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    Big Brother, Grandkids, The Beach and Colorado Snow Trips
  1. lilsis

    GinaMarie - Week 10 (HoH)

    If McCrae goes in the first eviction on Thursday all GM or Ellisa has to say to her is "Well, McCrae will be banging Jessie tonight" and she will run out of the house screaming for McCrae!!!!
  2. lilsis

    GinaMarie - Week 5

    tell her she can get 1 more day of slop or else vote for Amanda to be evicted!!!!
  3. lilsis

    Aaryn - Week 1

    she and Jeremy cheated during the hoh comp. They exchanged cups...did not pour from on cup to the other. make up for a lot of time when you do not pour the b-b-que sauce. CBS and Groaner(sp) need to revoke the hoh win.
  4. lilsis

    HOH Cheating - Week 2

    the video does show them exchanging cups...not pouring. Need to revoke the HOH comp and re-do it w/o aaryn and Jeremy. Come on CBS...the cast is making you look bad...clean your rep by stopping the cheating.
  5. lilsis

    BBAD on TVGN

    I have U-Verse so I do not get BBAD. It is ruining the season for me because I loved BBAD on Showtime. Please bring it back to Showtime...please..
  6. I hope David gets blindsided also. Don't be too shocked but,.....I am pulling for Ellisa. Seems like she is not getting a chance to play the game as she is Rachael's sister. Give her a chance...let's see if she is as crazy as Rachael. She is married and a mom so I think her game will be different. She is not like "nasty" Gina Marie. I really do not have a favorite yet as these people seem to be.... well.....unlikable. Now, have a great weekend!!!!
  7. I really dislike this girl. Her flirting w/Dan last night was gross!!! Does she not have any shame at all ?? Dan has talked all the time about his wife and how much he loves her and her comes Dani w/her full on flirt session. Even said she woulg only do BB again if Dan was playing also. She wouldnot stay in BB house if Dan was not there. I can hardly wait for this girl to leave my tv forever.
  8. Go Ian!!! Dani is nothing but a crazy & bulling b#tch. Do not let her get to you. Like threatening you w/Shane's vote if you do not take her---well, Crazy Girl, Shane would vote for you and NOT Ian so why would her take you to F2. Go ahead and get her out of the house as Dan & Ian both say she is ruining their last days in the house. Come on AG---get rid of Dani!!!!
  9. Ian, trust no one at this point but yourself. Beat Dan in 3rd part and make your own mind up. I want you to win as you want to pay off college debt. I do not ever remember anyone wanting to pay off college debt before....maybe because they did not go to college or else they have no intention of paying off loans. Ian, stay true to yourself...... Go win this!!!!!!
  10. I totally dislike Dani and her screaming at Ian last night was uncalled for. She is BIGGER than him and therefore was really threatening to him. She has NO power over the jury. Dan, as an educator of young people should be ashamed of himself for his part in this bullying of Ian. I hope Dan throws 3rd part and he (Ian) gets to tell Dani..."get to stepping!!!!!". The jury will hear it and totally laugh at bully girl. She needs a shrink really bad if she believes all the lies she told this siummer. I do know that she thinks of herself as "a legend in the BB house". Far from it Dani.... I do hope you get help for your problems. But, that said.....GO IAN!!!!!
  11. Ian, not only am I rooting for you but I am rocking for you. You have lots of support-keep focused.
  12. Get some new comps. Even the hgs know when each comp will be. Make them earn food, beer, games, etc. No more pool table- it is for 2 players at a time. Give them volleyball net and ball. Get them off their entitled butts!!!! It seems like the players feel they are entitled to beer, pool, hottub, etc. They get way too much food--let them run out if they overeat or waste food. I want lots more endurance and a lot less question comps. NO WHISPERING-NO SINGING or they pay a fine out of stipend. Stop this crap NOW!!!! Lastly, loose Jessie and Rachael's numbers. All of your loyal BB fans do not want to see them or hear their voices again. OK ,done venting for now but I will probably think of more. Thanks for reading.
  13. I want Ian to win 1st place and Americas Choice. Do not want Dani to even win $50,000. Go Ian, beat her today the take Dan down in part 3. I believe in you!!! Rock On Ian.....
  14. Is there anyway AG could give Ian a special power to evict Dan and Danielle and him win $500,000 , the $50,000 for 2nd place and the $25,000 for Americas Choice???? That is not asking too much is it????