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  1. The Voice (Season 13)

    Last night on The Voice, Season 13 battles set a new standard with the help of four of the biggest names in music, Rascal Flatts, Billy Ray Cyrus, Joe Jonas, and Kelly Rowland. Tonight, the artists must take it to the next level and one battle has our coaches seeing stars, leaving them itching for a steal. Night two of the battles starts right now! While our coaches head to their chairs, let’s meet the first battle pairing of the night, Davon Fleming vs Maharasyi. Jennifer has given them I’m Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston. Kelly and Jennifer notice that Davon knows the song so well he’s not leaving much room for Maharasyi so they give some tips on how to play off of each other. At their final rehearsal, Davon and Maharasyi and Jennifer gives a few last minute tips and Jennifer and Kelly demonstrate how to listen and blend together. Jennifer says they have pure voices and if they work together then this decision is going to be impossible. Davon and Maharasyi take the stage and Jennifer is telling them to work the mic and Miley loves Maharasyi’s outfit. Miley loved most the entertainment factor and how much they used the stage. She pushed for both of them and she’s equally a fan and it’s really up to Jennifer and what she sees moving forward. Adam says he can’t even look at Davon because he wanted him on his team and he said Maharasyi is wearing quite a dress. He’d have to go with Davon because he’s a force of nature. Blake says as much as they loved Davon, he was a four chair turn, but everything he did Maharasyi matched. Jennifer says Maharasyi looks like a star and she sounded amazing and she’s extremely proud. She says Davon showed so much joy and his love for Whitney and it makes her job harder and she’s so hard proud. Carson says the time has come, who is the winner of this battle? Jennifer says the winner of this battle…got to go with Davon. Let’s look at Adam’s battle pairing, Brandon Showell vs Hannah Mrozak. Adam has given them Cold Water by Major Lazer Featuring Justin Bieber and MO. Joe says Hannah is a fantastic singer, but she gets a little lost in the moment. Joe gives Brandon tips on phrasing and where to breathe. Adam gives tips on ad-libbing and making the song their own. Adam says this is going to be a tough choice and it’s going to come down to who he can’t look away from. Brandon and Hannah take the stage to perform. Blake congratulates both of them. He says every time he thought one would pull ahead, the other would step up. Blake would probably go with Hannah. Jennifer says it was such a good pairing and at times it sounded like the perfect duet. Jennifer would have to go with Brandon. Miley says she pushed for Brandon and didn’t for Hannah but now she can see her growth. She congratulates them both because it was amazing. Adam says he heard something special from the beginning in Hannah, but with Brandon he’s grown to love him a lot. What makes this decision difficult is they both did what they were supposed to do and it made it a dead even match. Carson says who is the winner of this battle? Adam says the winner of this battle is…Hannah. As the night continued our coaches were faced with more tough decisions. Team Adam pairing Dave Crosby vs Dylan Gerard sang Doctor My Eyes by Jackson Browne and he decided to keep Dylan. Team Blake pairing Esera Tuaolo vs Rebecca Brunner sang This I Promise You by *NSync and Blake decided to keep Esera. Team Miley pairing Chloe Kohanski vs Ilianna Viramontes sang I Am Woman and Miley kept Chloe. Let’s meet Blake’s last battle pairing, Dennis Drummond vs Mitchell Lee. Blake paired them because they are both Nashville guys, but they aren’t necessarily country. Blake gave them Mr. Jones by Counting Crows because it fits each of their styles. Rascal Flatts gives tips on harmonizing. Blake gives tips to Dennis on stage presence and Mitchell tips on diction. At their final rehearsal, Rascal Flatts says the day before Dennis was the quiet one in the corner, but today he looked like a rock star and they note Mitchell enunciated really well. Blake says they are both blowing him away and they both take direction very well. Blake says this is going to be one of his toughest decisions. Dennis and Mitchell are on the stage and are ready to perform. Jennifer says they are so captivating and amazing to watch and they sound so good. She wants to go to their concert whether it’s together or not and they are both stars and she doesn’t know who she’d go with, but she might have to ride with Mitchell. Miley says Mitchell’s voice is so pitch perfect and Dennis is so much fun to watch and it was more than just the vocals for her, it was his stage presence. She thinks she’d keep Mitchell because of the voice. Adam says they are both awesome and he turned for both of them. Adam says this is a tough one but Mitchell would probably be more in Blake’s wheel house but Dennis is so unique. Blake says dang Dennis, no one mentioned how tall you were, it was just about how entertaining he was and a great singer he was. Blake says Mitchell’s voice was clear and pitch perfect is voice is and it’s really exciting and heart breaking. This is the closest battle he has this season and it’s a testament to their hard work. Carson says tough decision Blake, but we have to know who the winner is. Blake says at the end of the day this is The Voice and the winner of the battle is Mitchell. Dennis is available to steal and Adam immediately hits his button before he can even say anything to Blake. Adam says he fought really hard for him in the blinds and it sucked he lost him, but not anymore. Monday and Tuesday, the bar is being raised. These are the final battles and the steal is about to get serious. It’s the epic double steal showdown you won’t want to miss!
  2. The Voice (Season 13)

    Tonight, the battle to win The Voice begins! Before they take the stage, they’ll be trained some of the biggest names in music. Blake recruited multi-platinum selling, award winning country music superstars Rascal Flatts. Helping team Jennifer, one of the founding members of Destiny’s Child, four time Grammy award winner, Kelly Rowland. Adam brought in lead vocalist of DNCE and former member of the Jonas Brothers, multi-platinum selling singer and actor, Joe Jonas. And Miley looked no further than her father, multi-platinum selling recording artist and actor, Billy Ray Cyrus. With coaching like this the artist’s will be unstoppable. Our coach’s decisions will be impossible and their steals more crucial. It all starts right now! Let’s check in with Jennifer and her advisor, Kelly Rowland. Let’s meet Jennifer’s first pairing, Lucas Holliday vs Meagan McNeal. Jennifer paired these two because they are both unique artist’s with an R&B feel. Jennifer has picked Bobby Brown’s My Prerogative because it’s funky, edgy, and it will help them shine that much more. Kelly can’t believe these two were one-chair turned. Kelly gives Meagan some staging tips. As the battle approaches, Lucas and Meagan get one more rehearsal with the band. Jennifer tells Lucas not to worry about what Meagan is doing and vice versa. She thinks they need to both pull it back and focus on their own parts and Kelly tells them not to climax in the middle of the song, but to take them home at the end. It’s the night of their performance and both artists are ready to take the stage. Lucas is not ready to go back to the store in Lansing and be a cashier for the rest of his life. Meagan wants to show her son no matter what obstacles or what you’ve been through, you can rise up and tackle what’s in front of you. Miley says Meagan owned it and her range was so amazing. That was a crowd pleaser. Miley says she saw the body rolls from Lucas and she knew he was an entertainer. She says getting to watch them perform was such a gift. Adam says what in the hell was that? He says 13 seasons deep and something like this happens and it’s what makes you realize why people love the show. Adam apologizes to Meagan because he didn’t know how awesome she was and Lucas, he’s a fan. Congrats to both of them. Blake says his sister used to play that song so loud in her room and that was as good as it could be. Jennifer says she is so proud of both of them. The way they came in and commanded the room and they got down. Jennifer says what she appreciates most if they were both true to who they are and that’s what makes it so difficult to make this decision. Carson says tough one coach. Jennifer says they are both so amazing. Carson says JHud who is the winner of this battle? Jennifer says the winner of this battle is…Lucas. This season Miley brought in her dad, country music icon Billy Ray Cyrus. Let’s meet Miley’s first battle pairing, Moriah Formica vs Shilo Gold. Miley chose American Woman by The Guess Who because she thinks it made sense for her all-female team and celebrating strong female characters. Miley wants to see if Shilo can handle pushing on a song like this. Billy says this could be the new female Brooks and Dunn. At their final rehearsal, Miley and Billy Ray give a few last minute tips with stage and staying confident. Billy Ray says this sounds to him like a battle where no one is going home. Moriah and Shilo are already on stage and ready to perform. Adam says Ladies! Adam says the fact Moriah isn’t on his team is dumb. He says she is unbelievable cool and different. Adam says Shilo did a great job, but he’d have to go with Moriah. Blake says great performance and they both brought elements that he appreciated. Blake says Moriah is a born rock star and Shilo is a born entertainer. Jennifer thinks Shilo did an amazing job owning it and making it her own, that was awesome. Jennifer says Moriah is like a 40-year old soul and she’d have to go with Moriah as well. Miley says Shilo has grown the most and she’s strengthened up her voice so much. Miley says she’s nervous to be around Moriah because she’s such a rock goddess. Carson says tough decision Miley, who is the winner of this battle. Miley says the winner of the battle is…Moriah. Let’s check in with Blake and his advisors, country music superstars with over 23 million albums sold, Rascal Flatts. Let’s meet Blake’s first battle pairing, Keisha Renee vs Noah Mac. Blake put them together because he really thinks they are the most powerful singers on his team. He gave them I’m So Lonesome I Could Try, the Elvis version because it’s country, it’s rock and they can make the song their own. Blake tells Rascal Flatts she wants to explore further into country music and Rascal Flatts would love to see it happen and they’d like to do a duet with her. Rascal Flatts tells Noah he’s an old soul and a different tone like Jerry Lee Lewis or Michael Buble. At their final rehearsal, Keisha and Noah impress Rascal Flatts. They say Keisha is one of the best singers they’ve heard in a long time, but Noah is really special and when he starts singing you forget he’s only 17-years old. They say it’s going to be a tough decision for Blake. Blake says Noah has shown the most improvement so far, but this is going to be a really tough decision. Blake says the person who delivers this song with a message and feeling will win the battle. Keisha and Noah take the stage. Jennifer says Noah’s voice is like an old soul and it’s very rare you can be that young and sing like that. Jennifer says Keisha’s voice is so flawlessly beautiful. She thinks they both come with something extremely special and she couldn’t pick between the two. Miley says Keisha came out with style and grace and she didn’t know Noah had all the low notes that were so solid. Miley thinks Keisha could win the show so that’s who she would pick. Adam says Keisha was bringing him to church but Noah was bringing him to a diner. Adam says there’s something about what they do that’s special and he couldn’t choose. He says it’s not like one was better than the other, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Blake says it’s always easier when there’s a battle round where one brings it and the other sucks, but these two gave it everything they had. He says artistically they are so different. He says there’s so much honesty that comes with Noah’s voice and Keisha can fly with her voice. Carson says Blake who is the winner of this battle. Blake says this sucks so bad for him. Blake says he just has to do it…the winner of this battle is Keisha. Carson reminds the coaches Noah is available to steal. He thanks Blake and he goes to give Blake a hug. Jennifer seems hesitant. Noah goes and gives Adam a hug and starts to walk off, but Jennifer hits her button and Noah is stunned. He gives Jennifer a hug. Carson says Noah doesn’t realize he was one step away. Jennifer says she noticed the care and compassion he had for the music and here at JHud productions, they appreciate that. Jennifer says she thinks Noah has a great pop star quality and he’s special. Jennifer’s next pairing is Chris Weaver vs Kathrina Feigh. Jennifer says these two are her powerhouses and she wants to see who will deliver the most memorable and powerful performance. Jennifer gave them Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. Jennifer says it exudes passion, power, everything they represent. Jennifer says if they don’t piece it together right, then they are going to crash and burn. At the final rehearsal, Kelly tells them too much is too much and they have to give the audience something and build to the climax. Jennifer says they are both so good, she doesn’t know who she’s going to pick. Chris and Kathrina are on stage and we are ready to let the battle begin. Miley says they have the biggest band behind them and it was almost acapella. Miley thinks Kathrina did an amazing job and Chris has a crazy voice and they set the standard of the battles. Adam says to go up against Chris is terrifying and Kathrina was right there with him and she didn’t let him overpower her. Adam says Chris is a force of nature that cannot be stopped. Blake says they are both incredible singers and they had control over the song. Blake says Kathrina had the song by the throat and Chris had the song by the throat and he was slapping it at the same time. Jennifer says it’s tough. Jennifer says Kathrina held her own and her voice is huge and she sold the moment. Jennifer says what they call Chris voice is a freight train and it is tough to battle against that and she’s proud of them both. Carson says Jennifer, who is the winner of this battle. Jennifer thinks everyone did what they were supposed to do. The winner of this battle is…Chris. Kathrina is available to steal and she feels like she already won. Blake hits his button and we have a steal! Blake says here at B Shelton productions they try not to let great talent get away from them. Let’s see Team Miley’s next pairing, Brooke Simpson vs Sophia Bollman. Miley paired them together because they are two of her biggest voices. Miley gave them You’re a Big Girl Now by Bob Dylan. Miley says this is going to be a little out of the box and it shows her where they can go creatively. Billy tells them to make it their own. Billy doesn’t envy Miley at all to make a decision between these two and he knows it’s going to be tough on Miley. Both artists, Brooke and Sophia are ready to take the stage and Miley gives some last minute advice to show what they can bring to Knock-outs. Adam says Sophia looks like a mini-Shakira but she did an incredible job. Adam says Brooke has all the power Sophia has but the next level of refinement. Adam says he’d go with Brooke, but Sophia is not to be trifled with. Jennifer says she didn’t even realize Sophia had a big presence and voice. Jennifer wishes Miley good luck. Blake says Brooke held the bar up there in the blind auditions and she held true to what they expected and Sophia stepped up to that level. Blake says he’d probably give it to Brooke too, if he had to. Miley says they made a Bob Dylan their song. Miley says Sophia has been so amazing and Brooke is such a superstar and she is so proud of both of them. When she pushed her red button at the blinds, she made a commitment to them and she’s there for them whenever they need her. Carson says time to make a decision, who is the winner of this battle. Miley says the winner of this battle is Brooke. Now we’ll meet Adam’s advisor, Joe Jonas. The first pairing for Team Adam is Adam Pearce vs Whitney Fenimore. Adam says they are his rock and rollers. Adam gave them Stop Dragging My Heart Around by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, one of the classic rock and roll duets made for artists like them. Joe thinks they are still finding their own version of the song and once they find their own lane, they’ll be great. Joe says he can’t pick a favorite between the two and they complement each other very well. At the final rehearsal, Joe advises Adam and Whitney to tell the story. Joe says Adam and Whitney floored him, they could tour the world right now and he’d go see the concert live any time. Adam says that was so good. Adam says Whitney has some edginess going on and Adam is a total stand-out and amazing. Adam says Whitney is a little superstar. He thought Adam was a front runner, but now the playing field is extremely equal. Adam and Whitney are on stage and are ready to perform. Blake says Adam has such a classic rock sounding voice and he’s not sure what direction Whitney is going musically, but that’s a good path. Blake would go with Whitney, but they both did great. Jennifer says Adam’s vocal presence couldn’t be missed and Whitney’s presence on stage is great, but she’d go with Adam. Miley says she doesn’t know what to say. She loves seeing Adam playing the guitar and she liked his hair flip and Whitney was stronger than she was in the blinds and she showed growth. Whitney thinks Adam would be fun to watch in the lives. Adam says he’s proud of them. He says this is tough because he might have leaned towards Adam in the beginning, but Whitney has really surprised him. Unfortunately, he’s fallen in love with both of them and he thinks they are 100% equal. Carson says Adam, who is the winner of this battle. Adam says the winner of this battle is…Adam. Whitney is available to steal. Whitney thanks Adam so much and Adam was amazing. Blake and Miley hit their buttons and we have a double steal. Miley says she turned for her before in the blinds and now it’s two for two and she thinks Adams should stay together and the Whitney and Miley can become something special. Blake says over here at BShel Productions he realizes that there is something truly special about her and they are Okies. Miley says she has Okie tattooed on her arm so she is Okie by association. Adam wants to help Whitney and he doesn’t think Miley has anything like Whitney and Blake is Blake and that’s cool too. Carson says Whitney, it’s up to you. Who’s your new coach. Whitney says Miley did turn for her and Blake is incredible, but she chooses…Miley. Tomorrow, the second night of battles brings heart-stopping performances that have the coach’s crushing. But when losing incredible talent becomes too painful, get ready for the most unexpected steal of the season.
  3. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    Previously on Survivor, at the Hero tribe Alan was aiming to take out a power couple. At the healer tribe, Joe and Cole went on the hunt for an idol. At the hustler tribe, Simone and Patrick were the clear targets. At tribal council, Patrick made a questionable remark, but in the end Simone was sent home. 16 are left, who will be voted out tonight? We’re at Day7 with the Hustlers and Ryan is wearing Simone’s clothes that she left behind. Patrick is also putting on a few items. Ryan and Patrick are talking about the girls and Ryan asks if he has a preference and Patrick says Ali to stay and Lauren is the next one to go. Ryan says Ali is the most relatable female on the tribe and she’s in the same age range. Ryan doesn’t think anyone has anything going on with Lauren. Ali and Lauren are talking while they are washing in the ocean and they are talking about trying to work together. Lauren tells us she feels like she’s on the outs because she’s having a hard time making sure she’s included. She’s a single-mom and everyone on her tribe is like high school buddies. Devon joins the girls and Lauren brings up Patrick’s comment from tribal council and she’s trying to place a target on his back. Ali says she doesn’t know what’s going on with Patrick because he just blurts out words, but if they get rid of him it weakens their tribe. Ali says Patrick doesn’t understand the social game is huge for Survivor, but right now she kind of needs him. At the Heroes beach, Chrissy and Ben are talking and they say everyone needs to work with them and they are in the prime position. Ben says they are driving the train, but moving forward they need to figure out the next target. Ben says Ashley is a hard worker and a lot of fun, so the better choices are JP and Alan. Alan and Ben were aligned from day one but he’s a hothead and a loose cannon and JP is walking around like he doesn’t know what’s going on, but he does fish. Alan is chopping coconuts but he’s had trouble with them. He tells us everyone can get them open but he’s been struggling with them. We see him chopping away trying to get a coconut open and he tells us this isn’t his element at all. He played in the NFL but cannot get a coconut open. He says it’s tough out here! Ashley says JP is becoming dreamier and dreamier as the days go on. Every time he comes out of the ocean with a different animal something goes on inside her. He’s becoming a provider and making himself useful and less and less like Alan as the days go by. Ashley says they can’t talk to each other though, because Alan went nuts on day two and called them some kind of power couple. So if Alan sees anything between her and JP he’ll go off again and she’s ready for him to go. Ashley is talking to Ben and she says JP has been fishing and Alan is getting coconuts and it’s like they are trying to make themselves valuable. Ashley says Alan makes his moves out loud and it doesn’t seem like a safe bet. Ben says neither is JP and he’s a puppy waiting to be led and Ashley says but he could be our puppy, we could train him. Ben says if anyone dangles a piece of meat in front of JP he could go the other way. Ben doesn’t fully trust Ashley at this point because she keeps pulling for JP to stay in the game and that makes him think maybe they are working together and a power couple on Survivor doesn’t work out good. At the Healers camp, Joe says everything is going great. They are the dominant tribe, everyone is on the same page about Mike being the first vote out because he has them believing Mike has an idol. He’s calm, cool, and collected right now, things couldn’t go better. The only thing is Cole knows he has the idol and he’s concerned about Cole’s relationship with Jessica. Jessica says the fishing experience is 100% bonding for her and Cole and they are really forming a connection. But in life outside of Survivor she moves like a slug when it comes to romance. She’s from a super religious background and she’s still a virgin. She says being a couple on Survivor is hard and dangerous. Cole asks if she’s enjoying herself and she says yeah, she’s having a blast. Cole guarantees Jessica that she’s safe. Jessica says she better be, he can’t get to the end without her and laughs. Cole tells Jessica that Joe has the hidden immunity idol. Cole is defining her as his dream girl and he wanted to share some information with her. Jessica says having that knowledge brings her so much happiness because secrets are powerful in the game. She’s elated. At the Hustlers tribe it’s morning and they are just milling about the camp. Patrick heads out into the forest and Ryan watches and he thinks Patrick is searching for the idol. He says it’s Survivor 101 not to search for idols in front of everyone. Patrick tells us he has idol fever and he’s not hiding that he’s looking for it and maybe that will come back and bite him. He works harder than the rest of his tribe members looking for an idol because that’s how he is in everyday life. Ali tries to explain to Patrick the social aspect and tells him people will wonder why he’s worried by looking for an idol. Patrick says Ali telling him to cool it is difficult because he just has to be him. Back at the Healers tribe, they are cooking and Mike is thanking them for cooking. Joe is saying the potatoes are raw and Desi says she’d eat it and he threw it off into the woods. Desi says that’s kind of off-putting. Roark says Joe is more than welcome to cook next time and he doesn’t know how people can eat raw food. Cole says Joe is rubbing people the wrong way and it bothers him that Joe has the idol and has all the power. Cole pitches to Jessica that if they should lose tonight maybe they should take Joe out. Cole says the idol is unpredictable especially in the wrong person’s hands. Cole tells Roark at camp about Joe having the idol and Jessica is upset. Cole pitches to split the votes if they lose and Roark is buying into the plan. Desi joins them and Cole makes his pitch to her and she notes that Joe complains a lot and Desi is ok with the plan. Jessica says she’s irritated that Cole ran off at the mouth and he lost a lot of power with her. The last thing they want is Joe to find out that they know because they could play the idol and then any of their heads could be on the chopping block. So maybe blind siding Joe is not the best strategy at this point. It’s time for the Immunity Challenge. Once again, immunity is back up for grabs. For today’s challenge, you’re going to race through a series of obstacles. You’ll then use sandbags to knock blocks off a ledge. You must then stack those blocks one on top of the other. First two tribes to finish win immunity and are safe from the vote. In addition, we’re playing for reward. The first tribe to finish gets a crate of chickens (4 of them, 1 rooster and 3 hens). The second tribe to finish gets a basket of a dozen eggs courtesy of the first place chickens. Healers are sitting out Mike. Survivors are all off maneuvering through their obstacles. All tribes are very close at the first check point and they start to maneuver the second obstacle. Heroes are up and over quickly and Ben starts throwing. Roark is the last Healer over and Devon is the last Hustler over. Cole is throwing for the Healer’s and Patrick is throwing for the Hustlers. JP takes over for Ben. Joe switches in for the Healers and Patrick is not switching out. Healers are the first tribe to get all their blocks off and they start collecting blocks. Heroes get their last block off and start collecting. Hustlers still have one left. Patrick is still throwing and his tribe is asking to switch. Heroes and Healers are all stacking. Patrick finally connects with his last piece and the Hustlers are collecting their blocks. They are climbing on each other to reach the top of the block tower. Joe tells the Healers something is not right, they are missing a block. The block is still on the mat so they have to grab it. Heroes got it and get back to their mat and they win immunity and reward. Jessica back up for the Healers and Hustlers are struggling to get Ryan up to stack. Healers win immunity and reward and the Hustlers are going to tribal council again. Joe asks Patrick what the feeling is 8 days in and they are going back to tribal with only 5 people. Patrick says it’s depressing knowing they are going back. Lauren says but we’re going and we have to do it. Lauren says Patrick didn’t want to stop and it was like a one-man show. Lauren has played centerfield for 25 years and she thinks everyone is over Patrick and how he cost them today. Back at the Hustler’s camp Patrick apologizes for not throwing fast enough. Patrick tells us he should have let someone sub in for him and he knows Lauren isn’t happy with him. He doesn’t think she’ll be able to change much. He apologizes again to the tribe and they all say he tried his hardest. Lauren goes down to rinse off and Patrick asks the tribe and Devon says Lauren wants Patrick but everyone else is going to vote her out. Patrick tells us everyone has his back but he doesn’t want her going around worrying. He goes to talk to her and help her enjoy herself here. He approaches her while she’s washing up and he says he feels terrible for not knocking those blocks down. Lauren says she kept offering to switch it. Lauren says she’s bummed out about losing today and she’d rather lose as a team than one person losing for everyone. Lauren says she knows Patrick is going to write her name down but she’s not going to sit around and do nothing. Lauren talks to Ali and they discuss the challenge. Ali says he’s a competitive person and he’s supposed to be strong in challenges, but they didn’t win and she doesn’t know if it’s an advantage to keep him around. Lauren then talks to Ryan about Patrick and Ryan goes to Devon and Devon says what matters is everyone is coming to them. Ryan says he and Devon are in a position where they dictate the vote and it’s a big decision for them. Ryan says they can get rid of Lauren tonight and just do the boys to the merge and Devon says he’d rather go to the merge with Lauren than Patrick. Devon says if they keep Lauren around they are more likely to lose the next challenge. Lauren feels like she’s done everything she can do but she’s a hustler for a reason. If it is her going home, she won’t go home without a fight. Jeff asks Lauren at what point do you stop talking about how well you get along and start owning the fact it just isn’t working right now? Lauren says today, that challenge should have been a win for them, but one of them took it and tried to win it by themselves. Jeff says Patrick, she could only be talking about you and Lauren says she is. Patrick says he can see where she is concerned with him not winning that and there’s a point where it could be his fault. Lauren says she agrees, he shouldn’t have taken the whole time himself. Patrick says it’s an adrenaline rush. Lauren says we either lose together or win together and today we didn’t lose together. Jeff asks Ali what her take was on the challenge. Ali says Patrick did make an executive decision, but she doesn’t know if that has to do with anything. Even if they had switched out, who knows if it would have taken even longer. Patrick asks if that gives him some comfort and he says yes, he tried his best that he won’t be held totally accountable. Lauren says Patrick just doesn’t play as a team like today, and he is constantly looking for an idol. Lauren says she hasn’t looked for the idol yet, but maybe they should all be looking for them. Lauren says tonight, one of them is going to be blindsided and Patrick says someone will be blindsided for sure. Jeff says Ryan, it’s kind of like you’re in a relationship and Ryan interrupts and says he’s never been in a relationship. You know somebody? Jeff says he was going to say it’s kind of like if you’re in a relationship and you go to therapy and the therapist says let’s talk and get things moving. Ryan says he does feel that way because every member of the group is thinking it’s a happy group and they aren’t a happy group and they aren’t a successful group either. Jeff says Devon, is it possible part of the problem of the group is just chemistry and he says yeah, that’s where his vote is kind of going tonight. Lauren says that’s where her vote is going to. Ryan says whenever the merge comes we have to be able to best discern which groups we can best fit into because we have nothing to offer at this point. Patrick says he thinks that’s something he can offer because he can comfort people. Jeff says Ali, that sounds like an honest statement and Ali says that’s what he thinks. But we’ve been here for eight days and he hasn’t been able to get along with Lauren. Patrick says he is taking criticism so he can learn from it and grow for the experience. Jeff says to Ryan is it too big of a stretch to say that moments like that between Lauren, Ali, and Patrick can flip a tribe? Ryan says tribal council has so much momentum and you can gain so much because you can come together as a group and say this is the moment we’re going to shine up this crappy little tricycle and try and sell it to the other tribes that have had success. Now they aren’t saying they are going to be used as pawns but they also understand they aren’t coming in as CEO’s, they might be mopping the floor at first, but they aren’t giving up. They are the only tribe who is going to have real unity and that’s something unique about them that the others won’t have. Time to vote! Jeff is going to tally the votes. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and wants to play it, now would be the time to do so. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Jeff reads the votes. First vote, Patrick. Lauren. Patrick. Third person voted out of Survivor, Patrick. Patrick just sits there and looks at the others for a minute. He says they are awful. Jeff snuffs the torch and Patrick gives them another last look before leaving. Jeff says well tribal is an end for somebody, but it also appears to be a rebirth for the rest of the tribe. Next time on Survivor…just when you think you’re on top, the game flips upside down! They drop their buffs and they are switching tribes!
  4. The Voice (Season 13)

    The final night of the blind auditions is here! Adam starts the night needed 2 artists to complete his team, while Blake, Jennifer, and Miley each need one. Our coach’s will fight hard for the perfect voice’s to complete their teams. And Miley is on the verge of making Voice history. After the final chair turns, stay tuned for a sneak peek at this season’s game changing battles. The final blind audition’s start right now! As our coaches head to their chairs, the final artists of the blind auditions look forward to their turns on The Voice stage. Our first artist is Kristi Hoopes from Parker, CO. She’s loved country music since she was little, but she puts her own hippie chick spin on it. After high school, she moved to Murfreesboro, TN to study music and be close to Nashville. Kristi takes the stage and sings Heaven, Heartache, and the Power of Love by Trisha Yearwood. The judges are listening closely and Blake hears heels clicking. Blake hits his button and Adam hits a few moments later. Jennifer turns toward the end. Kristi is a 3-chair turn. Miley says she is what Adam was looking forward. Adam says he thinks Kristi is brilliant and not a cookie cutter artist. He thinks she can win this thing. Jennifer says she heard the sass and she has a big voice and Jennifer knows a little about that too. She says Kristi could go outside the norm. Blake says none of the other coaches probably even knew who sang that song. Blake says he knows there are artists that are her hero and it opens up the door for all eras of country music and that’s what he does. Miley says who do you pick as your coach? Blake says come on Kristi, this is for real. Kristi says in her gut, in her heart, and her soul she needs to pick…Blake. She feels Blake can get her to where she wants to be. Blake says there is no doubt about it, he has the team to beat. Blake’s team is full! The next artist to take the stage is Michael Kight and he’s from Dublin, GA. His dad raised him on Motown and Elvis and Johnny Cash. He taught himself how to play Folsom Prison Blues and his dad says he is very gifted. He says you might think he’s a country singer, but he’s more of a soul, pop guy. He’s been following Maroon 5 since Songs About Jane. He’s been in Nashville the last few years. Michael takes the stage and sings Sugar by Maroon 5, but with his own spin. The judges listen closely and Miley says it’s good. Adam hits his button as Michael gets into the chorus. Jennifer is looking like she wants to hit her button, but she’s holding back. Jennifer tells Adam Michael almost had her. Michael is a 1-chair turn. Miley says she messed up. Adam says there was no chance he wasn’t going with him. Adam says he did a cool interesting take on the song. Michael says he’s extremely excited. With three spots left, let’s see if the next artist can fight his way onto a team. Jeremiah Miller from Fort Worth, TX. He was a wrestler and so was his dad in high school. He talks about his diet to make the weight for his team. After wrestling season was over, he was in a couple of different boy bands. His mom says of all the things she’s seen him do it seems music is in his soul and what he’s most passionate about. He just graduated from high school and The Voice is important for him because of where he is in life. Jeremiah steps up to the stage and sings Slow Hands by Niall Horner. Adam hits his button pretty quickly and then Jennifer follows a few moments later. Miley is dancing in her seat, as is Blake. Jeremiah is a 2-chair turn. Miley says she’s excited to see what Jeremiah’s coach does with his voice because she’d like to hear more grittiness in his tone. Jennifer says she just left The Voice UK and she won and Adam says he’s won The Voice USA many times. Adam says he’s going to be honest, there were some flaws but there are some raw qualities that he liked. Jennifer says he seems like a full package and she thinks he could be major. Miley says who do you pick as your coach? Jeremiah says the first song he ever learned was Won’t Go Home Without You and Adam gets excited. Jeremiah says but…I pick Jennifer. Jennifer’s team is full! Serina Rae is the next artist who will perform and she just finished high school and was going to join the navy until she got the call to perform on The Voice. She covers Selena’s songs and she performs at restaurants in Florida. Her father went through two tours in Vietnam and her brother is a Marine and has been away for 2-years and is about to deployed again. The song she’s going to sing in Spanish and English. Serina sings Stand By Me by Ben E. King. Miley thinks there are two people. Adam also thinks it’s two people. Serina does not get a chair turn. Miley says woah! Adam says I thought you were one person! Adam says it was cool and she has a strong voice. Miley says when she sang in her upper range she had a full voice, but struggled with the lower notes. Blake thought it was cool the way she went back and forth between the languages. With the blind auditions nearing the end, Adam and Miley are feeling the pressure to find the perfect artists to complete their teams. We see Austin Serrato who sang Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers, Raycee Jones who sang We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off by Jermaine Stewart, and Nik Singleton who sang Wide Open Spaces by The Dixie Chicks, none of whom got a chair turn. Let’s see if the next artist has what Adam and Miley are looking for. Megan Rose is from San Francisco, CA. She grew up on country music and listened to that all her life. She went to college close to home because she likes being close to her family. Right now she tries to get out and perform, but being a country artist in San Francisco is difficult. Megan takes the stage and sings Ode to Billy Joe by Bobby Gentry. Blake tells them it’s good. Miley listens and looks at Adam. Miley says she’s going and she hits her button and Adam presses at the same time. Megan got a 2-chair turn. Miley says please pick me and she goes up to give Megan a hug. Adam invites Megan down to sit in his chair. Miley says she’s on the verge of making HERstory on The Voice because she’s about to have the first all-girl team. Adam says that means you have to compete with 11 other females and Miley says that’s powerful. Adam says as a coach, he wants Megan to be comfortable. Adam says her decision should be based on who will be the better coach for her. Jennifer says it would be so powerful to see an all-female team. Miley says she didn’t come here to do that, but she just followed the yellow brick road to Oz. Megan returns to the stage and Jennifer says it’s time for her to pick her coach. Megan says I pick…Miley. Miley says Megan is part of something so much bigger. Miley’s team is full! The final artist of the night is Gary Carpenter from Oswego, NY. He played baseball his entire life and he went to college to play baseball, but his grades suffered. He started singing in high school and his favorite show to do was Beauty and the Beast and he got to play Gaston. He does a lot of gigs at bars and restaurants and that’s where he met his fiance. His nerves are through the roof. Gary takes the stage and sings Home by Michael Buble. Adam turns and Gary gets emotional and his fiancé back stage is excited and crying. Miley starts peeking around the chair and Jennifer takes a peek too. Gary got the last chair turn. Adam says he did lose his mind when he turned, but he wanted to thank him because Gary gets to go home knowing he was the guy who he sat there waiting for driving everyone crazy. Adam’s team is full! Just when the artist’s thought making a team was hard, keeping their place on it will be a battle. Teammates must face off with a spot on their coach’s team at stake. To help our coaches prepare their artist’s for the fight of their lives, they invited country music superstars Rascall Flatts, Kelly Rowland, Joe Jonas, and Billy Ray Cyrus. The artists will have to dig deep if they hope to win or be stolen. The battles begin next week!
  5. The Voice (Season 13)

    Tonight, the final week of blind auditions begins. Jennifer begins the night with 9 artists, Miley has 8, while Adam and Blake each have 7. For the artist’s this is the chance of a lifetime. To fill their teams with the best voices in America, our coaches pull out all the stops. And one coach has a unique vision for her team. The final week of blind auditions starts right now! Let’s meet the first artist of the night, Chloe Kohanski from Juliet, Tn. She tells us her genre is psyche rock, like a 70s kind of vibe and she’s a huge Miley fan. No one in her immediate or extended family sings or is musical in any way. She has been working in a coffee shop and that’s how she makes ends meet. She’s excited for this opportunity and she really wants to make her parents proud. Chloe takes the stage and sings The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. The judges are bobbing their heads and Blake is singing along. Miley and Blake both hit their buttons as Chloe finishes the first chorus and Jennifer follows a moment later. Chloe is a 3-chair turn. Blake says that’s a Fleetwood Mac song and is she set on going down the rock path and Chloe says yes. Blake says he loved the lower register she has and his favorite was when her voice started to open that made her sound so unique. He’d love to have her on his team. Jennifer says her vibe was so cool and she seen a superstar and sass. Blake says Jennifer and Chloe would be too much sassiness. Miley says her dad had her riding around listening to Stevie and she aspired to be like Stevie and she can tell Chloe knows who she is and that’s what Miley specializes in. Blake says he thinks she can be in the finale and Jennifer says I think that too. Adam says Chloe it’s time to make your choice. Chloe thanks them and says they all don’t know how much what they said means to her but…she’s obsessed with Miley so she’s going to go with Miley. The next artist is tiny, she’s 4’11 and her name is Olivia Kay and she’s from Edmond, OK. She’s 13-years old and she just graduated eighth grade. She has a twin brother, Owen and he says Olivia is 60 second more mature than she is. She always leans more toward soulful songs and she’s been singing since she was 7. She sang the National Anthem the year Blake was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and she has a picture with him. Olivia heads up to the stage and she sings Ghost by Ella Henderson. She seems a little flat at the beginning and the judges are listening carefully. The judges all look at each other and no one turns. Miley gets up and gives her the biggest high five. Adam says this is a crazy time in her life to be doing this and he’s telling her not to stop doing this. Jennifer says she has a mature voice and once she figures out how to use it, no one will be able to touch her. Blake tells her she just needs to be able to control it and he tells her in another year she’ll be so much better. Olivia asks Blake to sign her picture. The next artist is very tall, he’s 6’8 and his name is Dennis Drummond from Nashville, TN. He says ceiling fans are an enemy, he doesn’t play basketball, and the weather up there is fine. He is originally from Ohio and his dad was a steel worker. He got his first guitar when he was 7 and he was in a blues band when he was 15. He’s been playing back-up for Adam Wakefield, who was the runner-up on season 10 and was on Team Blake. He’s ready to take this experience and grow from it. He says having Adam as a coach would be great because he loves his range. Dennis is on stage and sings She Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes. Adam hits his button very quickly. Jennifer is listening very closely. Blake looks deep in thought and he eventually hits his button. Dennis got a 2-chair turn. Adam asks Blake if he knows what band that song was by and he responds correctly. Jennifer likes his speaking voice and she would have loved to hear some of those textures in the song. Adam says he sang this song his way and he was excited until that nitwit turned around. Dennis tells them he plays for Adam Wakefield. Blake says he knows he’s a Nashville guy and it’s an interesting town because there are all kinds of genres there. He says let’s find the right songs and win this thing. Adam says he’s a guitar player and he shouldn’t forget that when he makes his choice. Miley says he looks undecided and Dennis says his mom is a Blake Shelton fan but he’s a huge Maroon 5 fan. Miley says Blake you might be toast. Dennis thanks them for the kind words they said but he has to go with his gut and he picks…Blake. The next artist is Ignatious Carmouche from Opelousas, LA. He is The Voice season 12 winner. Because he won the competition he got to fly out to LA and meet Adam Levine and he was invited to the blind auditions. He grew up in the church and was shy and would sing with his back to the congregation. He loves all kinds of music and he believes The Voice can be a stepping stone to where he wants to be as an artist. Ignatious takes the stage and sings Latch by Disclosure. The coaches are all listening intently and the crowd seems to enjoy it. Ignatious has gotten Jennifer’s attention and she starts to hit her button but stops. Miley says that’s beautiful. Jennifer final hits her button. Blake hits a minute later. Ignatious is a 2-chair turn. Adam recognizes him and says he can’t believe that’s Ignatious. He goes up to hug him and explains to the coaches who he is. Jennifer says he almost sounds like a saxophone with words and she is speechless. Blake says when he’s singing full voice, it’s incredible. But when he switches into that clear falsetto it’s effortless. He says what an incredible journey it would be for Ignatious to win the snapchat contest, to getting a chair to turn on the blind auditions, to being on the finale and winning. Adam is backing Jennifer. Jennifer says her whole career has been driven by passion and she’s passionate about him. Adam says Ignatious, who do you pick as your coach. He says this is a hard decision, he’s definitely a fan of all of them, but…he picks Jennifer. Let’s see if our next artist, Rebecca Brunner from Mason, MI. can make her music dreams a reality. She’s been singing since she was 5 and she knew as soon as she graduated high school she wanted to pursue music. She lives in Chicago, IL and she’s a nanny because music doesn’t pay the bills. She works on her music at night and does anything she can to pursue her dream. She’s going to pour her heart on the stage. Rebecca steps up and sings Believer by Imagine Dragons. The judges are listening. They coaches all look at each other. Blake looks like he wants to his button and hits it at the very last second. Rebecca is a 1-chair turn. Blake says what Rebecca just did was hard. He says the timing of her voice, the pitch, the power, he just wanted to wait and see what the others were going to do because he didn’t want to get screwed on this one. Blake says Rebecca you’re stuck with me and says she loves country and she’s excited to be on his team. Brandon Brown is the next artist and he is from Bronx, NY and he’s a violin teacher. He says he struggled in school and never felt like he fit in until he picked up the violin. His mom says he would try to find complicated pieces to play. He says The Voice is the only show that gives him the chance to work with four superstars and he’d like to work with Jennifer. Brandon hits the stage and sings Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles. Adam hits his button very quickly. Jennifer is dancing in her seat. Blake finally hits his button and turns and Jennifer turns a moment later. Brandon is a 3-chair turn. Adam says it’s a lost art to sing a song like that with subtlety and nuance and soul. He says there is something old school to sing that way and it’s tough to sing that song because they think of Ray Charles. Blake says he hears a little Willie Nelson and Adam says he’s lost his mind. Jennifer says she heard Donny Hathaway and Brandon says he loves Donny. Jennifer says Adam and Blake do the same thing every year and we see pictures of Adam laying across and begging and Blake pointing at himself. Jennifer says that style of music doesn’t really have a platform today. Jennifer says that sound is special. Adam says he’s really passionate, doesn’t he want leadership because he was the first to turn around. Blake wants to say one thing and he starts to point to himself. Miley says ok, Brandon, who do you pick as your coach. Brandon looks to his family and he says he…picks…Adam. Jennifer is shocked. Adam says Brandon is a timeless singer. Let’s meet the next artist. Nathan Graham is the next artist from Chicago, IL. Every time he’s out people think he’s James Harden and he gets stopped and asked for pictures. He’s a wine taster at a restaurant. He’s played guitar for 14 years and he’s playing in a blues rock band and teaching at the School of Rock. He likes The Voice because it’s not about how you look. Nathan is ready to perform and he sings Nobody to Blame by Chris Stapleton. The judges are bob their heads and listen and they all look at each other. Nathan does not get a chair to turn. Blake says this sucks. He appreciated the gravelly sound of his voice but it overtook some of the vocals. Miley says he has a modern, Bohemian take on country music. Adam tells him to keep at it. Our next performer is Whitney Fenimore from Tulsa, OK. She grew up singing in the church and she played in different Christian music bands, but she decided she wanted to reach more than just that group of people. She moved out to LA and she’s played a lot of shows and you don’t know if you’re going anywhere. She started to be overwhelmed and she had panic attacks and her dad came to take her back home. She’s so thankful for her family and friends and she started singing at a coffee shop. The Voice is the first big thing she’s done since she’s gotten better. Whitney is going to sing Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake featuring Majid Jordan. Jennifer is bobbing a little in her chair and singing along. Adam is looking at Miley and then reaches for his button with Miley right behind. Whitney is a 2-chair turn. Miley says her best friend is from Oklahoma and Adam says mine too. Miley says she’s the first one in Voice history to have an all-female team and she wants to keep that going. She thinks females sometimes get lost and are told they have to change themselves for the market. Adam talks about Christina Grimmie being the first to do that song and he says Whitney’s a great singer. Adam thinks there are some things she needs to work on, but they are minor. Miley says it’s that magic time and Adam says who do you pick as your coach. Whitney says it’s so hard because she respects both of their careers so much, but Adam, Songs about Jane, she picks Adam! Our next artist is Ilianna Viramontes from Brentwood, CA. Her dad was an FBI agent and that was hard, especially when she tried to date boys. Her family moved around a lot and it would be hard because just as she got comfortable, they moved again. Her only passion growing up was gymnastics. She started singing in her school choir her junior year and she got to perform at Carnegie Hall, but she’s never performed solo. As an artist, she sees herself as pop and she hopes the coaches hear the uniqueness in her voice. She missed graduation to be there. Ilianna takes the stage and sings New Soul by Yael Naim. The coaches are all dancing in their chairs. Miley is watching Jennifer and Blake. Miley reaches forward and hits her button and Blake hits his at virtually the same time. Ilianna is a 2-chair turn. Blake says he loved her voice and he’s not blind he could see how excited she was when Miley turned her chair. Blake thinks the way she was able to navigate that melody with perfect pitch was great and he could tell she was smiling. Miley says when Ilianna was singing she could hear some Patsy Cline or Tammy Wynette and they can try some different things. She would love to work with her. Adam says Ilianna, who do you pick as your coach? Blake says don’t fall for that crap! Ilianna says I pick…I pick Miley. Next we see a quick clip from Katrina Rose who sang Kozmic Blues by Janis Joplin who was picked up by Miley. The next artist is Natalie Stovall who sang If It Hadn’t Been For Love by Adele and was picked up by Blake. Finally, we had Ryan Scripps who sang Body Like a Back Road by Sam Hunt who was also picked up by Blake. The next artist is Meagan McNeal from Chicago, IL. She has a son named Maddox and he is the reason she never settles. She is pursuing her dream so she can show her son it’s never too late. This is the biggest opportunity she’s ever had and she’s going to give it everything she has. Meagan takes the stage and sings Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd. The coaches are all listening and Jennifer finally decides to hit her button. Meagan is a 1-chair turn. Miley says her voice was amazing. Adam says he loves her too. Blake loves the fact she took that song and changed it up and she needed to be on JHud’s team. Jennifer says she’s a firm believer in people being themselves. Jennifer says that shows how great of singer she is based on how she took that song and did that with it. Let’s meet the final artist of the night, Jon Mero from Atlanta, GA. He was a musical person growing up and when he was 14 he seen Whitney Houston in The Preacher’s Wife and it inspired him to want to sing. He was originally from Iowa and he moved to Atlanta about 6 years ago because it’s the Hollywood of the south. He’s in a band and they play a lot of weddings or parties. He’s a performer, but for The Voice he’s going to focus on singing. Jon is ready to perform and he sings Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars. Blake is the first to hit with Jennifer and Adam immediately behind. Miley is listening and looking at Adam. Miley uses her shoe to hit her button. Jon is a 4-chair turn. All four coaches are on their feet. Jennifer says Jon wasn’t coming to The Voice today, he was coming to his show. Adam says he has a tremendous voice and he thinks about Prince. He says it would be an honor to work with him because he could see this as a step on the never ending staircase of his career. Jennifer says we could tell you believed everything you sang and you are a star. She loves to see when people own their moment and she hopes they can make many more moments together. Blake says if he had done some of the moves Jon did he’d have hyperextended his knee. Blake says he wanted to hit his button for him because he is incredible. Miley says she doesn’t like to give up and she is a super dedicated coach. She was last to hit her button because she wanted to listen and she was inspired. Adam says he needs passion and fire. Adam thinks he’s the best coach. Miley says he can bring mom out. Adam says it’s time for Jon to pick his coach. The crowd is yelling and the coaches are saying come on. Jon picks…Adam Levine.
  6. The Voice (Season 13)

    It’s time to meet our first artist of the night, Anthony Alexander from Fontana, Ca. His first gigs were bars and restaurants. His family is supportive of him and his brother shoots his videos and his sister helps promotes him. His father used to work on The Voice behind the scenes and he’s proud Anthony is doing this on his own. Anthony says all the time he’s spent on the set with his dad he never got to meet the coaches and now he gets that opportunity. He really hopes Adam will turn but he thinks any coach would be good. Anthony is the first to hit the stage and he sings Redbone by Childish Gambino. Adam hits his button first. Jennifer follows along a minute later and then Miley also hits her button. Blake is listening and bobbing his head. Miley tells Jennifer he’s so good and Jennifer agrees he has a good voice. Miley tells Adam he’s so cool. Anthony is a 3-chair turn. Adam wants to know why Blake didn’t press his button. Blake says he heard so many different influences in Anthony’s voice and he didn’t want to be humiliated on this one. Jennifer says he’s adorable. Jennifer says he had some range and heard some maybe Prince in there in his voice. Jennifer says she’s extremely passionate about his talent and she wants to help him get there. Miley says he came out and was so professional and she wants to learn from him and help him get better. She wants to win this season. Adam says the diversity of his voice is very special and he thinks he can almost quietly win the show. Adam says he can help him with his falsetto. Adam truly believes this is it and he’s so unbelievably passionate to have Anthony on his team. Blake says Anthony, who do you pick as your coach? Anthony listens to the crowd and says he picks…he points around and says Adam. We’re back with the coaches whistling the tune to The Andy Griffith Show. The next artist is Sophia Bollman from Norco, Ca. She’s going to sing a Kelly Clarkson song because she relates to it. Her mom is there and says all of her hard work brought her to this point. She was in a classic rock band and played for different artists and Carson shows her a video from Gene Simmons wishing her luck. She just graduated high school and now she wants to pursue music full time. She’s ready to show what she can do. Sophia heads to the stage and she sings Invincible by Kelly Clarkson. Blake looks deep in thought as he listens. Miley keeps looking back and forth between Adam and Jennifer. Sophia hits a big note and the crowd cheers. She hits another big note as she’s getting close to finishing her song. Blake hits towards the end and Miley follows at the last second. Sophia got a 2-chair turn. Blake says she has an incredible pop soulful voice. He knows this isn’t his lane but he’s worked with artists like her and he thought she needed to be in the competition so he hit his button. Miley says she likes Sophia’s shoes. Miley thinks she has an amazing voice and she had moments that weren’t as strong. Miley says she has range and she thinks she could go far on the show and she’d like to be part of it. Jennifer says she does have a really big voice and asks who some of her favorite artists are and Sophia says Kelly Clarkson, Pink, and Miley. Sophia says Blake would be a cool dad and Blake says you’re probably my daughter. Adam says Sophia! Who do you pick as your dad…coach? Sophia says well…she goes with Miley. Miley says she has an all-girl team so far but if the right dude came around, she’s really unbiased. Next to the stage is Jessica Rowboat from Queens, NY. She was born in India and moved to America when she was 8. Her family came her for better opportunities. She was going to apply for a job when she was 16 and she learned her family was undocumented and she felt fear and like she didn’t belong. She met her husband and through her marriage they were able to sponsor her parents and make their dreams come true. Jessica sings Imagine by John Lennon while she plays the guitar. Miley says right away she has a cool voice. The coaches are all listening intently and Blake is bobbing his head. Miley says again that she sounds cool. Jessica is closing her song out and the judges all hesitate but no one turns. Miley says it was really pretty. Jennifer says it was beautiful and she could feel her heart in it. Miley says it’s so hard not to turn around because of the message of the song but she didn’t get to hear enough of her voice. Blake says she’s doing what she was born to do and make those moments happen. Adam says she should come back and do a song that’s a little more energetic. Adam has made a paper plane but it didn’t fly well. While Adam gets settled we’ll meet our next artist. Karli Webster is a music major from Santa Clarita, Ca. She likes hanging out around the music complex and listening to the music people create. She takes music courses as well as accounting so she gets the best of both worlds. She has won 8 state championships playing piano. Her mom raised her on all the 70s female song writers and has really influenced her path. She feels like this is her chance and where she’s supposed to be. She’d be honored to be on any of the coach’s teams. Karli takes the stage and sings You’re So Vain by Carly Simon. Adam and Miley immediately hit their buttons and Miley says she loves her voice. Miley tells Adam she’s going to go hard and Adam says he wants her. Karli gets a 2-chair turn and Miley and Adam are both standing. Miley and Adam argue over each standing up and they agree to sit at the same time. Adam says the spirit of Carly Simon was in her performance and she can go all the way. Miley asks why she picked that song and Karli says she was named after Carly Simon. Miley says the way she wants to revive 70s music and make it current is something she can help with and make a mark in HERstory. She would love to have Karli join her team because she is incredible. Adam says he has a lot of men on his team, but she has his favorite voice of anyone in the competition and losing the opportunity to work with her would be a huge loss for him. Jennifer says who do you want as your coach? Karli says this is crazy and says she picks…Miley. Miley apologizes to Adam but she’s making herstory. Karli says she picked Miley because she seems to understand where she’s going. Let’s see if Blake can get in the game with the next artist. We meet Stephan Marcellus from Englewood, NJ and he’s a soul artist. When he was in college he wanted to go into child therapy but he realized he wanted to impact people spiritually through music. He is really stepping out on faith and he’s determined to fly because this is what he wants to do. Stephan heads to the stage and sings Take Me To Church by Hozier. His nerves get the best of him at the beginning and he looks shaken as he missed the first note. Carson looks concerns as does his family. Jennifer leans forward and hits her button as Stephan recovers. Adam and Miley look at each other. Jennifer is writing down some notes in her notebook. No other coaches turn and Stephan is a 1-chair turn. Adam asks what his name and he asks what happened in the beginning and Stephan says he didn’t hear the right note. Adam says what’s crazy is something was going wrong and they all heard him find it and the next thing he knew Jennifer turned around. Jennifer says it was because she was in the same position before because she forgot the words to a song and just because of that doesn’t mean you can’t sing. Jennifer thinks with the right direction he can get there because he does have a great voice. Blake says Jennifer is your hero and she swooped down and saved you and welcome to The Voice. Let’s meet 24-year old Emily Luther from Woonsocket, RI. She’s the first musician in her family and she loves music and practicing. She fell in love with musical theater when she was 8 or 9. Her mom say Emily always liked being on stage, but she’s always been accident prone. After high school, she got accepted to Berkley College of Music and she made the decision to move out to Los Angeles. She has sung back-up for Dionne Warwick and she eventually signed a record deal but there was a negative side to it. They wanted her to change her hair and said her skin wasn’t perfect and her teeth weren’t perfect and she couldn’t get through so she moved back to Rhode Island. She’s been through the highs and lows and now she feels she’s ready for it. Emily is ready to perform on stage and she sings Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald. Blake says that’s good. The crowd seems to enjoy her and cheers and the judges are listening. Jennifer is bobbing back and forth in her seat. Blake raises his hand and brings it down on his button. Emily is coming to the end of the song and Jennifer says she’s going in and Adam hits his button. Jennifer then hits her button. Emily is a 3-chair turn. Adam says he was so mesmerized by what Emily was doing he almost forgot to hit his button. She has such a 60s, syrupy, jazzy tone and it’s such a cool approach to the show. Jennifer says she has a great balance of everything and it was very smooth. She heard some Barbara Streisand and she’d love that on her team because her voice is flexible. Blake says he really got into that performance and when she started singing he wanted a martini, and he doesn’t even drink martinis. He says no one has anyone like her on their team because she’s so unique. Adam says as far as he was concerned the room was filled with smoke and there were jazz guys behind her. He was visualizing it and working with her would be an amazing, unique opportunity and he needs her on his team. Blake says she’s badly need on HIS team. Miley says she has no idea where she’s going to go but it’s time for her to pick a coach. Emily hesitates and thinks and says…Team Adam. Adam says he finally prevailed and got some girl power and she is a whole different chapter of his team. Blake says today he got nobody on his team, but this is his 13th season and he can’t wait to see what happens.
  7. The Voice (Season 13)

    We begin the night with a message from The Voice. We are all profoundly shaken by the horrific tragedy that occurred last night in Las Vegas, which was especially heartbreaking knowing that people were gathered in celebration of life, love, and music. “The Voice” stands in unity with all those affected, and hopes the power of music will continue to inspire, comfort, and bring us together. Let’s meet our first artist of the night Adam Cunningham from Nashville, Tn. Adam sings in studios for demos to pitch songs to artist’s for a living. He says he’s fortunate to get to do what he loves to support his family. Adam takes the stage and sings Midnight Rider by The Allman Brothers Band. Blake hits his button pretty quickly and immediately gets on his feet. Jennifer and Adam are looking at each other and Adam begs Jennifer to hit her button. Jennifer gets to her feet and Miley is encouraging her to hit her button. Jennifer sits back down and hits on the last note. Adam got a 2-chair turn. Adam says he was thinking about it but he didn’t want to cry today but then he seen Jennifer turn and he was like, here we go. Miley says Adam could benefit from Jennifer because she’s full of soul and Blake might be the obvious choice but Jennifer did win the last season of The Voice UK. Jennifer says she can teach him something about soul which is something Blake can’t do. Blake says country music is the story of those of us who listen to music on the radio. He loves that he’s from Nashville. Jennifer says did you know I auditioned for a show like this? Adam says this should be interesting, who do you pick as your coach? Adam C. thanks Jennifer and he has a lot of respect for her, but he picks Blake for his coach. The next artist is Hannah Mrozak from Richfield, Wi. She’s done musicals and started a band when she was 13. She says she has a loving, supportive, energetic family and her brother is the one who pushed her to audition for the show. Last year, her brother Mason committed suicide. Her brother would want her to have the greatest time on stage and she knows this is just the beginning. Hannah takes the stage and sings Starving by Hailee Steinfeld. Blake seems to enjoy it and hits his button pretty quickly. Adam turns his chair right after and Jennifer follows along behind. Miley is listening carefully. Hannah is a 3-chair turn. Adam says she could be a really proficient singer and still not have tone, but she does. He says people adore this style of music and it’s been done wrong so many times, and when you hear someone do it right it’s so refreshing. He thinks she should make a smart decision and choose him as her coach. Jennifer says she’s a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice and she has the tools she needs to transcend into the music industry. Blake asks where she’s from and says he’s performed in Wisconsin. He says she seems like a back-up singer because she has such comfort on the stage and she seemed oblivious to the chaos going on. He’d be honored to have her on his team. Adam says his team is all male and she’d have a marquee position on his team. Jennifer says you should ask why he doesn’t have any females and you should beware of Blake because he called you a back-up singer. Miley says it’s time to pick your coach. Hannah thanks them all for turning around and seeing something in her, but she has to pick…Adam. While the coaches get settled again we’re going to meet the next artist Shilo Gold from Denver, Co. She went to a performing arts school and Berkley in Boston. She booked over 85 shows in 7 countries being her own manager and own booking agent and trying to connect with as many people as possible. Her journey has led her to The Voice and she’s a big fan of the coaches but if she got to pick, she’d pick Jennifer Hudson. Shilo takes the stage and sings Stay With Me Baby by Lorraine Ellison. The coaches all look at each other and listen intently. They keep hesitating and looking at each other. Shilo is finishing her song and Jennifer and Miley both hit at the very last second. Shilo got a 2-chair turn. Adam asks her if she thought it was over because they waited until the very last second. Blake says he thought aww, too bad but then oh, she’s in. He was shocked. Miley says she has Jennifer’s range and her rasp and if they could combine their voices, it might be her. Jennifer doesn’t think she’s ever heard a voice like hers because it’s so unique. Adam says Shilo, who do you pick as your coach? Shilo takes a minute and then picks…Miley. She says that was the hardest decision and she thinks Miley will be the best coach for her voice. Our next artist is Samantha Rios from Arlington, Va. She’s a first generation American and she likes to sing in English and Spanish. She thinks the song she’s going to sing is perfect for her because it has a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of soul. Samantha is ready to perform and she sings Something’s Got a Hold On Me by Etta James. Adam and Jennifer are bobbing their heads. Adam says he could hear a great voice but he was waiting for another gear and that’s why he didn’t connect with it. Jennifer says she didn’t tap into the low notes like she did the high notes. Jennifer says she has to sing those low notes too. Jennifer says she hopes Samantha takes their notes and comes back. She thinks it was just a matter of a different song. The next artist is Noah Mac from Dublin, Ca. He’s 17 and a few years ago he turned a shed in his back yard into a music studio and that’s where he spends most of his time. His music is influenced by soul, R&B, and gospel. His father says it’s like he’s made out of music. Noah says his parents first noticed his love of music when he asked to perform at his sister’s funeral. His mom says it took them out of their saddest moment for a second because his singing was so beautiful. Noah comes onto the stage and sings Way Down We Go by Kaleo. The crowd immediately likes it. Adam is bobbing his head and looking at the other coaches. Blake readjusts and looks down the line. Jennifer is listening closely and then hits her button as he hits a high note. Blake looks like he’s reluctant but hit his button. Noah is a 2-chair turn. Jennifer says he was so passionate and it came from his soul and she felt it. She says he was taking her on a journey and she felt like she was on a roller coaster. Blake says his voice is so powerful and when he got into the upper parts of the vocal his voice stayed round like they were in the lower vocal and that’s rare. Blake says a man that can sing at his own sister’s funeral can handle the pressure of The Voice. Adam says ok, Noah, it’s time. Who do you pick as your coach? Noah hesitates and looks around and says he’s going to have to pick…Blake. Next let’s meet Davon Fleming from Baltimore, Md. His love was music and church and he’s a worship leader and he works with a few choirs arranging music. His mom wanted to be a singer but when she had children her dreams got put on hold. He says it means a lot for him to be there because the coaches are grade A superstars. Davon steps up and begins to sing Me and Mrs. Jones. Jennifer hits her button immediately, followed by Miley, Adam, and then Blake. All four coaches have turned very quickly and they all get to see him perform. Jennifer has her shoe off and we see Carson and his family backstage with their shoes off and Jennifer finally throws her shoe. Davon is a 4-chair turn. Jennifer says Davon can sing and asks where he’s from. He answers and says Adam is standing up? Adam says if you don’t pick me I’ll sit down. Jennifer says she’s never seen the panel this speechless. Blake says he’ll be in the finale and Miley says 100%. Miley says she got to see his whole performance and it was inspiring. Jennifer asks who inspired him and he says his mom and Whitney Houston and Jennifer says her too! Jennifer says she started out just like him on a stage like this. Jennifer asks what his favorite Whitney song is and he says he grew up on The Bodyguard soundtrack and Miley says her godmother wrote the song I Will Always Love You. She says to her it’s a Dolly Parton song, to Jennifer it’s a Whitney song. Jennifer goes up and sings I Will Always Love You with him. Adam says he needs to say one thing, he says having a bond and a connection is great, but having someone who will help him achieve what he wants to is important and he shouldn’t be discounted as coach. Blake says if he wants to inspire the most amount of people he can inspire, that can come with winning The Voice and he happens to special in winning the show. Adam says ok, it’s time to pick your coach. Davon says he picks….please help him Jesus. He’s going to have to pick…Jennifer. The next artist is Kathrina Feigh from the Philippines. She grew up in the Philippines and they would have a karaoke machine in the front yard and having a singing party. Her family is very close knit. She was 9 when they moved to Los Angeles and her parents are giving her support and love to help her make her dreams come true. She says her parents were a little nervous when she said she wanted to go to school for music because they wanted her to be a pharmacist or a nurse, but they support her. Kathrina is ready to perform and she sings Big White Room by Jessie J. The coaches are listening and the crowd is starting to get into it. Blake is sitting there with his hand on his button. Jennifer has her hand on her button and says she likes her and finally presses and then Blake hits at the very last second. She’s a 2-chair turn. Jennifer didn’t even see Blake turn his chair. Miley thinks Kathrina should work with Jennifer. Jennifer says her voice was amazing and she couldn’t help but turn her chair. Blake says there’s a very broad spectrum of what he thinks she could be musically and she’s the kind of artist that can get him to turn around and he has to have that on his team. Miley says Kathrina, who do you pick as your coach. Kathrina says I pick…Jennifer. As the night wore on, Jennifer and Blake continued hearing voices they wanted for their teams. We see Alexandra Joyce who sang Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift and she was a 3-chair turn with Adam, Blake, and Jennifer, and she picked Jennifer. We see Eric Lyn who sang Ooh Child by The Five Stairsteps and he was a 1-chair turn by Jennifer. Next we see Anna Catherine DeHart who sang I Could Use a Love Song by Maren Morris who was a 2-chair turn with Blake and Adam and she picked Blake. The next artist to perform is Addison Agen from Ft. Wayne, In. Her dad owns a record store so music is around all the time. Her dad just had a stage put in the store and she was the first to perform on it. Her mom is a music therapist with the elderly. Her genre is alternative folk and all the coaches would be great for. Addison takes the stage and sings Jolene by Ray LaMontagne. Adam hits his button first. Miley hits her a few moments later. She gets emotional at the very end and she is a 2-chair turn. Adam says Addison is one of his favorite singers. He says she’s 16 and sang like a grown woman. He says she’s full of life and power and emotional and he’s a huge fan of her and probably the most talented person her age since Danielle Bradbury. Miley says she feels like she can relate to her in a way Adam can’t. Miley says all those little cracks in her voice she had too. Adam says but he’s her biggest fan. Blake says ok, Addison, who do you pick as your coach? Addison says she really just, she has to go with…Miley. She feels like she’s a younger version of Miley. We’re going to meet an artist with a familiar face. We see Adam Pearce who auditioned last season. Adam says he went home and was disappointed and he couldn’t ask for a more supportive wife. He consulted two vocal coaches who gave him some drills. He says he was born in the wrong generation, he loves classic rock. He’s going to sing a Foreigner song and his mom loves the song choice. He thinks what’s cool this time around is there are two new singers who haven’t heard him yet. Adam takes the stage and sings Hot Blooded by Foreigner. Adam is bobbing his head and Blake is leaned forward. Adam looks at Miley and hits his button with Miley hitting with him. Blake is still listening and bobbing his head and Jennifer is dancing in her seat. Adam got a 2-chair turn. Blake says second time’s a charm. Adam says you look familiar and Adam P. says he was advised to come back and he’s so excited. Miley says she’ll change her name to Adam he was so amazing and her mom is probably on a table somewhere banging her head. Adam says people were cheering for Adam P. before he started. Jennifer says she loved his sass and conviction but she didn’t want to compete with the other two. Blake supports Miley as a coach for Adam P. Adam says this needs to go the way we think it needs to go. Adam says it’s time for you to pick. Adam P. hesitates and considers and he picks Adam. Hopefully, our coaches for the next artist, Myles Frost from Washington D.C. His grandmother had a little piano and when he was 5 he would listen to music in the car with her and he played a song after hearing a song on the radio. Since then he’s learned 4 other instruments. He plays saxophone, drums, tuba, and trumpet, but his favorite instrument to play is piano. His mom is so proud and he just graduated from high school and she couldn’t be more excited for him. Myles takes the stage and sings My Cherie Amour by Stevie Wonder. The coaches are looking at each other and listening. He does not get any chairs to turn. Adam says he could hear the beauty in his voice, but he could also hear the nerves. Adam tells him to go work on his craft and come back. Jennifer says Stevie Wonder is not easy to sing and on a song like that you have to control the melody. The final artist of the night is Moriah Formica from Latham, NY. Her dad brought her up on 80s hair metal and she’s been singing when she was 9. She started taking voice lessons when she was 11 and that was when she realized she wanted to do this. Her brother is her best friend and her mood improves when he’s around. She’d be thankful for anyone to turn around for her. Adam would be her first choice, but Jennifer is great. Moriah takes the stage with a guitar and sings Crazy On You by Heart. The coaches are looking at each other and Adam says she’s really good. Miley is the first to hit her button. Jennifer is dancing in her seat. Blake hits his button with Adam right behind and Jennifer follows along. Moriah got a 4-chair turn. Miley says she had a feeling her voice was going to be bigger than she was going to be. Adam says a pint sized power house. Jennifer says she just proved it doesn’t matter how old you are if you put your time and passion in your craft. Jennifer would support her path. Blake says when someone likes her comes out and she has all that talent it’s almost not fair but it’s about having someone in her corner who believes in her. She should join team Blake. Miley says she’s the youngest on the panel and she could give big sister voice. She could keep her head on her shoulders and she’d loved to be her coach. Adam says she’s an old soul and she showed him she has a good knowledge of rock and roll music. He thinks she’s the next great female rock singer. Adam says Moriah, who do you pick as your coach. Moriah says she feels like she has to pick…Miley. Moriah says she completely had her because she was a child star and she felt more of a connection with that.
  8. Survivor 35: Episode Recaps

    Survivor is back! 18 strangers are about to begin an adventure that will forever change their lives. They’ll be abandoned and forced to work together while voting each other out in the greatest social experiment on television. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million-dollar prize. 39 days. 18 people. 1 survivor! Welcome to the 35th season of Survivor. For the first time ever, you have been divided into three tribes by traits most associated with you by others. This is how the world sees you. First group, you are the hero tribe. You are heralded for your courage, your achievements, your ideals for which you stand. He asks a guy in a cowboy hat his name and he says Ben. Jeff asks if that rings true for him, what is his world about? Ben says he has a family and was in the marine corps and served his country and it was just his job. Chrissy tells us she definitely feels like she belongs on the hero tribe. Next group is the Healer tribe. They receive gratitude for their acts of service for helping others heal their physical or emotional pain. We meet Cole who takes out disadvantaged teens who struggle with addiction and they teach them survival skills in the outdoors. We meet Mike who says he’s a sex doctor. He specializes in sexual dysfunction in male infertility. The last group is the Hustler tribe. They are respected for their hard work ethic. Their mantra is get it done no matter what 100% all the time. We meet Allie who is a personal assistance. We meet Ryan who’s a bellhop and he thinks they have a strong group. He’s a 125 lbs soaking wet and he’s going to have to rely on his tribe. Jeff hands out the tribe’s buffs. This is their first opportunity to prove their value to their tribe. The boat is loaded with supplies. Their job is to get as many supplies from the boat they’re on to their tribe boat. They show a shot of a secret advantage. Jeff continues there is an even bigger reward at stake. On the beach each tribe has a burning urn 15 feet high. When Jeff rings a bell, that’s their cue to get all 6 tribe members on the boat and paddle to shore. When they get to shore they must lift one person high enough to light their torch. The first tribe to get fire, wins fire in the form of a massive fire making kit that will be waiting for them back at camp. Second place tribe, not as pretty but they get flint which they can use to make fire. The last tribe to finish, otherwise known as the losers, will go back to camp with no fire. This is day one of a 39 day million-dollar adventure and it begins now. They begin scrambling for supplies and throwing them overboard. People are already going overboard without getting many supplies at all. Ryan from the Hustlers has found the secret advantage. Jeff rings the bell and everyone must get off the supply boat and get their tribe boat and row towards shore. Hustler tribe is struggling to get in their boat. Healers are leading, with Heroes on their tale and Hustlers rowing the wrong way. Healers are first to the beach, with the Heroes right behind them. Healers get fire and a massive fire reward. Hustlers still haven’t made it to the beach. Healer tribe won the massive fire kit and they will know they are at their beach when they see the fire already burning. Heroes win flint. Each tribe has a map in their boat and they can get in and start paddling. Ali is hoping their work ethic and strength alone can get it done, but at this point she’s very nervous. As the Healers row in they see the biggest fire they’ve ever seen. We meet Jessica and she talks about Cole being Tarzan, he’s ripped. Joe is a probation officer and he wanted to be on a tribe he can easily manipulate and if you’re a healer you have a big heart. He’s in rehabilitation, but out there he’s not an officer and they are all his victims at this point. At the Hero camp, Ashley is a life guard and she says game on and the hero cape is off. She talks to a fellow tribemate, JP, and says she likes cowboy. We meet Alan who is a former NFL player and he is here to play the game. He talks to Ben as they gather bamboo and discuss who they want to work with and talk about wanting strength. Alan has been watching JP and Ashley and he thinks they are working together. Ben tells us they are looking at a core 4, him, JP, Alan, and Ashley. They are younger and fit and they have the 2 moms, Chrissy and Trina. They labelled them the mom squad and that’s an easy target at this point. Winning is the most important thing right now for the tribe. We see the Hustlers camp and they are deciding where to build their shelter. Lauren is a fisherman and she’s disappointed they lost the first challenge, but they are strong and they need to work together. Ali says her priorities for day 1 is to make sure she’s meshing well with people and she wants to see where Patrick’s head is at because he seems to be meshing well with others. She talks to him and he says they have to win the first tribal though. They agree to have each other’s back. Patrick is wondering who got the clue on the boat. Ryan is dying to know what his advantage is and he goes off by himself and he opens the package. He found a super immunity idol. It can be played AFTER the votes have been read and can save whoever he plays it for. He says that gives him so much power. He reads further that it comes with a twist. It is only good at the first tribal council. If his tribe wins immunity, then his tribe won’t go to tribal council. In that case, he must send it to somebody on the losing tribe so they can use it at tribal council. The recipient will not know who sent it. He says he has the most power right now in the game and no one has any clue whatsoever. Mike tells us his son told him to go look for the idol. He says if his 10-year old knows to look for it then he should do that and so should everyone else. He is willing to do what it takes to win. Joe thinks Mike is out looking for the idol and he doesn’t think Mike is a trustworthy guy. Joe confront Mike and says he’s kind of suspect running around the island and Mike says he didn’t find it. Mike doesn’t trust Joe for one second. Joe tells Mike he wants him to be aware that everyone else is aware. Back at the Hustler tribe, Ryan is talking about how crucial first impressions are and he likes Devon being in the group. Ryan says he seems like a guy who is looking for someone who is more strategically sound and he wants to build a connection. He tells him about the super idol. Devon says him and Ryan have the same mindset and chemistry and they are going to cause havoc together. It’s now night time and we’re at the Heroes tribe and Alan tells us he knows there’s something going on between JP and Ashley and he needs to let others know because those two could be strong together. Alan confronts JP and wants to know if he has an idol. JP and Ashley says he’s tripping out. Alan says he just put a target on their back which was his goal. JP says Alan is a crazy man and his drama he causes might not be worth his strength. Ashley says Alan is starting to lose his mind because he made JP strip to prove he didn’t have an idol. Ashley says just like that trust is out the window and moving forward with him could be a liability down the road. It’s time for the first immunity challenge! For today’s challenge they are going to race up a cargo net to the top of a tower. They’ll then pull a heavy cart up, climb in, and then careen down to the bottom where they will find a choice of three Survivor table mazes. First tribe here gets first choice. Second tribe to arrive chooses between the remaining two and the last tribe gets what’s left. They’ll then work together to get that maze to the top of a taller tower where two players will maneuver three balls through the maze. First two tribes to finish win immunity. Jeff reveals the immunity idols. Hustlers are still competing for fire in the form of flint and at tribal council, tie votes are back in. All tribes are quickly up to the top and they start pulling the cart. All of them have their carts and they all head down. Heroes are here first and they choose the third puzzle, Hustlers got the second choice, and Healers get what’s left. Next phase is getting the maze to the top. Lauren and Ryan for the Hustlers, Cole and Joe are up for the Healers, and Alan and Ashley are going up for the Heroes. Joe is taking a long time to get to the cop but he finally gets up there. Hustlers have their puzzle first with Heroes right behind. Healers are last up. Chrissy and Ben for the Heroes are working on the puzzle, Devon and Ali for the Hustlers, and Mike and Desi are doing theirs for the Hustlers. Healers have their first ball in. Heroes are figuring it out and Hustlers have their first point. All tribes have their first ball. Healers have their second ball. Hustlers are close to their second. Heroes are close and they are in and out and they finally drop with Hustlers right behind. All tribes now have two balls. Healers win first immunity. We need one more. Hustlers are very close to closing out and Heroes are through their tough spot. Heroes ball went in and out and then Hustlers went in and out as well. Hustlers ball rattles around and finally drops and they win immunity sending the Heroes tribe to tribal council. Hustlers got their flint. Chrissy from the Heroes is down on her knees and Jeff is asking if she’s all right. She vomits and Jeff says they have medical there if she needs it. Jeff says that’s what tribes are all about, they are there for each other. Jeff tells them all they can head out. Ryan says he has to decide who to give his super idol to. He can give it to someone in the minority and get out a threat and change the game. We’re at the Heroes camp as they return from the immunity challenge. Ashley tells us before last night the vote was easy but Alan created a spectacle out of nothing. In less than 12 hours everything went from them being 100% safe solid four to there really is no trust. Alan says Ashley and JP think he’s in their four but he doesn’t trust them. Trina and Chrissy talk to Alan and he says he thinks it’s him. Trina says them three with Ben could be a four. Ben says if everyone had just stuck to the plan it’d be fine but everything has blown up. Ben says there are two ways him and Alan can go. They can go with the mom squad and get Ashley out or go with Ashley and JP and get Trina or Chrissy out. Ben is concerned Ashley and JP could have something but he wants to keep their tribe strong. It’s going to come down to who they trust more. Chrissy was getting ready for tribal and she sees a package in her bag. She opens it and she has been selected to receive the super idol. She says how luck did she get. She says the decision with what she does is extremely important, especially since half the tribe is on the chopping block. She wants to see what plays out and let the discussion at tribal council dictate how she plays it. Heroes go into tribal council and they get their torches and get fire. Jeff asks Ben if he’s thinking the game really does move this fast. Ben says it’s exciting and scary but it’s the game they came to play. Jeff asks Chrissy what was the vibe the first few moments they hit the beach. She says she didn’t fit in and Jeff says really? She says she thought the four physical threat together and Jeff asks who that is and she answers JP, Ashley, Alan, and Ben. Jeff asks Katrina if she had the same feeling and she says yeah. Jeff says one of the unique things about the game, Ashley, they might never meet and people out here tell you what they think, true or not. Ashley tells Jeff about the Alan confrontation with JP. Jeff says so JP you’re wrapped up this as well and JP says I guess so, but it’s part of the game. Jeff says Chrissy, one thing about Survivor is when you’re linked to someone else, that’s seen as two votes. Chrissy says yeah that was the concern that was a power couple this early. Ashley says it’s ridiculous to throw out the term power couple this early when she’s had no conversation alone with JP. Alan says he just wanted to let the tribe know that there was something stronger in the tribe than just the tribe. Ben says they shouldn’t bicker because they are Heroes and they need to follow their plan and make their team strong and hash things out later. Jeff says to Alan that it sounds like Ben has another plan that he wants to happen? Alan says definitely, he could have sat back with his feet up and be comfortable and get rid of Chrissy or Katrina, but that’s the risk he had to take to let people know something else was going on. Chrissy thinks it’s unwise to lose her skills at this point. Katrina says she thinks it’s a point where everyone is on the chopping block and if they can be honest about what’s happening they will get further as a tribe. Ben says he isn’t sure what’s happening tonight and they will have to do damage control no matter what happens. It’s time to vote! Jeff will go and tally the votes. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now will be the time to do so. Jeff will read the votes. First vote Katrina. Ashley. Katrina. Katrina. First person voted out of Survivor is Katrina. That’s four that’s enough. Chrissy watches and does not use her idol. Jeff says while the vote was united, this tribe is clearly not. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Good night! Next time on Survivor… there’s a new power couple and we see Chrissy and Ben. A budding romance with Cole and Jessica. And a bad break-up, Patrick and Ali and Ali doesn’t know how she can work with him, he’s crazy.
  9. The Voice (Season 13)

    Last night, the world’s biggest and best singing competition returned, along with multi-platinum selling super star Miley Cyrus and new coach award winning vocal icon Jennifer Hudson for our most inspiring season yet. Tonight, our coaches are more determined than ever to find and mentor the greatest voice in America. Premiere week continues right now! While our coaches head to their chairs let’s meet the first artist of the night. We meet Keisha Renee from Inglewood, Ca. Keisha says it’s an advantage the coaches can’t see her because sometimes you judge a book by its cover and she wants to break the mold of what people think country artist’s look like. She grew up in LA but she moved to Houston and it opened her eyes to other genres. She says people told her it was too farfetched for her to be a country artist. She weighed 350 pounds at one point, but after her pregnancy and being diagnosed with diabetes, she made lifestyle changes. Since she lost all the weight she gained the confidence to go after what she wants and her heart and direction is country. Keisha takes the stage and sings I Can’t Stop Loving You by Don Gibson. It immediate catches the attention of Blake and Miley. Blakes hand hovers over his button and finally pushes with Adam right behind and Jennifer a moment later. Miley continues to list and consider it and she finally pushes her button. Keisha got a 4-chair turn. Jennifer throws her notebook at her as Keisha finishes singing. Adam says he was hearing something Blake would do with Jennifer’s voice and with Miley’s style and nothing like him at all. But Los Angeles and Inglewood neighbors, thank God because he has nothing else. He thinks the key to becoming the best version of herself is to not fit in. Jennifer thinks it was genius to take a country song and put in her background. Jennifer loves that she is creating her own lane and that’s what she wants to help her do. And she threw her book at Keisha! Miley says they were all going to turn around no matter what but she was keeping her eye on Blake because this is their expertise. Blake interjects his expertise and Miley says she was born in Nashville. Miley thinks she’s got everything as a coach that Keisha wants to do. Blake says that song has been covered by a lot of people and if country is where she wants to be then she should go with Blake because he moved to Nashville with one goal in mind, to be a country singer. Adam says it’s time to pick your coach. Keisha thinks about it and the crowd is yelling at her. Keisha says they all said marvelous things, but she picks…Blake. Keisha tells us she picked Blake because she’s new to country and she thinks he’s the best person to learn from. He’s the king of country! We’re back and Miley has brought her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. As our coaches get settled, the artist’s eagerly away their auditions. Let’s see if Dylan Gerard can make his music dreams a reality. Dylan takes the stage and sings Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur. The coaches all listen intently. Adam finally hits his button with Jennifer immediately behind. Adam gets on his feet as he finishes and Dylan was a 2-chair turn. Adam says Dylan was so subtle in how he did everything and it was really refreshing. He has a cool vibe and he’s special. Jennifer says what made her turn around was she sees potential. For example, she’d change the key because it seemed slightly low for him and maybe take it up a half step. He sings part of the song in the slightly higher key and she runs up on stage to continue coaching him on how to hit the higher notes in the higher key. Adam says all things happen when they agree to be on your team and Jennifer says they deserve to see a demo of what we can do. Adam says going between those two things in his voice is what he’s worked on his entire career and it’s one of the hardest things for a male artist to do. Blake says Dylan, who do you pick as your coach. Dylan thanks Jennifer so much, but he had to pick Adam. He says he liked Jennifer going into coach mode but he’s been a fan of Maroon 5. Up next is Maharasyi and she’s from Los Angeles. Her family is from Indonesia and she spent a majority of her childhood there. Her aunt was a singer in Indonesia and that’s where she got her love of music from. She’s a wedding singer and now being on The Voice is her biggest opportunity. She’d probably pick Miley as her coach if she turned. Maharasyi takes the stage and sings Tell Me Something Good by Chaka Khan and Rufus. Jennifer is singing along in her chair. Adam is also singing. Jennifer is dancing and hits her button. Miley looks at Adam and then reaches to hit her button. Maharasyi is a 2-chair turn. Jennifer says that was a great song choice and she thinks she chose it because she has soul and a big voice like Chaka. Jennifer says she shied away from the big note and Maharasyi says she’s never tried it because it’s scared her a little. Jennifer says if you can think the note you can hit the note and she wants her to try the last note in full voice. Maharasyi tries it and hits it. Miley felts nerves were holding her back in her performance and she had butterflies that made her voice flutter all over the place. Miley wants her to believe in herself as much as Miley does and she wants to help her train vocally and build her confidence so her nerves don’t get in the way in future rounds. Adam says it’s time to pick your coach. Maharasyi looks to her family and she says she picks…Jennifer. We’re going to meet our next artist, Marlo Wells from Fontana, Ca, but he was originally from Detroit, Mi. His father was a Motown legend, Carl Jones and he sang with a group the Love Tones. He sang for Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and Mary Wells. Music has always been in his blood but he spent 30 years in sales for a major insurance company. He’s 61-years old. If he makes a team, then he’ll be the oldest in the history of The Voice. He’d like to work with Jennifer. Marlo takes the stage and sings Love Me Now by John Legend. Jennifer is dancing a little in her chair and talking to Miley. She says he sounds almost country but gospel too. The judges are all looking at each other and Jennifer wants to hit her button but doesn’t. Adam says he got a lot of chatter back there between the judges. He says Jennifer really wanted to turn. Jennifer says she’s so ashamed she can’t even look at him. Miley tells him to please come back but make sure she’s on the show. The next artist is Red Marlow from Dickson, Tn. He says he’s as country as cornbread and as country as you can possibly get. He grew up playing bluegrass and bluegrass gospel. He got to go work immediately for song writers singing demos. If he turns a chair it will help let him know he’s good enough to do this. Red takes the stage with a guitar and sings Swingin by John Anderson. Miley and Blake are looking at each. Blake is bobbing his head and singing along. Blake is watching Miley and she says she’s listening. Blake finally hits and Miley follows. Red got a 2-chair turn. Adam says it’s fun to see someone more country than Blake. Adam says he would have turned but he’s not stupid. Red says he’d still give him a hug. Miley says Red may have it set he wants to go to Blake, but she’s a strong fighter and she came here because she wants to bring a new face to country music. She says growing up she sat with Waylon Jennings and Dolly Parton and she took notes. Blake asks if he’s originally from Tennessee and he says he moved up from Alabama. Red has met Blake but he doesn’t know if he remembers it. Blake says he’s excited for Red and he’d like to see him get the opportunity he deserves. Miley says he won’t get lost on her team and she knows he wants to prove himself and that’s what she wants to do. Blake says let’s not monkey around, let’s do what’s right. Adam says Red, who do you pick as your coach. Red says he really does appreciate everything Miley said but he does have to pick Blake. Next is Ashland Craft from Piedmont, SC. For the past two years she’s had a steady gig at a honky tonk. Her dad has been a mechanic his whole life and he’s always tried to buy things that help her reach her dreams and goals. He has helped her become a better musician. She says The Voice is her chance to reach her dream. She’s hoping and praying she has what it takes. Ashland takes the stage and sings You Are My Sunshine in the style of Chris Stapleton. Blake immediately says woah! Miley! He then hits his button. Adam and Miley both hit their buttons. Miley yells Blake this is it! He says he’s nervous. Jennifer is dancing and listening but doesn’t turn. Miley says she loves it! Miley says she’s been looking for her and Blake gives a yee-haw. Miley says it’s about to go down. Miley says she has those boots and Adam says so do I. Adam says whatever she says I do too. Miley covers that song on her tour and Adam says he does to. Miley says Blake is the King of Country but they need a queen and it could be her. She wants her and Ashland to be a power team of two females who aren’t afraid to be the punk rock Dollly Parton and she says Adam is from LA. Adam says full disclosure I am not country. He has been fighting this fight and failing for so many season but he picks himself up every time. He says a lot do go to Blake, but she’s such a powerful female country rock and roll singer, she’s going to transcend the necessity to go to Blake’s team. Adam says please know he’d be working double time to make sure he didn’t let her down. Blake says he doesn’t know why she’d experiment. He always dreamt his whole life of being a country singer on the radio. He recognizes the traditional sound she has and there hasn’t been a voice like hers since Gretchen Wilson. He says there’s a total open lane for her right now and that’s why he wants to be her coach. Adam says people will be more interested in him and her. Miley says for once she’s not the craziest decision. Jennifer says I don’t want to get in the middle of this craziness! It’s time for you to make your decision. Ashland says she didn’t know it would be this hard. Ashland picks…Miley! Ashland says she was deadest on Blake, but she looked at Miley and she’s had experience and country but also branched out and it seemed like the right fit for her.
  10. The Voice (Season 13)

    The Voice is back! Taking our coaches chairs for season 13 is Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levin, country artist, Blake Shelton, returning to the voice, Miley Cyrus, and making her debut, Jennifer Hudson. The season 13 blind auditions are here! Let’s meet the first artist of the season. Chris Weaver is the first artist who has experience performing on stage, under a different name. He is a worship leader during the day and a drag queen at night. His drag character is Niedra Belle. He wants to take this opportunity and show the world who he is. He has sung in front of Jennifer Hudson before and it would be mind-blowing if she turned for him, but he would love to work with Adam. Chris takes the stage and sings Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding. Adam is the first to hit his button very early and Jennifer quickly follows. As he gets to the chorus Miley hits her button and Blake follows. We have our first four chair turn of the season. Jennifer asks for Miley’s shoe and Adam takes his shoe off and throws it at Chris. Chris says Jennifer was about to do what she did 2 years ago when he sang for her. Adam takes his jacket off. Jennifer says where she comes from throwing a shoe is a compliment. Adam is standing on his chair and Adam asks his name. Miley says she would love nothing more to have him on her team and she’s so thirsty to win and she wants to do it with him. Jennifer says because she is extremely passionate about him she wants to know what he wants. He says he grew up in church but he’s ready to expand into something different. Jennifer says she grew up in church too and she also visited a drag queen show in Chicago. Blake asks how he’s doing. He says he’s won the show with country artist, pop artists, R&B, but he’s never won the show with a drag queen. Blake says it was his birthday and Chris didn’t give him anything and he could make it the greatest birthday of his life if he picked him as his coach. Adam says he constantly battles for his team. He says he’s a phenomenal singer, but he’s more special than that. Miley says she learned on season 11 that song choice is important and she thinks she can help him pick the right songs. Jennifer wants to say one more thing. She says he has a voice, but the bigger part of the equation is having a plan and she has that because she’s walked that path. Adam says it’s time for Chris to pick his coach. Chris says because they are in such a similar place, he has to go with…JHud! Adam says Chris broke his heart. Coming up, Season 13 is just getting started and with Jennifer Hudson in the coach’s chair, anything is possible. While our coaches get ready, let’s meet the next artist. Next is Mitchell Lee and he’s a wood worker in Nashville, Tn. He builds custom furniture. His original plan was to go to military college and then go to dental school. His mom said she’d support him but she said she couldn’t see him as a dentist. After his mom unexpectedly passed away when he was 22, he decided to give music a shot because his mom always saw him as an artist. He can’t believe he’s about to sing for 4 megastars. Mitchell takes the stage and he sings Hold My Hand by Hootie and the Blowfish. Jennifer is dancing in her seat. Blake sits forward and looks at the other judges and Adam hits his button, which prompts Blake to hit his and then Jennifer follows with hers. He gets a three chair turn and Adam is on his feet. Adam says Hootie! He says he traversed a lot of ground. He’s done simple pop rock and roll and then moved into country. Blake throws in his name is Darius. Adam says Blake is nervous Adam is going to steal Mitchell. Adam says when Mitchell hit the big notes it was extremely dynamic and he thinks he can go far on the show. Miley asks if he has always been a singer and he says no he was going to be a dentist. Jennifer says she’d be uncomfortable in his dentist chair with him looking like that. Blake says Mitchell sounds country to him and Mitchell says he is southern, but he likes rock. Blake says he’d love to have a chance to work with him on his team. Jennifer says he was so in it and his energy helped guide the notes and he was so comfortable. Miley says it’s the magic time and you have to pick a coach. Mitchell takes his time but he picks…Blake. Mitchell is walking back stage and says that was a rush. Adam congratulates Blake on his acquisition and he tells us he and Blake are going to be nice to each other this season, but he doesn’t think it will last. #VOICE The next artist has been through a lot to get here. Janice Freeman is next and she is from California. When her daughter was 4 her father passed away of cancer and in 2012 she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She says she has to fight for her daughter and today she is cancer free. She met her husband while she was fighting cancer and they just celebrated their 2-year anniversary. She fought her whole life for this moment and she cannot and will not let it go. Janice takes the stage and sings Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Jennifer looks like she wants to hit her button, but she pulls back. Adam says woah and looks like he might want to hit but he waits. Jennifer hits her button with Miley right behind and Janice hits the chorus for the second time. She got a 2-chair turn. Adam asks what her name is and she says Janice. Adam says she turned in that song into something swampy. He says if she needs help on who to choose to let him know. Miley says she liked that better than the original and she likes women who come out and do what she just did with no fear. Miley thinks she’s the best coach for Janice. Jennifer says she doesn’t have any fear either. Jennifer thinks the two of them together could knock down some serious walls. Blake asks if she’s sung all her life and Janice says yes and tells a little of her back story. Miley and Jennifer go up to give her a hug. Miley says no matter what maybe she will be the reason why someone just like her will walk through the next season. Adam asks who Janice picks as her coach. She says it’s hard, but she picks…Miley. Jennifer says it’s the first time her and Miley went head to head and Miley won that one, but she’ll keep her eye on her. Put yourself in the judges chairs and get The Voice app and build your own team! Next to the stage is Xaris from Florida and she loves folk music. Her mother says she’s an old soul and she loves music that tells a story. As she got more into music she started picking up more instruments. She plays the guitar, the harmonica, the ukulele, the banjo, the pennywhistle, and the mandolin. She works at a frozen yogurt shop and she uses her income to buy things she loves. She wants to do music full time. She says the judges may be shocked to see a 17-year old girl singing a song from 50 years ago. Xaris hits the stage and sings Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right by Bob Dylan. The judges all sit and look deep in thought. Her family is backstage saying come on. No judges hit their button. Adam says she sounds years beyond her age. Blake says she sounds awesome. Miley says she’s so super cool and super unique. While tonight’s nervous singers wait to perform, the next artist hopes her surprising voice gets the coach’s attention. Shi’ann Jones sings Drown in My Own Tears by Ray Charles. Jennifer Hudson wastes no time in turning around and threatens the other judges not to turn around. While Jennifer is focusing on Adam and Miley, Blake hits his button and turns and Jennifer throws her notebook at him. Blake was the only other judge brave enough to turn around and she ends up a 2-chair turn. Adam asks how old she is and Shi’ann says she is 15. Miley wished she pushed and Adam says he wanted to push for her because Jennifer threatened to kill him. Miley says she was threatening people. Jennifer says as soon as Shi’ann opened her mouth she hit her button and then she started threatening. Jennifer says her voice is undeniable and Blake says can he talk now and Jennifer says I told you not to turn around! Jennifer says she is so excited about her. Adam says Blake it’s time for you to talk. Blake asks where she’s from and she says Bowling Green, Kentucky. Blake says her and Jennifer are similar as artists, but that doesn’t have anything to do with being a coach on the show. He says it’s about making sure she has the best possible performance every time she’s on the stage and he may not be the obvious choice, but he's passionate about being her coach. Adam asks who she picks as her coach. Shi’ann takes a moment and picks…Jennifer. Jennifer says she is so excited to work with her. It’s night one of the blind auditions. The next artist is Dave Crosby and he says you may recognize him from YouTube where he sings song with his 4-year old daughter, Claire. He says the video went super viral and got invitations to perform on TV shows. She was on Little Big Shots and The Ellen Show. He didn’t know if he could provide for his daughter by being a musician so he changed directions. He says Claire loves The Voice and she gets excited on chair turns. Dave takes the stage and playing guitar sings I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie. Adam hits his button very quickly. Blake hits as he sings the last line and Miley decides to hit her button too. Adam says he’s so pissed off at the other judges for turning around. He let a wow slip out and he was trying to show no emotion. He says he turned impulsively and the purity and beauty of his voice is irreplaceable. Jennifer asks what inspired him to sing and he talks about how his daughter brought music back to his life. Adam just realizes he’s the guy from YouTube with his daughter and they want her to come out so they can sing the song. She sings You Got a Friend In Me for the judges while her dad plays guitar. Blake says he wants Dave on his team, but he’d really like to have Claire. Adam says when he had his baby girl it was one of the most amazing moments in his life and he seen the video of Dave singing with his daughter and he lost it. Miley says she started singing when she was 4-years old and she can relate. Blake says that’s incredible, but his voice and how it made at least three of them feel. He says it sounds like his voice has its own echo chamber. Adam says Dave is the guy we have to focus on and he would be honored to have him on his team. Jennifer says who will your coach be? Dave looks to his wife and she shrugs. He’s going to pick…Adam. Adam says he had a rough start but he finally prevailed. Adam goes back to greet Dave’s family and picks up Claire. While Dave celebrates making a team, the next artist is getting ready to return to The Voice stage after years of waiting. Odiseas auditioned season 3 when he was 15. He says he used his rejection as fuel to the fire and got back on the horse. He feels like this is happening at the perfect time. He says it’s been a lot of finding himself as an artist and a lot of growing up. He’s been preparing for this moment for a long time. Odiseas takes the stage and sings Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag by James Brown. The judges are all listening and bobbing their heads. Blake reaches for his button but hesitates and never pushes. Blake immediately looks down like he regrets it. Jennifer Hudson says the song was too over characterized and they couldn’t focus on his voice. Miley says there is such a thing as a total package and she is in love with him and wants to turn the chairs around. Blake says when someone is so far out of his music lane he relies on the other three. Adam tells him not to wait to come back, third times a charm. Miley thinks they made a mistake. The next artist is Esera Tuaolo from the island of Hawaii, but he currently lives in Minneapolis, Mn. He got drafted to the Green Bay Packers, and also played for the Vikings, the Falcons, the Jaguars, and went to the superbowl with Atlanta and finished up with Carolina. He put singing on the back burner because of football but he got a chance to follow his dream and he’s ready to win this. He says when he came out to his family that he was gay it was like a huge mountain crumbled. He fell into depression for a time, and now to pursue a singing career, he thought it was lost. He says this is an opportunity to reach for the stars and be true to himself. Esera takes the stage and he sings Rise Up by Andra Day. The judges are all listening intently. Jennifer hits her button after he hits the chorus. Blake continues listening intently and eventually hits his button as well. Esera is a 2-chair turn. Blake says he hit his button too and he was singing to Jennifer. Adam says he could feel his presence. Adam says he’s a total moron. Jennifer says that is one of her favorite songs and that’s probably what caught her attention. Blake says when he turned around Esera was so focused on Jennifer. Blake says he’s a country singer, but he’s worked with a lot of different artists. He says he’s a football geek and he’d probably drive him nuts. Adam says it’s time for Esera to pick a coach. His children backstage think he’s going to pick Blake. Esera takes a minute and he picks…Blake. Blake says he was starting to fan out and he’s probably going to get on his nerves because he’s a huge football fan. With mounting pressure to make a team, the artist’s count on inspiration and support from friends and family. But the next artist has made a career out of inspiring others. Brandon Showell is a 7th grade English teacher. He says his students know he studied music in college, but they don’t know he gigs on weekends. He says a couple of days after the blind auditions he’s going to get married to his fiancé. He got excited when he heard Jennifer Hudson was going to be on the show because he’s a fan of hers. Brandon takes the stage and sings There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back by Shawn Mendes. Adam hits his button as he hits the chorus. The other judges are bobbing their heads and Jennifer and Miley both decide to hit at the same time. Brandon got a 3-chair turn and Adam gets on his feet with Jennifer and Miley right behind. Jennifer asks if he sings for a living. Brandon says he started on cruise ships and Jennifer says she started on cruise ships too. Jennifer says from that experience she can help him go where he wants to go. He then tells them he’s a full time English teacher. Adam says he turned his chair much, much noticeably faster than the other two. He says when he heard him singing nothing else mattered. Adam says he’s amazing. Miley says she did a TV show like that where she went to school by day and performed at night and she doesn’t think he should lead two separate lives. Blake asks Brandon who he picks as his coach. Brandon thinks about it and decides to pick…Adam. Brandon thinks Adam will help him the most with stage presence and confidence. Next we have Lucas Holliday from Lansing, Michigan. He’s a cashier at a local store. He says he doesn’t look like how he sounds. He says Maxwell is one of his influences. He was contacted by Maxwell and he got an invitation to come sing with him and he says it was an experience like no other. Lucas takes the stage and sings This Woman’s Work by Maxwell. The judges are listening closely and they keep looking at each other. Jennifer puts her hand on the button, but then pulls it back. Jennifer finally gives in and hits her button and turns. When she turns her jaw drops. Lucas is a 1-chair turn and is on Jennifer Hudson’s team. When the chairs turn Blake asks where the guy was who was singing. Miley thinks something that’s going to be really cool for Jennifer because they can go anywhere and she’s the best coach for him. Jennifer says we have to sing something together after that. Carson says this will be one of the best pairings they’ve ever had on the show. Adam says unbelievable. While our coaches head to their chairs, let’s meet the next artist. Brooke Simpson and she is 100% native America. Her tribe is about 4000 people and they still have a pow wow every year. Her parents are full time evangelists and travel and preach and sing at churches. She says The Voice is an opportunity for her to possibly do her music for a living. She says she’s 26 and nothing has happened for her and maybe it’s time to figure out plan b. She thinks when her tribe sees her representing them well it will make them proud. Brooke takes the stage and sings Stone Cold by Demi Lovato. Blake is the first to hit his button with Miley right behind. Jennifer eventually hits her button and Adam is the last to turn. Jennifer gets to her feet and throws her notebook on the floor in front of Brooke and Adam and Miley get to their feet. Brooke got a 4-chair turn. Adam runs up to give her a hug. Miley says Brooke knows she’s good because she’s speechless. Miley says she is awesome. Jennifer asks what does she listen to and what’s on her playlist. Brooke says she listens to all of them, but her main inspiration is her mom. Miley knows Jennifer’s voice is amazing and they have a similar range, but she’s a vested coach and she wants to win the season with her. Jennifer says she threw her notebook at her and that’s a compliment where she comes from. Adam says most people that try to do what she did shouldn’t do it. But Brooke pulled it off and it’s really hard to find and when they see it and Miley interrupts. Miley goes up and grabs her hand and puts it to her heart and says her heart is beating hard. Adam says he wants to help lead her down the right path and get that trophy. Jennifer says with a voice like her it is the trophy. She owned the song and she meant the song. Jennifer says she thought she knew singing until she came out and just did that. Blake says every now and then a singer comes across the stage that simply needs an opportunity and he thinks that’s where she’s at with her talent, artistry, and this is about creating the right moments and opportunities. Adam says he’s really good at picking the right songs and creating the right moments. Miley says she’s very vested in her artists and she wants to get to know her and help her reach her full potential. Adam says Brooke I think it’s time. Brooke looks to her family and her mom is saying it’s a tough choice. Brooke says she picks…Miley. Miley’s mom comes in for a hug and greets Brooke’s family. Brooke says when Miley came up and took her hand and put it on Miley’s heart and she felt it pounding, she knew she had to pick her.
  11. America's Got Talent (Season 12)

    This is it! The America’s Got Talent finale! One act is about to win one million dollars! Tyra tells us last night they had the biggest vote in AGT history. Tyra says Simon, this is going to be huge for the winner, life changing. Simon says last night was really incredible and any one of them could win tonight. He wishes them all the best of luck. We’re about to hear the judges takes on Howie. Heidi says Howie is always telling jokes. Simon says some days he loves the jokes and some days he doesn’t want to hear another joke and he knows that. Mel B says she tells Howie to test the jokes out on them because sometimes they aren’t funny. Howie says he was told when he went in to comedy he was told if he could make one person laugh, then he was successful. Howie says sometimes he just finds that person he makes laugh is him. Tonight, we will be seeing all of the top 10 doing what they love with some of our biggest favorite stars in the world. Up first is Kechi and Angelica Hale. They sing Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. Kelly Clarkson joins them as they hit the chorus. After they perform together, Kelly Clarkson sings Love So Soft, one of her new releases. Tyra asks Kelly what she would tell Kechi and Angelica because she’s been in a similar situation. Kelly says it doesn’t matter, they made it this far. She says it’s about getting on television and getting people to see them. Her new album Meaning of Life will be available October 27. We’re about to get the judges thoughts on Mel B. Howie says it’s weird their show is live and Mel B is on delay and Simon says yeah, a day’s delay. Mel B says she gets confused sometimes and has to get things explained to her. Heidi says Howie has to explain most jokes to Mel B. Howie says she seems happy. Simon says they might be happier if they were more like her and didn’t know what was going on half the time. Howie agrees. The next two acts have stunned us with their creativity and their innovation every week. With a special performance for the finale, here are Light Balance and Diavolo. We see Diavolo first performing to A Sign of the Time by Harry Styles with their half-moon prop and then Light Balance takes the stage and performs to 24K Magic by Bruno Mars. Derrick Hough was part of the Light Balance act in costume and pulls it off after they finish their performance. Derek says it’s very hot in that costume, those guys are amazing. Marlee Matlin is a guest to introduce the next act, Mandy Harvey. Marlee tells us Mandy is going to perform with a superstar, Shania Twain. Mandy begins to sing You’re Still the One and Shania joins her at the chorus. After they finish, Shania sings Life’s About to Get Good. Shania’s new album is out September 29th. We are now just minutes away from the first results. Time to see what the judges find annoying about Heidi. Heidi says she’s someone who points things out, like if you have spinach in your teeth. Mel B says she does it right before they go live. Mel B says she’s not very gentle with it. Simon thinks Heidi is obsessed with him. Heidi says there is never a moment when she isn’t a judge. Heidi asks Mel B if she sees the girls screaming for Simon and Mel B says she doesn’t get it. Mel B thinks Simon has a thing for the older ladies and Heidi says any ladies. Heidi says and he feeds them and Mel B says he throws oranges and Heidi says they are tangerines. Mel B says he’s a soft teddy bear. Howie says Simon is not only entertaining America, he’s feeding America. This next act had everyone talking, Darci Lynne. She sees Jeff Dunham and Walter and they chat for a minute. Tyra tells us tomorrow Jeff is getting his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Darci Lynne is on stage with Petunia and joining them is Terry Fator with Winston the Impersonating Turtle. They then sing back and forth Anything You can Do. Darci Lynne makes a small mistake at the beginning of the song but recovers very well. Next, Preacher and Howie were sent out to the club to talk comedy. Howie says every time he’s there it takes him back to 1978 and Hollywood was the mecca of comedy. Howie says anybody who is anybody was seen in the clubs including Richard Pryor and Robin Williams. He says it was so exciting and electric he still gets the same feeling when he goes into a comedy club. Howie says Preacher Lawson is a star, he’s lovable and energetic and funny. Preacher sits and talks to Howie and Kevin Nealon. Howie tells Preacher he’s one of the best he’s seen in a decade. Our next special finale performance is Evie Claire and Chase Goehring and they will be joined by James Arthur. Evie starts with an original song and James joins her on stage to sing the last part with her. James then sings Say You Won’t Let Go. He then introduces Chase who joins him on stage to sing the second verse. Tonight, one act is going to win a million dollars and tomorrow morning they’ll be starting a brand new life. In no particular order, we’ll find out who made it into the top 5. Mandy Harvey and Chase Goehring are the first two acts called forward. America has voted and the act taking the first spot in the Top 5 is…Mandy Harvey. Evie Claire and Sarah and Hero are pulled forward. Only one act is going through. America has voted and…Sarah and Hero. Two acts have moved on to the Top 5 and two acts have left the competition. The next two acts are Diavolo and Light Balance and they step forward and the crowd is booing. America has voted…the act taking the third spot in the top 5 is…Light Balance. Next is Preacher Lawson and Darci Lynne and they both step forward. The act taking the fourth spot in the Top 5 is…Darci Lynne. Angelica Hale and Kechi are the remaining two acts to find out their fate. They both step forward. America has voted…the act taking the last spot in the Top 5 is…Angelica Hale. We have our Top 5 and after the break we’re going to reveal the Top 3. The act finishing in fifth place and leaving the competition is…Sarah and Hero. The act finishing in fourth place and leaving the competition is…Mandy Harvey. Now we have the top 3: Darci Lynne, Light Balance, and Angelica Hale. One more act is about to leave. America has voted. The act finishing in third place and leaving the competition is…Light Balance. We have your Top 2 America! Darci Lynne and Angelica Hale. One of them is about to win a million dollars. It’s time! America, here is your winner. America has voted…the winner of the one million dollar and the star of their headline show in Las Vegas is…Darci Lynne! Darci’s brother’s run to the stage and give her a big hug. Thank you for joining us for Season 12 of America’s Got Talent!
  12. 11:00 PM BBT Talk has turned to Raven and Matt and them having sex and then they’d come out and eat. Josh says Matt came for vacation. Paul says ate a lot of cereal, took a lot of showers, went to journey. He thinks Matt won BB. Josh says Matt and Raven got the worst zings. Paul says Mark’s was funny. Josh says his campaign to stay was so desperate and painful to watch. 11:05 PM BBT Christmas is called to the DR. As soon as she’s inside talk turns to Christmas and the way she cuddles with Paul. Paul says he understands she needs affection, he doesn’t know what it’s like to almost get married and then not. Paul says she’s 11 years older than him. Paul hopes his girl understands, he’s just trying to be a friend. Josh says she’ll understand. Josh tells Paul to tell his girl how he feels about her and Paul says he will. Josh says Christmas is beautiful. 11:10 PM BBT Christmas goes to the DR then comes out to the red bedroom and is looking for something. She heads to the WA then outside to look in the washer or dryer. Josh says done and she says no. Josh says comp and Christmas says yes. Christmas is changing back into the clothes she wore for the comp for her DR. Christmas stops to touch up her make-up. Josh and Paul are back to talking about relationships. Josh says he’s ready to just get out of the house and go to a bar and have a conversation with girls other than the ones they’ve been living with. Josh says Christmas looks like a girl out of a movie, like the girl next door. Paul says she’s super pretty. Josh says when he first walked in, the first girl he laid eyes on was Christmas. 11:15 PM BBT Christmas finally makes her way back to the DR. Paul says he can read people well, that’s how he made it so far in the game. Josh says he can read people’s demeanor, he got it from his dad. Josh is talking about his family. He says his dad speaks Spanglish, he’ll say a word or two in Spanish then switch to English. He then says his mom is the Cuban version of Sofia Vergara. Paul says Victor didn’t have an accent but Natalie had a little bit of one. Josh says he can’t believe Paul didn’t like Natalie and Paul says she wasn’t his type. Josh says she went with James and Paul says no comment. Josh says she was a pretty girl and Paul says tell her that, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it. Josh says Big Meech was a pretty girl too. Paul says there were more girls his type this season. 11:20 PM BBT Paul thinks Christmas, Elena, and Dominique were the prettiest. Josh says Christmas, Elena, and Jessica. Paul says Jessica was pretty but not his type. They talk about how pretty Dominque was. Josh says her laugh, she had a very cute laugh. Josh says Mark wouldn’t let Josh sleep next to Elena so Mark would go to bed early. 11:25 PM BBT General chatter between Paul and Josh. Christmas is in DR.
  13. 10:10 PM BBT Paul is eating ice cream. Christmas is going to make a Fanta milkshake. Josh wants to know if the moose tracks are any good. Paul is getting whip cream out of the can. Josh can’t find the ice cream. 10:15 PM BBT Christmas is heading outside. Josh asks who wants popcorn. Christmas and Paul are headed out to the hammock and Josh is still getting his snacks together in the KT. Paul wants something, but not ice cream. Like popcorn. Paul heads back inside. Christmas says her shake is like a dreamsicle. 10:20 PM BBT Paul says he messed up the last few days of his diet. He wants something, but he doesn’t know what. Josh says he walked in chubs and he’s walking out chubs. Christmas is called to the DR and Paul says she got played. She says a second later she got played. Christmas asks someone to take her shake, she doesn’t know how long she’ll be in there. Josh tells Paul to come out to the hammock with him because he doesn’t want to be alone. Josh yells at Paul to close the door and he yells back for him to close the door. Christmas is back out of the DR and Paul says what did they want? Christmas says nothing. Josh wants to know what’s going on and Paul says she’s self-evicting. Christmas says you know what would be really good? Champagne and ice cream. 10:25 PM BBT They bicker as all three get comfortable in the hammock. 10:30 PM BBT Paul says this might be the last day we have on the hammock and Josh and Christmas think they will have the BY tomorrow. Josh wants to know why they didn’t ask a questions about the ants issue. Paul says he thinks Josh needs a girlfriend who will clown on him. Josh starts whistling the Jeopardy song and we hear please stop whistling. 10:35 PM BBT Paul is asking Josh what he likes about them. He wants to know what it is about women that he enjoys. Just general chatter. They also ask Christmas what she likes about men. 10:40 PM BBT Still general chatter. You can hear sirens in the background. 10:45 PM BBT Josh is talking about a girl he likes and had feelings for. Paul tells him you have to get over her before dating anyone else. 10:50 PM BBT Still general chatter about relationships. 10:55 PM BBT They are still talking about relationships. Josh turns to talking about Elena. Josh says Mark was jealous of Elena flirting with the others. He talks about Elena massaging Paul and Mark walked in and seen it and walked back out. They are talking about showmances and how some of them went straight to being intimate. They mention Jess and Cody on day 6 in the HOH. Josh says really? Christmas says everyone knew. Josh says he’d never have sex with cameras around. They are talking about when they went out to a comp Jess would twerk on Cody and he’d be slapping her bottom.
  14. 9:00 PM BBT Josh and Paul are talking in the BY on the hammock. Christmas is just out of the shower. Josh says he’s going to be a mess at the final and he’s worried about jury questions. Paul says he’ll help him. Josh says he wants to go to bed and Paul says they can’t go to bed yet. Paul says there was an episode today and Josh asked what aired. Paul says jury round table and part 1 of the HOH. Josh is saying when Christmas came out of the DR last night she seemed upset. Paul says he thinks she was just frustrated. Paul says Christmas has about 18 things to get back to in real life. He says something about her supposed to have gotten married and they are just kids to her. Josh is talking about Elena and Raven irritating him with trying to guilt them into keeping them or letting them win comps. Josh mentions Raven begging to win HOH’s because she wanted a letter from home and Josh says they all wanted a letter from home. 9:05 PM BBT Josh asks Paul why he’s so gassed right now and he says he’s bored. He says he’s staring at a $2 toy from China. (A fidget spinner) Josh says that HOH comp was really hard. They are arguing how much longer Paul and Christmas was up after Josh fell. Paul is talking about how hard it is for him because of the emotions of the game and he never thought he’d make it this far. He thought every week he was going home. He says it feels like a dream, it doesn’t feel real. Paul didn’t think he’d come back this soon and he didn’t think he’d be the only vet. He thought after last year he got second place and that was it, that was his Big Brother experience. He says it’s a blessing they brought him back. Josh says and you would do it again and Paul says yeah, he’d want to play one more time against vets, good vets, like top 3 vets. Josh asks like who? Paul says Derrick, Frankie, Dan G., and Vanessa. Paul says Frankie wasn’t top 3, but he was a great game player, a comp beast, and had a great social game. Josh asks if he was a bigger fan after playing than he was before and he says yes because he lived it. 9:10 PM BBT Paul knows Dr. Will has won first place and second place. Josh thinks Paul will go down in BB history. Paul says he’s proud he can say he came back and played BB. He didn’t float, lay low, he played the whole game and he won comps. Josh says he doesn’t care what the jury asks because he can tell them at least he wasn’t a wussy like them. Paul hopes he wasn’t a disappointing player because fans sometimes gets disappointed when a vet comes back and doesn’t do anything. Josh asks if Paul played harder this season than last and Paul says oh yeah. Paul says he played a different game last season because he had to scramble to stay in the game, this season he was always on top of it. Paul says last season he was the biggest target because he was the loudest and craziest, this season he had the biggest target because he was a vet. Josh asks where Christmas is and Paul says she went to shower. Paul says this experience will boost Christmas’s career and he wishes her the best and he’s happy for her. Paul says he isn’t even going to try and guess what questions the jury will ask him. Josh asks if you give a speech and Paul says a short one. 9:15 PM BBT Paul and Josh talk about seeing their families after the finale. Josh asks if they get to walk out together and Paul says yeah, we’re done, we won. Paul wants to relax when he’s out and Josh agrees. Christmas is called to the DR as she’s in the middle of putting make-up on. Paul says maybe it’s something for POP. Josh says POP send us something and Paul says or they are DRing. Paul is talking about reinvesting money back into his business. 9:20 PM BBT Josh is excited to get booked in things and go. He wants to go to Canada. Christmas is called to DR again and she says she is going. Paul says his biggest fan base is in New York and he still hasn’t done anything there yet. Josh says it’s crazy that they might get recognized and Paul says airports are the craziest. Josh says it’s very humbling. Josh says he can set something up for them in New York and Paul says if you can do New York and Florida that would be great because those are two places he hasn’t been in. They start talking about Bobby Moynihan and his visit. 9:25 PM BBT Christmas is out of DR and calls everyone to the LR. They are wondering what’s going on and Josh is saying oh no! Christmas reads from a card Dear Houseguests! Smile at your own Big Brother After Dark and Paul and Josh cheer. Orwell’s night owls have been watching you all season long and have some questions for you. Take turns picking a card and let’s play a game of Truth or Truth! Your friends at POP! Josh picks a card and Christmas says if the card is for him he has to answer out loud and if it’s for someone else they have to answer. Josh reads is it easier to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain your weight living in the Big Brother house? He’s laughing and says he would pick that questions. He says hands down gain weight and Paul says. They talk about stress eating and eating when you’re stressed, happy, sad. Christmas says and it’s all junk food, she doesn’t buy the stuff they are given in the house at home. 9:30 PM BBT Paul pulls a card and reads Paul, who is the first person you are going to call when you’re out of the house? Paul hesitates and says we’ll he’s going to see his family at finale, so probably his grandparents. He’ll probably call his grandparents right away just to hear his grandmother’s little voice. He says actually, let me re-answer that. The ghostbusters. Christmas picks a card next and reads Everyone, what food do you miss eating from home? Josh says Chipotle! Chipotle and his mom’s cooking. Christmas likes doing her own BBQ in the BY. She talks about salmon on the grill and poppers and grilled corn. She misses eating breakfast at her table watching the sun come up. Paul says In and Out, all day every day, California Vibes, animal style burger, animal style fries, neopolitan shake. His mom’s cooking. Josh draws a card and reads Josh, do you play any instruments, or were pots and pans your first? He starts laughing and says he’s never played instruments even though he’d love to learn to play the guitar. Hopefully Paul teaches him. Christmas thinks he would not be ok if Paul tried to teach him guitar. Paul draws a card and says Christmas! What’s one of your most meaningful tattoos and why? Christmas says she likes all of her tattoos. She says each one has it’s own meaning and own story and each one is a representation of something she loves. She says people would be surprised that one of her favorites is her brother and sister tattoo. She just wanted to celebrate their life and that’s one of her favorites, but she likes all of them. 9:35 PM BBT Christmas draws the next card and Josh says this is fun. Christmas reads Josh, what is your favorite family tradition. Josh says the holidays? Paul says what tradition do you do? Josh says Family Sundays, his aunts and uncles and cousins come over and there’s music playing all day and everyone together playing and eating and watching whatever is on TV. His favorite holiday tradition is his family together in Jersey, he says 60 of them in one house. Christmas asks Paul if they have a holiday tradition and he says they usually go to Canada to his aunt’s house and all his families travels in and he gets to see snow. Christmas says they do a dish for each person every year and they do oyster stew and his sister makes milktoast and homemade custard. They have this big spread and eat all day long and they open one present on Christmas Eve. Josh’s turn to draw and he reads Josh, which was harder eating slop or sleeping on a bed of spikes. Josh says slop! Slop sucks. He says luckily he had a guy who played last year to help with the slop and make it good with all the sauces and Ramses made good slop. Josh says except when Mark threw a fit and took his pillows, he slept pretty well on the spike beds. Josh says the hype is real, slop sucks. 9:40 PM BBT Paul draws a card and reads everyone, besides your family, what do you miss most in the outside world? Christmas says her little friend, driving her car, her gym, the smell of sweat. Josh says going on a hike and driving his car. Paul says for sure driving his nova, his hairless cat, his pups, pooches, and just being able to go do anything. He needs his guitar in his hand. Christmas says interaction with friends. Josh says just being able to drink a beer. Christmas draws everyone, which former HG are you excited to meet? Paul says he’s met a lot of them but he wants to meet Dan G, the funeral director and he wants to see Dr. Will again. Christmas says who’s the dentist guy, he made her laugh and Paul says Dr. Will then says no, the super-geeky guy. They can’t remember his name and Paul says he had really good DR’s. Paul says he still hasn’t met Evel Dick and he wants to meet him and Josh says he wants to meet him too. Josh says he was the first to do pots and pans, but Josh thinks he did them better. Paul says ED is hyped they are giving him the shoutout. Josh is next and reads Josh, are meatballs your favorite food? He says yes! I love meatballs! Paul says he played himself. Josh says he loves Italian food besides Cuban food and Mexican food, but he lies meatballs. He’d rather call Mark a meatball. Josh says Raven always messed up her meatballs. Paul reads everyone, who’s going to take Orwell the owl home with them after the show. Josh runs to the red bedroom to grab him from the round bed. Josh says Orwell is his buddy and they’ve been friends since Jessica’s HOH. He has another owl and their name is Theodore and they are his only friends. 9:45 PM BBT Christmas reads everyone, if you can have one item from home what would it be? Paul says his guitar and Josh says his laptop so he can see how his business is doing. Christmas says Fran and Paul says that’s a person not an item, so she says her bed or her shower. Josh reads everyone what’s your favorite comp this year? Paul says either strangest things, the terminal comp, or the weather comp. Josh says for him it’s terminal and OTEV was fun. Christmas lists the one she didn’t get to play in and she says the lemon truck because it’s the first one she got to be physical in. Christmas says it definitely wasn’t the last one they played. Paul reads everyone, it would drive me crazy to not be able to use pen and paper. Do you miss writing things down. Christmas and Josh say yes and Paul says no. Christmas says she’s a lister and Josh says he thinks things through by writing things down. Paul says he misses drawing. Christmas says she’s a list person and as she checks off her tasks she feels productive. 10:00 PM BBT Christmas reads how hard is it to be without your phone for 81 days. Josh says he forgot his password so he’s screwed. Paul says it’s kind of nice you just get used to it because you have other things to worry about. Paul says having a phone is a pain in the ass. Christmas says she’s felt free. Paul says you’re a slave to your phone and you learn to appreciate more without it. Josh says drop the phone when you’re with family and friends. 10:02 PM BBT Josh reads Paul, how many of last years HG do you still hang out with. Paul says elfit Vic! He says him and Vic talk a lot, right before he came in Glenn and him went to a game. He talks to Nicole a lot and Corey was in LA doing modeling stuff. He says Paulie came to LA to do a fitness thing. Paul says Bridget, he loves her to death. Paul says he saw Bronte a lot and she’s a sweetheart. Paul says he sees Momma Day every now and then. He says that’s pretty much all that talks to him. He says he hopes Natalie and James are having a good time. He really doesn’t talk to everyone else. He shouts out to season 18. 10:03 PM BBT Paul’s turn and he reads Christmas, and then he laughs, what’s the funniest joke she’s heard about her name. She says they are so bad. She says her old boss used to call her Halloween Scary he says someone in a bar says he’s never seen a White Christmas before. Christmas says if you’re going to say something about her name, get creative and make her laugh. 10:04 PM BBT Christmas reads Christmas, if she could have one celebrity sign her cast, who would it be? She immediately answers Mark Wahlburg. She says he’s easy on the eyes and everything he’s done is legit. Josh says he’s one of his favorite actors. They talk about Good Vibrations. They thank POP for the questions. Josh says they pick on him all day!
  15. 12:24 AM BBT Feeds are back. The HG are covered in different colored powder and their shirts have unicorns on them. It was an endurance comp. Christmas tells Paul good job and he tells her the same. Josh says they were out there a long time. Christmas was able to compete. 12:30 AM BBT More talk about the comp but generalities. Josh says it was the most difficult endurance comp and Christmas said she’d do that any day over the one where they had to hold their disk up with a stick. Paul talks about last year’s endurance comp. 12:35 AM BBT Paul still talking about last year’s endurance comp, he says it was 3 comps in one. He says this year’s comp was just weird. Paul says he looked over and thought Christmas was wiping off sweat and he thought he lost. Christmas says no, she went down. Paul gets called to the DR. 12:40 AM BBT Christmas asks what the next comp would be and Josh says mental/physical and the last one is luck. Josh asks Christmas what she’s thinking and she says she wishes she didn’t have the boot on her foot. Josh can’t wait to see the reaction of people when they see Christmas competed. Josh says they were on 30 minutes longer than he was. Christmas says when those things farted pixie dust the guys just stood there. Josh says as soon as he gets out he’s doing crossfit. Josh hopes his mom comes to finale. FotH. Josh says he feels good whatever happens. 12:45 AM BBT Christmas says she didn’t get to compete in OTEV, the temple of doom, zingbot and she thinks she could have done well in them if it wasn’t for her foot. Josh says she wouldn’t have half-assed any of those comps. Josh says Christmas was underestimated in the game. People didn’t know how smart she was. Christmas says she didn’t put pressure on the front of her foot, she fell properly, thanks for letting her play. FotH. 12:50 AM BBT Paul is out of DR. Christmas and Josh are just looking at the memory wall. Christmas says unicorn tears? Paul says they wanted tears and we get FotH. Paul is saying he literally thought he was going to be gone every week, so for him to be there he is shocked. Josh says people thought he was crazy week 1 and they wanted him out. He says he felt that way in high school. Christmas says she was never part of the cool kids she was always an outlier. 12:55 AM BBT Josh is hungry and Paul says he’s so full. Christmas is getting something from the SR. Josh starts humming and we get FotH. Christmas is going to take a shower.