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Guest ranster627

September 10th Live Feed Updates

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(I, M & A in cot room)

A trying to convince M not to try to win the POV

Saying she would take her & Ivette would take her (to final)

(Maggie has funny look on her face)

(now talking about possible POV)

M: I don

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M, I, A all in the cot room.

M: I gotta go shit, hopefully

I & A not saying a dang word to each other. (you could cut the tension with a knife)

A: I think I need to go poop

April leaves

A&M in bathroom discussing whether Ivette is mad or not

Ape still trying to convince Maggie not to fight for veto

A&I back in cot room talking about how many times they have pooped today, if they are gonna poop again today, & Maggie

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Guest supatah

Ivette depressed holding her stuffed animal, laying down.

April tells Ivette she needs to poop (she's said this 6 times so far today)

April walks away to Maggie.

maggie asks april if Ivette is mad

April said that all I can say is that If you and me are left together you have no worries. But with her (ivette) it's a different story - with her you'll have to fight to win it.

If janelle leaves it the same - i'm just not going to believe in that. I"m going to do what I've gotta do.

Maggie looks nervous... "ya" she said

Maggie walks away - and walks into Ivette.

Ivette tells Maggie she has to shit now. Maggie said I've shit like 2 or 3 times today. It feels good. (geez)

Maggie said - thanks for doing my laundry (to ivette)

Ivette said she didn't do it - she just folded some things

Ivette is totally depressed and laying down. Maggie looks a little nervous and trying to talk about small talk. (clothes etc.)

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Guest supatah

We're back with AIM working out in the WR. Ivette is telling them that she knew that they were out there to win the veto for themselves. Her HOH did nothing for her. Ivette said that she knows April will take Maggie. Ivette does not look happy. Ivette is upset with April right now.


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april is upset say ivette celebrated her win.

maggie says she feels lke an asshole.

ivette is laying on her bed alone ..ooks upset

janie enters WR

janie: im gonna make some nachos do you guys want some?

april: umm no, i dont have much of an appetite

*Janie shugs*: alright.

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april's waterworks have begun.

wah wah wah. she has 'been nice to everyone in the game' and 'it sucks knowing your leaving'

a to m: im happy your head..thank god you're staying.

boohoo april still crying

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Now April crying in the ER

A: It sucks to come to reality & know that you are walking out. It sucks. It's not even about the money (boohoo, maybe we won't have to hear her say that for much longer).

A: It just sucks knowing that you are walking out that door. You know it sucks, the feeling of it sucks. I have felt like Ihave played it so right. I have been nice to everyone in the house & I haven't been mean to anyone in the house

M: You have. No one can take that away from you.

A: Just what she did out there really hurt my feelings (I think when Ivette won the POV she yelled "I'm in the final 3 mom!!!"). Cause I knew that if she won I was going home & to do that really hurt me but shes always right (sarcasm) so it doesn't matter.

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april leaves the WR and goes up to the hoh room ((janie is in the kitchen))

april starts bawling all alone in the hoh bathroom.

janie comes to see april, april tells janie that she [april] is pissed that ivette jumped up and down and screamed final 3.

janie consoles her and janie says 'did you hear her celebrating in spanish?!'

a: her reason is that if you [janie] won you wpuld have brought me.

j: shes a fucking lia--- well i would, but...

a: i wish it was over..maggie is so so sweet

j: yah she is sweet..

j: yeah she didnt act very appropriately..she threw it in your face.

a [imitating ivette]: let me in the dr, let me in the dr. i didnt ever rub my hoh, veto, or 3,000 in anyones face.

j: you're right, she acted very poorly today. she hung up her veto on her moms picture and said 'im winning hte money for my mom', i was like, you didnt win any of the money yet, one step at a time.

a: if you won would you take maggie or ivette

j: maggie, i cant win it so i might as well give it to someone with a good heart.

a: yeah..ivette has second place no matter what

janie: unless she takes me to final 2

a: she wouldnt do that.

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april continues to cry. janie tells her t let it all out and not to let ivette see april crying. janie hugs april.

Janie: i could never pick ivette over maggie.. i couldnt do it.

a: fight hard..maggies an amazing person. she has a huge huge heart.

j: what does she say about this whole thing

a: nothin'.

j: it was REALLY rude, it was so shocking [ivettesvictory yeling]

j: she was way overboard with that one

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a: maggie will be in the final 2.

j: yep she will.

a: i dont wanna be around anybody.

j: im gonna go eat nachos..you can stay up here.

a watches the spyscreen

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Ivette and Maggie in WR, ivette talking how she would NEVER campaign when se was on the block but april did.

april alone in hoh bathroom: this sucks.

ivette goes to find april

I: do u wanna talk t me

a: no. i wanna be alone

i: are you upset with me

a: i told you why you why my feelings are hurt.

i: yu cant say you wouldnt have been excited.

voices are getting raised.

i: you dont knwo waht its like if your ass is on the line!!!!!

a sniffling

a: i want you to understand ivette, im happy for you. i promise. i was just in shock wehn you said let me in the DR, im in the final 3!

i: i didnt say that

a: YES YOU DID IVETTE. i was there!

I: maggie is gonna get super upset abou this but i dont care..go tell her. when you said to maggie 'i want me and ivette to fight it out fair and square' think about how that made me feel.

ivette exits befoer april can respond.

ivette goes down to confront maggie..

i: im sorry maggie. i am. nobody is gonna sit here and make me feel like an ass. hate me if you want to hate me.

ivette exits.

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everyone is alone in differnt parts of the house.

maggie is working out.

janie is eating alone

ivette in hammock.

april in hoh watching spyscreen

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Jan & Apr in the HOH. Ape wiping her tears. Janelle is saying that Ivette shouldn't have acted like she did after the POV. (Janelle's concern really seems genuine but I can't be sure if she is being genuine or trying to stir Ape up to get more jury votes)

A: what is so hard for me is that...

J: she is mean

A: I just want it to be over. I want to leave. Maggie is sososo sweet

J: I know she is very sweet

A: It's just I don't know, I don't know

J: She didn't act very appropriately. It's like she knows that you & Maggie are at risk & it's just like throwing it in your face & I'm not picking you April & you are out the door

J: she like hung the veto on the picture of her mom & she's like I'm gonna get the money for my mom

A: are you serious

J: & I'm like who's to say you are going to win all the money. I'm like honestly Ivette you have to take things one step at a time she thinks she's already got the money.

A: If you won you wouldn't pick her for final 2 would you

J: No, I think Maggie is a much better person & I know that I can't win it & I want the money to go to someone that does have a good heart

A: Money is money but Ivette is always giving me all these sob stories about her family. I am not gonna give someone the money just because they feel like they need it. We all need it, we all deserve it, it doesn't matter no one needs it more than the other.

Ape basically saying that Ivette has pissed so many people off with her mouth. Ape now saying if it is Jan & Ivette in final 2 that she would give Janey the money (smart move April, now you just insured Janelle will pick Ivette for the final 2 if she wins HoH)

Janey says she will not pick Maggie over Ivette (uh huh)

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Janie in kitchen..april go to the gym with maggie

a: janelle, im gonna shut this door ok..im not being rude its just..

janie: no no it's fine.

april crying to maggie that ivette was looknig at her moms picture with the veto hanging on it.

BB: ivette please go to the diary room.

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april twists the story around to maggie of the earlier a/i confrentation in the hoh room.

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maggie to april: we all have to remember we are friends. my feelings are hurt too. just because i'm not the one going home doesn't mean my feelings are hurt.

m: i would have been very sad to win that veto.

ivette said in spanish at the ed of the comp: what's meant to be wn't be taken away from you

a: that's gloating to me.

a: i wish the eviction was on tuessssday (shes said this about 50 times over the past hour). PLEASE BB CHANGE IT TO TUESDAY

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