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  1. McCrea needs to go before Amanda, she doesn't win nothing and she will go bat shit crazy without him!
  2. I don't think they are worried either...If Helen feels the racism, she doesn't care at this point. Shes out to win and doing a good job
  3. Been watching since the good ole first season. This season has me thinking that all the people I couldn't stand..Maggie, Ivette, Danielle..lots & lots of others, that they were all great people compared to this lot.
  4. Oh man Howard, call them out..make them at least think about what they say! I feel bad for him. I hope he makes it farther than the hate group.
  5. I like Andy...he reminds me of Jesse Tyler Ferguson who plays Mitch on Modern Family, so on that merit alone, and he seems nice : ) I like him and I feel bad for him in that house!
  6. Maybe I'm in the wrong topic, but did they air the women from "The Talk" in the house yet?
  7. Oh yea, now I remember why I havent watched live feeds for awhile..this woman just eats and talk. and talks like some weird 80's valley girl accent. Ok maybe not nice but I feel better.
  8. I am lazy, I havent been around for a couple of days..can someone tell me what happened with Shelly and Jordan in a few sentences? Thankyou.
  9. Rachel is ONLY happy when Rachel gets what she wants. Like a 2 or 3 year old. The end. And ya know, I sure have never heard her talk about her family either.
  10. Am I the only one that thought "Philip" (Adam) talking to Jeff was hilarious last night? Or is this posted somewhere else
  11. Shes talking to Danielle and Kahlia upstairs and still doesnt know whats going on right around her..Arrggggg! That poor child.
  12. Thats it!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldnt figure it out!
  13. I think it would be "karma" If rachel was voted out next week, and Brendan was voted back in.
  14. What bugs me is that she kept saying she cant do it without him..she'll miss him..the cuddling, I cant be without you...What about the others with spouses, they can do it! Grow the hell up.
  15. I dont even know how to reply to the right post!! Lololo..sorry!
  16. I dont know how to do LFU..but for an hour shes been outta her mind on the hammock with Brendan..she was talking about how she has nothing, nobody will give her a job at interviews because they all saw her on BB last year, shes a loser, Brendan would be better without her...blah blah ON and ON!! shes bawling her head off. Brendan saying he loves her...I liked the part where shes says "Brendan, I'm really not that smart"!!
  17. I keep trying to go in and make dinner and I cant stop watching this train wreck! Rachel HAS to go out with Brenda...Stat!
  18. I think they need to get them both outta there
  19. Honest to Pete, this second I finally looked at her Bio and age! 41??? I'm suddenly feeling very good about my 51 yr old ass..er face tonight! (Sorry, I know this isnt game play!)
  20. The girl has to try and put some big-girl underpants on. I dont think she owns any. Shes gonna crack if she doesnt win POV, which may be catered to her..but if not, bring on the meltdown!
  21. I cant figure out why this girl joined this game!
  22. I just think this woman is faker than a Tammy Baker..nothing but a suck-up, her real life people,friends must be cringin'. I think in her real life she prob wouldnt be that bad.
  23. Whatever I feel about Rachel is irrevelant..BUT! The way she holds, twitches, darts around her eyes are that of a ill (mentally) person. and believe me I've known a few. Her eyes just drive ME crazy, OK just had to get that out! Thankyou. I actually hope she stays and tries to figure this out this game without Brendan. Now there will be a show.

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