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  1. 12:11 PM BBT. The house is silent. Dina is getting ready in her BR. We go to CBB1 reels. Veto time?
  2. 12:01 PM BBT. The house is quiet. Nothing going on at all. HGs sleeping and lying around. Dina has finished doing her hair.
  3. 11:16 AM BBT. In the celebrity bedroom, Kato and Tom are talking. Kato is telling Tom what Ricky said. Ricky said how about if we decide u (Kato) stay with us. Kato says Ricky said I haven’t talked to the girls but I will. Tom says they are playing around. Tom wonders if Ricky feels that they’ll try to BD him. Tom says he feels that he is going home. Tom says the 4 invited him to the room last night and he thinks it was to make him feel safe so it would be more of a shock when I go. He says it’s possible there is a rift and Natalie and Ricky want u to play with them. 11:26 AM BBT. Tamar tells Kandi she needs to work her dizzle with those 2. She says u gotta make sure if they win HOH that we’re safe. 11:34 AM BBT. In the HOBR, Tamar and Natalie are talking. Natalie says stop thinking. Tamar says I have to, if nobody is gonna bring me to the final 2, then I need to pack and go home. Natalie says who wouldn’t bring u to the final 2? Tamar says she (Lolo) won’t, u won’t, he (Ricky) won’t, Dina won’t. Natalie says what if u win? Who will u bring to the final 2. Natalie says stop blah blah blah who will bring me. She says be a boss b*tch like u are and win! 11:38 AM BBT. Natalie tells Tamar to be quite honest, the smart play, is keeping Tom. She says that won’t happen bcuz I’m not living the next 10 days like that but nobody would vote for him if he was sitting next to u. Natalie is doing burpees in the room. 11:40 AM BBT. Tamar says she is thinking about this double eviction. She leaves. Lolo comes into the room and so does Ricky. Natalie says she (Tamar?) is solid. Ricky says u feel good then? Natalie says yeah. 11:51 AM BBT. Dina is doing her hair in the WA. Tom is in there talking to her, general talk about Orwell. 11:55 AM BBT. Kandi goes into the BR to talk to Kato. She whispers, we’re not gonna put ourselves on the line ok, but if one of u wins veto, I’m trying to get Tamar to put one of them up. She says but u guys gotta promise not to put her on the block. Kandi says she’s worries if she does that, she’s a target to them so u gotta keep her safe.
  4. 10:54 AM BBT. Ricky and Natalie in the HOBR. Ricky says what do u think? Natalie says I don’t know, I need to holla at T right now. She says if one of them wins the veto then one of us has to go up. Ricky says ask her what she’ll do if that happens. Ricky says our other option is we have the votes to save Kato if we think something fishy is going on. Natalie says that would be crazy. Ricky says it would be an all out war but I like our chances. Natalie says I’ll go see what she says & she leaves. 10:58 AM BBT. Tamar and Natalie in the HOHR. Tamar says I am tired. I feel like I gave birth last night, I was pushing for 7 hours. She says I am tiiiirrrred, like for real for real. She says I am not making the bed, we have lockdown in here, good luck, find u a seat cuz I am too tired. 11:00 AM BBT. Natalie and Tamar are whispering. Tamar says the goal is to get Tom out. She says they ain’t winning, calm down. She says they don’t wanna keep them calm down. BB tells Natalie to put on her microphone. 11:02 AM BBT. Natalie says something about Kandi mentioning something 2 evictions ago. Tamar says do u know how long ago 2 evictions was? She says nobody is thinking about u like that at all. She says they don’t wanna keep them especially Dina and Kandi couldn’t be in a room with them. She says both their a**es are going this week. Natalie says even after that we need 1 more to go, who do we say goodbye to? Tamar makes a noise and says bye bye birdie, they better work they a**es off! Natalie says for real? We get WBRB. 11:06 AM BBT. Natalie says our bedroom alliance. Tamar says Ricky better step his a** up and win something, why does he got all those muscles. Natalie says I don’t want Dina or Kandi to win tonight either. She says they’ll put me up. Tamar says u won’t go home, nobody has even thrown your name in the air. Natalie says we have to win period. She says dude this game is crazy. 11:09 AM BBT. Tamar and Natalie are playing cards in the HOHR. Meanwhile, in the gym, Kato and Ricky are working out. Kato says even if Tom’s here, u guys have a great guy too. Ricky says they may have gotten to Tom already. Ricky says well if your open, I’ll ask thr girls if they wanna talk. Kato says either way, I don’t hate. 11:14 AM BBT. In the HOHR, Tamar says if Ryan didn’t win, my a** would’ve gone to the house. She says Dina had the votes. Natalie says no she didn’t bcuz we would’ve swayed Ricky even though u were beefing at the time. Tamar says I didn’t know we were beefing. Natalie says me either but now u are fine, it’s weird.
  5. 1:11 PM BBT. Lolo says well now my coach is getting older so he now looks like Richard Gere and Tim Allen. Tamar says she needs a haircut. Lolo says can I try? Tamar says no. Natalie says I could definitely do it if u knew the right number. Lolo says she is calling it for working out. Natalie says yeah bcuz we have a major comp tomorrow. Natalie says they (Tom/Kato) tried to talk to ricky and he just got up and left. Natalie says they went up to Ricky and said we know that u know that we’ve been trying to backdoor u for 2 weeks. 1:15 PM BBT. Tamar says so they thought if they came clean to Ricky then he would be on their side? Lolo says they’re desperate. Natalie says it was bold of Kato to say he’s gonna win HOH. She says if he does my a** is on the block. Tamar says I just really gotta think about Joe. Natalie says he is the least of our worries. Lolo says Kandi got caught in the crossfire. They wished it was Dina. 1:17 pm BBT. Lolo says Tom at forst said that Kandi and Joey were the biggest competitors and he was gonna give them a chance to play veto and didn’t wanna backdoor anyone. Then they say the power came into play and he lost his marbles and he was gonna backdoor everyone. Natalie says he should have left it as is. Tamar really wants to know if they really act like this or is it the game? Then she says well Kato was an a**hole from hello. Lolo says your gift is being able to read people and call them out. 1:21 PM BBT. Natalie says I’ve never really like Tom. Lolo says I thought he was ok but was lying about how he didn’t know anything about the game. Tamar says he’s lying. She says he told me him and his girlfriend watched all the seasons on vacation in Costa Rica. Lolo says well that’s not a vacation then. Tamar says I am not gonna fight, beef and be a horrible person for a quarter million dollars. She says that’s selling your soul. Lolo says I said I’ve never seen so many celebrities so desperate for $250,000. Lolo says she the poorest in the house. Tamar says I ain’t steppin’ on nobody’s neck or cut nobody’s throat or be a bad person for it. She trusts he (God) will make a way out of no way bcuz he’s done it b4. She says what they (Tom/Kato) are doin’ devilish stuff. Natalie can’t believe they made Dina fight with Kandi. 1:45 PM BBT. Lolo and Natalie are getting teady to play pool. Ricky and Kandi are playing chess. Joey is up there watching. 1:56 PM BBT. Lolo says now I know u need to watch the live feeds. She wonders how much it costs to watch them. She wonders if they were on BB if u get a lifetime of feeds for free. She says she wouldn’t mind having a job helping to build the sets but would not want to have to go buy the grocery lists.
  6. 12:59 PM BBT. Natalie, Lolo and Tamar are working out in the gym. Tom and Kato are in the KT starting a card game (crazy 8s). Kato is explaining to Tom how to play. 1:01 PM BBT. Tamar asks how Lolo got a line in the middle of her 6 pack. She says I draw that on. Natalie says Lolo had no body fat. Lolo says yes I do, what are u talking about? She says there are track people who would say I’m a little bit overweight. She says we get ripped yo! Lolo says she has no thighs. Lolo says sprinters have butts and thighs, she thinks pole vaulters have the most balanced bodies men and women. She says distance runners are small, like 100 lbs. She says hurdlers don’t have butts bcuz we have to get over a hurdle. Lolo asks Tamar if she was gonna sate an athlete what sport/body type would she go for? 1:05 PM BBT. In the gym, Lolo tells Tamar and Natalie that she’s happy for them being married and having a good boyfriend. She says it gives her hope. Natalie says she kissed a lot of frogs before she got her prince. Natalie says she thanks god bcuz she is so proud of her husband and the man he is. Natalie says I had nothing to offer him, I wasn’t in WWE, I didn’t have the show. She says god put him in my life for a reason. She says I was fresh out of rehab and sharing a bed with somebody. Tamar says there is nothing like coming up together. 1:09 PM BBT. In the gym, Lolo says if she got a video message from her coach it would be short and sweet. She says I know what he’ll be wearing too, it’ll be a white polo with LSU on it. Tamar asks if he is black or white? She says my coach looks like Richard Gere from Pretty Woman. Natalie yells stop! and Tamar asks if he’s married. She says trust, I had, we the whole track team had the biggest crush on him. She says he is always polished with a nice tan, salt and pepper hair. Lolo says trust, I already tried and I tried to holla at my coach’s son too! He said I like u as an athlete but I’m not about to have Taz as my daughter-in-law.
  7. 5:09 PM BBT. In the HOHR, Tom says I didn’t wanna tell u what to do, u won the veto. Natalie says we’re in an alliance that’s what u do. Lolo says we needed u guys, u have the brains. She says Tom u always think about all things. Tom says I was a little surprised but u made a good decision. Natalie says well that was our original decision so we’ll go with that. The girls think Dina has the power. Natalie says Dina told me it was a boss move. She says how is that a boss move. 5:12 PM BBT. Ricky comes into the HOHR and says we gotta talk and be a team. Tom says so what do we do? Ricky says vote Kandi out bcuz Joey has nobody. Lolo says it’s true Joey is alone. Kato says but Joey is strong.
  8. 4:54 PM BBT. Ricky comes into the girls room. They say they’re gonna go talk to Tom and Kato. Ricky says I’m gonna go in there and say did the plan change? He says I gave a confused look at the meeting. 4:55 PM BBT. Ricky goes into the CelebrityBR and asks Tom and Kato did the plan change? They say they don’t know what’s going on, the girls didn’t talk to us all day. Tom says they hid all day. Ricky says are u guys doing stuff behind my back? Ricky says I think Tamar has the power. Ricky asks the guys if they made an attempt to talk to the girls. Ricky says what do we do now? Tom says I gotta figure out what’s going on. Tom says everyone is paranoid. Tom says the girls were acting strange and still are. 4:59 PM BBT. Ricky says we gotta come together as a group. He tells Tom he is the HOH and take control. Meanwhile Natalie and Lolo are still talking. Lolo thinks Tom, Kato and Dina are a F3. She says they picked us up for our strength. Natalie says we need to win HOH. If Kato wins he puts us both up. Nataalie says we gotta talk to them. 5:04 PM BBT. Tom and Kato are in the HOHR. Tom says that wasn’t a smart move bcuz we don’t care if Joey or Kandi goes. Tom says let them talk in this meeting, we won’t talk much. Tom says Ricky is so acting. They agree to act like the girls have them fooled. Lolo and Natalie go into the HOHR. Natalie says u guys didn’t talk to me all day. Lolo says I’ll take some blame, I was sick all day. Tom says it’s ok, u guys did it without talking to us. They all say they were available and they all say none of them talked to each other.
  9. 4:42 PM BBT. Feeds are back. Natalie did not use the POV. Kandi and Joey remain on the block. 4:43 PM BBT. In the KT, Tom tells Tamar see I told u I wouldn’t do anything to u. She says u said u were. He says no, roll the tape back. Tom says good job Natalie, I liked the delivery and everything. She says thank u. 4:45 PM BBT. In the SR are Ricky, Natalie and Tamar. Tamar says so Tom says to me are we cool? Ricky says this is what we want, they’re coming to us now. They say good job Natalie. Ricky says right where we want them, I’m about to hurt “em. Natalie says they thought I was gonna be the puppet. She thinks they wanted me to save Kandi. Tamar says they wanted u to save Joe. 4:46 PM BBT. In the SR, Natalie tells Tamar that the guys (Tom and Kato) tried to stare her down. She says I’m 5’7”, let’s go. They leave the SR. 4:48 PM BBT. In the celebrity BR, Tom says to Kato well that’s awesome, that’s like the stupidest thing they could’ve done. He says we are working with people who don’t know what they’re doing. Kato says the power will happen at a dramatic moment, they won’t do it now. They think it’ll get used at the eviction. 4:49 PM BBT. Tom says if it gets used he’ll put up Lolo and they’ll never see it. Tom thinks the power won’t het used. He thinks Tamar or Ricky has it. He says Ricky is acting right now u think? Kato says if they jump up at the live eviction then yes. Tom thinks they should fake an argument to be less of a target. Kato thinks they’ll see right thru that. 4:51 PM BBT. Kato thinks if the power isn’t used Saturday then it expires. Tom thinks it’s a greater than 50% chance it won’t get used. Kato says so if Tamar has it and saves Kandi what do u do? Tom says put Lolo up. He thinks people will be confused and not expecting it. Tom says he wasn’t expecting that. Kato says he kind of was. Tom says Natalie said in her speech that she was gonna respect the HOH’s noms. 4:53 PM BBT. Tom says that Natalie didn’t tell him so that was passive agressive. Kato thinks the 4 (Ricky, Natalie, Lolo and Tamar) are in on it. Tom says should we openly break up the alliance right now? Kato says no, that’s a knee jerk reaction, we gotta think about it. Tom says Ricky was acting. He says it was a pretty good performance. 4:52 PM BBT. Meanwhile in the HOBR, Natalie and Lolo talk. Natalie says they didn’t search for me or anything. She says she made herself visible. Lolo says Kato came up right when they called us. Natalie says they didn’t tell me what they wanted. Lolo says for the next day we fotta keep the 5 and 4. She says I’m not a good actress. Lolo says me either.
  10. 12:08 PM BBT. The house is pretty quiet. No game talk. No talking at all right now. Ricky alone in the KT. In the HOBR, Natalie, Lolo and Tamar are in bed. 12:11 PM BBT. In the HOBR, Natalie tells the girls she fell asleep for a minute and had a crazy dream. Natalie says he is never right there that long. Tamar says Tom pretended to be asleep in the WA. Kandi and Ricky are going to play chess. 12:14 PM BBT. In the HOBR, Tamar asks Lolo if the book of revelations scared her when she was young she mumbles something. Lolo gets call to DDR. Natalie says since when do they play right there? She says that is so weird. 12:20 PM BBT. Kandi and Ricky are playing chess. In the HOBR, Natalie is telling Tamar what she wants to wear. She tries on Tamar’s black hat with the veto necklace on as well. 12:23 PM BBT. Kato and Dina are in the SR. Kato says we think we know the power thing. He says she won’t be going up, she’s the last choice. She says please don’t do that to me. Kato says she should be good for another week. Kato says she has to win an HOH and he needs to win another one. She doesn’t want to have to fly home and back bcuz she hates flying. Kato says try to win HOH and I need to also. He says win it, win it, it won’t be tough for u to win. Dina says does Tamar have it? Kato says we think so. Kato says the power has a time limit and they may not get a chance to use it. Dina goes skipping around.
  11. 11:30 AM BBT. Kandi and Dina are in the KT. Tamar and Natalie are in the WA. Natalie says someone has it (the power) so what are u gonna do? Tamar says leave it alone. Natalie says who know they may never use it. Tamar says Dina is allowing herself to be used. 11:33 AM BBT. Natalie tells Tamar they wanted to put u or Ricky up bcuz it weakens my numbers and Lolo’s. She says the explanation was u have the power and that doesn’t work for me. She says they are stuck on this power thing bad. Kandi and Dina are in the KT talking and eating. 11:40 AM BBT. Tamar is alone in the WA now. Kandi and Dina talking about their kids in the KT. 11:42 AM BBT. Kandi is called to the downstairs DR. Ricky comes into the KT. 11:44 AM BBT. Dina says it is pouring rain and there’s thunder and lightening. In the SR, Tamar tells Ricky his friends are weirdos. She says the 2 boys. He says I know. Tamar says Tom was pretending to sleep in the WA. She says when they closed the SR, I thought they’d put the lamb chops in here. That’s what I felt in my soul. 11:46 AM BBT. Lolo is sleeping in the HOBR and Natalie is sitting in a bed. In the KT, Ricky and Dina are talking about the different astrological signs and their traits. Tamar comes into the HOBR. 11:49 AM BBT. We get WBRB. 11:53 AM BBT. Natalie is laying in bed. Dina and Ricky are talking in the KT. Ricky says Dina has to figure out who she is now that her kids are older. They hug. She says her kids told her to do the show, to just do something for her. Dina says I know it’s a game but there’s ways to play games. Dina says u guys should be doing endorsements and have clothing lines. She says that’s what I do, maybe that’s why I’m here is to help u guys. 11:57 AM BBT. Dina says it was so great of Ryan to share his story. She says he teared up. 11:58 AM BBT. Dina says her mom is 95 yrs old. She says it’s been nice to just chill in the house bcuz life has been so busy. 12:01 PM BBT. Dina and Ricky chatting about life and family in the KT. Tamar, Lolo and Natalie are lying in their beds.
  12. 2:13 PM BBT. Lolo and Natalie in the HOBR. Lolo says why would America give him the power? Natalie says why not? Natalie asks what Lolo thinks. She says I agree with Tom but he is hard to work with. Natalie says that’s why we need to be on his team. Lolo says so he can slice and dice us? Natalie says we just need to get to the final 4 and then we slice and dice them. Lolo says they can guarantee all they want but they are trying to BD an alliance member. Natalie says we are between a rock and a hard place. Natalie says I believe that Tom and Kato won’t screw us iver until final 4. Lolo asks Natalie if she wins veto would ahe feel comfortable taking Joey off. She says yeah, we had a good conversation this morning. 2:18 PM BBT. Natalie says she trusts Joey more than Kandi if ahe wins veto. She says Kandi already suggested me to go up. Natalie tells Lolo that Tom said that Ricky had deals with Ryan and stuff. Lolo says that was to get info for us. Natalie says yeah but I couldn’t tell Tom that. They say they wish Ricky would tell them if he had the power. Lolo says if Ricky told us I would pick that side. Lolo says otherwise we send an in icent guy home. Natalie says we could tell him do u have the power bcuz if u do you’re gonna need to use it. 2:21 PM BBT. Natalie says the guys think now is the only time to get rid of Ricky. Lolo says there is so much game left. They say they are pulling Dina in and will continue to. Natalie says we need to decide what to do and if we tell Ricky. Lolo says he knows. Ricky comes in the room. They girls ask if they should win the veto or throw it. Ricky says throw it. Ricky asks if they talked to Tom. Natalie tells Ricky that Tom thinks he has the power. Ricky says so he wants to BD me? The girls say we told u that last night. Ricky thinks Tom won’t do that on a hunch. The girls say and if he does? Ricky says then I go home. Ricky says hopefully he puts Tamar up. Ricky asks if they think he has it. They say no.
  13. 1:45 PM BBT. Kato goes into the HOBR and asks Natalie if her and Lolo can come into the HOHR. She says yeah but Lolo is in the DR. Kato says this is the move. She says I’m not sure it is this early. He leaves and goes back to the HOHR. 1:48 PM BBT. Kandi and Ricky still talking in the parlor. Natalie comes into the HOHR. Tom starts telling his case to Natalie. Camera switches to another room. 1:56 PM BBT. Back to the HOHR with Natalie, Tom and Kato. Tom says to Natalie I hope u roll with us and do this. Natalie says if I win HOH then we don’t have the votes bcuz I can’t vote. She says Dina isn’t in our alliance so we can’t always count on that. The guys say we have her vote that’s what matters. 1:57 PM BBT. Natalie is concerned about how it looks that they’ve been all fun 5, team fun and then this. Tom says I have never been fun 5. He says Ricky wanted nothhing to do with it until Kato won HOH. Then it was all “hey let’s be fun 5”. The guys say if Kato wasn’t HOH then this 5 wouldn’t exist. Natalie says that’s true. Kato says we are doing this to save the 4 of us. He says anything can happen but we go with the more probable thing to happen. 2:01 PM BBT. Tom says the only lerson I don’t think I can convince them to do what I want is Ricky. Tom says he scares the hell out of me. Tom says he’ll win. Natalie and Kato say he’d get 2nd, he wouldn’t win. Natalie says so u think Ricky is a master manipulator? They say yes. 2:04 PM BBT. Lolo goes into the parlor with Kandi and Ricky. Tom tells Natalie he could tell Ricky that he’s lutting him up bcuz he thinks he has the power. Natalie says that’s a good way to do it. Tom says the other way and what I think I’m gonna do is do the honest thing. I’m gonna tell him that he is a strong player and he needs to go. Natalie says as long as u have our backs going forward bcuz we lose that number. 2:07 PM BBT. Kato is telling Natalie it’s just a game and Ricky keeps saying that. They say Ryan went out gracefully. Dina rings the doorbell and comes in. Natalie said I’m going to bathroom and went in b4 Dina came in. 14:10 PM BBT. Dina tells the guys that Ricky has been with Kandi for a while. Tom leaves. Dina wonders what they need to wear. Natalie says they’ll tell us. Natalie leaves. Dina says I’m going too but stays. We get WBRB.
  14. 1:38 PM BBT. Tom says there is a 60/40 chance they (Lolo/Natalie) are betraying us. He says why are they fighting so hard? Tom says the honest move after this if Ricky stays is to say to Ricky they don’t want to be in an alliance with him. Tom says part of him wants to do it now but then he has time to try to convince people not to use the veto. Tom says I am telling him he’s being put up bcuz he is a strong player not bcuz I think he has the power. Tom wants to talk to Natalie and have Kato talk to Lolo. 1:41 PM BBT. Kandi and Ricky still talking in the parlor. Kato says if Natalie wins the veto and doesn’t use it then u wanna break the alliance with the girls right? He says it’s kinda late to do that if Joey is voted off. Tom says we could do it before he’s voted off and get the votes to vote Kandi off. Tom says they have to understand they all have to vote the same or it’s not an alliance. Kato says I think all 4 of us need to talk. Tom says go see if u can make it happen without Ricky noticing. Kato leaves.
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