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  1. I rd wht people say and I say in my time tht it is hard for me to xplain how I feel. It is only for me tht I feel and say this way. I think no matter who do it lie to somebody to gain something it is wrong even in game. It is wrong to lie. I thnk tht karma will pay visit one day to anybody tht does tht no matter if it is shane or dan or dani or ian or anybody and me. I thnk wht happen to me is tht when I watched the show and I saw Shane hurt I looked to me not so much to them and I saw wrong in me for wanting wht was not so right so it is me tht I am looking to in the mirror. Not you and ntt them but nobody but to me. I think also tht may be one why so many people dont come here anymore it was so crowded but few people now. sorry if people get mad at wht I say but I say it for me tht to lie to someone is wrong no matter wht. I blieve tht in my heart and how my parents taugt me to be. no lie.
  2. Dan always my fav. I watched show last nt and I root for Dan but I saw hurt on shane face and I not feel good about this anymore. Hard to xplain. I think it ok but not ok if people get hurt. bye.
  3. say live for need viewers so she probaly thought ths up which is smart no dvr has to have live for number which mean to say I agree with you about ths maybe bigMack
  4. I apreciate it very much myself. so much work and no complain. thank you everybody
  5. I like them a lot. thank you greatsaltLuke and others
  6. I tell you the truth I think tht dan get get them to vote for him if he gets to f2. I do. He amaze me can get misty koolaid
  7. thank you. I hope dan dont make her mad. right? I hope tht cecimom is right and dani knows tht shane is going cause she might win hoh
  8. She said #mist in the tweet so I dont think so cecimom I think its wht you think shane bye bye blindside dan is diabolcal hehe
  9. Grodner tweeted tht tonight might be the biggst blindside of the summer
  10. sorry but I thnk Dan want the money why not he deserve it and I bet he good with money and he love his wife she lucky so me I thik he want the money
  11. all of wht you say make sense and how I see it but how many times hv we seen people say Dan already won once so give it to somebody. Dan the best BB player ever. Britney know
  12. me I think Dani gone win and I am sad but how I see it



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