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  1. Big Brother Tv

    Are the live feeds going to be on at the same time as the feeds they will be showing on showtime?
  2. Veto-Week 10

    is the veto comp going to be endurance?
  3. Realplayer - Help/Discussion Thread

    I have mine hooked to my TV, its S-video to S-video. I noticed that if you have the live feeds going when you try to switch from PC to TV it won't let me. So try switching first then turn on the feeds.
  4. Tuesday Nights Show (August 22nd)

    Please fill me in on what it means when they scream it.
  5. Next HOH

    you guys think it will be endurance?
  6. Mike "Boogie"

    Did anyone see Mike piss in a bottle?
  7. Why was boogie yelling just now? He also rang the bell? any ideas?
  8. The thing is...

    I don't know about you guys, but I am getting tired of hearing people say that. Just had to share.
  9. Twist Possibilities

    I think this would be cool if they had another endurance comp but the twist would be the first one out wins HoH. You still let them think the one who stays the longest wins but when there is just one left you tell them the twist.
  10. James

    Is James playing the BB6 alliance but really wants to vote out Janie?
  11. Abbreviation/Sayings

    FotH Fire of the House. When we don't get to see something live, they transmit a shot of the fireplace or flames. In previous seasons, they showed the "Front of the House" and in BB6, the " Fish of the House." If I recall correctly, they showed Fish in BB5 also.
  12. SLOP - What is it?

    what is salsa soup?
  13. Mike (Boogie)

    hes not on slop.
  14. Viewers Choice

    my guess would be since its called a "wake" up call then they have to asleep. lol