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  1. 12:14 pm BBT. Scottie is telling Kaitlyn his left hand is completely numb. She says that’ms bcuz u were open to receiving and u got something out of it and it’ll come back and not to worry. She says I do this every day.
  2. 10:59 am BBT. Kaitlyn, Rockstar and Winston talking in the LR and Faysal is climbing the rock wall and wearimg very tight white leggings or something. JC and Bayleigh talking in the PBR while each laying in a bed inder the covers. General talk. Kaitlyn says she loves LA and never wants to leave. They are discussing how every restaurant there has a patio. 11:02 am BBT. Brett and Sam whispering in the HN room. They are talking about vote flipping and who says who did it. Sam says everyone is voting for Brett to stay. Kaitlyn and Winston talking how his dog has calmed down and Kaitlyn asks if he would ever get another dog. He said for sure. Winston leaves. Faysal is doing plank exercises. Kaitlyn tells Rachel how doing her certification for her job she realized if she doesn’t get enough validation she gets upset (big news here). Brett asks Sam to keep him updated (I think they talked about Sam’s power ?). Brett says there has to be a way to make the HN room more comfy. WBRB. Kaitlyn, Rachel, Scottie, Tyler, Angela and Rockstar all sitting in KT. WBRB. 11:22 am BBT. Brett tells the LR crew the coldest he ever went skiing it was 20 below. 11:25 am BBT. Rockstar in PBR with JC, Bayleigh and someone else. Everyone but Rockstar is in bed under covers so I can’t see the 3rd person’s face. Rockstar says there is nothing to do. She is describing the shapes her creamer is making in her coffee. She starts talking about when she discovered festivals. General chat between Faysal and the bros in the LR. 11:29 am BBT. WBRB (we keep getting that every few min or so). When it comes back just general talk in LR and PBR. 11:32 am BBT. Tyler is laying in the bathroom and Sam is shaving his face. Tyler saying he wasn’t gonna let people touch his hair. Sam asks at what point did he realize people were treating him differently bcuz of his incredible hair. He says he made a $100 bet with a friend that he wouldn’t cut it for 5 years. He says in Aug, it’ll be 2 years. WBRB. 11:39 am BBT. Rachel has joined the LR crew of Faysal and the bros. Kaitlyn and Scottie on couch outside HOHR. She has Scottie put oils on his wrist and then put his hands to face and breathe in. 11:42 am BBT. Kaitlyn and Scottie move into the HOHR. Scottie sits in bed and Kaitlyn continues to show him where to put the oils, them they meditate. 11:45 am BBT. Brett is laying on LR couch with his head in Rachel’s lap. She rubs his very low back. 11:51 am BBT. Scottie still meditating. Kaitlyn lays back in bed and meditates mouthing some words, then starts chanting...Faysal has joined them in HOHR. Rockstar comes in. The bros laying on LR couch. 11:54 am BBT. We keep flipping back between feeds and WBRB. 12:00 pm BBT. Meditating still going on in HOHR. Rachel is getting stuff on to climb rock wall. 12:06 pm BBT. Sam is tweezing Tyler’s eyebrows in the WA. Everyone is saying today is boring. 12:11 am BBT. Sam is Tyler the difference between her shaving your face (what she does) vs u doing it yourself. WBRB.
  3. 10:50 am BBT. Sam and Brett in the bathroom. Winston, Angela, Tyler and Kycee in the kitchen. General talk in both rooms. 10:52 am BBT. Tyler and Kaitlyn talking outside HOHR. Tyler wants Kaitlyn to understand his intentions are always clear with her. Tyler said in his head they’ll talk about stuff together and she won’t talk about to other people but then learns she is talking. He says his 1st instinct is to protect her. Kaitlyn says as mich as she reacted she has never felt more aligned in her truth. She says last night it was made bery clear to her. Tyler says he believes what she says there is a chance she inspiring people. She says she already feels like she’s won even though that sounds crazy. She says the highest good may not be her winning $500,000. WBRB. 11:00 am BBT. Scottie joins Kaitlyn and Tyler. They say he’ll get the snapchat glasses soon. They say this is a weird time for that. Scottie says some things have been happening. Scottie gets called to DR. Kaitlyn goes back to her whiney voice and it’s hard to hear everything she says. Tyler says he soesn’t know if he’s hopeless or what but it’s an unspoken understanding. There is some sunbathing going on in BY, no talk. 11:05 am BBT. Tyler tells Kaitlyn there is always a purpose to what he does and nothing is random. Tyler is sorry he wasn’t there for her yesterday. She says now that she’s explained it, she understands. Kaitlyn asks if what she said to him before freaks him out. He says yeah. She asks in a bad way? He says no. 11:09 am BBT. Scottie comes back upstairs with Kaitlyn and Tyler. Kaitlyn tells them you’re welcome pop tv after dark bcuz she exploded. Tyler says it won’t make the show. Kaitlyn says she was completely erratic and irrational but said she is inspiring girls to stand up for themselves. She saysshe doesn’t want to spaz about men bcuz Scottie, Tyler and Fessy are incredibly good men and if u are a woman watching this and u don’t hop on my friends right after this to date them there is something physically, emotionally, metaphysically literally wrong with u bcuz they are incredible men. She loves them and is obsessed with them, holy s**t! 11:13 am BBT. Scottie and Kaitlyn in the HOHR. He is trying to get the snapchat glasses to work so Kaitlyn can say this, Kaitlyn tells Scottie that she was the flip vote against Steve and she didn’t have a choice but without going into too much detail, someone was going to use their power and all the people who chose to evict Steve would’ve gone on the block. She tells him she still has the power and it can be used by this week. She says it was awful, she starts crying and saying she couldn’t look at him but she was saving them. She says then I win HOH and America is bugging out. She says she was upset, she didn’t want that power. She had the guilt that Steve went home. She didn’t do it for the other side, she did it to protect her friends. 11:19 am BBT. Kaitlyn asks if Scottie is freaking out. She says this is insane. (She is very dramatic here in telling Scottie this). She said the moment she had the feeling she couldn’t send Swaggy home, it was too late. She says it wasn’t ber place to say who had the power. She tells Scottie that Sam said when the s**t hits the fan, she would use the power to save her. Kaitlyn tells him he is the last lerson she is telling bcuz she didn’t think he would understand but she just wants them to alll move forward with authenticity. Kaitlyn keeps telling about the power but is not telling the correct info about the power. #BB20 11:25 am BBT. Kaitlyn says she feels intuitively that she is being received really well by the world. She justs wants to be authentic. She says I’m telling u now so we can restart this friendship. He says he had a feeling it was her but he never blamed her and wants to make sure they’re (Brett and Winston) gone. She says she’s had a lot of one on ones in the DR talking to Steve. She says they made me feel like I wanted it, but I did their f***ing dirty a** work. Scottie says that’s how they work and that’s why I put them up. Kaitlyn says this is the last week Sam could use it on me. Scottie says to your knowledge one of the bros doesn’t have a power? She says no. He says so they’ll be sitting pretty on the block all week which is exactly what I want. Scottie says in a cruel world if one of the bros has a power, he thought about putting Rachel up. Scottie says he’ll say in his speech that she’s a pawn and if anyone votes for that sleazebag to stay then he’ll come after them and he’s proved all week that he can do that. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Kaycee and Tyler whispering. Kaycee says “she” (Kaitlyn ?) is digging herself a big a** whole. Tyler says “she” has to go bit if she goes next week what if she comes right back in. 11:30 am BBT. Winston and Tyler whispering in the SR. Winston says “she” is very made at Brett and thinks “she” will convince everyone to vote Brett out and he feels bad for him. Winston says this is his get out of jail free card and he’s gonna win HOH. Winstons says he’s gonna lay back this week, shut up and chill. In the HOHR, Scottie asks Kaitlyn of one of them pulls themselves off and the pawn went home, could Sam use the power and put the other one right back up. Kaitlyn says I don’t think so but should I ask? Scottie says don’t dig too much cuz she’ll worry. Scottie says if we could do that it would be perfect. He says then we would still have 2 powers to figure out. Kaitlyn says JC has one, she knows it. Scottie says so we have 1 to figure out. Scottie says he tried so hard to get it. Kaitlyn’s says what else could I have done.? She asks if Scottie is mad at her? He says no. 11:33 am BBT. Tyler putting sunscreen on Rockstar’s back. He says he needs to apologize about the rumores being spread about her and that he believes them. She says that’s all right. In the HOHR, Kaitlyn says the lower is crazy. She says Sam said when she picked her power there were 4 icons and the others were smaller so it was like they wanted her to pick that one. He asks what the other power pictures were. Kaitlyn says one was a cloud, they think like u could go to the top, be HOH... Scottie says people are seeing this week that he is pretty blunt and cuts to the chase.
  4. 4:00 pm BBT. Feeds are still on reruns for while the veto comp is being played.
  5. 3:30 pm BBT. Feeds are still down for the veto comp.
  6. 3:02 pm BBT. Feeds are still down for the veto comp.
  7. #BB20 12:05 pm BBT. Brett and Winston decide to play Jenga. When they get in the room the wall says “save the boos”. They say they don’t like their side.
  8. 12:00 pm BBT. Winston tells Brett the rumor is if one of them gets off the block then Scottie will put up one of their friends. Brett says we’ll deal with everything after the veto.
  9. 11:58 am BBT. Brett says he can pick up where he left off or he’ll take any opportunity that comes up and move to LA. They all get up for a water break.
  10. 11:55 am BBT. Angela is blowdrying Scottie’s hair into a mohawk. JC says he’ll leave this house with no apartment or anything. Winston says his sister has his dog and all his stuff is in storage.
  11. 11:50 am BBT. Faysal has joined the HOHR crew. They think the comp may be something where they get messy. Sam and Kaycee in the bathroom. Sam is blowdrying her hair. Kaycee leaves, her and Angela join the HOHR crew. Brett, Winston and JC talking in BBR. General chat.
  12. 11:42 am BBT. Sam, Winston and Kaycee whispering in bathroom. They’re talking about using Sam’s power possibly this week. Winston says Scottie has been lying but is playing a good game bcuz everyone is buying his bull. Winston says everybody has forgotten about last week. Winston says he’s gotta win or he may be going home. Winston says Scottie played him, was all friendly at 3 am then blindsided him. Scottie told Winston he couldn’t beat him. Winston says he may tell Faysal and all of them that scottie voted for him if he has to he that in his back pocket. Winston says it’ll be interesting. He wants to do good in 1 competition.
  13. 11:17 am BBT. Scottie and Angela talking in HOHR. Scottie says he was convinced he’s be the 1st HG eliminated. Brett, JC and winston talking in BBR. Angela gets called to the DR. 11:27 am BBT. Kaitlyn, Scottie, Bayleigh, Rockstar, Tyler and Haleigh in HOHR. General talk, waiting for the veto comp.
  14. 11:00 am BBT. Kaitlyn still giving Scottie a face massage. Tyler and Kaycee still going over scenarios of Sam using her power this week or not. If Sam uses it this week she has control over it. Next week she may not have control over who gets the chance to come back in, unless someone from their side is up again. 11:06 am BBT. Tyler and Kaycee leave the lounge. Bayleigh and Angela getting ready in bathroom. Rockstar is sitting in there watching. Winston and JC talking in BBR. General chat. Angela comes in and lays down. Scottie informs Kaitlym that there are podcasts about BB. Kaitlyn telling Scottie and the live feeders about good podcasts and books about detox and spiritual stuff... 11:08 am BBT. Angela and Kaycee in SR. Kaycee saying Tyler and Rachel with throw the veto to the boys. Kaycee thinks if Rachel wins kne of them would go up. Angela says Scottie promised them safety. Kaycee says Sam may need to use her power this week or it gets used automatically next week. Kaycee hopes one of the bros wins and Kaitlyn goes up bcuz she put up Scottie’s friend Swaggy. They think they have a better chance of winning HOH next week rather than having the power used automatically. Kaycee says it was Faysal’s idea to put the bros up. She says he told Scottie they had to carry out Swaggy’s wishes. 11:14 am BBT. WBRB. 11:15 am BBT. JC and Winston talking in BBR.