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    anyone who can predict the next lottery numbers! :-)
  1. mjcs

    Sunday, August 10th

    HI everyone Can anyone point to some video links of the feast fight ?? Thank you in advance, any help would be appreciated
  2. mjcs

    Tuesday, August 5

    Who is going so far? Memphis or Jessie?
  3. mjcs

    Saturday, August 2nd

    Can anyone give me a link to a video of the screaming fight? Trying to rock the baby to sleep so I can't search or type real well right now. I can read just fine though. It would be so appreciated
  4. YAY! GO Renny! Hang in there girl!
  5. ~hugs~ Marty I am really pulling for Renny. GO renny!
  6. mjcs

    Who Do You Want Dan To Get Nominated?

    I just want to see Jesse gone so badly.
  7. please let Renny get it. Please.
  8. mjcs

    Angie - Week 3

    I agree Ceci. I was hoping it would save her.
  9. ty wildcat! I really hope michelle goes too.
  10. Thank GOODNESS jesse is down. Whew!
  11. Hang in there Renny!!!
  12. I hate to ask. I don't have live feeds or BBAD this season. Who's down so far? It would be so appreciated
  13. I'm down with that too. LOL. I just soooo wanted to see him gone.!
  14. mjcs

    Renny - Week 4

    loving Renny!