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  1. I agree Edieann....let's hope when she went in the fridge and was eating butter (eck!!) it was to increase her brain size. Her bingeing has really opened my eyes to the horrors of bulemia...she sure doesn't want to face it though; this girl needs professional help.

    ewww she really does need professional help..for many things ..at this point i would rather see her win than Fatboy or Ratboy..she's going to need it ..with no job ..still living at home and her eating disorder..let's just hope she doesn't spend it on more liposuction or fake hair or more piercings..she already had her nose ixed ..she will probably try to buy some attention from Nick ..poor girl needs therapy ..BAD! :crybaby:

    She will need the money since she is no longer employed, LOL, she must have had a trashy job anyway if she needed welfare to support herself while living in her parents basement.

    EXACTLY.. funny how Elissa gets ragged on for plastic surgery and yet GM and Amanda both are fake!

    what's this crap that the exterminaters got rid of Aaryn? what a joke that was Elissa!

  2. You implied I shouldn't breed, because I do think the chance to play BB is one I wouldnt want to miss and I don't need the money. Telling someone they shouldnt have kids is kind of rough. Personally, if you need the money, you shouldn't play. You should get a reliable job instead.

    Seriously, more people visit Africa than can play BB, and you since you say that touring Africa would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, I dont know how BB wouldnt. I think the mental excercise would be interesting and I wonder what I'd learn about myself.

    And although I mentioned how my perspective on motherhood was shaped by being a stepmother, I never said I havent given birth. Actually, I thought it was quite clear I have other kids, but it was the stepson, whose life I've been a part of since near the beginning that taught me lot about how even in absentee, you influence your kids lives. My perspective is just fine.

    Edited to add: Of course, I do think if they cast more hard core gamers instead of the wannabes, the game would be a lot better. And of course, Elissa is bit of a wannabe, but even that doesn't make her a bad parent by default.

    you don't have to defend your parenting ..some people think it's ok to judge others about things they know NOTHING about ..such as what Elissa would spend the money on ..etc.. of course these people must be perfect parents! lol I seriously doubt Elissa will lose one minute of sleep over anyone's opinion ..she seems to have a good life no matter who likes it or her..i can't wait till she wins AF ..it's gonna tick a lot iof people off and that makes me laugh! :D

    I don't know Elissa personally so I DID not & cannot say she is an unfit mother. I'm just saying that, IMO, she made a selfish decision. Im sure her son is well cared for in her absence BUT as a mother, I would feel guilty for leaving my 8 yr old for 3 months in an effort to be "famous" (but with no real talent to warrant celebrity status) and to MAYBE win $500k when they are already financially stable.

    I just don't understand (or admire) the whole, "look at me, look at me, aren't I fabulous" mentality and I (either correctly or incorrectly) get the impression (for many reasons that i wont list) that being "famous" is what she is about. If I'm wrong, bad on me I guess.

    do you think the same of Helen? she left 2 real young children ..but no ones judging her ...odd

  3. I hope he does too. The poison that is still spewing from Andy's mouth is unbelievable....where does he get off? He always said Elissa thought she was better than everyone else, but it's evident he thinks HE is better than all of them. When he told the other HG's what he thought Elissa's talent in a contest would be, I about hurled. Hope the little rat goes out #3.

    I AGREE ..he's a delusional p.o.s. i don't want him to win a dime :blush:

  4. Thank you MLaw, but I did watch The Talk as well...it's just apparent that others here didn't and just want to say nasty half-truths about Julie Chen without educating themselves with enough information to make an intelligent comment. Bashing, racism, bullying is not just confined to the BB house.....

    you can say that again! :cheers:


    The Final 4 with the McSloth leaving next.

    perfect! :hahohi:

  5. Bye2 Judd.. Elissa would be happy to see u *told ya :cheers:

    serves him right, dumdum,,

    My first thought was he shouldn't be let out of the house, but he actually made me laugh. He was spot on about Elissa being :cookoo: . No one on the show liked her and he told us why.

    you keep saying that but it';s just not true ...i'll give you that no one in the house now likes her ..but these freaks are crazy stupid ..but if it makes you feel better ..keep dreamin

  6. That's the scenario I'd like to see, but I don't think GM will be able to hang on that long. I think she'll be ousted tomorrow night, unless she wins POV, and if that happens it'll be McCrae who leaves. I don't think Andy would keep Ginamarie over Spencer. So I'll have to say that I'd like to see F2 be McCrae and (holding my nose here and barfing while I type this) Spencer (UGH!). McCrae for the win.

    i agree , there is no one i want to win but i DON'T want RATBOY to win! :death:

  7. i would like to see a house full of fans ..not actors or models who no nothing about the game..the only houseguests i liked were Helen, Elissa. Candice, jessie i don't know about Howard ..he wasn't in long enough..the rest were either just stupid or stupid and vile!

    I think we should change bb here to be more like canada or australia...they are much more fun :2thumbsup::party_smilie::party_smilie:

  8. Spencer vocalizing group of fans commit "mass suicide" Even if Figuratively - highly inappropriate. Bravo to Judd for reprimanding Spencer telling him you can not say such a thing about a group of people. And got to wonder about Andy's greed for self glory by siding with Spencer with a "yes you can". Andy is a provocateur and an inciter a manipulator who has no sense of shame... for him he will destroy or attack without regard for the devastation that his words carry. It looks like he and spencer may be on their way to win BB 15. But what I hope for is that all former players, (including Ragan Fox a big proponent of Andy's early on) will censure him universally for his conduct so that the group that he most admires -- the celebrity all stars of BB history will shun him. Andy should have known better as a man in a hated class with immutable characteristics (ie being a gay man in a bigoted society where - not to long ago KuKlux lynched someone for suspected of being gay, Hitler sent many blond blue eye Ayarns to the gas chambers (wow just hit me aaryn name so close interesting)..., or in many states up until recently Sodomy was grounds for imprisonment. (go to Lousiana - baton rouge - still has sodomy on the books. ) or as i said before Matthew Shepard in Wyoming. THere are no game play excuses that allow the festering and encouragement of hate for his own purposes. Unacceptable. The house has now turned into Gomorrah (like the McCrea read on that passage.) Not always does the ends justify the means. I hope that Andy who looks like he will be in the final two will experience social ostracism and not admiration.

    once again, Fin, excellent post! :2thumbsup:

  9. Lazy players

    Players who don't even know the game of BB

    Players on meds

    Players who are socio/psychopaths

    Players who don't bathe

    Players who are bullys, bigots, racists, misogynists

    Players who judge others by unfair standards (like hating on El because she has a good life)


    Dirty House.

    Sloppy people.

    GM forgetting she is a Female.

    Spencer fondling himself - touching his privates in front of everyone.

    NO one washes their hands.

    Andy continuously WHINING

    Andy looking so mean, pretends to be a nice human being.

    McCraes Chain smoking.

    Judd mumbling.

    These 5 trash talking on Elissa all the time.

    HATE the MESSY bedrooms.

    GM trying to treat the guys like she is their MOM.

    Disrespectful houseguests, that should have been tossed out LONG AGO.

    Boring Banter on Live Feeds......


    Players who lay around the house and yard looking bored and complaining while the house is a pig sty.


    Yes to all of that!

    Ginamarie feeling compelled to announce to the guys that she needs to groom her private area.


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