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  1. Best episode ever tonight! Can't wait to see this week play out.
  2. Ah, that makes sense. Too bad. Would have been nice to see her put the brat pack on slop.
  3. Will Helen pick who goes on slop like Aaron did?
  4. Put this b*tch on slop and give her the boot this week!
  5. LOL!!! It is so awesome to see him knocked off his pedestal.
  6. So happy to see a safe week for Elissa.
  7. Me either! Doing a happy dance here!!!
  8. What bothers me, especially in light of the fact that Julie Chen is the host, is that she hasn't been given walking papers from the BB house by the network. She does not deserve the chance at $500K due to her very verbal racism and disrespect.
  9. BB UK many years ago a player was removed from the game for racial slurs, same should apply to Aaron and GM.
  10. I am a fan of Elissa's and Helen as well. I am voting Elissa for MVP!
  11. I'm surprised too. I really like Elissa and I hope she goes far. From what I've seen so far out of all of the women in the house she seems like the nicest and most likable one. The other women seem so vain and conceited.

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