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  1. OK, thanks for that. I just wasted alot of time watching the feeds this morning. Who knows how things will lay once tomorrow night comes up. I just pray that McCrae and Judd are still sitting there tomorrow night.
  2. so is it true that Amanda and Julie Chen had a fight this morning? Someone was saying, well, so much for Amanda working for CBS anymore. Then - that Amanda was filing a Defamation Case with her Boca lawyer??? What have you heard about this?
  3. Dirty House. Sloppy people. GM forgetting she is a Female. Spencer fondling himself - touching his privates in front of everyone. NO one washes their hands. Andy continuously WHINING Andy looking so mean, pretends to be a nice human being. McCraes Chain smoking. Judd mumbling. These 5 trash talking on Elissa all the time. HATE the MESSY bedrooms. GM trying to treat the guys like she is their MOM. Disrespectful houseguests, that should have been tossed out LONG AGO. Boring Banter on Live Feeds......
  4. It is called "Peer Pressure", "Mob Mentality"......and weak minded nimble brained, low self esteemed people trying to put others down, so they feel better about themselves. Perhaps you are one of "Those" kind of people Canopus...that is why you do not understand the workings of this "Social Intercourse" being played out right in front of us.
  5. Did you hear Spencer today say - He will take a Cantelope out tonight, cut a hole in it, and have SEX with it...........like REALLY? Can a man be any more crass? He is one messed up guy.....sex addict I think.......fondling himself in his yoga pants, right in front of everyone. GGGGGGAggg.... Bet he belongs to a White Supremacy group, and is definately coming off as Chauvenistic. What more can I say???............
  6. Just curious, what rumours are you hearing about the Big Brother Jurors? I am hearing that: 1. Elissa is NOT in the Jury House. 2. Jeremy was called into the Jury House, as Elissa is not there - to fill Elissas spot. 3. Amanda has charged someone with Defamation case? ..............................................so what are you hearing? What is true, and what is FALSE? Lets clear up some of the Gossip.

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