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  1. DerangedBanana

    BB 15 General Discussion - Part 2

    I'm hoping it means purge the whole cast and bring in a new one. We can always dream!
  2. DerangedBanana

    Spencer - Week 6 PoV Replacement Nominee

    I am tired of Aayrn being CBS's scapegoat while Spencer and Amanda both get off scott-free. Both are a thousand times worse than Aaryn or GM could ever hope to be. Whether it was a joke or not, what kind of sick pig finds child rape funny? And If you ask me, he got way too much joy out of making up the the awful little details. A basement in Minnesota?! This vile pig makes ED and Mike Boogie look like Mother Theresa.
  3. DerangedBanana

    Candice - Week 4

    Yeah seriously I'm confused... What's his objection to her buying a house? This cast is so weird. Is it just me or do none of them ever make any sense?
  4. DerangedBanana

    Jessie - Week 4

  5. DerangedBanana

    Amanda - Week 4

    I didn't get the feeds until recently, what racist things has Amanda said?
  6. DerangedBanana

    Helen - Week 4

    Seriously. Why take that big of a risk to try to backdoor someone who doesn't win comps anyway?
  7. DerangedBanana

    Jessie - Week 4

    Reminds me of a less psychotic version of Danielle from last season. Clingy, male-dependent, weak-minded.
  8. DerangedBanana

    Spencer - Week 4

    But spencer has no redeeming qualities or entertainment value and adds no drama or interest.