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  1. Why would anyone be naive enough to believe someone else wants them to have a half a million dollars? That's a rhetorical question. Isn't Elena a radio personality? You would think, if she is, that she would not see either Christmas or Paul as any kind of real celebrities. I don't feel that Matt is into Raven as much as she is him. And even so, he's known her who long? Long enough to give up the money? Poor Mark acts like he's never had a woman in his life the way he's latched onto the mouth breather. Her attention to Paul may bring some jealousy into play. Kevin is sneaky, I think he may see through the Paul bs, but he's playing along. Alex is the biggest threat to Paul after Cody.
  2. Exactly, Paul seems to keep them occupied with others. Now that Cody is a done deal he has them all talking Ramses. You would think that the couples would at least entertain Paul's removal in private. I think Alex is playing along because she has no numbers on her side.
  3. Has anyone in the Paul's alliance discussed his removal from the house at all? They act like a bunch of sheep hanging on his every word. Has there been any cracks?
  4. I couldn't have said it better myself, thank you.
  5. I must have missed it. I didn't start watching BBAD until a week or so ago.
  6. I respectfully disagree. I don't recall Cody bullying people. Yeah, hey was rude to Megan when he put her up and his personality was bland to say the least. But Paul is a straight up pushy bully. Cody made a good move trying to backdoor Paul. Fate was against him with this stupid temptation thing. He was trying to make deals to keep the rest of his team safe as he did it too. Paul is a manipulator. He's talking about intimidating Ramses all week, why? Because Ramses actually tried to compete for HOV? This guy has little man syndrome. You notice he didn't try to intimidate Cody. I wonder why. There's no way I would last in that house. I would try to fake it and get along but I know my sarcasm would come out when dealing with Paul and I'd have to put him in his place.
  7. This guy is the biggest ass on the show. He makes Cody look good. Now he's pissed at Ramses because the kid actually tried to win the POV. How dare he try and compete and not give the all mighty Paul easy access to a win! I hope when Cody berates his punk ass before he is voted out.
  8. Lmao! I love it.I agree with all of this. I'd add Elena's constant mouth breathing.
  9. As soon as I figure out the whole "Paul is dead thing" I'm gonna be all over this! #9, #9, #9
  10. I hate to be petty, but the mouth breathing is annoying. Maybe the excessive makeup makes it impossible to keep her mouth closed?
  11. Ok, I had to watch BBAD. I usually fast forward through most of it. But I had to comment on Paul's big plan. What an idiot! He wanted to put up two people aligned with him as pawns! This guy is really something and he thinks he's so smart. What happens when Cody or Jess (or any of the "outsiders") win veto. Goodbye to Matt or Raven, which I wouldn't mind. I'm sure cooler heads will prevail. Raven seemed dumb enough to agree to the plan, but you could tell Matt was thinking wtf! Paul's best plan of action is to put up Jess and Cody from the get go. If he has the numbers one of those ppl will go home. I have to admit, I like underdogs and hope somehow Paul fails and someone in his alliance is booted. Right now I'm pulling for Alex to win, but that could change.
  12. LOL! I'm thinking the same thing. I don't think watching half the house sniffing his ass would be worth my time. And I was just getting back into BB. He thinks he's the shit. He wouldn't be back on at all if BB hadn't set it up by tempting someone with 25 grand. Then he gets three free weeks, Now he has his mindless zombies giving him their tickets to play for HOH. But that's what you get with a bunch of self absorbed idiots. Cody doesn't seem to have any personality but I give him props for playing his own game, unlike the rest of these twits. They all deserve to Paul. Rant over!
  13. Watching Cody is like watching the wall. He has started to show a tiny, tiny bit of a personality lately. Funny thing is, he was legit trying to lookout for the other couples at one point. Now they all are against him. I hope it is a tie tonight and he can send Christmas packing. I have to admit when Paul was trying to work him before veto and Cody just looked at him and kept brushing his teeth it was kinda funny. I didn't watch last season and now watching Paul makes me glad. I don't think I could deal with his ego and constant talk.
  14. LMAO! He seems so dense, yet he beat Paul at chess so I don't know what to think.
  15. I hope you're right Marty. I've wavered on Christmas, now I think she should go. I also hope one of the "outsiders" win HOH.
  16. At this point she is my fav. I love that she sees through Paul's bs and she put Cody in his place when he tried to get her to drop out of the HOH comp.
  17. It's not about her being an engineer or even an expert, it's about her being a college educated person. What exactly is a government engineer? An engineer by definition builds or designs things, so I would assume she would need some kind of basic measurement skills. But you know what they say about assuming! Just the same, she wasn't the only one in the BY discussing this and they were all clueless.
  18. Cody and Jess have reached out to him and I have to admit it was a good move. No one is trying to use this guy and is is vulnerable to anyone who tries. He is a vote they need at the moment.
  19. Agreed, she really doesn't seem to be into Mark as much as he is to her. Maybe she wanted someone with half a brain? I don't really care for her, she reminds me of Blondie. Well if Blondie did her make-up like a circus clown. Does she realize that BB is filmed in color and she doesn't have to over empathize her make-up like they did back in the black and white days of movie making?
  20. I can just picture him and Josh watching The Notebook and bonding why the cry on each other's shoulder.
  21. She is playing hard. Is that a good thing at this point in the game?

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