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  1. I'm back and hope to see you soon! *Hugs*

  2. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey mysterious mystery person of mystery. HA! Happy belated New Year!!!

  3. Dexter RULES!!!!!

  4. Gramps had to pole-vault over the muddy creek, too. I'm sure there's more...
  5. So is Nicolas useless or what? How come he asks Grandpa to do everything nasty or physical -- isn't he forty years or more younger? What a wimp.
  6. Grrrr. Those blondes used a U-turn on my team! Hope the blondes get it next week. Grrrr.
  7. Justme


    Um, sure...I'll walk so I won't have to drive.
  8. Proving the point that if you are TRULY in fear you'd leave, not matter what. Or your an idiot for staying..... I think it proves that the producers were once again more interested in protecting Dick Donato than anyone or anything else...
  9. http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20053230,00.html Dick said really disgusting things to you but it seemed that he was never penalized. Do you think that was fair? Um, no, I don't think that it was fair. I think that it obviously made good television and that's why it was used. I don't know what to say is fair, I'm definitely normally a fair person
  10. I don't believe I said *I* was buying anything. I just pointed out that a) it was a limited edition of 50 (increasing the value), and if someone is willing to pay two grand for an old shirt because it was worn by a hg on a tv show (how nuts is that?), then Zach may very well sell his prints. And that's fine that you wouldn't spend the money on them, ranjake -- I wouldn't spend that kind of money on reality tv paraphernalia either -- t-shirts, prints, or otherwise. My point was, there are people who will -- and do.
  11. duh, since we're including EVERYONE'S OPINIONS, I do happen to think that was verbal abuse. (and I don't believe I said anything in my post about you mentioning physical abuse in yours, FatCat -- what's all that about?)
  12. Wow, I wouldn't pay $2000.00 for an old shirt of Nick's that Dani wore on the show, either -- but apparently someone did.
  13. I so disagree with this. Abuse isn't always physical. I agree with this, and that includes everyone's comments and opinions on this board, yes?
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