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  1. Same as the majority of BB fans, I am disappointed in this season of Big Brother! The sad thing is that my disappointment does not stem from Amanda's bullying techniques, but from the lack of support given to prevent or put a stop to the bullying. It seems to me that this season was "scripted" as a "good vs. evil" season and yet, those deemed to be on the good side were so easily dragged to the evil side. No one was strong enough in morals to stand up against the horrific nature of this house. Worse yet, they enabled the bullying and bashing tactics and finally joined in to become part of the problem. This season has shown us that racism, homophobia, jealousy, bullying, and other prejudices and harassments are sadly still prevalent within society.

    I am voting for Elissa as America's Favorite Player. The game reasons that I have chosen to do so are as follows:

    1 - Elissa was targeted with hatred from day one of entering this house, not for anything about herself, but for what this mob mentality thought; yet she managed to remain in the game for a long time.

    2 - Elissa did not lower herself to "join in" and dismiss her own values and morals and only played using "game" not on a personal level!

    3 - Elissa did play the game and attempted to make moves with little or no support.

    4 - Elissa won veto competitions and HOH competitions when they were most important for her to remain in the game.

    5 - Elissa was onto the scheming of Andy and Spencer and knew not to trust either of them when others believed they were true!

    Now the non-game reasons:

    1 - The other house guests in no way deserve to win anything!

    2 - The amount of bashing aimed at Elissa, her husband, children, sister and her husband, and even her parents can not be overlooked.

    3 - I want to see the looks on the others as she is named Americas Favorite Player!

    Finally, It is my humble opinion that in a season that was supposed to be full of twists, I would LOVE for the final twist to be that the BB winner must be one of the members of the jury house, not the BB house and America gets to vote!!!! A girl can dream!!!

    In reality, one of these awful people will win, but as I tried to explain to my children, evil may appear to win and for a time it does, but it never lasts and nothing good can be achieved when it stems from evil!!!

    awesome post! :clap::clap:

  2. At first I thought I was in the Twilight Zone but then I figured it out rather quickly.

    The people bashing Elissa on the show are the same people bashing her online, there are millions of Andy's and GMs slithering around and they just want to feel as if they are a part of something with the reality stars that they can relate to based on morals and values.

    When the male players on the feeds started to bash the women and children on the show I knew that it was only a matter of time before the Ginnamaries, Andy's and Spencer's out here on this side of he house started mimicking their heroes.

    Twitter is lousy with these nut jobs, they have tens of thousands of attention-seeking Tweets were they troll, bait and drop a million pics as if they are getting paid to entertain us....they are a mirror image of the remaining players and don't try to hide it.

    Some people have theorized that the deviants are protecting their own deviant heroes by trying to villianize the non-racists and non-bigots who haven't received any backlash from the civilized portion of society.....something to think about.

    very good points! ita :clap:

  3. I do not buy into elyssa being a bad mom...she might have sent the 8 year old to summer camp and that no one sees as abandoning the kid. Get off it. She took care to have him safe fed cared for. He is 8 and the umbilical cord is long since cut. Why do people think it is the woman's responsibility solely to take care of kids? Someone must, but not necessarily the mom. At least not all the time.

    i'm not buying it either, but let's face it, haters got to have something to hate..i'm a mother and my husband had just as much to do with raising our 2 kids as i did and we raised them to be adults we are very proud of no parent is perfect but we all do the best we can..i'm sure Elissa is a good mom ..i'm certainly not going to judge her parenting ..it's none of my business ..or anyone elses for that matter..show me a PERFECT parent..they don't exist.. :rolleyes:

  4. I wish Bob could tell the remaining contestants that due to their vile behavior they have all broken their agreements and big brother has given the 5k to charity.....one can dream

    Sorry meant big brother not Bob lol oh my 500k sorry darn it

    Bob big brother ..whoever as long as it happens ..i'm down with it!! :dance2:

    I'm going to leave the game, i'm going to puke on Julie's shoes, i'm going to slit someone's throat, i'm going to crap on the stage, i'm going to tie you up and have all the guys rape you, etc etc it is only the worst thing they can think of like when kids come up with vomit on toast or bugger stew or crap burgers all such disgusting things shows some kind of creativity in the awful and kids laugh at it And that is the mental age of the house. It's what the house wants.

    you got it right, nyrose... :brood::smilielol::smilielol:

  5. PUH-LEEEEEZE !!! When Andy was told that Elissa was definitely a cinch for America's favorite player by the guys in the HOH ----because they proceed to point out that she was: MVP , she has huge fan base, and her sister is Rachel etc. etc. Miss Andy whined ," I don't know--- that was early on, BEFORE America got to know us all of us (snif snif)........ Which means of course.....that was before America got to KNOW ME!!

    He truly believes he is ADORED and LOVED, ---------- he thinks HE is going to be the Favorite !!! I only hope we get a glimpse afterwards, when he is informed that he was and is detested and that he only got 1% in the poll to Elissa"s 44% (currently) of the votes for favorite !!

    he truly is delusional and so ignorant for a teacher..i wouldn't let him teach my dog..can't wait to see him flip out :faint:

  6. Did you hear Spencer today say - He will take a Cantelope out tonight, cut a hole in it, and have SEX with it...........like REALLY? Can a man be any more crass? He is one messed up guy.....sex addict I think.......fondling himself in his yoga pants, right in front of everyone. GGGGGGAggg.... Bet he belongs to a White Supremacy group, and is definately coming off as Chauvenistic. What more can I say???............ :death:

    YUCK! there is not enough alcohol in the world for any woman with an ounce of self respect to ever let him touch her ..he better stick to melons..or Andy ..they're very close and would make a charming couple! :hug:

    I wonder if Andy will ask for the cantelope when he's done?

    LOL! Wouldn't surprise me ..they share everything ..even half a brain!

  7. I was reading last night where Spencer Judd and Andy and McCrea were talking and Andy was going on about America's favorite player and how Elissa doesn't deserve it same old crap and Spencer says something about the Brenchelarmy (not sure how to spell it) and he says they should all commit mass sucide. Judd says you can't say that about a group of people and I think it was Andy that says yes you can. Well that about sums it up for me. Spencer also said that he would puke on Julie's shoes if Elissa won america's favorite player. I understand that you have been in a house locked away from family and friends no phone no tv nothing but I do not understand how they can talk like this and expect people would like them????? I would think that there are many things you can talk about but these guys do not get it. I wonder if any or all of them will even be embaressed about the things that they have said.

    charming aren't they? these 5 have maybe 2 brain cells between them..limited minds have limited things they can talk about..i want to see them blow a gasket when Elissa wins! :daisy:

  8. What the hell is wrong with some people??? Instead of being offended by the distasteful words spewing freely this season, some seem to join in on the mob mentality and blame Elissa for what??? Being above the low-life bashing, having a successful marriage and business, spending 3 months on a reality show that her sister loved? How is any of this our business? This is TV. We tune in to watch and have no right to make personal assumptions about the real life of the houseguests. Spewing further hatred is absurd. Some people need to grow up and get a life!

    it's typical on here the other houseguests get a free ride because they are snarky, hateful people..it kills me how Elissa gets bashed for leaving her family for 3 months but if she was a man leaving his family for the same reason ..it would be perfectly fine ..double standard much? the bottom line ..some people can't live without bashing someone ..it's a mob mentality..sad but true ..people are jealous of Elissa no matter if they admit it or not ..some people say that i must be jealous because i call the houseguests out on it ..sorry there is no one in there now to be jealous of ..i mean seriously! :cookoo:

  9. I get that alot of you don't like Elissa but lets be truthful here, she did not make her son a target for ridicule.She did not act in anyway inapproprate we can have the she abandon her child debate until we are all blue in the face, it won't change my mind or yours. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of her and I am fine with whatever you want to say about her. You can beleive all you want that she is hoing for fame and attention, but I will not comment on her being a bad or a good mom because I do not know her. Her son should not even be brought up the fact that the 5 remaining houseguests find that it ok to talk about an 8 year old child is also ridiculous.


  10. Saddly, hatred is contagious. If you hear enough vitriol about someone and don't have enough sense to question everything you hear, you may start believing it too.

    I hope so too. I like how you are still willing to give them some benefit of the doubt as it is looking worse all the time. But desensitization is real and kind of ugly.

    EXACTLY! :cheers:

  11. I think that when you have that much time on your hands with nothing to do things like this happen. They have rehashed the same stuff over and over to a point thats it's crazy. When your the HOH or you have power people do an awfull lot of ass kissng. So, if Spencer starts bashing someone then the others follow along to please him. Its like a snowball effect or a bunch of sharks in a feeding frenzy, they almost can't help themselves.

    Maybe they have become desensatized to what they are saying and don't realize how hateful they have become. I guess I'm tryin to give these guys the benefit of the doubt as they can't all be rotton to the core, or are they?

    i see what you're saying ..sort of a mob mentality i have always hated when the mob gangs up on someone ..makes me see red, you know? these 5 are a sorry lot..i think some of them ARE rotten to the core! :)

  12. If it was just 1 or 2 people that hated Elissa so much, I might be inclined to think they're just haters. But when almost everyone in the house hates her guts, I have to believe that Elissa is the problem. She has a gift to make people hate her, probably for good reasons we are not completely aware of.

    it wasn't almost everyone..but i won't argue about it i find it disturbing that anyone could hate someone for no real reason except they are just hateful people but then to each his own the cast this year was the lowest of the low ..someone needs to fire Allison Grodner i'll just be glad when Elissa wins Americas favorite..a slap in the face to all the low-lifes in the house :giggle: no one can make people hate unless they are that way normally

  13. She is so different from her sister. I thought she handled herself very well, considering how she was treated. I know she would "stir the pot" but I also kind of liked that about her. I'm a bit of a pot stirrer myself.

    While I don't love everything about her, because none of us are perfect, she was my favorite. I miss watching her do yoga. It was a nice bit of calm in a crazy house.

    I do wish she would realize how beautiful she is without the odd eyelashes, but that's not a deal breaker for me. I also wish she wouldnt wear so much makeup, but Im a hippie and mother is always wishing I'd wear some.

    I kinda wish her gameplay was better, but whatever . I'm a little surprised I liked Rachel's sister as much as I did.

    ITA! it was also nice to listen to someone they didn't have to bleep every 3 seconds! :cheers:

  14. This hit the nail on the head for me. One of the most well-said and well-written things I've read in a long time, atleast regarding BB. I have tuned out this season totally and decided I'd actually prefer working on my dissertation than watching this non-sense. I am disappointed in Andy who has so much intellectual potential. Disappointed in them all really. I hated, despised, disliked, could-not-stand Brenchal... but for some reason I (along with others) are drawn to Elissa because of her being treated like an under-dog, disrespected, and so forth. I have to agree 100% with you that it must be jealousy. They are on this show afterall to win 1/2 a million dollars when Elissa doesn't really need the money but went for the experience. Her uniqueness didn't give her the social cues to keep that on the down-low as other past HGs have come onto BB with money in their pockets but realize they shouldn't talk about it with the others.

    I'll continue to watch the shows as I always do, 14 years of my life now, might as well keep going, but I definitely hope next season they do some best casting decisions. Thanks Morty for making this post, I don't know which of your readers don't like your interjections but I surely appreciate it.

    i agree with you and Morty..i've said i think it's jealousy also and been made fun of..but it's obvious to me and others that there is no other reason for these morons to hate her so much ..she never did anything horrible to any of them ..especially Andy ..and she kept Judd and GM safe when everyone was pushing her to put them on the block and they repay her by turning on her and bashing her ever since she left..Andy hated that he couldn't control her and he hated the fact that she was onto him..now all he can do is bash her and her family non-stop..i don't think any of them deserve any money just my opinion

  15. Julie's exit interview with Amanda was so disappointing considering how Aaryn's went. It's like they were in the house together and Julie was afraid to push her too far. Almost a double standard, Amanda deserved the same fate considering the comments and language she used towards other house guests.

    Julie and BB took a stand with 1 and chose not to with another, let's see how they handle Ginamarie and Spencer. They'd better step up otherwise it seems like Julie has a personal agenda or Production decided to go low key on the controversial areas.

    Amanda is supposed to be a friend of Allison Grodner..which would explain why Julie more or less treated her with kid gloves..not fair considering Amanda not only said many racist things but she was also a big bully..getting a real kick out of being a biatch..then crying like a baby when the tables were turned and her "man" didn't defend her..talk about a hypocrite! but then all the remaining hgs are hypocrites.. :censored:

  16. I'm def going to vote for her as AF just so all the freakish weirdos that bash her on the feeds all day and get a stipend from CBS will be forced to go back to bashing her on random TV forums via their parents basement.

    The trolls in that house are by most peoples admission (including their employers) a sad group of people but their disgustingness is attractive to people who share their morals and values and can easily relate to their behavior so they do have a few supporters.

    I feel almost guilty having to admit this but if you put me in a house with racists, bigots, pill-poppers, sexists, bullies etc etc & people with horrible hygeine who joke about kiddie-porn, the Holocaust, being adopted, being Bi-racial.....I might not be able to hide my disgust as well as Elissa did, she may not be a Saint but she's got a stronger stomach and more tolerance than me.

    Salute to Queen Elissa.


  17. the rest of them in the house are idiots and all they can do is bash it seems just Elissa i can't help but wonder how much they would be bashing Amanda if mcnasty wasn't still there..considering what a complete bully and Biatch she was ..she got off easy with Julie, too.. can't help but think Allison made sure her "friend " got treated with kid gloves..it's really wrong to make Aaryn be the fall guy for all the racist crap when Amanda and Gm and Fatboy all had a part in it..and Amanda is a bully on top of it all!

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