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  1. Me too shes nuts .... Bet it favors lgbt hg
  2. smoopie

    BB 15 General Discussion - Part 2

    i have mine spoke too soon wonder why
  3. smoopie

    BB 15 General Discussion - Part 2

    OH heck this means you may be busy next summer with wedding plans... Its funny around the middle of June I start getting ready for BB almost to the point of saying BYE for the summer to friends that dont watch HAHAHAHAH #superfan #addicted Im sorry but I have NO simpathey sympathy for GM who is crying because she can't spell... #hair..dye...kills..brain...cells #stayNschool
  4. smoopie

    BB 15 General Discussion - Part 2

    I was just thinking how bad BB9 was and started laughing... because BB9 will NO LONGER be the marcell of BB ....it just got replaced and I never thought that would happen. One thing about bb9 they could be entertaining where this crew...bleh
  5. smoopie

    BB 15 General Discussion - Part 2

    Yes .... that means spending more time with the family!!!! I am sorry but, this season is on the same level as the bad girls club if you ask me. None of the people on this season are people I would use as a sample of what BB fans ARE or would want to watch. I just WISH AG would hear us NO SAG cards only put super fans in the house that know the game that watch the game that love the game....I say get 14 people from the popular websites that update and ONLY pick the people that sit there and endure year after year updating... I mean no bigger super fan than that!!!! NO picking people from facebook or wanna be anyones!!! Let it be people who understand the game nothing but risk takers..... OMG would that be such a great season!!!! there would be tea dumping... pickle juice flying ... unitard HAve NOT turkey burger eating and crying people everywhere.... But I will say this ...NO matter who is on the show and HOW bad the season is... I have made some life long friends through this show that I still have till this day.. some I only talk and chat with during the season and some everyday and many in between... For that I will always be thankful for....
  6. smoopie

    BB 15 General Discussion - Part 2

    Being a fan watching the feeds since season ONE free from AOL (wow has it come a long way).... I can really say other than the writers strike winter edition this is the first time that I look fast and just get a update.... But on a good note I have a TAN yessssssssssssssssssss
  7. smoopie

    Helen - Week 6

    I was done with Helen the night she was a have not and got so upset with Germ and how he drank the wine and what he had to say. NONE of it was directed to her and the whole people were enjoying watching them eat etc... The fact she uses I am a mom for game play irritates me so bad. So what being a mom makes you no diff than any other player. My question is who is casting because they really have failed the past few seasons. I mean this chick is so fake and her lies are going to catch up with her as soon as the house clears out a bit. People are going to see through her. I love the way she feeels like she is the one making sure people go to jury and who deserves to be in the game. Yes she won HoH and the rest is becasue she was on the power side of the house. How she thinks its all her is blowing my mind. I would have already called her out on it. This season is so hard to warm up too. People in a uproar over what HG say .. ummm hello people it happens all the time ON many many shows and yet this is the show people get so worked up over. I wish they would have a DOCTOR look at GM or atleast turn her mic down LOL
  8. smoopie

    Aaryn - Week 5 - HOH

    So each time I watch the feeds I have to deal with aaryns whine raspy voice which makes me want to hear nails on a chalk board OR,,,, ITs getting my ear drums busted out by GM who thinks she is funny...Let me also add about GM ...its pretty bad when you have to dye your brown hair light for an excuse to be so stupoooid.
  9. smoopie

    GinaMarie - Week 5

    Well NOW I am pissed. Just broke my mute button.... Thanks GM now pls go to bed
  10. Joe washed his hands in the kitchen because the girls had stuff all around the bathroom sink. Your right when ppl don't like someone they find anything to dislike. Glad your a Dan fan so am I but, dan does his fair share of promotion on the show as well. I agree Joe did not do well at the game but, you never know until you try.
  11. Joe is far from an idiot and he did not think he was going to get a reward he was almost hanging upside down in the first few seconds of the hoh and so he dropped the other dropped with in ten minutes of him. As far as him talking loud they are asked to do so in the DR and when you are a person who talks louder than most it sounds very loud. think about Rachel she did the same thing and said that they asked her to sound exicted and louder than normal so all your words are picked up. So today on Jeff's interview with Joe Jeff talked about the story Joe told about the dog that ate the shovel and said no way it was true. You can go to his offical fan page and see the photos along with other photos of what Joe has said that is the truth. Joe does not tell lies about his life sorry to dissappoint people. https://www.facebook.com/#!/fanpagejoearvin
  12. As a friend of Joe and his family and a long time person here at mortys I don't care if you don't like the way this man plays the game but stop calling him a liar about things you don't know if are true or not. His stories although are puffed to be a better story are true. Remember this man has children that could read what you say about their father. You call him a flip flopper but, the biggest one in the house is IAN he did it the whole game and so has Dan it did it with boogie and frank. Its all the same unless you like the person then they are a floater. He tells people what they want to hear and THEY ALL DO THAT. He does not dog other people or say mean hateful things and JANI did indeed say start a hate thread. I would think the loyal Jani fan that posted above would then know she did say that but, instead its too easy to get on the band wagon and just call Joe a liar. EVEN jani has tweeted she wants Joe to win the game. For those that do care for joe please go to https://www.facebook.com/MadLoveCooking and like the page so we can get it up too 5000 likes. He will be selling his cookbook from there and it will include slop to try. His family Thanks you. https://www.facebook.com/MadLoveCooking
  13. smoopie

    Danielle, Week 8

    I am friends with Joe's family and you are right his wife is pissed and the family is very hurt by her lies. Dani does not tell game lies she tells lies that have NOTHING to do with game its all personal. Just so happen we were watching the feeds with the dirty old man comment and all I can say is Dani will come face to face with Sarah on the 19th and words will be spoken. In fact all the houseguests that have been mean and cruel need to watch out. Joe may make things bigger than they are to tell a good story but, the core of his story is true and yes including the white house land is in fact true. At least what Joe says does not hurt anyone. If you want to see the dog with the golden eyes go to https://www.facebook.com/MadLoveCooking and check it out plus like the page while you are there we are trying to get it up too 5000. thanks
  14. smoopie

    8/24 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    10:09BBT Frank tells Joe in the back room that Joe is NOT going on the block and all he asks is if Joe votes the way he wants him too. Joe agrees.