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  1. 2:00 AM BBT Matt says he didn’t even realize Josh was having a hard time until the golden apple thing. Josh says he had an anxiety attack and we get FotH. Josh says if they don’t call him in the next 15 he’s going to bed. Matt heads to the WA. Matt goes to the KT and gets something out of the fridge. Matt then goes to the SR and looks in the fridge and freezer and then the cabinets. 2:05 AM BBT Matt comes out with paper towels. Josh is in the KT and Matt says he doesn’t think they’re doing this thing. Josh asks why it’s so late. Matt tells Josh Paul is still in the DR. Josh says he’s going to bed, F this. He’s tired. Matt is straightening up the refrigerator. Paul is out of the DR and he asks if everyone went to sleep and Matt says yeah. Paul asks how long he was in there and Matt says 20 or 30 minutes. Matt says Alex and Jason are upstairs (Alex is not upstairs), and Josh just went to bed. Josh is called to the DR. He’s going to the WC. 2:10 AM BBT Paul says can you let us know if we can sleep or if we’re going to do a 7am veto. Matt thinks it will be an early veto around 9. Paul says if Josh comes out and they still aren’t doing anything, then he’s going to bed. Paul says he has all kinds of energy and if he can’t sleep because he drank all that coffee he’s going to be pissed. Paul asks if Christmas and Raven are asleep and Matt says they are out. Paul says Raven was crying? Is she alright? Matt says yeah, something about her mom. Paul says is she ok? Matt says yes and Paul says no her mom and Matt says oh yeah. Paul says they DR’d everyone right? Matt says half of his was stupid stuff from yesterday. Paul says and stupid stuff. Matt thinks it’s a Sunday eviction and Paul says can you imagine if Sunday eviction and a D/E on Thursday? Matt says yeah, then we’d be down to 5. Paul says that would be gnarly. Matt has gotten another bowl of cereal. He hopes if he eats something he can fall asleep. 2:15 AM BBT Paul wants to go upstairs and see what Jason and Alex are talking about, but at the same time he doesn’t think it will be necessary. He doesn’t want to be annoying. Matt says do you see any scenarios where and Paul says no. Matt says neither do I. Paul says he told Raven it’s better they don’t freak out and get paranoid and give them a reason to target them. Matt says 100%. Matt says there are certain times when you just have to shut up and this is one of them. Paul says let other people act up. Matt says if there is a double then they have to shoot at Jason and Alex because they won’t be able to beat them at the end. Paul says make sure gypsy knows. Alex comes out and Paul says I thought you were upstairs. Alex says he’s asleep. She says she’s been asleep since Paul went to the DR. Paul is going to clean his nose. Paul asks if Alex is going to bed and she says yeah. Paul doesn’t understand why they drew veto players so early. He says it has to be tonight. Matt says you still think it will be tonight? Paul says yes. Paul says when Josh comes out he’ll give it 10 minutes and if they don’t call Christmas Joy then he’s going to pass out. Alex says if she can’t sleep in 20 minutes she’ll come back out. Paul says he’s cleaning his nose. 2:20 AM BBT Matt asks why Paul has to clean his nose so often and Paul says his nose hates him. Paul is in the WA cleaning his nose and Matt is going to try and go to bed. 2:25 AM BBT All HG laying down. Josh in DR. Paul still cleaning his nose. We have a camera shot of clothes all over the floor in the hall leading to the bedrooms.
  2. 1:30 AM BBT Paul wants them to call Christmas and Jason asks why? Paul says so they can play the veto. Alex tells Jason they got a warning for speaking Spanish and we get FotH. Paul is called to the DR. Josh tells Jason that Alex and Paul wanted to raise hell but he was an angel and wouldn’t let them. Jason says he’s going to bed and Josh says to take him with him. Josh starts singing and we get FotH. Jason is headed upstairs to go to bed. Alex is in the KT. Josh is asking when Labor Day is and Alex says next Monday. 1:35 AM BBT Matt, Josh, and Alex are talking about what day it is. Josh doesn’t think they are going to do veto today and they should just go to sleep. Matt thinks they will do it in the morning and Josh says but they have to tell us something. Josh says he might fall asleep during the veto. Alex is going to lay down. Josh says it feels so weird that it’s just them. Matt says it’s so creepy and he doesn’t like it. Matt says there was a point today where he was just over it. Josh says really? Matt says he doesn’t like being in big spaces that are empty and the house feels massive. Josh says plus they haven’t gotten to go outside and get fresh air. Josh says from here out it’s going to be chill but he hopes they give him something fun to do. Matt says he’s hoping if they do eviction Sunday they’ll have their party tomorrow. Josh thinks they are in bed in jury, then says no Cody is in bed and Mark and Elena are watching Netflix. Josh says Mark had so much potential to do good and Matt says he overplayed it and did way too much. 1:40 AM BBT Matt says Cody and Mark both should count themselves as lucky they are even in jury. Josh says the way Mark treated Dominique messed him up. Matt agrees. Matt doesn’t think Dom was here to play Big Brother. Josh says she just lost it. Matt is talking about Elena’s campaign to stay was that the longer she stayed the more opportunities she might have. Josh tells him she wanted more airtime. Matt thinks everyone left has played a good game but he doesn’t think anyone has done anything special, they just weren’t jerks or liars. Matt says he feels like everyone who went home made their own beds and did it to themselves. Except Jillian. 1:45 AM BBT Matt says he will never figure out what Ramses was doing when he didn’t throw that veto. Josh says Ramses told him he promised his mom he would never throw a veto and Matt says that’s likely what got him evicted. But they agree he’s a good dude and he was funny. Matt says him and Josh weren’t even close but he knew Ramses was shady. Josh thought Jess would put him up next to Mark, but when she put him up next to Ramses he thought uhhh….and Matt says thank you? Matt says Jess saved you. Matt says he’ll never forget at that vote when Julie said it was 7-3 and then Josh’s name Mark started celebrating and Josh says Elena was shocked. Matt says Elena asked him before the vote and asked if something fishy was going on and Matt lied his butt off. Josh says Elena played shady and as soon as her back was against the wall she turned against the whole house. 1:50 AM BBT Matt says for Mark just to flip flop back and forth the whole time, that was crazy. Matt says the craziest part was when Josh didn’t get voted out Mark tried to flip back. Matt says it was funny they tried to say they were voting with the whole house and they were just following along. Matt says you have to give Jessica some credit because she went out holding her opinions. Josh says you can respect that she never waivered from Cody and at least she stood by her decisions and didn’t go back on them. He respects that and good for her. Matt thinks at some point she’ll look back and see how Cody was and think what the heck was I thinking. Josh thinks Jessica will come back at the reunion and say they were all right about Cody. Josh says he doesn’t have enemies in real life. Matt likes Jessica and thought she was cool when she wasn’t hanging around Cody. Matt says he hopes Jess would still like to be friends. Josh says they won’t be friends but he’ll be cordial, he doesn’t have hate towards anyone. Josh was worried Cody was going to hit him a few times. Matt thought Cody should have been removed from the game because the threat of violence was too far. 1:55 AM BBT Josh says he told “them” he didn’t want them to remove Cody he wanted to get him out on their turns. Matt just couldn’t believe how physically aggressive Cody was. Josh says he never antagonized Cody. He says Cody would say something to him and Josh would stand up for himself and he wouldn’t back down. Matt says Cody didn’t have control of his emotions. Matt says he straddled that line. Josh wonders if they even aired that Cody threatened him and Matt says he highly doubts it. Josh says his family has seen brutal stuff and Matt says they’ve seen a heck of a turnaround. Matt says he went from nutjob to a different person. Josh says he won’t realize how bad it was until he watches it back. Josh says he was tripping out because he thought Jillian and Raven were cousins and Cody was someone’s brother. We get FotH.
  3. 1:00 AM BBT Matt is told to put on his microphone since he is up and in the KT. Josh says if they have to run in the comp he’s going to get sick. Josh says do you want to make a bet? Paul says what? Josh says when Matt and Raven realize we’re not backdooring Kevin they are going to turn up. Paul thinks they should use veto on Raven so they can blindside Matt last minute and have Kevin feel the block. 1:05 AM BBT General chatter as they finish eating. They head to the lounge room and Paul starts singing again and we get FotH. Josh and Alex are talking about food. Alex and Josh are talking about hide the veto. Alex says they do it all the seasons. 1:10 AM BBT Paul is asking if they can play the veto. Josh says he didn’t know in the lounge room was live feeds. Alex says she seen a camera behind the window and they get a you are not allowed to talk about production warning. Paul joins Josh and Alex in the lounge room. Paul thinks he sees a fly on the wall and says no pun intended. Josh says he doesn’t get it. Paul explains and Alex asks if he read his contract. Josh says he skimmed it and Paul says that’s a hard no. Paul says they own your life basically. All four cameras switch to the red bedroom where everyone is laying down. 1:15 AM BBT Alex is asking how to say various phrases in Spanish and Paul tosses in some Armenian. They are told stop that! They keep talking and they are told stop that again. Then we get FotH. 1:20 AM BBT Feeds are back. Paul thinks he just heard them call someone and Josh says he’s hearing things. FotH. Josh is talking about Raven asking for HOH thrown to her. Alex is excited for a Sunday eviction. Paul says there will be another eviction Thursday. FotH. Matt is getting up and he joins the lounge room. He says he’s exhausted but can’t fall asleep. Josh asks what Christmas is doing and Matt says she’s out. Alex informs Matt they can’t speak Spanish. 1:25 AM BBT They are talking about eviction speeches. Matt says Jess, Elena, and Cody had the three worst eviction speeches. Matt says Jessica called them idiots as she was getting evicted and Elena forgot her speech. Alex says Elena had only child syndrome and Josh says she was entitled. Paul says she drives a 2016 BMW. Jason is out of DR and Paul starts yelling for him. Kevin is back up. Kevin goes to the WC. Jason joins the lounge.
  4. 12:30 AM BBT Raven says she’s tired but she can’t sleep. Alex says she was almost asleep but Kevin was talking and talking and now she’s wide awake. Paul asks why and Alex says because she got called to DR. Raven asks Matt how he sleeps on his back because she can’t and he says he doesn’t know. Alex goes into Jason’s room and he’s back to sleep. Alex is bored and wants to do something entertaining. 12:35 AM BBT Alex says she was up late one night and she switched out the sugar for salt. Josh says no! Alex says someone used it and Josh asks who. Alex says Jason and Kevin used it. Josh dropped a cheez-it and Alex says that’s how the rat comes. Alex is asking how to play dominoes and Josh explains the game. Alex says she doesn’t know how to play Josh’s game, but she plays a different way. Josh says he will teach them. Alex asks if they’ve been doing this the last hour and Paul says we’ve played lots of games. 12:40 AM BBT Alex goes back into the HOH room and Jason scared her this time. Paul tells Alex to go terrorize Kevin and she says he’s in the DR. Alex says let’s break one of your toes and Josh says no. Josh says we can grab pots and pans and run through the house. Alex says they will get in trouble. Kevin is out of the DR. 12:45 AM BBT Jason comes out and offers them something he’s eating. Josh says he’ll eat it later. Christmas is called to the DR. Jason is headed downstairs. Alex thinks there will be a Sunday eviction because they are rushing everything. Kevin pokes his head into the red bedroom and Matt says what’s up. Kevin just waves. We get FotH. 12:50 AM BBT Paul and Josh have finished their chess game. Paul tells Josh to go eat and he has to go to the WC. Paul says veto will be tomorrow as he heads downstairs with Alex. Paul says Alex is hyper and asks if she’ll take his spot in the veto. Paul says let’s go F with people. Paul asks Kevin if he’s going to bed. Paul asks where Christmas is and Kevin says she’s asleep. Paul says what? We have a comp to play tonight. Kevin bets $5 they don’t play tonight. Paul starts messing with Christmas and we get FotH. Paul turns their light out and Matt takes his shirt off. FotH. Alex, Josh, and Paul are running and jumping around the KT clapping their hands and singing Josh’s circus song. Alex needs her sweater. Alex tells Kevin they woke her up and now she’s bored. 12:55 AM BBT Kevin asks what they’re eating and Alex says food from last night. Alex made shepherd’s pie and he says it was good. Alex says come out if you get bored and he says ok. Paul says the last week he’s going to use nail polish to put ship on the end of the save a friend. He says he’s going to do it the last week and BB says Paul. Paul says what? Josh is eating and says it’s so good. Alex says she usually makes it different and Josh says no this is money. Matt is up and going to the WC. Jason is in the DR.
  5. 12:00 AM BBT All is quiet around the house. Alex is called to the DR. Kevin says that scared him. He wants to know what’s going on. Matt comes through and Kevin asks him what’s going on and Matt says not a thing. 12:05 AM BBT Matt and Raven are in the red bedroom and Matt changes from his light blue shirt to his dark blue shirt. He tells her to come on and get some ice cream. She says she feels better because she shaved her legs. Kevin is alone in the green bedroom. Jason is in the HOH. Christmas, Paul, and Josh are all still at the chess board. Matt says they asked him when was the last time he voted. Paul says that’s funny. Raven says the last day you voted was day 51? Matt says the last day he voted was Jessica. Christmas says good vote. 12:10 AM BBT Raven wants to go to the lounge room and they head that way. Matt says three more evictions and there will be more people, or as many in the jury house as here. Matt says he’s on track to win the game because by the time he gets to the end he won’t have put anyone in the jury house. 12:15 AM BBT Christmas is going downstairs to her room. Paul asks what time it is and Raven says 12:20 and Josh says he can eat. Paul says let’s hurry up and play this game. Christmas wishes they’d put a slide in and Matt says that’d be fun. Matt is asking if Paul is from Canada and Raven thinks so. Paul says they’re on their fourth game and Raven asks why. Paul says do you have a better idea? Josh says he’s going to sleep if he doesn’t play. Raven says she’s about to lay down and Josh says him too. Christmas is going to lay down too. 12:20 AM BBT Matt goes to the WC and Raven washes her hands. Matt washes his hands and he drinks out of the mouthwash bottle to rinse. Matt says they’re going to lay down and see what happens. He asks if they want the lights off and Raven says leave them on. Christmas is already in bed. Matt starts singing and we get FotH. Raven says if they call Christmas to the DR then they will get up. Alex is out of the DR and yells up that it’s after midnight. Josh says he knows. Alex comes upstairs and asks if Jason is asleep. 12:25 AM BBT Kevin is called to the DR. Alex goes in to scare Jason. Alex sits down at the chess table to watch. Alex offers to get Paul and Josh a snack. Josh asks for cheese-its and Alex brings them out of Jason’s HOH room. We get FotH.
  6. 11:30 PM BBT Kevin tells Jason if he has to pick have-nots he will volunteer so Jason isn’t in an awkward position. Jason says it’s 11:30? He’s going to bed then. Kevin says a bacon and egg sandwich sounds good. Jason heads upstairs. Kevin decides he’s also going to bed. 11:35 PM BBT Kevin goes into the red bedroom and he says it’s ten degrees colder in there. Kevin says he wouldn’t pray to win the veto comp, he’d pray for the health of his kids. He says you only pray for important stuff. 11:40 PM BBT Kevin tells Alex that Raven is in the shower and Matt is in the DR. Jason is in the HOH. Christmas, Josh, and Paul are still upstairs at the chess board. Kevin asks Alex if she did the weatherman one and he says that was so fun. Alex asks if they were still playing chess. Kevin says yes and then tells them the things they were blowing at them during the veto. Kevin is talking about having to redo stuff and all cameras switch to the chess game. 11:45 PM BBT Alex is laying down with a mask over her eyes. Kevin is in his bed. Alex says she’s hoping they call Christmas next. Paul, Josh, and Christmas are not talking during the chess game. Paul and Josh sing 4 words and they immediately get please stop singing. 11:50 PM BBT Still quiet around the house. Kevin and Alex still in bed, though Kevin isn’t asleep. Jason in HOH and Paul, Christmas, and Josh still upstairs. Alex isn’t asleep either. Kevin says what an experience and Alex agrees. Kevin says last November he was at a bar and almost got into a fight and almost got arrested and he never thought he’d be there. He says he thinks all the HG are pretty cool people. He says some are self-centered and egotistical. He asks what Alex thinks about them, maybe half of them are nice? Alex says she fell asleep for a second because they woke them up so earlier. Kevin then repeats his entire monologue. 11:55 PM BBT Kevin says Big Brother changed his life and when he goes home he’s not going to indulge as much as he used to. Alex says it’s when you get bored that you get in trouble. Kevin says they should organize when Jason has the baby in March they should have a baby shower. He says if someone doesn’t want to go and be a jerk off, then fine. Alex says that’d be fun. Josh starts humming and Paul tells him to stop.
  7. 11:00 PM BBT Josh, Paul, Raven, and Matt are all studying the memory wall. General chatter as they all wait on Christmas. 11:05 PM BBT Paul is talking about the black box from last year. Kevin goes into the SR and Paul is surprised. He asks if there are costumes in there and Kevin says no and Paul says he’s going to WC. Alex tells Josh if Matt and Raven are out he needs to gun for it. She tells him test it out and get a strategy before they start and stick to it. She tells him not to do anything fast because if it’s black box move slow but steady. Jason says he’s going to gun for it, but he’s also going to screw around like he did in bowlerina. 11:10 PM BBT Josh is still strategizing with Jason and Alex. Matt and Raven are in the WA and Matt says the black box in 16 was different, not like Paul described it. Raven says it’s different each time they do it. Matt says Victoria and Donnie were on the block a ridiculous amount of times. Josh, Alex, and Jason are talking about Jason’s facial hair and dying hair. Josh thinks Alex would look good with black hair. 11:15 PM BBT Paul wants to play chess and asks Josh if he wants to play. Josh says he’ll be there in a minute because they are talking about dying hair. Kevin comes in and says Jason has shirts on the floor of the WA. Jason says he’d let a snake crawl on his back right now. Kevin asks what that even means. Jason says just to have something touch him. Josh and Paul are playing chess and talking and Paul is telling Josh to stay calm and focus and not get all crazy. Matt and Raven are in the WA talking and Raven is saying she felt bad for Donny. 11:20 PM BBT Raven is ready to play this comp. Matt is saying they spent a lot of time stressing trying to get to jury, but now they are there and it’s weird. Matt thinks they are going to have a party tomorrow and that’s why they are doing veto tonight. Matt says maybe it’s a day party and Raven says she likes that. Raven is talking about her scars and her IV’s and how they don’t want to change them because she’s a hard stick. 11:25 PM BBT Paul and Josh are wondering what is taking so long and Paul says Christmas self-evicted in there. Matt and Raven are still talking about her surgeries. Matt says Paul has spent 5 months of his life in this house and that’s insane. Raven says she can see why he’d come back. She would come back again. Matt doesn’t know if he’d want to do it with different people. Christmas is out of DR and it is not time for POV. They are disappointed. Josh says they haven’t eaten. Raven says this is dumb and Matt asks if they are playing tonight. Raven is going to shave her legs and take a shower because this is dumb. The shower door shut on her elbow and she has another injury. Christmas makes her way upstairs to watch the chess game.
  8. 10:30 PM BBT Alex says she was downstairs talking to Christmas and Kevin kept saying how beautiful of a night it was and she says they just looked at him and went back to their conversation. Paul says he’s weird. Paul tells Alex their entire conversation with about sticking together, even if Paul gets clipped. 10:35 PM BBT Christmas, Matt, and Raven are all in the KT and they are talking about how empty the house seems. Paul goes downstairs and he joins the conversation about how boring it will get as there are fewer people in the house. Jason and Alex are talking in the HOH about his wife. 10:40 PM BBT Jason and Alex are going over days together. Christmas is called to the DR and Raven cheers. She may be hosting the POV. Josh is back up. He’s talking about having a banana and coffee. Paul is telling Matt about how boring it is at the very end because it’s boring and lonely. Alex and Jason are talking about Matt and Raven being followers and they aren’t capable of leading anything. Alex includes Kevin as a follower. Paul goes upstairs and informs Jason and Alex that Christmas was called to DR. Matt and Raven still in the KT. 10:50 PM BBT Paul heads back downstairs. Paul, Matt, and Raven were talking about the safety comp that Matt threw and he said he was so excited Paul was throwing it too. Paul says no he just sucked on the first few. Alex is telling Jason that throwing veto to Kevin or Josh would be awesome because then Matt and Raven couldn’t be mad at them. Alex is going to talk to Josh to pump him up. Alex goes to get her cup and she asks Kevin if he’s ready. He says are we going now and she says not yet, but soon. Josh tries to go into the SR and Paul says he can’t go in there because they are putting costumes in there. Alex tells Josh and Kevin slow and steady and stay focused. Kevin says deliberate. Josh asks what deliberate means. Kevin asks what Alex thinks they will do just so he can start thinking about something and she says she doesn’t know, but maybe the black box. Jason goes into the green bedroom with Kevin and says he wishes he’d taken a nap. Jason tells Kevin he hopes he wins. 10:55 PM BBT Alex says they are going to be off live in two second and she wants them to play a song. Paul wants to write ship at the end of save a friend on the tree and the cameras switch to the green bedroom. Paul is singing in the KT and he is told to stop singing and all cameras go back to Jason and Kevin. Kevin says they’ve been up since 9 and that was 15 hours ago and they are going to do veto this late? Jason says Christmas is in there and it will take 4 hours for her to spit the words out. Kevin tells Jason that Christmas and Alex were talking about things that happened in the house and he’s been there the whole time and he didn’t know any of that stuff.
  9. 10:00 PM BBT Christmas and Alex talking about Matt and Raven again and they think Matt doesn’t want to date Raven and that he’s leading her on. Alex thinks Raven will probably not try in the veto and her and Christmas would kill to compete. Christmas says Raven is just drama and Kevin tries to shift the conversation but they completely ignore him. Christmas is back on Raven’s accent. 10:05 PM BBT All four cams on the HOH room with Jason and Paul and they are talking about the season. Jason is talking about Alex approaching him about an alliance with Paul and he didn’t think Paul would want to play with him. Paul is saying as much as he’s confident they can get F3, he can’t guarantee that. Jason says when Alex is on a power trip she needs to calm down. 10:10 PM BBT Jason says he wants to tell Alex he listens to her and she pushes people around and is bossy. Paul says Alex told him during the HOH she won after Paul that Kevin was playing him and Jason and her. Paul says he thought she didn’t know what the heck she was talking about. Jason says she has been saying that for awhile. Paul says we thought Josh wouldn’t win an HOH and look what happened. He won HOH and sent Jessica home. Jason says anyone can get lucky but they still need the votes to get to happen what they want to happen. Paul is curious and wonders what Kevin would do if he won HOH. He thinks Kevin would put Alex up. Jason says Kevin told him he would never vote him out but he doesn’t believe that. 10:15 PM BBT Jason says he feels like backdooring Kevin right now. Paul says we could bully our way through, but if we miss and slip up one of us will go home. Jason doesn’t want that to happen. Paul says James last year did the same stuff as Matt. Paul says James campaigned to Nicole and Corey and he and Victor ended up on the block. Paul starts explaining his strategy at the end of last season to Jason. Paul says the only HOH James won was tossed to him. Paul says he didn’t want to lose to James because he did nothing and screwed him over and he’d rather have lost to Nicole. Paul says he lost by one vote and one vote was because the person wanted to see a female win. Paul says he got second place to a vet and went to final three with two vets, he doesn’t think he did a bad job. Paul says that last comp is a coin toss. 10:20 PM BBT Paul says at least we have three. He says imagine I get clipped, at least Jason and Alex have each other. Paul says he was in F3 with two vets and he was on his own because they were in cahoots and neither of them was going to take Paul. Paul says that’s why it’s a good thing people don’t realize he’s attached to Jason and Alex. 10:25 PM BBT Paul starts to leave the HOH room and Alex comes upstairs and says reverse. Paul tells Alex that Josh winning might not be bad because he doesn’t care about telling Matt and Raven he won’t use it. Christmas is going to get a snack. Josh is napping. Kevin is just relaxing on his bed. Jason asks Alex if she thinks Josh or Christmas know about Paul being connected to them and she says no. Paul says you two might want to pump your brakes because on the off chance they win they could take a swing at them. Alex thinks they just have to worry about Matt, Raven, and Kevin.
  10. 9:30 PM BBT Kevin is catching Jason up on the conversation Alex and Christmas had about Elena and Raven. Christmas has gone downstairs with Paul, Josh, and Alex. Kevin and Jason are upstairs alone in the HOH. Alex is back on the rush week and she’s repeating they can’t have a show next Sunday because it’s a Labor Day weekend. Alex doesn’t think they show any new shows and it’s all football. 9:35 PM BBT Matt comes in and says there won’t be any football, but there will college games. Paul wants to know when NFL starts and Alex says it’s already started. Alex says they will show a rerun of the season during Labor Day weekend, then says she hasn’t watched regular season in several years because she pre-records everything. Kevin didn’t know Raven spent the first two nights upstairs with Cody. Kevin says girls see everything. 9:40 PM BBT Alex, Paul, Josh, Christmas, and Matt are talking about the tree of temptation. They think it should have been started sooner because the eliminate 2 votes is worthless now. Paul is going to the WC and Kevin got some coffee and is headed to the green bedroom. Raven is in the DR. Paul is heading upstairs. Paul stops to talk to Jason and he tells him Alex told them to gun for it. Paul says if there is some way to help Josh win that’d be great, because he doesn’t care and will look them straight in the face and say he doesn’t want to use it. 9:45 PM BBT Jason tells Paul that he tried out for American Idol and can’t sing, he tried out for Fear Factor and The Amazing Race, and he sent a video in for Survivor. Paul says Matt old him that he is mentally stronger than everyone here and he is the best. Paul says he was wondering what his angle was. 9:50 PM BBT Jason talks about Matt’s speech about keeping eating cereal and keep losing comps. Jason says if you feel like that then you might as well ride a bus to jury house. Paul says they feel so comfortable and he doesn’t understand how they made no connection with anyone than each other. Jason says he heard them in the KT and them saying they pulled their weight, just like Matt using veto on Jason. Paul asks has Matt ever told a story? 9:55 PM BBT Jason says Matt said he only lied 4 times and Paul says that’s a lot of lies, he hasn’t lied. Paul tells Jason that Josh told him that Kevin told him immediately after the first temptation that he took the 25k.
  11. 9:00 PM BBT Paul tells Josh they just need to take shots next week at Jason and Alex. Paul says only Alex gets to compete in the next HOH. Christmas and Alex have moved on to talking about Elena and how she’s spoiled and Alex says it’s only child syndrome. Christmas thinks Elena just needs more life experience and Alex says she thinks that’s why her relationships haven’t worked out. Raven joins Paul and Josh and Raven doesn’t think it will be black box because they didn’t have time to set it up. Paul says it doesn’t take much to set it up and he thinks it could be. Paul says it could be the guessing the numbers one but he doesn’t know why they would do that at night. 9:05 PM BBT Christmas and Alex are still talking about Elena. Christmas says Elena took her shirt off and then basically stared at the camera and then acted like she forgot. Alex mentions Elena said someone on Instagram sent her some money. 9:10 PM BBT Josh says Paul doesn’t have to preach about Kevin anymore because Josh can see he’s shady. Josh says he came downstairs to calm himself down because he’s irritated with Alex. Josh tells Paul he needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Josh doesn’t think they will put him or Paul up but he wouldn’t put it past them. Josh says if Jason puts him on the block he will F’ing destroy him until Thursday. Josh says if there is a Sunday eviction, they might want to pull a fast one. 9:15 PM BBT Alex says next Sunday is Labor Day and they NEVER release a new episode on a weekend like that. Alex thinks it might be a Sunday eviction then or a D/E. Kevin asks what their videos consist of and Christmas says they are just short clips of your family saying hi and everyone can watch with you. Kevin asks if they dim the lights or if you stand up and tell everyone it’s your family. Christmas says she doesn’t think so. Kevin asks if America sees them too and Christmas says yes, America sees all of them. Kevin says if they’re going to do all these comps this week (they think it’s a D/E week of some sort) then they shouldn’t have made him a have-not because he needs to eat to compete. Kevin asks if in the final six, if they’ve ever seen three people their age in the final six. Christmas says they are breaking records with their age at the top 8. 9:20 PM BBT General chatter all around. Josh, Paul, and Alex are talking about previous seasons. Paul did not know that Julie has been on since season 1. Alex says the first season was a way different show and the competitions were WAY easier. She can’t remember if there was a jury vote.
  12. 8:23 PM BBT Feeds are back. They have drawn players for the veto competition. Jason has gone back to the HOH room to listen to his music. Paul and Christmas are in the KT. Paul, Kevin, and Josh have been picked to play in the veto. 8:25 PM BBT Paul talks to Raven and Matt while Matt is in the WC. Paul wants to know if they want him to try and win and then pull Raven off. Raven says Matt said if he won then he would pull her down. Paul heads upstairs to the HOH room to talk with Jason. Paul says he just confirmed that Matt would pull down Raven. Paul wants to know if they want him to throw it or try for it. Jason says yeah, just go for it. Paul says and do what with it and Jason says take Raven off. Jason thinks they should stress Kevin. Paul says it will put Kevin on his toes a little bit because he’s feeling too comfortable. Paul thinks Raven might be a better competitor than Matt, but he’s not sure because they may not have seen Matt’s full capabilities. Paul says Matt keeps saying he will win when he has to. Alex says when Matt talks about evictions he says when I get evicted, not if. Alex thinks Raven believes she can win but Matt doesn’t think he can. Paul wants to know if anyone would vote for Raven and she would pull out all the sympathy and victim cards. Alex thinks Josh might, and Cody would. 8:30 PM BBT Paul says it’s just a hypothetical, it’s not going to happen that Matt and Raven will be F2. Josh has joined the HOH room. Paul tells him they’re golden and there is no worst case scenario. Jason says there really isn’t. Jason says if Kevin wins Matt and Raven can’t be mad at them because Kevin didn’t use it. Paul says how can we orchestrate that. They are discussing maybe throwing it to Kevin. Paul says he’s going to talk so much crap if it’s black box. Paul says if it’s the black box, Josh will be the first one out. He says he won’t get scared. 8:35 PM BBT Jason thinks Matt and Raven are a “twist”. Paul disagrees and he doesn’t think Matt wants to date her out of the show. Jason says Matt told Kevin he got the hottest girl of the season and Paul says not a chance pal. Jason says it’s definitely not Alex. Paul says Raven said she’s a 30D and he doesn’t believe it. Alex is talking about hers compared to Raven’s and Jason asks if Alex will just show them to the guys right now? Alex says she hopes his wife is watching live feeds right now. Alex says if she hears in one more HOH that Raven needs a letter from home, she just wants to send her home. Paul says he hates people who beg for HOH’s. He says someone did that a lot last season and he hated it. He won’t mention who though. Paul says if Kevin makes F2, then he will win. 8:40 PM BBT Paul says he thinks the conspiracy theorists are interesting and how it’s just a bunch of nerds who think things are rigged. Alex says it’s not rigged. Paul says like Cody’s name getting pulled out of the box for veto. Kevin joins the HOH room and general chatter going on. Matt and Raven are in the red bedroom talking and making out. 8:45 PM BBT Raven wants to know what Matt likes about her and he says she’s quiet. General chatter in HOH and rose bedroom. Christmas has joined the HOH too. 8:50 PM BBT Paul, Matt, and Raven are in the WA and Paul is saying Kevin is just so relaxed. Paul confirmed with Matt if he wins HOH does he pull gypsy down and Matt says yes. Josh in the KT singing so all four cameras go to HOH. Christmas wants to know if the fish were fed and Jason says yeah. Jason, Kevin, Alex, and Christmas are all upstairs. Paul, Josh, Matt, and Raven are all downstairs. 8:55 PM BBT Josh thinks there’s something fishy about Alex being upset she can’t compete. He tells Paul in the green bedroom he’s concerned her and Jason might be targeting him or Paul as a backdoor option. Paul thinks she just wanted to compete. Josh says we just have to win and keep nominations the same. Josh is going to lay down and asks if he should take a nap and Paul says no. Christmas and Alex are in the HOH with Kevin and Jason and they are complaining about Raven again and her accent. Alex thinks Dominique was popular in the outside world. Paul goes back to comfort Josh and says he doesn’t think there is a backdoor plan for him or Josh because they wouldn’t have put up Matt and Raven.
  13. 12:03 AM BBT Paul is talking to Christmas and Kevin in the green bedroom and he says Mark is probably filling jury in on the comps. Paul says the jury gets to watch HOH, nominations, veto, and veto ceremonies with no volume. 12:35 AM BBT Who wants to see my HOH room? Everyone goes for the pictures while Jason goes to his basket. He got Chris Ledoux as his music. They tell Jason to read his letter and start chanting. Jason, I’ve been getting down to the house often. The other day I came down and put hay out for everyone. I took Ike with me to give Holly the rest and we had a hell of a good talk. He told me how to drive the tractor and where to put the hay so if we messed anything up, it’s on him. When Ole saw us he came running to the fence and let us scratch on him for awhile. Think he’s missing the scene so I’m taking him with me to the next rodeo I have. I got the studs moved shortly after you left and that went about like how you can imagine. My last resort was to ride my mare out there and I was fairly certain one of us was going to be bred before it was said and done. But their cotton moved, the rest of the stock is fine as well. See you buddy, Frank Cowboy
  14. 9:00 PM BBT Josh is worried he might end up as a pawn. Josh is telling Christmas that Alex and Jason were the votes. Josh says he talked to Jason in the WA and he wouldn’t look him in the eye and then Alex came in and checked Jason. Christmas says Jason probably could have stayed up there all night. Christmas says the good thing is Jason does not compete next week. Josh says he has to do massive damage control. Jason, Alex, and Kevin are in the WA talking to Paul while he’s in the shower. Jason is telling them about his conversation with Mark while playing chess. Alex says the crowd went crazy for Mark. Jason says America wants to take the victim’s side and Alex says that’s how Jessica got the hex. Alex says if there’s a temptation and someone gets voted back in, then it will be Mark. Paul says Cody was out of the house and Mark was still defending him and the last thing Mark should have done is defend Cody while he was trying to stay in the game. 9:05 PM BBT Josh is tired of all the fat jokes, they are pissing him off and Christmas says he needs to let it go. Josh says it’s disrespectful. Christmas says Josh is a strongminded person and he is a F’ing clown. Josh says he loves her. Christmas is going to get some cookies. Paul is still talking in the WA and he says they’ve been talking about Dominique since she’s been gone and Mark hasn’t defended her. Jason just realized the pizza was done. Alex says we should sit at the massive table. Kevin goes to talk to Paul again while he’s in the shower and he denies being the hinky vote again. Jason and Alex are in the green room. Alex tells Jason no one can know but her, him, and Paul that he voted to evict Matt. Alex tells him to keep telling people it was Kevin and Raven. Alex says she’ll tell people she didn’t vote for him and she knows Jason wouldn’t. 9:10 PM BBT Jason looks worried and says oh Alex! Jason says he has to do damage control then and Alex says what? Jason says he F’ed up. She hits him and pushes him and he says he told Kevin the votes and she hits him some more. He says he was trying to get the vote out of him and he told Kevin he was the second vote. Alex says tell him you were lying. Jason says it’s ok, he didn’t tell anyone else. Alex says next time she gets the HOH, she’s not going to throw it to him anymore. She says now he has to play for them. General chatter as people get dressed and get ready to eat. 9:15 PM BBT Christmas is riding her scooter around the table again and Matt and Raven are sitting there eating. Raven says it’s so tiny. Alex is going to make shepherd’s pie when they get restocked. Christmas is talking to Paul in the WA and she wants to know if there will be have-nots this week and Paul says yes, probably three. Alex in the KT and she says every eviction gets weirder and weirder. 9:20 PM BBT Matt and Raven are in the lounge room. Kevin and Paul are in the red bedroom. Paul says yeah, they’re pretty unstoppable. Kevin says Jason told him it was her idea at the last second. Kevin says Jason probably didn’t even know he did it to make him look bad. Kevin says he didn’t do it. Paul says you know I have you. Kevin says everything Paul has asked him to do he’s done and Paul says I know Kevin, you don’t have to check in with me. Paul tells Kevin they can’t make it obvious. Matt and Raven talking about the comp. 9:25 PM BBT Everyone in the kitchen and general chatter going on. Matt and Raven in the lounge room talking about how far they made it and the HOH competition. Matt thinks they’ll get the messages from home next week. Jason and Kevin whispering in the WA and Kevin wants Jason to get Josh off his back. Jason tells Kevin not to tell anyone and Kevin says it’s been 20 minutes, he hasn’t said anything.
  15. 8:30 PM BBT Kevin and Alex in the green room and Alex says Jason deserved to win. Kevin says he should have told Julie he wanted pictures and Alex says they caught them all off guard. Christmas is coming out of the red bedroom and Alex says things are weird and awkward. Christmas says Kevin pulled her to the side and swore he didn’t vote to evict Matt. Alex says they will finally nail Kevin and Christmas says yeah, he’s just trying to poke the bear. Paul says it’s exciting, he got to 8 and he got to see the shrinking table. Josh is asking about the wrap party at the end of the show. 8:35 PM BBT Alex says Kevin is driving her insane. Christmas says do you think Kevin will rush up there with Jason. Alex says Kevin might sleep up there. Christmas says Kevin asked her when she was HOH if he could sleep up there with her. Raven comes in and points out that Kevin is the only one that hasn’t been on the block. Alex is putting lotion on and Paul comes into the green room. Josh is talking to Matt in the KT about Kevin spazzing again. Alex is talking about backdooring Kevin because if they put him up he will freak out. Raven thinks they should just put him up. Paul is whispering to Jason about the comp when Raven fell. Josh comes in and starts talking about Kevin again. Paul says just to ignore Kevin. Josh wants Jason to stop with the “your mom” jokes and Alex tells him to apologize. 8:40 PM BBT Paul is telling Christmas, Alex, and Jason why Matt called out Alex and Jason during the HOH comp. He says it was something for Matt to say. Josh said before the vote Kevin and Mark talked and they were the last two out of the green bedroom. 8:45 PM BBT Christmas is telling Alex that Mark campaigned to Kevin and that Kevin said he would vote how Alex and Jason voted. Alex says she was afraid Mark was going to screw Jason over. Josh is cleaning out his ears and Christmas is grossed out and tells him to cover it up because she doesn’t want to see it. Paul says so the hinky votes were Kevin and Raven? Josh says Raven is bizarre and Alex says yes. Paul says Raven always begs people to let her win. Kevin is in the KT with Jason and says he wants to have a beer in the HOH because he’s going to be a have-not on Saturday. Jason wants to take a shower and Paul says he hasn’t showered yet because he can’t find his loofah. 8:50 PM BBT Paul and Kevin are in the SR talking and Kevin says Alex and Jason are a formidable team and they have to play better. Kevin says they need to talk soon and Paul says not right now. Kevin tells Paul the last two on the buns are the two who voted to keep Mark. Paul says Jason is putting Matt and Raven up anyway. Paul says they threw his loofah away. Matt is getting his luggage from the SR. Paul now thinks he left his loofah in the HOH shower. Raven is in the red bedroom unpacking for Matt. Paul asks Jason in the shower if the second vote was Alex and Jason says no. Paul says Kevin just told him it was Alex and Jason says he told him it wasn’t. Paul says they are unstoppable and give Jason a high-five. 8:55 PM BBT Christmas asks Matt who he thinks the two votes are and Matt says obviously Kevin and Alex or Jason. Christmas says why to stir the pot? Matt says it’s annoying. Christmas is going over Kevin’s previous hinky votes, though she has one wrong. She’s blaming Kevin for the Cody vote. Josh says he’s tired of calling people out, but if they keep it up, he’s going to call them out. Christmas tells Matt and Raven she is pretty certain Alex and Jason want Kevin out.
  16. 8:09 PM BBT Feeds are back and everyone is in the KT congratulating Jason. They also got the smaller table and Raven and Josh are talking about how tiny the table is. Matt says it’s the smallest, weirdest table. Christmas is riding her scooter around the table. Alex is going to take a shower. Matt has something in the microwave and Jason is making coffee. Paul says they weren’t out there very long, maybe 45 minutes. Paul says they finally get to see Jason’s family and his bull. Paul says he looked at a hot dog and almost threw up. They don’t have much food so Paul is going to get cereal. Kevin and Christmas are whispering in the SR. Kevin is aggravated he’s getting blamed for voting out Matt when he voted for Mark. Christmas says she is confused. Kevin tells Christmas if anyone says his name she needs to stick up for him. Josh is talking to Jason and Alex in the WA while Alex is showering and Josh says Kevin is freaking out. 8:15 PM BBT Alex tells Josh he can shower on the other side. Josh says he doesn’t want to take a cold shower, but he doesn’t have a choice. Alex yells at Josh to wait a second because she’s naked. Raven is waiting for the shower next in the WA. Kevin pulls Jason into the SR and he’s asking who voted to keep Mark and he wants Jason to tell everyone Kevin didn’t vote for him. Jason tells him not to worry about it. Kevin says he would have voted with Jason and Alex if they’d told him. Jason says it’s ok, just act like you don’t know. Jason has grabbed 2 pizzas to eat. Kevin is told to move his microphone higher. 8:20 PM BBT Matt is eating a bowl of cereal. Matt and Raven are in the lounge room and Raven says she tried. Matt says they might be in trouble. Kevin is in the KT and says his kids are going to stop watching. He says he could tell the kids he threw it last week to Christmas because she was a beautiful woman. What’s he going to say this week? He didn’t like hot dogs and he jumped out? They are talking about the condiments and Kevin says the mustard didn’t work on him, but he got a lot of ketchup. Josh and Alex are both out of the shower and Raven is now in the shower. 8:25 PM BBT Paul didn’t realize Raven was trying to make a deal up there. He thought she was just joking. Josh and Alex are talking about Kevin. Josh says Kevin started spazzing out to Paul and Alex says we all know who we think the hinky vote was. Josh says Kevin is going to confront him because he told him to child out. Alex says there was still a second vote. BB asks them to clean the mirror above the sink and Paul says which sink? Jason says who’s in front of a mirror right now? BB tells them to clean the mirror above the kitchen sink.
  17. BB19: Julie tells us the end is in sight! The targets have shifted and now it’s either play or be played! Welcome to Big Brother! BB19: Previously, on Big Brother, after becoming HOH during the D/E, Jason was given some big news from back home. With three pairs still in the game, Paul positioned himself with all of them. But after deciding Joshmas to be his ride or die duo, they planned their perfect final five. With the house gunning for Mark, HOH Christmas put up two pawns. At a must win veto for the Buffalo Brute, it was a slippery affair, and the rodeo clown was fastest on his feet. Mark made a compelling argument to Josh and Christmas, but at the veto meeting Christmas put Mark on her naughty list. Tonight, will the house send Mark packing, or will they take the opportunity to split up Maven? Plus, the battle for power begins again. All this live! BB19: It’s day 65 inside the Big Brother house, and in the wake of last week’s D/E everyone is starting to plot their path to the end. And with the duos beginning to take aim at one another, Mark could become a valuable asset. Will Mark be reunited with Elena in the jury house tonight? Or will Matt be walking out the front door? We’ll find out before the house is up. For most of the summer a large group has been running this house, but with less than a month to go, friends will now have to turn on each other. Let the games begin. BB19: We pick up after the veto meeting and Jason tells us he pulled himself off the block and Christmas put Mark up and he’s relieved. He feels like if he hadn’t won the veto he might have gone home and he has a few days to relax and they’ll be saying good-bye to Mark on Thursday. BB19: Christmas says even though Mark campaigned aggressively to put Alex on the block, his disloyalty to herself, her alliance, and everyone else is why she stuck to the plan. She feels like she’s had a pretty successful HOH this week, she has two targets on the block, and she has solidified her F3 with Josh and Paul. Mark tells us first it was Jessica, then Cody, then Elena, and he’s the only one left out of the group, he saw it coming. But he’s not rolling over and dying just yet. BB19: We see Paul, Matt, and Raven talking in the HOH and they are planning to take the first shot against Alex and Jason. Matt tells us if Alex and Jason win HOH this week there’s a good chance they’ll take a shot at Maven and Matt says it’s important they win and take the first shot. Paul tells us since he decided to solidify a F3 with Christmas and Josh, his goal has been to get the other two pairs to start taking shots at each other and Matt already had them on his radar without Paul saying anything. Now Paul has to go see where Alex’s head is. BB19: Paul makes his pitch to Alex about Matt and Raven. Alex tells us with her, Jason, and Paul as the strongest competitors in the house and Mark going home this week, the next strongest is Matt. He’s in the last showmance in the house and that’s dangerous so he needs to be the next target on the hit list. Paul tells us he’s had a secret alliance with Alex and under the right circumstances he’d like to take her as far as he can. But because she’s such a strong competitor, if he takes her to the end he could get stuck with second place. Again. BB19: Alex and Jason are whispering at night and they are talking about the pecking order and Alex tells Jason that the targets Mark, Matt, Kevin, and Raven and she’s ok going to the F3 with Jason and Paul because they deserve it. Alex doesn’t think Paul has betrayed them and Jason doesn’t think he will. BB19: Paul comes up to talk to Christmas and he fills Christmas in on the plans with both other pairs. Paul tells Christmas she and Josh need to lay low because they are way down on the pecking order. Paul says then when they get to 5 they can steam roll them. BB19: We see a clip of Kevin and Paul with the swans around their waists and they are playing “bumper swans” at Jason’s request. Jason is telling them to chase each other and Kevin chases Paul around the pool. Jason says it was totally worth it. BB19: Mark knows the whole house wants him out this week and the veto is over but he’s not leaving without a fight. He’s going to have a few conversations and he’s going to start with his man Jason. Mark says the stars have to align perfectly for him to get 4 votes to stay, but he’s not giving up. Mark then goes to talk to Kevin. Kevin says he votes how Alex and Jason vote and tells Mark to get Alex. Mark makes his pitch to Alex and Jason in the lounge and they discuss things. BB19: Mark talks to Paul and tries to see if there’s anything he can do to get them to break up Matt and Raven. Paul tells us he feels like he has enough influence in the house he can make anything he wants to happen. So do they stick with the plan and get Mark out or change things up and get Matt out now. They were thinking about doing it next week, but they could do it now. Julie tells us coming up Matt or Mark? Who will be the next HG sent packing? The next live eviction is just around the corner. BB19: Let’s head to the living room and talk with the HG. Julie asks Christmas when she first got hurt did she ever think she’d make it this far in the game. Christmas says no, she literally thought they were going to give her the boot but she just wanted to make jury. BB19: Julie tells Matt it’s good to see him wearing a different shirt tonight, but viewers want to know what it is he loves so much about the orange sleeveless t-shirt that he constantly wears. Matt says it’s the only sleeveless shirt he brought and he doesn’t like wearing full sleeves in the house. BB19: Julie turns to Alex and says they heard her complain a lot about her punishment, but are there any positives she will take away from it? She says she has experience with backpacking now and she was able to give all the have-nots a good meal that wasn’t slop. Julie asks if she will go camping now that she can build a tent and Alex says no. BB19: Julie turns to Kevin and says he hasn’t yet become HOH, but if he does win HOH what does he hope his family sends. Kevin says some bottled water and a nice letter. They all got a visit from Zingbot and Julie says Josh was particularly pleased to see him. Why does he love Zingbot so much? Josh says because he gives more disses than him and he zinged them better than he could. Julie shows them clips from the veto competition. BB19: Julie turns to Mark and says that veto competition looked painful for him. Mark says it wasn’t that painful because he spent so much time on his hands and knees trying to get up, but that was not a good final comp for him. He was too big for that. BB19: Julie congratulates Jason for winning veto and a huge congratulations that he’s becoming a father for the second time. She asks how it feels to get that news while inside the house? Jason says he couldn’t ask for anything more and he didn’t know before he left for the show and he was overwhelmed with emotion as he read. Julie says it was beautiful. BB19: Coming up the news that Jason’s wife is expecting surprised Jason and the other HG, so what was it like her watching from home? And who will be the third member of the jury, Mark or Matt? Live eviction is just moments away. BB19: This week Jason changed life-changing news from the outside world and his family had a front row seat to his emotional reaction. Jason is in HOH and he feels like this game is teaching him to pay attention to stuff. He’s been with his wife for 12 years. We see Gatlyn and Holly says Jason is a great father and he knows he’s missing him. Holly says he’s a hands on dad and he likes to take him everywhere. We see a clip of him reading the letter and Holly tears up and she says she found out she was pregnant 5 days after they moved into the BB house. She says they were trying pretty hard before he left. His mother says they were excited he finally won an HOH so he could read the letter. They were afraid he would never know Holly was pregnant. Holly says he was under the radar for a long time, but he finally started winning comps and he’s got a new focus. She’s really proud of him and she says Jason couldn’t have picked a better ally than Alex. Holly says Jason calls Alex his BB wife and she says that’s totally fitting and he needs her. She feels like Jason is going to win BB because he has a baby coming and another mouth to feed. BB19: It’s time to find out if Matt will be saying good-bye to his girlfriend or if Mark will be saying hello to his. They each have a final chance to sway votes. Matt is first. Matt says one of their previous HG said the only thing Matt can do is lose. It may sound harsh and if they keep him there he will eat copious amounts of cereal, shower excessively, and continue to be a good loser. Mark says the summer has been a blessing. He started watching with his mom 10 years ago and he gives shout outs and he says he loves each and every person. He came to play the game and he loves them all. BB19: It’s time to vote. Raven votes to evict Mark. Josh votes to evict Mark. Kevin votes to evict Mark. Jason votes to evict Matt. Alex votes to evict Matt. Paul votes to evict Mark. HG, the votes are in. By a vote of 4-2 Mark has been evicted from the Big Brother house. BB19: Julie says 4-2 and asks if Mark was surprised. Mark says no Alex told him it wouldn’t be zero. Julie asks if it was a sympathy vote and he says yeah maybe. Julie says he owned up to the fact he was a flip-flopper. Mark says he came into the game and he wanted a power alliance and a showmance and that was his strategy. He says Elena caught his eye. Mark says Cody just ripped apart his game. Julie asks if the flip-flopping is what cost him his game and he says most likely. He says the rest of the house was floaters and they just came together and when they seen someone on the ground they jumped in and started kicking them and that’s not him. Julie asks if he had any real loyalty in the game and he says if he’d won HOH, Jess and Cody would have been safe. Julie asks who the biggest threat to his game and he says Christmas, but Dominique was the downfall to his game. BB19: Julie says let’s talk about Elena and she says they seen a lot of tears this week and does he think his relationship was more important than playing. Mark says he was naïve in the game and he really thought Ramses was safe against Josh and he says the game was harder than it looked. Julie says what about Josh? Mark says Josh really is a great guy and he does not back down and he wasn’t wrong. Mark says he played a poor game, but with the people it’s nothing personal. Mark says Josh turned it around from the first week. BB19: Time for the good-byes: Christmas says it was no secret he was her target and some of the decisions he made made it appear he was a flip-flopper and she appreciates he didn’t take it personally. Paul-I think you aligned with the wrong people and it really hurt to see him turn against Paul but he’ll miss the chess game and thanks for helping him work on the biceps. Put a good word in for him in jury. Jason-he can’t say he’s glad to see him go and he thinks he’s a stand-up dude. He’s not sure if it was his mouth or someone else’s that got him in trouble. Josh-You big meatball, you aligned with the wrong people, you showed disloyalty, and you played the middle. But look at the bright side, you get to spend time with Elena in jury, huh? Huh? Mark says Josh was a character and it was a great summer. Julie thinks Josh and Mark should go on The Amazing Race together. BB19: The HOH is back up for grabs. Welcome to the BB Stadium. As you know, we’re in the middle of baseball season, which is why this competition is called Everyone’s a Weiner. And the rules are simple: Stay inside your hot dog bun as long as you can. If you fall, you are out of the competition. The last wiener remaining in his or her bun will win the competition and become the new HOH. Does everyone understand? Excellent, because this competition begins now! BB19: Julie says looking good everyone, but hold on to your buns everyone. Because the grounds crew has a little work to do. They start to spray water. Paul is screaming. Julie says up next…what’s a hot dog without the condiments? Stay with us! BB19: The tree of temptation is still in play. Time to rejoin the HG in the backyard. Julie asks how everyone is doing. Julie says there are hundreds of ways to dress a hot dog. But here at BB, they like things the traditional way. Paul yells mustard sucks. Josh hates mustard. Julie says ketchup with you later HG!
  18. America's Got Talent (Season 12)

    It’s time for the results from last night’s live show! Don’t forget there is a Dunkin’ Save and if you would like to vote you can go to their website or use the AGT app. I will announce the three contestants and let you know when voting is open when they are announced! Simon says last night was one of the nuttiest nights she ever had in his life. He says good things are going to happen tonight, he can feel it. The top 7 acts will be moving. The acts that came in 6th, 7th, and 8th are still in jeopardy and they can be saved with the live Dunkin’ Save. The acts are Eric Jones, Evie Claire, and The Masqueraders. The vote is now open! You can vote for 30 minutes. We have the first results of the night. They pull forward Brobots and Mandroidz and Light Balance. America has voted and the first act going into the semi-finals is…Light Balance! We are now pulling forward Mandy Harvey and The Pompeyo Familly Dogs. The next act going through to the semi-finals is…Mandy Harvey! The Dunkin’ Save is still open. You can save Eric Jones, Evie Claire, and The Masqueraders. They have Circus 1903 on the stage as the entertainment. Johnny Manuel and Damien Aditya are next to step forward. America has voted and the next act going through is…Johnny Manuel! Merrick Hanna, Mirror Image, and Celine Tam are the last three acts to learn their fates. America has voted and the next act going into the semi-finals is…Celine Tam! Merrick Hanna and Mirror Image are told to stay there because they aren’t done yet. America has saved one more of these last two acts. America has saved…Merrick Hanna! Voting is now closed for the Dunkin’ Save! Eric Jones, Evie Claire, and The Masqueraders are all on the stage now to learn their fate. The act America put through with the Dunkin’ Save is…Evie Claire! It’s now time for the judges to decide who of the last two acts will move on…Eric Jones or The Masqueraders. Heidi is first and she says she loves both of them. She says Eric blew her away with his magic and The Masqueraders have been waiting for this moment for so long and she wants them to have that moment. Heidi chooses The Masqueraders. Mel B says she agrees that The Masqueraders have been waiting a long time and she says Eric’s magic was flawless. Mel B votes for Eric. Simon says he likes Eric but he likes The Masqueraders even more and his vote is for The Masqueraders. Howie says he saw the magic closer than anyone else and he was flawless. He says The Masqueraders were good last night and they are deserving. Howie selects Eric Jones. It’s a tie! America will decide and America has decided to send Eric Jones!
  19. America's Got Talent (Season 12)

    It’s time for the second of the live shows! Only 7 of tonight’s acts will move on to the semi-finals! First to the stage is Brobots and Mandroidz. They get a standing ovation from Simon, Heidi, and Mel B. Howie says the whole room is standing up, his fellow judges were standing up, and maybe he was in a different room. He thinks they are really, really good, but he wasn’t getting the wow. Mel B says he wasn’t getting a wow because there were so many wows. She says the way they move is just on fire. Heidi loves the energy they have and they brought it to kick the show off right. She says they were really, really good. Well done. Simon says it’s difficult because they have been under pressure from their parents and sometimes you just have to chase the dream. Simon likes them a lot and he thinks this was a step-up but he thinks there is still a progression to go. He congratulates them. Next up is Celine Tam. She sings When You Believe by Whitney Houston. She gets a standing ovation from Heidi. Mel B says she can’t believe she’s 9 years old and she’s very brave to be up there on the stage. She thinks the song was too big for Celine and she thinks she should have chosen a different song. Heidi says no, forget everything she just said. Heidi says she’s the cutest little thing and her voice is so sweet. She says she can still hear the innocence in her voice and she can see a great future for her. Howie says the beauty of Celine is it isn’t totally polished. Howie says she has a chance. Simon tells Mel B she’s 9 and standing in the theater. Simon says he was impressed because she controlled the song the second half and maybe there were some nerves. Mirror Image is now ready for the stage. They start by singing Somebody to Love by Queen. They then begin dancing to Poison by Bell Biv Devoe and they have back-up dancers. They then dance to Jump by Kris Kross. Simon buzzes them right at the end. Simon says he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be judging, he says the singing isn’t great and the dancing was better. He doesn’t know what this act is and Tyra asks if that means it’s new and interesting and he says not to him. Heidi says he’s just a party pooper. Heidi loves them and she feels like her and Mel B are their moms. Heidi says they make her laugh and have a good time. Mel B says they bring the fire and the energy and the excitement. They are thoroughly, thoroughly, thoroughly entertaining and she hopes America votes for them. Howie says he doesn’t know what he’s watching. The next act is Johnny Manuel. He sings And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going by Jennifer Hudson. He gets a standing ovation from all four judges. Simon says Johnny is such a diva. This is what he does so well and he was probably in the wrong lane early on. Simon says this was his moment and if he was producing a Broadway show right now, it would be Johnny he’d be looking for. Howie feels as if tonight’s show just started. He made Howie forget everything that came before him and he thinks he hit it out of the park. Heidi says she doesn’t love it when Seal is right, but boy was he right when he pushed that golden buzzer because he is so amazing. Mel B says Amazing!!! Merrick Hanna is now ready to perform. He performs to Lost Boy by Ruth B. He gets an ovation from Simon and Mel B. Howie thinks he’s amazing and original and a great entertaining act. Mel B says he is mesmerizing and she sits there in awe of him. She says from start to end it’s just brilliant. Heidi says he definitely left an impression and what he does is memorable. Heidi says what he does is unique and he has something special. Simon wants to congratulate him because so far this is the best act they’ve seen tonight. He says everything else he’s seen before over the years, but he has originality. Simon thinks he’s been overlooked in the competition so far. The next act is Eric Jones, a magician. He is down in front of the judges and he has Mel B and Heidi standing off to the side. He gives Mel B a poker chip and asks her to hold it. He has Howie sign a card and Simon inspects a piece of glass to make sure it’s solid. He takes the chip back from Mel B and has her and Heidi each hold the piece of glass. His first illusion is to put the poker chip through solid glass. He then has Howie follow him to the stage where a larger piece of glass is and he has Howie confirm that it’s solid. Howie has been holding the cards the entire time. He has Howie put the cards against the glass and smear them over the glass and he pulls the card Howie signed through the glass. He then has Howie hand him a curtain and step off to the side and he raises the curtain and appears on the other side of the glass with Howie standing next to him. Eric comes forward to hear the judge’s comments. Mel B says she got a bit panicky because he asked Howie to help him. She says what he did was incredible and he’s amazing. Heidi says he is amazing and she liked he picked a theme of putting things through glass and it was incredible. Simon says he thinks he’s great but he still thinks if he wants to get to the next level he still needs to work on his showmanship, but he’s done better each time. Howie says he loves the low-key, anti-showmanship. The Masqueraders are set to take the stage next. They are going to sing the song they never got released 50 years prior. They get an ovation from Heidi and Simon. Mel B says they have the feel good effect on everyone and their harmonies are super solid. She thought it was too overproduced. Simon asks if that was the record they never put out and they answer 1969. Simon congratulates them and he loves them and everything they stand for. Howie says one word comes to mind when he listens to them and it’s classic. He says they just watched a dream come true because they got their song heard. Heidi feels really bad for all of them because they didn’t get to listen to them for all those years, but better late than never. The next act to take the stage is Light Balance from the Ukraine and Tyra’s golden buzzer. They have a technical problem so they are going to hold because they can’t transmit the lights right now. We’re going to check out their dress rehearsal. They get an ovation from all four judges. Simon says that’s what happens when you make live tv. He says they have to judge based on what they just saw and it was phenomenal. He’s glad they decided to come onto AGT and he’s sorry for the mistake, but they were amazing. Howie says they are lucky because they got to watch it on the screen the way we see it at home and it was exciting and it was his favorite act of the night. Mel B says she can tell they are disappointed but don’t be because they are original and creative because she wants to see them again and again and again. Heidi is also sorry they have a technical problem and the work they have to do before they even hit the stage she can’t imagine and they did a fantastic job. Up next is Evie Claire. She begins by playing the piano as she sings Wings by Birdy. Howie says she’s living through a story all of America can relate to. He says she makes him speechless and wow and he thinks America is touched. Mel B says she was a little worried at first and she likes to be able to identify with something, but she listened to the words and the voice and she was like a singing angel. Heidi says she’s so very proud of her and she sounds so much more amazing on the tv than she does live. Simon says she is one heck of a brave young lady and she did fantastic on the piano. Simon sends love to her father. The next act is Demian Aditya and he says no one in the world has tried to do what he’s going to attempt tonight. He’s going to attempt his most death-defying escape yet. He’s going to climb into a wooden box that’s suspended over the stage. He is going have his hands cuffed and the box is being held by a rope that has a blow torch pointed at it. His hands are through the top of the box and handcuffed outside of the box and they use a nail gun to seal the box. There are also spikes under the box that they light on fire. He must escape before the rope burns through. The blow torch burned through the rope but the box did not fall. Mel B hits her X. Demian appears behind the judges. Simon hits his X also. The crowd has started booing. Tyra says there was a technical problem that was not Demian’s fault. Mel B didn’t understand it and then when she did understand it, it went wrong. She understands it wasn’t his fault, but she wasn’t feeling the anticipation. Heidi says she feels bad because he was fantastic the first two times and he tried to do something bigger and better and something went wrong. Simon says he imagines it was like Mel B’s wedding night, lots of promise of anticipation, but not much delivery. Howie says something just went wrong, but it’s live TV. America has to vote. Next is the The Pompeyo Family Dogs. They get an ovation from Simon and Mel B. Heidi says it’s so very cute and she thinks the grooming has improved. She loves the act and she loved the jump roping trick. Simon says he would have bet this act would have gone wrong, but they just saved the show. His son is going to love that. He really, really loved it and it made him feel good. Howie says this is the first time he’s ever seen a lion doodle. He thinks they should do Noah’s Ark if they come back. Mel B says tonight has been a roller coaster and thankfully they came along and they made her smile so much and made her heart feel so good. She says they were brilliant. The final act to take the stage is Simon’s golden buzzer, Mandy Harvey. She sings an original song. She gets an ovation from all four judges and they make the sign for applause. Simon says his emotions tonight…there’s so much he could say but her music says it all. He says she will make a difference and that was stunning. Heidi enjoyed how real and raw that was. She says it was very powerful. Mel B says she makes the impossible possible and she took her on an emotional journey. Mel B says her voice is just like an angel. Howie says she makes them feel music because she feels it and he asks how to sign and say vote and the translator shows him the sign and Howie tries to mimic it.
  20. I'm off. They're up for another hour and if someone has time to go back there's a convo between Christmas and Paul around 2:16 AM BBT where Christmas pitches keeping Mark and getting rid of Alex. Paul stays until 3:25 before going to bed. There's also a second conversation between Josh and Mark on strategy outside that starts around 2:06 with Christmas but continues until 2:34.
  21. 1:30 AM BBT Mark notices that Paul bites his nails. Jason is out and doesn’t wash his hands he joins the outside crew. He then goes and pulls some olives out of the jar with his fingers. Alex tells him to use a spoon. He starts to talk about his DR and we get FotH. Feeds are back and Alex is using the spoon to get another olive. Jason says it was worth it! Jason says you think they’re 200 miles away with the cameras but they’re not. Paul says we’re lab rats. Jason says we need massages and Christmas says they have massages in jury. Jason is laughing and says Mark here’s the veto he quits. Production says Jason, no! Jason says what and Paul says you asked for massages. Christmas says they are just letting us know they are paying attention. Alex goes for another olive. 1:35 AM BBT Alex says Kevin was super salty so he went to sleep. Mark needs pickles. Pickles and water. Alex puts the lid on the olives and Mark goes to the WC. Mark is washing his hands and outside Christmas is talking about a story Kevin told her about his daughter and all feeds switch to Mark inside. Alex says Kevin is a liar, he’s either a cop or an actor or both. Josh is back out of DR. Mark comes back outside. Everyone awake is outside on the couches and Kevin, Matt, and Raven are all in bed. 1:40 AM BBT Christmas says the pickles are not good. Jason says they’re different but not bad. Mark is eating them. Alex is asking about them and Jason says they’re not bad, but they’re weird. Alex says they don’t taste right. Paul says he wants to try them now. Paul says it’s not so pickly. Alex asks Jason how he feels that he didn’t get his own zing from Zingbot. Jason says he piggybacked him on two chicks. Josh and Mark are talking about their food while have-nots and how much they have eaten. 1:45 AM BBT Paul and Josh are bickering. Josh wants some Ahi Tuna. Paul wonders what his parents have been up to. Christmas doesn’t think her mom is watching. Kevin is up and going to the WC. 1:50 AM BBT The outside crew is talking about telenovelas and Jason doesn’t know what they are. Alex starts talking about a show called Jane the Virgin. Kevin is out he rinses his hands and puts something on his lips. Jason says they need some new tv. Jason is doing examples of how he does an auction. Paul starts trying to mimic him. 1:55 AM BBT Matt starts asking Paul if he is having hearing issues. Paul is talking about his mouth again and he says he hates Mark. He says he’s a hypochondriac. Paul says if he dies it’s Josh’s fault. Jason is picking his nose to mess with Alex and the cameras move on Jason. Josh says they’re going to make him look so stupid and Paul says they aren’t going to have to try. Paul wants someone to photoshop a golden earring on Josh because he says he looks like Sinbad.
  22. 1:00 AM BBT Christmas has Paul in a choke hold and Josh is trying to hit him and Paul tells Josh to stop or he’ll get up and mess him up. They get a no horsing around warning. Josh says what a nice night out. Paul tells Christmas that Jason and Alex are DRing and Kevin is asking where everyone is and Matt and Raven are sleeping. Josh says Kevin is counting his 16 kids, but there’s only 8 left. Paul tells Josh to feed the fish and Josh asks if they fed the fish today. Josh says they’re his pets he knows how they act when they’re hungry. Alex is in the dining room studying the memory wall and brushing her hair over the table. Josh says he’ll date older women and Paul says no older women will date you. Josh says yes they will and production says I don’t think so and Mark says that’s funny. They start screaming and laughing and saying that was awesome. 1:05 AM BBT Alex hears them and goes outside. They explain what they were laughing about and Josh shows what he does and he curls the end of her hair around his fingers and Paul says that’s so creepy. Paul says he doesn’t like strangers touching his beard so why would Josh touch someone else’s hair. They don’t know where Josh’s have been. Production says something to Josh (can’t quite hear it this time) and they start cracking up against and Christmas say they’re telling you to keep your hands to yourself. Alex says they want you to stop touching people. Mark says it’s so funny. Josh says they are making him sound horrible and now he’s never going to get a girlfriend. Alex rubs the side of Josh’s head and Josh says stop that’s creeping me out. Paul says he switched his toothpaste, could the thing in his mouth could be because of that. He has a red line in his mouth. They have named the swan floating Delilah. Christmas says Paul upgraded from a duck last season, Pablo, to a swan. 1:10 AM BBT Paul asks if it’s really late right now and Alex says it’s like 1. Paul says if he hears Everyday I’m Shuffling and Josh says he hates that song and we get FotH. They start talking about other songs they play and they say they played Saved by the Bell and Whoomp There It Is. Paul says if they Slipknot, he’ll run out of bed. Josh has a scar on his arm and Paul says he should tattoo over it. Mark says he’s going to be out in the real world people will come up and put pans in his face. Paul says hopefully in the real world you aren’t hanging around with people who would do that. Josh says he wouldn’t do that in the real world. 1:15 AM BBT Paul and Mark both have the same birthday, June 13. Josh has said he knows Paul after 61 days and Paul starts asking random questions. Josh knows some, but not all. 1:20 AM BBT Paul wants to pull a knife on Josh when they get out of there to see how he reacts and Josh says why? Josh says Cody is going to bum rush him and Dent said he wants to punch him in the face. Josh says he’s not going to let Paul pull a knife on him and Paul says how are you not going to let me. Josh says he’s going to pull out a bat and Paul says you’re going to pull out a bat when I have a knife? Josh says if I die, Paul killed me. Christmas says it wasn’t smart for Paul to say his plan. Paul says if Josh dies they are automatically going to come to me? Christmas says they’ll actually go to Cody first. Josh starts mimicking Cody and Paul says you should have just kissed him. Josh says he was going to pop him and Paul says that fool has been trained for hand-to-hand combat, what would you have done? Josh says sit on him. Josh says you think I’m going to box Cody? He’s going to poke him in the eyes and then punch him in the throat and run. Josh says he won’t fight Cody, he doesn’t have that type of hate in his heart. Josh says if homie touches him then it’s going down. Alex goes to get olives. 1:25 AM BBT Josh and Paul are talking about Halloween Horror nights and the different themes. Paul says they will definitely do It this year because the new one is coming out. Josh is saying when he visits Paul he wants to go to some good places near him. Josh wants Armenian food and Paul knows a place. Josh asks if Paul’s mom knows how to cook all kinds of food. Christmas wants a pool put into her yard but she’s glad she hasn’t done it yet. Christmas is going to save and get a heated pool. Jason is out of the DR. Josh is called to the DR. Jason goes to the WC.
  23. 12:30 AM BBT Mark and Christmas alone outside and Christmas says she did consider Mark’s argument, she didn’t just dismiss it. Christmas says it would have been a different situation had he talked to her earlier. Paul is whispering to Jason they have a good thing going, why F it up. Christmas asks when Mark and Elena were in the red bedroom after her fight with Josh and Christmas walked in and she knew Elena lies and Mark says that was directed at you. Mark says Elena was telling Alex said she would vote Mark out if she was asked to and it was nothing to do with Christmas. Mark says it would be a crazy move though. Christmas thinks Mark would still be the target, but she would probably be the next to go because they would have two options, possibly three to stack the block. Mark says Matt and Raven are kind of just floating by this game. Mark says maybe Matt and Raven are talking game with Christmas and maybe she feels good about it. Christmas does wish Mark would have been HOH once because it’s different. She says it doesn’t feel good to take this from someone, even Cody and Jess. Mark says he doesn’t take it personally because he understands it’s a game. Christmas says it’s made her look at things differently. Christmas says it would have been much easier to do earlier. Mark says with Cody and Jess in the house they were just such big targets. Christmas says she didn’t understand Elena said she wasn’t talking game to anyone, but then she went and campaigned with Jess. Mark says as far as votes go with Alex, you have it because it would be a 3-3 tie and going forward you don’t have that unless Paul goes against them. Mark says if you take out Alex, it’s something to think about. Alex is out of the DR and she says it’s Jason’s turn. 12:35 AM BBT Mark says that’s why Paul was so gung-ho about it because he sees the damage Alex can do in the game. Christmas says when was he gung-ho about it and Mark refers to the deal with Jess and he said Paul was going to go after Alex that week. Mark doesn’t even think Matt and Raven wants to win an HOH. Maybe Raven for a letter home. Alex peeks out at them and Christmas asks who it was and Mark answers. Christmas says Jason and Kevin and Matt and Raven, it would be 4 against 2. Christmas says Matt and Raven don’t talk to Christmas much and even before her HOH they didn’t talk to her. Christmas thought Raven always talked to Elena. Mark says he thought the six of them were close and he thought they were all talking game. (Josh, Christmas, Paul, Alex, Kevin, and Josh) Christmas says very few people have talked game since she broke her foot. Christmas says that’s when she realized she was on the outside. She says people were talking game the first week, then Cody stopped and Jess stopped and now she sees why, because she was on the outside. Mark thinks Christmas should talk to others because they would see the benefits of taking out Alex. Mark says there was a reason they were all up there trying to get Alex out of the house. Christmas says she doesn’t know where Paul stands with her because he gives his opinion, but it’s always calculated. Mark thinks Matt is concerned about the longevity of Raven’s game. Mark says if I go home, then you have Alex, Kevin, and Jason competing in that HOH. Mark says if Paul won he doesn’t think he’d put up Alex and Jason. 12:40 AM BBT Mark says Paul gave away how he feels about Josh when he said they kept Big Meech around last season because she fought with people and stirred the pot and that’s what Jason does. Mark says Alex and Jason aren’t scared of Matt and Raven and Christmas says they aren’t scared of me and Josh either. Mark says then who would they go after? Christmas says she assumed they’d go after the last showmance. Mark says ok if that’s how you feel, but them staying together the chance of her going to F2 or F3 with her and Josh in the house are slim to none. Christmas says she knows that from the time she broke her foot, it’s a miracle she made 8. Mark says why wouldn’t you want the numbers evened up? Mark says unless someone breaks up Jason, Alex, and Kevin…because Alex and Jason are winning every other comp. Christmas says Jason is coming out of nowhere too. She asks Mark if he threw comps and he says he hasn’t thrown anything. Mark says he hadn’t played any vetos and then the first comp he broke his finger, and the wall was his finger was hard. He said the stop one was a joke and the inked and tatted comp he was disoriented because of Josh and Elena being mad at him. Mark says he’d like to fight with her and Josh, but he understands the backfire. He says Jason and Alex are comp beasts right now and Mark says even the things he won, Jason was right behind him. Mark says Jason was right behind him on the puzzle and he was only one question behind him on the house one. FotH because Paul and Alex are talking about production. Feeds are back and Mark says he was never going to put up Christmas and Josh. Mark says he wanted Cody to win an HOH before he left because he knew him and Elena would be targets after Cody was gone. 12:45 AM BBT Mark says it was inevitable he had to win. Mark says the Jason and Alex combo are scary and Christmas says they are lethal. Mark starts pointing out their performance in competitions. Mark says he hates being in a position asking someone in power to do it, but he’s not in that position. Mark says he’s nothing in the house right now, he’s not a threat to anyone because he has zero numbers, zero allies. Mark says he leaves the house and Alex and Jason get an upper hand because a strong competitor leaves the house and it’s zero benefit to Christmas. Mark says he wishes Paul could ask him so she would believe Mark about him saying he wouldn’t put up Josh and Christmas. Mark says he doesn’t take the fights personally, he sees what the house is right now. He talks about Alex in the endurance comps. Christmas says she is taking out the biggest competitor in the game with a big target still in the house. Mark says if he stays who are they going to want to get rid of her, with limitations, or him who has shown he’s a competitor. Christmas says he makes a good argument. Mark says just don’t do it because the house wants you to or just to stay a couple of more weeks. Mark says if they were on the block together next week he would tell them to vote him out because that’s how much confidence he has in how the house is headed. Mark says who is going to protect you in the final five, besides Josh. 12:50 AM BBT Mark is telling Christmas he thinks Paul is with Jason, Alex, and Kevin and Matt and Raven go where the power is. Mark says it would be 4 vs 4 and that’s assuming Matt and Raven would want to protect you over them. Josh comes outside and joins Mark and Christmas. Josh asks them if they are just talking and Mark says strategizing. Josh says plotting and scheming. Josh asks where everyone is and Christmas fills him in. He starts to head inside and Christmas calls him back and he starts singing and we get FotH. Alex heads to the green bedroom and asks if she can turn the light out and Kevin says yeah. Paul comes outside too. Christmas and Paul berate Josh for singing. Paul has something in his mouth and Christmas checks it out and says he needs to eat cleaner and drink water. Josh says Paul has been eating junk and drinking soda and Paul says no he hasn’t. 12:55 AM BBT Paul asks if he needs to go to the doctor for it and Christmas thinks he’ll be ok. Paul says it’s cancer, he’s dying. He says he’s a hypochondriac. Josh asks what that is and Christmas explains. Josh tells Paul to stop being a vagine and Christmas says why is a vagina bad? Josh says no, he’s a vagine. Paul wants to know if it’s gingivitis and Christmas tells him to brush his teeth before he goes to bed. Paul picked up a girl by pulling her hair and one girl he picked up threw a drink on him. We get FotH and then all cameras on the green bedroom.
  24. 12:00 AM BBT Paul and Kevin are playing pool. Christmas, Jason, and Alex are sitting out at the hot tub with Jason in the hot tub. Kevin is giving Paul tips on how to shoot. Kevin is talking about Paul visiting him in Boston. Jason switches from the hot tub to the pool. Christmas is talking about her medications. Jason is talking about getting out and taking a shower. Jason yells over who’s winning and Paul says it might be game because he messed up his shot. 12:05 AM BBT Kevin asks Paul where he’s going to sleep tonight and he says the red bedroom. Kevin asks if it’s comfortable in there and Paul says it’s cold and dark. He doesn’t like the light. At home he sleeps with blackout curtains so it can be 1 pm and it’s pitch black in his room. Kevin asks where Mark is and Paul says the DR. Paul and Kevin have finished their game and Paul is going to lift a few more weights. 12:10 AM BBT Mark is out of DR. Paul goes inside and asks if Mark is going out and he says yeah to get some fresh air. Mark makes his way over to the couches. Jason, Alex, Kevin, and Christmas all head inside. FotH. Alex goes to the WC and Jason gets in the shower. Kevin is in the WA and Jason farts in the shower and Kevin asks how he farts in the shower. Christmas is in the KT snacking and she says she’s about to go upstairs. Paul talks her into going back outside. Paul is going to clean out his nose. Jason says he’s going to shower and then go to the DR. Kevin has the saran wrap. 12:15 AM BBT Paul asks what Mark is thinking about and Mark says he’s just reminiscing about the summer. Paul says the summer is almost over, isn’t that crazy. Paul says it’s day 61 and Mark says it’s crazy. Kevin asks Alex where Paul went, back out in the yard and Alex says she doesn’t know. Christmas says it’s weird you can find a quiet corner anywhere in the house. Paul says pretty soon everyone will have their own bed. Alex goes and tells Jason Kevin is being really weird and Jason says he thinks he’s just scared. Alex says he’s wigging out and Jason says he doesn’t know what she wants him to do. Alex says choke him while he’s sleeping. Alex tells Jason to help her get some of the apples down and he says he’ll meet her out there. Christmas says it was wild seeing Derrick come into the house and Paul says he’s never met him. Alex is jumping to try and grab a couple of apples and they tell her to stop that! She runs to Jason and says she got caught. Alex says she was 10 ft from touching one, she doesn’t understand what the freak out was. 12:20 AM BBT Mark asks Paul if he cleans his nose every night and he says no, but he should. Alex tries to go into the DR. Christmas says it’s so hot in Raleigh still and Paul says it’s beautiful leading up to winter. Alex is talking about people doing DR’s together and she says Elena and Paul went and Kevin says he guesses he doesn’t like anyone enough to do a DR with. Alex says you just tell them you want to do a DR together. Kevin says he didn’t think you could because he doesn’t ask questions. Raven was in the DR and Alex says that’s why we couldn’t go in. Alex asks Raven if the DR was short and she says yeah. Alex says Jason isn’t ready and she goes to the DR. Outside, Christmas, Paul, and Mark are talking about snow and school being cancelled. Paul says they cancel schools for fire. Christmas says she has a couple of friends who train at the Olympic training center in Colorado. Mark says it’s awesome. 12:25 AM BBT Christmas, Paul, and Mark are still outside on the couches. Josh is in the HOH room listening to music. Jason is getting dressed from his shower. Matt and Raven are in bed. Alex is in the DR. Kevin is in bed but not asleep yet. Paul thanks them for hanging out. He says he might come back out because it’s so nice. Jason comes into the green bedroom with Kevin and he fills Jason in on where everyone is. Christmas says she keeps trying to go to bed but she hasn’t made it upstairs yet. Mark says big day tomorrow. Jason and Paul are whispering in the KT about Kevin. Jason is quoting Forrest Gump. Christmas says she wishes her and Mark had a conversation before D/E because things might have been different.
  25. 9:30 PM BBT Matt says Josh is so much more observant than he thought he was. Christmas says as soon as he stopped being paranoid he was fine. Raven wonders when veto will be and Christmas says I get to play, but I might not get to play. Matt says she could have played last week. Christmas says she’s happy she used the ring when she did. Matt says so many little things going the other way, things would have changed in major ways. Like Josh winning HOH and Christmas using her ring. Josh says the house feels peaceful and Jason says because Cody is gone. Josh says the house felt so tense. Talk in the HOH has turned to Ramses and Matt asks did they ever found out his agenda, was he working with Cody and Christmas says yeah. They are talking about Ramses not throwing the veto. 9:35 PM BBT Raven hopes there will be another wall. Raven says she’ll have both legs, that will be nice. Christmas says for a wall comp? Raven says yeah. Jason asks where Paul is and Josh says upstairs listening to music sleeping. Josh says he’s happy Christmas won because she really wanted an HOH. Josh says he’s happy Jason won too because he got a letter. Jason says D/E couldn’t have gone any better. Jason says Mark is a lot more quiet. Josh is saying he asked Elena for a hug and she said no. Josh says he told her it was just game and not personal and so he grabbed her hand and kissed it and walked out. Kevin says he’s a psychotic madman. Josh starts telling a story about friend who killed one of his horses because he was being reckless. 9:40 PM BBT Paul sits up and asks Christmas if she wants her music back. Matt and Raven just left the room. Paul says Kevin pulled Jason aside right after nominations and suggested if Jason won veto maybe he could stay up there and they could just get Matt out. Christmas says she walked in on a conversation with them in the lounge room and they were talking about Matt not using veto on himself. Paul says Kevin is weird. Christmas is saying the album she’s listening to is so good she could listen to it on repeat. She tells Paul she’s nervous because things are so chill. Paul says someone will find a way to be a F up. Christmas says Kevin has had it out for Matt the last few weeks hardcore. Matt comes back in to look for Raven’s bracelet. 9:45 PM BBT Whoever Christmas is listening to she says the artist is big in Europe and just starting to get big in the U.S. Christmas says she’d have to go to Europe to see her in concert. Paul says he’s down. Christmas is called to the DR. Paul asks what time it might be and Christmas says 10:30 or 9:30. Christmas asks Paul if he wants the zapper and says the head phones are beside him. We have all four cams on Paul alone in the HOH laying on the bed. 9:51 PM BBT All four cams have now switched to Raven and Matt in the KT. Matt is talking about Raven’s butt in the pants she’s wearing. Raven was trying to get into the SR and production was messing with her by flickering the light that says she can get in the SR. Matt says to a cam that it’s gastroparesis month. Kevin is talking in the green room with Josh, Mark, Alex, and Jason and they are talking about Gregory Peck playing Atticus Finch. Matt is getting some ice cream and Raven asks if there is any whip cream left. She wants some bourbon.