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  1. ITA just heard an interview with him on some radio show ..he really thinks he's the best player EVER and said he heard the talk but his mistake was not standing up to it??? WTH he's forgotten all his vile and disgusting talk calling most of the women in the house the c-word..his constant bashing of Elissa and her family..he was begging for us not to give her AF up untill the feeds went off...you're right he's a sorry p.o.s.
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    BB Season 15 disappointment

    people watch Rachel Maddow to hear an informed educated woman...if you just want to look at a pretty woman..well watch Megyn..but you can't call that news of course she would certainly be more entertaining than that moron Hannity ..his lack of knowledge makes me laugh but also scares me that facts never enter his life and there are people who think he knows what he's saying
  3. for sure ..i thought the people interviewing let them off easy ..ratboy saying he never said anything his one thing he did bad was not speaking up???? what?????? i suppose the 3 straight weeks of bashing and calling females the c-word was just fine? what a disgrace he is! and fatboy is just as bad! i don't want anyone to lose their jobs but i would like to see them called out on their filthy mouths..and i really think it's unfair that Aaryn got all the fallout.
  4. i get the "mob mentality" thing we saw a lot of it this seasom ..except i don't think Andy was following them ..in fact i think we would have heard a lot less of Elissa bashing if he hadn't started it...he was the culprit ..he just couldn't stop ..i think gm and fatboy more or less followed him what makes me mad is they got the fallout from what they did and he walked out free ..and he is still lying about it