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  1. 12:49 PM BBT. Feeds are back. Jackson did not use the POV. Nick and Christie remain nominated.
  2. 11:31 AM BBT. Cliff tells Christie they are tied for the number of times on the block. Christie says she wants to be like Cliff and survive the block 3 times. 11:35 AM BBT. In the WA, Christie tells Nicole they had a cereal party last night. Nicole says “cereal party tonight!” 11:40 AM BBT. In the HOHR, Holly tells Jackson about past boyfriends that didn’t treat her well. Jackson says he has had the same bad taste. Jackson says “I got me a good one this summer”. 11:44 AM BBT. Cliff and Tommy start a backgammon game. Holly and Jackson cuddling in the HOHR. 11:47 AM BBT. Christie is now playing backgammon with Cliff. 11:49 AM BBT. In the HOHR, Holly tells Jackson she wishes she could finesse her way thru this game like she did into his heart. He says u still have quite a lot of walls to get thru. They cuddle and tease each other. 11:51 AM BBT. Jackson tells Holly he tried to get the new guy to slip and reveal who the prankster is...the camera switched to a different room for a minute.
  3. 11:00 AM BBT. Holly and Jackson talking in thr HOHR. Holly says she is planning her F2 speech. Jackson says don’t get cocky. She says no, not cocky, it just keeps me motivated. She mentions she hates the word manifest. Tommy, Cliff, Jess and Nicole talking in the WA. Cliff saying they’ll do their own zings if the prank is Zingbot doesn’t come this year. Christie says she’ll be devastated if Zingbot doesn’t come. 11:03 AM BBT. In the WA, Jess says (in the voice of Zingbot) Nicole, u say u are just like your father, a chip off the old block, wait your chip doesn’t exist! (Nicole has played in only 1 veto so they wonder if her chip is really in there). They all laugh. 11:05 AM BBT. Nick is laying in bed alone in the CBR. Tommy checks on him and asks if he is ok. He says yeah, I’ll be out soon. 11:06 AM BBT. Christie asks Jess if she can have a pre-veto chat with her. They go into the BL. Christie says she’s nervous, she asks if Jess would take Nick off the block? Jess laughs hysterically, has Christie hold her mug as she rolls around laughing. Jess says she doesn’t talk game with Nick and she wants to keep it that way. 11:09 AM BBT. In the BL, Jess tells Christie that she’d like to maybe get to know Nick outside of the game and love him from far away. 11:20 AM BBT. HGs are getting ready & hanging out before the veto comp. They try to guess what the comp might be. Tommy thinks it’ll be a new comp. Holly is listening to music in the HOHR and dancing around. 11:28 AM BBT. In the WA, Christie and Jess wondering if Zingbot will come and will he come thru the door. Cliff comes in and says what if the doorbell rings and we look and it’s just a bag of dog poop? The girls laugh. Nicole comes out of the DR and Christie asks why aren’t u in a costume?! Jess says she wants Nicole to be able to host but they want Zingbot to come too.
  4. 2:00 PM BBT. Sam and Analyse talking in the BY. He is saying that Christie used the plan she came up with against him. Analyse says everyone started getting sketched out by u bcuz she said u had a hand in getting Jack and Jackson on the block (during Cliff’s HOH). Sam says Christie agreed with everything. Analyse says she never said no, I won’t do that? Sam says NEVER! He says Christie looked me dead in the eye and said I never said that. He says it was pointless to fight with her, it gains me nothing. 2:05 PM BBT. In the KT there are several HGs hanging out. In the BY, Sam and Analyse continue to discuss Christie. Sam says and that is the story of how Sam got f**ked. Sam says DO NOT say anything bcuz I only have a couple of days to try to do whatever I can. He says don’t tell Jack! She says I swear to God I won’t tell anyone. Analyse says I never knew any of this. She says it doesn’t benefit me to tell bcuz she’ll deny it. She says I don’t tell Jack everything, I don’t. 2:08 PM BBT. Sam thinks he is gonna ask Jessica, “don’t u think it’s weird u were alone 2 weeks ago and now they suddenly have reeled u in?” He says think about it...he thinks he’ll tell her that when he campaigns. Sam asks if all her pictures will be of her dog? She says no, I don’t even know if they’ll give me any of my dog bcuz.... 2:15 PM BBT. Jackson is in the pool. Sam comes out and is going to get in. Jackson is telling Nick that he is glad he lit a fire under him and he is proud Nick got over this woe is me attitude. Sam is now right next to Jackson in the pool. 2:17 PM BBT. Jackson is telling Sam he is just supporting Holly and letting her get time away from talking to everyone else. He says I tried to listen and give a couple of ideas. Jackson just tells everyone in the backyard he can fall asleep anywhere as long as he isn’t standing up. He says I actually falls asleep behind the wheel a lot. 2:30 PM BBT. Tommy and Christie in the BL. Christie says they (Nick and Sam) have been close since day 1. She thinks maybe they knew each other before the show. She says it doesn’t matter. Christie says she is gonna tell Jess about what happened last night. She says she wants them to know the truth. She says I told Cliff. She says can u believe what I did last night? Tommy tells her that sometimes her being open runs people the wrong way. She says she feels compelled to out people and she wants everyone to know the liar he (Sam) is. She says I do it right in front of them. Christie asks if someday said something. Tommy says no but sometimes I can tell people think less is more. She says you’re right, thank u. Christie says Analyse seems off. She says she is distancing herself, I think she is pissed at me. Tommy says why? What did u do?
  5. 11:15 AM BBT. Sam and Nicole are talking in the TBR. He is telling her stuff Christie has said. 11:26 AM BBT. Holly and Kat talking in the camper. Kat is confused what “her” (Analyse ?) game play is. They say it’s just pure sexual attraction, she could give 2 s**ts about Jack. Kat doesn’t think Analyse has the power to flip things. Kat says oh well if I go then I go. 11:31 AM BBT. Holly talks to Jess in the WA. She teases and says u are going up! She says I’m kidding! Holly says she is putting Kat up to ensure Sam goes home. She asks if Jess is ok with that? Jess says yeah. 11:37 AM BBT. Holly talks with Cliff in THL. She wants to fill him in on what she’s doing today. She repeats what she has told others. She wants to put Kat up. Lather, rinse, repeat. 11:50 AM BBT. The HGs are hanging out, cooking and eating.
  6. 2:33 PM BBT. Christie and Analyse talking in the RV. They are talking about Nick almost jumping on her and touching all the places that aren’t red on her. She says she told him to stop bcuz she can’t get touched up each day, it wasn’t supposed to happen today. She says she doesn’t like being touched that much. She says there is nothing left to talk about and he just talks and talks. Christie hopes America hopes she knows she’s not a b**ch, she can’t be fake anymore. 2:37 PM BBT. In the Camper, Analyse tells Tommy and Christie she is religious but not enough to discuss the bible. Christie agrees. She says she is spiritual. Analyse says she wants to leave when they talk about it but she doesn’t want to be rude to Sam. 2:42 PM BBT. In the camper, Christie telling Analyse and Tommy about Sam saying Cliff should take Nick off if he wins veto. Analyse wonders if Sam wants to leave this week bcuz then he can go home and see his family and not sit in jury. Christie says she just wants Nick gone so bad. She says if he stays on the block I am voting Nick out, he can’t say anything to change my mind. Christie is done with his lies and 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th chances . She says he can go home to his girlfriend and get his cross back. 2:43 PM BBT. In the camper, Kat asks if Nick said he had her in the palm of her hand or she was his little b**ch? She is fine with either she just wants to know what to say in her Goodbye message. Christie says I heard palm of the hand. 2:45 BBT. In the CBR, Tommy tells Holly he wants to win the veto so Holly doesn’t get blood on her hands. He says she can throw it to him if it’s only the 2 of them left. 2:58 PM BBT. In the camper, Kat, Christie and Analyse. Christie is a little worried where Holly’s head is at. Christie says Holly said if someone comes down instead of a pawn she might wanna shake things up. Kat says dang she has some big balls. 3:00 PM BBT. In the camper, Analyse says she wonders who Nicole would put up if she won. 3:01 PM BBT. Analyse wants Nick, Nicole and then Sam out.
  7. 2:28 PM BBT. Holly is sitting in the bathtub soaking her sore legs. Most HGs are in the KT talking about dinosaurs, pyramids and the ocean. 2:31 PM BBT. Sam is reading a passage from the bible to the HGs in the KT. 2:34 PM BBT. Not much going on in the house. Religion and bible talk in the KT. On the KT table there is a message written in some kind kf food that says BB Flash Mob Mon @6 pst.
  8. 12:50 PM BBT. Nick is laying on the bench seat at KT table. Sam goes up to him and tells him that they might as well keep feeding Michie what he wants to hear bcuz he doesn’t know we know. 12:52 PM. We have puppy cam. Time to pick veto players!
  9. 12:30 PM BBT. The HGs are just getting ready and general talk while waiting to pick veto players. Sam and Nicole still talking. 12:45 PM BBT. Holly was called to the DR a bit ago. We’ll see if it’s time to pick veto soon...
  10. 11:54 AM BBT. Sam tells Nicole if I can make it thru this week then at least we’re in jury together. Sam says Jess is growing in him. 11:55 AM BBT. In the HOHR, they’re discussing if u are unattractive and have money u will still get girls/guys. Jackson says if u are an unattractive man there is nothing u can do but grow a beard. He says girls can put on make-up and contour to help. 11:58 AM BBT. Nicole says don’t screw me but she tells Sam that Christie wants Jackson out. Sam says so it was true. Sam isn’t selfish... 12:15 PM BBT. The HGs hanging out waiting to pick veto players. Sam tells nicole he couldn’t believe it when Cliff told him there are people who type everything from the feeds. She says u haven’t heard that. Sam looks to the camera and says hello to all of us typers out there (back at ya Sam!-monkeygirl).
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