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Friday, June 26 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed / BBAD Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Cabana Room Lounge (CRL)

Dining Table (DT)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:10 PM BBT Audrey, Clay and Meg discussing the veto pull in the HOH.  Meg and Audrey can’t believe someone’s name was pulled.  They say the veto pull is absolutely real.


11:15 PM BBT Discussion turns briefly to the sharing of contestants between shows (Amazing Race and Big Brother).  Meg talks about her friend from Survivor that was recognized once in public with her.


11:16 PM BBT Meg lives in New York.  Doesn’t have a car.  Clay hasn’t ridden on a train.  Meg wants him to come to New York with her.


11:18 PM BBT Audrey presses Clay to sing a small song because he says he has a good voice.  Meg agrees he should sing.  Clay sings “This is the HOH room”.  They like it.  Audrey sings the same thing.  Meg takes a stab as well.


11:20 PM BBT Feeds switch to Austin and Jace whispering in the HN room.  Austin wants to talk to Johnny Mac.  They like the name “Quad Town?”


11:22 PM BBT Austin says they’re done for (He and Jase?).  Austin hates slop.  Austin hates the rest of the house.  Jase likes <someone>.  Austin agrees.  Jase says Johnny is a rockstar.  Austin agrees.  Jase says there is a week until an eviction.


11:26 PM BBT Feeds switch back to HOH.  Jonny has joined Audrey, Meg and Clay.  They are singing a round of “This is the HOH room”.


11:29 PM BBT Talk in the HOH turns to pooping.  Johnny is scared of crocodiles coming up the plumbing.  Audrey tells a news story about a woman that had a snake crawl up the plumbing.


11:32 PM BBT Feeds 3 & 4 are on a workout session being done in the LR.  Austin is working out with Jason.  Da’Vonne is watching and giggling as the guys joke around with each other.


11:35 PM BBT Back in the HOH there is general chit chat.  Austin and Jason continue to work out Austin has Jason leanining back against the front of the couch and has him lifting his butt off the floor.  “There’s a whole lot of humping going up in here!” Jason exclaims.  He realizes the camera is on him and wonders if the camera should switch somewhere else in the house to find scheming going on somewhere.  Steve “wanders into the room.


11:40 PM BBT General chit chat about actually being in the HOH house.  Clay can’t picture the house as he’s seen it on TV.  Clay realizes they will have nothing to do for a whole week.  Exercise has stopped in the LR.  Austin and Jason shouting out to BB fan sites.


11:45 PM BBT Austin is working out with Da’Vonne in the LR now and Jason is watching.  Up in the HOH Jase has joined Johnny, Audrey, Clay and Meg.  Johnny says it’s snack time.  It’s relatively quiet in the room.  Audrey laughs and says they must be so interesting.  Audrey found a BB script card on the night stand and she says “Congratulations James you have 24 hours to create an alliance with two people.”  They wonder if they are supposed to be reading the card.


11:50 PM BBT HOH feeds switch to Beach room.  Steve, Jeff, Jackie and Shelli are chatting.  Becky and Liz join them.


11:54 PM BBT In the LR Jason, Da’Vonne and Becky(?) are chatting.  Becky wants to have a nail party.  James is so bored he wants to join them.




12:01 AM BBT Nail party is commencing in the LR with most of the house present.  Meg is doing Jeff's nails and Liz and Becky are doing their own nails.  Austin and Da'vonne are hanging out on the couch just watching.  Various conversations going on.


12:10 AM BBT Audrey and Jackie are up in the HOH talking.  Audrey is watching the spy screen.  They are talking about a male in the house dominating the conversation and they don't like it.  Audrey says she's seen 'him' walk up the stairs and up and down the walkway in front of the HOH door (using the spy screen) and then go back down.  They both feel like 'he' is trying to listen into HOH conversations.  Jackie says "poor guy and it just doesn't work in a setting like this.  Da'vonne comes in and they tell her they were just talking about Steve.


12:15 AM BBT Talk in the HOH turns to wishing they knew when the feeds were on them.  Back in the LR the nail party continues.  Liz is going to do Austin's nails.  Assorted conversations.  Back in the HOH the talk has turned to how the Amazing Race competition works.  Jackie says they were sequestered a week after they did the race because they met up with the rest of the teams at the finish line.  Jackie says they came in 7th out of 11.


12:20 AM BBT Talk continues about Amazing Race in the HOH.  Jackie would absolutely do it again.  She would like to do an All-Star season if invited.  Down in the LR Jeff is criticizing the way Meg did his nails he thinks a child could have done better.  James says that's rough to say.  Jeff says the paint job is rough.
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Guest 6Borders

6am BBT:

Good morning BB17 fans!

All the HG's are tucked snug in their beds.  The last of the Have Not's finally retired about

4am so I don't expect a lot of activity for a while.  I'm on the job though in case something

exciting does happen in the next few hours!

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Guest 6Borders

6:26am BBT:  We have some stirring going on.  John and Jace both turned over several minutes ago.

James has been adjusting his hat and rubbing his eyes but no signs of getting up.  (I am hearing a lot of noise

but I can't tell where it's coming from)!!


6:26-6:42 BBT:  Nothing but stirring.  Liz almost fell out of the Have Not dentist chair trying to get comfy.

Jason's looked a few times like he was waking up

{Note:  James is the HOH but he's sleeping in the Have Not room} 

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12:30 AM BBT In the HOH room Jackie and Audrey continue to chat. Jackie volunteered to go up on the block. Audrey likes people in the house. Jackie asks Audrey if she won HOH next week who she would put up. Audrey would leave her loyal friends off the block and if other people didn't even bother to come talk to her then it would make things a lot easier. Jackie agrees. If you're not interested in playing game you can go home.


12:32 AM BBT The nail party continues down in the LR. Austin, Jason, and Meg are on the couch. Liz, Shelli, Becky, Clay and someone else are on the floor. Steve walks in eating. Idle chit chat.


12:36 AM BBT Up in the HOH Jackie and Audrey continue to chat.  Jackie says that she and Jeff are not a duo.  She didn't want to be up against him on the block the first week.  Audrey understands.  Jackie says her and Jeff wordlessly agreed when they walked in the door that they would play as singles and not a duo.  Jackie is fine with Jase leaving.  Jase has been asking Jackie questions whether or not they kissed and such.  Jackie says their past is not important and this is a game.  FOTH.


12:39 AM BBT In the HOH Jackie was shocked and had no idea how the twist was working. Audrey thinks the twist will be based off a different TV show each week. Audrey hopes they hide an immunity idol in the house like they do for Survivor. Back in the LR the nail party continues. I believe Jeff is the unknown HG from a previous update.


12:40 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the HOH.  Jackie and Audrey are surprised at how well sound travels through the house.  You have to really whisper in the house.  Jason comes into the HOH.  "What's up hooks?  Whachu wachin' on TV that you flippin' away from?" Jason asks Audrey.  Audrey was trying to see who was coming in the HOH door.  Nail party continues in the LR.


12:42 AM BBT Back in the HOH Jackie asks why Jase is acting so weird since veto.  Jason says Jase wants him (Jason) out and he's upset that Jason's name was pulled for veto.  Audrey says this is how it always works on the show.  Jackie and Jason agree.  Audrey points out you need to be humble if you win veto because of how karma works in the house.  Jason and Jackie agree.  Audrey says Steve might be coming up.  Jason says Steve looks for people when they leave the room.


12:44AM BBT  Clay is doing James' nails in the LR.  Idle chit chat continues.  Feeds switch to Steve talking to Johnny in the BR.  Steve asks Johnny if he agrees.  Johnny says sure.  Steve asks if he's sure.  Johnny agrees.  Steve says people sleep with their allies.   Johnny says Steve knows this game better than he does.  Steve says he's a smart guy though.  Steve knocks on the Beach Room door and Jase is inside saying the game is getting to him.  Jase is/was reading the bible.  Steve says he is completely non annoyable.


12:47 AM BBT Back in the HOH Jackie, Audrey and Jason continue to talk.  Jason wonders if Steve knew that "they" want him out.  Jackie doesn't think so because Steve "picked" him (Jason?).  Jase and Steve continue to talk in the Beach Room.  Jase says Steve is a good guy.  Steve tells a story about how someone at his school is hated by everyone but he didn't realize this kid was hated because he doesn't pick up the negative tendencies that others might.  Jase says he doesn't like being “Shhhsssshhhhh'd".


12:49 AM BBT Up in the HOH they think (more like hope) the veto comp will be a spelling comp.  Jason says he asked Johnny if he'll pull out dentist words like Orthodontist.  Back in the Beach Room Jase tells Steve to not let anyone ever bother him only allow God to lead his way.  Jase says that Steve really helped him put things in perspective and he's glad he stopped in.  Jase says it's just one person that's rubbing him the wrong way right now.  Jase asks Steve what he should do.  Steve can't relate because he's never been in the shoes that Jase is in.  Jase likes that Steve isn't BSing him.


12:54 AM BBT Up in the HOH Jason thinks Austin will swing to their side if Jase goes.  Austin is being loyal to Jase because Jase is being loyal to him at the moment.  Liz has gotten close with Jase and they don't know why.  Jason thinks Liz is getting close to him because she likes him and because she might be playing him a bit.  They all agree that once Jase is gone she'll find someone new to be close with.  Audrey spots movement on the HOH.  Steve is coming up stairs they wonder if they should scramble.  They waited too long to decide and Audrey stands up and turns the TV off and says she was just about to leave just as Steve walks in.  Steve sits down and talk turns to how grainy the spy screen is.


12:57 AM BBT Audrey joins the crew in the LR.  She says Austin isn't a beefcake any more.  He's a cheesecake now.  Feeds switch to Jeff talking to Vanessa in a darkened HN room.  Vanessa says she feels sorry for Steve because people are mean and he doesn't understand.  Feeds switch back to LR mid conversation.  Back in the HOH idle chit chat about the show and what is being shown.


01:00 AM BBT Da'vonne and Audrey are talking in the Ocean BR.  Da'vonne is glad Steve picked Jason for veto because it helps Jason.  Audrey agrees.  FOTH.

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Guest 6Borders

6:51am BBT:  Austin and Liz (or maybe it's Vanessa) are both awake and trying to get comfortable. 

Austin said something..hard to catch but sounded like complaining about the accommodations.

{Those chairs make so much noise it's hard to catch words.  Almost as bad as the Have-Not

'Space Blankets' of last year...you know the ones BB finally had to remove because no one

could hear the conversations!!  -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

7:10am BBT:  Devonne is awake and trying to readjust herself on the Have Not dentist chair

and get back to sleep!


7:207:25am BBT:  James is stretching, readusting his cap and trying to sleep. 

Austin is also stretching and remains awakeLooked like he was going to get up but changed his mind

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01:03 AM BBT Feeds are back.  Da'Vonne says Vanessa had a bad night because she is missing home.  Audrey says "if she really misses it then...." and her voice trails off.  Grazing commences in the KT.  FOTH.


01:07 AM BBT Becky is sitting at the counter.  She is excited that some of the guys agreed to take a makeup bag and will try to put things on where it all belongs.  Meg grumbles about dishes being piled up.  Jackie is making something to eat.  Back in the Ocean Room Da'Vonne and Audrey are whispering.  Audrey thinks they can beat Shelli because she doesn't have a social game.  Da'Vonne says she does.  Audrey isn't sure.


01:11 AM BBT Jase and James whispering in BR, Jase asks if the plan is the same.  James says something about veto and Meg walks in to brush her teeth.  Talk turns to Jeff and Meg's love-hate relationship.  Meg laughs.  In the HN room Vanessa and Jeff are talking in a darkened room about various HGs.


01:15 AM BBT James in HOH and is telling Jason, Da'Vonne and Meg that Jase and Steve were talking in the BR when he (James) walked in and Steve looked up at him and wandered off slowly.  James knows they were talking about something but she doesn't know what.  James says Steve is up to something.  Audrey comes out of the HOH BR and Da'Vonne sends her back in to wash her hands.  Meg says Jase says he's mad that he can't play in veto.  He just wants to "play".  James rehashes the story to Audrey.

01:19 AM BBT Jason and James says Steve is going to be a pawn.  James thinks that Steve is the one person that could mess the plan up this week.  James asks the girls to talk to Steve because he might be inclined to talk to one of them.  Down in the LR Liz continues to do her nails while Steve, Clay and Becky(?) chat about the best burgers (Five Guys vs In-N-Out).


01:22 AM BBT  Talk continues in the HOH.  Apparently Jase was throwing out Alliance names (Cloud Town, Beefcakes).  Jason says Jase's mom "should have him checked in somewhere where they tie you down and such because that boy needs help).  James reiterates that Steve is a concern for the plan this week.  Johnny is also playing for veto this week according to Da'Vonne.  They all think Steve is looking for a place/group to be with.  They question if Steve would leave himself on the block.  They don't think he would pull a Marcellas (BB7) and leave himself on the block.


01:22 AM BBT Feeds 3 & 4 are on Jase and Austin in the BR whispering.  They think "she" will kill it tomorrow.  Austin says someone told "him".  Austin says he thinks it was Audrey that told "him" about it.  Jase is concerned.  Austin tells him to calm down.  Jase says he can't talk game with anyone besides Austin.  Jase says Jason was not his idea.  Austin agrees.  Jase says they have to talk to "him" and make him understand.  Jase says Audrey is catty.  Austin says they don't know for sure it was her.  Jase says it was either her or Jeff.  Austin agrees.  Austin says they need to try and solidify a deal with James.  Jase says they have too many alliances right now.  Austin disagrees.


01:25 AM BBT  Jase wonders if they should talk to Jason.  Austin asks what they should say.  Jase says they should tell Jason that they've been privy to several conversations about the other side gunning for Jason.  Jase says the conversation he walked in on is now causing him to be targeted.  Jase says he shouldn't have told Jeff.  Austin asked Jase why he did.  Jase says Jeff came to him and asked.  Liz is calling for Austin and Austin heads into the KT.  Jase checks himself in the mirror and checks the Beach Room before slowly wandering through the KT towards the LR.


01:29 AM BBT Up in the HOH the conversation continues.  Da'Vonne says to be clear that Jase is going up because he's annoying or what.  Meg says it should be because he tried to create an alliance.  James says he's willing to get blood on his hands this week.  They say that Liz winning HOH next week would be terrible.  They wonder what is up with Liz and Jase.  James says Jase is holding Liz close but she's not entirely receptive of him.  They agree.  They also agree that Jase is the only thing holding Austin and Liz together.  Several conversations going on at the same time.  Jason may take Steve off the block if he wins veto in an effort to "pay the universe back for having Steve pull his chip".  On the other hand Jackie may resent not being saved instead.  Conversations continue.  James says Johnny doesn't know anything about the game.



01:34 AM BBT Clay and Shelli are in the Beach/Bench room talking.  Shelli says Clay seemed down today.  FOTH.


01:41 AM BBT Feeds back.  Jeff has joined the HOH crew.  Meg says Jeff said the first blowout argument in the house would be he and Meg.  James says he's nervous about nomination stuff.  Jeff thinks everything went perfect today.  James wants to make sure they have the votes.  Jeff says the only votes not on board would be Austin and Liz.  Da'Vonne says "Mmmhmmm..."  Jeff says he just got done talking to Vanessa because she's been having a bad day.  Johnny is in there helping keep her calm as well.  Audrey heads down stairs.  Down in the Beach/Bench room Shelli and Clay continue to talk random game chat.  Clay wants to make it to jury.  Shelli agrees.


01:46 AM BBT Down in the HNR Austin, Liz, Jackie, Jase and Vanessa are laughing and goofing off.  Austin says the bed is unacceptable.  Vanessa wonders if he fits.  Jase asks if Austin wonders if he ever fit in anything.  Liz doesn't ever want to be a HN again.  Back in the HOH the crew talks about something Austin said that offended him but he's not taking it personal.  He knows Austin doesn't want to be his friend in or outside of the house.  Meg wants to know if Jeff wants a tissue.  Jeff laughs and tells her to get out of here.  James feels like they have a good crew here.



0150 AM BBT Jase reels Becky into the SR and tells her that she has been "Sshhhhhhsshhhhing" him and it's very frustrating to him and he doesn't understand.  Becky says she didn't realize she was doing it to him.  Jase is sorry that he is so worked up.  Becky says not to worry about it.  Becky says that she doesn't know how to turn off being a manager and she is very sorry because it's not her place to manage people that she shouldn't manage.  Becky understands that it's not her place to manage the way Jase acts.  Jase thanks her for saying this.  Becky says she's glad he brought it to her attention.  Jase was concerned that he had done something to offend her or something to make her act like this.  Becky says she's German and she can't help but wonder why people don't follow rules.


01:53 AM BBT Becky says she's burned through three boyfriends because she was bossing them around.  Becky says one of her girlfriends also gripes at her for bossing her around as well.  Jackie walks in.  Jase hugs her and says not to worry about it, he's glad they've had this talk now.  Jase admits he doesn't follow the rules and Becky is a rule follower and they laugh that BB put them in the house together hoping they would kill each other.  Jackie leaves the room.  They both admit that they were just trying to help Vanessa feel better and were doing it different ways.  Jase asks that they talk to each other in the future when they feel this way so there isn't awkwardness.  Becky suggests they get together and talk more because she could learn from him some.


01:57 AM BBT The conversation breaks up and Jase goes to tell Vanessa about the conversation with Becky.  Vanessa says Jase has powerful energy because when his energy is up it's great, but when his energy is down people really feel it.  Vanessa suggests that he learns to control his energy and when Becky walks in in the future to try and be mindful of her and reel it in.  Meanwhile up in the HOH James plays with the light switch while other HGs are present and is scolded by BB to keep the lights on.

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Guest 6Borders

7:39-7:47am BBT:  The camera screens have gone to WBRB a few times and flashed back,

but nothing is happening!

The Have Not's are the only ones doing any stirring and moving around on their dental chairs


8am BBT:  Still here but nothing to report except some snoring!

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02:02 AM BBT Up in the HOH they are talking about Jeff and his relationship with Jackie.  Meg says Jackie holds her own against him.  Meg smelled a fart and James says "The one that smelled it dealt it."  HOH room breaks up and heads downstairs.



02:06 AM BBT Random chit chat in KT as some of the HGs graze.  Jackie, James, Jason, Meg, Da'Vonne, Jeff and Becky are all present in KT.  Jeff called to DR.  Jase and Vanessa continue chatting in darkened HNR.  Jase is growing as a person in the house and is learning things.



02:15 AM BBT Clay, Shelli, and Audrey are chatting in the Beach/Bench room.  Clay is impressed with what Audrey has gone through and wishes others would put things into perspective about what they considered a bad day "like when someone's boss yells at them or they had to pick an Instagram filter....or someone was shsssshhhing them" (referring to Jase and Becky).  Talk turns to Astrological signs.


02:20 AM BBT Vanessa and Jase chilling in HN chatting.  Jase says there is already so much drama.  Vanessa wishes she hadn't had a blow out already.  Jase leaves the room and turns the light back off (BB made them turn the light back on 02:05 AM BBT).  Vanessa is going to bed.


02:24 AM BBT Jase catches Meg in hall outside SR and apologizes he's had a bad day.  Meg says no big deal.  Meg goes in SR and rolls her eyes.  Feeds jumping around rapidly as BB tries to find a room to settle on.  Jase tells Austin about his conversation with Becky.


02:27 AM BBT  Conversation continues in the Beach/Bench room.  Audrey throws out comparisons about herself to her Astrological sign.  Shelli's mom and Audrey are the same sign and share many similarities.  Clay asks Audrey about herself.  Audrey created a FB page called "Lucidity".


02:30 AM BBT Liz, Jase and Austin are in the Ocean room.  They think Audrey is America's player.  They say she's always talking game to everyone.


02:30 AM BBT Jeff eats something in the KT.  Meg makes fun of Jeff.  Da'Vonne is washing dishes and Jason is laughing at Jeff and Meg.  Jeff says he feels like someone is conspiring and wants to know about what.


02:35 AM BBT Whispering continues in Ocean room.  Jase has an arm around Liz.  Back in the KT Jeff wonders where Audrey is.  Meg hears her.  Jeff wants to keep an eye on her (joking?).  Meg and Jason continue to idle chit chat in the KT.  Jason thanks her for being a big help.  Meg is sitting at the counter saying she's being entertainment.


02:35 AM BBT Austin, Jase and Liz continue to whisper in the Ocean Room.  Jase says "she probably told Jason I was gunning for him".  Jase wants to come up with something to say that they keep between themselves and then mention to Audrey and see if it makes it back to the rest of the house.  If it does then they know she's the mole.  Austin mentions telling people that Liz is related to Janelle (BB6, BB7, BB14).  Jase says that's a bad idea because it might put a target on her back.  They discussion who they could rope into their alliance.  Jase says Jeff is a leach.


02:39 AM BBT Meg and Jason continue to chit chat in the KT.  Meg is telling a story about her first trip to LA.  Back in the Ocean Room Austin says they have to get James to feel comfortable with them and keep things the same.  Austin wants to put a restraining order on Jeff.  Jase is going to stop flirting with Liz and stop hanging out with Austin as much.  Audrey is asking very deep questions and that scares them.  Austin suggests telling people that "Honeycutt" (Clay) was drafted by the NFL and doesn't want people to know because he will be making good money.  The three agree that they have to stop hanging out together.  Jase says he'll admire Liz from a distance.  Liz laughs.


02:44 AM BBT In the Bench/Beach room Audrey, Jeff, Shelli and Clay are talking.  Audrey says Jase is very Ride or Die.  Lots of whispering.  Very difficult to understand.  Liz, Jase and Austin break up the convo in the Ocean room and head into the HNR.  James says he could pass out on the dentist chair tonight.  Liz and Vanessa make fun of him.  Someone turns the lights on.


02:49 AM BBT James is going to sleep in the HNR tonight.  Vanessa laughs and tells Jase when he comes back in.  Back in the Beach/Bench room Audrey is telling a story to Shelli and Clay non-game related.


02:55 AM BBT Up in the HOH Meg is talking to Jeff.  Jeff says "he really wanted to compete in the POV".  Jeff says logically someone must have said something to him about the plan.  Meg says "don't ask me I don't know."  Jeff says he tried to create an alliance on the fly.  Meg says that by them coming to James is that they completed outed their whole alliance right off the bat.  Jeff agrees.  Jeff says he and Clay don't want to work with a bunch of dudes.  Jeff asks if the girls would see that coming a mile away.  Meg agrees and says the all dude's alliance has been so over played.


02:58 AM BBT Down in the HNR James says the dental chairs are leather.  It could be worse, especially if they were vinyl.  Vanessa tells James he'd be crazy if he slept in the HNR.  FOTH.

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Guest 6Borders

8-9am BBT:  Nothing to report.  Austin, James and John looked like they were getting up several times.

{Hopefully wake up call will be soon and we can get this party started}

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08:30am BBT - 9:00am BBT  I watched the HGs sleep for 30 minutes...

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Guest 6Borders

9:12am BBT:  Liz is up and in the kitchen eating something out of a small container (didn't see her wash her hands).

She put the rest back in the 'fridge, does a quick hand rinse and heads back to the Have Not Room.   She wishes Devonne a good morning, puts on some extra clothes and climbs back on her dental chair.


9:15am BBT:  James is awake and stretching..looks like no plans to get up however!

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03:00 AM BBT Austin and Liz says that Jase is going stir crazy inside.  Audrey comes in and asks if anyone wants to make out.  Audrey asks if you're allowed to sleep on the floor.  They say no.  Up in the HOH James chases everyone out of the HOH and Jase stops him briefly to talk to him.  Jase says he thinks there is a mole.  James questions "about the back door plan?"  Jase rehashes that Jason wanted to play in veto.  James points out that Audrey was the only other person in the room.  They both agree that she talks to everyone.  Jase tells James about the plan to plant a fake story to try and out her.  James doesn't want to know about it.


03:08 AM BBT There is a small crowd gathered in the KT.  Feeds jumping around.  It sounds like the house is going to settle down for the night.  Shelli and Audrey are in the same bed in the Ocean Room.  Audrey is hitting a ball around.  Jase and James come down out of the HOH.  James heads for the BR.  Austin is going into the toilet.  Clay is brushing his teeth.  Liz is on the lounger in the BR.  Austin out of the toilet.  Jase comes into the BR.


03:12 AM BBT Jeff is tired and wants to go to bed but Audrey says that if someone comes in and starts talking they'll have to turn them back on.  Jeff says the bed is way bigger than his own.  Meg agrees.  Audrey and Shelli appear to be sharing a bed in the Ocean Room and Meg and Jeff have their own beds in the same room.  Back in the BR Austin, Liz and James continues to chat.  The current topic is about the casting process.


03:14 AM BBT In the KT James walks in and tells Da'Vonne and Jason about his conversation with Jase.  James asks for something to make it look like he's helping clean because he knows Jase might watch.  James tells them of the plan for Jase to plant fictitious information.  Various people walk in and out so the conversation switches volume several times.


03:19 AM BBT James is going to sleep in the HNR.  He and Vanessa are chatting.  Back in the KT Austin and Jase are whispering with Da'Vonne, Jason and Liz nearby.  Conversation is difficult to follow.  Jase pulls Austin off to the side at the table and whispers something "That's not what this is about…"


03:21 AM BBT Jase straightens up the pillows and benches in the Beach/Bench room.  Back in the HNR James and Vanessa continue to chat randomly.


03:25 AM BBT In the HNR Vanessa says today makes her realize that she wants to win HOH next week.  Vanessa believes she's cool with everyone.  FOTH.


03:35 AM BBT James is telling Vanessa how was in the service but he was never deployed over seas.  Austin comes into the Beach/Bench room and Jase apologizes.  Austin says Jase might need some time to cool off.  Jase says he wasn't trying to implicate him when he was talking to James.  Jase tells Austin that he told James about the possible mole.  Jase is stuttering a lot.  "I said....I said....I said...I said...."  Meg interrupts the conversation.  Austin tells Jase he's good and that they are back in business.  Jase just wants Austin's support.


03:37 AM BBT Conversation between Jase and Austin is over. Liz is making tea for her and Austin. They are the only three in the KT. Back in the HNR the conversation has wound down. Feeds show three horizontal HGs on the dentist chairs. Vanessa and Austin are missing from the room.


03:39 AM BBT Austin, Liz and Jase are walking towards the darkened bedrooms.  Jase is confused as to where he is supposed to sleep because Meg is in his bed.  Jase says the bed he's in has been his bed the whole time.  Audrey and Shelli tell Jase there is a free bed in the comic room.  Meg agrees.  The tone between Audrey and Jase was quite tense.  Jase comes back out and says there is a bed in there.  Jase tells them there was not an empty bed there earlier but there is now.  He wishes everyone good night.  On that note it's safe to say we have or will soon have horizontal HGS in darkened rooms.


03:44 AM BBT Brief conversation between Jeff, Audrey and Meg saying things were awkward with James.  They agree that he must know something.  It makes Meg uncomfortable.  They listen to the HNR grumble about the state of affairs of the beds.  Da'Vonne, Liz and Austin are grumbling about the chairs.  Austin wonders if he should tell night time stories.  James went back to his HOH room.  Vanessa is absent from the room at this moment.


03:52 AM BBT Meg is going to DR.  Jeff crawls in bed with Jason.  Jeff says Jason is scaring him.  Jason agrees.  Jason is glad he gets to play for veto.  They both want Jase to go.  BB calls out that the BR lights must remain on.  Jeff asks Jason if he and James are close.  Jason thinks he is.  Jeff says Jason can't give in.  Jason says things change every 15 minutes.  Jeff wonders why James would not sleep in his bed and in the HNR instead.  Jeff wants to known when Da'Vonne and Liz talked.  Jeff says they were in the SR for a while.  Back in the HNR the crew continue to talk and grumble about their sleeping arrangements.  James is joining them tonight.  Jason will make sure he wins POV.  Jeff wishes he was playing in it.  They agree that it's great that Jase isn't playing.


03:59 AM BBT Jeff and Jason continues to whisper.  Jeff is here to play.  Back and forth praising each other discussing how they want to be here.  Meg out of DR.  Jeff will talk to Jason more tomorrow.  Jeff goes back to his own bed.  Meg crawls back in hers.  On that note we are officially finished.

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Guest 6Borders

9:39am BBT:  We're back and most everyone is doing ADL's.  Jeff is in the shower and Steve just

learned that James slept in the Have Not Room!

9:41 am BBT:  John is called to the Dr.  James is getting back in bed; general chit chat about how they slept (on the dental beds)

Jason is eating an apple and has a handful of bananas {stocking up for a rainy day}.

Liz says she slept so well last night;  chit chat about how many pillows there are.

BB tells Jackie to move her mic


9:44-9:46am BBT:  The HG's remark that it's Day #9 but "what day is it in the real world". Meg (I think) gets the day correct, that's it's Friday the 26th.  Rehashing what days they did what comps, noms, etc.

Austin hopes Veto is today!  Jason says the BY is not open and they could be locked in all day.

They want to see the pool table and the weight bench.

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9:00AM BBT All of the HG are asleep in bed.


9:09AM BBT  HG still sleeping. James is in one of the HN chairs.


9:12AM BBT Vanessa crawls out of the HN room and heads to the KT. She eats something out of a bowl. Must be slop of some kind since she is a HN.


9:17AM BBT Vanessa has crawled back into bed. James is stirring and drops his pillow but just ignores it and goes back to sleep.


9:20AM BBT We have FOTH. Maybe wake up time.


9:36AM BBT We still have FOTH.


9:41AM BBT The HG are up. Some doing ADLs in the WA. Others talking about how they did sleeping in the HN room. James was the first to fall asleep. Austin talking about how it wasn't much different then the coffin he sleeps in at home. Austin says that he could hear laughter in the walls as he tried to sleep in the dentist chair.


9:47AM BBT Meg is talking about what day it is. They finally figure out what day/date it is. It is day 9 in the BB house they say.


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Guest 6Borders

9:47am BBT:  In the bathroom Liz is talking about being a Have Not;  BB took away her food, hot water, etc.

Becky and Jackie are talking in the kitchen.  Becky is eating what looks like ice cream.  She says last season the HG's were inside constantly (while sets outside

were being built) and nobody got to hang out out back.  Jackie is deciding between iced and hot coffee!


9:49-9:51am BBT:  Liz says that room (HN) is freezing.  The girls discuss the flowers dying on the table.


9:52-9:54am BBT: BB tells James to relocate his transmitter.  Liz, Becky and Jackie discuss drinking coffee last night late and everyone was "wired".  Becky remarks that falling asleep was hard due to the coffee.  Becky says she stops making sense if you speak to her after about 1am.  Liz says she took off her makeup and then was called in to the DR {BB called some of them in around 3am}


Liz tells us she is not naturally blond.  The girls discuss who was going to share hair dye.  Liz says there are lots of blonds (in the house this year).

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Guest 6Borders

9:55-9:57am BBT:  Liz says her mom ruined her hair because she used to put "sun in"

{a product used for lightening the hair using the sun}

when she went to the beach.  Becky says her hair used to be as dark as Jackie's.

General discussion continues about hair colors, dying eyebrows, how hard it is to

switch from black hair to blond.

Becky talks about her roommates dying their hair.


9:58am BBT:  In the bedroom James and Shelli are in bed chatting with Austin and Jason.

Chat is about working out while being on slop.  Austin says he will work out anyway.  Jason tells

him he will change his mind after a while (of being a have not).


10am BBT:  Big Brother tells the HG's to clean the mirror above the sink.  The HG's say "ohhh, we got a new one" (maybe production voice)

Becky is cleaning the mirror.

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Guest 6Borders

10:01-10:03am BBT:  Liz, Austin, Becky, Steve, Jackie and Clay are in the kitchen.

Liz and Becky are cleaning the mirror.  Liz says she loves protein shakes.

Discussion about adding sugar to carb food is not a good move.  Clay says he

adds olive oil, it doesn't taste good but it's good for you.


10:03am BBT:BB tells the HG's to clean the bathroom today, including the mirror over the sink.  Becky (I think) says she will clean it, she's in the mood and who will come talk to her while she does it.  Jeff and John are doing ADL's,  Steve is folding towels.  They remark that they are not clean and it would be easier if they could just do the launry!


10:06-10:20am BBT:  Clay is asking Becky if she hates folding clothes.  She talks about the stores she manages and sometimes the staff doesn't fold clothes and her manager reminds her she is paid to make it look nice.

Clay says "you would have hated me", when he was a kid he would pick up a shirt, look at it and throw it back down.


10:08-10:14am BBT:  Audrey (?) and Clay are in the little lounge and she is asking him the "weird pillow talk".  She says she has a loud subconscious and she is paranoid.  Clay said they were talking about everyone.  Clay says Jace is almost acting too weird and James might flip him (?).  Becky said they had a meeting and the plan is to get rid of Jace (something about "the Shelli thing).


She says Steve and Jace were talking, Austin was there too, and Steve knows he's a pawn because James asked him to be one and the plan is to backdoor Jace.  She says someone (didn't get who) was going to convince someone not to use the POV and leave the noms the same.


Clay says Jace was overly being weird, or maybe it's an act.  Audrey says she does not give him that much credit.  Clay says if Jace knew he (was going to be backdoored) he would have told someone.  Clay tells Audrey that sometime today she needs to talk to Becky.    She says people are uncomfortable around her because she made herself vulnerable from the beginning {ya think?} but she's a good person and she would not backstab.


Clay says Vanessa thinks Jackie is a good person, and they might be able to use her to pull Becky in.  Audrey says Jackie and Vanessa have been getting really close.  Some whispering I missed.  Clay says James is weird..you just don't sleep in a dentist chair (when you are HOH) and James does not hang out with their little group.  Clay says they (Jace and Austin) have been sneaking off a lot.

He says Liz and Austin like Jace a lot so they need to pin it (backdoor?) on someone and split them up.

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#BB17 9:59AM BBT Jason is telling other HG in the BR how the week goes as far as comps and when they get alcohol.


#BB17 10:10AM BBT Clay and Audrey in the cabana. Audrey telling him she is paranoid. Clay says she is. Says that Jace is acting too weird. Talk about if James will flip. Audrey says that last night Steve and Jace were talking in the bathroom last night and when Clay walked in they stopped talking. She says that Steve thinks he is a pawn.


10:17AM BBT Clay and Audrey continue to chat. Audrey says that people open up to her. She says because she is vulnerable and that she never back stabs people she likes. Clay says that Vanessa has already said that she will vote however Jackie is going to vote.


10:22AM BBT Audrey now telling Clay that she may have told him to much. Says that she heard her name in his conversation. Clay says they were talking about numbers. Says that he would never go after her and Shelli and that they have his word.

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Guest 6Borders

10:20-10:30am BBT:  Audry says to Clay she really hopes he is not going to F her and Shellie over.,  He says "no way".  Audrey said "you make me nervous" and maybe she tells him too much.  She says it's the "Pices" side of him!

Clay is trying to assure her that he would never go back on her, and that she has to believe there are not two-faced people in the house and she has to believe it.  She says there is one way to prove it.  She says she tells him and Shelli everything. 

She's back on the "45 min" of pillow talk paranoia!


Clay tells Audrey they (he and Jeff) were probably over thinking everything.  Audrey said how much better it would be if that "Day thing" never happened.  Audrey says Clay should give her (Shelli?) a massage today and make sure he's shirtless when he does it.


Clay says how close "Day" (Davonna) is with Liz.  Audrey tells Clay he needs to integrate back in the group.  Clay asks how he could do that.  She says "think of something".  Audrey says Clay needs to make her and James feel good.  Audrey says to call a meeting with the group {oh joy, a house meeting already!!! -6Borders}.  Audrey said James is warming up to Shelli.  She says everyone is paranoid about a showmance because of the past.


Clay says he doesn't want to slip and give information.  Audrey said he (missed who) has been giving the stink-eye all morning.

Audrey said just don't do something stupid because that will screw her and Shelli.  Clay assures her that won't happen.


BB tells Jeff to put on his mic.

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Guest 6Borders

10:30-10:40am BBT:  Audrey tells Clay she is a "human lie detector".  Clay tells her she is being too paranoid.

Audrey says she had a dream last night that "Clay put a giant knife in her back".

Audrey plays silly paranoid.

Clay tells her she hides...supresses her feelings a lot.  Clay tells about football in college, how you

always have to be strong!


Clays says the whole Twitter thing (in college) he was constantly targeted.

Audrey says "can you imagine the ones (Twitters) about Clay backstabbing her and Shelli".

Clay tells her she takes sarcasm to a whole new level.  Audrey says she's not, she's just monotone.

Clay says if she were a college prof. 95% of her class would be asleep.  She says "thanks for telling me I'm boring"


Audrey wants to do a side dare and dares Clay to get a kiss from Shelli.  Clay said that's weak and lame and (I think)

only freshman do that.  Clay said he wishes they would just get HOH over with. 

Audrey tells Clay he's transparent and a habitual liar.  He says she is overly paranoid. 


Audrey is back to the knife in her and Shelli's back and they will take it out and return it to it's rightful owner {now when

have I heard that on BB before?}.  Audrey is back on her bad dream, every dream she has is psysic and she's immortal...

Clay said "you are weird" and she's really freaking him out {she's freaking me out a bit too! -6Borders}


Audrey says Clay needs to make her breakfast for stabbing her and Shelli in the back.  She said she needs something nutritious because the knife wound in her back is awful!  He tells her again she's paranoid.


Clay tells her to just be aware of what is happening in the house!

10:41am BBT:  Audrey is back on her paranoia about Jace and Davonne.

Clay says they just need to work with people.

Audrey said it's going to take an impressive breakfast to make up for what he did.  Clay says he is not going to be her servant or "coffee boy".  She tells him it's his job to keep the sheep (them; she and Shelli) safe from the wolves.


10:43am BBT:  BB tells Jace to exchange his mic.


10:43asm BBT: Audrey says she (not sure who they are talking about) wants to be a motivational speaker for young girls (masybe referring to Davonne). 

(she's whispering so I didn't get it all).  Audrey tells Clay he's a mean, evil and bad person.  He's just saying "I know" several times {probably to see if he can shut her up}

She says that's why he chose to wear black this morning, he's planning to do something evil!

Clay is trying to change the subject to how to prepare eggs for breakfast.  She says she will eat whatever he makes


10:46am BBT:   BB calls Davonne to the DR and we have Fish

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Guest 6Borders

10:46am BBT:  We are back.  Audrey and Clay are now discussing breakfast.  She said she will have peanut butter and egg with "a side of just fucked you over"  {honestly BB where do you find these people??}


10:48am BBT:  Liz, Jackie, Jace and Jason are doing ADL's in the bathroom.  {BB needs to tell a few of them to put on their mics or readjust them}


10:49am-10:55am BBT:  Audrey just hopped under the covers with Shelli.  She is telling Shelli that Clay just told her all the things he is paranoid about {really, HE'S paranoid???}.  (I am having a hard time hearing ..whispering and obstructing mics).  Audrey is saying she could see Clay throwing her under the bus but not Shelli.  Says she told Clay he needs to protect her and that he has a Pices personality.

Audrey said something and Shelli says "it's too early for something dirty".

Lots of whispering & mic obstruction I can't get:  then something about "...since Jackie is on the block"


10:51am BBT: BB tells Vanessa to put on her mic.

10:55am BBT:  Audrey says to Shelli she is going to try to work on Becky today!

She is whispering into her hand, but she says she thinks Jackie is talking to people because

she's on the block (too much background noise and doors squeeking to get it all)


10:57-10:59am BBT:  Liz, Jackie, Jason and John in the bathroom.  General silly chit chat

about school, songs and "live journals" and how hard it is to delete MySpace and you can't do it

and you can't change your profile!


10:58am:  BB calls Jeff (again) the the DR!

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