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  1. I really wish there was a "Like" button. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who try to make the opinions of others seem invalid because they do not agree with them. And trying to make yourself seem smarter by using flowery language does not add any creedence at all to an argument. In fact, it just makes you seem desperate.
  2. I meant she is treated differently by the people on the forums, not the houseguests. They all seem to love her despite the fact she has said and done many of the same things that they hate the others for simply because of who she is related to. I apologize for not being more clear in my earlier post.
  3. I truly don't understand it. Elissa has such a smug, superior attitude. She talks down to everyone. She says just as nasty things behind their backs as the others but gets none of the hate. She has said several times that everyone else in the house is beneath her. And she acts like BB is lucky to have her. Honestly, I have seen others with this attitude in other seasons be treated like pariah on this site and yet Elissa gets away with it because her sister is a former contestant? At least her sister actually played the game. If not for Helen keeping her around, she probably would have been out in the first 3 weeks. I know it may not sound like it because of this and some of my other posts, but I don't actually hate, or even truly dislike Elissa. I simply don't care for how she gets treated differently just because of who her sister is when I have seen her do a lot of the things that cause a lot of the posters here to hate other contestants. She has said some unkind things about some of the others behind their backs as well, just as people complain about Amanda or Andy or someone else doing. The only difference I can see is that she is related to a Z-List celebrity.
  4. 1.) Yoga 2.) "I mean..." 3.) Elissa 4.) Any mention of "Nick" or his hat, by GM. 5.) Elissa 6.) "We're the good people, they're the evil ones." Riiiight... 7.) Any mention of "What the house wants" instead of thinking for yourself. 8.) Elissa only being liked and popular because of her sister. 9.) Elissa's sister 10.) Did I mention, Elissa?
  5. I have to admit, I don't get all the hate for Macrae and Amanda. She is smug, but at least she is playing the game. Even moreso though, I really do not get all the love for Elissa. She has such a superior, holier-than-thou attitude. She has said many times that she believes everyone else here is beneath her. Her me-me-me attitude and self centered conversations are truly annoying. She acts as though the others should all consider themselves lucky that she has even allowed them to be graced with her presence in the BB house. People call Macrae names like "Macboring" but all I ever see Elissa do is yoga. (And talk about herself, of course) I truly believe that if she were just a random player and not Rachel's sister, she would be one of the most despised people in BB history. I have watched this show every season and seen people get blasted for having the same attitude and personality as her so why is she different? Oh yeah, her sister is semi-kinda-almost famous. Woohoo.
  6. So his "secret life" is that he has done a podcast? So have half the people I know. Not sure what the big deal is.
  7. Well, as stated, I'm not really a big fan of Brenden's... unfortunately, I'm not much of a fan of anyone in the house this season... so I was not attempting to take his side or defend any of the behavior he has demonstrated inside the house. My only point was that the entire segment by his ex-fiance and her family that CBS put on tonight seemed like nothing but a full on personal assault against Brenden.. his personality, his character and basically his entire life.. who will have no chance at all to defend himself against it. As someone mentioned earlier, we don't know if anything that she said was even true, as it is completely a "He said. She said" type situation. My problem with it was that the way it was shown makes it seem as though we must believe everything that she and her family said without allowing for the "He said" rebuttal. Personally, It just seemed as though the whole thing was completely biased and skewed purposely that way by CBS for some unknown reason. I found that to be unfair since we don't know what happened and cannot hear the other side of the story.
  8. Funny, I came on here specifically to bring up the same point, so I completely agree. Though I'm not really a fan of Brendon, the way that they purposely made him out to be some sort of a weirdo simply because he is emotional and quick to fall in love was completely unfair and uncalled for. It was obvious that his ex-fiance and her family were chomping at the bit to try to get in any digs at him that they could. Which I find completely deplorable while he has no way to defend himself. The network was way out of line on this one. I've seen no evidence of him being like they tried to describe him to be at all. To me she just came off as a bitter ex who hated to see her ex-fiance telling another woman that he loved her. Frankly, the whole segment was just unnecessary and low-rent. It was more like something from an Episode of Jerry Springer or Maury. "Brenden... you are NOT the A-hole they made you out to be." Congratulations.
  9. Maybe the power he will receive is that he will be told who the new Saboteur is... should the job be accepted. In a game like this any "inside information" can be extremely important.
  10. Brenden: "ZzZzZzzz...." Rachel: "Way to go Quick-draw."
  11. I fought the lunch crowd at Red Lobster earlier... does that mean I get a nifty "Served With Pride" Navy hat? In all seriousness, I would never put down any soldier doing any job that they were given, especially in wartime, but Jerry and the editing of BB have completely misrepresented his service to make it seem like, regardless of his actual job, that he had at the very least served until he retired. Finding out now about his time with the armed forces, to me anyway, makes most of the things he talks about seem even more ridiculous than they already did.
  12. Could be interesting if he got to cancel out one jury member's vote and give it to America instead.
  13. Hmm... things I could have lived without knowing... 1.) Jerry (Does he have any redeeming qualities at all?) 2.) April (At least she left the house with her dignity and... sorry, laughing too hard to finish.) 3.) Ollie (April's Siamese twin. They're attached at the.. ahem.. yeah.) 4.) Jessie (Never met a mirror he didn't want to make sweet sweet love to.) 5.) Michelle (Multiple personalities much? Paranoia anyone?) Yeah, could have lived without knowing any of them, period.
  14. It would be hilarious if Dan (aka "Judas") won the POV and actually used it to take Jerry down. I wonder if Jerry would then change his tune about Dan. Would also help Renny make up for her horrid nominations by allowing her to put Ollie up in Jerry's place so one of those two, (April or Ollie), would have to go. Ahh well.... wishful thinking. heh
  15. Unfortunately, with next week being a double eviction week, (unbeknownst to them), I have a bad feeling that both Jessica and Eric may be gone this time next week. Personally, Eric has been my favorite player since the beginning so I hate to see it happen. But, it's the nature of this game. I've watched every season, and without fail my *least* favorite person has won every year. hehe (Must mean Dick or Danielle will win this year, since I can't decide which I dislike more these days... And to think, I actually liked Evel Dick in the beginning. Shame on me.)

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