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September 10th Live Feed Updates

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Guest ranster627

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Mag and April are talking, A says Ive has no confidence in herself. Mag says that Howie made it very clear that April wasn't their target. April says that there is two working against one and she is going to hold on to what ever for dear life. She hates that Jennifer and her were talking about letting go in the pressure cooker but she could of stayed longer. Mag says she couldn't hold on longer, her fingers were hurting so bad. Mag says that Jennifer and Beau saved her in the game, Aprils says she saved her to. April says it isn't an option, she will be in the final two with another friendship member. April says it hurt her feelings when Ive says April doesn't work well under pressure, don't say that to her because she knows she can do it. Ive is in the DR right now, not sure where Jan is. April says Jan might put up April and Ive up because Jan isn't sure where Mag stands. April is telling Mag that Jan asked her if she would be mad if she put her up. Mag says Jan is trying to break them up because her and Ive would know she called April up but Mag doesn't care what she does. Mag says Ive has NEVER said April and Jan are working together, April says she would never work with Jan. Mag says it doesn't matter because she believes April and where her loyalty is. April hates to say this, but jan knows everyone, Ive is an open book, but Jan doesn't know Mag, April keeps telling Jan that mag has an big heart, a giver. Mag says that if you keep talking nice about me she is going to want me out of the game. April says Jan will bring Ive to the final two. Mag says that she doesn't think Jan will get James vote. April says that Jan believes the final choice is America Choice. Mag says Jan is hoping that it is. April says no Jan keeps telling her that it could be America choice. Mag says she would lose all faith in the game if they let America choose this. There would be no point in the game, there would be 15 year old kids voting and it wouldn't matter what anyone did in this game. April says there is nothing they can do about it, Mag agrees. Jan joins them and they start talking about dry lips.

Jan is informing April and Mag that wearing bras to bed is bad for the back. April tells them Jen always sleeps in a bra. April is asking about a lux comp, Jan says there will be shopping. Now she is telling the girls that the wrap party is two days after the final show. April says it is because the two final people (she included herself in that) would have to do shows and stuff. Mag says that this might mean Dave can't come. Ive says that they can go shopping. Jan says if they want she can take them shopping. April says they don't have money, Jan says use credit cards.

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April is telling Jan that she thinks there will be an eviction on Tuesday, Jan says no there is enough time to do three comps before the last show. (Jan is getting kind of slow, don't know if she is tired or if the wine is working) Jan is now telling Mag and April how the final show will work. April is telling what she remembers from the shows she watched and Mag is asking what will be in the live show and what will be taped. Jan is telling them that the third person doesn't go to sequester. Jan is trying to figure this out, someone is going to leave Thursday, so how is someone going to leave Saturday. Jan thinks there is an extra week. Ive is telling her that there is 10 days left. Jan says that she isn't good with math and figuring this out, she just knows how it looks on the show. The girls are going to bed, Mag says Jan can have the rest of the wine. Jan is all excited that there is wine left and begs April to stay and drink a beer with her. April agrees.

Ive alone in the bedroom studying the HOH stuff. Mag was going to bed and was called to the DR. Mag is telling Ive that Jan told April she would drink a beer with her so that is why they are in the bathroom together.

Back to April and Jan. April is cutting the wrist band off Jan's wrist. Jan misses Howie, April says that he was such a "sweet little guy". April is sure he is happy, Jan wants to make sure. April says that one of them is going to walk out the door so they have to accept it and embrace it. Jan says they sure do. April tells Jan not to drink to much wine, Jan says it helps her think, she hasn't gotten to much sleep. April says she will be up all night for sure. April says it will all be over soon, 10 days, but Jan keeps saying it won't be 80 days. Now Jan is getting more wine and talking about the pot pie and how good it was. April telling Jan how lucky Jan has been. April says she feels fortunate that she won 3,000 dollars. Jan says she hopes the safe doesn't go with the veto but April says she thinks it will be because they will want to see who wants to stay and who wants the money. jan says how can they do that, April says they did it that one time, Jan says that was one time, she was just lucky to get her key first. April keeps saying she thinks it will be in there, Jan wants a physical comp, April wants a mental one. April really hopes she stays, Jan says she hopes she does to. April says she has to fight her a hole off for it. Jan wants to know if April and Mag will leave it as it is. April says she thinks Mag will take herself off. Anyone would take theirselves off. April is telling Jan they have to make it to the end together to have a chance. April says it is going to suck to vote someone out. April would be happy to make it to the final three but hates kicking someone out. Jan hopes it isn't April that is leaving. April says then her or Jan have to win the veto. April isn't going to be able to sleep tonight, maybe she will stay up and study. Jan says just go with her first instinct. April still saying Julie screwed her. Jan keeps asking if there is really only 10 days left. Jan says she could do this for four more months, she could do this for a year because she is pyschotic. Jan wants to know what April's favorite day was in there, it was Aprils birthday, Jan's favorite day was when Kay won HOH, today was a good day, the day Kay came back. April says Kay was such a sweet guy, she really liked him. April says Kay needs to date, kiss a girl, Jan says Kay has kissed a girl before, April is surprised. James made Jan laugh all the time.

Okay I am out of here. Night all.

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10:15 PM BBT

Jan and April in BR having small talk. Jan is talking about dreams and her dream about the hurricane and her dogs. She also told A that she had a dream about winning HOH and in the dream she was wearing purple (Just like Thursday night.) A is telling her that she believes in that sort of thing.

A comments on her zits and says that Kenny in the DR asked what was on her face.

Jan goes back to talking about dreams...

I called to the DR again.

M walked in BR and A nor Jan said anything to her.


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Jan asks A to stay up with her b/c it's only 10:30. Jan asks "what are we, 90?"

A says she has to get to bed so her ass doesn't get evicted.

Jan says it means a lot to her too.

A comments on the fact that she is drinking. Jan said that one glass of wine will not kill her.

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A telling J that she is going to really party at the wrap party.

They are talking about going to get a new outfit before the party and that when they play songs they will be new to them but so old to everyone else.

Jan is telling A about the mall that she wants to take her to.

A tells Jan to go to bed and they hug and tells her to listen to music and go to bed (sickening, the whole thing).

A and M in the GR.

M asks A if that is her second beer?

A says she can sleep this way. A claims that she cannot be mean but Jan is stupid.

This is so boring, I am out! Nite!! :closedeyes:

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A.I.M: sitting at dining room table reminicing about past shows. They are trying to figure out what type of contest is coming up for the POV. Maggie said they did more shooting games. April says she had a dream that it was a shooting game. Maggie said thats awesome. Ivette just staring at April like she knows april really didn't have a dream she's just saying that.

April says she thinks they will all be separated again. She doesn't like being isolated from the HG's it flips her out.

April says she needs to go to the bathroom

Ivette still quiet.

April says we still need a hostess (for the POV)

ivette says it doesn't matter

Maggie says that she hears a hose spraying something outside

Maggie says she may poo again (out of the blue)

April says it's prob. an obstacle course

Maggie says they haven't done that yet

Ivette just sneazed 7 times in a row really, really fast - it almost looked like a seizure. They bless her.

They all keep guessing about what kind of comp it will be

Janelle in the HOH shower.

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A expresses that she can't take it when they have comps and they are all seperated into different rooms. Iv agrees, saying she hates not knowing what exaclty is going on.

M talking about the 3 part HOH comp. for next time. She thinks the POV this time might be in the house. Iv & A not thinking that is right.

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April said that they ate the last of the english muffins. Maggie washing dishes. Ivette still sitting at dining table very quiet. Janelle putting lotion on in HOH bathroom.

Maggie drags her feet around in her slippers going from thing to thing in the kitchen.

Ivette goes to the bathroom

Maggie tells april she looks worried

april says she needs to win it (POV)

maggie spilled something - she says FUCK really loud - then sneezes twice

April asks ivette what she's thinking

Ivette says she's wondering what to eat - but she's not hungry. She might just lay down for a minute

Maggie asks if she wants her to rub her back

Ivette says - no that's all right

Ivette seems pretty depressed and anxious.

Maggie says your sure you don't want an egg?

Ivette says no not right now.

Cute little Janey - still up in the bathroom getting ready

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april told maggie that she knows that ivette will take her. Maggie said but she didn't promise like you did though. April said: she will though.

April said that she studied the wall backwards and forewards last night. Maggie said good.. Lets do it right now.

They begin studying again. (very briefly)

Janelle comes down from the HOH room and into the kitchen.

No one says anything to her.

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10:34 BBT

April and Maggie in BR talking.

M: Do you believe in honesty?

A: Absolutely!

M: This is what I think...I don't recognize it from before. But I saw rings and I saw a blackboard. So we're either going to be running up onto a blackboard, throwing rings, or finding rings in water.

I: It could just the background set. Remember the treadmill.

A: ohhh water!

M: A couple of weeks ago I thought there was a treadmill there...that was when Howie was here.

(Holy cow...listening to Ivette eat is lovely!)

A: could be another question and answer thing.

M: Vetos are rarely q & a ... more physical than mental.

A leaves room ... more listening to Ivette chew.

M: She (April) doesn't want me to fight for it. She says she wants it to be a fair fight between the two of you. She says she knows that you would bring me....and that she thinks she knows I would bring her. I said if you were in my position, would you give up and not fight? That's putting all of my trust in people that I do trust, but there's no security. My security is in winning the veto, just like yours guyses.

M: Well, you told me you would take me.

I: Well, I haven't been telling you that right now. That's been a known forever.

M: Well I don't htink it's new for her either...we just don't talk about it.

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I: So she's pretty much saying that she and Janelle are going to be fighting for the same thing - to keep it as is. That's not level playing ground. And then, what if Janelle wins the final HOH?

I: I love the way April only thinks about herself. That move of saving Janelle and Howie only benefitted herself. And now, dont' fight for me Maggie...she sees that as a way to get me the f out of here. That turns my stomach.

Ivette leaves the room.

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Maggie to April: She just brought up a really good point. I asked her how she felt about me fighting for the POV today, so what do you think about me just not competing? She said April would be fighting for the POV to leave it the same ... I'll be fighting to take myself off ... Janelle will be fighting for it to leave it the same. Taht means I have to fight for it!

A: Well, that's what I mean. You have to do what you have to do. I'll be fine with that. I'm not going to depend on Janelle. She might want me out. I'm not going to look at it as she's fighting for me...I'm looking at it as I'm fighting for myself. We dont' know what she's going to do.

M: No we don't. But we pretty much know she wants Ivette out.

A: But who frigging knows? She changes! She could be playing it like that!

M: She could want me out! It doesn't mean anything.

M: I get that but I don't because I think Ivette is the only one who could get James' vote.

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Maggie just told ivette that April doesn't want her to play for the POV. Maggie proceeds to tell Ivette that she told April that all of her security is in playing the veto.

Maggie says to Ivette "you told me you'd bring me"

Ivette says "but I haven't been telling you that now"

Maggie says "what do you mean" "that's been a known forever" "well i don't think it's something new to her either (april)- we just don't talk about it"

Ivette says she doesn't care anymore

Maggie repeats "you don't care anymore"


maggie said "shouldn't they be worried that If I fight for it - I'm going to use it on you?"


Ivette says 'Well - so what is going on is that April is playing with Janelle so that if either of them win - the nominations stay as is. So I'm basically out there playing for myself. And so april will take you to the end - but if Janelle wins final HOH then your out of the game. "I LOVE how april only thinks about herself"

Maggie said it's not a move of saving howie and janelle. It's about getting rid of James. And now it's obvious with April taking you to the end - it's a game with her about eliminating me (ivette). It turns my stomach"

Maggie: I know

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10:47 BBT

M: I have more of an understanding now of what you would do...but when I talked to Ivette I didn't get that same understanding.

A: It does not make sense why she wouldn't bring you. Maybe I'll just say to her look Ivette, I know you'll most likely bring Maggie. My feelings won't be hurt.

M: What I was offering was to take myself out of the running.

A: And she said no? Maybe she's thinking strategically that it would be better to bring me...I don't know. She's in it only for the money. And she knows that you're supposedly a stronger competitor than I am, and that the only chance she has of winning the $100,000 is for Janelle to take her. What has she said?

M: Yeah, she's implied it in the past absolutely. Absolutely.

A: You really don't know who you would pick?

M: I don't want to be in that situation unless I have to. It's a lot less stress.

A: Last night I was ready to feel bad for her just cuz she was looking really really depressed.

Ivette came in to get clothes and conversation stopped.

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Ivette has left and so convo starts again!

M: After talking to both of you I wanted to say ok both of you guys go...but then being told it's not 100% it's like whoah...whoah!

A: She's probably just trying to make you feel...

M: She said you've got to fight.

A: I can't rely on someone else to win it for me.

M: That's my situation though...I can't rely on someone else to win it for me.

M: It's so weird that J & H would make a deal with Ivette and not to you. She talks to you way more.

A: But with me, it's 3 against 1. Ivette was going to have to be the tie breaker. And she knows that we havent broken any promises. She said how H spoke to I about giving her the vote...but that you all haven't broken any promises except for the week that Jen was HOH.

M: How did they know that?

A: They see! They see every time we have to evict one of our own. We cry. We care. We hug each other afterward.

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Maggie to Ivette: I told her (April) that I'm fighting for it. I said we know that Janelle wants Ivette out. James would have wanted you or me out. When Beau and Ivette had each other, we (A & M) said we'd fight for each other. It's not against B&I, it's just for each other. But to stand back and not fight for it, it's an almost certainty that someone's fighting alone. I don't like things to be unfair. I never have.

Ivette sitting on bed, saying nothing.

Maggie putting on socks and changing into work out pants. Said thank you to someone off camera.

I: They were all facing you? (the cameras)

M: Yeah (she must have said thank you to the cameras for turning from her while she changed)

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April has returned from washroom. Maggie dressing. Janelle in HOH bathroom.

I: (to Maggie) look how tiny you are!

M: thanks for saying it. I don't feel it.

I: You are! You're tiny tiny. When did Dave get you that top?

M: In Boston. I loved it, but it was too expensive. I said I loved it, and he went back and got both of them for me.

M: Singing "I need a hero" (editorial comment: waaaay off key!)


M: I do need to brush my teeth and put on some deoderant. You guys, 10 more days!

A: I know...I'm so pumped!

M: I gotta go brush my teeth. It's so nice to be able to leave underwear out now! Everyone knows what I mean by that! :::::::::kisses a picture:::::: wish me luck boody boody boo!

A: The positive is that we will soon be back in the arms of our loved ones.

(kisses Ivette)

Ivette is very pensive, sitting on the bed (preparing mentally for POV?) Now she seems to be crying, but the camera switched.

BB: April, please put on your microphone!

A: I didn't even talk BB. Damn! Stop watching my ass!

M: They're obsessed with you!

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A: Did she say anything else?

M: Nope

A: I feel so bad. I mean I feel bad for the both of us...me and her. We're not in the best situation!

M: Correct.

M: You know how when we talked about the high heels in the diary room? They said that's the first time we talked about it. She's going to be at the wrap party saying "I was the woman with the high heels!"

(I'm out of here...hope someone else can take over! :) )

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