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    Big Brother 9

    I want to see another Jen
  2. Talker

    Big Brother 9

    LOL a prison BB could work. If you are evicted you go to the hole, and if you win you get paroled by Allison herself!
  3. Talker

    Big Brother 9

    This one? I think he has life in prison...maybe they could do BB Prison, A whole bunch of Dicks fighting to get kicked out
  4. I like the floater strategy
  5. Talker

    Cirie Fields

    No floating in a season of ego's? I think it would be the perfect time to float, just look at Erica in BB AS
  6. Talker

    Ozzy Lusth

    I hear ya there, but they all know what he is capable of, how many IIs did he win? They will be scared of him, and it is better late than never. But you never know they may never have a chance to vote him out before the merge LOL
  7. Talker

    Nicolas & Donald

    My new fav team (not much to choose from)
  8. Talker

    Ronald & Christina

    Still rooting for Christina
  9. Talker

    Jennifer & Nathan

    Go team train wreck!!
  10. Talker

    Cirie Fields

    GO CIRIE!!!!!
  11. Talker

    Ozzy Lusth

    God I hope not I dont see him lasting long unless he got some strategical game between his last time and now. They will want to get rid of the physical threat
  12. Talker

    Jennifer & Nathan

    Love that they took down kynt and vixen!!
  13. Talker

    Kynt & Vyxsin

    Kynt got his butt whooped by a girl Thank Goth those two are gone
  14. Talker

    Fans V. Fans Favorites.

    Go Cirie or James, or Yul. I will root for the person who takes out Yau Man
  15. Talker

    Amazing Race General Discussion

    dang i thought we were gonna get rid of the annoying freaks