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  1. 2:42 PM BBT. In the HOHR, Christie tells Nick and Bella she has the power. She says she has the diamond power of veto. She says I can take someone down and I pick who goes up, not the HOH. (this is not true, don’t know if she misunderstands her power or if she is lying). She says I was gonna tell u but only when I thought we’d need to use it. Bella wonders what the other powers are? Christie says Ovi is...has to do with noms, mine is about veto. They wonder what Jack’s is. 2:51 PM BBT. Ovi and Cliff are talking. Cliff thinks he is ok and he’ll stay. Can anyone take over?
  2. 2:17 PM BBT. Nick and Analyse are in the BY talking. He is telling her why Christie was paranoid. Tommy joins them and Nick continues to tell them why Christie was paranoid. Jack joins hem. Holly joins them as well. 2:17 PM BBT. In the HOHR, Christie is telling Bella why she was paranoid. There is an awful lot of people repeating themselves. 2:23 PM BBT. In the BY, Cliff, Tommy, Nick, Sam, Jack Analyse and Holly are talking. Tommy says it’s gonna be a great episode. They say the speeches were epic. 2:29 PM BBT. In the CBR, Kemi is talking to Nicole. She says I know Christie wants Cliff out so they might be your in. She is giving her some advice. 2:39 PM BBT. Christie has been talking to Nick and Bella in the HOHR about why she was paranoid. Nick says I want to get to 9 and then we fight it out. Christie says she is good with you, Bella, Sam and Tommy. Bella says Jack trusts you Christie. She says I don’t know. Nick and Bella say him are Sis are almost over, they’re done.
  3. 2:14 PM BBT. Everyone is hugging Nicole. Christie and Nick talking. He apologizes and Christie says u made a couple comments this morning.
  4. 3:16 PM BBT. HGs are cleaning the KT or hanging out and getting ready. General talk. 3:24 PM BBT. The feeds have gone to the furballs.
  5. Analyse showing off her assets. 2:45 PM BBT. Still nothing going on but hanging out and getting ready. 2:54 PM BBT. In the CBR, Sam says he may go for HOH. Analyse says I am going hard, please go for it. Sam says this wouldn’t be a bad week. Then sam says but that’d be 2 vetoes and an HOH in a row, that’s a lot of baggage. 2:58 PM BBT. In the CBR, Analyse, Christie, Sam and Holly are saying how funny it is that Kat brought a huge caboodle but no underwear or “live night” outfits. 3:00 PM BBT. IN THE CBR, Sam asks the girls what PMSing is? Christie says 10 days before u get your period you get pre-menstrual syndrome. She explains it’s complete imbalance of hormones and mood swings. Sam asks what a hormone is? He says is it fluid in the brain. Christie says yeah, picture tiny scientific balls that are feelers and they feel everything. She says when a woman gets pre-menstrual they bump into each other and get in fights and you get more emotional, angry, irritable. Sam says he thought it just flushes u out. Christie says physically but there is a whole emotional thing. Sam wonders what. hormone looks like. 3:02 PM BBT. Christie says if a study was done about women killers that most of them would have done it while they were PMSing. Sam says why are we made like that. They girls continue to tell him about estrogen, progesterone & testosterone.
  6. 2:30 PM BBT. HGs still just getting ready and general chit chat. 2:32 PM BBT. Some HGs discussing what they are gonna do in the hallway when they see each other during the live vote.
  7. 2:18 PM BBT. Everyone just hanging out or getting ready. Nothing exciting being discussed.
  8. 1:32 PM BBT. In the HOHR, Christie and Jackson are talking. she is hoping the vote is unanimous but it may be good if the vote splits bcuz then a clear line will be drawn and Jess will know who voted against her. she says then Jess will come to us. She says she wants to ideally win the HOH after the comeback. Christie says Nick is after the 4 of them. she says Nick and Bella are the priority but if Sam has to go then he does. 1:38 PM BBT. Tommy and Ovi are playing backgammon. In the CBR Christie and Kemi talking. Christie asks if she is ok. She says yeah. Christie says she hasn’t heard if there are any changes. They are putting in make-up. Holly comes into the room with a towel on. Other HGs are in the KT cleaning up. 1:41 PM BBT. Holly says she likes geeen bananas. Jackson is now in the CBR too. They are all discussing how they like their bananas to be. 1:45 PM BBT. Kemi tells Holly and Christie that every day she gets info that she would never have gotten if she wasn’t in the block. 1:47 PM BBT. In the CBR, Christie says after this week there’ll be more division in the house. They complain about pimples and Christie has mentioned several times today that she is PMSing. 1:54 PM BBT. Jess in now in the CBR with the girls. She thinks the feeds aren’t on. She says not on live days. She thinks that’s why they get the vacuum and clippers only on live days bcuz they make so much noise. 1:57 PM BBT. Tommy wondering what he should be eating since there is a comp later. Jackson tells him high fats. 2:02 PM BBT. The HGs are just hanging around the KT or getting ready in the CBR. Just general talk. They seem to think there are no feeds on live show day. Analyse says she knows nothing about the feeds and feels stupid. Christie says I don’t know why I didn’t watch them. 2:07 PM BBT. Still just general chat and getting ready.
  9. 11:14 AM BBT. In the HOHR, Tommy says Cliff goes in and out of rooms and stays for 5 min. Christie says she’d tell Cliff to go look for his owl. Jack says this is our game and we control it. Christie says she’s gonna win the next power. They wonder if Jackson has a power. Christie thinks it would be hard for Jackson to not brag that he has it. They want him to have it over Sam. 11:17 AM BBT. In the HOHR, Tommy says if Sam has the power he is the best liar and has to go next week cuz he totally bought it and doesn’t think he has it. Jack says it’s Sam or Jackson. Tommy says it’s u or Jackson. Jack says I’m like butter, I’m on a roll so I see why you think I have it. 11:19 AM BBT. Christie says when she looks at Nick wearing Bella’s clothes that are 2/3 sizes too small and his painted nails, she doesn’t see a winner. she says and his mouth noises, I’m gonna theow up. Christie says I’m PMSing. Jack says yeah u are. Jack says I swear on beans that we have this game. He says I’m so confident that even if we don’t win HOH this week, I’m sure it’ll work out our way. Christie says Jackson is growing on her more every day. She loves him, she says I like boys! Then she laughs. 11:21 AM BBT. The HOHR crew says they prove themselves by winning amd taking a shot at Nick and Bella. 11:23 AM BBT. Jack says Nick and Bella are both back door players, they have to back door them. Christie says they are an actual couple and will leave this house as a couple. She says Bella has a boyfriend she lives with so for her to risk that, she is really into him. Christie says Nick sucks at this game. She says just bcuz he’s a therapist, he thinks he knows everything. She says and he runs like a girl so I don’t see him as a physical threat. 11:28 AM BBT. The HGs are called to the HOHR for a lockdown. 11:29 AM BBT. The feeds go down.
  10. 11:10 AM BBT. In the HOHR, Ovi walks thru (he was in HOH bathroom) and leaves. Jack says he’s a f***ing rat. Christie says yeah I’m not into him anymore. Tommy says he thinks Nicole isn’t against them like they think. He says she just listens when people talk to her. He says she won’t go behind their backs. 11:12 AM BBT. Christie says she wouldn’t put Nicole up. She says Cliff has to go.
  11. 11:09 AM BBT. In the TBR, Cliff, Holly, Analyse and Jackson are talking about how they have 5 bags of apples. Analyse says she doesn’t like apples. In the HOHR, Christie says Nicole was in on trying to flip the vote.
  12. 10:58 AM BBT. Analyse says she should’ve never slept up there. She says ever since she did that’s when people put them together. Jackson says she needs to express to Jack there is a difference between confidence and cockiness. Jackson says I don’t say cocky s**t. 11:00 AM BBT. Jackson tells Analyse he has her back and will take care of her the best he can. she says she’s in a sh***y position. He says when I speak up like that it’s not for me, it’s for u. 11:00 AM BBT. Holly has joined Analyse and Jackson in the TBR. In the HOHR, Tommy, Christie and Jack are talking. Jack telling them that Cliff says there is a cool kids club of Holly, Jackson, Sis and him and he is priority #1. He talks about the vote flip fell thru about midnight. 11:01 AM BBT. In the HOHR, Jack says he wouldn't be surprised if there is a “faux alliance”. Jack says he told David that he will not talk game to him until “if” he comes back into the game. he says he respects him but he made a rule and he’s sticking to it. Christie wants to win HOH and put Cliff and Jess up and send Jess home. They all agree the game is on now and it’s fun. Jack says he loves that he’s pulling the wool over people’s eyes. Jack says I hate this but if Sis and I are on the block, who does the group save? They tell him of course him. Jack says he is so confident about his game. He says Sis is playing scared. Jack tells Christie and Tommy they are his bread and butter. 11:08 AM BBT. Jack says if Cliff wins HOh then it was supposed to be. He thinks Sis will win. Christie agrees and says she has a feeling and she’d be so happy. Jack says her or Kat.
  13. 10:56 AM BBT. In the TBR Analyse tells Jackson that Jack is a dumba**. Analyse says she’s pissed. Jackson says then speak up in a respectful way like I just did. Analyse says he throws me under the bus when he says that stuff.
  14. 11:08 am BBT. In the HOHR is Cliff, Jack and Jackson. Jack says his plan is to put up Kemi and Jessica. Jack wants to see where the line lies if someone wins veto. Jack says he’ll tell Jessica she’s a pawn. He says people don’t need to know that they’re voting Kemi out. 11:10 am BBT. In the HOHR, Cliff says someone is coming back. He says who do you want coming back. Jack says Ovi, he likes Ovi a lot. Cliff says this is interesting and please don’t tell anyone, he says something about Ovi and feeds cut to kitties...
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