johnny Mac is a veto king.  Meg says he has to be back doored.


01:38 AM BBT Shelli and Clay continue to push for Austin to stay off the block.  Down in the OBR Meg whispers to James asking what he thinks of Becky and Jackie over Clay and Shelli.  James doesn't know but points out Shelli is a comp beast.  James wonders what she's thinking.  Meg doesn't know.  Either does James.  They'll just have to wait and decide Meg says.  James agrees.  James points out that you have to go with who takes your game further.  Meg says Becky and Jackie can win comps.  James questions if she thinks Clay can win comps.  Meg thinks he can win specific ones.  James points out Jason is good.  Meg says she and Jason have been drilling days of events and they know them pretty well.


01:43 AM BBT Clay and Shelli point out that everyone knows Austin and she are close (Vanessa) and she's not close with Jason.  They say that Austin has mended fences with her (Vanessa).  Austin has said that he will not play for first place and tell the Jury to not vote for him (Seriously?! - Niteslacker)


01:46 AM BBT Vanessa wonders if the pictures her family sent her was trying to tell her something.  The pictures are completely random ones she's never seen before about her sleeping and the other in Moroccan outfits "sleeper cell...  Do you guys know what a sleeper cell is it's a terrorist group!"  Becky comes up to HOH and Vanessa tells her they want to talk.


01:49 AM BBT After beating around the bush trying to make her feel comfortable by offering her a glass of water and a blanket by Shelli, Becky finally asks who is the new target.  The continue beating around the bush explaining (but not really explaining) that the target might change.  Becky points out that Liz and Julia are here for the twist and Austin is here for his wrestling thing.  Shelli points out that it may be smart to take them with them to the end.


01:54 AM BBT Shelli says that the twins hate the other side of the house.  She points out that the house sees multiple trios in the house.  Austin, Liz and Julia and Becky, Johnny and Jackie.  Shelli points out that the other side tried three separate times to get Vanessa out of the HOH comp.  Shelli also points out that both times she was HOH the other side never tried to come up to talk to her.


01:57 AM BBT Vanessa says they fear that they (Vanessa, Becky, Shelli and Clay) are at the bottom of that 8 person totem pole and Jackie is closer to them than they are.  Becky agrees.  Becky says she and Johnny talks situational at most but not specifics.  Same thing with Jackie.  Vanessa asks if she's aware of the four person alliance with Meg, Jackie, Jeff and Jason.  Becky wasn't sure.  Shelli points out that it's odd that Jackie doesn't share specifics with her.  Clay agrees and says he's heard them talking game and sharing information with the other side.


02:02 AM BBT Meanwhile down in the OBR James and Meg have continued to chat randomly about game and HGs relationships.  They point out that Shelli wouldn't want to go on the block?  Meg says there are others that still haven't been on the block.  Back in the HOH Clay, Shelli and Vanessa continue to talk to Becky.  


02:08 AM BBT Talk continues in the HOH.  Shelli says Austin has agreed to be a pawn next week if we keep him and he'll be a vote in Jury for any of them if they make it to the F2.  They question whether or not they should bring in Johnny or Jackie.  Becky says Johnny hands down.  Jackie was a backup plan if "they're side" didn't want to work with her.


02:10 AM BBT Vanessa tells Becky that James won BotB so he's safe unfortunately.  Becky asks if Jason is the new target.  Vanessa explains that she promised Jackie that she's not going to be the target this week so she won't go back on her word.  Clay jokingly says "So we're asking if you're ok with going home this week?" and someone throws a pillow at him.  Vanessa runs the votes out and there would be 8 votes to keep her and she only needs 5.  Becky says she is pooping herself right now.


02:13 AM BBT OBR feeds switch to BY with Liz and Austin whispering briefly before switching to the couch and then back to the WA with Austin and Steve whispering.  Steve starts to make a comparison to Season 6 and Austin heads into the WC.  Steve grabs clothes and leaves the WA and Jason wanders in and waits to use the WC.


02:15 AM BBT Conversation continues in the HOH.  Becky appears on board with the plan to get out Jason (Of course she does, if she doesn't she goes home! - Niteslacker).  Feeds switch to the OBR and Meg is talking to James about thigh high stockings/socks.  Jason wanders in.  Back in the HOH they're now discussing how those four are going to be shocked when Austin doesn't go on the block.


02:18 AM BBT Becky wants to talk to Austin and Liz and Shelli says they know.  Vanessa says no they don't know because last time they were up in the HOH she told them no that she wouldn't go talk to Becky.  Shelli has a bit of a confused/concerned tone and says "Oh...no they don't know..."  OBR feeds switch to KT with Liz and Austin chatting.  Jason wanders through.  Talk to turns to popcorn.


02:22 AM BBT Jason touches something in the fruit bowl and fruit flies fly up and Liz squeals "eeeewwwwww!"  Jason apologizes and heads outside.  Austin and Liz begin to whisper.  Austin says he's going to wait until after the ceremony and will go off.  Liz is now complaining about someone that eats all the eggs.  They say "he's so bad".  Up in the HOH Vanessa, Clay, Shelli and Becky continue to chat.


02:25 AM BBT Talk in the HOH is about the fallout resulting from this blindside.  Clay gets Austin and tells he and Liz to head to up.  Clay heads outside.  Shelli tells him that Becky is in the HOH restroom.  Shelli calls him a lucky "motherf******" and he asks why and she sings "we'll see you next week!"  Becky comes out of the bathroom and Vanessa clarifies that Austin will not compete for first place and will go up as a pawn in the future.  Austin agrees.  (... - Niteslacker)


02:31 AM BBT Meanwhile...out in the BY Jason brags to Jackie and Clay that he's the smartest superfan in the house between Steve and Austin.


02:33 AM BBT Up in the HOH talk turns to the twins again and who did what.  Becky is going to head downstairs and she will cry and everything because she still needs the vote.  Out in the BY talk between Clay, Jackie and Jason about Steve and his awkwardness.  Back in the HOH Vanessa considers the angles and says she's ok with this plan now because she's blood free but they all better protect her next week when the other side wins HOH.  The group tells her that even if she's up they won't vote for her.


02:37 AM BBT Vanessa says America loves Liztin and Clelli (... - Niteslacker)  Down in the BY Clay, Jason and Jackie continue to chat.  Jason says if one of them doesn't win HOH next week then clearly they suck and they can get rid of one of the twins.  Jason suspects next week will be a double eviction and explains the process to Jackie and Clay.  Vanessa is going to talk to Jason but wants Shelli and Liz to head down for a bit first so it doesn't look like she came out of a convo with them before going into one with him.


02:46 AM BBT Austin, Liz, Steve and Becky chatting in the KT about how weird it is being in the house and putting your life on hold for three months.  Out in the BY discussing the show and fellow HGs.


02:48 AM BBT Becky starts to tell a story about a guy she dated and we get FoTH.  Feeds back all on BY discussing Johnny Mac and how he's laid back and just here for the money.  Jason says it makes him nervous to send the twins home before Jason just because he's won several times and they've only won one comp.


02:50 AM BBT Clay is full from eating.  Brief talk about exercise.  Clay heads inside and joins Shelli in the WA.  It doesn't sound like Shelli has her mic.  Clay starts to tell her about the conversation outside and Shelli doesn't want to talk game across the room (as she stands in front of the mirror while he's sitting on the lounger).  They're having a lover spat (well...Shelli is having a lover's spat).  She gets very upset because she looks like poop right now and he won't go to her at the mirror and she drops the f word before storming out of the room.


02:59 AM BBT Clay remains on the lounger and closes his eyes and BB "This is a reminder that sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms!"  Clay gives a knowing smile and stands up.  Feeds switch to Shelli going off in the HNR saying that Clay just doesn't get it.  Shelli is tired, hungry and sometimes as a girl she just wants to take off her makeup and just go to bed.  Out in the BY Becky tells Jason and Jackie about how Shelli just shouted at Clay and stormed out.


03:03 AM BBT Clay comes outside and Jason asks if he's in trouble.  Clay laughs and says he's not quite sure what that was even about.  Back in the darkened HNR Shelli continues to rant to Liz about Clay how he wouldn't come to her at the mirror while she took off her makeup instead of looking at her like he's annoyed.  Becky called to DR.


03:06 AM Vanessa comes outside and says she's out of the DR.  She may go to bed soon.  Jackie heads in to brush her teeth.  Vanessa is going to tell wait to tell Jason about going on the block...at the POV ceremony.  Jason heads outside and says he saw Shelli just now in the WA and she said she's headed to bed soon.  Vanessa heads inside.


03:13 AM BBT Jackie and Vanessa in the HOH BR doing nightly ADLs.  Shelli comes out to the BY and Jason says "Hello Princess!"  Shelli laughs saying Liz and she just had a laugh and that Liz understands where Shelli was coming from.  Shelli explains how she didn't want to fight and be seen by the camera that was three feet away from her face.  Jason laughs and agrees and tells him that she just needs her makeup.  Shelli thanks him.  Shelli apologizes.  Vanessa turns out the lights and Jackie tells her goodnight before heading outside.


03:20 AM BBT Idle chit chat about the show in the BY.  In the KT Austin and Liz chat about Austin's gymnastic buddies outside the house.  No game chat.


03:23 AM BBT Becky wanders over in the KT and Austin whispers softly saying "anything you need...." and Becky says she's so worried she's shaking because "he" (Jason?) is so vocal.  Austin and Liz reassure she's fine.  In the darkened in the HNR Clay and Shelli are whispering.  Clay is telling Shelli about his conversation with Jason earlier.  Shelli is saying "Oh....can we change it to Jackie?  I can't do it..." Clay doesn't think so.  Maybe Meg?  Clay says it's not their (Clay and Shelli's) choice.


03:29 AM BBT Meanwhile up in the HOH Liz has come up to talk to Vanessa.  Vanessa confirms she will drop "the bomb" tomorrow on Jason.  Meanwhile down in the darkened HNR Clay and Shelli continue to whisper discussing regret about sending Jason home now.  Clay points out that Jackie was promised she wouldn't go on the block.  Steve walks in and they ask him to explain a competition (Final three comp from season 12).


03:33 AM BBT Up in the HOH Vanessa asks Liz if she's going to fight for HOH.  Liz reassures her that Liz, Julia and Austin are going to fight for HOH and it will be a bloodbath.  Down in the HNR Steve, Shelli and Clay discuss how hard it is to send people home in this game.  They all agree.  Steve says he felt bad about Jace, Da'vonne, Jeff and even Audrey.

03:40 AM BBT BB calls out Steve and Clay that the lights must remain on in the room.  Steve turns on the lights and they discuss which person is going to sleep in which chair.  Shelli tells him to go check in with Vanessa and then check back in with them.  Shelli thanks him.  Up in the HOH Liz heads back downstairs and she says she's going to sleep upstairs so she'll be right back.  Liz into the WC.


03:45 AM BBT Steve leaves the HNR and heads into the KT saying "batteries recharged" with Becky and Jason cleaning/cooking.  Liz and Austin in the WA.  Liz says "I'm taking off my makeup so you better not call me to DR BB!" and Jason shouts from the other room.  "I want to have a game talk with you right now!"  Austin sits on the lounger and tells her to "come here" (similar to the Clay/Shelli fight earlier).  Liz tells him to shut up. 


03:47 AM BBT Clay has been trying to adjust the dental chairs distances trying to lay across them and BB tells him to "Stop that!"  Shelli tells him to shut it down.  Clay turns off the lights and tries to lay across the two chairs again and is called to DR.  Shelli says "Oh poop!"  Over in the WA Liz has been doing nightly ADLS.  She's going to go to bed soon.  Out in the KT Jason, Becky, Steve and Jackie chat.


03:54 AM BBT Austin tells Liz that he's disappointed in himself for lying to Vanessa.  Starts to rehash events that lead to him being saved and Jason is going to be blindsided.  Out in the KT we have idle music chit chat.


03:59 AM BBT Liz and Austin continue to chat in the WA on the lounger.  Austin asks if Liz will be here on Wed.  She says she should be.  Jackie comes out of the WC and washes her hands.  Jason wanders in and they discuss competition possibilities.


04:03 AM BBT Liz is heading to bed.  She and Austin hugs it out.  Steve comes in and checks on Vanessa.  Vanessa says she's going to blindside Jason tomorrow.  Becky is on board.  Steve is excited.  Steve wonders if they should tell Johnny.  Vanessa says Becky will tell him tomorrow.  She says Steve should probably tell him (Johnny) before the ceremony so he feels like he's on their side.


04:06 AM BBT Down in the darkened OBR we have general silliness with Jason, Meg, James, Jackie and Clay wanders through.  BB reminds them that the bedroom lights must remain on.  Silliness continues.  BB reminds them that the bedroom lights must remain on.  Jason and James get called out to turn on the lights.  Jason heads out of the room.  Up in the HOH Steve reassures Vanessa that Derrick (BB16) did a similar move to what Vanessa is doing.  Vanessa points out that Derrick didn't get blood on his hands and she is.  Steve says they have her back though.  Vanessa and Steve hug it out.  Vanessa reminds Steve that this is going to be a huge bomb tomorrow and it has to stay a secret.


04:10 AM BBT Vanessa runs down parts of her speech to Steve and Steve laughs saying "you're going to mislead him?!"  Vanessa says the whole time she's going to be looking at Austin and then turn and look at Jason and tell him to take a seat.  Vanessa wonders if it's mean.  Steve says as a game player he'll respect the move and appreciate it.  Liz doesn't think so because he'll still be on the block.  Steve points out that Jeff Schroeder says day 40 is when you go insane in the house and when the music plays today...it will be day 40.


04:14 AM BBT Down in the OBR discussion is about thigh high stockings.  James clarifies "so there's a lot of free space?"  Jackie says they're crotchless and James says "Oooooh...."  BB reminds HGs that lights must remain on.  James gets up and turns the lights on.  Meg yells at him.  Steve leaves the HOH and heads down to talk to the BY to talk to Becky who is laying in the hammock.


04:16 AM BBT Liz and Vanessa chat in the darkened HOH.  They love Steve.  Down in the BY Steve asks Becky if she knows what she needs to do this week and Becky says yep and she's going to lay low.  Steve agrees and says Jason will self distruct on his own.  Steve asks who should tell Johnny.  Becky says it's up to HOH.  Steve says Vanessa said they could tomorrow before ceremony.  He says he'd like to be a part of telling him.  She says he can tell him and then have Johnny come track her down after.  Steve tells her goodnight.


04:20 AM BBT Liz and Vanessa continue to chat in the darkened HOH.    Down in the OBR Steve comes in and James asks if he has any extra blankets because Meg is cold.  Meg has many covers on her already and she hates James.  She hates everyone.  Jason jumps on Meg and she yells saying she's had several knee surgeries already.  Jason is sorry.  BB gives them a stern "Stop!" and we have FoTH.


04:23 AM BBT Jason heads outside to smoke and James follows.  James thinks Meg will have a melt down by day 60.  Jason points out that they will have to vote her out before then.  Feeds 1 and 2 are on Vanessa and Liz in the darkened HOH room and they are now silent.  Out in the BY James says he and Meg were discussing the pecking order.  They think it was Austin, Steve, Liz, Liz and Johnny Mac.  Jason says that's what he and Jackie were discussing it.


04:26 AM BBT James asks Steve what laundry he's doing.  Steve is doing his laundry plus some extra towels.  James and Jason agree that's nice.  Meg wanders outside and the two of them cheer that she's awake.  She was getting pissed.  Becky wanders over and then starts to walk away and someone throws a pillow at her.  She grabs it and comes back and swings it at James repeatedly before heading in.


04:28 AM BBT Meg grumbles saying they always make fun of her for sleeping but she never gets to sleep because she is prevented from sleeping by them all the time!

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04:30 AM BBT James is going to take a dip with Steve in the pool.  Meg and Jason on the couches in the BY.  Meg is getting tired again.  Jason says he’s going to smoke one more and then go to bed.  Jason tells Meg that he told Clay that James asked him something and that they (Meg and Jason) told him something as to not make it look like they are a three.  Meg agrees and says she wanted to tell he and Clelli as well.


04:33 AM BBT Meg says James is lost.  Jason says it’s because they’re cutting off his biggest ally and they have been week after week.  They agree that James has no game and is instead using other people’s game plans as his own.  Jason says people think they’re in a threesome with James and he’s trying to steer away from that line of thinking.


04:37 AM BBT Both agree that Clay and Shelli would go after Becky first.  They think they would go after James first.  They’re not going to sacrifice their games to save his.  Meg says Jackie has been talking more game to her recently.


04:40 AM BBT Steve calls out from the pool wondering where James is.  Jason thinks he went to get his swimsuit on.  Game talk stops briefly before continuing.  Jason says best case scenario for them would be the other side putting Clay and Shelli up together and then they could say “Well…we have to vote one of you out we have no choice.”  Meg says Shelli is smart.


04:45 AM BBT Jason says they have to survive the doubles.  Meg thinks they will.  Jason fears people will know that endurance comps are coming and will put him up soon.  Meg says Jason really stepped up his game this week.  Jason doesn’t want to jinx it but he feels they’re good and they can link up with the twins once Austin is gone.  Jason says he’s trying.  Meg is as well.


04:49 AM BBT Steve is heading in for the night and tells the other two goodnight.  James comes out and says he took a shower.  Jason says they’re going to go to bed in three minutes.  He just gave the warning.  Meg tells James that Steve was waiting for him in the pool.  James said he took a shower.  Steve says they told him they didn’t know what he was doing.  James is going to start working out.  Jason wonders if Meg will be scared when they get out of the house (because of James).  Meg laughs saying no.  Jason says he’s not reached the Caleb level yet?  Meg laughs again and says no.


04:51 AM BBT Meg says James asked her today what her relationship with Jeff was.  They laugh and Meg says she told him she wasn’t sure.  Jason and Meg head inside.  Steve walks around in the WA whispering something ultra ultra ultra faintly?  Meg and Jason tell James they’re going to bed.  James says he’ll come in in about 20 minutes and wake them up.


04:53 AM BBT Meg, James and Steve now doing nightly ADLs in WA with James working out in the BY solo (lifting weights).


04:55 AM BBT Meg and Jason heading to bed after a short conversation about hair styles.  They tell Steve goodnight.  James inside and heads into the WA and chats with Steve.  Meg and Jason get into bed.  Meg hears a humming noise like a mosquito.  Back in the WA James and Steve discuss when they’ll go to bed.  Steve would be better if he could sleep in his own bed.


04:58 AM BBT Meg and Jason whisper in bed in the darkened OBR about viewership of the feeds and we get FoTH.


04:59 AM BBT James brushing his teeth in the WA.  Meg is shocked at how many people are watching the show.  Meg says several million is crazy compared to several hundred thousand.  Jackie wakes up and joins the conversation.  Jason asks how many people watch Amazing Race.  Jackie says 6 million.  Jason points out that tens of thousands probably watch the feeds.


05:03 AM BBT Steve heads into bed in the HNR.  Talk in the darkened OBR is about music.  James wants to hear country music in the morning.  Jason and Meg doesn’t want to.  They want to hear granola music in the morning like Sara Bareilles.  Jason sees BB turn the lights off in the rest of the house and he jumps up and runs into the LR.  They tell him they won’t turn them back on because he’s the only one up.


05:08 AM BBT James and Meg discussing movies.  Jackie or Becky and James can be heard discussing something the background as well.  


05:12 AM BBT Talk in the darkened in the OBR turns to wondering what Audrey is at home doing.  Meg now finds it weird that they will be at the reunion finale with people that have seen the whole show.  James says he hasn’t said anything mean about anyone.  Well…one thing.  Jason asks what.  James says he said Meg can’t win comps.  Jason agrees and says they’ve all said that.  Meg can’t wait to win one and show them.  James says BB will run around when she wins and…we get FoTH.


05:15 AM BBT James says “…he hit the wrong button…”.  James calls Meg crazy and begins to hum a song and we get more FoTH.  Feeds back and talk turns to when they’ll wake them up.  Meg says to ask Becky because she works for production.  James will hold her to that.  Meg wonders what they’ll do if she’s wrong…vote her out?  She says this isn’t the week to make that joke.  She just wants this week to be over with.


05:17 AM BBT Becky wants to be in her HOH suite on Friday.  Jason says she’ll have to go through him.  James says she’ll have to go through him.  Meg says she’ll have to go through her and Becky says “that’s no problem!”  They all laugh.  Talk turns back to Meg and her bum knee.  James says Meg will answer the heck out of some of the true false questions though.


05:19 AM BBT Just like that we have silence on all four feeds.

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5:21 AM BBT:  James gets out of bed and goes to the BY to the washer and dryer.  Looks like he is rebooting the laundry for the day.  Then he goes back to bed.


5:45 AM BBT: Jason is awake. He goes to kitchen and gets water to take some pills.  Then he heads to the WC and washes his hands after.  He heads to to BY, and says, "It feels so good out here; god, it feels so good out here." He sits on outdoor couches to smoke. It looks like he is singing quietly to himself, mostly mouthing the words between yawns.  This is followed by lots of counting and mumbling. 


6:10 AM BBT: Jason goes back inside.  All other HGs asleep still. Jason goes back to bed.

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 9:00am BBT: HG are  all snuggled in their bed sleeping soundly.

9:27am BBT: We now have FOTH as BB might be waking the HG for the day.

 9:38am BBt: Jason and John and Steve  in the By talking about the music BB played them this morning . In the WA Shelli is cleaning the mirror and Bb thanks her. she says your are welcome BB. Austin is straightening his hair.

9:42am BBT: James has joined  the BY group talking about coffee. Becky comes out eating her cereal and sits down between John and Jason. Clay is sitting out in the BY talking to  jason about the seasons and how they are already changing.

9:46am BBT: Shelli in the WA washing her hair in the sink. In the HOh rm Vanessa is doing her ADL's . Liz heads down stairs and says morning. Jason heads to the Wa asking Shelli how her night was and she tells him it was not a good night there was a lot of tossing and turning.

9:50am BBT: Jason now in the Kt talking to Becky about the coffee and how there was no trashcans in the house or the BY lastnight. Becky says they was there when i used one and Jason says then maybe i was delusional. Austin is just standing there listening.

9:52am BBT: Meg in the WA with Jason, James, Liz and Shelli talking about the music played this morning. Jason says maybe it was played for you this morning and meg yells that is not my kind of music. Bb tells meg to stop yelling in her mic. Bb then tells Liz to put her mic on and they all laugh.Jason then heads back out to the BY for another cigarette.

 9:56am BBt: Liz and Austin in the  CBR talking and Liz tells him that Bb told Vanessa to get ready for the POV ceremony. Austin says good. Liz tells him as he walks out that it is about to get real.

 9:58am BBT: Liz and Austin now in the KT getting coffee. Liz says you are going to drink coffee? He says yeah. She tells him i need sugar in mine  and he says he likes his black. In the BY Meg and clay are sitting at the hot tub and  Jason , John and Becky are sitting on the couches just general talk and we get foth.

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10:05AM BBT Austin and Liz in the KT. They start to sign and we get FOTH. In the HOH Jackie and Vanessa get ready t start their day.


10:10AM BBT Austin telling Liz about how even though he was injured while he was in Florida, he would go to the gym twice a week to relieve stress. They are discussing what Austin does in his real life.


10:15AM BBT Jackie and Vanessa talking. Vanessa asks Jackie not to lie. She asks who had the phone booth. Jackie says that it was Da for 100%.


10:16AM BBT Jackie now clarifies that Da never told her but she heard it from Jason. Vanessa says that she hates people who lie to her. She tells Jackie not to worry about being nominated. She wants to work with Jackie.


10:22AM BT Jackie asking Vanessa if it affects her decision today. She says it does as far determining if they have a solid group of 8. Jackie feels they should all sit down.


10:296AM BBT Vanessa and Jackie continue to chat. Vanessa is not wanting to give her info. She finally tells Jackie that there is a person you can't trust more then Austin. Jackie says fine and they can wait. Vanessa says her gut is telling her that she is being an idiot.

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10:35AM BBT Vanessa says that she will say one thing and then not say another word as she hates people being disloyal. She tells Jackie that after this week, she feels that they will be targets.


10:45AM BBT Vanessa is questioning her alliance of 8 (not to be confused with her other alliances). Jackie says that it's a game but if a decision is being made to change and Van hasn't spoken to the group then that isn't right.


10:51AM BBT Vanessa now starting to question if it's important that Austin is telling HG that he doesn't care if he wins. He just wants to make it to jury. Jackie says that anyone can say that. Jackie says I can cry too but it doesn't mean anything.


10:54AM BBT Jackie asks Vanessa if she can tell her later who not to trust. She says she doesn't have time to be with people who are messing things up. (oh the irony)


10:59AM BBT Vanessa is now questioning if James threw the competition enough since he helped spell the name Christine.

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10:30 AM BBT: In BY, Shelli announces that the popcorn has been restocked.  Clay, Shelli, Jason, and  JMac all hanging out.  Then James joins them.  He says, "When you get a chance, man, you should ask Meg how she's feeling." Jason goes in to check on her.


10:33 AM BBT:  In HOH, Vanessa and Jackie are in the bathroom doing ADLs and talking about how insecure people are. Vanessa says that people feel threatened if you get too close to someone.  Vanessa tells Jackie that people are worried because there is no loyalty in an 8 person group, and that scares her. 

Jackie asks how they fix it, or do they just let it go.

Vanessa says she just has to make a judgment call and at the end of the day she is going to address the person that is giving her this uneasy feeling and tell them to fix it. 


10: 36 AM BBT:  Vanessa laughs and says "weren't you already in an 8 personal alliance?  How did that work out?"   Jackie laughs and says that wasn't really an alliance because it was something that Audrey put together.  Vanessa asks why she had to bring up that name.


10:39 AM BBT:  Vanessa asks Jackie, "If you had to pick two people in that 8 person group who you trust the most, who would you say?"  Big sigh from Jackie, she dances around the question and basically says that she wants to trust all of them.   They both agree that they wish Jason and Shelli weren't against each other.  Jackie wants to know if Shelli has said anything about her (Jackie) spending so much time up in HOH.  Vanessa says no, but that she can feel that people are concerned about them getting close.


10:43  AM BBT:  Jackie says that from different conversations she has had that  everyone seems to be on board.  Jackie says she wishes that everyone would just get to the 8 and then play to win.  She also says that people can't keep lying and trying to control everything from now to the end.  Jackie wants to know if Vanessa is feeling pressured about her decision today or trying to change her mind behind her back. 


10:47 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Jackie that Austin was in her room saying that he just wanted to make it to jury because he is in love.  Vanessa wonders if it is stupid to get rid of someone who has said that they don't care if they win.  Jackie says not to buy it because everyone is going to cry and will say anything they can to stay in the game and win the money. 

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10:56 AM BBT:  Vanessa asks Jackie if she knows that James helped Liz in the BotB by telling her about the "I" in Christine.  She says that Steve mentioned it just in passing conversation, and that it makes her (Van) wonder. She says she is going to ask James about that because it screwed everything up.  Jackie says she didn't know that happened.


11:01 AM BBT:  Downstairs in WA, Becky tells Vanessa that if James had kept his mouth shut that she and Clay would have won.  Becky asks Vanessa about what she should say, and Vanessa says that Becky can say whatever she wants.   Becky leaves and goes to talk about same thing with Clay and Shelli in the kitchen. 

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11:03AM BBT Vanessa is in the KT. She tells Clay and Shelli that James has just admitted to her that James helped Liz fix the word Christine in the BOB comp. Vanessa is furious.


11:24AM BBT Jackie and Shelli talk about being bloated. James telling Clay about correcting Liz on Christine. He says that Liz corrected Victoria on her own.


11:26AM BBT Jackie and Shelli in the PBR. Jackie tells her that Vanessa questioned Jackie on the telephone incident. Shelli tells Jackie that she has nothing to worry about. They go round and round about the votes Da chose to negate.


11:29AM BBT Jackie asks Shelli if Vanessa is not going to put up Austin. Shelli is talking about how Vanessa is worried. She says James helped Liz finish the word. They are trying to figure out why James did that.

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11:32AM BBT James is telling Clay that Liz took all the letters out and spelled the names. He says all he did was throw paint and say one thing about the I. He says anything less he might as well have just sat down.


11:34AM BBT Jackie tells Shelli that Vanessa came to her and said she wanted to do this too. She said they would never have agreed to this if they didn't both want this.


11:37AM BBT Vanessa pulls Shelli into the HN room. Shelli tells her that Jackie pulled her in. Shelli says she told Jackie that James didn't throw the comp like he was supposed to. Vanessa says the line will be very clear after the speech.


11:42AM BBT HG are called tot he BY for a LD. We now have Jeff reels for the POV ceremony.

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11:07 AM BBT:  Vanessa is back HOH bathroom with Jackie and is really mad about James not throwing the comp.  She says he just should have gone up if he couldn't do it.  Jackie says either way it worked out, and Vanessa says, "No! It didn't work out."


11: 12 AM  BBT:  Vanessa goes to DR. 


11:13 AM BBT:  James goes to WA and tells Jason that Van is asking questions about the comp.  He says that she wanted to know if he was the one who said that there was an "I" in Christine.  He says he told her yes.  Why would he lie about that.  James says he is concerned because her asking questions this far after the comp makes him feel like she is up to something.  Jason says that after he finishes his face he will try to find out what's up.


11:15 AM BBT: Shelli comes into the WA complaining about the red shirt.  Jason gives her advice and she leaves. 


11:18 AM BBT:  James still talking about the comp.  He says that Liz even told Vanessa that James didn't help at all during the comp.  James says that if Vanessa is now thinking that he didn't do what he said that he needs to nip that in the bud.


11: 23 AM BBT:  Jackie and Shelli are in the CBR, and they talk about Vanessa thinking that she has been lied to by someone in their group.  Shelli says she feels sick.  Shelli says that she doesn't know specifically what Vanessa is talking about, but that something is about to happen. Jackie talks about the phone booth twist and says that she just wants to move forward.  Jackie tells Shellie that Vanessa wants to talk to Jason, and Shelli says that's because Jason knows about Da.  Jason told Jackie and Shelli that Da had the vote.  Shelli says that she doesn't really care because it didn't change anything. 


11:27 AM BBT:  Shelli says she thinks that Vanessa is tired and worried because she is HOH and everyone wants to talk to the HOH.  She also says that Vanessa might feel like the only reason she is part of the 8 is because she won HOH.  Shelli says that James admitted that he helped Liz finish the word in the BotB challenge, and if he hadn't, then Vanessa wouldn't have had to be HOH again.  Shelli says that Vanessa feels like she is in an awkward position and doesn't really know if these people have her interests at heart or not. 


11: 31 AM BBT: Meanwhile outside, James is explaining to Clay what he did and did not do during the BotB competition.  Clay reassures him and tells him not to worry because it's not like you can just sit around during the comp and not do anything. 

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 12:24pm BBT: Jackie telling James and meg that she had no idea what was going top happen. In the BY Jason telling Clay and shelli that Vanessa kept telling him that everything was perfect but i guess it wasn't.  Becky in the house in bed telling meg that this is just like Jeff and James  but now you guys have to decide between us. James goes to the HOH rm and Vanessa tells him i will talk to you if you want and she says this was another piece of the puzzle that was put together and things must happen for a reason and cracks in the foundation became clear. 

12:28pm BBT:  Vanessa says  she could not do this by herself. Vanessa says i feel like i was falling back in a cement pool.She says i wanted to talk to Jason this morning but they called me in and i didn't get to i was able to talk to Jackie and i woke you up. I had to make a move and i had to make some game moves. She tells him that this was not an original plan from the beginning, this happened in the last 24 hours. I told Becky that she would be safe that a bigger target was going up against her and she thought it would be Austin then it wasn't but i still believe she will be safe.
 12:32pm BBT: Vanessa says she was facing a lot of pressure from a lot of people and i am only one person and when you are  pressured from a lot of people you have to question where you are at. In the BY Jason, Jackie, Clay, Shelly and Becky are talking about the nominations. Jason says she has not talked to Vanessa in awhile.
12:35pm BBt: Vanessa tells James that she had to pick a side i had to make a decision and i made it i am sorry but i made it.Vanessa says one of the biggest cracks in this foundation is that everyone wants Jason gone now. James says ok.
12:38pm BBT: Vanessa tells James that this is not bad for your game and James says i know it ain't . Vanessa tells him she tried talking to people today and then BB called me in. She says i did this and i do not know if i made the right decision but i did it anyways. In the BY Jason and Becky talking to Jackie, Clay and Shelli. Becky says why would she do this to me? Jason says i do not know.Jason says You have votes and johnny Mack will not vote for you so maybe she thinks she has the votes from James and Steve she only needs 5 votes.
12:42pm BBT:Meg goes to the BY and sits down. Jason ask her if she is ok and she is silent and crying. Jason says remember you told me you wouldn't cry so don't cry. meg nods her head. All Hg silent in the BY.
12:43pm BBT: Jackie tells  Jason, Meg, Shelly and Becky she is sorry she says it feels like it is all her fault. Shelly says Vanessa is an honest player and she was on board with the Austin thing but. Jackie says i believe that i do. Meg says if she was an honest player then why was we shocked. Meg says there is a lot of stuff going on in this house that we do not know about and Becky agrees.
12:47pm BBT: Jason says he is happy he has one m,ore week as he lays on the BY couch and lights a cigarette. Meg gets up and leaves as she wipes her eyes. Vanessa and James still in the HOh rm talking about the nominations and why she nominated Jason and she says it is not your fault James that i nominated him just a lot of facts were thrown at me and unfortunately i had to blindside Jason.
12:50pm BBT: Meg goes to the CBR and talks to John. She tells him that it is just a  bad situation. She says i have to get my act together i am a mess. John says a hot mess. Meg then heads to bed in the OBR.
12:56pm BBT: Clay and  Meg in the STR talking about James being weird today. Shelli in the BY talking to Jason about  Clay and Becky was supposed to  win and Jackie was supposed to be HOh. Shelli starts crying and Jason ask whats wrong and shelli says i am thinking how sad it will be  if you go and how boring the house is going to be.
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 1:00pm BBT: Jason gets up and goes inside to  the OBR and says i am the star of the show today them cameras will be following me. He then goes to the STr where meg is crying with Clay and meg says they keep taking all my people.

 1:02pm BBT: Jason tells meg and Clay that Becky has Austin , Steve and john,s votes.  Meg walks out  crying and clay follows her. Jason goes to bed. IN the WA Shelli is talking to Meg as Meg is still crying saying if i had  a heads up then it wouldn't hurt so bad but i didn't get that. In the HOh rm Liz goes in and talks to Vanessa about the nominations. Vanessa tells her the talk with James and says if he wants to target me then that's ok target me.

1:08pm BBT: Vanessa tells Liz that the funny thing is that Jason  was targeting you and Austin and what was i going to do put up someone who has been with me since day one? No he would have gone after us.

 1:10pm BBTL Vanessa tells Liz that James and Jason had formed an alliance on day one. Liz says no and Vanessa says yeah day one. She says but James is trustworthy and you can work with him but Jason is on the other side. James in the WA talking to Jason, meg and Shelli, Clay and Jackie  that he talked to Vanessa and Jason says  she wants me to go and she will tell you whatever she wants to tell you to get you to vote me out. Jason says she has been up there all week with Jackie and she did not know. James ask you didn't know and Jackie said no. Jason says Vanessa is delusional.

1:15pm BBT: Jackie says it is done it is done so what is the point it is done. Jason says i can go up there and talk to her but there is not another pov. Jason leaves the WA and says maybe you can come up to James and meg too since James has nothing to hide. He goes to meg and says maybe you me and James should go talk to her and meg says why? meg ask why is James believing all this and Jason says i do not know.

1:17pm BBT: Jason goes to the HNBR and tells Steve that Vanessa is teling lies and he would appreciate his vote to stay. Jason ask did i give you  hug and Steve says no but i want one. They hug and Jason leaves looking for Meg. BB calls Meg to the DR and meg says thank you and yes.

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1:22PM BBT James and Jason in the WA talking about Vanessa. James telling Jason that Vanessa told him that she didn't go through with the plan was because there were cracks in the alliance.


1:24PM BBT Jackie is in HOH with Vanessa, Liz and Shelli. Vanessa says that Jackie needs to look at the fact that Vanessa stayed loyal and didn't put Jackie on the block. She says that there are two sides but she can't go another week that there are not two sides.


1:26PM BBT Vanessa says that there is a big majority that wants Jason to go. Jackie asks Shelli if she wants Jason to go. Shelli says no that she doesn't want anyone to go. Van says this is a strategic game move. Liz says that she backs up Van's decision. She says Jason made fun of the facts he got instead of approaching her.


1:30PM BBT Vanessa tells Jackie that she knows how much Van didn't want to be in this situation. Jackie asks Liz if she knows that this was not all Jackie. Shelli says a lot of people were on this. Vanessa says that she had to get the majority of the house's opinion on it and they were behind her decision.


1:35PM BBT Vanessa tells the girls that she spoke to Austin the least because he would be biased about going up on the block. She feels that his lie was due to being in love and stupid.


1:37PM BBT Jackie asks Vanessa if Shelli and Clay knew about the comp being thrown. Vanessa says no. She gives her word that she never told them.

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1:39PM BBT Jackie is telling Vanessa that she is concerned that if Austin is HOH next week then he will BD her. Vanessa says that she will see what she can do. Jackie says that Austin is supposed to throw HOH that it was the plan. Vanessa now says that no the only plan is if Austin gets to F2 that no one can vote for him.


1:41PM BBT Jackie tells Vanessa that she knows Clay and Shelli are part of it. They continue to go round and round. Jackie asks about James being mad at Jason. Van says she has no idea.


1:43PM BBT Vanessa says she never said that Jason was talking crap about James. Vanessa says someone was but she can't tell Jackie because she is loyal. And that the person who gave her details were very credible and she double checked her facts.


1:45PM BBT In the HN room Clay./Shelli/Liz and Austin talk. Liz is really upset that Jackie came at them. Austin says that Jackie has no right to do that. Shelli very upset that Jackie came at her about Jason.


1:52 PM BBT Austin telling Clay and Shelli that he tries to be the twist in his own mind with Judas. He says that production LOVED it in his casting. Shelli asks who is with Liz. He says that when the lights go out at night with Liz then it is definitely Judas because Austin is shy about getting the girl.


1:57PM BBT Vanessa says that she is done playing the game until the next time she has to. She says she is not an Audrey who tries to figure out 4 steps ahead. She says she takes it day by day.

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1:59 PM BBT Clay & Shelli are in the HNR eating popcorn. Clay is scarfing his popcorn down, talking while he is chomping into his microphone. Meg & James are in the room with them. James asks Clay if Jackie is in the HOHR with Vanessa. Shelli says, it's makes perfect sense, game wise, when Vanessa explains it. Clay says, obviously they don't agree with it. (Oh, yes you do). Shelli is sitting back acting all smug, because she knows she wanted this is to happen. Clay says, this game is so hard, because you have to separate the personal.


2:01 PM BBT Shelli tries to explain that having the Dark Moon alliance was all fun, but Vanessa is a smart cookie, & talked to people, including Austin. She says, Austin is soo close to her. Shelli is acting all high and mighty, almost laughing when she is talking to everyone. Meg is crying, & Shelli is trying to a act like she cares. Shelli says, is just realizing that Jason started stuff. Meg spells things out for her, & Shelli is again almost laughing. (Unreal).


2:05 PM BBT Meg says, when they were called the 2nd HOH, Vanessa & Jackie already had the plan when her, James & Jason all went up there. Meg says, they were approached with the plan, they supported it, & were behind it, now she feels like a fool. Shelli says, both of the HOH's wanted to backdoor Austin. James says, Vanessa told him that Austin doesn't want to win the game. Meg says, then why wouldn't he be here? Clay says, Austin already feels that he has won with Liz. Meg says, she doesn't believe that for a second. She asks Clay & Shelli if they don't want to win? Clay says, he just wants to get to jury. Clay says, he'll be pissed. Meg says, he's a super fan, & maybe she has no soul, but she doesn't believe this. Shelli says, she agrees with Meg. She says, Austin has the tattoo & everything.


2:08 PM BBT Shelli tells Meg that Vanessa gave her word to Clay & Becky that they won't go home this week. She says, she also gave Jackie's word that she wouldn't backdoor her, so she wasn't left with many choices. James says, Vanessa told him that she won't tell him her reasoning with Jason until he leaves. James says, he doesn't agree with that. He says, he doesn't know if his vote will count or not, but he feels that Jason deserves to know things before he leaves. James says, if he did he did, if he didn't he didn't. James says, he needs to be able to justify the reasoning.


2:10 PM BBT James says, Vanessa said there's a crack in the 8 person alliance, & there seems to be lines drawn in the sand. Shelli says, Jackie seems to have asked the right questions. Clay tells them to go upstairs. Meg says, she's going up there by herself. Shelli asks if Vanessa is talking to Jackie? Meg says, yes. Clay asks how many votes are needed to win this week? Shelli says, 5. Meg says, she thought it was 5 last week. Clay says, there may be a swing vote. James says, there's a lot of questions that need answers. Shelli says, the problem for her is that she loves Jason as a person. She says, that's the problem with this game on a personal level. She says, Becky & Clay went up with the promise they wouldn't go home.


2:13 PM BBT Shelli says, she has to look at her position that it could be Clay still up there. Meg says, Shelli could be up there right now. Shelli says, that's a very good point. Meg says, do you think that Jason is regretting not going on the block? She says, he could have been safe. Meg says, she can't wait until next week to see what two of her friends are up there again. Shelli says, that's a good point. Meg says, she hates drama. Shelli says, you're in the wrong house, baby. James says, we signed up for it. Clay says, when we go to New York we will see the real Meg. Shelli says, what happens in the BB house stays in the BB house. James says, Meg says, she wears thigh highs. Meg says, he's talking about something else.


2:16 PM BBT Clay wants to go eat some slop. Meg wants a turkey sandwich. Shelli is going to get a bowl of slop with peppery popcorn. Meg wants to talk to Vanessa. James asks Meg to get some answers for him also. He tells her that's his job. They all leave the HNR. They find out they are locked in the house. Shelli gets called to the DR. Austin is cooking food with Liz. James & Shelli go to the WA. James tells Jason to not ask questions like him, because he only gets vague answers.


2:19 PM BBT James goes in the WC. Meg is in the WA now. She asks Jason if he went off up in the HOHR? Jason says, no, he took the high road. We see FOTH.


2:21 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Clay is in the WA now with Meg & Jason. Jason says, he went the very high road, he went very very nice. James comes out of the WC. He washes his hands in the sink. BB says, "HG's, the lock down is over, you are now free to move about the house." Everyone says, yay. Clay says, this wasn't the plan. Jason asks if it was last minute? Clay says, he feels stuff may have been told to her last minute. He says, he gets it on a game level, but not a personal level. Jason says, he doesn't get it at all. Clay says, he doesn't like the backdooring. Jason says, he's the first real blindside of BB17. Clay starts to talk. Jason says, he wants to know, but they still have to play, but for him, he really doesn't care. They are looking at for people that may be coming in. Jason says, none of these people have anything on him. Meg asks why Jason would have been put up. James is listening. Clay says, Vanessa probably made deals with everyone else.


2:24 PM BBT Jason says, Steve is Vanessa's pet, & he found that out weeks ago. Meg says, they put her on the block against two competitive people. Meg says, don't you think Jason was the target? Clay says, maybe. Meg says, she doesn't believe the song & dance this week at all. Jason says, why would they ask them questions? Jason says, they believed her full plate of bullsh*t this week. Clay says, if he wouldn't have won POV, he could still be there. Clay asks what would have happened if someone else won the POV? Jason says, they would have used it. Jason says, Jackie wanted him to volunteer. He says, Jackie wanted him to be the dumbest person & put himself up there. Meg says, with the whole Jeff thing, she needed concrete evidence, so why didn't she start this off last night, if that's how she plays the game? Steve goes to the WC. (Probably spying on what they are talking about to run back to Vanessa).


2:28 PM BBT Meg doesn't want to talk a whole lot with Steve in there. She says, she thinks there were two plans. She says, she's going to talk. She says, sorry & leaves. Steve comes out of the WC, after changing into his swim trunks. He leaves the WA. Clay asks James what he thinks? James says, he thinks there's a lot of bullsh*t going on. He says, the other side is growing stronger.


2:29 PM BBT In the HOHR, Meg tells Vanessa she was so happy to work with her, & now she feels like a dumb girl. Vanessa says, she understands. Vanessa says, she didn't want to stay HOH, & there was pressure put on her from other people for wanting her to do this. She tells Meg that every interaction she's had with Meg has been genuine. She says, the DR hates her, because she keeps going back & forth on what she's going to do. She says, she can't imagine doing a TV out of that. We see FOTH.


2:32 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Meg tells Vanessa that what hurts her is the fact that Vanessa didn't even tell her. Vanessa says, she wasn't allowed to, once the DR realized her decision. We see FOTH.


2:35 PM BBT Live feeds come back with all cameras on the WA. Jackie asks why they created this group? Clay & James are talking with her. Clay says, there has to be something with Austin. Jackie says, Liz acts like she knows everything. Jackie says, she asked Liz, can't you go? James says, if she knows that, then there is already a pecking order on the other side. James says, Vanessa told him, there are obvious lines drawn in the sand, & he should know this. Clay says, he sees a little, but not the house divided yet. Jackie says, Vanessa is making it that way. James asks who the house is? Jackie says, it's everyone else besides the three of them. Jackie says, those are the people that would support her in the decision. Clay says, he did say that he felt it was wrong that Becky go home after volunteering herself. Clay says, but Jason could have volunteered to save himself. James says, when you volunteer, pawns go home. He says, that's why no one wants to do it. Clay says, he'll be d*mned if he volunteers again.


2:39 PM BBT Jackie says, all they had to do was stick together, & then they can all stick together. She says, why can't they just f***ing do it? She runs to get her food. Clay tells James you need a good 4 or 5 people. James says, the other side of the house has it with Austin, 2 Liz' (Liz & Julia), Vanessa & Steve. James asks Clay if you see any of their people going home? Clay says, you see they have been winning. (He & Shelli are part of THEY).


2:41 PM BBT James says, he may have to be part of them soon, because they are getting picked off. Clay says, they need to win HOH. James says, if he gets HOH, he's sticking to his decision & won't change it for nothing. He says, keep your eye on the prize. Clay says, he needs to take a sh*t, & goes in the WC. James goes to the KT. He tells Jackie that Austin & Liz are working on Steve, & that is their prize. Jackie is eating, while standing by the counter. James stands by the bottom of the staircase, looking towards the BY. He asks Jackie who's upstairs? He asks if it's Meg? Jackie says, yes.


2:43 PM BBT Jackie asks James how he feels about everything? All camera views go to the BY. Steve is talking to Austin & Liz. Steve & Austin talk about being super fans, & watching previous season. Steve says, they need to leave Jason alone. Austin says, he won't talk to Jason, & if he asks him for a vote, he's going to tell him he will vote with the house, because it's a house decision. The camera switches back to the HOHR. Vanessa tells Meg, she was pressured into her decision heavily.


2:45 PM BBT Vanessa says, she thinks that everything was genuine in the beginning, but with her staying throwned as HOH spooked everyone. She says, they had to figure out if Clay or Becky should stay on the block. She says, that caused the divide. Meg says, she supported the decision, & now this happened. Meg says, even with the Jeff thing, it was bad. She says, Jason hasn't been able to say anything or explain himself doesn't seem right. Vanessa says, it sucks, & she feels terrible & awful on a human level. She says, she doesn't want to be the person to do this. Vanessa is pretending to cry. She says, she's very alone in this game & has to keep winning comps.


2:48 PM BBT Vanessa says, when Meg wins an HOH, she will understand that this is really brutal, & it's not easy. Meg asks what made her go this way? Vanessa says, she felt that she would be pissing more people off if she put Austin up. Meg says, alright. Vanessa says, she didn't believe that she had the makings of a real alliance to complete the task. Liz gets called to the DR.


2:50 PM BBT Vanessa tells Meg that this wasn't easy for her at all. Austin is walking around the house. He says, he made that goodbye easy. Jackie, in the KT, says, now what? Austin says, in about 30 minutes you can say, Hi Julia. He goes to the CRL.


***Correction...Austin went to the CBR to get clothes, not to the CRL, as previously updated.***


2:53 PM BBT Austin goes to the WC. James is laying on the couch in the WA. Vanessa tells Meg that this was going to be this way no matter what happened. She says, when you are HOH, you are told that you are specifically not allowed to tell someone you are putting them up. Meg says, I know. (They do it ALL the time, what's the difference now?) We see FOTH.


2:55 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Vanessa tells Meg she is probably making herself a target. Meg says, she believes people to well. Poor Meg is crying so much her nose is stuffed up now. Vanessa says, everyone is doing what's best for their game. Meg says, she doesn't want to be left out in the dark. Meg says, she needs a tissue. She says, if you lied to her then, it sucks. She says, she gets it, that they are saying they want to protect her. Vanessa says, Jackie didn't know. Vanessa says, Jackie new she was doubting the decision with Austin. Vanessa says, everyone else knew except for James. Meg says, then they are lying to her. Vanessa says, then they are lying. Meg says, she has to approach Clay & Shelli about it. Vanessa tells her to go to them, because if they deny it, they are lying. Meg says, she already told them that they probably knew.


2:58 PM BBT Meg says, she asked Clay & Shelli & then asked them again, telling them she understands if they knew about it, but they didn't tell her they did. Vanessa tells Meg to take this in her back pocket. Meg tells Vanessa she is obviously working with the other side of the house more. Vanessa says, she really tried to get dethrowned & get Austin out. She says, that completely didn't have anything to do with her. She says, she sees the house as being in groups. She says, to be as cool as possible, but you have to be careful. Meg agrees. Vanessa says, she's not in that spot.


3:00 PM BBT Vanessa tells Meg that there are several options out there. She tells her to see who wins HOH, and go for there. Vanessa says, they are not Audrey, & won't be going in 400 directions. Vanessa says, people are probably thinking that if her side of the house gets scooped up, they will want to get her on their side. Vanessa tells Meg is not a target. Vanessa says, she shouldn't even tell her this, but she feels responsible having Meg in this position. Meg says, this is not her being in a place of her think she's going home, even though they all will. She says, it's a matter of who you trust & who you don't.


3:02 PM BBT Vanessa tells Meg that she kept changing her mind in the DR, & probably looks like she's Bi-Polar. Vanessa says, she had just told Liz that she was to far into this, that she still had to put up Austin, but then things happened, & changed again. Meg says, she's upset with the situation, but it's not falling on her. Meg says, she's smart enough to know Vanessa didn't do this all on her own. Vanessa says, she didn't ask for this, it happened. She says, Clay & Becky were up against each other. She says, when that happens people divide, & that happened.


3:04 PM BBT The camera is focused on the DR door. Liz comes back into the house & says, FALSE ALARM. James says, he was waiting for Julia. Liz goes to the WC. Jackie says, James was really waiting for Julia. Liz says, "I know, James, you creeper."


3:05 PM BBT James gets called to the DR. Meg tells Vanessa this just sucks, & it's the shock of it. Vanessa tells Meg to put things in her tool box. She says, she can't believe that everyone is denying stuff. Vanessa says, this was not her rogue maneuver, even though she fancies herself as being rogue. She says, bye to Meg. Meg goes downstairs. Vanessa gets a juice out of the HOHR mini-fridge. She gets told to please exchange her microphone with one from the SR. She goes downstairs to do that.


3:08 PM BBT Vanessa comes out of the SR, after exchanging her microphone. She tells Shelli she needs to talk to her when she's done. She was cooking. They go upstairs to the HOHR. Vanessa tells Shelli they are going to get pitted against each other, & that's fine. Shelli says, "Me & you?" Vanessa says, yes, it's natural. She says, she can't show anymore loyalty than what she's already done. Vanessa tells Shelli has her back.


3:10 PM BBT Shelli says, everyone was coming to them after the Veto Ceremony. She says, obviously they knew, but she just let everyone talk, & didn't tell them anything. Vanessa says, they are going to do what they have to. She says, as long as someone from that side goes they will be o.k. Vanessa tells Shelli that there's something significant with more stuff she was given in her HOHR basket. Vanessa says, things are going to get brutal over the next couple of days. Shelli says, for sure. Vanessa says, she will be someone's front door target. Shelli says, only if it's them. Vanessa says, the three of them feel so alone in the game (James, Jason & Meg).



3:13 PM BBT Vanessa says, she told them to work with people that they feel loyalty to. Vanessa says, one of them had to go home next week. Vanessa says, she's going to be sweating the HOH. Shelli says, so are they. Shelli tells Vanessa to keep her head in the right direction. She says, she is getting swayed with Jason. Vanessa says, Becky is a recruit, & doesn't know much about the game. Shelli says, that's why she doesn't bring much to the game. Vanessa says, Jason is a wonderful person, he's a strategist & a great game player. Vanessa says, she will tell him, it's a compliment because more people are more threatened by him than Austin. (Really? Austin is more of a threat than Jason, why does she not see this?)


3:17 PM BBT Shelli tells Vanessa that Jackie is probably going to keep Becky, since they already have the numbers. Shelli tells Vanessa that Meg came downstairs & looked straight at her, so she needs to know what to do. Vanessa tells Shelli that she told Meg everyone who knew, & she was included in that. Shelli says, she told Meg that she knew that Vanessa was changing her mind, but she says, she didn't tell her that she knew that Jason was going up. Vanessa tells Shelli to basically lie to her, to tell her it was out of self-preservation. (Meg is a smart cookie). Shelli says, no one knows that Steve & Becky are in on this. Vanessa says, she told Meg that the whole rest of the house is not in an alliance against her. Vanessa says, she was asked about an alliance that included the twins? She says, she told her no, because it didn't include the twins.


3:21 PM BBT Vanessa says, what she told her was partially true, & she left out the part about Sixth Sense. In the CRL, Jackie, Meg, James & Jason are talking. Jason tells James that he was told people are worried about him. Jackie tells Jason, Vanessa told James that she won't tell him anything until after you leave, how fair is that? Jason says, it's not. Meg tells them what her & Vanessa talked about. Jason says, he can't swing anyone on their votes. James says, the three of them are going to be super f***ed after he leaves. Meg says, not if they play hard. James wants to know why Shelli & Clay would say that though? Jackie says, unless they are playing from last week.


3:22 PM BBT Jackie says, Shelli & Clay have had a hand in every eviction. James says, they sure have, they are good. Jackie says, she loves Shelli to death, but it's her. James says, Audrey warned him about them. He says, Audrey told them that Shelli will tell them anything they want to hear, & sound all sweet, but she will have a hand with everything. They say Clay is lurking outside the door, but he's in the HOHR. Meg says, she wants to talk to them, & tell them not to lie to her face. Meg says, they still need to play the game for today, & she's p*ssed.


3:25 PM BBT Jason says, he can't flip the votes. He says, he needs a twist to fall out of the sky, or he's dead in this game. James says, Da'Vonne was right about everything. She knew you can't trust Audrey, she knew about the twins, she knew about Shelli & Clay. Jackie says, Shelli & Clay have had a hand in every eviction to benefit their game. Jason says, he wanted to put her up the first week, & they wouldn't have to worry about it. James says, this is why Shelli wanted him to throw the comp so bad. Jackie says, she was fine with it to be honest, but then Vanessa showed she can't be trusted, because she did this behind their back.


3:27 PM BBT They all consider the votes. Jackie, Meg & James are all voting for James. They need to figure out where to get the other 2 votes. James tells Meg it's alright, because she is crying. (I'm crying while I update this.) Jackie starts to cry also. She tells Jason, she feels that she let him down. Jason says, he knows it wasn't her. James says to watch their backs more with Clay & Shelli. Jason says, more, you mean completely. James says, "Oh, Shelli." Jason says, they should have known because of how much the DR wanted him to make fun of Shelli. James says, this makes him wonder if they knew about him going up. Jason says, they know everything. Jackie says, what the f***, why can't they just go with it, it was so easy. Jason says, now everyone knows they are shady business.


3:30 PM BBT Jackie says, from now on, nothing is going to change her f***ing mind. James says, wait until Steve wins HOH. Jason says, it will be Shelli's HOH again, & Steve will do what she wants. Jackie says, they have to do something. James says, they need to get with Liz & Austin, but how do you know they aren't part of it also? Meg says, they are. James says, Clay & Shelli are aligned with the group that Audrey told him about. Jackie says, they have to be. James says, you already know that Shelli, Clay, Austin & the 2 Liz' are going to be a group. Jason comes in the CRL, after he walked out. He says, the centipede reference he made for Austin & Clelli may come up in a speech.


3:33 PM BBT James says, he's trying to pinpoint things, & knows that he was a target one week. Jackie asks why this came up? James says, they must see them as a threat. James says, Shelli wins all the HOH's. Jackie says, she has to win it, & act cool with Shelli though. Meg says, how can you not confront them about lying? James says, the lines are already drawn in the sand. Meg says, they are going to find out that they already knew. Jackie says, Clay tried to cover it up after Shelli had already told her she knew. We see FOTH.


3:35 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Jackie telling James & Meg that Austin said he can't win HOH or the game or anything. She says, Vanessa said there weren't that many targets left. Jackie says, they had it figured to final 8, so this doesn't make sense. James says, one of them has to win is all. He says, if they do, it is where it is, & they will be splitting people up. Meg says, it's so weird because Jason was coaching Vanessa the night before. Jackie says, that's crazy, & they went head to head to. Meg says, they were making songs up for what it could be, & it's so f***ed up. Jackie says, she has to go pee, & leaves the CRL.


3:37 PM BBT James tells Meg, soon it will be down to just the two of them. Meg asks why? James says, d*mn, Jeff got asked, Jason now possibly, & he's next in the bullpen. James asks what they did so bad? Meg says, she doesn't know, she feels they are on the bad side. James says, pretty soon he's going to blow his gasket. He says, he's pretty cool, but he has this other side to him, that they don't want to see of him. He says, he can say, he will target all of these shady b*tches in here. Meg laughs. Meg says, Clay & Shelli have been trying to work with them the whole time. She says, the 5 of them going to the end. James says, they aren't going to do it. Meg says, no, obviously they are taking out Jason. Jackie comes back in the CRL.


3:40 PM BBT Meg says, Jason has been loyal to them the whole time. James says, they must not like them. James asks about Audrey. Meg tells Jackie this is not her fault, it was going to happen anyway. Jackie says, every time she went up there, Vanessa kept telling her it was going to stay that way. Meg says, it would have happened anyway. Jackie says, she should have stayed up there more. Meg doesn't understand how Vanessa says, the lines were drawn in the sand. Meg says, there's loyalties between groups of people. Meg tells Jackie she was grouped with them. Jackie says, that's crazy. Meg says, there's still people outside of it.


3:42 PM BBT Jackie says, Vanessa was saying that people were going to come after her in the coming weeks. She says, Liz was agreeing. Jackie says, she was thinking, shut the f*** up Liz, you don't know. James says, she's not here half the time. Jackie says, unless Austin did it all, & she can see that whole thing go down. Steve walks past the CRL, & Jackie says, there he is. Jackie says, they are ringing him in. Meg says, they got him. Jackie says, they were going to backdoor him second. (Why don't they tell Steve this to get them on their side? He's gone against the "House" vote before.)


3:45 PM BBT In the HOHR, Vanessa tells Jason that she's 100% p*ssing people off. She tells Jason that he brings a lot to the table, & it's threatening for people. She says, she's lucky she won the comp. She says, she's solo, & if she p*sses people off it's a**inine. Jason says, he understands. He asked if people don't see Becky as a better competitor as him? Vanessa says, she gave Becky the promise she wouldn't go home this week. Vanessa says, she won't campaign, but he should go out there & campaign. She says, she doesn't vote. She says, if she can come up with a good plan for him, she would tell him. She says, she had to do what she had to do that was best for her game. Vanessa talks about the line. Jason says, Clelli wanted him out for a long time.


3:48 PM BBT Jason says, maybe their plan was to lead him on the whole time. He tells Vanessa that this is the first blindside of their BB season. Vanessa says, from her prospective, she couldn't be put in the position to tell Meg before hand. She says, the rules of BB are that you can't tell the person to their face that they are going up. (They do it all the time). She tells Jason what she did today.


3:49 PM BBT Vanessa tells him that she was put under pressure from a lot of people in the house to put him up. Jason is about to cry. He doesn't understand why he did so bad that people want him out. He says, he sits outside & smokes cigarettes. Vanessa says, he's a good player, & he knows the game. She says, even Steve wants him out. Vanessa says, she will be a target for the same reason. She tells him it wasn't easy, & not to think she masterminded this from the beginning. Vanessa tells him, unless he thinks she's evil, she couldn't have just did this.


3:51 PM BBT Vanessa tells Jason that he can watch afterwards, & he will see she's not a bad human being. Vanessa says, she really likes everyone that is there. She says, there's not a bad person here. She says, away from this game, everyone is great. Vanessa says, anyone who wins HOH from here on out is in a terrible decision. Jason tells Vanessa she made the last easy decision with him. Vanessa says, thank God she can't play HOH, she may even go on the block. She says, they are all going to be o.k., & she has gone through stuff that has been real life & death. Jason says, he's frustrated that this is his life & passion, & half of these f***ers were found on Tinder.


3:54 PM BBT Vanessa tells Jason that Mel Brady told him he was going to kicked out the week after he gets fired from his job. Jason starts to cry. He says, he can't flip the votes. He says, he needs Clelli, James, Meg, & Jackie. Vanessa says, if anyone can get those people, it's him. she says, if she could help she would. Vanessa says, even if he does stay in the house & doesn't put her on the block she would be surprised. Vanessa says, after this, it's his platform, he will do big things with his life. she says, her cast sucks without him. She says, he's the last in a long line of huge personalities leaving.


3:57 PM BBT Vanessa tells him that if he doesn't win, it's just a stepping stone, & it may not even been the last time he plays BB. Jason gets a tissue to blow his nose. He tells Vanessa that she doesn't know his personal story. He says, he's known abuse and more, so he will be fine with this. Vanessa says, she wishes things were different, & that they could have worked together sooner in the game. Vanessa says, they make choices that lead to what happens. Vanessa says, she doesn't want to throw anyone under the bus to him.


3:59 PM BBT Vanessa says, she ran upstairs right away to get her composure. She says, she swallowed loudly after she put him up. Jason tells her to beware, because people are full of bull, & he doesn't want her to believe all of it. Vanessa says, she kept her word to the people she was supposed to keep her word to. She says, it may come back to bite her. Jason says, they will all go home at some point. Vanessa says, she wants to get in touch with him after the game. Jason says, he will definitely go to Vegas. Vanessa says, she feels sorry, & feels terrible. She starts to cry. She says, it's not a good feeling at all. They hug each other. She says, it was either blow herself up or do this. Vanessa tells him to go work hard. She says, she won't be surprised if he is still there next week. She tells him she's going to have a decompression moment. She puts her head into her hands on her leg. Jason says, thank you, & leaves. She gets up & says, brutal over and over again. She goes in the HOHR WA.


4:05 PM BBT Jason is sitting on the couch in the BY smoking a cigarette. James tells him about the Veto Competition. Jackie is sitting with them also. James explains how they were told there were 23 letters in the words, & how they counted the letters, & he saw that Christine was missing an "I", & then Liz went back over to fix it, & had to drag him to ring the buzzer. James says, last night they may have been pi**ed. Jason says, he knows that Clay & Shelli have had him as their target since Da'Vonne left.


4:07 PM BBT Jason says, Vanessa gave him all the information he needed. He says, everyone knew about this except Jackie, James & Meg. James asks where Shelli & Clay are? Jason says, they are hiding. James says, they know they are going to be on blast. Jason says, he has a mouth & will use it. He says, he speech will be more than just f***ing Merry Christmas. James tells Jason about what Audrey told him before she left. James says, Clay wanted to know what Audrey said because he was paranoid. James says, he shouldn't have been paranoid if it wasn't true. Jason says, sometimes people bait others to say what they want him to say. Jackie asks what the convo in the HOHR was. Jackie says, she told Jeff the same thing to. Jason says, Vanessa says, the whole house went to her about this. Jackie says, they didn't all just go to her. Jason says, maybe they saw her waiving on Austin. We see FOTH.


4:11 PM BBT Live feeds come back. James & Jason talk about Shelli & Clay being the manipulators of the house, & how they've had a hand in everything. Jackie says, she's basically running Vanessa. Jackie says, they just need new HOH's. Jason says, human centipede. Jackie says, she's so sick of it. Jason says, he basically came in second in that comp. Jason says, he made a deal with Vanessa last week, & he would have stayed good with those deals. He tells them he told her not to buy these people's bullsh*t all these weeks. James asks if Vanessa is a manipulator? Jason says, she is there to be manipulated. Jason says, Steve & Johnny Mac wanted him out also. James says, Steve & Johnny Mac wanted you out to? Jason says, that's what Vanessa said. Jackie asks if they found out about the final 8?


4:14 PM BBT They all say how they felt comfortable this week. Jason says, Shelli was out there acting like she was crying. Jason says, he was thinking, b*tch, you ain't crying behind those big a** glasses. Jason says, they tried to get him to stay stuff. James says, he should go up to them (Clay & Shelli), yeah, you could have trusted me, but not anymore. James says, it doesn't matter who he hangs out with, he's like a dog, & he's going back to his bowl of food, at his house. Jackie says, to much happened in the first f***ing week man. She says, they are still playing off what happened in that week. Jackie says, they brought that up last week about the first week, they need to move on, & no one can get over it.


4:17 PM BBT James says, at least Jason made it to the halfway point. Jason says, no, he will miss the halfway party. Halfway is day 49, & he will be evicted on day 43. Jackie says, she is upset that Shelli & Clay have played a hand in every eviction. Jason says, as much as he wants to go after them now, they are his only plan to stay. Jason says, what is he supposed to do, go after Steve & Johnny Mac?


4:19 PM BBT Jackie says, this isn't right that Audrey & Austin got to change her mind, but why didn't Jeff or him get to change her mind? Jason says, Austin is not just worried about getting some putang in the jury house. He says, he's out to get some money. Jason says, he's going to leave with what Jackie got on TAR. James asks if they take that much out in taxes? We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. Jason says, Clay is running around looking for Shelli now, because they know they know.


4:21 PM BBT Jason talks about his speech. He says, he'll know if he has their votes before he gives their speech. He says, if they were going to keep it he will make it a generic speech, & if not then he will call Shelli & Clay out in his speech. Jackie says, they led Jeff along the whole time so Jeff didn't say anything. Jason says, he's going to let them know that they said his name. James says, that's all he needs to say. Jackie says, he should tell them that Vanessa told him, & see what they say.


4:23 PM BBT Jackie says, Shelli looked like she was going to cut her. Jackie explains how Shelli backtracked in the HOHR, & then admitted that she did want Jason out. She says, then she went to Clay, & he tried to cover it up, & he called her out. Jackie talks about her arrest for a DUI not being on her record anymore. She explains it away without giving up the secret about her parents. She even tells them it was when she was underage, & it was dropped down to wreckless driving, & it's off her record for being after 7 years.


4:26 PM BBT Liz is talking to Becky in the CBR. Austin is in there with them. (Of course). Becky says, a lot of people are worried about the house vote. Austin tells Becky that Jackie was in the CRL for about 2 hours with James, Jackie & Meg. Austin wants to know what Jackie is doing, because he doesn't think Jackie will do it, because then she will be going with the low majority. Becky says, Jackie even asked her about going on the block, & she said yes, because it was her turn.


4:28 PM BBT Austin says, he's sick of this my turn, your turn, just put people on the block. Liz says, she's sick of it to. Becky says, she is still wondering who the mystery vote is. Austin & Liz tell her that she will see she has these votes. Becky says, it should be 7-3, but it could be 6-4. Austin says, Jackie better pick her friend right now, because she will be a sinking target. Becky says, she's not mad, she's letting happen, she's letting him rally & get on his soap box.


4:30 PM BBT Liz says, Jason has caused such an uproar, & no one wants him in the house anymore. Austin says, he went after him hard, & crossed some serious lines with him. Liz says, he went after her & her sister. Becky says, she knows she will have the votes, & she's going to just sit calmly this week. John comes in the CBR. He says, he stole the pillow back. Liz says, even though it was outside, & is all ratchet. They tell him it looks like he just came back from the pool. Liz tells Austin he needs to clean their bed.


4:33 PM BBT Liz says, BB told her something happened, & her & Julia won't be switching today. Liz says, she wonders what it is. Liz says, they probably think there's to much drama going on to worry about her switch. (Can BB do this to bring Julia in so she will be there for the vote on Thursday?).


4:34 PM BBT Becky leaves the OBR. Liz says, she can't believe they are all sitting there outside like that. Austin says, James is showing his hand right now. John says, he didn't know Jackie was that tight with them. Austin says, she's showing her hand also. John says, maybe she's just out there for now, & she'll come in later. Austin says, they'll see. Liz walks out of the CBR. Austin asks is they should do the sheets? John says, yes. Austin asks Liz? She says, she can do the sheets when she does the towels.


4:36 PM BBT Clay tells Meg, in the CRL, that his intentions have never been bad with her. Meg says, they can't blindside her, because it freaks her out. Meg tells him, that if it's bad news they need to let her know. She says, alright, she's done talking about this for now. Clay says, Shelli is having a hard time right now with Jason going home. He says, he knows she is also. Clay says, he respects how loyal Meg is. She tells him to be honest with her, or she will question things.


4:38 PM BBT Jason opens the door to the CRL, & asks Meg is she's o.k. Meg says, yes, she's an ugly crier, she knows. Clay tries to figure out who Meg would put on the block with reverse psychology. He tells her the game is changing. He goes down the list of people they could & could not put on the block. Clay says, they for sure need that to help each other out. Clay says, moving forward, he says, he knew they had a loyalty towards each other, but didn't know what level. Meg says, from the start they said that. Clay says, Meg needs to be included in everything. Meg says, that's fine, but they left her out to dry. She calls them freaking d*ckheads.


4:41 PM BBT Jackie walks out of the WA. Jason is sitting on the couch. Becky tells Jason that the shirt she has on is from under her squirrel costume. She tells him she wants to take her bra off to sleep but can't because all of her shirts are cut for the gym. James is in the shower. Jason says, what's her name wants to go in & shower, & keeps walking by with her clothes. He says, come on in, he's not a pit bull, he's just waiting for the toilet. Becky walks to the BY.


4:43 PM BBT Becky says, it's still so freaking early in the day. Liz says, she knows. Becky says, she napped so much better. We here this on their microphones. Shelli comes out of the WC, & washes her hands. Jason goes in the WC. Shelli leaves the WA.


4:45 PM BBT Jason comes out of the WC, washes his hands at the sink, & walks out of the WA. James finishes up in the HOT side of the shower.


4:46 PM BBT In the CRL, Clay tells Meg that when he gives his loyalty to someone he has to trust other people. He says, he's been f***ed over by 2 other people. He says, Jeff made a final 2 deal with him saying they would have to get out Shelli & Jackie. Clay says, Audrey the same thing, she wanted to split him & Shelli up. Clay says, he & Shelli are loyal to each other, but will work with others. He says, they don't have numbers. Meg says, no kidding, none of them do. Clay says, strategically they don't know who they can group with. He tells Meg they need a small group of 4 or 5 people that they can work with & keep going with it.


4:49 PM BBT Clay says, they had an 8 person alliance, & he & Shelli were worried that it would fail. Clay tells Meg that they are freaking about the double eviction coming up & them being put up on the block because they are a couple. He says, Shelli is really freaking out about it. Clay keeps repeating himself to Meg. Clay says, he was waiting for Meg & Jason to work with them, but they could only do so much. Clay says, Jason leaving is a hit, but it frees her up. He says, they saw that & want that. Clay says, he knows him lying to her made her upset.


4:51 PM BBT Meg tells him not to lie to her again. She says, she's not that type of person to hold grudges. Clay goes on telling Meg who needs to be in jury. In the KT, Austin & Liz are cooking.


4:53 PM BBT John walks through the KT, & goes out to the BY. Liz starts to hum. James walks through the KT, & goes towards the BR area. Clay gets called to the DR.


4:54 PM BBT Liz is shoving food in her mouth, & chomping as she is helping Austin cook. Clay walks past the KT, on his way to the DR. James walks back through the KT, & tells Austin & Liz that it's quiet in the house. Liz says, she knows. He goes to the BY.


4:55 PM BBT John asks James if he has his Veto shirt on? James says, it's his BOTB shirt he wears around. John says, he smells like Axe. James says, he took a shower. Meg says, the whole KT smells like Axe, but she's not complaining. John says, he did his laundry, made his bed like when he came in the house, & he swam. Meg says, he's had a fun-filled day. Becky gets called to the DR. John says, he put the Veto box away. He says, normally he does that like 5 minutes after it's done, but he did it about 3 hours later, because it was still there.


4:57 PM BBT James tells them the house is so quiet & eerie, as he walks away from the lounge chairs, by the pool, in the BY. John says, he wants to work out. Meg says, yeah. John tells her that she's not bro enough. He says, she might be a bit to hipster to go bro. Meg says, that's true. She says, she doesn't know, & she may go nap.


4:59 PM BBT We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. John says, maybe they will get booze. Meg says, she's such a crier there, & she doesn't like it. She says, she was so surprised, & just felt dumb, that's all.

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2:55pm BBT: meg and Van up in HOHR discussing why she wasn't told about the backdoor of Jason. She said she's upset BC she was left out of the loop. Meg says she feels like she was lied to. Vanessa telling Meg who didn't know, Jackie, James, and her. Vanessa says she can. Ask any of them. Meg then says clay and shelli knew and Vanessa says yes and if they say anything different I want to know and Meg says they Already have been. That's information I will keep and stick in my back pocket

Meg upset because she feels like it's her people that keep going and Vanessa says that sometimes it looks like that a big brother and in the end they go to finals

3:00pm BBT : Vanessa saying that if your side of the house crumbles the other side would want to pick you up Meg and scoop you up and it's up to you which corner you want to build a bridge with

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4:18pm BBT: Clay and Meg sitting in the cabana room, Meg crying telling Clay she's upset he lied to her 3 times. Clay promising that he would protect Meg and he would never put her up.

4:18pm Meg telling Clay she's had his back since day 1. Meg feels like a dumb naive player.

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5:00 PM BBT John and Meg are hanging out in the BY. Vanessa and Clay are in the HOH. Vanessa is rehashing her conversation with Jason and how she explained why he was the replacement nominee. She emphasizes his performances in competitions.


5:05 PM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 switch to Jason, James, Becky, and Jackie in the OBR. Jackie appears to be asleep. Jason says to no one in particular that "Both girls can go eat D**k". Meanwhile Meg and John are discussing how things are going to be really weird tonight.


5:12 PM BBT Clay and Vanessa are in the HOH. They are making plans that whoever wins the next HOH, they will have to fight to make sure that they and Shelli are safe. They appear to be prioritizing themselves and Shelli as the least expendable in the alliance.


5:15 PM BBT Clay rehashes to Vanessa about his conversation with Meg. At the end of the day, Austin can go home. He told Meg he would have been stupid not to go with Austin and the twins before. That's three guaranteed votes. However, it wouldn't upset him if Austin left. Vanessa references Austin as being like an injured bird.


5:23 PM BBT On feeds 1/3 Vanessa tells Clay in the HOH that Austin is just a love struck idiot. She also says that they also can't let the floaters float all the way to the end. They make plans to make James the target next week. Vanessa says she can spin that to Jackie that they are keeping Jackie safe, thus owing them.


5:25 PM BBT Clay and Vanessa are wrapping up the convo in the HOH. By taking out Jason this week and James next week, they are eliminating any real competition in the house. Vanessa tells him to work out and eat his protein so he will be ready for the next HOH comp since she can't play. Clay heads downstairs.


5:30 PM BBT Liz joins Vanessa in the HOH. Vanessa tells her that she is unhappy that she has killed Jason's BB dreams but at least she has saved Austin's. Liz tells her that Austin at least has been her friend through this game. Vanessa says it was a choice between her friend, and one who the others want out who isn't a friend.


5:31 PM BBT Vanessa tells Liz that they made the smart game move by aligning with people who win competitions. Vanessa tells her that she is literally putting her BB life on the line and to remember that when her sister enters the house with her. Liz says she knows.


5:36 PM BBT Vanessa and Liz are still talking in the HOH. Vanessa is rehashing about the earlier conversations. She says that Meg is an emotional player and when she is upset, you can't talk to her.


5:39 PM BBT Austin has joined Liz and Vanessa in the HOH. She is still rehashing conversations about how she justified putting Jason on the block. Meanwhile Meg, Clay, Steve, and Becky are eating in the KT.


5:43 PM BBT Liz tells Vanessa that Jason has been mean to Austin. He talks down about him to anyone who will listen. She quotes him "And he eats all the dang food. No more eggs for you Austin." They are still trying to justify why Jason is a necessary replacement nominee to each other.


5:45 PM BBT Vanessa tells Liz and Austin that she told Jason "If you are on a ship that has a hole in it, then you don't give up. You find another ship." Liz "But not our ship, our ship is full. Grab a life vest and hold on as long as you can but you aren't getting in." Vanessa and Austin have a good laugh over it.


5:49 PM BBT In the HOH Vanessa tells Austin and Liz that no one in the house knows just how close those two are with Shelli and Clay. The house knows that she is close to them and that is unfortunate. However, if the two of them play their cards right, they can keep their secret for a while longer.


5:54 PM BBT Vanessa asks Liz and Austin about her POV speech. They call it the BB speech of the century. It appeared she was talking about Austin but then turned the tables on Jason. Austin admits he was scared. For a while Austin he truly thought he was going to be the one going up.


5:57 PM BBT Shelli joins Austin, Liz, and Vanessa in the HOH. They now rehash everything they had been talking about to her. Meanwhile Meg and Clay are in the hot tub with Steve and Becky sitting on the side. They are just talking about life outside the house.

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6:00PM BBT: Vanessa is talking in the HoH with Liz, Austin and Shelli she is saying "our ship is now full." Liz says "they got the wrong ship." Vanessa is saying that they don't know how close you and Clay are to us." Meg,Steve,Becky, and Clay are around the hot-tub, talking. Vanessa is now talking about how Jason told her that he helped her win the HoH competition.



6:05PM BBT: Vanessa is telling her group that she told Jason that it was a compliment her putting him on the block because everyone in the house thinks he is so good at this game he is a threat to them. Vanessa is saying that Jason is going to have so many employment job offers when he leaves, if he doesn't she will make it her job to make sure he has a job, after the show. Now saying that you can't be close friends with everyone in the house. But I didn't throw anyone under the bus. Now onto Austin and how he is an injured Bird, compared to super fan who do you want up? The injured bird or the super fan?



6:10PM BBT: Vanessa is telling Austin to try to work with everyone now. "But if they stay with that ship it will sink." Now talking about Jackie and how she feels like she is the next target she isn't. And how there is not a nine person alliance, there's group. And she is mad about Jason. Talking to Becky now who is in the HoH.



6:20PM BBT: Becky is talking about how she has had Jackie's back but she(Jackie) hasn't repaid her. She doesn't want to be the rat in the game. Now talking about why is has been on the fence in the game. Because she doesn't want to be the rat. In the backyard they are just chatting. Now Vanessa is telling Becky why Shelli and her didn't talk to her earlier. Because they didn't know if she was on the other side. Vanessa is saying that she loves Jackie and she would love to trust her, but she doesn't know if she can.



6:25PM BBT: Becky is still explaining her game to Vanessa and Shelli in the HoH. The other HGs are still in the backyard. Clay has been talking about TX. Up in the HoH they are talking about the BOB and how Becky and Clay would have won it if Shelli wasn't yelling at Clay.


Becky is saying that she has Austin,Liz,Shelli,and Clay's vote for sure. Becky is saying that the fan's want the big player's out during the double eviction. If she wins HoH is won't go after Meg, or Clay. she is saying "I need to play big, or I go home."


6:31PM BBT: Vanessa is saying that she really needs one of them to win this next HoH, because if one of them wins it then she will be their target next week. So we will wait and see what happens it will work out. Now talking about the BOB competition again.


6:35PM BBT: Austin and Jackie are now in the backyard with Clay, Meg, and Steve they are just chatting. In the HoH Becky is talking about how the game as effected her in the long run. Vanessa is now talking about Jason being super fan. Becky is talking about who is a recruit for BB James is a recruit, Jackie is a recruit, Clay is now talking to Jackie in the backyard about Austin, and Jason.


6:40PM BBT: Clay says that he and Shelli didn't go up to Vanessa and tell her to put up Jason. It was a group thing yes, but they didn't go up there and tell her to put him up. Steve is now in the HoH. Clay is saying that they are basing their game on a trustworthy and who is loyal to them. Jason come over. He says that he and Shelli are in between and everyone is now in groups. Jackie wants to talk to Vanessa because things aren't adding up now. But Clay is saying we do support Vanessa.


6:45PM BBT: in the backyard Clay is saying that Vanessa is almost by herself now. Jackie is saying that everything changes every day it's something different. Jason is saying that he is trying to be nice to them. Meg is over there now. Clay is saying that if Vanessa wasn't HoH would the eight person alliance still happen. That's what Vanessa was asking them. In the HoH Vanessa is filling Steve in on what all as been talked about.


6:50PM BBT: Now in the HoH is Shelli,Clay,Steve and Jackie. Vanessa is telling Jackie about her talk with Meg. Steve leaves the HoH and says good night on the way out.

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7:02PM BBT Vanessa, Jackie, Clay and Shelli in HOH. Vanessa telling Jackie that she didn't want to upset Jackie but that the majority of the house were insistent on Jason going up. It isn't her fault but she had to go with the house.


7:06PM BBT Meg, Jason and James in the KT. Jason says they have him for 3 days so they have to talk about everything. They now talk about how Jackie is the next target. James says he won't say anything.


7:10PM BBT Shelli decides to speak up. She says that she feels like she trusts Jackie. Says that she was very uncomfortable when Jackie came at her this morning. She reminds Jackie that it has only been 24 hours since it has changed. She says that they was no time to confirm with Vanessa this morning what was happening.


7:13PM BBT jackie says that meg is upset that Shelli lied to her. Shelli yells that she did not lie to Meg. She says Meg asked her if she knew. She says she neither confirmed or denied so she did not lie.


7:23PM BBT In the KT Becky joins Jason, Meg and Jason. In discussion they tell Becky that the "house" is Shelli. Becky says she doesn't understand. Jason tells her that Shelli and Clay are trying to cover their bases. Meg tells her Vanessa was telling her things as well.

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7:29PM BBT in the HOH Jackie asks where Shelli and Vanessa where they see themselves. Vanessa says she is over making tough decisions. She says that a lot of people have ruined her trust with them.


7:32PM BBT Austin and Liz working out. Liz says she needs help with her booty. Austin says that it is already amazing but he can make it better and he has great plans for it. BB asks Liz to put on her mic and she whines that she is working out.

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7:39PM BBT John and James sit and enjoy potato chips in the KT. Very little talk. In the HOH, Jackie and Vanessa still rehashing the day.+


7:41PM BBT Vanessa says that the people at home watched her go straight up bi-polar nuts this week. Jackie tells her that if it's a move for your game you have to do what you need to do.


7:47PM BBT BB asks the HG to raise the awnings. Jason says he doesn't live there anymore that he is on vacation. James gets up and goes inside.


7:49PM BBT Clay and Shelli leave the HOH. Vanessa tells Jackie that she has done her part and Vanessa doesn't see her being put up as a pawn. Vanessa says that what happened with the plan is not Jackie's fault nor her own fault.


7:52PM BBT Clay talking to James in the BY. he tells James that he and Shelli had no idea until last night when Vanessa pulled them upstairs. He says that he was told that there were several people who had already talked to Vanessa. Shelli complains that the look James is giving her is offending her. She says that she did not spearhead it. Clay says that they had not spoken to Vanessa since last night.

7:56PM BBT Clay is telling James that Vanessa was still deciding this morning what she was going to do. Clay says that it was not his position to tell other people what was going on.

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8:00 PM BBT Jason and Meg in the OBR laying in bed, Clay and James talking on the patio. Clay continuing to tell James that they didn't tell Vanessa to nominate Vanessa. James wants to know if Shelli will be OK. Clay says that it's hard for them because they feel that any group they join they will automatically be at the bottom because there are tiers of alliances. James says that everyone feels that way. Clay says that they don't want to fight hard for people who won't fight just as hard for them. They feel that they don't have "their" group of people. James says he knows what he means.


8:05 PM BBT James tells Clay that Jason told him they were getting concerned that he (James) was getting too close to Austin. James told him that he's like a dog. He knows where his dish is and he's coming home to it. James says that he has never f'ed Clay over and Clay says he doesn't doubt that for a minute. James says if he's ever had a question, he's come right to him and Shelli. Clay says Shelli has such a good relationship with Jason and for people to suggest that she spearheaded this just sucks. It's just that Vanessa has made too many deals with people and her options were limited.


8:10 PM BBT Jason tells Meg that Vanessa said some really nice stuff to him and he starts to cry. He says he thought this would change his life and Meg says it's going to change. He says not half a million dollars change. He says he hates trying. He says it's not a charity case game. Jason says he hopes Da'Vonne will be there on Thursday. Meg tells him that the two of them better control the Twitter world. Shelli comes into the room and joins them in the bed.


8:15 PM BBT Shelli tells them that she was in an awkward position because she loves both sides. She made sure not to say, "I had NOOO idea." Everything in the house gets said in a roundabout way. She wanted to be sure not to lie to their faces. Meg said her problem was more with Clay and she already talked with him. She wants him to be sure to know she didn't put his name out there. Meanwhile, Becky is telling Jackie that James pushed the first domino and she's begging her not to go back to him to tell him that she said that.


8:19 PM BBT Meg is crying and she says she just wishes there was more logic about it but there doesn't seem to be. In the BY Becky and Jackie are in the hammock and she says she can hardly blame James because she understands that he didn't want to stay on the block. She says that she was asleep and Austin was campaigning the whole time. She wakes up and it's time for the ceremony and she doesn't even have time to talk to anyone. The next thing she knows Jason is up on the block and these are her friends. Back in the OBR Jason and Meg are crying talking to Shelli. He tells her that this was supposed to get him out of his mom's basement.


8:24 PM BBT Jason says he doesn't understand what he did to make people in the house loathe him. Liz can't even look at him. He says, "I'm sorry I figured out you were a twin, hon." Becky tells Jackie that she can't understand why the other side repeatedly is going after Jason. She says she wonders if there is something that he's done or they don't know because "Clelli" has been going after him for a month. Shelli is telling Jason that we live in the house and we think it's the world and it's not. He's going to get to watch BB now. They all have to leave eventually.


8:30 PM BBT Shelli leaves the OBR and Jason tells Meg that he thought it was Clay who usually gave everyone their goodbye speech. Jason says that Shelli had 3 tears fall and she even tried to push one out. He hears Liz talking and say, "Oh tell that twin ho to shut up right now." Becky and Jackie are talking about comps and Becky tells her that her confidence going into double elimination isn't that strong. She says that when she was at her lowest she still couldn't save herself (after POV).


8:34 PM BBT Jason tells Meg that he is loyal to a fault. He says the he told Clelli that he would have done anything for them...well, until he would eventually f'ed him over in the end, but he would have been loyal. He says if they think any of these other people are going to be loyal, they're crazy. Becky tells Jackie that she isn't going for super bold moves if she wins HOH. She can't. Like she wouldn't backdoor Vanessa because she's paired with Clelli and they win everything so you can't target them. She says whoever throws the first stone will be sitting in jury the next week.


8:38 PM BBT Jackie says it just sucks because she was going to backdoor Austin but she didn't get to stay HOH. Jackie says that Liz is so mad at Jason because he blew up her game. She says that it was actually Da'Vonne who did it. Becky says that she hasn't done anything this whole time and she just doesn't get it. Becky tells Jackie that she has stopped dreaming about the real world and only dreams about BB. Jackie says, "Happy Day 40." Jason tells Meg that he's cried too much today and he needs wine. Clay joins Meg and Jason in the bed.


8:42 PM BBT Clay tells them that they knew right before that it was a possibility, but that they didn't know all day. He tells them that Shelli is having a really hard time with it. He tells them that she came inside upset when he was talking to James outside on the patio. Jackie and Becky head inside to eat. Clay and Meg hug each other and Meg says that they are going to the Final 2. Jason says he feels like the father in Fiddler on the Roof. People are coming to him to ask if they can marry Meg now.


8:47 PM BBT Jason and Meg talk about how great it would be if any of the evicted HG could come back. Jason says if America gets to pick it will be Da. Meg says that Da'Vonne will be mad at her because she was supposed to protect him. Meg says that they did a great job keeping his name a surprise. Jason says that he wasn't at all prepared for his name to be called. He had no idea and doesn't even remember her speech because he was in such shock. Meg says the only thing that will get her through is knowing he will be watching.


8:52 PM BBT Shelli and Clay are laying down together in the circle lounger in the BY, Steve is laying down in the middle of the BY, and James is walking in circles holding a hula hoop. Clay and Shelli are talking about Becky. Shelli says that Becky told her that she talks more game with them than with anyone else and she believes her. Shelli says, "Wow... she really doesn't talk game." James is called to the DR. Jason and Meg wonder what his DRs are like. Jason says James probably doesn't even have an accent.


8:57 PM BBT Jason is talking about how fast his life will return to normal. He says that he bets he will be back to stocking shelves sooner than he thinks. Meg says the game is hard and Jason says he's had more fun than he thought he would. Jason leaves the OBR and Meg says she is going to sleep. He heads to the KT and meets up with Becky. Shelli and Clay are having conversations about coffee and food in the BY.


9:03 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 switch to Austin and Liz who have their feet in the hot tub. They are discussing the differences between saunas and steam rooms. BB also finds this boring, because they switch the feeds to the BY patio where Jason is smoking and talking to Steve, John, and Jackie. Now Shelli is laying down with her head on Clay's chest and Clay's arm is around her. They are discussing what happened on which days. Shelli says she went crazy on day 30 when she had to put up Jason and John.


9:08 PM BBT Meg is called to the DR. Becky has joined the patio crew. Shelli and Clay are talking about everyone on the patio. Their discussion moves to who they hope wins the next HOH. Jackie and Jason are talking about the gay guys she knows. Steve asks her what percentage of the guys she dances with are straight. She says one. All 4 feeds switch to Clelli on the lounger.


9:15 PM BBT Shelli and Clay are talking about dogs. Their discussion goes from whether they like dogs with short hair (Clay) or long hair (Shelli), whether you let a dog lick your face or not (Shelli does, Clay no). It's enthralling.


9:22 PM BBT All 4 feeds switch to the WA. James tells Jackie that Clay asked him what his relationship is like with Becky and her. He said that Clay was going around doing damage control and that's what he asked. Someone comes inside, so Jackie goes to the WC. When she comes out James asks if she got a good vibe off Clay. Jackie says he said they were just trying to guarantee that Becky was safe. Jackie said it didn't have to come to this because she would have been safe if Austin went up, too. James said that they are on the outside of something whether they call it an alliance or not.


9:29 PM BBT  Their conversation ends and all 4 feeds switch back to the patio. Austin and Liz are still talking at the hot tub. Steve, Jason, and Becky are talking about basketball overseas. Becky heads inside and Steve heads over to the stairmaster. He realizes that it's not working and neither is the fridge. He heads inside leaving Jason alone on the patio.


9:33 PM BBT  Jackie joins jason on the patio. She has changed into workout gear. She tells him she has to get her ass in shape so she can win comps. Jackie asks if Meg is upstairs. He say she is in the DR. He says they were trying to get her to cry before and she wouldn't...now that he has gotten her to cry in the bed, they probably figure they can get her to cry in there. Then Austin is called to the DR. Austin and Liz head inside. Meg comes outside and goes to the patio. It's Jackie, Jason, James, Steve, and Becky together.


9:40 PM BBT  Becky throws a orange balls from hand to hand screaming in frustration. Steve tells her they are his juggling apparatuses and takes them back and then jokingly throws one at her but it actually hurts her. Everyone laughs and someone says that's how Steve flirts. The BY becomes a juggling 3 ring circus. Steve is juggling, James is juggling, Becky is juggling. Clay and Shelli are still on the lounger in the BY.


9:45 PM BBT  All 4 feeds are focused on the patio couches where Jason, Jackie and Steve are sitting. You can hear James and Meg talking in the background. Becky walks by. She has changed into her bathing suit and she heads to the hot tub.


9:55 PM BBT  There is very little conversation in the BY. No game talk at this time. James comes over to join Jackie and Jason. They are quoting songs and BB isn't cutting to FOTH.

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