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  1. 4:30 pm BBT. Tyler is just putting things away in the KT while the chicken cooks. JC still in bed in the PBR. Kaycee comes into the KT, they talk for a minute and she leaves. 4:36 pm BBT. Kaycee comes into the KT ands talks to Tyler for a minute. He says the SR smells so bad bcuz they didn’t eat any of the fish. Kaycee goes into the SR and smells it and says oh s**t! 4:39 pm BBT. Kaycee is back in the KT with Tyler. They both say they woke up hot. Tyler wonders what time they fell asleep. They wonder what time Jeff (former BB contestant) left. Tyler goes into the WA to put lotion on his back. Kaycee yells (from the KT) and asks if he needs help. He says no, I don’t wanna put u thru that. He says u probably can’t reach that high (she is very sore from last night’s comp). JC is up and comes into the KT. 4:47 pm BBT. All HGs in the KT. JC says to Tyler I can’t believe u are hungry. He says I’m not I’m just cooking up this chicken so we have it. They wonder if they’ll have a comp today or not. 4:50 pm BBT. JC and Tyler in the KT. Tyler tells JC he was snoring and so was Kaycee. He says I probably was too. 4:55 pm BBT. JC and Tyler talking in the KT.
  2. 3:44 pm BBT. Tyler gets up, but first he puts on a bandana. He goes into the HNR and gets socks, goes back to the BBR and puts on socks. He then goes to the WC, washes his hands afterward. Then he goes into the KT and fills up he BB cup with water and ice. 3:52 pm BBT. Tyler is now in the SR. He is going thru the fridge, smells something. He throws something away then grabs a banana and something he took out of the fridge/freezer. Back to the KT he goes, ah he got some fish food! He goes upstairs to feed the fish. 4:00 pm BBT. Tyler is going thru cupboards in the KT while eating his banana. He gets out a knife and cutting board and is opening a package of raw chicken. 4:04 pm BBT. Tyler is cutting chicken. [I am no food network chef but I’m pretty sure cutting chicken while holding it in the air is NOT the proper technique- MonkeyGirl44]. 4:13 pm BBT. Tyler puts a pan on the stove and puts some oil in it. Kaycee is up and talks to Tyler in the KT for a minute. He is cooking the chicken and cleaning up, disinfecting the counter as he should. 4:25 pm BBT. Tyler is cooking and seasoning the chicken and putting things away in the KT.
  3. 3:25 pm BBT. You’ll never guess what’s happening in the BB house...that’s right they’re all still sleeping. 3:39 pm BBT. A little stirring from Tyler and all HGs sleeping.
  4. 2:30 pm BBT. Everyone is sleeping. 2:41 pm BBT. ALERT! Tyler has rolled over. (Sorry there is nothing more to report). Everyone is sleeping.
  5. 3:55 pm BBT. The HGs have just been sitting/laying around having general chit chat. JC made tea for him and Angela. 4:00 pm BBT. Feeds have gone to reels. (Before they did u could hear the audio from Julie practicing a run-thru of tonight's show for about 25 seconds)
  6. 3:25 PM BBT. Feeds are back. Angela is in the WA curling her hair. Jc, Kaycee and Tyler are talking and laughing in the CBRs.
  7. 3:05 pm BBT. In the KT, for the last few min JC and Tyler have been talking about when they get out but will still think they need to change they’re battery pack. Tyler said he may get a phone clip like an old man. They then talk about the HOHR closing and the BY and they weren’t told o they could say goodbye and really enjoy it. Then, they talk about comps & Tyler’s favorites. They then talk about the house and JC says celebrity BB got renewed and they may have to redo this house quick if it starts soon. 3:11 pm BBT. JC says lights are everywhere so they have good lighting for the cameras. Tyler says Sam was on a mission to find the darkest spot & that’s why she sat on the stairs. He says production was probably so mad when she did that. JC she was never in the dark & that camera there would zoom in on her. 3:16 pm BBT. Feeds have gone to reels.
  8. 2:30 pm BBT. No talking going on in the house. Angela is in bed in the BBR. JC is sitting in thr PBR. Tyler and Kaycee in the KT. Tyler is eating and Kaycee is getting something to eat. 2:31 pm BBT. Tyler says we are so close to real life. Kaycee says she can’t wait. 2:33 pm BBT. JC walks by the KT. Kaycee says I am gonna eat some of your rotisserie chicken. Tyler says he hasn’t had that since he was 7. Tyler gets up and says he is gonna clean the fridge, they have too much s**t. Angela comes into the KT. Not much talking at all. 2:37 pm BBT. Angela is getting some of the rotisserie chicken to eat. Tyler (cleaning the fridge) asks if he should theow away the cheese cake. JC says do not throw the cheesecake. JC asks if they watch documentaries? JC mentions one called “How to Die in Oregon”. He says he is not a cryer but that ruined his day. He says that is the only state where u can end your own life. Angela asks if u had a terminal disease & it would be painful would u ride it out or take your life? JC says after seeing his grandfather die of cancer and be miserable and in pain for 2 years it changed his mind. Angela says she would have a “dying” party, get drunk and then take a pill that would end her life before she went to sleep. 2:43 pm BBT. Kaycee walks by the KT and says I hope we get our clothes back soon. She says she is gonna shower and heads to the WA. Angela says they told them they wouldn’t get their clothes before the eviction. 2:47 pm BBT. Tyler says they have a lot of bars. JC says all this healthy stuff at the end, if we could’ve had this 3 weeks ago I would’ve been happy. JC says we have nuts, bars, banana chips. He says he asked for plantain chips not these. Tyler says u are bougie! JC what do u mean boo-she? Angela says don’t they taste rhe same? JC says no these (banana chips) are sweet, plantains have like no sugar. Tyler says to JC eat this with me, this is my favorite candy bar. JC says I don’t normally eat this. Tyler says I don’t either. JC says but u have a favorite, I don’t. JC says he doesn't even have a box of cereal in his house ever. JC alternates between singing “Meant to be” and “the real Tyler”. 2:54 pm BBT. Tyler says oh s**t and goes into the SR to get the fish food. JC comes In and says eveeyone who as des the dish after Sxottie left has gone home. Tyler says u wanna feed them? JC says are u superstitious? Tyler says no. As Tyler gets close to the fish tank, JC says look how smart they are, they know u r coming with food.
  9. 2:03 pm BBT. Kaycee is still in the SR ironing. Tyler and Angela in the BBR, they haven’t said anything the last couple minutes. Angela says she hates this. Tyler says it’s goona be ok and everything happens for a reason. Feeds cut to reels for a few seconds and then came back. 2:08 pm BBT. Tyler and Angela laying in the BBR, not much talking. U can hear someone’s heart beating into the microphone. Tyler says look at me. He kisses her. She tried to put a pillow up to block the cameras but the overhead camera is on them. She says the cameras. He says who cares about the cameras. He says I love u. She says I love you too & my stomach loves u too (her stomach growled). 2:11 pm BBT. Kaycee jumps in between them and hugs them and strokes each of their backs. They all say they love wach other. Tyler says it’s a game. Kaycee says everything is gonna be ok guys. She gets up and leaves. Tyler says I know u have a heart and Zingbot know now too. 2:19 pm BBT. Tyler is burying Angela in blankets and Pillows. JC and Kaycee are both in the BBR now too. They all say does anyone know where Angela is?
  10. 1:58 pm BBT. Kaycee is ironing in the SR. Angela and Tyler are in the BBR talking. Tyler asks if she is gonna go first. She says she is gonna say she understands this is the hardest decision she has had to make in the game and she is sitting next to her 3 best friends and the 4 of them are bonded for life and she’ll love her no matter what. Angela asks should I go first. Tyler says he isn’t gonna straight up say it but say something that would give them the impression.
  11. 11:00 am BBT. Feeds are still on reels. We may already have feeds down until tomorrow night?
  12. 8:46 am BBT. Kaycee is up and goes into the WC. 8:52 am BBT. Sam is up and in the WA 8:53 am BBT. Kaycee comes out of the WC and heads back to bed. Sam is up for a few more min in the WA then in the KT before heading back to her saucer in the HNR. Lights are off again in the house. 9:01 am BBT. Feeds went to old BB episodes.
  13. 2:45 pm BBT. Angela and Tyler in HOH bed. Kaycee sitting alone in KT. 2:51 pm BBT. Kaycee alone and silent in the KT. Angela and Tyler in the HOH bed. Tyler says they are gonna be so shocked when we tell them. Angela says u think so? He says they’ll be shocked but say I knew it. Angela says I think they know but we play it off so well they constantly second guess themselves. Tyler says they have no proof. Tyler says so sneaky, it’s fun. They both say “we’re good”. Tyler says Haleigh said she heard us.
  14. 2:17 pm BBT. Feeds are still down. 2:20 pm BBT. Feeds are back. Sam is in the WA. Everyone else is in the KT. JC says u think they were dixing equipment, maintenance? That’s all it could be. (Sam noticed something wrong with a camera in the HNR so maybe they fixed that?). Just general talk. 2:30 pm BBT. JC, Tyler, Angela and Kaycee in the KT. General cit chat. Sam is alone in the WA grooming.
  15. 12:21 pm BBT. In the KT, Sam is doing dishes. Kaycee comes up behind her and gives her a hug and massages her shoulders. She says she loves her. Sam says she loves her too. Kaycee says she’s going to the DR. 12:40 pm BBT. Sam and Tyler in the WA. He asks if she is all right. She says uh huh (she is brushing her teerh). Then says she wants to leave on a positive note if she is leaving. She says that has been her advice to everyone. She says she is not meant to understand wverything. She says God has a plan and if she is meant to leave now she’ll leave. She says I’m not gonna pester everybody. She says I’m not gonna beg, plead or offer bcuz I have nothing to offer. Tyler says I love u no matter what. She says back at u. He says we’ll talk more. Sam says she has nothing bad to say about JC. Sam says the people who she would’ve chosen arw still there with her and that’s good. She says she was disappointed in herself in the veto comp. she is proud of herself for quitting smoking. 12:50 pm BBT. In the HOHR, Kaycee and Angela are saying why a lockdown, something is happening. BB calls all the HGs to report to the HOHR for a lockdown. Tyler comes in the room, followed by Sam. Sam says I was just about to get into the shower. JC finally comes into the room. JC says do u know what the hell is going on? We have reels now.