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  1. Addy08

    General discussion

    The care pkg vote has been reset to take Alex off the list. Votes made early in the day won't count. Vote again if you want yours to count! Sorry if you guys already know and this is old news.
  2. I love the Jamboree but am sick of the shomance. I'm voting for Morgan to be the 3rd nom. I'm hoping Scott can get his backdoor for one of them. For most polls, she is running 2nd with Danielle far in the lead. I think Morgan is the only one whose numbers could rise enough to catch up with Danielle's. That's my food for thought anyway.
  3. Addy08

    Big Brother General Discussion

    I'm voting Vic for ACP. Im not sure who I want to win but I'm sure I want Nicole/Cory to lose. He can't play in hoh but Paul can and Vic winning keeps Paul safe also. It will keep Michelle from going back to Nicole if she decided to.
  4. Addy08

    Big Brother General Discussion

    I agree. I don't know if this group would even think of it tho.
  5. Addy08

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Yes yes and yes although Bridgette has been a little better lately. That may only be because she didnt have anyone to talk to until a couple of days ago.
  6. Addy08

    Big Brother General Discussion

    You didnt mention who tou think dows deserve it. None of them do in my opinion. This particular season for me hasn't been about which individual player I like or don't like. There hasn't been much to like. I can't stand Michelle but I hope she stays. I wouldn't vote Bridget for the care package because I'm a fan. It's because I'm not a fan of boring seasons. I'm not crazy about Natalie. I just happen to dislike her the least and I do like what she and Bridget have accomplished the past couple of days. They obviously have the least control in the house yet they were the ones who were able to convince Paul (who could have been quite set and his friendship with Paulie) got Michelle to stop crying and actually work to stay and last but not least made James see he needed to put up or shut up. Like James, I actually think Natalie is probably a really nice person outside of the house but yes she can be catty also, is a bit of a drama queen and I could not stand her stupid Victor drama. I don't think Natalie is an angel but compared to all the other stupidity from the women in this house she sort of wins by default. I also agree that she could have told these secrets before now but I don't even have a problem with that because I also think that was strategy. I don't think it was for petty girly reasons to get attention tho. She and Bridget knew James was wavering and she's been insightful enough lately to see James was just going to wait for his turn to leave. I think telling James about the Paulie flirting was simply to light a fire under his ass. If the desire to win this game wouldn't get James motivated, maybe jealousy or chivalry would. It worked. Bridgette, Victor, Paul or Michelle are the only care package possibilities that might keep the game exciting. I don't really like any of them Bridget is the only person this week ( if you go off popularity polls on a lot of sites) that I think will have more votes than Nicole. That might change after tonight if the flip happens but as of now l don't think Paul Victor or Michelle will have enough votes to beeat Nicole. I suppose I should have been more clear in my earlier post. At this point I don't care who wins as long as it isn't Paulie Nicole or James. ( if James actually plays to win from tonight moving forward I could possibly change my mind about him. He hasn't done anything in two seasons so it's going to take a little more than cancelling two votes to get me on board with him)
  7. Addy08

    Big Brother General Discussion

    ! Alot of hours left to chicken out but I hope not. I've noticed how all the house guests share their clothes with one another so it made perfect sense when Natalie chose to borrow James's balls since he obviously wasn't using them! I understand Nicole has a game to play but her trying to pump Paulie up to Z and make her feel good about that relationship when she knows (not all) but a lot of the horrible things he said about Z just felt kind of disgusting and kind of low even for BB standards. I'm voting Bridget this week for the care package because she and Natalie are probably going to be in some trouble during double eviction but I would really like Nicole to leave on double eviction since I think there's a good chance she could end up getting the 4th care package she's actually ranks fairly High a lot of sites polls. That way if she's already gone Paulie and Corey might not have enough votes to get one. That's my plan at this point anyone who finds an error with that way of thinking please feel free to let me know.
  8. Addy08

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Could something exciting actually be about to happen? I don't want to get my hopes up!
  9. Addy08

    Big Brother General Discussion

    It will take a miracle for James to do anything with ACP. I get being afraid to rock the Paulie the boat (if you are James or Paul) but James isn't totally stupid. He has to know the best he will get going down the path he's on is 4th-6th. You're still in jury if you finish 3rd or 9th so why not try to win and stop being led by someone else. I would rather see him try to shake things up and fail than just wait for his turn to leave. This path is failure...100%. Paul us a different situation. I think he really wants to go to the end with Paulie so I don't see him changing things at all. This season may be doomed for any chance of real back and forth game play. I predict: 1. Michelle will leave Thursday 2. Bridgette will have votes for next care pkg but will be gone during DE so since she's gone it will go to Nicole who will have the 2nd most votes. (She's very popular on some of the polls- ugh) 3. Alot of people who gave Natalie the first one to help her will finally realize that they only helped seal her fate. She has good insights but she has gained it too late for her to use it. I hate this care package twist. I don't like anyone whose left and just want to vote to screw up Nicole and Paulies game but that isn't even possible when they give it to them after someone is evicted. It's a very strange season when I realize I'm hoping one of my top 5 most disliked houseguests (michelle) in all of 18 seasons gets to stay this week! Lol
  10. Addy08

    Big Brother General Discussion

    I need someone to cheer for with this group and....I got nothing! I feel like I'm watching an R rated version of Saved by the Bell. The men in this house (I'm tired of hearing "boys" as if it's supposed to be cute) have said enough offensive things about women in the last 2 days alone that I could actually vomit! The FT crap and Paulies comments about Z have nothing to do with game. It's just mean. Although, I'm not taking up for this group of "women" who act as if they are in heat. Total pack mentality this year for men and women! Any ideas on who to wish for the win?? James - liked him last year (not as a player) as a person but the bb fan in me can't want him to win...not that he could anyway, he refuses to talk game with his closest person in the house??? Natalie-sweet girl and possibly a genuinely nice person but shes clueless and her Victor "breakup" drama was stupid and always bringing up boobs but saying the guys are doing it is old. Bridgette-foul mouth sweet person probably but she's getting passed around from Frank to Paul and Paulie liked the mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving.(total puppet) She will only help Paulie win at this point. Michelle-mean, childish and petty but if I'm choosing only on game...she still sucks. Can't root for anyone who actually said "so who does Paulie want out next?" Z-at least Nat has started to realize (sort of) what show she's on...when Z is evicted, she will just tell julie "I can't believe I didn't get a rose" Nicole-didn't mind her too bad on her season but this year she's so much worse. I won't even touch on the Jr high love struck bs. If her plan is to go to the end with a bunch of guys then I've got 2 words...Britney and Brigade. Ok 2 more... Dumb and Ass Paul-despised him, then thought maybe he was gonna take it down 100 notches and be likable and now back to can't stand him. His hoh was just like bridgette (total takeover) Corey-I actually think they should have 2 sizes of bumper cars but other than that, he isn't even worth commenting on. No game. Victor-didn't like him at first and then thought he may have a brain when he came back in saying he was after paulie. Sadly, he isn't buying his time, he's drank paulie kool-aid Paulie-he deserves to win only because I'm grading on a curve. He's turned into a total ass. He has no subtlety and a better group of players would have already sent him packing based on his being too pushy. ( does remind me of Derricka season in that way only) Derrick was alot smoother and I cant give Paulie credit for the other people being idiots. Da-well, she's basically already gone. See my dilemma?? What's a "girl" to do?
  11. Austin won POV. No details yet tho.
  12. Addy08

    What is Vanessa doing?

    Vanessa does want Austwins broken up. She just doesn't want to be the one doing it. That's what James and JMAC are for. Whoever splits them up better take Liz out first. That has the most game impact because Julia and a Austin arnt close at all. Taking out Julia doesn't weaken them in comps, only a vote Liz leaving first is the only way twins and a shomance breaks up at the same time.
  13. I want to say first that Vanessa is a jerk and I hope she loses. I thought I was going to like her in the beginning and that lasted for about a minute. I also truly believe my IQ has dropped listening to the twins talk this summer. I am not a violent person but I would love to use one twin like a club to beat the other with. I'm not a fan of them, Vanessa or Austin. Having said that, I understand why some should want Julia gone and break up those 3 this week but I don't think Vanessa is stupid for not pushing for it. Even if she isn't voting, she would be blamed for putting Julia in this position and risking her. She was hoh after all. Vanessa is smart to have someone else do it. (JMAC Steve James) she is gambling Austwins don't win hoh but she is after all a gambler and playing percentages. Julia sucks and probably won't win so that gives her a 50% chance with Jmac/Steve against Austin/Liz. It's more than 50 if you factor James in the mix. I kind of like James but he can be played fairly easily. She probably thinks she can turn James with "I know you hate me right now but there are 3 of them so be smart about your game, blah blah blah." If Austwins do win next, she doesn't feel she is the target and that would buy the guys (whoever is left) another week to target Austwins. I think it's less of a gamble for her this week than 3 ticked off jury votes that she has given "HER WORD" to. If Liz were on the block then that would be a different situation but Vanessa was never going to be able to rationalize that move as a pawn to them.
  14. Everyone is with Austwins secretly because they really have no choice at this point. They are paying for not breaking them up before. Since JohnnyMac and James weren't close (teaming up wasn't going to happeen) and everyone got on board to get rid of Vanessa (while not getting rid of Vanessa) it left everyone needing to group with Austwins just to have a group. I can't believe these 3 dingbats are running the show at this point. They arn't good gamers but this year, how good do you really need to be? Do you think James is buying in to deal he has with Austwins? I can't tell anymore. I hope you are right and he would break them up. It's my only hope for something exciting to happen.