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  1. I knew Janet would not leave with Tommy, I just can't deal with her lying to her children, constantly running and taking these kids from new homes, and school's at such a young age is not good at all! Colleen seems to have somewhat common sense I wonder if she knew what her mother was up to if she would have ran away and left with her father? I am worried about Mike "The Probie" he's a ticking time bomb and we can see it developing already. Raydog, you really have one heck of a memory now that you mention it I remember it clearly now. The scene with Lauren and Franco pissed me off last night I understand her point but what girl continues to boost how good she is in "the sack" poor writing there if you ask me. Although it seems as though she won't hold out for too long...if that were me i'd be all over Franco too :wink:
  2. TwinkleToes

    Six Feet Under

    I'm glad for the change in nights. I was watching Entourage and it said that it will be moving to 10:00 I didn't understand why nothing was said that Six Feet Under would be on at 9:00. I'm not used to it being on on Monday's and I don't always find the time to watch it I find myself recording it and watching it later in the week. So Six Feet Under and Entourage on in the same night makes me a happy camper
  3. I could be wrong but I remember the priest fighting outside of the church with Tommy and the priest is also an alcoholic so that may have something to do with it. Isn't intresting how quickly after leaving the priesthood he's got a women in his room? Hmmm.
  4. I was SO proud of Justin last night I was beaming from ear to ear! It's about time!!!
  5. I will admit I watched the wedding as well. It was actually really sweet and not at all as obnoxious as her previous shows. But she could have spared us her party dress!
  6. Very intresting news ranster thanks
  7. I loved Another World and I went to school across the street from the studio's in Brooklyn where it was filmed. I always saw familiar faces at the bagel store :wink:
  8. I used to watch Port Charles I liked it actually.
  9. Great list! But I have to say my favorite movie quote is 'Damn the man, Save the Empire!"~ Empire Records
  10. Boston, Seattle, Both New York seasons and New Orleans were my favorite. Pretty much anything in the earlier years of RW. Since then it has all gone down hill. I'm tired of watching these kids have sex, drink themselves into oblivion and the same old drama. I loved the whole cast of Boston but I especially liked Elka, Genesis and Jason. I thought Seattle was a phenomenal season All around though I loved Lindsay and David. I loved Julie in New Orleans I really respected her and her beliefs and felt bad for her when her school didn't see things the way she did. I miss how real world used to be not what it has become. I haven't even watched last night's episode yet I set up the DVR I'll get to it eventually but now I catch RW on re-runs I don't go out of my way to tune in anymore.
  11. New season premieres tonight!!
  12. TwinkleToes

    'The 4400'

    I forgot to record it last night Hopefully I can catch a re-run sometime this week.
  13. I was just coming here to post exactly what you said! The first episode didn't hold my attention as well and the second episode did. I will continue watching for sure. I am so glad to see Keri Russell in such a great role. The whole cast is wonderful. I don't know why but the game Oregon Trail pops into my head throughout the whole show lol
  14. I loved her!! I'll be sure to watch!

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