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  1. Hate is an awfully strong word. People use it to easily in my opinion.
  2. At this point I would rather see Gina Marie win. I CAN'T STAND ANDY or SPENCER> I can't stand their loud obxnoious (sp) mouths or their hateful tirades which they seem to think are funny. What in the world set Andy off on Elissa. I would hope he would never get to teach again with this kind of actions on his part. I certainly would never want my kid taught by this guy. What do people like him an Spencer and some of the others have to teach anyone who is young and can be influenced. Do they think that this is the way you should act in the world to get ahead? I definitely think that BB should be off prime time and in a later slot so as to not teach younger people that are allowed ot watch it that this is cool or acceptable. And Spencer as smart as he seems to be he definitely had has his problems talking about rehab etc. What kind of losers did this get this year.If I were in jury I would vote for Gina Marie only because I feel sorry for her sad life. She needs BIG help as it is with her purging.
  3. True perhaps but he also thought he had to turn off his phone and get rid of his facebook acct. or was it twitter until Gina Marie told him that was actually optional. So who knows. OMG those are perfect. I'm guessing that to a degree they all have inferiority complexes.
  4. Good points Nrose. I don't pretend to know all their backgrounds but I can tell you that I Have watched most of the seasons and I can also tell you I don't remember who won last season or most of the players the last several years So for me its obvious that beyond the future big brother HG who cares if they have their 15 min. of fame. I won't remember them.I also wonder if most of them have to give up their current jobs. I'm guessing with Gina Marie all she has to do is open her mouth and despite her looks she lets everyone know what she's like. I do think she is sincere most of the time but gets wrapped up in the guys cruel mouths. I was never much for bleached blondes. I just don't understand how McCrae and the rest of them can't see how much of a weasel Andy is. Playing all sides against the middle. Frankly the reason they make fun of Elissa would appear to be that they are probably jealous of her overall life. She is settled and has a family and money (or so we guess) but like she said her husband worked for everything. I think in her case being Rachel's sister at the beginning I would have said yey I get that I look like Rachel Riley all the time. And denied that she was her sister.
  5. Talk about a floater. He has been friendly to everyone and what we used to call a "tattletale" to everyone. AND he thinks he is playing a great game. Its going to come to light just how much of a snake he has been and is and it will bite him in the butt very soon. He won't win. I would think the minute that Elissa gets to the jury house that she and Amanda will talk because Amanda will want to know what happened once she left. The thing that is disappointing is that McCrae said he would protect Elissa if she voted to keep Amanda , which she did. Can't believe that Andy is spinning to McCrae that Elissa voted her out. But of course because he has to tell lies to cover lies and lies to cover more lies. Unfortunately this group is all lies. It should be shown later in the evening beyond prime time because it teaches kids that the only way to get what you want is to lie. BAD BB, BAD BB
  6. Absolutely, They should all learn to eat with their mouths closed. They sound like and actually look like a bunch of cows chewing . OMG I can just picture it. It would appear that they were never given any taught any kind of manners, especially this last group of 5.
  7. I think doing Survivor would be good. Of course they never think about offering it to people over 50 anymore but if I had my choice I would take Survivor. In fact a former work associate of mine and I thought it would be a great way to diet. I agree that you should know the native plants to get a heads up on the other people so you can make what they give you or catch palatable. Its also amazing how lazy some of the people are on that show as well. Usually some of the younger people who have no idea or ambition to really survive. They want what many in this country expect these days which is to be taken care of by someone else. Sound familiar. Agree 100%. 15 min. of fame or maybe even less I agree. I think the one big thing I see on Amazing Race is that people don't pay attention to the clues they get. They don't really read them . They rush into activities with out taking just 5 min. to think it through most of the time. But I would love to do Amazing race and see parts of the world. I wonder if they would let you take an interpreter that could you could type in what you want to say and then see it in the language where you are? Not that you could pronounce it but it would be worth a shot. MY biggest challenge would be who to take with me.They would need to be more bilingual than I am for sure.
  8. Thanks for your replies to my post. I guess at this point the only 2 people I feel sorry enough for to win is either Gina Marie or McCrae. Gina Marie is a product of her environment so you can't fault her for that and she doesn't have a lot of money. McCrae seems smart enough but till now has been content to not do much with his life. Maybe until he met Amanda he didn't realize his own potential and didn't have any real goals. I think its funny that the idea of the exterminators was to get rid of the rats and snakes and Andy is the biggest weasel , snake, rat of them all. Well he and Judd and Spencer anyway!!!!
  9. I hate to say it but this years HG are the worst they have ever had. I don't think any of the 5 left in the house, including Andy, could have ever done well in English. Their language is absolutely horrible Their immaturity unbelievable . They way they talk about each other is more like mean spirited children than adults. Their inability to handle stress or disappointment or be kind to others is beyond me. I think it would be great if the current jury could say hey we refuse to vote for any of those left. I know that Gina Marie and Aaryn lost their jobs and I had heard that Spencer lost his as well. I hope that both Judd and Andy especially lose theirs because of their inexcusable behavior. I in no way would want my child taught by someone like Andy. I just hope that they get to hear how the public feels about their behavior. Of course they will have the same disbelief that Aaryn had in trying to justify her behavior.

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