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  1. 6:37 pm BBT. Feeds are back. 6:38 pm BBT. Tyler is in the shower. Kaycee is eating in thr KT with JC sitting by her.
  2. 4:01 pm BBT. The HGs are talking about Kaitlyn’s eviction and how it was he most united the house was. Kaycee says didn’t Rockstar tell her she would be evicted? They say yeah she told her it didn’t look good and she was on the block too. 4:19 pm BBT. BB says “just so you know, kerosene lamps are good for camping”. Tyler is preparing to climb the rock wall.
  3. 3:22 pm BBT. The HGs have been talking about their parents seeing a different side of them on thr show and feeds. JC says his dad knows what a gay flag is and if he sees JC running around with a gay flag he will never speak to him again, never. Feeds cut to fish for a minute. 3:24 pm BBT. JC starts to talk about his dad and feeds cut to fish. 3:29 pm BBT. Kaycee says she has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. 3:34 pm BBT. Kaycee has been talking about previous jobs. JC has come out of the WC. BB says “please wash your hands”. JC says I literally just washed my hands. Tyler asks did u. JC says I only don’t wash my hands when I wear the blue shorts. He says bcuz I just (motions taking down his shorts) and he says I just stand like this and don’t touch myself. 3:42 BBT. The HGs are talking about what it’llbe like after the show and how long they way stay out there. Tyler says he can’t be isolated by himself. JC complains about getting origami last night. He says they wanted us to stay up and play with paper? Kaycee wonders if they’ll get their suitcases today. BB says yes. 3:47 pm BBT. JC thinks this season was a comeback for BB. He thinks the ratings will never be the same.
  4. 2:48 pm BBT. The HGs are talking about who is watching thrm in the show, exes and their families. 2:52 pm BBT. The HGs have been talking about Tyler and Kaitlyn’s “love” story. Tyler says it was about getting her to do this or that. Kaycee says she just followed u around. JC asks Tyler if he thinks Kaitlyn feels olayed. Tyler says yes. JC asks do u think she’ll talk to u after this. Tyler says yes. He says he loves her as a person. 3:00 pm BBT. The HGs have been talking about how many times they cried in or out of the DR and why they cried. 3:07 pm BBT. The HGs are talking about Kaitlyn and if she had a boyfriend or not and what they will learn about all the HGs after this. 3:16 pm BBT. Kaycee is talking about the women’s football league. Tyler asks if she’ll play again. She says she wants to, she wants to play quarterback.
  5. 2:12 pm BBT. Kaycee starts saying when Bayleigh was HOH and it was Brett and Rachel on the block, me and Angela had to justify why we voted Rachel out. She says Rachel and Angela made a f2 called the Vixens. She says we told Bayleigh that Rachel made f2 deals with both of us on the same day both called the Vixens. She says Scottie got caught in a lie to her (Kaycee). Tyler says Bayleigh went around and told all of them what u guys said about having to vote Rachel out and they all thought it was secret information. Kaycee says Scottie was talking to her face and was lying. Tyler says they all had their own plan as to what they told Bayleigh about why they “had” to vote Rachel out. 2:17 pm BBT. Tyler says he told Bayleigh right before the live show that he had to vote Rachel out and he’ll be the only one. He says Bayleigh told Faysal right away so then he had to talk to him. Tyler says after I was like wow I thought I was gonna be the only vote, what happened? JC says Faysal cried when he said he was voting Bayleigh out. JC says i had to bite my tongue bcuz I wanted to laugh. 2:19 pm BBT. JC says Faysal went from thinking he was running things to looking like a moron. JC says Faysal was in love with Haleigh. JC says sometimes it works. He says Jessica and Cody came out of here and won a million dollars on the Amazing Race. JC says Cody wasn’t just in the military, he had all these hero medals and s**t. JC says he imagined Cody as tall and he wasn’t. 2:26 pm BBT. Tyler tells JC that Tyler and Taylor are different names. 2:27 pm BBT. JC asks Tyler is he calls his mom by her name or mom. Tyler says mom. Kaycee is saying her pets have many names. 2:32 pm BBT. The HGs are just naming the names of their friends and family. 2:38 pm BBT. The HGs are just sitting around talking about their family and friends. 2:41 pm BBT. The HGs are talking about the last person they spoke to before BB whisked them away. 2:44 pm BBT. We have fish. 2:46 pm BBT. Feeds are back. General chit chat.
  6. 1:41 pm BBT. They are talking about how Scottie got $5,000 and a trip to Greece. Now JC is naming a HG that was HOH and the others have to say who was evicted. Then he names an HOH and asks them to name the original nominees. 1:45 pm BBT. They are talking about how many times people were nominated or on the block. 1:46 pm. They are talking anout Scottie being the first unanimous vote. They say it was genius getting him out. JC says Sam was hard to talk to bcuz she never wanted to talk game. JC says she was brought there to clean the bathroom. JC says they don’t care if the house crumbles, u are there to play the game. 1:49 pm BBT. Tyler says u guys should’ve heard Sam’s pitch to me on the DE. He says she came in hot, they had to bleep the whole thing. He says she said “Angela is a f***ing b***h, she walks atound here like she owns the place!” He says yeah your a** is going on the block. He says afterward Sam was like I’m sorry I underestimaeed u. He says Angela didn’t even vote her out after that. JC says I always say I wanna slap u and never mean it but that day oh I was so f***ing mad, you’re a b***h. JC says your a** was on the block twice, that’s what u get. Tyler says we all were. 1:53 pm BBT. They are talking about who put each of them on the block. Kaycee says she talked to Faysal before he put her up and they got closer. JC is now running thru who was top 15, 14, 13...etc. JC says wow Rockstar made top 10, that’s an achievement. 1:55 pm BBT. JC thought Bayleigh was goimg to make it further, longer than Faysal. He says he thought she would be different. Kaycee says she was sad when Bayleigh left. Tyler says he would’ve cried if she stayed. JC says me too, I wanted her out so bad. Kaycee says to see her hurt bothered me. JC asks if they have seen “Mean Girls”? He says can u see those 3 girls in jury and Bayleigh is the leader. They say Bayleigh was acting bad when she was HOH and had the power app, like she was better than them and telling people what to do. 2:00 pm BBT. Tyler was in the WC, now brushing his teeth. JC and Kaycee talking in the KT area where they moved that furniture. 2:05 pm BBT. JC is saying how at one point he was trying to get Haleigh to vote a certain way and he thought she would be on their side. Tyler says I told u, no way, she was devoted to them. He says she probably already had finals 2 deals with all of them. JC says he was done with her when she didn’t put the oven on what he asked her to. JC talking about Rachel and how she became a huge liability when she exploded in the jacuzzi bcuz she knew all about their flipped votes and everything. Tyler says after she talked herself on to the block she freaked out. JC says she flipped out about a prank and if she did that she could spill everything if she got mad.
  7. 1:24 pm BBT. The HGs enjoy their food that Tyler made. 1:25 pm BBT. JC says he knows his food will be good but he won’t eat all of it for sure. Tyler makes fun of him for cutting a slice out of his bagel sandwich like a piece of cake. They both tell Tyler how good it is. 1:28 pm BBT. JC tells the other HGs that the doctor told him u can take an allergy medicine every day and it’s not bad for u. Kaycee asks JC if he’s gonna eat more. He says I told him I wanted a little slice not a whole one. 1:30 pm BBT. Tyler is doing dishes. Kaycee and JC are eating their bagel sandwiches. 1:32 pm BBT. JC wonders who the hot guy of the season will be. He says Faysal. Tyler says Winston. JC says no he didn’t make it far. He says last year didn’t have one. Then says something about Scottie. He says it’ll be Tyler with all his hair flips and stuff. Tyler says no, they call me crusty and greasy. JC thinks it’ll be Brett. JC says Kaycee is the hot guy. He says what about girls. He thinks Angela or Haleigh. Tyler says Kaycee. Kaycee says good answer. JC says she is the hot boy. Kaycee says Angela, Haleigh or Rachel. Kaycee says we had a good looking cast. JC says yeah compared to other seasons. Kaycee tells JC he is a beautiful man, he is good looking. JC says she is a beautiful woman. He says if I was a lesbian, I would be one of those crazy girls “NO! U can’t leave me!” He says I would be waiting for u in your apartment at night time. 1:39 pm BBT. JC is quizzing them on days. Tyler and Kaycee are getting most of them right.
  8. 1:15 pm BBT. Tyler is making Bagel, egg, cheese and bacon sandwiches. He asks what cheese they want. Kaycee says surprise me. He says pepperjack? JC says Tyler is the only straight one here supposedly but the most girly. JC says Kaycee stands out bcuz of her bun, says it’s her trademark (it took him a little bit to think of the word). He says Tyler’s is his nest that he has up there. They talk about Kaycee’s brother Kenny and they can’t wait to meet him. Kaycee says he goes to the gay clubs with her and turns up. JC says if u are secure with your sexuality u can go and have fun and not worry about it. Kaycee gets called to the SR. 1:20 pm BBT. Kaycee brought out allergy medicine. She says she asked for 2 and only got 1 and it says JC on it. JC says they gave him one once that expired in 2016, he says it crumbled.
  9. 1:00 pm BBT. All HGs in thr KT. Tyler is making scrambled eggs. They are talking about how they will see family tomorrow and the other HGs. Tyler says the pre-jury HGs probably know what some of their family looks like. He says Kaitlyn probably DM’d some people if she doesn’t hate him. 1:03 pm BBT. Tyler says his friends will love JC bcuz he took over their job of talking s**t to him all the time. Kaycee leaves to go get some allergy medication. Jc tells Tyler tomorrow will be a great day babs. 1:07 pm BBT. In the KT, Tyler and JC are calling out their friends and saying they should come to the finale. JC is singing Frosty the Snowman. BB says “U have got to be kidding me!” 1:08 pm BBT. JC tells Tyler that his mom lives where Josh (BB19) lives. He says when they go to Miami he can kill 5 birds from 1 shot. He says he can see his mom, his grandma, Josh. He tells Tyler he will see why JC loves and misses driving around. He says u are f***ed if u are in traffic but otherwise it is so peaceful. JC says they’ll bring Josh to a gay club so he can finally come out of the closet. Tyler says Josh u will have to deal with JC just like I do.
  10. 2:45 pm BBT. Tyler is working out in the geometry room. Kaycee and JC are in the KT. Kaycee is cutting chicken. JC says he is going to work out. 2:56 pm BBT. JC and Kaycee in the KT. Kaycee is cooking chicken. Tyler is working out in the geometry room.
  11. 2:10 pm BBT. Kaycee tells JC he has to put on his tie dye. He says let me finish my water. They are still quizzing each other on the memory wall. Kaycee says JC put on your tie dye now. 2:11 pm BBT. They are now discussing who has what microphone number. Kaycee yells at JC to put on his tie dye. 2:13 pm BBT. JC has gotten up and says he will go wash his face, put underwear on and says then I will put on this f***ing tie dye! He leaves and goes to the WA to wash his face. 2:17 pm BBT. The HGs are discussing relationships and when they call it a relationship. Tyler says he never called it a relationship with the Australian girl. JC leaves to go change his clothes. JC does not like how he looks in his tie dye. 2:26 pm BBT. JC is not liking how he looks in his tie dye. JC is looking for something to eat. He says he doesn't drink soda but with pizza he likes it. Kaycee says she is the same way. 2:30 pm BBT. In the KT, Kaycee tells JC that when she was in the DR they told her they like how they arranged the furniture.
  12. 1:32 pm BBT. Kaycee comes into the KT and tells JC happy tie dye Monday sweetie! He says he forgot. BB tells JC to put on his microphone. Tyler picks a tie bandana to put on. 1:36 pm BBT. In the KT, Tyler and Kaycee have on tir dye bandanas and t-shirts. Kaycee says tells JC to put his on. He says I have to take my vitamins first and I haven’t even washed my face. 1:46 pm BBT. All HGs in the KT. They are laughing about Swaggy C shirts and former HGs. JC laughing about how Rockstar acted so safe and happy when Haleigh won HOH and then 30 hours later she was on the block again. They laugh that Rockstar went home on Haleigh’s HOH. They laugh how Rockstar thought she won the veto. Then Kaycee says that Rockstar thought Kaycee was going home that week and she got blindsided. Tyler said he had to listen to a 2 hour pitch for him to use the veto. He says he can’t wait til they can watch it. He says it was one of the worst pitches ever. 1:50 pm BBT. They laugh how the other side self destructed then laugh at Bayleigh telling Rachel (the girl she is putting on the block) that she had a power app. JC says Bayleigh fought with everyone. 1:53 pm BBT. They say Bayleigh had the first power trip of the season bcuz she had the power app, she was HOH. Tyler says before that she was nice and treated everyone with respect and then she changed after that. Kaycee wonders if Bayleigh and Rachel will be cool after the show. 1:57 pm BBT. In the KT, the HGs have been discussing evicted HGs. They talk about how Rachel talked herself on to the block, and to get voted out. JC says we have to eat all this food. 1:59 pm BBT. Kaycee looks in the fridge and finds 1 piece of cheesecake. She says it has always been their thing and they must end BB20 by cutting it into 3 pieces and sharing it before they leave. She finds some turkey sausages in the freezer. They ask Bob to go to the drive-thru and bring them some chicken nuggets and wings. 2:05 pm BBT. JC is quizzing Kaycee on who is next to who on the memory wall and then up or down or diagonal. 1:07 pm BBT. Tyler has been asking JC who is where and next to who on the memory wall. Then JC asks Tyler.
  13. 1:01 pm BBT. Kaycee takes out some chicken and maple sausage patties to make. She reads the package. Her and Tyler are making sarcastic commentary about how the chickens were raised with their brothers and sisters and a nice house, went to college, they were raised right. 1:03 pm BBT. In the KT, Tyler asks Kaycee if her shoulders are ok. She says getting better. She thinks she may need some physical therapy. They say when they get out they need to take care of themselves, maybe get massages. They say they deserve it. Kaycee thanks Tyler for cooking. 1:07 pm BBT. Kaycee says she is excited for tie dye Monday. Tyler says it’s an event. Kaycee says it’s a good way to start the week. Tyler says we left princess just enough eggs. Tyler asks Kaycee if she has had cinnamon eggs? She doesn’t answer. Tyler says this is his normal breakfast at home, he eats a lot of food. Kaycee says she used to until she did the intermittent fasting and it has worked so well for her and her schedule. Tyler says he has wanted to try that but it didn’t fit with his schedule. 1:11 pm BBT. In the KT, Kaycee and Tyler have been discussing intermittent fasting and how they can’t wait to get back to their normal schedules. Kaycee asks if Tyler likes lil smokies. She says they are so good. 1:15 pm BBT. Kaycee trinks she is going to cry tears of joy when they get out of there. Tyler says freedom!! They are eating their eggs and chicken sausage. Tyler chants 2 more days. 1:18 pm BBT. In the KT, Kaycee asks Tyler when he was a kid did he play outside more or play video games. He says he played outside more but did play some video games. He says he played Madden, NCAA football, grand theft auto and guitar hero. Kaycee asks if he played basketball. He says no. She says she played some basketball games. She says she played a street basketball one. She also says she played some soccer. Kaycee says she played Tony Hawk a lot. Tyler says when Call of Duty was coming out is when he stopped. She says it makes her sick to watch that game. 1:20 pm BBT. Tyler wonders if there are any new big video games out. Kaycee says or a while new system. Tyler says there is probably a new iphone out. He tells Kaycee she needs an iphone. She says maybe, she likes Android though. 1:29 BBT. JC has gotten out of bed. After a fee minutes he makes his way out to the KT and scares Tyler.
  14. 4:30 pm BBT. Tyler is just putting things away in the KT while the chicken cooks. JC still in bed in the PBR. Kaycee comes into the KT, they talk for a minute and she leaves. 4:36 pm BBT. Kaycee comes into the KT ands talks to Tyler for a minute. He says the SR smells so bad bcuz they didn’t eat any of the fish. Kaycee goes into the SR and smells it and says oh s**t! 4:39 pm BBT. Kaycee is back in the KT with Tyler. They both say they woke up hot. Tyler wonders what time they fell asleep. They wonder what time Jeff (former BB contestant) left. Tyler goes into the WA to put lotion on his back. Kaycee yells (from the KT) and asks if he needs help. He says no, I don’t wanna put u thru that. He says u probably can’t reach that high (she is very sore from last night’s comp). JC is up and comes into the KT. 4:47 pm BBT. All HGs in the KT. JC says to Tyler I can’t believe u are hungry. He says I’m not I’m just cooking up this chicken so we have it. They wonder if they’ll have a comp today or not. 4:50 pm BBT. JC and Tyler in the KT. Tyler tells JC he was snoring and so was Kaycee. He says I probably was too. 4:55 pm BBT. JC and Tyler talking in the KT.
  15. 3:44 pm BBT. Tyler gets up, but first he puts on a bandana. He goes into the HNR and gets socks, goes back to the BBR and puts on socks. He then goes to the WC, washes his hands afterward. Then he goes into the KT and fills up he BB cup with water and ice. 3:52 pm BBT. Tyler is now in the SR. He is going thru the fridge, smells something. He throws something away then grabs a banana and something he took out of the fridge/freezer. Back to the KT he goes, ah he got some fish food! He goes upstairs to feed the fish. 4:00 pm BBT. Tyler is going thru cupboards in the KT while eating his banana. He gets out a knife and cutting board and is opening a package of raw chicken. 4:04 pm BBT. Tyler is cutting chicken. [I am no food network chef but I’m pretty sure cutting chicken while holding it in the air is NOT the proper technique- MonkeyGirl44]. 4:13 pm BBT. Tyler puts a pan on the stove and puts some oil in it. Kaycee is up and talks to Tyler in the KT for a minute. He is cooking the chicken and cleaning up, disinfecting the counter as he should. 4:25 pm BBT. Tyler is cooking and seasoning the chicken and putting things away in the KT.