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  1. The butter is the best part of corn on the cob.

    I don't have the answers about GinaMarie's eating disorder any more than I have the answers for the disorders the other HGs had. Judd, Amanda and Aaryn had their daily medications, and I suspect that Elissa probably did too but didn't talk about it. I think that McCrae probably would have really enjoyed some pot, as I suspect he indulges in that in his real life.

    fatboy has mentioned many times how he likes to smoke pot

  2. I also want him out in third place....I want to see the rat cry for real. And GM does need the money for therapy...anyone who is eating chicken nuggets that aren't cooked and butter straight out of the fridge, is a head case. So tired of her bingeing and purging. She said her "stomach hurt" after their luncheon today and disappeared in the WC for awhile. She's a real headcase.

    ewww she also needs therapy for her obsession with a man she knew for 20 days who slept next to her in a hoodie and a pillow between them ..if he was interested he would have shown it ..she was begging for a kiss..that's not normal ..if a woman has self esteem ..she would never do that and she's out of a job ..she needs the money

  3. She HAS been called white trash.

    No one specifically pointed you out. Paranoid much?

    All of them save for maybe Elissa, McCrae and Judd made racist remarks INCLUDING Candyland.

    Why is it she and Aarynn get nailed for comments and lil ol Candy goes free? I'd love to hear VALID theory on this one. It's BS.

    And again those who said the HG's appearances shouldn't matter are the first to chime in on her ass size.


    honey, i have never been paranoid especially over someones comment on a bb board lol ,,there you go again ..assuming things comical really you do have a great sense of humor and i mean that seriously :2thumbsup:

    If Candy was joking she is gonna be a fine actress. :D

    oh puleeze :smilielol::smilielol::smilielol:

  4. I don't get it either, Edieann. Fifteen people won't win BB15. That doesn't mean they're losers. Some folks just can't help but be negative about a few of the HGs. Candice, like all humans, isn't perfect, but she does possess many fine qualities such as being intelligent, educated, respectable and beautiful. Her life will be awesome. She's a winner.

    totally agree!

    Most players seem to chill out after they get to Jury House.

    I suppose you'll disagree. *sigh*

    you're right, plus it's obvious she was joking and actually meant it as a compliment

  5. I thought it was a good season also. With all the "it's the worst season ever", I hope CBS doesn't feel like they have to do an all-star season or bring back past HG again next year. I want to see all new faces. I hope they send in 14 - 16 BB fanatics. No models. No starving actors. No dumb blonds that production saw at the mall or some club. Send in people who know how to play the game and their number 1 goal is to win the game.

    i agree it would be much more interesting with fans

  6. Based on game play, I agree that the win should go to Andy. He's a loathsome creature, but then this game isn't about being a good human being.

    The winner of BB15 will have $500,000 (minus taxes), but it won't buy him/her good character. The worst in each on of these F3 was exposed for all to see. The money will be gone in no time at all and the "winner" will be left with the memory what s/he did to get it.

    i'm hoping he gets out in 3rd place and walks away with 13,094..lol..gm needs it for therapy (she's crazy) and has an eating disorder plus shes out of a job due to her racist mouth..you're right who ever wins can't buy their character back ..but then again they never had any to begin with..

  7. no ones bashing Gm for the color of her skin, gm's ignorance is beyond belief for a woman of her age..it's ok to bash Elissa for having plastic surgery yet gm has had liposuction, nose job, fake hair...etc on top of that she said many,many, racist things and even bashes a small child..sorry, that's not bashing ..that's fact! :mellow:

    People are sick and misinformed.

    I can sit here and flip through channels and see all my favorite hillbilly shows with titles like:

    "Hillbillys for Hire" (CMT network)
    "Hillbilly Handfishin (Animal Planet network)
    "Hillbilly Blood" (Dest America channel)
    "Hillbilly Thrill Rides" (Dest America channel)
    "Beverly Hillbillies" (TV Land channel)

    but the vile and disgusting GM will tell you that the word Hillbilly is racist or that a half-white person saying "white-ass" is also racist, LOL, that's how sick she is, could you imagine walking in a grocery store and seeing the word "cracker" on a box of edible wafers and feeling humiliated or dehumanized? GM says if calling someone a food item is also racist....I get hurt when people call me an apple.
    Honky? What is that a person who honks their horn in rush hour traffic?

    GM using the N-word shows you her true character, that word is dripping with the blood of MLK and Medgar Evars, it's a word that reminds us that African Americans weren't given equal human rights until 1964 which means when Barack Obama was born he wasn't considered an equal human being in America. I don't use the word in any capacity because I have African American friends who I love and respect and I would never use a vicious slur in reference to their people.

    What if GM is so sick in her mind that she only wants to win so that she could see the look on Candice face? Is she that sick and hateful in her heart or does she want to win so that she can improve her life and get the psychological treatment she needs?


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