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    Lost, Big Brother, Amazing Race
  1. Blue_Rose

    Meerkat Manor

    My husband and I both were upset by the death of Flower. As my husband said, "I thought she was the best part of the show." We will miss her. We are waiting to see how things go now that Rocket Dog has taken over the lead spot in the Whiskers tribe.
  2. Blue_Rose

    Council Changes

    I agree. Sophia would be a much better council member than Taylor. Plus changing out the council members with those that have already won a gold star would give the current council members a chance to win a star themselves.
  3. Blue_Rose

    Biggest Loser 4

    Can anyone explain why working out so hard that you throw up is healthy?
  4. Finally saw a pic of your little girl. Cute stuff!

    All the best!

  5. Blue_Rose

    New and Old Members

    I'm an old member but haven't been on the boards much in awhile. My two year old daughter keeps me busy. So a big HI to everyone old and new.
  6. Blue_Rose

    Anybody else remember these shows?

    Okay! How about this one? Does anyone remember a show called "Sky King"??? It was in black and white, sometime in the 60's I think.
  7. Blue_Rose

    New and Old Members

    I'm back!!!! Sorry I've been gone so long, but with a new baby in the house, I've had trouble finding time to get on the net much. But the baby is now a year old and spends more time playing instead of constantly on my lap. I'm glad to be back. Will check in as often as I can. I've really missed being at Morty's!!!
  8. Me too! Where I'm from that word has something to do with a car part. :shock:
  9. Blue_Rose

    The Real Gilligans Island 2

    WATCH OUT!!! Skipper Charlie Won!!!!!! Hip Hip HOORAY!!!!!! Finally someone I was rooting for won!!!! :shock:
  10. Blue_Rose

    Days of Our Lives

    Thanks Salter-path, that was interesting. I've been watching Days, off and on, since I was a kid. I remember many of those actors and their characters. However, I noticed that there were some missing. Like the actress that Calliope and the actor that played her boyfriend, can't think of his name but I've seen him on Star Trek NG a few times.
  11. Blue_Rose

    The Real Gilligans Island 2

    Not surprised by the news on Tiy-E. I haven't liked or trusted him since day one. I'm rooting for Skipper Charlie, too! He is my favorite!
  12. Blue_Rose

    Anyone remember?

    I loved Another World. Especially Felicia Gallant. I grew up watching this show. I miss it show too.
  13. Blue_Rose

    I Married A Princess

    It is on Lifetime on Mondays at 11 p.m. ET/PT. It follows the family of Catherine Oxenberg and Casper Van Dien. He has two kids and she has one and together they have 2 more.
  14. Blue_Rose

    I Married A Princess

    Maybe I'm the only one watching this show. And maybe I should be ashamed that I really like this show. BUT I DO LIKE IT! Okay, that is the first step, admitting I like it. Now what? :shock:
  15. Blue_Rose

    BB Game Links / Questions / Discussion

    MEN James Joe David Jake Mark Kyle Brent Aaron WOMEN Jessica Rachel Brooke Taylor Karen April Shelly Vickie